but i seriously could not care less

falling in love or something

“What the hell is that that you want me to do, Jungkook?” Jimin stare at him looked so pissed that he almost felt intimidated by that. Almost. If the younger didn’t know how sweet and caring his friend was, he could has bought that. Too bad

“Look, man, that’s not as fucked up as it seems, I swear,” he started. 

“Seriously? Because dating someone only because your friend wants to make out with her best friend seems pretty fucked up to me!” Jimin interrupted. 

“That’s not like that, Hyung…” Jungkook tried again. 

“How is it then, Jungkook?”  

“Shut up and let me explain, will you?” Jungkook said watching the other get more pissed by the way he hushed him. That should work at least to make Jimin less hysterical. “First of all, that’ll be only one date and I’m just asking you that because that damn chick insisted so much in us four to go out together. She really wants you for real, man.” 

“Whatever, not reciprocal.” 

“Anyway, I’m not doing this just to make out with Youngah, Hyung, I want to date her… Like seriously,” Suddenly, Jimin was dead silent. Jungkook took that as an opening to continue talking. “You got to cover that for me, bro, I promise I’ll make it up to you…” he scratched the back of his head shyly. “So, will you help me?” 

He pleaded, eyes glittering in anticipation for what answer would Jimin possibly give to him. From the other perspective, Jimin knew in the moment Jungkook said he was going to ask him a favor that there was no way Jimin wouldn’t do it.  

“You’re really that serious about her?” Jimin attempted to ask.

“Deadly serious, bro,” he smiled at him with that cute but way too pervert smile of his. “She makes everything feel special. I think I may be in love or something…”  

“You don’t even know what you’re talking about,” 

“Okay, maybe I don’t, but come on, just help me out this time…” Bang! A new shot of Jungkook’s best doggy face for the win. 

It didn’t take so long for the younger to notice the sad expression in his friend’s face. Jimin was spacing out in front of him and all he could think about was the visible pout in his plump lips. Maybe he was… sad? Or hurt because of his proposal? Jungkook always knew that his friend was kind of sensitive and emotional in everything that comes to the relationship topic, but he never thought asking Jimin to go on a date with a girl who had a crush on him would hurt him. Jungkook was about to take off his invitation when Jimin started. 

“Okay, I’ll do it.” He answered not looking into the younger’s eyes.  

“Hyung, look at me…” 

“Just text me the place and hour you guys finds best. I’ll be there,” 


“Whatever Jungkook, I’ll do it,” Jimin said. “For you…” he whispered the last sentence.  

“Hyung, you okay with that?” Jungkook questioned. 

“Hmhmm,” Jimin reassured him again still not meeting his gaze. “Gotta go, be waiting for your text, see ya.” 

“Oh, yep, bye. See ya.” Jungkook replied while watching his friend walk away. It was really strange watching Jimin act like that even knowing how he felt about going out with girls he didn’t liked. He just decided to shrug the feeling away and text Youngah to decide the details of their double date before Jimin gave up. 


The message came, for Jimin’s infortune. The date and place was decided and it’d be at 5 p.m. in the Sunday in the central Shopping, close to the local both girls lived in. Jungkook arranged everything for them to take a bus at a bus stop a few blocks from their neighborhood and arrive at the Shopping almost half an hour before the girls to talk about their strategies and techniques to get to the kissing and holding hands point with their dates. Well, not actually for Jimin. The older boy wasn’t interested at all in this topic, but he’d just bare it for the day and then leave Jungkook with the person who he claimed that had gained his heart.

Nonetheless, his tough, reckless and strong heart was always also afraid of getting hurt. Jimin knew Jungkook for what looked like ages now. There wasn’t a single thing about the younger he didn’t know. If Jungkook was an artist, Jimin would probably be his most dedicated fan, he guessed. But still, should that be so difficult for a boy to truly and strongly have feelings for another boy? Even if he was – like – his best friend since their childhood?

Well, if that guy is Jeon Jungkook, then yeah, that’d be a pain in the ass. While a lot of projects from the school were about homosexuality in the nature and the social prejudice problems that comes with it and how it worked out instinctively as a natural attraction between beings, the younger always showed how uncomfortable he was with the simple mention of two males being together. That scared Jimin way too much.

After one specific episode when one of their extracurricular club colleagues started joking around about their closeness and then called them both around “Jikook”, Jungkook threw a hard punch in the guy’s arm.

“You have no idea how disgusted I am because of you.” He said to the whining guy.

That sentence would never leave Jimin’s mind even if he tried his best to erase it from his memory. He also could never be the same to Jungkook either. He could never caress softly the other’s hands and play with his fingers while he was distracted watching some gameplay on the internet. He could never surprisingly hug Jungkook from behind when the younger stood always early in front of his house patiently waiting for them to walk together to school. He could never kiss Jungkook’s cheeks when he asked only for him to come over his place, play video games and eat junk food to celebrate his birthday. Jungkook’s hands, fingers, backs and cheeks aren’t allowed for him. Jungkook’s wasn’t his.

And he knew that that even considering that possibility already disgusted Jungkook.

The days passed so fast that Jimin almost couldn’t catch a hold of the time. Well, not likely the black-haired boy could ever forget about the day of the date when Jungkook insisted to remind him every single day at school. He hid it. He hid behind smiles and automatically nods how much painful was seeing Jungkook being in love with someone else but him. Every time he felt like dying of jealously when the youger showed him pics of the girl who he was supposedly in love with: a beautiful skinny brunette girl with cat-like eyes, smooth bright skin and long legs. The exactly type Jungkook ever described him to be his ‘ideal type’. Jimin would be dating her friend, a girl as stunning as Jungkook’s date, but instead of cat-like eyes, she had more like puppy round eyes. She looked like a cute girl with honest feelings for him… But he could already picture himself telling her that the problem wasn’t with her, it was with him.

The problem was that she wasn’t his childhood best friend.

And as soon as he just decided to stop trying to forget about it, Sunday arrived like a blink of eyes.

His phone vibrated above his writing-desk and he didn’t need to catch it to know who it was and what he wanted. Jimin couldn’t make himself to wake up properly. His legs were like triple weighted and his eyes just wouldn’t stay opened.

He felt like shit.

The little earthquake on his writing-desk told him that Jungkook didn’t give up of his waking-Jimin-up mission. He just grope his phone and unlocked it to read a bright and excited message from the younger. Jimin wished he could ever be the reason of Jungkook’s happiness.

However, he’d do his best to not to mess up Jungkook’s date, not to hurt the girl’s feelings too much and to be the good friend the younger needed him to be.


They couldn’t make it to arrive at the Shopping earlier since the bus was so packed of people. They actually made it on time, but for Jimin’s luckiness they didn’t had the time to argue about strategies for that Jungkook would find out that he had none.

The girls arrived after them. They were absolutely stunning and Jungkook couldn’t stop bragging about how pretty his date was until they were face to face with them. None of them talking, just staring. Jimin looked almost desperate between gazing the cute tinny girl in front of him or Jungkook for him to start some conversation or anything. That was awkward as fuck, but as soon as he was wondering about climbing the walls next to him to run away from this whole double date thing, Jungkook started a conversation.

“So you girls arrived, how was your travel?” He asked and Jimin couldn’t help but to laugh because, come on, ‘how was your travel?’ did they just came from another country? What the fuck was that, Jungkook?

Fortunately, the two girls just laughed along with Jimin and Youngah just replied. “It was great, thank you for asking, Jungkook-oppa!”

That word made Jimin lungs turn. Damn, he felt sick just from hearing the girls calling Jungkook “oppa” in their everyday routine, now that it had the romantic connotation, he felt like he could throw up any time. He forced himself to not to roll his eyes for the next twenty seconds they passed staring each other since Jimin could feel the desire in his friend’s eyes and that that was surely reciprocal. Could that possibly get even worse?

He decided to just focus on his own date and let them be. The girl was smiling awkwardly at him and even a bit shy she just suggested. “Let’s get out of here and search for some candies, please?”

Well, that straightforwardness surprised the hell out of Jimin, but since he was going to spend the whole afternoon with this girl, why don’t give it a try, huh?

“Now we’re talking.” He answered and smiled back to her. She clapped excitedly and jumped her way out to the food center.

“Hell yeah, I’m dying for some ice cream!” Jimin laughed at her reaction and thought that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to accept this invitation. He heard Youngah complaining a bit for some reason and he looked back only to see Jungkook gazing him while they got away. “By the way, you can call me Nari.”

“Nari then it’ll be.” He looked back at her smiling. Jimin decided to forget for that afternoon that he ever had been in love with his best friend.


“I was just wondering,” Jimin started, mouth full of ice cream.

“Hmm?” She answered, mouth full of ice cream as well.

“Your name… It sounds like the flowers…” He cleaned his face a bit to look at her curious.

“Hmm…” She gulped. “Oh, you got me, it is because of the flowers.”

“That really sounds beautiful, you know? Your mom must be really creative.” He just said. They had been talking for like half an hour now and they felt really comfortable with each other.

“Yeah, she was…” She started smiling slightly. “She was quite amazing… She used to paint, play guitar, and write poetry. I used to be connected to her art, that was the way I learned how to connect with people as well. That’s why I’m a bit… Different,” She said a bit unsure about how to say it. “She was a florist, you know? That’s why I introduce myself as Nari – like the lilies…”

Jimin fell silent watching her talking about her mom showing so much admiration in her puppy eyes. He didn’t felt like saying ‘I’m sorry for your lost’ or something like that because he was pretty sure his face expression already did the job. Like answering a silent question, she explained.

“She died from a cancer, five years ago. I was twelve at the time, but we didn’t live here, anyway…” Jimin eyes got a bit wide after hearing her answer to each non-spoken question in his mind. “I knew it was coming. A lot of people ask me that often.”

“Now I gotta say: I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay, but thanks for caring.” Jimin just felt like reaching out for Nari’s hand to show some support, so he did it. Her hands were cold against his warmth and he smiled softly at her.

“Guys, we’re back!” They heard Youngah announce as she and Jungkook arrived to where they were. Jimin immediately looked out for Jungkook who had his attention fixed on their linked hands above the ice crem shop table. He gazed him back looking a bit confused, but Nari replied Youngah before Jimin could think about any kind of nonsense possibility of jealously.

We ran from you two staring and flirting, not otherwise,” She revealed. “Come and sit down… have some ice cream with us!”

“From what I can see, you two reached a new level since you’re already holding hands…” She pointed to their connected hands landed on the table and giggled. Jimin immediately dropped Nari’s hands and held it shyly next to his cup of sundae.

They seated in front of each other as well so they were all facing their partners through the table, Jungkook next to Jimin, Jimin next to Youngah, Youngah next to Nari.

“So, Naeun, what were you and Jimin talking about?” Youngah asked and Jimin frowned at the strange name which joined the conversation.

“Naeun?” He asked gazing Youngah.

“It’s her name, your asshole.” Jungkook answered abruptly and sharply. Jimin kicked him almost instinctively under the table in response.

“I believe he wasn’t talking to you, Jungkook-sshi,” Nari came in Jimin’s defense. “My name is Naeun, but as I told you, I choose to be called Nari because I feel closer to my mom like this.”

“I’m the one who call her Naeun actually, because we’ve been friends for a long time.” Youngah explained.

“Well, that’s such a coincidence ‘cause me and Jungkook are also childhood friends. That’s really cool to meet people like us, isn’t it Jungkookie?”

“Yeah, whatever…” Jungkook shrugged and Jimin could watch the girls flinch at his last actions.

“Oppa, there’s something wrong?” Youngah asked smiling softly at him, Jungkook just ignored her question and brought another topic to the conversation.

“So, you and Jimin knew each other, huh?” He started and Jimin was already somehow afraid of what was coming from there. The black-haired boy watched his companion shaking her head in deny. “But it seemed like you two were pretty intimate a moment ago…” He smirked darkly. What kind of game was he playing? It was him who dragged him here to meet Nari and now he was complaining?

“You misunderstood, we’re just talking about something moving and then Jimin wanted to show me sympathy,” She said smiling to the other boy who looked stunned by the younger’s sudden insinuating questions. “It was just that.”

“Yeah, just that…” Jimin tried to end the topic. “So Youngah, where did you guys go?” He asked trying to sound interested.

“Oh, we go for a bit of window shopping, and then Jungkook bought me a gift from that pink cute store which opened recently…” She said shaking her arm excitedly; in his wrist was a cute golden bracelet with tiny pink heart pendants attached to it. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Not my style, but pretty cute.” Nari answered.

“This is really pretty, Youngah…” He just praised trying to get her attention out of Jungkook’s dark stare directed to him. “Jungkookie really does have a nice taste for gifts.”

“He indeed has!”

“You told us pinky bracelets weren’t your style, Nari… So, what are your style exactly?” He smiled at her in one attempt to make the atmosphere less dense, but all he could feel was Jungkook beside him burning holes into his skin.

“I’m more into neutral color stuff… Like chokers, I love it! I have like six of them and I’m like dying to buy more.” She explained, excited.

“Seriously? I have like three or four of them too,” He shared. “I almost put it on to come here today, but I feel afraid that maybe you just wasn’t into this kind of stuff and thought it was kinda creepy, I don’t know…”

“I’d probably think that…” Youngah raised her hand smiling.

“Really? Not at all! I’d love to see you using them one day, you gotta a nice skin to match the black leather!” She praised him.

“Oh, thank you…” He flushed and scratched the back of his head shyly. “You’ll be the second person to actually ask me to use them…”

“Really? Who was the first…?”

“Alright, let’s get going then.” Jungkook suddenly got up interrupting the conversation they were involved in.

“But it’s so early, Oppa…” Youngah whined. “Let’s stay for a bit.”

“We gotta go, Jimin’s mom told us to be home early…” The brunette affirmed.

“She actually didn’…”

“She said, you don’t remember as you always don’t remember anything…” He scolded Jimin.

“What the fuck, Jungkook?” Jimin lost his temper getting up to stare face to face at him. Jungkook invited him to scold him in front of everybody and expect him to be nice and quiet about it? He was just being a jerk since the whole double date thing started.

“Wow, take it easy boys…” Nari tried to pacify the situation only to gain a not really nice stare from the brunette.

“Jungkook-oppa, let’s get going then…” Youngah spoke softly looking frightened to the other two.

Jungkook grope his wallet, and the rest of the amount of things he and Youngah just bought while walking at the Shopping.

“I’m staying,” Jimin stated. “Bye, Youngah, take care.” He waved to her receiving a greeting back and a soft smile from her. “Nari, do you mind staying with me? I can take you home later…” He offered.

“Not at all. I saw a cool store which I wanna take a look at it.” She said.

The brunette looked one last time to Nari, then rested his gaze on Jimin for a bit of more than necessary time and sighed.

“Bye, Jungkook.”

“Bye, Jimin.” He answered sharply, turning on his feet and making his way out of the ice cream shop. He looked so angry that even Youngah was afraid of walking too close of him.


A/N: alright so that’s my first time writing a Jikook fanfiction and i was pretty worried about my english (as it isn’t my native language), but still i wanted to give it a shot. anyway, i’m gonna be posting the next chapter soon, so if some of the shippers feel like joining me and reading the story, i’ll be happy to share with you guys my most random plots. see ya. <3

Tbpdfw you suddenly stop caring about anything. Are you hungry? Don’t know. A friend got fired? Couldn’t care less. Do I want another glas of wine? Can’t decide and sit staring at the wine for 5 mins, but whatever. Like seriously, I hate to say that, but when this happens I sometimes think that my grandma could die and I wouldn’t even care.

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I am mesmerized by Jen's new add. She looks fabulous and I'm so proud of her. On the flip side, Josh is pushing hard to rid himself of THG fandom. Good bye frat boy!

Jen’s beauty leaves me speechless. Seriously. I’m convinced she could roll out of bed in a potato sack and still be stunning. This campaign is probably my favorite thing she’s ever done for Dior. 

Frat boy Josh? Frat boys tend to bathe and have good hygiene and change their clothes more than once a week. The ones I knew in college had lofty aspirations and at least some kind of plan to achieve them while enjoying the parties on the side. But maybe it’s easier for the rest of us to have goals in life because we aren’t so famous like Mr. Hutcherson over in Hollywood.Regardless of the fact that most “fan” pics he takes in Spain are somehow related to Rosa or C in one way or another. But ya know….so famous he cant even walk around without everyone looking at him in that country. Whatever. He can continue to walk around like an egotistical douchebag. It’s not like he’s done anything to rid himself of the Peeta Mellark role. He’ll be begging for those fans to support him when it comes time to promote Future Man later this year and by then it will be too late. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, son. 

Shout out :)

To the people who have nothing better to do than stalk my blog then run around lying to my friends about me (yeah, thats amusing af!) and reporting me to tumblr (who as you can see did nada because your reports were as fake as you :) lemme tell you something. Unlike you, I am not conceited enough to think Norman reads my stupid little blog (which btw likely has 10x as many followers as yours) or that anything I say has any impact on him whatsoever. Nobody I associate with even bothers with your pathetic blog because, seriously, lets face it, you don’t know shit. You can talk crap on me all you want, I could care less because as far as I’m concerned you are just a wanna be suck up yes man with zero originality who copies others because you have no talent. And FYI I’m not your problem and never was, you have way smarter people than me gunning for you, so good luck!

Seriously can’t be fucked anymore..if you want me then show me that you do. Actions speaks louder than words and tbh i could care less if you have options but if you gotta think thru who you want..then please don’t choose me. I’m done with mind games like nowdays people don’t even know anymore what being in a relationship means. Yeah it was fun while it lasted..you need to be faithful in ‘talking’ stage also..bcs if you aint..imma will wonder will you be faithful when we date? 

I know that if I tell my TC I like him that it will all be for nothing.. I know that because of the age gap and his professionalism that he will look at it as a joke, he will look at me as a foolish child. To him, it will mean nothing and he will treat my confession as such. I know that he doesn’t care.. about me, about my hidden feelings, or any of that stuff… The only decent thing that could come of it is that I can live my life knowing I took a risk, that I went for it, that i tried.  I’m not expecting anything from him.. not his seriousness, not for a reply, not for his friendship, nothing. I know nothing will come of this…. but that’s just one less thing to keep trapped in my bottle of feelings..

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Why would anyone think CP is a virgin? She's a grown ass woman. And why are people raging at strangers on the internet? Do they think people will give a fuck what an anonymous person says? If they think they know CP, then they should take up their beef with her. But they probably don't, so they need to shut the fuck up if they think we're gonna turn on her over unsubstantiated gossip spread by the bat shit crazy.

Right? CP is grown. Why the hell would she still be a virgin unless she still wanted to be? Nobody even talks about it in the fandom either, because it seriously doesn’t matter. Should she feel bad for having sex in general now or just with certain people? I also could care less what that person has to say. They also expected everyone to blindly believe them and not think they were a hater which is just…? Logic? What logic?


seriously!!! look at this 

look at the way he’s addressing Nishinoya and even Akiteru can tell something different is going on with his brother. 

remember this??? Normally Tsukishima could care less about the game but here he is telling Hinata to do what he does best (the person who he can’t stand the most) like damn Tsukki when did you get to be a good sport. 


HE COMPLIMENTED KAGEYAMA!!! K A G E Y A M A. I mean he’s still calling him “king” obviously he’s not ready to befriend him but look at this. I never thought i would see the day that Tsukishima complimented Kageyama. 

now one last thing 

This is the first time ever Tsukishima has had friends besides Yamaguchi. I could tear up right now. This chapter is just so important. 

People That Could Possibly Be The Real Peter Pan

I made a list, here it is:

Robbie Kay- Alright so we’ll just start off with him because he actually plays Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time, a dark one that is, but still Peter Pan none the less. Anywho, he is so cute and he has the floppy hair and the little button nose, gOSH HE SO CU TE

Rupert Grint- Alrighty then, I know it’s kinda hard to see him as anything other than Ron Weasley, but you see it too right? I mean look at this cutie, he’s got the classic red Peter Pan hair, and a darling smile and I could go on forever like seriously give this boy a feather hat and some tights and he’s good to go

Ashton Irwin- I don’t f*cking care if you have something against him or his band I will literally fight you I mean C'mon he’s a cute little ball of fuzzy kitties and sunshine and he has the hair and a cute smile and this adorable little giggle that he does, and who knows maybe modern Peter Pan wears a bandana instead of a green hat you never know

Thomas Sangster- Don’t even argue with me on this he is probably living on an island with a bunch of little kids he calls Lost Boys in his spare time because he DOESN’T AGE and he had been lookin fourteen for how long now??? And plus he has the hair and nose and sparkly eyes and I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I FAINT

Niall Horan- Yes I know I’m not their biggest fan for sure but LOOK at this dude and tell me you can’t see him knocking on your window in the middle of the night {{ha wow that sounded a LOT less creepy in my head oh well}} but look his face is a sure match of the cartoon kinda and the little facial expression just sells the whole Peter Pan thing, I’M CONVINCED SHUTUP AND PLEASE KEEP READING CUZ I AIN’T DONE WITH Y'ALL

Andrew Garfield- OH GEEZ wow okay Spiderman has reached a whole new level and I think that I can see him being the cute dude from Neverland I mean wow what gorgeous eyes and cute smile and nose and hey HAS ANYONE SEEN SOME RED HAIR DYE AND A PAIR OF TIGHTS???

Jacob Loftland- I’m screaming because this is the boy who PLAYS ARIS in The Scorch Trials  and OH BOY don’t even get me started on how pretty he is but can you even tell me no? NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT and I see him as Peter Pan and just why is it fair to any of us that he is this cute because I dont get it when is he gonna get the role of Peter Pan???

Logan Lerman- Do I even have to explain this one just LOOK AT THIS SHY LITTLE SH*T WHO THINKS HE’S ALLOWED TO BE THIS CUTE but he’s got the little bit of shyness about him and he has that kinda super cute look on his face and he is freaking PERCY JACKSON and how could he be a better Peter Pan tho

Alright so if you don’t agree with my list you can shut your wh**e mouth because this is my opinion and I’m feeling super confident and I don’t know maybe they all live in Neverland with each other and they’re all a type of Peter Pan and they bring girls to their island, and I don’t know bout you but I really need some celebrity Peter Pan AUs now so Imma go try and find some

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would you recommend heroin use to a newbie?

i wouldn’t recommend heroin use to anybody, much less a newbie. 

that said, if you’re going to get into opiates (and risk developing a crippling addiction that could ruin your life), i would start with less potent opiates/opioids like hydrocodone or codeine. 

now if you do start with H, be super careful. have someone there with you that knows what they’re doing. start with small bumps. with all the cutting and fentanyl lacing that’s happening all over america and killing users everyday, it’s hard to know what you’re putting into your body without a test kit and even harder without prior experience. 

this will sound hypocritical and harsh but seriously do yourself and your family a favor and just stay away from opiates dude. i’ve already lost two friends in 2017 because of them. they’ve ruined my life. be safe.

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Personally isabelle's storyline is perfectly fine I don't understand your issue,you don't like that the storyline didn't exist in the books?

i couldn’t care less about the books tbh they could throw the books and i’d be the happiest

i don’t like it because izzy deserves better. and the other thing is… this trope? it’s seriously harmful. this is really not my place to talk cause i’m white but if you read posts made by latinx people in this fandom, you can see how much it affects them

izzy was a positive representation and now…

emeraude is absolutely stunning and i am absolutely impressed with her acting skills
but izzy deserves better than this
she’s the smartest in the lightwood family, she’s the best pathologist, clearly she had to know what yin fen is. and even if by some miracle she didn’t, she’s already been warned twice about it. first by magdalena and now by magnus. magnus even told her that you could actually die because of it. but she just keeps going

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CA when will you realise that with Melanie all she ever cared about was what you thought?

CA: And when will you realize that what I said wasn’t true at all and my expressions clearly said so? To most people, they now see me as a jerk, heartless, cold, as if I could care less what happens to others. Despite what my actions, what my feelings, say and show. I never thought of her as useless, those words never even came out of my mouth. All you and everyone else want is to make the enemy, put me on the spot, give a reason to blame me. Okay sure, yeah, she only cared of what I thought, but I didn’t make her take everything I said seriously, I didn’t consider her feelings in what I was doing which was only to push her way because I don’t need, not I don’t deserve friends. Sure, keeping telling me that all she cared was what I thought, keep blaming me, it sure as hell makes you all feel a hell lot better since NON of you ever bothered to do anything, to at least help her, no instead you did NOTHING, you all STOOD there, watching or hearing everything I said and did and everything that happened to her, and you did NOTHING and when I did something and I failed, in order to make yourselves feel better and not like complete shit heads and assholes you were, you decided to blame it on ME, the only person who EVER tried to help her. In the end, yeah I did way less than that, I made it worse because I was being selfish, BUT WHAT-FUCKING-EVER AM I RIGHT?! I WAS THE ONE WHO KILLED HER, WHO MADE HER DISAPPEAR WITH MY OWN HANDS, WHO WAS THE DAMN VILLIAN! But what the fuck do I know? You all aparrently know WAY better than I do and on how she felt. 


I could literally care less about what people ship, like you do you. I’m not affected by who you think are cute together. however I cannot stand abusive relationships. HOW DO PEOPLE SHIP THEM?! I don’t care if this offends anyone because I’m seriously appalled at the amount of people who genuinely find Joker and Harley cute. He physically and emotionally abuses her, how is that cute?! You talk about how you love Harley yet you ship her with one of the biggest dickheads in the DC universe. the relationship is beyond toxic. y'all need to get your shit together.

PS: if any of my followers ship this unfollow me:)

The Ending Reduced Orihime’s Character to a Housewife

I fucking hate seeing this argument in a negative light in regards to the ending. One chapter, an epilogue that could barely fit all the main characters, led people to believe that Orihime is a housewife because she was taking her apron off? Seriously? With the time constraints and how rushed the ending was there’s no way to tell if she has an occupation outside of home much less anyone else that was at the Kurosaki household excluding Ishida and Sado. 

People are dissatisfied because they expected something from Orihime’s Five Lifetimes speech. (Never mind a majority of these people are I/R’s who want to pretend they care about Orihime’s well-being.) And just so we all understand— her Five Lifetimes speech was meant to emphasize her love for Ichigo. In her speech she talks about wanting to become a teacher, astronaut, and a baker as well as wanting to go to a bunch of donut shops and eating every flavor of ice cream. As I explained before, there was no time. Who’s to say that she hasn’t accomplished any of her goals in the 10 year time-skip? 

And even if Orihime was a housewife there is nothing wrong with that! I’m sure MANY of you guys were raised by stay at home moms. You guys saw how hard they work at home to raise you and take care of house chores. You know their sacrifices and exhaustion. Did any of you guys think any less of your moms? No. And to see you ridiculing a character for possibly doing the same exact thing is absurd. Knowing Orihime she would give it her all. Being a housewife in Japan isn’t looked down upon and is normal. I’ve seen many of them growing up and they look content with life. Being able to spend time with their children is very important and I can imagine Orihime wanting a very strong bond with her son. 

Orihime deserved better…. Oh please. You guys just want to make up excuses to validate your hate on Ichihime and Orihime’s supposed ruination. She seemed perfectly happy with her life. What she doesn’t deserve is pathetic ass “fans” who portray her committing adultery in an unhappy marriage. She doesn’t deserve “fans” who pretend to know her more than the mangaka. The one who created her and understands her the most. She doesn’t deserve “fans” who say she’s weak for not falling out of love with Ichigo.

Who the signs should marry and have 91628262 kids with

Aries: doesn’t matter
Taurus: i literally do not care
Gemini: whoever u want
Cancer: seriously it doesn’t matter
Leo: literally anyone
Virgo: i don’t care
Libra: nobody cares
Scorpio: whoever the fuck u want
Sagittarius: i could not care less
Capricorn: Aquarius
Aquarius: Capricorn
Pisces: anyone

The Anti-Bully Experiment

So, I’ve seen this post going round my dash. In fact, at least 3 of my friends reblogged it today, and I have a story to share with you.

Disclaimer: I only tried this for one year. Perhaps it was my class at the time, or maybe my teaching methods have some sort of impact, but I seriously hope it’s more the latter than the former. I’m working on starting it back up this year.

I can’t choose where my kids come from. Some come from well off parents who give them the world. Some are from a family fighting to keep bread on the table. While this child has a supportive and sensitive family, others have parents who could care less about that picture they “scribbled” on. But there’s something that all these children have in common.

They mimic what they see.

I never know what I’m going to get every year. I have to learn about 16 children, change my teaching style to fit their individual needs appropriately (sometimes daily), and then do it all over again the next year. This makes me very good at reading non-verbal cues, thinking patterns, and behavior in social situations.

There were two very strong personality children in my class. One was a very confident young lady, assertive, and strong willed, but very bossy and dismissive to the other students and their achievements. The other was a young boy, independent, helpful, and from a house with little attention to his behavior or impulsive habits.

Both bullied the other students on a daily basis with words and actions.

I know preventing bullies starts young. That’s my favorite part of being a preschool teacher: knowing my words can affect their behavior for the better in the long run. And the best way to adhere to the mind of a child is by modeling what behavior I want them to have. And thus, I created “The Anti-Bully” who would surround my students in positive actions, feelings, and thoughts.

The girl had a habit of pointing out what she didn’t like. She would be coloring with another student and comment about what they were doing wrong. The other student would ignore them or get upset, and the girl always seemed confused by their reaction. As soon as I caught this, I would tell their victim, “I think it’s a beautiful picture. You’re doing an excellent job, and I hope you keep going.” and I would get a positive response from the student. After modeling the behavior several times, other students would join in and repeat my behavior.  

The boy was a compulsive tattler. Not in the “he’s hurting me and needs to stop” kind of tattle, but the “they made a mistake and I want them to get in trouble for it because I think it’s funny” kind of tattle. So one day, when the child next to him spilled their drink, he was the first to yell out about it. So, I responded with “I see they made a mistake. We should fix it. How can we?” to which a few students told me to clean it up. After wiping it, I said, “See? It’s fixed now. No big deal; everyone makes mistakes.”

These and a few other things, like “my body, my choice,” “If you don’t like [x] doing [y] to you, don’t do it to them,” and “when they ask you to stop hurting them, you stop,” were a few phrases I implemented in my daily teaching.

Not only that, but I watched what I said and how I handled situations. I complimented my students daily, asked them about their interests and ideas, and looked for ways to relate to them. I started watching kids shows, educated myself in their interests to share a common connection, and played with them instead of supervising.

And you know what happened?

After a while, the girl started saying, “Wow, that’s a beautiful picture you have. I really like it.” She’d ask them if they needed help, would tell them their outfit looked nice, and used less nasty remarks while speaking to the other kids.

The boy would notice another student doing something wrong, and tell them why what they’re doing is wrong, instead of coming right to me. He’d then ask if he could help fix their mistake, and remind them that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay as long as we fix them.

And now they’re teaching other students to do the same.

It’s true; the “no tolerance” bullying things at schools don’t work. That’s because the behavior they want to see is not being modeled. How do we expect these bullies to learn if we neglect teaching how not to bully someone and be consistent with consequences?

We need to work on bullying as a society, not just in schools. How many adults are being bullied by co-workers, neighbors, and family right now?

That’s because we place the blames on schools. They didn’t do enough. They didn’t stop the bullying. And to a fair degree, I’d agree with you, but what did you do to stop the bullying? How many hate comments did you type into Facebook? How many girls did you skinny shame or catcall today? How many comments did you make about someone being a “fag” for liking girly things? Who did you call stupid for not knowing or behaving a certain way? The list goes on for miles.

Show compassion. Address issues with empathy. Build communities of love and acceptance. Comment on a dress someone else is wearing. Join in to help when someone needs it. Give a hater a hug. More active listening and less passive assumptions. And if you don’t like what someone is doing, refer to the three step guideline:

1)    Is it hurting me physically or emotionally?

2)    Is it hurting someone else physically or emotionally?

3)    Is it going to hurt someone in the future?

If the answer is yes, address the issue in a positive way.

Snapping or lashing out does more damage than it’s worth, and it teaches others that violence is the only way to solve their problem. It also makes the bully the victim instead of fixing the problem.

Now, I know this is not a 100% way to fix it. Shitty people will still do shitty people things, regardless to whether society thinks it’s okay or not (I’m looking at you animal abusers and pedophiles.) and not everyone thinks the same way. However, if we ever want to improve our situation, we must all take an active role in showing the world how to behave.

“How a community handles its social struggles will define it just as much as its joys and successes.” - Kim John Payne

okay so i might be late to the party but… stiles fucking sucks, seriously i officially hate him, like:


2. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL SCOTT MCCALL TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF. THESE FRIENDS, SPECIALLY STILES, SUCK NOT EVEN ONE SAID SOMETHING LIKE “i’m sorry you died, you are a great friend, person and alpha, scott i should’ve been there for you”




(sorry for the language, i am so angry right now and scott deserves better)

Over You (Part 5)

Prompt/Request: You have the biggest crush on Luke, but he brings home practically any girl his age. You and the band stop at a hotel and Luke asks you to switch rooms with him, so you can room with Ash, and he can bang a girl he picked up. You agree, and spend the night with Ash.

Requested: Yeet.

A/N: Dropping this like the Beyonce album what what

Category: Angst.

Word Count: 437

Triggers: Fighting. That should be it.

Boy: Ash.


Luke looked up at you and rolled his eyes. 

“Please. I could care less,” He quipped, throwing your undergarment back to Ash. “If it was anyone else. Seriously, (Y/N)  you’re really sleeping with him?” He asked, and Ash furrowed his eyebrows. 

“What are you saying, Luke?” He took a step forward, putting himself in between you and Luke. 

“That she can do better.” He growled, running a free hand through his blonde hair.

“Well, she did. I mean, I’d like to think I’m better then you. I don’t turn lead girls on, and then sleep with a girl right in front of her face.” He retorted, backing up a bit and draping an arm around your shoulder.

“Right. Because sleeping with your best friend’s crush is so much better.” Luke snorted, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Hey, I did say that if you weren’t going to make a move, I was. And it’s quite obvious you weren’t going to do it any time soon.” Ash moved forward, almost chest to chest with Luke.

“Oh, bite me.”

“She already did.” That seemed to snap Luke, and there was a flash of skin as Luke’s fist collided with Ash’s face. He stagger back for a minute taken by surprise. Then, as fast as the punch was thrown, Ash flew through the air, tackling Luke. The was a subtle grunt as Luke hit the floor, and Ash began to throw punches.

“You. Have. To. Be. A. Dick. About. Every thing. Don’t. You?” Ash said, in between hits. Luke somehow flipped the fight where he had the upper hand, and ended up on top of Ash.

“Please.” That seemed to be the last straw for you, and you stepped forward.

“Stop!” You exclaimed, and both the boys paused. You pulled Luke off Ash, and helped him up, shaking your head.

“Seriously?” You slung Ash’s arm over your shoulder and dragged him out of the room. You brought him back to your shared hotel room. You sat him on the bed and examined his bruises. He had a few cuts here and there, and a busted lip. He also had a bruise on his cheek, and he cringed when you touched it.

“It hurts.” He pouted, and you smiled.

“I’ll cover it with concealer later. You can’t go on stage with this.” You said, walking over to the wash room. You pulled a facecloth from the wash room, and rinsed it with cold water. You walked over to Ash, and began to dab his cuts.

“That hurts too.” He wrapped his large hand around your frail hand, and you smiled.

“I bet it does.” Eventually his cuts were clean, and you pulled out your make up bag.


“No.” You rolled your eyes and grabbed your concealer, beginning to work on his bruise.

“You’ll be fine.” You said tenderly, rubbing his other cheek.

“You’re great.” He smiled.

“I know.”