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I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I love and appreciate this blog. The West Wing is one of the only things keeping me sane during this administration and the fact that you take such time and care in your gifs is really quite extraordinary and should be commended. Excellent work and thank you for bringing some Sorkin realness to my days.

i really hope you don’t mind that i post this, i just want to keep it forever because it’s so incredibly kind. thank you, thank you, thank you. i spend so much time on this blog and this message is very, very much appreciated ❤️

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May I request a scenerio where reader suffers from chronic night terrors that happen nearly every night, and they try to avoid telling the others so they won't be seen as a burden, but one night Lance finds out and spends a whole night telling them funny stories and cuddling with them just to make them feel better? Thanks! 😊

;;sorry for the wait !!!!!!! its been sitting in the drafts for forever and i forget which one of us were planning on doing it so i just took up the job fiskjfs - mod danny

[Name] wished the ground would open up under their feet and swallow them whole. Lance stood in front of them at the doorway of their room, an indigo blue blanket draped over his shoulders as he gave a shiver.

“[Name], please?” He whined, puppy eyes insufferable. He’s not far from dropping to his knees at this point, “The air conditioning in my room isn’t working, and Coran said he’d rather fix it in the morning - so you’re just going to let me sleep out in the hallway?”

“Yeah.” [Name] replied dryly, hoping the anxiety wouldn’t interfere into their tone. They don’t want to turn Lance away like this, but in the end it’d be better for the both of them. [Name] wouldn’t end up waking Lance up with their nightly sweating and trembling, and Lance would stay just like he is: clueless. And that’s how [Name] would always want it. The night terrors didn’t concern anyone else, and if they ever did, [Name] would be labeled as a wuss. Or even worse, an actual liability to the team…

“But - why?” Lance inquired, raising a guilty eyebrow, “I thought we were on same-room terms by now.”

[Name] stiffened, “It’s not that. Just - I’m not a good sleeper, alright? Odds are I’ll wake you up one way or another.”

Lance studied them, another question arising on his tongue but [Name] moves to shut the doors. But a hand is reaching out to stop them from closing, and Lance’s eyes are serious this time.

“I’ve noticed - anyone could tell you aren’t getting a lot of sleep. What’s the reason?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“It is now! I’m worried about you.”

“Don’t be.” [Name] felt a painful tug at their heart with Lance’s words, and they can feel a few emotions knocking ominously at the door, “Look, if I tell you why, will you keep it from the rest? It’s…pretty personal.”

Lance’s gaze softened, a rare earnesty on his features, “Of course you can tell me.”

Lance ended up staying in their room that night. They talked for what felt like an hour, resurfacing [Name]’s experiences with the night terrors throughout their life, how they’ve managed through it all, and what night terrors are in their entirety. Once the topic was reduced to dust, and not a thing was a secret anymore, it just came natural to grow close to one another, legs tangled and bodies close on top of the warm covers. Lance could feel the discomfort radiating off of them, definitely not used to talking so much about their night terrors. But it was relieving to finally get some things off of their chest, knowing that Lance was here to listen and help them sort through their worries. But after a while, when they were still feeling relatively down about the whole thing, Lance resorted to getting their mind off of it all together.

“One time, when Hunk and I shared a room back at the Garrison-” Lance was on his third story by now, soft smile on his lips as [Name] nestled their cheek against his chest, face still red from giggling. The cold atmosphere was gone now, replaced with only warm, meaningful touches on the other and laughs that are far from forced, “He sleepwalked, like, for the third night in the row and he wandered around the room, knocked down a few stuff, then accidentally hit the emergency button by the door - all the students in that block had to evacuate. And to this day Commander Iverson has no clue that Hunk was responsible for that false alarm at 2AM in the morning.”

[Name] laughed, eyes growing glassy as Lance chuckles along with them, playing absentmindedly with their hair. The funny stories had started coming naturally to him now, and he doesn’t mind giving [Name] a few information that could be used for blackmail against his friends, because they’re laughing and smiling and that’s all that matters.

20170224 - From 2PM’s Twitter After ‘2PM 6 Nights’ Concert

@.2PMagreement211: Everyone, today was really so much fun^^ I am always grateful. I felt very fluttery right before the concert today. I will have butterflies for 5 times more, we will create more memories together, the time we spent together, the time we will spend together, we’ve enjoyed it all so much, we were happy, and from now on, our time together will only be happy and fun^^

@.Jun2daKAY: I was so happy to meet you. It’s true, stage after stage old time memories kept flooding in. Back then and now, we’re not the only ones doing this. You are in this, too. We are in this together. There’s no bigger blessing than that. Thank you so much, and let’s feel the time that has run past us over the next 5 days, too.

@.taeccool: First concert complete!

Jun.k & Junho RT @.follow_2PM:

@.Jun2daKAY: Together

@.dlwnsghek :  Forever together

trans cre: 2pmalways

  • partner: I love you
  • me, thinking: I love you more than anything you're my whole world you've lived in both my heart and my thoughts ever since we first met and every day I think wow how lucky am I to love someone as wonderful and dazzling and amazing and beautiful as you you simply take my breath away whenever you walk into a room with me your presence is so comforting and I literally want to kiss you and hold your hand all the time and I'm so excited to spend forever with you
  • me: that's gay

a page of seijou doodles

“did you love her” he asked him
he nodded yeah more than anything
“so why did you keep leaving her?”
do you know what its like to be at war with your own mind?
to know you love someone but not being enough for them.
to know how good they are but being so scared to hurt them and hurt myself.
i was scared.
scared to feel so much for someone.
i never planned on loving her i just wanted to fuck.
it was the way she’d never get mad at me she’d just let me lash out all my anger with her there and she was never scared of me.
it was the way she was always so smiley even when you saw the pain in her eyes.
it was the way i could want to spend forever with her but fear losing her to anything.
i tried to not love her.
but everyday i loved her more and more.
now i cant face her. when i look at her pictures my heart man it stops for a second.
i tried to make her hate me i was so mean.
yet she never stopped being there.
sometimes i knew i was hurting her but i still said it knowing she’d forgive me and i hate myself for hurting her.
shes the first person ive been myself with
she knows me more than i know myself
she knew when i was sad
when i needed something
she knew me man.
now i tried making her hate me i picked at her flaws i brought her low. maybe i was overwhelmed that someone could be that perfect that i wanted to make her a little more like me a complete mess. but you see she never thought i was a mess. i could look my worst and she always looked beautiful fuck, she’d never care. she’d run her hands in my hair and touch my nose, have you seen its so big yet she loved it like it was a masterpiece.
what im trying to say i keep leaving because im scared, scared to hurt her, to fuck up or maybe even to feel this much for anyone.
i love her and i dont want to be 25 and regret this.

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.

Some lazy Sunday afternoon sketchy Ten/Rose smooches for you all. :)

controversial opinion

people who are straight and cis: your friends and relatives should not be forced to choose between giving you an entire 101-level education in gender and sexuality or forever suffering through your clueless remarks/questions that, trust me, are sometimes incredibly painful, however well-intentioned you are

and they definitely should not have to spend years laying this groundwork of educating you in order to feel safe coming out to you

do. your own. research.

Even if you think you don’t know anyone who isn’t straight and cis, I guarantee you that you are wrong, and you should educate yourself so you’re not an additional burden to them before or after they come out to you. It is unfair to expect them to personally tutor you out of your cluelessness, when they’re the marginalised person and you’re the one with nothing to lose.

You have Google. Use it. And actively seek out writers who are trans and gay and bi etc and read what they have to say. Don’t rely on whatever bits of mainstream or even feminist media drift your way. Your loved ones deserve better.


someone you know who has to brace every time this topic comes up because you literally do not know how offensive you’re being, I love you but oh my god, please stop

I want to spend an eternity looking at her. A beauty older than time. Whose strength encompasses all that she does. I want to spend an eternity beside her. Waking up to her sun-kissed face. With a cold demeanor that envelopes you in warmth as you delve within her. Her heartbeat never staying constant. Her intentions often misunderstood. Her desire for love can engulf entire nations. She didn’t belong to me, for she welcomed any and all that would approach. Inviting those harboring reproach. She broke her own heart multiple times getting attached to souls fated with mortality. My love was forever chained to herself. It’s no surprise she tried so hard to escape. I want to spend an eternity protecting her. My love, the ocean.
—  Mira Maxwell @undiseased
I’ve dated guys where I was a nervous wreak.
Where I couldn’t eat around them.
I didn’t want to show my body in the daylight.
I was nervous to say the wrong thing.
To be myself.
Until there was this one guy.
Who I was unbelievably comfortable with,
Even on the first date.
Where I could stuff my face in front of him and not care.
Where I was free to say anything I wanted.
Where I could show my body in the daylight.
With all my imperfections visibly all out there.
And he looked at me like I didn’t have a single flaw.
Where we were completely ourselves.
Where we didn’t have to second guess.
It’s so strange how you can spend all these years with people;
And never find one to feel comfortable with.
Until one person steps out,
And you feel like you’ve known them forever.
And the peace and comfort you feel with them,
Is amazing.
—  Chapters from my life

The 12 Character Archetypes: Blindspot

Everyone is A Hero

a rescuer, a crusader for a cause, the Hero is quick to fight for what he believes is right.

The Orphan
sincere, empathic, down to earth, with solid virtues and a lack of pretense, who values the dignity of others.

The Innocent
optimistic, good, faithful, pure and virtuous, who is driven by strong positive personal values that stem from love, hope, faith and loyalty.

The Explorer
on a quest, in search of something, a way home, important knowledge, a key to happiness or a “better way.” doesn’t follow rules or conventions. acts intuitively, strikes boldly, self-sacrificial and lonely.

The Caregiver
compassionate, generous and protective.
looks after those who can’t protect themselves. takes in strays, lends a helping hand, and seeks out those in need.

The Outlaw
outrageous and radical in their thinking and approaches to attacking and solving problems in life. holds counter-cultural ideas, and is all about creating a better world.

The Jester
relies on his wits and is willing to cross boundaries, break taboos, insult anyone in his way to achieve success. their real goal is to ignore all the boring people in the world and to enjoy life to the fullest, to laugh about life, or at life.

The Lover
aims at finding satisfaction, pleasure, bliss, or fulfillment through intimacy or passionate commitment. driven to bond with someone, a lover, friend, or with a group that holds a connection for them.

The Creator
visionary, imaginative, skillful, and talented. is motivated to use their abilities to create art, music, poetry, literature. a non-conformist, leaving conventional social life behind to find themselves and their art.

The Leader
strives to be in control, assumes responsibilities and shows leadership. their objective is to insure that order, harmony and control are imposed on the world. displays strong personal values, is systematic, organized, fair, yet powerful. leads his people to battle to protect them and risks the dangers of battle himself. is a peacemaker

The Sage
the expert, knowledgeable and understanding, the source of wisdom or the guardian of truth.
gathers wisdom from far away sources. wants to be sure their knowledge is based in clarity and truth.

The Magician
supremely skilled at manipulating objects and forces of nature to create supernatural transformation. charismatic, visionary, who is well-educated and inspires others. aims to control and change circumstances for their own or someone else’s benefit.

Thanks to @gypsyscarfwoman for geeking out with me and helping me figure it all out.

I know you don’t think you’re beautiful enough, or enough in general. I’ve been laying here for what seems like forever trying to think of the words I could say to make you feel as beautiful as you are to me.
but how do I tell you that everytime you look at me I get goosebumps all over my body.
how do I tell you that I spend too much time thinking about the goosebumps on yours and how I want to trace every one to create constellations out of the spots so I can prove to you that you are the universe.
how do I tell you that I’ve had always hard time loving myself but everytime you say my name I feel so lucky to be in my own skin.
how do I tell you that every day I fall for something new about you but I’m afraid that if our eyes meet for too long I’ll fall for a part of you that I can’t hold.
it’s hard to find the right words to tell you how beautiful you are to me, but if I have to I’ll tell you everyday, over and over, in different ways, different forms, different languages, until maybe someday you’ll feel it too.

You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you yourself don’t know it, all of that doesn’t even matter. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself; is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away. It’s not like you have forever, so don’t waste any of your seconds, don’t throw even one of your moments away. ~ C. JoyBell C.

I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.