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hey guys! so I just hit 1k (???) so I decided to finally do that long awaited follow forever that I have been promising well.. FOREVER. I made this blog during the Euros because I needed more people to complain with/share memes with and boy I haven’t been disappointed…

Anyways here is just a little shoutout to all my mutuals because thank you for not unfollowing me when I go into that white-hot-rage-live-blogging-mode™️ & I promise you all there is nothing but bad memes and unfunny puns to come :)


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*about to put Lou into his crib*

Lou: *babbles in annoyance*

I already told you, you cannot sleep with Daddy and I. You have to sleep in your crib.

Lou: *babbles persuasively*

Fine.. I’ll let you borrow my teddy bear only if you sleep in your crib.

Lou: *babbles boastfully*

Don’t get cheeky with me, it’s just for tonight. Teddy better be back on my bed before 2 pm, child. Don’t forget.

Lou: *babbles an “okay”*

*puts him in crib and hands Teddy* Good night.

Lou: *babbles “Good night”*

What I find so interesting with Tumblr is that it is really set on an American time zone. I live in China so there’s 12 hours difference and just when I’m about to go to bed I have the brilliant idea to check what is going on with my OTPs and what people are saying and suddenly I find chaos while during the whole day it was quiet like the dead. And I’m just realizing why and I’m just going: Oh Shit, I won’t sleep tonight.

I love Tumblr.

I was tagged by the wonderful @pryce-and-carter thank you!!

1. 5 things you will find in my bag/backpack

-ibuprofen, pens, phone charger the works

-a reading book in case i get stuck somewhere and need to pass the time

-usually a set of flashcards so i can pretend i study 

-candy wrapper of some kind

-probably a to do list

2. 5 things you will find in my bedroom

-books, just like, everywhere because i am Always running out of bookshelf space

-a bulletin board with postcards photos and other stuff i like to look at

- a couple of plants 

-a bunch of unpacked boxes because i am Too Lazy and i’ve got nowhere to put the stuff inside them (one unpacked box is currently doubling as a second nightstand)

-lots of lamps i’ve got like four lamps  for some reason 

3. 5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

-take a year off from life and travel 

-write something that inspires people 

-walk through a drive through just to like, see what happens

-ride a motorcycle

-I don’t if this really counts but? i just wanna live a life where i’m happy and i’ve got some wild stories to tell yknow

4. 5 things on my to-do list

-learn How To Cook Without Burning Things

-figure out what actually i Want To Do With My Life

-survive my last round of finals at this school (!!)

-work on that self confidence shit

-read a shit ton of books over the summer

5. 5 things people may not know about me

- i really like to run! i ran track and xc throughout most of high school and middle school and it stuck 

-i have three sets of grandparents which is kinda snazzy

-the first time i ever watched any star trek was wrath of kahn in my film class last year and i’m pretty sure i cried in class

-i prefer subtitles on

-i have a scar on my forehead from when i was about seven or eight and for years i called it my harry potter scar and thought it was the greatest thing 

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     How shameful for a GODDESS to whine like a child, her father would whisper to calm a pouted lip and furrowed brow — well, not calm, but shame. Strip the Goddess title, even the servant one, and all you’re left with is a CHILD. Ignatia wasn’t a stranger to a tantrum, and while she was able to keep them controlled just to her chambers, the loss of her HOLY TITLE left her emotions bursting beyond the dam and into the village. Chalice in her hands gracelessly tumbling into the basin, Ignatia couldn’t hold back the TEARS brimming as her teeth gritted and jaw clenched,  ❝  Do you not have two legs? I do not understand why I must retrieve it for you.  

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Adrien likes to make sure his friends drink enough water.

Inspired by this post from @gale-of-the-nomads


Poor Marinette was really parched after all…

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