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october lies [ bill x reader ]

summary: bill confesses his feelings and get’s rejected :(

words: 1 181

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 4 and prompt autumn. also, this is partly a request from @weallhaveadestiny :  Hello again! I absolutely love your work :D could you write something where reader has a boyfriend and bill is her best friend. Things start to get complicated when bill finally admits he has REAL feelings for her. Hope this inspires you! Much love xx


Summer died and autumn came in a blink of an eyelash. With a cup of warm drink you find yourself sitting in your apartment with a brand new book in your lap and a warm quilt hugging your shoulders, dotted with roses and daisies and butterflies of various colors. The light tapping of rain draws your attention from the mildly interesting read to the window: bleak skies, harsh wind and cold rain greet you. Together they blur the world into one grey indistinguishable mass. Somehow, it appears eerie to you at first glance and restless you try to find a comfortable position. When you finally do, however, the doorbell rings and you nearly spill the hot drink in surprise. You do not expect any visitors, your phone doesn’t inform of any unseen messages or missed calls and your boyfriend has the key to your flat. So, who is it?

Lazily you roll out and throw the constraints of the blanket onto the couch, approaching the door. The bell chimes again and annoyance spikes in you, “Coming! Jeez…” You finish voiceless, in one swift motion unlocking the main entrance and prying it open, “Oh.” You blink, eyes meeting familiar blue ones, “Hey, Bill.” You finish with a smile, opening the door wider for him to step in. He gives you only a faint grin back, running a cold hand through his wet hair.

Once the two of you are inside you hand him a towel, offer to fix him a drink but he simply refuses, “Feel free to make yourself one if you change your mind.” You tell him, throwing the blanket over your shoulders and jumping on the couch to the spot you sat before he had showed up. You and Bill are friends, good friends, you met when you and your boyfriend had just started dating – Bill is a part of his massive group of friends, and out of all the ‘best mates’ you bothered to remember his only name. “What’s up?” You inquire, finding your mug of warm drink and blowing on its scorching surface.

There is something about Bill. Something odd you have noticed since the first time seeing him. Your boyfriend had said he is a tad antisocial, but you doubt that is true: Bill, just like many of your boyfriend’s friends, loves a good party or a night out with the boys and he’s fairly talkative, does funny faces and cracks jokes at moments that are appropriate and not. No, it is something else. Even looking at him now, he appears strangely distant – he looks at you, but through you, as if there is some kind of interesting object behind your back when in reality it’s only a pillow. Wistful, perhaps that’s how you best would dub him. Brooding, maybe, when he thinks no one can see him.

The rain continues to pour, casting a ghostly glow on yours and his faces, “I wanted to talk to you, (Name).” He states simply, no note of seriousness or playfulness – it almost seems like he isn’t that sure how to feel or react, either – “But” His eyes sharpen, “I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

You would be lying if you said you aren’t intrigued. You lean forward, just a bit, enough to hold eye contact with him and shorten the distance between the two of you, even if there’s a coffee table separating you. You try to lighten the mood, pull a lopsided smile on your face and say, “Dude, come on, you can tell me everything.”

He appreciates your enthusiasm, but something in him refuses to even pretend to be happy. He appears cold and unreachable, almost like a marble statue with those bleak mirages from outside playing on his face. Perhaps he knows that his confession will lose you once and for all; perhaps it’s the sting of past heart-breaks that confine him to the façade of indifference, boredom even.

He looks at you and he sees a person that is treated kindly, though unfairly at times. He looks at you and sees a person that’s not the prettiest in the world, but in his eyes – most definitely. He looks at you and he sees a person that loves someone else, while he, in turn, the shadows of cold autumn rain, harbors love for you and you only.

It takes a moment for him to get his thoughts in line; though he had pondered long and hard what he will say should he chose to say it, it all came out as a jumbled mess of words and misunderstood feelings. In his mind he either spoke too quick or too slow, said little or too much, danced around the subject or was harshly straightforward. He chose to walk to your apartment complex despite the rain, despite the cold weather. He figured that perhaps a splash of water will clear his head, magically offer some sort of a solution. He could not stay quiet any longer. It was impossible to see you with someone else and not even having the courage to say how he feels.

“I like you.” He finally says. The world freezes for a moment; reality melts away from a few vowels and constants, the only thing left is the ever darkening sky, his words and the tickle in your palm. You fail to understand, you try to reboot your brain a couple of times but each is futile. I like you. How? As a person? As a friend? No. the realization slowly dawns to you once you meet the look in his eyes: the cold blue irises portray certain vulnerability. His face doesn’t show anything. “I like you, (Name).” Your name hits a cord in him, as if it is almost painful to say.

Like a dear caught in headlights you shy away, press your back to the pillow and gulp; the lump in your throat forbids you to take a deep breath, “I-I…” You glance down, “I don’t understand…”

“You’re different.” Bill’s voice loses the robotic touch, seeps with genuine emotion. “So different from the rest. He doesn’t know how lucky he is…” He trails off with a faint smile, “I don’t expect anything, if you are to wonder. I just…needed to tell you.”

“Get out.” You whisper with an inhale.


“Get. Out.” You repeat through gritted teeth, shutting your eyes tightly as if that would help delete him entirely, “You can’t just…Can’t just walk in and-and…” There is turmoil inside you, an unruly storm of feelings and confusion and you let it get to your head.

“I understand.” Comes his hollow reply. He doesn’t say goodbye. Simply leaves you to your misery and silence, doesn’t try to change your mind because he knows that he can’t. He thinks you love your boyfriend, not him, never him.

That night, when your boyfriend does finally return to you, you have long calmed and said nothing of his friend’s visit. Said nothing about the confession or how it made you feel. But couldn’t bear to look him in the eye, either.


mermaid-tori  asked:

Would you do "Dance…kiss…hell, everything’s better in the rain" with with Nino, marinette, and Adrien pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, I love you so much

I LOVE this group! Thanks for the prompt, sweets! xoxo

“Dance…kiss…hell, everything’s better in the rain,” Nino grinned, spinning in a circle as the rain washed over him. “Come on!”

Adrien glanced out from beneath the canopy of their apartment building and took a step back. “I’m not the biggest fan of rain. Feline influence and all that.”

Nino rolled his eyes. “Mari, I know you won’t leave me out here to dance by myself.”

Marinette giggled, shooting Adrien a quick look before darting out into the rainy street. Nino whooped in victory and picked her up, swinging her in a circle. She laughed breathlessly as he set her feet back on the wet pavement. His arms wound around her waist and he began to sway them gently.

“You’re such a sappy romantic,” Marinette teased as she moved a hand up to cup his cheek. 

“Only for you guys,” Nino amended. “I’m quite the hardened badass to everyone else.”

“Of course,” she nodded in faux seriousness.

“You guys are going to get a cold,” Adrien warned from the dry safety beneath the awning.

“Then I guess you’ll just have to take care of us, dude,” Nino called back, picking Marinette up to spin her again.

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Come dance with us, Kitty!” Marinette spun away from Nino and stumbled into Adrien’s space. Her hair was plastered around her face as she beamed at him. 

Adrien brushed her drenched bangs out of her eyes. “What am I going to do with you two?”

“Love us!” She pulled him out into the rain and Nino joined them, grabbing Adrien’s other arm. 

Adrien reluctantly let them spin him, scowling as the rain water began to run down his face through his soaked hair. Nino laughed and moved the hair away, kissing Adrien’s forehead. Marinette snuggled into his side, poking the lump in his jacket and hearing Plagg grumble something about insanity. Thunder clapped in the distance and the sky began to darken.

“We should probably get inside,” Marinette sighed. “It’s too chilly out here to stay wet too long.”

As if on cue, Adrien sneezed and Nino chuckled. “Maybe we should go ahead and call in soup to be delivered.”

Adrien rubbed his nose. “I think there was some mention of kissing first.”

“He does deserve it,” Marinette reasoned. “We did pull him out here in the first place.” She leaned forward, her lips touching Adrien’s softly. He hummed happily, one arm pulling her close while the other reached for Nino. Nino took his groping hand in his and was ready and waiting as soon as his partners finished their kiss. Adrien and Nino’s kiss was shortened by a lightening strike splitting the sky. Another thunder clap rolled and all three of them jumped.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Adrien grinned. “I think I have an idea of how we can get warmed up.”

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Last Stand Summoning

Series: Kakegurui

Warnings: Language

Words: 2,303

Notes: An AU that I contributed to in the Kakegurui discord. Really enjoyed the concept, so I decided to revisit fic writing to flesh it out. Enjoy!


Blood coated her hands; caked her blonde hair like rust. Not her blood, of course. She won’t leave anything that can be traced back to her. So she fought and she ran, but didn’t bleed. Not if she can help it.

She grunted, casting an explosion spell behind her, inhuman screams of agony indicating that she successfully hit more than one target.

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The Last Call (Steve X Reader)

Tag list: @shut-it-tinman​ 


Steve groaned, collapsing against the concrete wall in the closet he’d found, hand plastered to his abdomen as blood ran through his fingers.

He tilted his head back to look at the ceiling, cursing himself silently.

He should have listened to you when you begged him not to go on this mission. You’d told him you had a bad feeling. But he just played it off as hormones.

He glanced down at his hand, his ring on his finger glinting through the red. He wasn’t gonna get home.

Alive, anyway. He just prayed they’d be able to return his body to you. As sick as it sounded.

He squeezed his eyes shut, his mind going fuzzy with dizziness and nausea.

He clung to consciousness, using memories to ground himself.

If you like her, just ask her out,” Natasha smirked, taking a sip of her drink as she watched Steve.

He turned to her, blushing slightly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Y/N and I are just work colleagues,” he mumbled and she laughed.

“I never said who I thought you were staring at Steve,” she pointed out triumphantly. Steve chuckled slightly and Natasha continued.

“Listen, Rogers, I know you say you’re not ready to date yet, but I’m telling you, it’s obvious you like that girl and I promise, she likes you too, but someone else is gonna snap her up if you don’t. I heard Pietro say he’s interested,” she commented, shrugging.

Steve’s head whipped back to watch you laughing with Sam and he smiled, glancing back at Natasha.

“Thanks,” he murmured, before standing and making his way over to you.

He smiled at the memory, he was pretty sure Natasha had made everything up but she’d gotten him to take a chance and it had been the best decision of his life.

He should’ve thanked her for pushing him.

He moved onto the next memory, of your first fight, where he’d realized you were the girl he was gonna marry.

You stupid, selfish, irresponsible bastard!” You shouted at him as soon as he’d set his duffel bag onto the couch of your apartment.

“Y/N,” he began, but you stormed over to him, fists clenched.

“How could you do that to me?! I thought you were dead, Steve! Dead! I cried for two days! You promised you’d call me!” You ground out and he cupped your cheek with your hand.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured as you slapped his hand away.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Steve,” you hissed.

“I need you to stop and care about yourself from now on, because I will not lose you to your job. Not now, not ever. I care about you too damn much. You may not be used to checking in with someone but you’d better adjust real quick, because I love you. And I was scared.” You whispered, voice cracking.

Steve’s heart dropped. He’d hurt you. He’d made you worry and scared you. You were right. He wasn’t used to people wanting to know if he was okay.

He hesitantly smoothed his thumb over your cheek, wiping away the beginning of a tear before dipping down to capture your lips.

“It won’t happen ever again. I’m sorry. I love you too,” he whispered.

He’d been such an idiot when you’d been dating. But you were so patient with him, letting him adjust to modern dating one small step at a time.

And so he’d asked you to marry him. Two years later, and now you were expecting. He’d been so happy when you found out three months ago.

“I just don’t understand how you’re so calm,” Steve grinned, pulling his shirt over his head.

“I’m not gonna rile myself up over it yet, Steve. We don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet,” you laughed, setting the pregnancy test down as you picked up your glass of water.

“I’m going to be shocked if you’re not pregnant, Y/N, with the amount of sex we’ve been having this week,” he chuckled and you blushed, smacking his shoulder as you passed.


“Well it’s true,” he laughed and you shook your head, retrieving your duffel bag from the closet.

“Yknow, Pepper would make an excellent godmother,” he commented and you laughed.

“If I’m pregnant, sure, she would, but her and Tony are a package deal,” you reminded him.

“Well, sure, but,” he began as you bent down to check the test and let out a scream.

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked hurriedly, halting all motions.

“I’m pregnant!” You shouted and joy spread across his face.

“Oh my- You’re pregnant! We’re pregnant!” He shouted, somersaulting across your mattress to wrap you in his arms, kissing your face.

You laughed, burying your face in his chest as he spun you around.

He set you down gently and sat on the edge of your bed, hand on your stomach.

“Hey kiddo, we are so excited to meet you,” he murmured to your stomach, grinning. “It’ll be our first time, so bear with us, but we can’t wait,”

You smiled excitedly. “And now we’re going on our first mission!” You shouted and Steve nodded, laughing.

“And now we’re–” he stopped mid sentence and stood. “Wait, no, no, no we’re not. You need to take it easy.” He protested and you rolled your eyes.

“Here we go,” you teased, reaching down to grab your bag as he put his hands on his hips.

“Seriously, I mean it,” he scolded and you winked, brushing past him.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. But not quite yet,”
You added, sprinting out of the room before he could grab you.

Steve smiled, the action hurting his split lip.

He winced and sighed. The memory was bittersweet. He’d never get to see his son or daughter be born now. Wouldn’t get to see your face.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t still hear you.

He used his right arm to dig around his pocket, finally pulling out his cellphone, red smudging the numbers as he typed the familiar number.

It rang for two cycles before there was a click.

“Hey, Steve,” your sweet voice greeted him and he grit his teeth to keep from crying.

“Hey baby,” he responded, voice cracking slightly. “How are you?” He asked, clearing his throat. “How’s the little one?”

“We’re both doing fine, although I miss you,” you admitted and a tear escaped, cutting through the dirt on his cheeks.

“I miss you too, doll,” he croaked and he could hear a crackle as you switched ears.

“You okay, Steve, you sound different,” you asked, concern clear through the piece of plastic in his hand.

“I’m just really, really tired. I took a pretty good beating this time,” he laughed, trying to keep it from sounding bitter.

“Oh,” you murmured and he swallowed, suddenly feeling like he was going to throw up.

“Well, I went to the doctor today,” you piped up and he tilted his head closer to the phone, focusing on your voice as he heard gunshots through the walls.

“Oh yeah? Everything okay?” He asked and you laughed.

“Yeah, junior’s doing great. The doctors still trying to convince me to find out the gender. But I want you here if we do,” you laughed and he grimaced.

“How’re you doing with hormones and everything? You doing okay?” He asked, switching the subject.

You laughed, the sound making his heart clench. “I cried last night while watching tv because an Oreo commercial came on and we didn’t have any,” you scoffed “I’m a mess,” he laughed, a groan immediately slipping out right after it from the movement.

“Steve, are you sure you’re okay?” You asked again, and he could picture you standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, worrying at your bottom lip.

“I’m fine, really, I just moved wrong,” he assured you. “Don’t bite your lip,” he added and your soft laugh could be heard.

“You know me too well,” you murmured. He chuckled slightly, pressure on his abdomen lightening as his hand slipped. He didn’t replace it.

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered, his breaths shortening.

“Yeah?” You asked immediately, picking up on his change but saying nothing.

“I gotta go sweetheart, but I love you, tell junior I love them” he murmured, his words fading into a whimper at the end.

“I love you too,”’you whispered, sounding like you were close to tears yourself.

Steve ended the call, hand falling in his lap as his phone skittered across the floor, and his eyes drifted closed, your words the last thing echoing in his skull.

advice for ppl who get periods but don't identify with being a girl !!

the mirena iud as a form of birth control is a life saver. i got it four months ago and i haven’t had my period since! it works for everyone differently, but the general consensus is that it lightens, shortens, and makes periods less painful.

how to get it
if you have insurance and a health care provider, your insurance should be able to cover the costs of the insertion & the mirena itself.
if not, go to any planned parenthood and ask about getting the mirena iud. if you look on their website, their should be a page about how the costs are covered but from what i can remember, planned parenthood will cover the costs as long as you don’t have a direct form of income. they keep ur info private too, so if ur parents/caretaker are against you getting the mirena, they won’t have to know you have it !

about the mirena
- small device (fits in the palm of ur hand) that is inserted into ur uterus
- can lighten, shorten, and even stop your period completely
- can ease cramps or diminish them completely
- 99.9% effectiveness as birth control
- low hormone dose
- lasts for 3-5 years
- no worrying about having to take certain meds on time
- does NOT prevent STDs or HIV/AIDS
- can make you gain weight etc (side effects are on webmd, the mirena website, or the planned parenthood website)
- takes 7 days to become affective as birth control, takes 48 hours to be able to have s a f e sex

about the process of insertion/afterwards
- insertion can be painful depending on your anatomy
- your doctor will usually numb you up and (depending on ur situation) give you a painkiller or a pill that dilates your uterus a few hours before
- numbing is done by injecting numbing gel (yes, with needles) into ur vaginal area
- insertion should only take 5-20 minutes (if ur a special case like me, it can take longer but it’s not likely)
- cramping will last for a few hours after insertion
- light bleeding/spotting is notmal for the first few days/weeks after insertion
- you can request pain meds for after the procedure just in case you have cramping


tl;dr: the mirena iud form of birth control can help with people who are dysphoric about their periods because it can completely stop or lighten/shorten periods!!

This is the only image I actually finished for a song comic thing I was working on that I probably won’t ever finish… partially because I can’t decipher my thumbnails anymore, and partially because I would have shortened the song to lighten the load but each verse is very different and it would have been. a lot of work to abridge.

Anyway enjoy because I’m actually really proud of this even though it’s… a few months old now.

Here’s the song thou should totally buy it bc it’s awesome and so is supporting musicians (if you can afford it!!)

Chained Rose, Chapter III

A/N: Set in an alternate universe where Ruby and Yang never went to Beacon and a terrifying virus threatens the populace instead of Grimm, Ruby Rose is hired by Cinder Fall to be her bodyguard.

You can also read Chained Rose on AO3

Or if you want, read it here on my blog in chronological order 

                      Chapter Three: I Thought I’d Never See Her Again

A loud scrape of metal on metal screamed in the tiny shop as Cinder and I dragged a heavy fridge over the trap door. The owners of the shop helped us once they saw the bite wound on Jasper’s side. All his blood was turning black by then, seeping through his shirt like an oil spill. He’d progressed quicker than I’d feared, fever searing hot and trembling all over.

“Think this’ll be enough?” Cinder asked as I found a freezer full of ice bags. Taking them out without a word, I nodded to her to help me and started packing them around Jasper. I had dragged him out of the aisles and to a clearer space in front of the register, and stripped him down of most of his clothes. My jacket was ruined but I put it on anyway.

“For now, maybe.” I clapped my hands on my thighs to wipe off the leftover condensation from the machine. A ceiling fan swung limply, stirring dense summer air. The elements were against us here— maybe I should have tried to find a way to shove him into the freezer instead of taking the ice out? But he needed to lie on his side or he risked choking on his own vomit. “He still needs medicine.”

Snapping her fingers in front of my face to get my attention, she pointed to the appliances we had used to pin the trapdoor down. “I meant that. Is that enough to keep them out?”

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junemermaid  asked:

DorianxBull, 6. “I’m sorry” kiss

“You savage brute,” Dorian says. He has said it before. A dozen times, a hundred—he has meant many things by it. These days, he means—well, something warm. Something fond and playful.

But he misses his mark. The wrong words, the wrong moment. It has been a bad day, and he has tried to lighten it in the worst of ways.

It goes like this:

Bull doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t prod back. He says: “yeah.” He drags his hand heavily over his tired face, shortened fingers against his cheek, how much he bears. He says: “I know.”

The Storm Coast lies between them in that moment, and Bull is all at sea, absolutely lost. It hurts to see. To have caused.

The worst thing is that he looks defeated. Angry would be better—and that’s a guilty thought, too, in light of—well. Things being what they are. Dorian must always needle—in anger or in fondness, he hardly knows another way to speak. But, he is coming to realise, he must learn. Fight for it, if need be. There must be a time for honesty, even on this most serious of topics.

“No,” he says. “No, Bull, I didn’t for one moment mean it. I know I shouldn’t have said it. It was unfair.”

Bull shrugs.

“I’ll not call you anything of the sort again,” Dorian says. “I won’t have it being another one of your jokes that you worry about the truth of. I refuse.”

“You’re not meant to know that,” Bull says. “Has Cole been talking or am I just losing my touch?”

“Perhaps I’m just more invested than I should be,” Dorian says softly, and oh how he despises confessions, but Bull has earnt this much. “Not that it seems to have helped me very much. Bull—”

“Yeah,” Bull says. “It’s fine, you don’t need to say it.”

“I do,” Dorian says. He takes a deep breath, settles himself before Bull, kneels, an offering. He takes Bull’s hand, as gently as he can; raises it to his lips. “I’m sorry for my thoughtlessness.”

Bull’s knuckles are rough against his lips when he kisses them, and he stays bowed to them, closes his eyes, the feeling welling up inside him too much to take.

“You may be the best man I know,” he says, lips moving against Bull’s skin. When Bull’s free hand comes to rest carefully on the back of Dorian’s head he cannot help but gasp.

“Dorian,” Bull says, and oh, how uncertain he sounds.

His fingers slide through Dorian’s hair, come to rest warm and heavy against his scalp.

“You are no manner of savage brute,” Dorian says, and presses a fresh kiss to Bull’s knuckles, to the back of his hand, the long scar running across it. “You will never be any such thing—I swear to you—”

And finally, finally, the tension goes out of Bull. He laughs, laughs—

“Hey, easy there,” he says. “Next you’re going to say my personal hygiene leaves nothing to be desired.”

“Oh, you are insufferable,” Dorian says, because their are limits to his tentative attempts at gentleness. He smiles, even this against Bull’s hand. “I think I may love you.”