but i spent a long time erasing around the edges SO I KIND OF LIKE IT

kiss me with rain on your eyelashes

this fic was inspired by this lovely drawing by @mundanelion ♥ thank you so much for this beautiful piece and for letting me use it as my muse!

this is a mix of show!canon and book!canon when it comes to magnus’ past

tw: non-graphic description of drowning, past trauma

(thank you to my wonderful beta @magnusragnor who, as always, did an amazing job and put up with my anxious self. i love you)

He should have known from the moment he woke up to the sound of Alec moving around the dark room, stubbing his toe against the dresser and muttering curses under his breath, that this wasn’t going to be the best day. The fact that it was still dark and Alec wasn’t laying in bed, under the warm sheets and and wrapped around Magnus should have been a clue.

“Alexander?” he murmured sleepily.

Through half lidded eyes he saw Alec freeze, his silhouette framed by the city lights filtering through the gap in the curtains they forgot to close the night before, a thin ray of ghostly white breaking through the shadows.

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The Old College Try: Part 2 (Lin/Reader college roommate!AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part Two: In which there are crayon contracts and costume parties, but definitely no jealousy.

Note: Sorry this took me so long to get out! Now that the story is completely outline, it should flow a lot faster. I’m pretty sure this is Part 2 out of 4.

You can find Part One here!

You can find Part Three here!

A few people asked to be tagged, so this is that!: @icanneverbesatisfied @clamilton @moonchildcharm @danspepes @calumbeans @blueco16 @brigzter-ly @21phantasticromances @picklessfights @thedoctorsnerdgirl @smileystumph @beestigo @lindsay-grey

Rating: T

Words: 4021

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“Buried” (Chapter Seven)

Another long chapter, and I love this one. We get to see lots of their interactions, some more #geniustony porn, learn more about Steve, and have the cutest moment ever at the end. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Tell me your favorite moment!

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Enjoy :)

Day Two in the Forest

Tony would die before he ever admitted how well he slept in the tiny one man tent.

And it was absolutely the tent that kept him sound asleep. The tent keeping the bugs and morning dew off of him. Stopped the wind enough to keep him warm. The tent… the tent was wonderful.

But falling asleep with with Steve’s broad chest against his back? The way Steve’s arm had wrapped around his waist at some point? Dreaming of being twenty and sneaking into Steve’s bunk and letting his boyfriend hold him all night? Waking up the soft scratch of a beard against his neck and big fingers tightening briefly before they woke up all the way?

No. No no none of that contributed to how well Tony slept.

It didn’t contribute at all.

But he had slept great, maybe the best he had slept since Dad passed away, and that’s saying something.

So when Steve told him they had a few minutes before they needed to be on the move, a few minutes before another long day of hiking and trying to avoid detection, Tony took the chance to wash up in the calm part of the river about a hundred yards away from where Steve was packing up their tent.

Stripping off his boots and jeans but leaving his boxers and white t shirt on, Tony dipped into the water, wincing at the feeling of his toes squishing into the mud on the bottom, and tried to stand still to not stir anymore up.

It felt good to get water in his hair, to rinse out two days of jungle and sweat and ick. He knew his shirt would be uncomfortable staying damp until it dried in this ridiculous humidity, but it was worth it just to feel at least a little bit clean.

Tony hummed under his breath, and closed his eyes to dunk his head below the water, and totally missed Steve coming around the bend and seeing him.

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okay so i had the most horrible idea for a kagehina scene so now you all have to suffer with me - 2.4k, rated t, :( but then :)

Hinata found him behind their gym. His uniform jacket was stuck to the prickly cinderblocks half-way up his back like he’d leaned and slid down into the grass instead of sitting on the ground in the first place, like he couldn’t bother with normal human actions and just melted down the side of the wall out of spite or something. His messenger bag lay upturned and half-way gutted over the green ground in front of him, with his shoe dangerously close to the crime scene. It looked like he’d kicked it himself in anger.

Hinata bit his lip, wringing his hands as he stepped around the corner and approached Kageyama. 

He’d planned it all out, researched the best ways to go about it and the best poems–even read some in Japanese and English to see which language would sound cooler in the moment–and the best day in the week to do it. He’d talked to Yachi about it, and then Noya, who were both more in touch with this kind of stuff (especially compared to him). He’d thought about how tired they would be just after lunch versus at the end of the day (he couldn’t do it in the morning, because what if it went terribly wrong and Hinata would have to go to school with him all day instead of being able to escape at any point–best to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if he was rejected). He hadn’t anticipated this, though.

Just before last period, he’d pulled the piece of paper out of his trouser pocket–the one that he’d nearly scribbled and erased and scribbled down to pulpy nothing, the one he’d read and reread so much that the blue lines across it were fading at the edges from his restless thumbs (the one that he’d nearly thrown in the wash the other night)–and held it in his hands as he walked up to Kageyama in front of the sciences building. As usual, the volleyball team tended to gravitate toward each other during any sort of between-class downtime, so Tanaka, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Yachi and a couple of the first-years were all sprawled or leaning or loitering on the lawn with Kageyama, who sipped at his box of milk through a straw and slouched in the shade of a scraggly tree, listening to another one of Tanaka’s stories. 

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She was sitting on the couch, right next to me, her legs crossed and a sushi take away tray resting on her thighs. She kept trying to eat it with the chopsticks, sinking the bottom of the sushi piece in the soy sauce before putting it into her mouth. She missed a couple of them, but she had more experience using the chopsticks than I would ever have. Her laugh lightened the whole room. She was telling me things about her crazy day, about how there was a school visit in her museum and kids went nuts running down the hallways because they were bored with their teacher’s explanations. She also told me how she handled the situation by offering the teacher to do the guided tour herself instead of having him deal with that and explained the children interesting facts about the art collections that were hanging on the walls. She’d always loved kids and she knew that the right person could bring up the interest in art in them, since in her opinion it was something that had always been underrated. She looked beautiful, wearing comfy clothes, with her hair tied up in a messy bun and those big black glasses that gave her that sexy touch. I picked the sushi tray up from her lap and placed it on the table before asking her to turn around. My hand massaged the soft exposed skin that her oversized sweatshirt, which had fallen down her shoulder, allowed me to see. Soon, both of my hands were working on her shoulders and the back of her neck, trying to ease the tension of a really long day. She let out a moan and I could feel it in my cock. Fuck. She was so beautiful and sexy, and she didn’t even know. I brushed away a few locks of hair that escaped from her bun at the back of her neck and then I gave her a kiss there. She moaned again. I left a trail of kisses from the back of her neck to the side of it, going up to her jaw and behind her ear. Unconsciously she leaned towards me as I kept kissing her and I nibbled in her ear, which sent a shiver down her spine. Lust, desire, need… love. That’s what I saw in her gaze when she turned around to face me. Her lips were on mine before I could even think about kissing her and her hands got tangled in my hair. She used to like my long hair, but she seemed to have learned to love my short hair. She tugged softly the ends of it, making me roll my head back, giving her a better access to my mouth as she straddled me.

She was everything I could see, everything I could feel.

She was everywhere; she was everything.

Tongues, teeth, hands, skin, clothes that were starting to become useless, everything melting together and mixing with the sweet taste of her lips and the even sweeter smell of her perfume.

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I Don’t Even Know Your Name: Part One

Request: Can you do a request where y/n is a singer and she isn’t that famous but Shawn is like enamored by her and he sorta brings her to fame and she’s super shy and idk fluffy ending with some fluffy kisses???? 

A/N: At first this was meant to be just one imagine, but the plot that I came up with in my head is actually more lengthy than I planned. So I decided to make this into a series! 

Part Two 

Shawn watched the clock as he held his phone in his hands, bouncing his knee up and down. Time was ticking slower the more he could feel his anticipation grow. He’s been waiting for this the whole day. The possibility of miscalculating time zones constantly ran through his mind, but he made sure his math wasn’t even off by a minute. Her tweet did, in fact, say seven that night sharp and he was only five hours behind.

His phone suddenly interrupted the silence with a loud buzz, followed by a ding. Quickly clicking on the notification, he felt an immense amount of relief to see her face taking up the whole phone screen. She was obviously dressed for comfort with an oversized hoodie and her hair out of the way. A guitar rested on her lap, her body leaning over it as she scrolled through the comments.

“Good afternoon, well night,” she laughed. He watched as she gestured towards to what looked like her bedroom window. It was pitch black outside already. “Or morning. Depends where you are.”

Afternoon, Shawn thought to himself.

If only the whole world knew how much he was infatuated with her. At first, she was just one of those small singers that he would see when he scrolled through Instagram, but there was something about her that had caught his eye. Maybe it was the way she put her own twist on everything she did or the cute little wrinkle she would get whenever she scrunched up her face while singing a certain part. There were a million things.

“Good news, I’ve actually been writing a whole lot. I just have to start recording. It’s gonna take forever, but you guys are gonna like it.” She turned the camera towards a little corner in her room. “The next few weeks are gonna be spent right over there.” A microphone along with a whole set up consisting of a laptop and other equipment sat on a desk. “It’s my little makeshift recording studio.”

Shawn couldn’t imagine trying to record a song all by himself. There were so many technical things that went into it, but she did it all on her own. No record labels, no assistance, no nothing. It was just her, which was another thing he found captivating.

Her fingers gently strummed the strings, playing a soft chord. Shawn tried to figure out what tune she was humming, but he had no luck.

“I’ve been listening to The Neighborhood so much lately, so here’s a little taste of their song called The Beach,” she said repositioning herself.

If I told you that I loved you
Tell me, what would you say?
If I told you that I hated you
Would you go away?
Now I need your help with everything that I do
I don’t want to lie, I’ve been relying on you

All the stress that he carried on his shoulders melted away as soon as she started singing. There had always been something different about her voice that hit him like no other. Maybe it was how smooth it was, or the little rasp that would come out every once in awhile. He had never heard a voice quite like hers.

Fallin’ again, I need a pick-me-up
I’ve been callin’ you friend, I might need to give it up

I’m sick and I’m tired too
I can admit, I am not fireproof
I feel it burning me
I feel it burning you
I hope I don’t murder me
I hope I don’t burden you
If I do, I do

Her strumming had gotten louder, and so did her voice. Her eyes were closed with her eyebrows drawn close together, showing that little wrinkle he oh so loved. He could tell the chorus meant a lot to her and it worried him because there had to be a reason why. Judging by the lyrics, it couldn’t be a good one.

If I meet you in the middle maybe we could agree
You make me feel little how you’re looking at me
And you can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off
First it just threw me off, now I’m just moving on

She couldn’t hide the smile that had etched onto her face as she sang the second verse, which told him that whatever caused the pain in the chorus was definitely gone now. Shawn started to feel himself smile along with her.

She finished the song with a small hum and opened her eyes again. Typically, her live streams started with a song that she picked out and one more that the viewers would request. Some days it would just be her messing around while answering questions. Today just happened to be the lucky day that she did both.

“What did I have for breakfast? Very strange question, but I had a parfait. I’m sorry if you were expecting pancakes or something,” she giggled.

“What’s my opinion on brown eyes? One hundred percent the most underrated eye color in the world. All the time I see brown-eyed people try to cover it up, and become really self-conscious along the way. It isn’t really such a big issue now, but I remember seeing it all the time back then and I was absolutely baffled by it. Sure, brown is the most common, but they’re definitely the most diverse in my opinion. There are so many shades!”

Shawn could feel his cheeks flush at the mention of even the tiniest relation to him. He never really thought about his own eye color until then. It was only a little part of him, but somehow she had put so much more meaning into it. It was a gift of hers, finding the simplest of things and making it sound like so much more, that is. It was one of the things that made her such a great songwriter.

“What do you think of Shawn Mendes?”

The mention of his name, more like the sound of her voice saying it, snapped him out of his thoughts, immediately putting him on edge. It felt like everything stopped and the only things that were moving were his heartbeat, that alarmingly pumped faster, and his leg that wouldn’t stop shaking. It was pathetic how much of an effect she had on him. An effect that she had even though she had never spoken to him.

“Where do I even begin?” she beamed, putting her hands up to her cheeks. A lame attempt to try and hide her heated face. “I’m not really one to listen to pop music that often, but his music is so good. I don’t know how he does it, a genius right there. Go listen to his new album if you haven’t already.”

Now he was the one who was blushing mad. Shawn was pretty sure he forgot how to breathe or how to do anything in fact. She listened to his music, gushed about it in fact. And there she sat, oblivious to the fact that the very person who she was talking about was watching her.

The connection lagged a little as she continued on, “Looks like you guys want me to cover him, which I’m totally down with.” Shawn couldn’t even think at this point. Now she was going to sing his song. The lyrics that he wrote. The chords that he recorded.

“Here’s I Don’t Even Know Your Name because it’s one of my favorites,” she smiled at the camera, which totally brought him back down to Earth. His heart fluttered when she started to sing again.

He remembered writing Handwritten, more specifically that song. When he finally came up with lyrics to the melody that he had been working on for so long, he was so proud of something that had turned out to be so good.

But it sounded even better when she sang it. She added something to the song that he couldn’t describe. He was able to pick out the way she added a soft high note in one line of the chorus and changed the order of some notes. Shawn didn’t know how she did it all so easily, but it was brilliant.

Even long after the live stream ended, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. One of her fans had recorded it and posted it on the internet so he could rewatch it anytime he wanted. And boy he did. He listened to it in the shower, the car, everywhere really.

Even backstage.

The show wasn’t supposed to start until five hours later and he didn’t have anything else to do. Soundcheck was already done and the Q&A wasn’t for a long time, so here he was. Listening to her again.

“Dude, I’m seriously starting to think you’re in love with her,” Geoff joked from the couch opposite of him. Shawn was laying down on the couch, balancing his laptop on his chest while he binge watched more of her covers.

Matt let out a laugh from behind him, “He probably is.” Rolling his eyes, he sat up and looked at the both of them.

“You don’t understand. She’s absolutely am—”

“Amazing, we know,” the two boys finished for him.

“And that she deserves more recognition and that she’s an amazing writer and….” he took a deep breath, “she’s really cute.” Shawn watched him with his eyebrows raised as he ticked off every statement with a finger on his hand.

“And don’t forget that she listens to your music!” Matt jumped in, ruffling his already messed up hair. “You know, you should give her a little shout out or something on Twitter. It’s pretty obvious how good she is, and I don’t think you’ll stop rambling about her until you do.”

Shawn chuckled at the last bit, flicking the back of Matt’s snap back off his head as he stood up and stretched. Needing a change of scenery, well walls, he shuffled towards the bathroom and leaned his hands on the counter. Matt’s words were still ringing in his ears, and Shawn had no idea how the idea didn’t come to him in the first place. It would definitely help her out, and that’s all it took for him to whip out his phone.

He quickly opened Twitter and as he hovered his thumb over the keyboard, he froze. What was he supposed to say? There were so many things about her. One hundred forty characters weren’t enough.

The next five minutes were spent typing a sentence or two out, but reading it over and erasing it. He didn’t want to say a simple “check this girl out, she’s really good” kind of thing. She was more than good. But he didn’t want to write too much. Everyone would probably think he was desperate, or something else the media can come up with.

It completely confused him why he was having such a hard time. He always knew what to say. Words easily rolled off his tongue.

Stop overthinking it, he thought to himself as he ran a hand through his hair. It shouldn’t be this hard. A minute passed when he felt his thumbs move on their own. He read the sentences over and over. Doubt started to cloud his thinking again. “You know what? Fuck it,” Shawn seethed and he pushed the submit button.

There was no going back now. Millions of people were reading it now, and he hoped she was too.


(GIF is not mine, but I adore it) 

Requested: No! But the new trailer gave me so many ideas!

Warnings: Fluff, Angst. 


Everything has happened so quickly. You walked away from Peter for one second to go grab a drink and just like that your feet were dangling in the air, a tight metal arm wrapped around your waist.

 When you let out a blood curling scream the gymnasium became silent–and everyone looked your way. You struggled, making your heels fall off and hit the tile floor with a ‘clank’–and Peter looked at you helplessly, unsure how to exit without ‘Vulture’ noticing.

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The Song Is You (Chapter One)

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations. 

Author’s Note: This has been a long time coming, you guys!! You’ve probably been hearing Esme and I talk about our fic collab for a while now. We’re very excited to finally begin releasing this special piece to the public! All we can say now is that you will finally understand all the Monster Mash and “rick rolling” jokes you’ve heard in the last weeks. 

*** If you wanted to listen to the road trip playlist that is mentioned in this chapter, please click here!! 

Words: 4,481 

Warnings: an extremely cheesy mixtape, lame jokes, Lin showing off (so, nothing?) 

Without any further ado, welcome to the world Esme and I have so lovingly crafted for you! 

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When Another Man Looks

Pairing: Dean x reader, Ketch, Sam

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, sex in a bathroom, jealousy, fake flirting with Ketch on reader’s part, slight angst 

Summary: You are working on a case with Ketch to try and take down a vampire, but one change in the outfit you would normally rock on a hunt has thing deteriorating quickly between you and your boyfriend Dean. 

Word Count: 5153

A/N: This was written for an anon who requested  Hi! If you are taking requests could I request a dean x reader? Perhaps where they are dating and then when they are working with the BMoL either Mick or Ketch keeps flirting with her and dean gets really defensive and a bit possessive of her, maybe ending in smut? Thanks! So this is what I came up with. Also a special shout out to @roxy-davenport who helped to beta the beginning part of this fic and stopped me from scrapping it, so thank you so much! 

Pushing down the lump that was forming in your throat, you tried to ignore the way Ketch’s eyes kept shifting to your body, he had suggested you wear something more revealing in an attempt at getting the vampire’s attention, essentially, wanting to use you as bait. It was something so stereotypical male, it made you want to puke, the whole idea that as a girl the only thing you were good for was standing around looking pretty and vulnerable. The blood coursing through your veins had started boiling at the casual suggestion, but working with these new Men of Letters meant that you had to make sacrifices. Since the Winchester’s were on board with these new guys, despite some reluctance, you were too.

“Fine, I’ll go get changed,” you growled, trying your best not to stomp too loudly as you made your way to the bedroom.

You could see why the boys were torn about working with these guys, clearly, they were working on a different level than the average hunter you had come across, but the boundaries were blurrier too. When they had told you about how Mick had killed the girl who had been bitten by a werewolf before she even managed to attack anyone, you had felt disgusted. Then again, you saw the tools that they had, and there was no denying that their ability to spot these groups of vampires and quickly take them out was going to help a lot more people in the long run.

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The Many Labels of Davey Jacobs

The first label Davey remembered was son. Almost as soon as he became aware of existing he was aware that the people looking after him loved him very much and would do anything for him. He saw it in the way his father worked fourteen hour days and still came home with a smile on his face and a hug for his children. In the way his mother would listen to his problems and help him through every single one, from math to bullies to clothing decisions. He took his first label seriously, helping out whenever he could and doing his best to never be a burden. He put his lunch money back into the savings jar when his mother wasn’t looking so they’d be able to afford rent; he wore his shoes through until there was barely any sole left before begrudgingly asking for new ones; and when his father died he gave up a week’s pay to go home and sit beside his mother to console her tears and help her with her grief.

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fic: forget your perfect offering

I wanted Carol to wear a pretty dress (this is the one I was thinking of, in case anyone’s interested), and then this happened. If you’re expecting any sort of plot or wildness like that, please don’t even click the read more, because you’ll be so disappointed as it’s pretty much allllll smush (with a tiny bit of angst). Idk, apparently I just have ~7k worth of random feelings about them is all.

The title is from Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem,’ which is one of my favorite songs in this universe.

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All Business - Alfie Solmons Fan Fic (rqtd) - Just You Wait P2

would you possibly do a part two to “just you wait” where o/c never turned up to the date or whatever alfie had planned because she wanted to make him wait like he did her, and they don’t speak for a week or whatever and he asks her to be involved in a meeting (or make that bit up I don’t mind) and she gets her own back on Alfie during the meeting? Thank you x

 PART ONE – Just You Wait

All Business - Just You Wait, Part Two

 Her lunch sat untouched on the desk crowded with paperwork, as Y/N stared at the opposite wall lost in thought.  Or maybe it was lust.   She hardly knew anymore, only that her insides were in a constant twisted state.   It had been lingering, coiling within her since that night when she had changed in and out of that damn polka dot dress at least a dozen times, before backing out of the date.  If it was a date at all.   More like a command attendance. 

It had been about a week.    Each day flipping back and forth between anger, regret and a desperate unquenched desire she wasn’t rightly proud to admit.   A week of avoiding one another – until they couldn’t.   Especially since he was her boss and actually required her to do work for him.   His requests coming in a stilted, indifferent tone.   Followed by that look.   Despite his best grumpy efforts, he couldn’t hide what he really wanted either.   Her own gaze a loaded canon of emotion and confusion.   The lingering glances often leading to casual touches and every now and then she could still feel him like a ghost that whispered upon her flesh.

A brief brush upon her arm “Miss Y/N can you please type this form.”    

A light hand on her back.   “Miss Y/N please come this way to my office.”    

Every touch pushing her further into the regret camp, as her mind still vividly recalled the feel of his mouth and hands – those strong hands all over her body.   She had only just fully healed from the red, raised welts left behind by his beard.   The day they disappeared in the mirror a feeling of loss overcame her.   She had meant to prove a point, and now it seemed she proved it all too well and lost the bigger catch.    The truth was, she had been desperately wishing for a second chance, but Y/N just didn’t necessarily want Alfie to know that.

And now it had arrived.  Of a sort.

She stared at the note that lay crumpled upon her desk; ink blurred from the sweat of her hands.   Another summons.  This time – all business.  As in a Business Meeting that she was required to attend.  Strictly legit as it absolutely fell in line with her prescribed duties.   A duty she had performed at least a dozen previous times.   So why were her palms sweating?

There would be others in attendance.  It wasn’t like she would have to be alone with him.  Her stomach clenched in protest and she picked up the neglected sandwich, taking a small bite.   It didn’t settle the gnawing ache that was more fear then hunger.  Or perhaps, it was just another kind of hunger.   She knew he felt it too.   A man didn’t look at a woman the way Alfie Solomons looked at her – if he didn’t want her.   And she was damn sure that he had gained a measure of respect since she did not jump when he commanded.   Despite how easily he had stoked her passion.   Now, to just hold that in check so she could do her job. And then, what?   She pushed the thought aside as she rose to go to what she now considered his lair.

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Second Chance (Karamel) - Chapter 9

Originally posted by highwaytothe7hells

One moment can change everything.

When Mon-El lost Kara, his fiancee, in an alien invasion one year ago, he thought he’d never see her again. Since then he’s been trying to build himself a life and pick up whatever pieces of him was left after losing her, and he’s been failing miserably. Just when he thinks he can’t go on anymore and loses all hope, he’s thrust into a world completely different than his; a world in which everything he used to know is changed. Which includes Kara Danvers never dying on that fateful night.

Mon-El soon finds out it won’t be as easy as he hoped it would be to reverse the changes, especially when with each passing day he gets more sucked up into his new life. Because in the end, reversing everything means losing Kara all over again, and he’s not sure he’s strong enough to go through that a second time.

Second Chance
- Prologue
- Chapter 1: Failure
- Chapter 2: Nightmare
- Chapter 3: Gone
- Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
- Chapter 5: Fault
- Chapter 6: Valor
- Chapter 7: Not Enough
- Chapter 8: Happiness
- Chapter 9: The Right Thing
- Chapter 10: Hollowness

Other Karamel Fanfics:
Karamel Fanfiction Masterlist

Note: hey y'all!

right now, i’m so glad that i’d went ahead with my plan for this story and wrote until chapter 14 (yup, 14), because if i’d written it according to my original plan, there was no way i could’ve posted this chapter right now, because, well, i have six exams next week in five days, and last week i’ve had five of them. there was NO WAY i could’ve written it. BUT, fortunately i did, so you won’t have to wait more after that cliffhanger on the last chapter ;)

anyway, without further ado, i hope you like this chapter! i feel like a lot will be explained in it, so if you’re confused or have any questions, please let me know :)

also, i barely know ANYTHING about comic books, so the character references in this chapter are based on the Supergirl show and my own imagination. just wanted to point that up if it ended up being different than the comic books :)

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What Did I Get Myself Into? - 4

A/N: A little heavier than previous chapters. Talk of Spencer’s tragic past.


After you and Spencer had divulged some of your deepest fantasies to each other, he still insisted that you get to know each other, both in general and in bed, before jumping into any of the things you’d discussed. You’d learned a lot about him. He had been through hell on more than one occasion while on the job. Kidnapped, shot, tortured - you named it and it had happened to him, at least once. Hesitatingly, he also confided that after he’d been kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer more than a decade ago, he had gotten hooked on dilauded, which the killer had shot him up with numerous times over the course of two days. Some days, he claimed to still feel the pull of the drug, but he hadn’t used since he quit all those years ago - no matter what life had thrown at him.

Your mouth dropped open in horror when he recounted the ordeal, but you made him promise that if he ever felt the pull again, he’d come talk to you.

“I promise, Y/N,” he said, kissing you tenderly. “Thank you.”

“So…” you started, not wanting to push if he didn’t want to talk about it, “Can I ask about your parents and going to college at such a young age? When I mentioned it before, you seemed to ignore the subject, but I would like to know more about your childhood.”

He gathered you in his arms and sat flush up against his bookshelf, having ended up there after a pillow fight that left you both in stitches. Taking a deep breath, he began, “Well, I did say that my mom had schizophrenia, right?” You nodded, grabbing his hand and squeezing it; this was obviously difficult for him to talk about. “She was not medicated well for a really long time. More than once, she’d have an episode where the voices were really horrible and she’d sleep a lot. Sometimes I would even have an issue at school and be late, but she wouldn’t realize it because she was too deep in her head.”

Leaning into his neck, you tilted up, kissing his neck, “I’m so sorry.” You squeezed his hand again, convincing him to continue. “My dad left when I was 12. He couldn’t take my mother’s issues anymore and he really didn’t know how to talk to or take care of me, so I kind of raised myself for a time.”

“So you don’t talk to your dad?” you asked sadly. You couldn’t imagine - you and your father were very close.

“No, not really,” he shrugged, having apparently come to terms with his relationship with his father. “We aired things out a few years ago, but we still don’t talk that much. He missed too much of my life.”

Reaching back, you grabbed a handful of his hair, massaging his scalp. “And how are you with your mom now? Is she on the right medication?”

That made him smile. “Yea, mom and I are good. It was tough when I was around 18, because I put her in an institution at home in Las Vegas against her will. She was mad at me for a little while, but once she was medicated properly, she knew I had done what I did because I love her. I’d like you to meet her one day, I think she’d love you. She loves people who are straightforward.”

“I’d love to meet her one day,” you said, spinning around to face him, straddling his lap with your knees on the outside of his. “You don’t think she would look down on me for my job?” you asked, always worried that people would make assumptions.

“No,” he replied instantly, “As a matter of fact, I think she would ask a lot of questions. Actually, when you do have that conversation, I don’t think I want to be in the room.”

You laughed, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. “What about school?”

“That’s even tougher for some reason. Probably because my mom had a diagnosable problem. There was no excuse for what I went through,” he said, looking down and swallowing hard. He had obviously tried to forget the terror he had endured as a child prodigy. “I don’t know even know where to start. I was made fun of and called all types of names on a constant basis, but the worst was…” He started to choke up, the words catching in his throat. 

You caressed his face in both your hands, peppering it with soft, gentle kisses. “Take your time, Spence,” you whispered. 

Having taken a few cleansing breaths, he started up again. “Once, when I was 13, this girl I liked asked me to meet her behind the gym. She was easily the prettiest girl in school, so I was excited. When I got back there, she asked me to put a blindfold on, so I did…” With his next breath, the tears started falling. You just pressed your forehead against his, hoping it was enough to get him through.

“Once I had the blindfold on, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and all of a sudden I heard a bunch of people snickering. All of the popular kids had showed up and started laughing, including her, and once I took the blindfold off, they stripped me of everything but my underwear and tied me to the flagpole. I wasn’t able to free myself until later that night and my mom was having an episode, so she didn’t even realize I was missing.”

You closed your eyes and started to cry yourself. Children could be so cruel. “Oh, baby,” you said, kissing him, tasting a mixture of both of your tears, “I’m so sorry. That must’ve been horrible.”

“It was,” he breathed, the tension of telling the tale falling away with your soft touches, “but it’s over now. And look at me now. They suck and I have you.”

“Yes, you do. And we have to make blindfolds fun for you again. I want to erase that memory from your head, or at least replace it with something fun.”

Easing back into the bookcase, Spencer moved his hand under your tank top, gently stroking the skin on your lower back. Your small intake of breath caught his attention and he pressed down on the area, pulling you into him. His other hand traveled up into your hair, gently tugging back to expose your neck to his affections. You moaned happily as he kissed at the flesh behind your ear. As he sat up, holding you close and placing you on your back on the rug at the foot of his bookcase, he looked up and down your body, silently asking if you were ready for this - for him.

His lean frame hovered over yours and you answered his silent plea by gliding your hands to the buttons at his chest, slowly undoing them. “I want you,” you breathed, thinking it was one of the most sincere things you’d ever uttered.

The look of hesitation in his eyes disappeared and he grasped the side of your neck in his hand, his mouth following suit, sucking and licking down your neck and in between your breasts. A small whimper escaped your lips as his nimble fingers nudged your shirt and bra upwards, revealing your upper half to his hungry gaze.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he muttered, kneading your breasts in his hands.


With your pleas ringing in his ears, he latched his mouth around one of your nipples and continued to knead the other breast. The sensations he evoked throughout your body were ones you’d never experienced with someone else and you found your hand traveling downward, inching into your underwear, desperate to bring about some kind of release.

Spencer grabbed your wrist in his hand, easing it away from your jeans and he looked up, “I’d like to be the one to do that if you don’t mind,” he smiled, kissing just above the waistband of your jeans. “But I would like to watch you do that one day.”

“Do you wanna watch me masturbate, Spencer Reid?” you giggled, feeling the heat spread faster from your core. Your body enjoyed the thought of him watching you lose yourself apparently. Dawn would flip if she could be inside your head right now.

As he licked his lips, he peeled your jeans and panties off, casually throwing them behind him without ever taking his eyes off of you. “Very much so,” he groaned, divesting himself of the rest of his clothing, “but that’ll be another day.”

“Please,” you whimpered again, “I need you inside me.” Without another thought or word, he slipped inside your slick heat, causing your pelvis to grind upward, desperate to get closer. “Oh, god, Spencer…” you moaned.

“I love hearing my name on your lips,” he mumbled into your mouth. As he began to pick up pace, you dug your fingers into his shoulder blades and bit your lip, trying not to scream out and draw unwanted attention to his apartment. You couldn’t believe that after 30 years, you were about to have your first orgasm with someone else; he knew you were close. His right hand moved in between your bodies, applying a slight, but consistent pressure to your clit, which, along with long strokes, sent you over the edge in a matter of minutes.

You noticed that as soon as you climaxed, Spencer all but stopped, staring at your arched back and waiting for you to ride out your high. As your back eased down, touching the soft rug underneath, you reached down to stroke his length and soon after, he realized his own release.

Out of breath and closer than ever, Spencer reached toward the couch to grab a blanket, wrapping it around both of you. He pulled you into him once more and spent, both emotionally and physically, you fell asleep in each other’s arms under the shining rays of the moonlight streaming through his apartment window.

dust to dust

SPN Writing Challenge: @ozonecologne vs @magnificat-cas

Prompt: Chalkboard

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Word Count: 1574

Tags: Fluff, College AU, Lit Professor!Dean, Physics Professor!Cas, nerds

Dean knocked the lecture hall door open with his hip, taking a long drag from his coffee cup. First day of the new semester and he was raring to go; he’d been bored all summer without the constant distraction of frazzled undergrads clamoring for his attention, and was looking forward to the bustle of a new school year.

“Morning, nerds!” He called into the room as he crossed the room to deposit his things on the front table.

He took a moment to survey the hall. He was a little worried when he heard he was going to have to teach in a lecture hall – usually his courses were small enough that he was put in a normal classroom – but this year there seemed to be a shortage in his preferred room assignments. He didn’t like teaching large groups of students, but it looked like he was in luck.

“Oh, good. A whole twelve of you showed up,” he remarked. The twelve students spared him encouraging smiles and a few hushed laughs, all clustered in the front of the room.

Dean nodded to himself, pursing his lips. He rolled up the sleeves of his button down and turned towards the chalkboard, already launching into his introductory speech. “Good. Ok. Well, I’m Professor Winchester and this is Modern American Litera – what the hell is that.”

The chalkboard was absolutely COVERED, top to bottom, with numbers and symbols and erasure smudges.

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Sign Me To Sleep: Part Two

Pairing: Bucky x Deaf!Reader

Word Count: 2,680

Warnings: Angst. Torture and fighting and stuff.

A/N: Part Two! I really hope you guys enjoy! Hopefully the angst isn’t too much! Sorry if some of the sign descriptions are wrong, feel free to tell me if they are. Part 3 will be up soon if you guys want it :’)

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4

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You were kept heavily drugged for the next couple of weeks, and plans for The Winter Soldier to go back into cryo had been delayed. He was the one to subdue you after you had taken out nearly 50 HYDRA members. They were keeping The Soldier around you at all times, in case you miraculously were able to function against the sedatives running through your veins.

They started to wean you off of the drugs slowly, making sure they had done all of the tests they could. They had blindfolded you and covered your hands in clunky metal covers in hopes you wouldn’t be able to use your power. When you were finally somewhat conscious you were completely panicked. You couldn’t see, you couldn’t hear and you couldn’t move.

The Winter Soldier was standing guard at the door when you came to. He had convinced the doctors to let him stay because he said he would intimidate you most. But he had actually said it because he knew you would trust him, and he trusted you. No matter how many times they seemed to wipe him, he would always recognize the small girl with wide eyes and choppy hair.

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You’re not sorry lll

Imagine Kozik cheating on you and you running away

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After some time you learned they called themselves “The Sugar Girls”. You’ve learned a lot of stuff with them;good and bad things. You still weren’t used to people calling you Raven, or to have been lying about your whole life up until this point but you had your reasons and you were hoping that if any of the girls found out, you would be understood. You had nothing on you; you’ve sold your cellphone, helping you and Melissa, your roommate, to pay the first month; and your car was abandoned in a lot, getting rusty and dusty. being sold by the piece; you had nothing.

Mrs. Lane gave everyone a sweet deal in exchange of the girls working in there; It wasn’t fancy like Diosa, but the dance was really good, and you had a roof on top of your head, you had your pay day  and the tips were better. As long as you worked the nights of  the days you got, you could do everything you wanted at the day light. You spent most of the time asleep, or staring at the slightly pale shadow of your wedding ring in your finger. What used to be there, the promise of endless love, was gone now.  You have been wanting to call Darla, tell her you were alright and that you were good somewhere near Tacoma, but either she will try to talk you out of this nonsense or she would call Kozik for him to find you. You were alright just were you were no one kicking your heart, no one telling you what to do; just you and your Sugar girls.

A week had passed since you last saw Kozik; but you wouldn’t know, since every connection with your past had been erased from your life. It was still hard; but you tried not to think about it too much; because if you did you would cry. 

“Raven…” Melissa called, handing you tonight’s outfit. It was your very first solo performance, being content before with being in a chorus and only dancing on the stage, in the darker part. “Are you ready?” 

She was the coolest girl ever. She kind of remind you of Darla for some reason; she was kind, and she loved to drink her panties off, from what you’ve learned she had a kid up down in Texas where her mother was taking care of it; Melissa told them she worked at a gas station and sent money every week. It looked like you weren’t the only one living a double life. You nodded, getting up and trying on the red and studded bikini you were supposed to wear this night. She fixed a few things, making it more flattering for you, and you smiled to each other.

“You’re really good at this…” 

“My mother is a tailor.” She said, writing some things down in the notebook. “Mrs. Lane gives me extra money if i do the outfits for the stage; So it helps me and Kenny down in Texas.” She sighed staring at nothing “It’s a good life.” 

You looked at her, sad expression on your face. “Yeah…it is.” 

Herman could hear his heart beating in his head as Happy punched him once again; opening a wound in his cheek bone, cutting his flesh as blood started to pour out. Both men were breathless, shirtless, finishing each others off in the ring, at Herman’s request. It was a way to calm him down. Clay and Jax kept staring at them, while Bobby was up in the ring, smoking a cigarette.

“When did she left?” Jax asked, without taking his eyes off the fight.

“It’s been a week. We called Quinn and nothing. Donnut’s old lady doesn’t know anything, either.” Clay said, taking a drag from his big cigar. 

“Juice found anything?” 

“Her cellphones dead. The license plate appears missing on the system; wherever she is, she’s walking.” 

Jax sighed, thinking for a minute what he would do if his old lady went missing like that. “I mean…we’ve all been there, done that…” the Vice president confessed. Clay nodded, crossing his arms. 

“Yeah; this one actually has balls.” Kozik smashed his fist into Happy’s jaw, throwing him against the robes, with a pretty nasty cut on his eyebrow, too. Clay rolled his eyes and got up. “Bobby, break them off.” Him, along with Jax left the room, as Bobby pushed Herman away from Happy. 

Both men rested against the robes, trying to catch his breath. Bobby sighed and shook his head, slapping Kozik’s shoulder. “We got all charts looking for her, brother…” The blonde one looked down as Bobby got off the ring. “We’ll find her.” In a matter of seconds, it was only Happy and Kozik on the ring, no one around. Happy rubbed his face and sighed, sitting on the edge of the ring, his feet hanging on the side of it. Herman took himself a few minutes but did it too. 

They sat down in silence for a couple of minutes before someone said anything; Herman, of course, breaking the silence. 

“I don’t even know why I did it…” He shook his head, looking down.

“You were thinking with your dick.” Happy said. “You wouldn’t hurt her. We didn’t knew she was here.” 

“Still…I’m worried.” Your old man, said, getting off the ring and standing in front of Happy. “A lot of people want my head in a plate; If she’s alone, with no brother near…” Happy motioned for him to shut up; after all you were his best friend, like a sister to him. 

“The Sons are looking for her. She’s a big girl…she can take care of herself, brother.” Kozik nodded, as he played with the ring on her pants pocket, eager for you to wear it again. 

Since your real name wasn’t Raven, you decided it was the one you were wearing as a stripper. Raven Delight; because according to Melissa, or Felicia Hot, you needed a stripper last name, at least. Your hands were sweating and you were so nervous you were afraid you wouldn’t hold on to the pole and fall flat on your ass. The glitter all over your body was starting to get itchy and your make up was falling due to your sweat but you were ready. Normally, it will take quite a lot of time to throw a rookie to the stage, but you were a fast learn and you needed the cash.

You danced your night away to the beat of “High by the beach” by Lana Del Rey. You walked the cat walk and jumped to the pole, in a classic way, sliding down ever so slowly, making everyone’s jaw drop. La Jungla was the perfect place for lost girls trying to find a family, and you needed one. The strip club was small and it was really hot inside, making everyone sweat. You swayed your hips to the slow beat, and it was fresh for all the costumers, being used to the quick beats and cheap dances; You agreed on stripping and dancing on the stage, but you were going to do it your own way. 

As the big finale, lacking all of your clothes, you slide down to the ground, spreading your legs and doing a split, while the lights went off and the whole crowd erupted in cheers and hugs, as you felt the money being thrown at you. Your roommates were cheering too, jumping up and down from the side of the stage as they saw you get on your knees lifting all the green. You smiled at them as Melissa raised two thumbs up, while Mrs. Lane smirked from her desk, smoking a big joint. 

The kutte on his back reads “SAMMAY”; his name was Lost Boy; His actual name was Francis but Lost Boy seemed a better fitted name for a Son from Maywood. He looked at you, squinting his eyes while his cigarette burned down to ashes, on top of the wood table of La Jungla. 

“Rocky…” He spoke, low voice. The named Rocky turned around at him, following his gaze. “Could it be her?”


“SAMCRO, that old lady…” Rocky looked again and stared back at Lost Boy. “Look at her…” Rocky denied.

“I don’t think so..” he said, but then smirked, lust in his eyes. “I can check for ink if you want.” Lost Boy smiled at him, showing his gold teeth and shaking his head as he got out his prepay, dialing a single number. As he did, you were already hugging your new found sisters, while excited holding your money, too excited you didn’t noticed the bunch of kuttes with the reaper on. 

“Bobby? Lost Boy from SAMMAY…” He took a long drag of his cigarette. “Yeah; I think we’ve got something for you.” 

Unwanted (Part 2)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1559

Part 1

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