but i sped it up and i like this one better


Dr. Strange 10k photos. This was a tough race for me. The races at Disneyland start at 5:30am, I live about 45 minutes away if there isn’t traffic. I set an alarm for 3:30am but accidentally set it on the one I usually use for work which is weekdays only… So at 4:30am I woke up and thought for sure I would miss the race. I brushed my teeth, put my clothes on (I had them on the counter of my bathroom ready to go), and sped off to the race. I didn’t get to put my contacts in or try to make myself look nice for the photos (basically just wanted to get my hair in a better braid). I drove like 90 all the way to Disneyland (not exaggerating, I made it there by 5:08) and when I got there I realized I didn’t bring my armband to hold my phone or my headphones. So I had to run without music. I also forgot to chew gum which is what I do when running because I am forever congested and can’t breathe though my nose well so my mouth dries out really badly. Running with a dry mouth and no music was a huge challenge for me and although I didn’t hit my goal of a 50:00 minute or under 10k I did manage to finish in 51:03 which was a PR of five seconds over my last PR. 😃

The photos aren’t as nice as I wanted them to be (glasses ugh) but I purchased them anyway because I’m proud of myself for not just going back to sleep when I realized it was 4:30am and I would be in a huge rush. (I’m usually the kind of person who gets to stuff 30-45 minutes early due to anxiety and just chills in my car)

He called at 11:15 on a Sunday night, and her heart sped up seeing his name light up the screen.

But the excitement was short lived, because he sounded so conflicted on the other end. “She told me she missed me,” he confessed. “She said she was sorry. What do I do?”

She suddenly felt like she was losing her grip as she hung off a cliff. It was a long way down, and she knew the drop was coming. “I don’t know what to say.”

“I just need a reason,” he said. “Give me a reason not to go back.”

Me, you idiot! she wanted to say. She wanted to yell it, say she’d treat him so much better, but she couldn’t. His friendship was too important. His loyalty was too rare. So instead, she swallowed hard, and said, “I guess I don’t have one.”

And that was that.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #83 // Choose friendship over love, no one loves to lose a friendship

Imagine introducing Kol to the “RKO” meme.

“So people would just go around and edit these video to make it seem as though this Randy Orton guy was actually ‘RKO’ing them?” Kol looked at you with his eyebrows raised.

You nodded. “Yup. Takes time and dedication really.”

He smirked. “I think I like the ones where the people actually do them to others better.”

Henrik laughed. “Of course you would, Kol.”

With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Kol got up and sped into the next room quickly. Exchanging a glance with Henrik, the two of you got up and ran as quickly as you could after him. When you got into the room, you saw Kol running up behind Klaus.

“RKO outta nowhere!” He yelled as he did the move on Klaus.

Your mouth dropped open as Kol ran away from Klaus laughing as Klaus tried to attack him. When you turned to Henrik, you saw that he was holding up a camera and recording.

“How much of that did you get?” Your eyes were wide as you started chuckling.

He grinned. “All of it!”


I like using real time videos better than ones that are sped up because you can see how the body truly moves during transitions and poses but realistically it’s difficult to fit a practice into 14-15 seconds. To give you a better idea.. This flow was about 1:30 and I squeezed it into 14 seconds.

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