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Word count - 1702
Summary - Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting. 


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“This,” you laid out a paper in front of him, “is your schedule for today.”

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This is the only image I actually finished for a song comic thing I was working on that I probably won’t ever finish… partially because I can’t decipher my thumbnails anymore, and partially because I would have shortened the song to lighten the load but each verse is very different and it would have been. a lot of work to abridge.

Anyway enjoy because I’m actually really proud of this even though it’s… a few months old now.

Here’s the song thou should totally buy it bc it’s awesome and so is supporting musicians (if you can afford it!!)

advice for ppl who get periods but don't identify with being a girl !!

the mirena iud as a form of birth control is a life saver. i got it four months ago and i haven’t had my period since! it works for everyone differently, but the general consensus is that it lightens, shortens, and makes periods less painful.

how to get it
if you have insurance and a health care provider, your insurance should be able to cover the costs of the insertion & the mirena itself.
if not, go to any planned parenthood and ask about getting the mirena iud. if you look on their website, their should be a page about how the costs are covered but from what i can remember, planned parenthood will cover the costs as long as you don’t have a direct form of income. they keep ur info private too, so if ur parents/caretaker are against you getting the mirena, they won’t have to know you have it !

about the mirena
- small device (fits in the palm of ur hand) that is inserted into ur uterus
- can lighten, shorten, and even stop your period completely
- can ease cramps or diminish them completely
- 99.9% effectiveness as birth control
- low hormone dose
- lasts for 3-5 years
- no worrying about having to take certain meds on time
- does NOT prevent STDs or HIV/AIDS
- can make you gain weight etc (side effects are on webmd, the mirena website, or the planned parenthood website)
- takes 7 days to become affective as birth control, takes 48 hours to be able to have s a f e sex

about the process of insertion/afterwards
- insertion can be painful depending on your anatomy
- your doctor will usually numb you up and (depending on ur situation) give you a painkiller or a pill that dilates your uterus a few hours before
- numbing is done by injecting numbing gel (yes, with needles) into ur vaginal area
- insertion should only take 5-20 minutes (if ur a special case like me, it can take longer but it’s not likely)
- cramping will last for a few hours after insertion
- light bleeding/spotting is notmal for the first few days/weeks after insertion
- you can request pain meds for after the procedure just in case you have cramping


tl;dr: the mirena iud form of birth control can help with people who are dysphoric about their periods because it can completely stop or lighten/shorten periods!!