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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Discussion

If it’s possible to feel both emotionally drained and overwhelmed at the same time, then that’s how I feel about watching this movie, especially coming back from the double feature last night. I cried more times than I did during the screening the night before. 

What started out as a me writing a full review has turned into a massive essay, but who is surprised about that, right? instead of one full post, i am dividing into three act parts, since there’s a lot to digest and to not to make it too long of a read for anyone interested to. Act One covers the opening sequence to the first Real or not Real scene, and I am discussing them scene by scene, so there’s lots of spoilers in great detail, FYI. 

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Heart Racer.

Going out with his friends on a Friday wasn’t atypical for Alec. While he might have been a very responsible father by day, he was still a 24 year old who needed his time to socialize outside of the work place. And, it wasn’t as if he was abandoning his child for a social scene. He had always planned outings after Vivienne’s bed time. It was only fair since he couldn’t be around her all day. 

After all the dinner dishes had been done, after all the bed time stories had been read, after his baby girl was fast asleep, and after quickly getting dressed, he was well on his way to meeting up with the brood. As he walked to the subway alone, Alec could feel a slight…something cultivating in his chest. He couldn’t quite put his finger on. It was a strange feeling that he probably would have dwelled on for a bit long had he not been interrupted by Richie and his friends.

“Aye yo, Stone! Quit ya fuckin’ daydreamin’ before you get swiped by a fuckin’ taxi!” Alec could almost feel the muscles in the other’s body tighten as he released a hearty laugh. Richie wasn’t a huge guy, but for someone who stood at 5'6, he was pretty built. The only thing thicker than his bicep or any other muscle in his body was his stereotypical Italian Brooklyn accent. 

“Richie!” a shrill and nasal voice retorted, “Don’t be such a douche. Alec is a grown man. I’m sure he could handle himself. Isn’t that right hon?” Attached to Richie’s bicep with his girlfriend, Carla. She was sometimes a foot taller than Richie in her heels and had an accent just as thick. The two had been dating for a little over a year after they had met at the gym, which, to be honest was no surprise. They weren’t usuals in the usual nights out. In fact, Alec didn’t even know why they were there. Last he had heard, the two moved to New Jersey to be closer to her family but he wasn’t going to question it what so ever.

Standing next to the couple was another set of people, two guys– Kevin and Matt. These two, they were Alec’s best friends. While there was constant argument over when and how they met, one thing that was certain was that it was a long while ago.

“Dude, about time you got here. It’s fucking cold man.” Kevin rolled his eyes as he started to walk down the stairs of the subway station. He was a tall, English man who was lanky in every sense of the word. His accent was proper and clean. It was one of the many ways he charmed the people around him, especially women. Physically, he was the perfect package as far as trendy guys go. He had a thick beard and suave hair. His body were covered in tattoos. This look is what captured the attention of women and the moment the man opened his mouth was what made them stay.

As they waited on the platform, the feeling that was in his chest crawled through his body and made it’s way to his face causing a soft smile to appear. Richie and Carla were oblivious to it because they were to involved in their own meaningless conversation about who fed their dog before they left. Kevin was occupied with a pretty blonde that had been waiting on the platform with them. The only one who had been paying any attention was Matt.

“Uh, you alright there pal? You think of something cute that Viv did today?” As awful as it was, Alec always thought of Matt as the average guy of the group, at least in the physical sense. He was average height and had average looks. If you were to pass him on the street, no deeper interaction, you would never remember him. It was his extraordinary personality that attracted people to him. Matt was the most sarcastic guy that Alec had ever met. But, to compliment that sarcastic personality was a kindness matched by no other. Matt was always there for any of his friends, despite the length that he had known him. 

“Oh, what? No no. I just…I’m good.” Alec nodded to the other as he motioned for them to get on the train. Matt shrugged, “Fine douche. See if I ever ask what’s on your mind again. Shit, you try to be nice and all you get his shitted on. The world comes full circle.”

After what felt like an eternity on the packed train, the group had made it to McSorely’s. The place wasn’t too packed yet but still, he didn’t want to risk Reese missing them. “Uh, I’m going to wait out here. I’m meeting a friend and she’s going to uh, hang with us tonight." 

Almost simultaneously, the four looked at each other then at Alec. No one said a word for a few seconds. They had every right to. This was a historical moment for Alec and they knew it. "Well,” Matt said with a sigh, “looks like everyone’s getting laid tonight but me.” With those parting words the group went inside to find a booth while leaving Alec alone.