but i spared everyone that and ended up with this

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Hello ♡ I saw you haven't uploaded your webcomic so I got worried ;; I hope everything is fine !

Hey there!

I hope you don’t mind my answering this publicly, but since I’ve gotten a few inquiries about web comic updates, I figured I’d just clear things up for everyone!

Don’t worry–I’m alive and I’m still working on Kismet! (Last I checked, it’s still not possible for me to post doodle/sketch updates from beyond the grave 🤣).

Unfortunately, the job I started at the end of last year is both more demanding and time-consuming than my previous gig, so I don’t have as much spare time to work on webcomic updates.

With any luck, things will calm down a bit more in the coming months and I’ll be able to get comic updates back on track, but it’s hard to say how long it’ll be before I can get back to doing regular updates again!

Hope this clears things up–have a good start to your week, friend!

Preview of my Miraculous Calendar Project submission!

Please follow @mlcalendarproject for details and for when it’s eventually released! This will be a free calendar for anyone to download and use :D 

I hate snobby characters, but I have to admit, these two were really fun to draw. I’m glad I had this chance :)

Fun Fact: The famous wax museum Madame Tussaud’s founder, Marie Tussaud almost met death by guillotine (like many people during the French Revolution), but ended up being spared because of her wax working skills. She created death masks based off of victims and thus was, herself, spared.

idea for an au

so like this takes place after the events of the game. but oka was spared [via matchmaking or whatever] and everyone else was killed.

but oka can see/talk to the ghosts of the dead rivals. and they end up becoming her only friends [besides like… shin supana kokuma chojo and daku]

and she lets them all live with her.

so its like one of those domestic aus but with ghosts and a girl who likes supernatural shit i really like it

thats all ive thought of so far but i think its really cute.

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do you have any drarry recs?

thank you for this ask!!!! as it so happens, yes, i do. i’m a bit frustrated, because i feel like a lot of my favorites aren’t here, but i guess i can work more on this list later. i hope you enjoy them as much as me.

bolded with an asterisk are my favorites. super favorites are bolded with an asterisk and capslocked. not all of them have warnings, only some. i spared you guys the darkest, most fucked up ones, since i know they’re not for everyone. also: the majority of these would probably be rated R/NC-17. total of recs: 79.

fics under the cut. this is pretty big. last updated: march 15th

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replaying OFF after doing a true pacifist run in undertale was the worst thing i’ve ever done and i love it

so since OFF is full of pain and hurt i decided i wanted a “pacifist-frisk-somehow-ends-up-in-the-OFF-world-and-everything-is-right-and-nothing-hurts” AU

i just wanted frisk to love, befriend and spare everyone in OFF tbh this is extremely self indulgent but i just don’t care (i also added all the characters’ names in the annotations in each image btw)

also BONUS:

the batter isn’t amused

Overwatch university AU

Okay so I started thinking about this in the shower earlier and now I can’t stop.  What the hell is this fandom doing to me.

Fareeha Amari - Political science major, pre-law, junior.  Spends most of her spare time on volunteer activities and ROTC.  Also That One Dorm RA almost everyone’s afraid of (but as she’s unfailingly fair, only the people who cause trouble need to be).  Beloved by pretty much every student who’s ever been creeped on or bullied, because even if it doesn’t happen in her building, she somehow puts a stop to it.  

Jack Morrison - History major, sophomore.  Plays baseball and is in the ROTC.  Somehow ends up on all the school’s promo materials.  Subject of an untold number of crushes from across the student body; there’s a new rumor about whom he’s supposedly dating/dated almost every week.  

Amélie Lacroix - Music major, senior.  Has been in the dance troupe since freshman year and is somewhat legendary amongst the student body by this point as a ballerina and sharpshooter (as she also founded the gun club…).  Singer and co-lead of a metal band, “Bleeding Edge,” with Gabriel.  

Gabriel Reyes - Music major, senior.  Guitarist and co-lead of Bleeding Edge with Amélie.  Constantly in trouble with the administration, prime suspect for at least three moderately destructive pranks that were played on the baseball team over the last two years.  (Occasionally he orchestrates pranks on other sports teams, lest anyone think he’s playing favorites, but they are far less elaborate.)

Satya Vaswani - Physics major, junior.  Does lighting design and sometimes builds sets for the drama club.  President of the Indian Student Association.  

Angela Ziegler - Biomedical engineering major, pre-med, senior.  Volunteers in the Student Health and Wellness Center.  Somehow has time to also do theater tech (props and stage direction) for the drama club, as well as undergrad research.  Her BME classmates suspect she’s discovered a way to completely forego sleep.

Lena Oxton - Kinesiology major, freshman.  On the soccer team.  Defeated the school’s reigning table tennis champion in her first semester, and has a playful rivalry with Hana Song in the bi-monthly Super Smash Bros tournaments.  

Lúcio Correia dos Santos - Psychology and economics double major, sophomore.  On the hockey team, and sought-after as a DJ for any reasonably-sized party on campus.  Writes for the university’s newspaper and has already been instrumental in mobilizing the student body to push for necessary administrative changes.  

Hana Song - Computer science major, freshman.  Already well-known for entering literally every video game tournament that is ever held on campus, and winning more of them than not.  

Jesse McCree - Business major, senior.  Film major, junior.  Is said to have been close friends with Gabriel Reyes in previous years, but the two had a falling-out.  Active in the gun club with Amélie, but it’s a tense association, as she is still close with Gabriel.

Mei-Ling Zhou - Geoscience major, junior.  Active member of the university’s chapter of the Sierra Club.  Editor-in-chief of the university newspaper and friends with Lúcio.  

Aleksandra Zaryanova - Anthropology major, sophomore.  Plays basketball and is the star of the women’s powerlifting team.  Volunteers in her spare time, and writes poetry (which she submits to the university newspaper under a pseudonym). 

Hanzo Shimada - Business major with a minor in military history, senior.  President of the student government, and the archery club.  

Genji Shimada - Philosophy major with a minor in visual art, sophomore.  Known by many upperclassmen somewhat disdainfully as “Shimada’s airhead kid brother,” but is much-beloved by his own classmates, as well as the drama club, where he acts and frequently paints backdrops.  

Jamison Fawkes - Mechanical engineering major, freshman.  Kicked off campus housing for being the cause of multiple minor fires in his first semester.  Rooms with alumnus and former football team member Mako Rutledge.  


Winston - Professor of Aerospace Engineering, with a dual appointment in the Applied Mathematics department.  

Zenyatta - Professor of Philosophy.  


Hello there ladies, I’m Emilija,20, bi and totally fly and I live in Serbia, Europe and lemme tell you, coming up with charismatic introductions isn’t easy.
I do love art and science though, video games and books, and in my spare time I write a lot, so much so I end up starting my own book.
I study psychology, and no, I don’t really osy analyze everyone I meet, only the more interesting bunch.
I’d love to meet new people here, so if you’re up for a chat or something along those lines, hit me up at @fladdrande-atanke

Flight to Venice


Earth hastily made his way out of the church virtually undetected after he had left a note on everyone’s door, left his spare chamber key with Alpha, and said his goodbyes to his babies. He did not waste time on saying goodbye to everyone because he knew that if he did, he would end up missing his flight to Venice. On his way to the Drankenfell Manor, he had said his goodbye to Faerie and the Jellybean as promised. He left shortly after giving Faerie a hug to meet up with Lukas and Lucius.

Upon his arrival to the Drankenfell Manor, he knocked a few times on the door. “It’s Earth. I am ready to go.” The small ghoul mentioned behind the front door in a normal voice as he waited for Lukas and Lucius to answer.

someone's probably done this but Undertale bowling headcanons
  • i went ten pin bowling the other day and i was thinking about this
  • Frisk: the little bab often ends up with a few gutterballs but sometimes Toriel will come and help them bowl. the time Frisk gets a spare everyone cheers.
  • Toriel: nothing special but she can bowl pretty well. she sometimes goes a bit easy for Frisk's sake.
  • Sans: has no form whatsoever, but actually bowls fast and knocks out a majority of the pins. his score ends up at least over 200.
  • Papyrus: is basically the opposite of Sans. puts a lot of focus on his form but doesn't do as well. he's not terrible, but he'll often miss on a few frames.
  • Undyne: bowls so fast and strong you swear she'll either send the ball through the floorboards or shatter the pins. she'd definitely give Sans some competition.
  • Alphys: puts a lot of focus on aim and speed, but sometimes it doesn't translate well to arm movements. whenever she gets a split, which is often, she'll probably shrug and toss the ball knowing she won't get all the pins.
  • Mettaton: is far too concerned with posing dramatically as he bowls. any pins he knocks over is out of sheer luck.
  • Asgore: a very formidable bowler, but his score depends on how much he wants to beat you. if you want him to go hardcore, he will basically leave you in the dust.
  • Napstablook: bowls once and doesn't hit anything. they sadly realize that ghost balls can't knock down the pins.
MTMTE 55 - Other Stuff

- I love the complexity of world and political forces within MTMTE as a series.

I had gotten so caught up with the interplay between the different Cybertronian groups that I entirely forgot about the Galactic Council. Their appearance here, and the fact that they were the one who rehabilitated Overlord, took me entirely by surprise. And I love that while they’re ostensibly a force for good in the world whose job is to protect organic species, they have flaws and biases, and they have their own interests.

I can’t help but wonder when Overlord is going to end up being too much for the GC to handle…

- This issue casts Getaway in a different light. He didn’t intentionally maroon his crewmates to be slaughtered by the DJD. He left them intending for the GC to execute Megatron and spare everyone else. And he cared enough to call up and verify that they were unharmed. 

He didn’t mean for this to happen. He was trying for a mutiny, but not for a bloodbath. I wonder how he’ll respond when he finds out what he actually did.

- I really liked the “Tarn is Glitch” reveal - just enough hints for it to make sense, but enough redirection for it to not be obvious. And the characters themselves had little interest in Tarn’s prior identity - why would they? Megatron already knows who Tarn is. To everyone else, Tarn is Tarn.

- The DJD are the first major “bad guys” in all of MTMTE to actually die, unless you count Pharma (and I don’t.) I really didn’t expect them to die for this reason. The DJD’s death (especially Tarn, who was the most developed as a character) really came as a shock to me.

- I didn’t expect Ravage to die either. Even with - maybe especially with? - “I’m dying” as one of the pre-release promo lines James Roberts tweeted before the issue came out, I really didn’t expect any of the main crew to die in this issue.

It hurt. That entire page hurt. I love Ravage. The ship is not going to be the same without him… And poor poor Soundwave…

- This issue casts Megatron in strong contrast with the rest of the stranded crew. We don’t know who answered yes to which question. Some of them, like Swerve, probably are stranded there just for their loyalty to Rodimus. But it’s a sure bet at least some of them (Velocity, Nautica, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus?) think Megatron should get a second chance.

If Getaway had asked Megatron if he deserved a second chance, Megatron would’ve answered “no.” His take on things aligns with Getaway rather than Rodimus. Rodimus can forgive Megatron, somehow, and can show compassion to him. Megatron can’t extend that compassion or forgiveness to himself. 

- This issue also draws some character and visual parallels between Megatron and Prowl. The excessive contingency planning, the table flipping, and their willingness to believe that the ends can justify the means…

- There are so many wonderful and painful small details in the backgrounds in this issue. Nautica spends the entire issue grieving, collapsed on Skids’ corpse. Everyone responds to Megatron’s return with fear save for Velocity, who has never learned to fear him. Minimus Ambus and Rewind walking away towards the sunrise, both grieving Dominus together. Not to mention the careful and subtle attention to facial expression that just takes this comic to another level. It never ceases to amaze me just how much emotion Alex Milne can express with these characters, even characters like Soundwave whose faces are completely obscured.

Two of the most emotional and moving scenes in this issue - Soundwave reacting to Ravage’s death, and Rodimus and Megatron’s expressions before Megatron takes his hand - are entirely without dialogue. It takes some serious skill to pull that off.

- The ending to this issue is just cruel. A cliffhanger that won’t be picked up again for months?? It’s gonna be a difficult wait…

We did it! Doko Roko has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! And with 11 days to spare we might end up hitting one or two of the stretch goals! Thanks everyone who has supported me! You’ve allowed me to continue doing the work that I love and I can’t thank you all enough for that. It’s a dream come true! Here is a sketch of the T-Shirt design that I’m working on. Thanks again. BACK TO WORK <3 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ericsmack/doko-roko

The Signs Locked In A Basement Together By A Serial Killer
  • Aries: Decides to take the killer head on
  • Taurus: Eating what they believe to be their last meal and trying not to panic
  • Gemini: Trying to convince the killer that he should save them, because they can work together in the future (doesn't really mean it, of course)
  • Cancer: Screaming internally, hyperventilating, wishing their dad was there
  • Leo: Tells the killer that he better let them go because they have a hair appointment in twenty minutes
  • Virgo: Cleaning up the blood and guts from previous victims
  • Libra: Trying to reason with the killer
  • Scorpio: Is secretly helping the killer; is the reason everyone ended up in the basement in the first place
  • Sagittarius: Agrees with Aries and starts planning an attack with the spare tools in the basement
  • Capricorn: Working out statistics; "twelve against one equals if I stay back I can run the hell outta here while he tries to catch other people"
  • Aquarius: Trying to send a bat signal telepathically
  • Pisces: Screaming externally, not breathing, crying for their mommy
  • *thanx @maggieandtheferociousbitch for the awesome suggestion!!!! More suggestions? Ask us @cancercornastrology*

Hi guys! > w < 

Thank you so so much for all the warm support I’ve gotten lately despite me lingering around like a zombie T v T )/ Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive haha

I’ve been working on a lot of freelance work with the spare time I have to make up for/save up for future schooling so I haven’t had as much time to work on personal projects this summer other than dooles here and there T v T Hopefully before the end of my summer I can squeeze in more commissions and personal work!

As for the inbox comments, I am reading them but haven’t had the chance to reply to them yet! ahhhh I will reply to you soon! I am very sorry for the delayed replies! 

I broke into a dead guy's house. I didn't expect his phone to ring.

Harvey Lockwood died Tuesday, April 7th, 2015. I only remember so well because I broke into his house three days later.

I know, I probably sound like an asshole for breaking into some dead guy’s house, but just hear me out.

My family had fallen on some hard times. I’ll spare you the details, but just know that we were about to lose our house, our vehicles – everything. My parents just couldn’t make ends meet anymore and we were all falling apart; I had to do something.

Harvey Lockwood was the answer.

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Anyone else having mixed feelings about the twins leaving Tumblr? On the one hand, it’s not a great site and it’s getting worse and you want to leave it yourself sometimes, it takes up lots of time and is often upsetting and band members are ditching it bit by bit. And it’s not like you had much contact with those two anyway, what with David’s itchy blocking finger…

On the other hand, to follow them on Twitter or Instagram would mean more social media. I don’t need more. Tumblr’s a time sink and I’d have more time without it.

But there’s still a little community here and it feels horrible to have someone just shrug and walk away. I don’t know if I’d call it triggering in my case, but considering my history of being a non-entity to my own family and “friends” as a kid such that I had nightmares for decades about being left behind in the dark with no one even noticing or trying to speak and not being able to make a sound…

Seems like it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t be the only one who finds it more upsetting than it really should be.

Mademoiselle Clé, Ch. 4

Word Count: 2,304
(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5)

TW: A Kid gets hit/slapped.
How the person becomes an Akuma in this fic is not pretty…

“You can kill everybody?! Why would I choose to do that?!” Adrien sounded so offended when Marinette had explained that he could go the entire game sparing everyone by choosing Mercy, do a little of both, or a straight up No Mercy run where he killed everyone and everything, making a very different ending for each outcome.

“Adrien, it’s just one of the endings! Like I told you, you could go the entire game without killing anyone. So, which route are you gonna ta-“

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i made a Steven Universe Hunger Games simulation and omg it was hilarious. the whole thing’s under the cut, no event spared. it took eight days for the games to stop, the longest i’ve had so far. not every picture has a caption, but i’ve included some

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in my head, owen is going to decide who should be chief himself so that the board doesn’t find itself as involved in the process as it could be. and the reveal’s going to be this huge thing, this huge crescendo that builds up until the end of an episode.

the board and all  of the attendings are going to be sat around a table in the conference room on the day the new chief is to be announced.

and there’s one spare seat. 

but everyone’s there (right?), and there’s this tangible atmosphere of curiosity and anticipation in the air. 

and then the door flies open as she stumbles in clumsily, looking smart but dishevelled with piles of paperwork heaped up and held against her chest and flyaway golden hairs sticking to her forehead.

“i am so sorry i’m late! i thought i remembered where this room was but.. well, i was wrong” she’ll grin sheepishly as she hastily makes her way towards the top of the table to stand next to owen, who is standing with his arms folded, trying to suppress his own smile and shooting her look of faux disapproval.

“it’s nice of you to join us, finally”, he’ll reprimand her, a twinkle in his eyes.

and then he’ll turn back to the room, all of whom are staring at the new arrival with matching slack-jawed expressions. 

“everybody, meet grey sloan memorial’s new chief of surgery: doctor teddy altman”

[screen fades to white as the grey’s anatomy logo appears to mark the end of the most beautiful episode known to man]

@Cosmopolitan, femme bible of the 20th and 21st century, named me & a bunch of other awesome people in a round up of fit and thick athletes- if you’re here because of Cosmo, or my interviews with Feministing or Pacific Standard, welcome! Click the links in my instagram header to check out my FAQ page, youtube channel, facebook page, and other internety stuff.

Mad love to everyone who was mentioned in the @Cosmopolitan round up- one of the people who’s mentioned is Valerie Sagan (@biggalyoga). It’s not an overstatement for me to say that I wouldn’t have ever posted a single photo on the internet without Valerie. She inspired the fuck out of me in the very beginning and still continues to inspire me simply because she’s so dedicated to her practice. Anyway, I could continue to ramble but I’ll spare y'all my star fuckery. Basically, I love @biggalyoga- the end.

Undies- @hipsandcurves
Top- @ParamitaDesigns

Yoga Straps- @mamakuka

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disbraced  asked:

concept: enj has a horrible poker face. ferre has a great poker face. only enj can read ferre's poker face. everyone else beats ferre via enjolras' "poker face"

May I add : 

  • Courfeyrac can lie with every breath, his bluffing game is on point
  • Good for him cause he always end up with the worst hand of the table
  • Grantaire plays yes/no with Enjolras and can guess his hand to the very card
  • Joly and Feuilly are careful. Joly can’t deal with bluffing and Feuilly doesn’t have a dime to spare. They’re the most likely to drop after the first round
  • If he has a kickass hand, however, Feuilly will go all-in and pluck them all naked to the last euro 
  • Bahorel goes all-in in all the time, go big or go home. Les Amis actually feel bad for taking his money so easily because it never works. Genrally, Feuilly wins it all back