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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1

“hey rust how many boring headshots do you have of ichimatsu” 


exCUSE ME TUMBLR this should show in the serirei tag like fuck you
im reposting to fix that glitch and extend my offering to all the others starved for serirei stuff

but yea still doing these for sorta counterbalancing/celebrating my fic

so that this isn’t too empty a repost, have a serirei-feelsy song i listened to while drawing:

And I love that here you live with me
Gives me the greatest peace I’ve ever known
‘Cause I’ve been too long a lonely man
Yes, I’ve been too long a rolling stone

[1] [you here] [3] [4]


  asfhsjkfsk GUYS i hit 900??? what the actual fucK?? but thank you sm and i reaLLY appreciate all the love and support and just a lot of thanks? to everyone :)) (also if you were wondering, steph and i are working on the ta rn, winners should be out by the end of the week!

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- fOLLOW ME BITCHES ! (no jk but i’m cute and v lovable pls love me

- send me an ask with your name and two words to describe your aesthetic (if you can’t, send me a song that your aes. and i’ll take inspo from the song)!

- i’ll be picking a few names to do name edits for (probably most of them tbh)

- that’s it! have a sweet day yall

idk if you guys know what drabble series are but i wanna do one for Newt like that’s what im thinking about doing with the christmas fic.

Make a ton of little drabbles surrounding things during the holiday season(like, baking cookies, exchanging gifts, mistletoe, imagine him in an ugly sweater goodbye) and collecting them together into one big fic okay 

im working on it rn, it should be done tomorrow :D

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Hello! I can never seem to make an edit without a skirt causing mayhem, so I was wondering if you had any tips on skirt physics (like preventing clipping and such). Sorry to be a bother, and thank you.

o bro im probably like the last person u should ask bc im still working out physics and weird stuff like that (esp with my gumi bc she’s a total disaster rn) BUT some tips that might help!!!!!

i also wrote this out like b4 hand and then it wouldnt publish so here goes the second try

keep in mind i do use the skirt plugin to rig and shit but the physics i work with after

1. make the physic bodies longer width and height wise (thickness as well but that’s debatable depending on whether ur skirt is long or short)

this just helps ish and normally once u do this, the skirt should be pretty fine and dandy

2. for the moving joints, set the values to something like this:

or a value between -0.8, 0.8, -0.8, 0.8, -0.8, 0.8
-80.00, 80.00, -80.00, 80.00, -80.00, 80.00

and -1.6, 1.6
-160.00, 160 u get my drift lmao
(those are the standard numerals i use for my skirt moving joints)

i honestly have no idea what it means bc i use the japanese version of MMD for aesthetic so it’s probably something important

3. observe other people’s skirt physics- usually that helps a Lot

4. work with the physic body values

i also have no idea what these mean but these are my standards right now, however the first one 0.1 is mass so if u want it heavier make the value higher, idk why it’s set to 0.1 but that’s super light (also these are may’s secret hair physics which i stole for skirts for no reason but they work ok)

5. also don’t forget to work with the physic bodies for the legs and stuff to obviously prevent the skirt flipping into the thighs (i.e. make it thicker etc.)

6. for longer, tighter skirts (like luka’s) i tend to link half the skirt bones to one leg and the other half to the other leg (rather than the lower body bone)

this helps to prevent the leg popping through during intense motions (like gigantic OTN esp for longer skirts) as the leg will move the skirt bones instead of leg going through the skirt bones- so all the skirt physics will follow said bones (idk how to explain but u’ll see wat i mean)

* u don’t need to link the joints to the leg physics either
i can’t remember other tips i can provide but i hope this is ok man

sorry for crap quality, i’ll fix it once i have proper wifi zzz

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Omg if you do end up writing for Beauty and the Beast you should totally do something for Gaston cause oh lord Luke Evans is gorgeous


I’ll make it work lmao


Got a new mug and it’s super cute!!

It features characters from @sophiaslittleblog‘s awesome book, Cosmic Callisto Caprica & the Missing Rings of Saturn! You should totally check it out if you have $2 burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a really fun read!

And if you buy the book and love it as much as I did, you can get this mug (and some other cool merch!) right here: [link]


I’ve been writing a shit ton of smut and other imagines/one Shots and I wanna post some since I’m trash and wanna throw heaps of more garbage into fandoms.

Who would be interested in, like, GTA and RE7 smut??????? I’ll write more fandoms of course but those two are just so easy to write for me rn and I’ll be mass producing that shit

(P.S it’s mostly Trevor/Reader stuff but I am working on some Trikey and Lucas/Reader and Jack/Reader and one with both Lucas and Jack pretty much “playing” with the reader…. Man I just need more smutty self inserts in these fandoms….)

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Hey so I really really like someone but they live far away do you think a long distance relationship would work? If yes, hOW SHOULD I CONFESS PLS IM AFRAID

I’m in a long distance relationship rn. It takes commitment and a lot of trust and conversations but it works out if you and your significant other put the effort into it.
I mean, I don’t know this person and honestly just… make sure they know that your feeling is burdenless? Don’t give them the stress that if they don’t return your feeling they have to go through some terrible guilt/responsibility 

More Dazushi headcanons because I can tbh

  • In the beginning, before either of them admitted to liking the other, Atsushi would be painfully obvious about liking someone.  He didn’t do it on purpose but when the girls at the agency asked him if he was interested in anyone, the blush on his face and the way he tripped on his own two feet in an effort to run from the situation made it very clear he did.
  • Dazai saw this exchange and caught Atsushi before he face planted, picking him up bridal style.
  • Poor Atsu just about dies from heart failure.  At this point, everyone in the office other than Kunikida has caught on, Dazai included.
  • Kyouka ends up being the person who breaks the news to Kunikida by dragging him to follow her on one of their dates. At first Kunikida wanted to break it up, but seeing Atsushi smile so genuinely leads him to being more okay with it than everyone expected.
  • He still gives Dazai a lecture about how if he hurts Atsu there will be hell to pay and Dazai thinks this is the scariest he’s ever seen Kunikida holy shit
  • The first time Dazai goes to hold Atsushi’s hand, they’re sitting on a park bench at sunset.  Knowing Atsushi’s pretty new to this stuff, all he does is link their pinkies together but with the way Atsushi tightens the hold even more makes Dazai’s stomach do flips.  He’s honestly thrown through a loop with how sweet this kid is and at this point he’s downright smitten.
.officially back

I’ve decided that it’s a time to be back here :^D I’m afraid of all the stories I have to catch up with omg

I won’t be posting soon but I’m working on my blog rn so I’m not procratinating lol. This past 6 days I was changing my theme and themes on my pages… and it’s a lot of work but finally half of it is done. I should do characters pages in maybe this week?

Oh, and there are few changes. I’ve changed ‘Rawr! legacy’ into ‘The Essence of Fate’ and ‘Doragon’ into ‘Flame of Fury’.

Also, I have tags for downloads and wcifs in ‘About’ page and I’m going to do F.A.Q. page so you can literally ask me stuff you’d like to see here?

And I have a page for all my sims - from stories and not - but I think that I’ll change the theme because it’s not working as I want it to.