but i screamed out loud during this part

IT Drama Production Headcanons

- Bill got the lead and when he did all the Losers piled into a group hug because they’re so happy for him and he nearly cried because he didn’t think he could do it, but he did

- Bev is the lead opposite him but she also helped (read: did all the work to) make the costumes because the school couldn’t rent all of them

- Richie always gets the comedic roles and every time he comes to rehearsal everyone just simultaneously groans and cheers because what would the drama department be without him and he just feels really loved

- Eddie is a stage hand and he and Richie just make out backstage and people have stopped trying to stop them like it’ll happen no matter what

- Eddie always freaks out though because there’s dust and spiders and once someone screamed rat and we all know how that went down

- Tech Week is INTENSE

- Stan and Ben work tech and lights and Stan keeps missing his cues because he’s so mesmerized by Bill’s performance

- he helps organize the stage manager’s binder and color codes which button is pressed when, it’s a wonderful set up

- Richie always ad libs his lines and no one can say theirs because they’re too busy laughing

- Ben just does his homework during tech week and he can tell which button to press (courtesy of Stan’s colored tape) without looking up from his book. It’s terrifying

- Bev has an entire book full of sketches of costumes and stayed up so late making them but she gets so many compliments and she’s just so happy

- Eddie sometimes goes to chill up with Ben and Stan when they’re just running certain scenes without costume changes and Richie always calls up to him while he’s on stage

- “you look hot, babe!”
“you can’t see me past those lights, dipshit!”

- Even though Ben is the master of timed cues, he sometimes forgets when Bev is onstage because her voice is like honey and Ben is in love

- he helped her run lines and they nearly did the kissing scene and he always tells Stan about it in the tech booth

- “my heart was going to EXPLODE, Stan!”
“so you’ve said…I’m happy for you”

- Eddie likes to just take a nap during tech and Richie loves it

- Stan and Ben always look away during the Kiss™ between Bill and Bev because they love their friends and know it’s fake but it HURTS

- Stan and Ben quote the show to themselves while working and it’s hilarious how good of impressions they do

- “Stan, you have such a good voice, you should do the next play!”
“or I could not…”

- during the show Stan and Ben nearly miss their cues because Bill and Bev are amazing™ but the other catches it quickly enough that no one notices

- Richie ad libs a line about Eddie on opening and everyone loses their shit (the audience loved it so the director just let it slide)

- Mike comes to every show and brings flowers for everyone and screams so loud for all of them because THOSE ARE HIS FRIENDS

- Georgie always came to rehearsals and they even had a bio for him out in the hall because he was such an integral part of the cast by that point

- Richie wasn’t allowed a quote because all he did were dick jokes, mom jokes, or quotes from porn stars. He almost snuck one in, but Stan ratted on him. 

- the cast party is LIT and they sneak mike in and it’s just so much fun and everyone is just so happy because they had so much fun and are so proud of each other

So. I’m litteraly going d o w n with this ship and I can’t sleep and @spideyxchelle blog (check it out is amazing) inspired me so much so here we go.

Spideychelle + trans Peter (don’t get me even start with your transphobic shit, this is an hc ok? I know he’s not canonically trans. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it) pt. 1


  • Peter is such a soft boy. Like, the kind of good soft boy your parents would like to have for dinner. So pure and precious. (At least apparently)
  • Michelle is not soft.
  • Really, secretly she /is/, but she doesn’t like to show it.
  • Not that she is a bad person or something, but years of people making fun of her made her hide her feelings and softnees
  • So, she just hide. Like. A lot. She doesn’t show pain, but anger. Doesn’t show that she is hurt, but sarcasm and fierceness.
  • At the end, it’s not fun anymore to try to make her cry or piss her off.
  • Now she passes unobserved and she is fine with it.
  • But even if she doesn’t know why, even if she can take everything they say behind her back, she can’t take Peter doing nothing when Flash bullies him.
  • Like, she’s so. Damn. Pissed.
  • But she let it go too because not of her business, and Peter needs to learn to defends himself and she couldn’t care less like it’s Peter damn Parker right who cares right?
  • (Spoiler: she does)
  • However, Flash teases are usually just him throwing tiny paper balls at him, giving him the i-am-gonna-destroy-you-parker face and just being an asshole around him
  • Expect that sometimes he calls him penis Parker and a part of Michelle is really screaming PUNCH HIM out loud in her mind.
  • But she doesn’t, because, come on Parker, just do something already!!!
  • But Peter just takes his shit silently
  • Which makes her even more angry
  • However don’t you dare bullshitting me she feels bad for him when during the penis Parker “joke” she can see his face, because he always seems on the verge of tears
  • Ofc she does know that Peter is trans. Not that he ever came out or something, he always presented himself as Peter and it seems that nobody at school question that.
  • But she knows that Flash knows Peter since they were like 5, and he’s the only one being an asshole about that and even if most of the kids find the “penis Parker” jokes just a stupid thing because the sounds of the words are similar, Peter seems to be a bit too sensitive about it.
  • And it doesn’t take long to her to understand. I mean, she’s clever /and/ very observant (especially when it comes to Peter parker)
  • So after she joins the decathlon team and she starts sharing moments with him is easy to connect the dots and find out.
  • But she never mentions it because she couldn’t care less like ok so what he’s still the soft cute boy he has always been (DID SHE JUST CALL HIM CUTE?! SHIT)
  • She’s a bit sensitive to the subject: she is an activist, she is a feminist, and she is a black queer woman. Of course she is touchy about it.
  • And like, trans community has to take so much shit from the people outside the LGBT+ community and the community itself, it’s so damn unfair.
  • Like, they are people, actually human beings, suffering and being discriminated every damn day.
  • No wonder she doesn’t like Flash
  • Also we are talking about Peter and this makes her even angrier
  • Not that she likes him, let’s be clear (spoiler: she does)
  • Until one day Flash crosses the line. He’s been Peter schoolmate for years and so he knows his deadname
  • And he uses it. And Michelle know it is his deadname because actually Peter gets so pale and he stops himself right where he is in the middle of the hallway and he looks totally like he’s gonna have a panic attack.
  • And he’s crying. Actually /crying/. Well it’s just a single tear but fuck he’s CRYING
  • And Flash is laughing.
  • And she can’t take it anymore.
  • She gets up and just thrown her shoes to him, before pushing him back with a loud “You are disgusting!” Coming out from her lips.
  • He just looks at her like “what the shit Jones?!”
  • “Shut up, idiot!” and she is like touching Peter’s shoulder so gently “are you ok Parker?”
  • And Flash is just… An idiot.
  • “there she is, Michelle Jones herself, coming to rescue her girlfriend”
  • And she just punches him. Like… Litteraly crushing her fist against his face.
  • And it’s damn satisfying if she has to be honest.
  • “I said, SHUT UP, you and your stupid gross ass”
  • And then she just takes Peter by his hand, running before finnally pushing him into an empty classrooms
  • So Peter looks at her and he looks shocked and kinda horrified and… in admiration?
  • “you…you just…punched him” “yes. I did”
  • And they just stay there for like a minute and it seems like he’s trying so hard to not makes a fool of himself in front of her
  • And that just breaks her heart so she is like “let go Parker. It’s fine. I’m not gonna tease you if you cry. Boys can cry, you know”
  • and he just collapses. He crumbles in front of her, crying, big tears coming down his cheeks and sobbing
  • First thought “shit I fucked up. What am I suppose to do now shit” second thought “…what the hell?!” Because he’s hugging her in such a desperate way and she just….
  • Goes soft. And hugs him back.
  • After five minutes of it’s fine Parker come on it’s ok now sch you’re fine and rubbing his back gently he stops and steps back
  • “sorry. Thanks Michelle. I’m so so-” “cut it off. It’s ok. It’s not your fault if he’s an idiot, Peter”
  • AND OMG she just called him PETER and not PARKER
  • “anyway. Thanks. For… Everything”
  • And she smiles and his heart goes like /crazy/ in his chest
  • But then she crosses her arms and she looks at him raising an eyebrow “why do you let him tease you. Damnit Peter, just say to him to shut the fuck up!”
  • “I… Don’t want any trouble” “well, duh, it’s not really working”
  • And he just looks so mortified and his fingers are tormenting the hem of his shirt and he’s looking at his shoes
  • “Peter. Look at me. Why? You don’t deserve to be treated like that!”
  • And he’s sobbing quietly again
  • “because… He knows. He knows…a thing…and… I’m afraid he’ll tell everyone and I don’t…want to”
  • And MJ is like “what does he know? Have you killed someone, Parker?”
  • She’s a bit sarcastic but that makes him chuckle a little and he’s so. Damn. Cute. Damnit.
  • And finnally he takes a deep breath and he looks at her and just “I’m… I’m trans”
  • Like what the shiiiit Peter he didn’t meant to tell her just like that, he and his stupid mouth and brain and emotions and
  • She raise an eyebrow again “I know”
  • WHAT THE SHIT MJ???? is he so obvious? Doesn’t he look like a boy? Shit shit shit. He’s panicking now.
  • “how do you…” “I’m very observant”
  • And then she touch his hand gently “Peter, don’t worry. It’s not obvious or something. I’m just…” And she stops because what can she says? I am good at observing you? Very interested in your life? Creepy. But he’s breathing again so it’s fine anyway. Better don’t mess up.
  • “I’m queer, by the way. Like… Not straight” she just says that, like ok he’s been honest with her so why not at least they can be queer together can’t they?
  • And she needed something to say lol
  • He just looks at her “thanks for telling me”
  • She smiles. Actually smiles. A tiny smile. But it /is/ a smile and daaaaaaaamn she looks so cute.
  • But better not tell her I mean she is being kind with him and he doesn’t want her to go away and anyway it’s not like he likes like MJ lol nope totally not
  • “Pride is next week. Want to join?” She asks him, opening to the door
  • And damn she could totally be more soft with him if this means seeing that light in his eyes
  • “Yeah, sure” “cool. See you later”
  • And then just like that they start to be really friends, not the we are friend but we are not they’ve always been, and maybe, maybe this can be the beginning of something.
  • (Spoiler: it is)

Feel free to send me prompt or request I’m really into this fandom, ask me whatever you want I need to write about Peter and the others so damn much.

I Missed You (Villain! Deku x Hero! Reader)

“You were suppose to be dead.”

The quiet accusation didn’t deter the man sitting in your lounge from reading the book that you poured your soul into. It was one of the few things that kept you from shattering into pieces over the death you a year ago. How could he be here? In your living room at that! This bastard-how dare he! The skin became taunt as your hands grew into fist as you dropped everything.

He flipped through the book, undisturbed by your figure that stood appalled at the front door with your groceries laying fallen at the floor. He didn’t bother looking up at you for some time, not acknowledging your presence or words until he heard your clothes shift - you were about to walk towards him. He was actually starting to enjoy the book you cherished.

Midoriya stood up and closed the book, “If it all it took for me to break you was to die before your eyes, I would’ve done so sooner.” Deku said out loud calmly, almost philosophically as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully, as his green eyes drank in your crumbling visage.

“I hate you!” You screamed running towards him with your first raised, “Get out right now. Just get out you bastard!” Beating on his chest until he gripped your wrist in his callous hands. Why couldn’t you just hit his face once?! He needed to feel atleast some of the pain you felt during his absence, during your last fight, those last moments when you thought you killed him…

Izuku just watched as you break n front of his eyes. Part of him feel joy that you felt so strongly about him but another part of him didn’t enjoy seeing tears cloud up your eyes or hear your whimpered cries. He thought that seeing the hero he tried so hard to break years ago would grant him some satisfaction, but it didn’t it left a hollow feeling of….


Taking a deep breathe, he wrapped his arms around your, letting you blather on about how much you hated him and wished he had died and etc. Izuku let out a low chuckle as he rested his cheek on top of your head. Gently rubbing your back, providing a comfort, while enjoying the moment for as long as it lasts.

“Why are you laughing you idiot?” You softly demanded, too tired from crying, as you to look up at your green haired nemisis. Was Deku really your enemy now? What kind of hero are you if you cared about a villain this much? Closing your eyes, you laid your head against his chest once more, exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster.

Grinning at the fact that you would be stubborn about how you really felt towards him, almost made him confess how bored he was during the year he left. Almost being the key word. “Just at the fact that you missed me and that you’re too ashamed to say it.” He pointed out. Damnit. He had you there. If only he wasn’t so observant then you would’ve avoided all of them, but then again, he wouldn’t have been a great villain if he couldn’t mastermind plans that challenged you.

“I didn’t miss you.” You lied without missing a beat. It’s the truth. Or so you told yourself so that you could believe it.

“If you didn’t miss me, then why are you in such a pitiful state?” He countered so easily that it felt like he was reading your moves during your fights.

“Ugh fine……” You swallowed up your pride before muttering under your breathe, “I miss you too Izuku.” Before quickly looking away to hide your flustered face.

“I missed you too _____.” Izuku confessed before pressing a soft, slightly chapped, kiss against your lips.

Dir en grey Tour From depression to ___ [mode of MACABRE] Tokyo day 2 live report

This was the last show I could attend this tour, and wow was it the best one.

I want to start by warning that the following could be considered spoilers, since this concert will also appear on the DVD. Usually nobody minds knowing, but just in case.

After reading reports of yesterday’s show and how bland the audience was, I was determined to at least punctuate that sea of people with my legendary raised arm, as well as at least clapping. There were still some songs that ended with silence, but overall it was a lot livelier than what it looks like yesterday was.

They used a new opening sequence that I had apparently not seen yet, since Nagoya day 2 hah. It has a sort of horror carnavalesque music and the video shows medieval scenes, like a freaky bride, a castle, etc. It was a powerful moment to experience out of nowhere, in my case.

Then, deity starts and the members are already on stage except Kyo, and due to the video being projected on the veil and the loud music, I think nobody at all screamed for their arrival, unlike every other time.

Tonight, Kyo had the long cloak he has had since Osaka, but he let some strands of the harness around it stand straight outward somehow, which really gave the impression of antennas or other insect parts during the shadow projection, when he bent.

I am so glad I was able to hear Tousei finally in this tour. It had not been part of the setlists for the shows I attended ever since they played it in Osaka day 2. And I had a good seat in the front area (not that close to the stage but literally the best seat I have had in this tour yet), the person who had the seat in front of me never showed up so that somewhat singled me out in a way and gave me a good view, and I kept my arm up to connect with the band and show support, while mouthing the lyrics and almost crying, and I swear Kyo looked at me a few times during Tousei and the rest of the concert and nodded slightly, like we knew what the whole thing was about. I think he had noticed that I was moving a lot, along with what the band was actually doing too, in Wake. I know every fan must be saying that at least once, but I swear it is true hah.

Anyway, there were a few cool times where both Kyo and Toshiya bent down during hard moments, at the same time. It really made the moment more powerful, and that was not done on purpose at all.

During perhaps Berry, Kaoru and Die faced each other on the right side and played guitar like that, grinning.

Kyo barely spoke this time. I think he barely even said ‘Nakano’ or 'Tokyo’. Instead, right before the last song, he pointed to sections of the crowd and when they shouted, he pounded the mic on his chest, over his heart. He also did that pounding at the beginning of Tousei, by the way.

Kaoru was wearing similar pants to before, buf the bandage-like parts were red and black instead of white and black. At the end, he bent down, sideward, offering his ear to the crowd, as if saying: “I’ll only throw more picks if I hear what I want.”

Kyo again wiped some of his makeup on a towel before throwing it. Instead of spitting water on the fans, he let most of his bottle’s content pour on the stage while he made his way to the edge and then threw it away.

I think I am really forgetting something (I am certain that something happened during KR Cube), but man, this show was so awesome. Great way to finish my personal tour. I so wish I could for sure attend September’s.

It was so great following Dir en grey across Japan, in those four cities. Dir en grey certainly makes tourism blossom.

It was great seeing them, but especially Kyo, grow more and more into the songs, of course making me tag along even if I had not wanted to.

It was great seeing the lighting used in this tour vary slightly at each venue depending on their limitations. I can totally understand why they would want to film the shows in Nakano Sun Plaza: it was grandiose, especially with that theatrical curtain all around the stage.

It was so cute watching Die stay on the stage the longest every single time. He seems so timid, like he clearly wants to grab all the attention to himself, and it warms him up inside, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it either so he bows his head and turns his gaze away shyly sometimes.

Expect a drawing of at least the encore outfits, probably.

anonymous asked:

Zayn is a fan fic writer and Liam is the celebrity who had to read part of his story about him out loud during an interview

Wow. I think this is every fanfic writers worst nightmare, tbh. I was feeling a lot of stress for Zayn writing this. I certainly hope you guys like it!


Zayn was rudely awoken by his bed shaking madly. His first thought was earthquake, until he heard Louis screaming, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!” he shouted, not even slowing down when Zayn beat him over the head with his pillow. Once Zayn exhausted himself, Louis yanked all the covers off the bed and started throwing clothes at him.

“Get moving! We have less than two hours until we leave!” Louis said, holding up two shirts, wrinkling his nose at both. “Do you not have anything better than superhero tees?”

“It’s too early for you to be so judgemental of my clothing choices,” Zayn muttered, attempting to bury himself into his pillow, groaning when Louis grabbed him by the ankles and tugged him completely off the bed.

Zayn swore in at least three different languages as his chin bounced off the floor. “My face!” he snapped, which just made Louis laugh as he finally threw an AC/DC shirt at him. “Why are you assaulting me?”

“Well, if you don’t want to get moving and risk missing your chance to meet a certain actor-” Louis said, acting like he was going to walk out of Zayn’s room.

Zayn shot to his feet, grabbing Louis and pulling him back into the room. “Actor? What actor?” Louis’ devilish smirk said it all. Zayn grabbed his shirt, best pair of ripped skinny jeans, and ran into the bathroom to get ready.

Today could possibly be the greatest day of his life.

When they arrived at the radio station where Liam Payne, star of the latest string of Marvel Superhero Movies, was being interviewed, they stood in a crowd made up entirely of girls around their age, the two of them sticking out conspicuously. After about a half hour, a car pulled up, and Zayn nearly fainted when Liam had stepped out, smiling at something his bodyguard, Paddy, said to him. Liam looked gorgeous, as always.

He had a grey beanie covering his hair, a bit of stubble, like he’d forgotten to shave that morning. In fact, he looked as if he’d just rolled out of bed and tossed on that grey sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans. As Liam walked by, Zayn thought about reaching out to touch him, but froze and missed his chance.

Zayn giggled at how low Liam’s pants were hanging despite the belt. He pointed it out to Louis, who smirked and then pointed something else out. “Just like in your story, mate,” he teased.

Zayn swallowed hard, wishing Louis hadn’t mentioned that out loud. He regretted ever telling Louis about the fanfic story he’d written about Liam Payne, casting himself as the character opposite. The story had basically been his biggest wet dream put down on paper.

“Not exactly,” Zayn hissed back, although embarrassed, he wanted to correct his friend. “In the story, his bandana was dark green.”

“A bandana’s a bandana,” Louis countered, leaving Zayn to shake his head. “Isn’t it?”

“We’ve been over this,” Zayn whispered, relieved when more of the crowd dispersed, but Louis pulled him closer to the door. “My story, he wore dark green on the left side. Daddy.” Zayn was mumbling by that point, but Louis’ eyes widened.

“And navy blue on the left side?” he asked.

Zayn swallowed hard. “Probably nothing.” There were a ton of rumours about Liam’s sexuality, and although Zayn hoped and prayed, no one was sure if the boy was straight or fell somewhere else on the Kinsey scale. Louis poked him in the ribs. “Means he likes to wear bandanas, but we knew that.” Louis’ eyes narrowed. “It means top okay!” Zayn shouted, wincing when a couple of girls turned to look at him, giggling and pointing. “Fuck.”

At that moment, Liam’s bodyguard came back outside, looking around the crowd. In his hand were red bracelets. He started randomly pointing at people and motioning them closer. Several girls squealed, running over to him, taking a bracelet, then disappearing into the studio. Zayn was just turning to Louis to ask what was going on when Paddy pointed at them. “You two, c’mon.”

Louis dragged Zayn over, grabbing the last two bracelets from the bodyguard. They slipped them on and went into the studio. Following the crowd, they were surprised when they found themselves standing on one side of a glass window. On the other, Liam Payne was laughing with the DJ.

When the interview started, the sound was piped into the room where Zayn and the others were standing. Zayn stood back, allowing the girls to throw themselves at the window, impressed when Liam gave them all a finger wave before turning his attention back to the DJ.

“So, Liam, you’ve been tweeting a lot about the fan art that gets drawn of you,” the DJ said, and Zayn’s heart expanded at the squishy eyed smile that Liam gave.

“Yeah, mate. My fans are so bloody talented. Some of it’s really sick, ya know? I’ve had a few done up on canvases, and they hang in my media room. Love seeing someone put so much effort into something.” The pride in Liam’s voice was amazing. Zayn had draw a few pictures of Liam, but he’d never shared them, mostly because they weren’t family friendly and they included himself.

“So, you like people creating stuff inspired by you, yeah?” the DJ asked. Liam nodded, humming out a sound of approval, but Zayn thought he looked a bit suspicious. “Have you seen some of the things your fans have written about you?”

Liam’s face went slack for a moment, a hint of pink touching his cheeks. “You mean fanfiction,” Liam responded when he recovered. “I have seen some of it.”

“Well, since we can’t show any fan art on the air, we thought it might be cool if you read a bit of a fic, maybe let the writer know what you thought of it.” The DJ was holding out a couple sheets of paper.

“Are you sure it’s safe for air?” Liam teased, but Zayn watched his adam’s apple bounce under a nervous swallow as his eyes skimmed the page.

“We’ve highlighted a bit you can read, which is more or less safe for radio,” the DJ said. “C’mon, you’re not afraid are you?” he teased when Liam hesitated.

“No.” He cleared his throat.

“Let’s get right into it, then.” The DJ looked smug and Zayn wondered if he would still have his job by the end of the day, or if he’d even care.

“What do you think the odds are that fic is yours?” Louis asked Zayn.

“Don’t even think about it,” Zayn hissed, waving at a girl who looked at him curiously.

Liam cleared his throat again and began to read. “‘How much have you had to drink?’ Liam asked, his voice low, concern laced through it. ‘Two pints,’ Zach answered. ‘Well, just over two.’”

In less than ten seconds, the day had become the worst of Zayn’s life. He was frozen to his seat. He could hear Louis muffling his laughter next to him as Zayn stared straight ahead. The day he’d thought was going to be the best day of his life was now the day he was wishing for death, planning for it, actually.

Liam continued reading, unaware of the torture he was inflicting on one boy standing less than ten feet away from him. The boy who had written the words he was reading.

“Liam’s lips turned down in a frown, and Zach felt a terrible blow to his gut that he’d disappointed him somehow. ‘Not enough to be drunk, though.’ Liam closed his eyes, breathing deeply. When he opened them, his brown eyes were warm again. ‘Are you sure?’ Zach nodded, and Liam reached around to his back pocket to remove the bandana, holding it in front of Zach’s face. ‘You know what this means, yeah?’ Zach nodded, relieved that it meant what he thought, hoped, it meant. ‘Words, Zach.’ He reached around Zach to tuck the bandana into Zach’s right pocket, patting his bum briefly. Zach swallowed hard, his mouth struggling to form the word that former lovers had scoffed at him for using. “D-daddy,” he whispered, his chest bursting when Liam’s smile grew.”

The DJ was fanning himself as Liam finished up, face fully flushed now. “Pretty hot, wouldn’t you say? Does it bother you that so many of your fans write you in homosexual relationships?”

“Why would it?” Liam asked. “To paraphrase a fellow actor, Johnny Galecki, why should I be offended by something that isn’t offensive?” Zayn’s jaw dropped. “Who I choose to sleep with is my business.” He looked at the DJ and down at the papers in his hand, folding them carefully. “This interview is over.”

Zayn watched as Liam strode from the studio. When the door opened, the handful of girls swarmed him. He smiled at them all, took selfies, signed autographs, but Zayn could tell he was feeling a bit off.

Zayn and Louis hung back until it was just them, Liam, and Paddy in the lobby. “Did you two want pictures?” Liam asked, his voice tired.

Zayn was surprised when Louis squeaked and hid behind him. He also shocked himself when he opened his mouth to speak. “That was shit, man, I’m sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for? You weren’t the asshole DJ, yeah?” Liam joked, smile not reaching his eyes.

Zayn hung his head, dreading the words he knew were going to come out of his mouth. “No, but I’m the asshole that wrote it.” He grabbed Louis and started pulling him towards the door. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait!” Liam called, grabbing Zayn’s arm and pulling him away from Louis. Liam leaned in close. “You seriously wrote this?” Zayn nodded, his face warm. “It’s one of my favourites.”

“W-what?” Zayn choked out.

Liam took a step closer. “Seriously, I really loved it. Read it on the regular.” Zayn knew he was gaping now, especially when Liam reached up to shut his mouth gently, cupping his chin. A moment later, he felt movement behind him, Liam was tucking his bandana into his right pocket. “You know what that means, yeah?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.

Zayn swallowed hard and nodded. “It means Louis is going home alone.”

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So what's the general consensus then? Did they or didn't they have sex during the WW2? When I think about the amount of time they would've known each other during the war, I tend to lean more towards them having a very deep (but secret) relationship.

I can’t speak for everyone here of course. We all saw the same movies and what was left unseen (because of the limited screentime) is open to interpretation. Everyone has a different headcanon, even Hayley wasn’t really sure when she was asked about it.

If you think they were an item, go ahead. If you don’t, more power to you.

It’s like the question if Steve and Buck were a thing. The actors said they hadn’t played it with that intention but if fans liked to interpret it as such, they wouldn’t object.

If you asked me and only me, I’d say Steve and Peggy were not in a romantic/sexual relationship during WWII. They weren’t even actively courting. There just was lots of eye fucking involved and immense mutual pining. Steve carrying her picture around, without her knowledge mind you, like a schoolboy with his first crush, and his embarrassed reaction when he was found out underlined it. Peggy testing the waters at the bar, showing Steve that she had noticed his shy interest in her and that she returned that interest.

But they were in a very extreme situation - war! And she was his superior/liaison. As a woman in her position, she was fighting enough sexist prejudices, she didn’t need to encourage those by sleeping with THE Captain.

Also they never acted like they were in a relationship (especially awkward Steve), only like two people deeply in love and longing for each other but always separated by a rift. They kept their relationship professional and platonic while their eyes screamed for more. They danced around each other, never saying out loud what they felt which also lead to the “fondue faux pas”.

I think a good enough parallel would be courtly love, a knight and a lady during medieval times and their pure, desire-filled, yet platonic love for each other. Another example in modern fiction is the relationship between Elisa and Goliath in the Disney cartoon Gargoyles. They knew what the other felt, yet never really talked about it and kept their relationship platonic till the end (yes, the racial issue was part of it as well but that’s another story).

And the importance of The Dance is enough proof for me. We all know it wasn’t only about the simple act of dancing. No, The Dance was also a metaphor for a life after the war, for a future together, for FINALLY being able to actually BE together and start a relationship. The Dance stood for a life, for open love, for sex - and since they never got it (thanks, Steve, you dramatic asshole), they never had the chance to either get to know each other outside of an extreme situation, explore those feelings they had for each other or put those into action.

Now, looking at Steggy as a part of a movie, I think if there had been anything going on, we would know for sure! Johnston did a wonderful job when it came to Steggy scenes and I think he would have made sure to include a scene or even an unambiguous hint if they had been more than Captain and Agent.

It’s that bitter-sweetness of a lost chance never taken and what could have been what makes Steggy so lovely and sad in my opinion. They had put a blossoming love on hold, for the sake of others like both Steve and Peggy always do, with the intention of waiting until after the war - only to find out that there was no “after” for them. If they had a relationship, they would have already gotten what they had wanted and Steve’s death “only” ended it. As Tennyson wrote “‘Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all”… and Steggy didn’t get the chance to (openly) love and act on that love which makes their story the most tragic one in the MCU.

But that’s just my interpretation.

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

One of my favorite anime of the year so far. Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time follows our protagonist Yokoi Rumi as she tries to concentrate on her studies while being seated next to her classmate, Seki Toshinari.

Seki doesn’t like to sit quietly like the rest of the class, though. He enjoys every day by finding some new and innovative way to kill time. Whether it’s playing dominoes, shogi (under his own unique set of rules), or even playing miniature golf (literally!) using the holes in his desk!

As this show takes place during class time, the characters aren’t allowed to talk out loud, which means that the majority of the dialogue in this show are monologues by the main character, Yokoi. This makes for an interesting viewing experience. And for this reason, I must give the voice actress of Yokoi, Kana Hanazawa, major props for handling her role so well. She really captured the character well with her screams, gasps, shrieks, you name it. She breathed life into the character and is a large part of what made the show so fun to watch.

The episodes are only 8 minutes long, and really lend themselves well to a day-to-day viewing experience. It’s fun to see what Seki has in plan for not only Yokoi, but also the viewer, so I would recommend not trying to marathon through the whole show in only a few sittings.

As for the other aspects of the show, the animation is average and uses CG on a couple of Seki’s activities, such as the dominoes. The music isn’t particularly noteworthy, but it gets the job done. The art is simple and pleasing to the eyes.

If you’re looking for a laugh, definitely check out Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. You can even watch it for free on Crunchyroll here.


I found the first few Persona 4 fanarts that I drew way back in 2010 and its so surreal. Seven years ago.. The craziest part is I can still remember playing it for the first time I swear I had never been so excited about anything in my entire life. I didn’t shut up about it for the whole summer. Heck 7 years later and I still haven’t shut up about it lol.

#ShiningDiamondsinManila EXPERIENCE


PH Carats were very enthusiastic as we waited inside for the fanmeet to start. We were chanting”SEVENTEEN” until finally they came out and performed Shining Diamond and my heart literally sank because everyone sang along to the “17 carat” part. The mood was up and we were all having fun. 

They were doing their opening ment and it was really great since they kept on saying “Mahal ko kayo” which means “I love you all” in tagalog. Mingyu said that when he was young, he visited the Philippines, and that’s why he knows how to speak tagalog a bit, he even said, “Ako si Mingyu” which means, “I am Mingyu.” 

After the opening ment, it was time for the Q and A they looked for sticky notes  that PH Carats wrote. Some were favors like “do a heart and say, “mahal ko kayo”” and it was cute to see them bring a big smile and try their best in tagalog hahaha. When it was S.Coup’s turn he was tasked to tie Jeonghan’s hair, which he did, everybody screamed :)))  Hip Hop team also did a high note battle and guess what???? Vernon was the first one out hahahaha.  Let me tell you, Seungkwan was speaking english phrases and his english was cute and adorable and I just died because thats the best quality EVER. During the Q and A they also did a skit where JiHan were bf-gf and the boyfriend was running late. Joshua played the boyfriend part and then HE PULLED JEONGHAN CLOSER TO HIM AND HELD HIM LIKE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY  as always PH Carats went crazy hahahaha. SeoKwan did the same skit but instead of Seokmin being an apologetic boyfriend, he cheated with Hoshi ahahaha. Oh I almost forgot, when Mingyu was picking a sticky note from the board, he said, “This is hard.” in english :))) lol how adorable. Jeonghan and Woozi did some awkward sexy poses, hahahahaha but ya girl still died because Jeonghan is my main boo and Jihoon is ruining my life HAHAHHAHAHHUHUhuhuhuhuhu. Alot of PH Carats wrote “bby” as an endearment to the members and Seventeen were confused who was this “bby” and they thought “bby” was a name and they even commented that alot of PH Carats are named “bby”  HAHHAHAHAHA CAN I JUST SAY CHAN DID A SEXY DANCE IM JUST SO ????? I AM???/ OFFENDED??? I FEEL ATTACKED??????? THIS BOY MUST SDFSGDBAHJSNAJND o<-< Mingyu said that PH is Jihoon’s home country because of his height :)))) (filipinos are generally short) 

PH Carats were really enthusiastic in the best way possible. Seungkwan said, “Calm down, calm down” and it was so funny as well as Mingyu hahahaha. “Calm down, calm down.” Boo Seungkwan & Kim Mingyu 2K16 (it wasn’t in a negative light, more it was because we were enthusiastic and really up for the event :”) )

And then Woozi, S.Coups and Vernon performed Q and A :D PH Carats sang Ailee’s parts and it was a beautiful collab between Carats and SVT <3

After that, Seungkwan and DK performed Say Yes. AND IM GOING TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW WITHOUT ANY BIASES THAT… YOU HAVE TO LISTED TO THEM LIVE BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE SEEING HEAVEN AND SWIMMING IN A POOL OF HONEY AND EVERYTHING THAT WAS GOOD OKAY. i forgot I havent eaten lunch or dinner when they sang, thats how good their live is.

And then MC Boo took over the fanmeet with his best quality english. It was game time and SVT split into two teams! Hyung line and Dongsaeng line :) They were playing Charades hahahaha. Joshua did a funny impersonation of a skunk :)) LIKE THAT BOY IS SO EXTRA BLESS HIM. Song Joongki was one of the things they had to act out and PH Carats SCREAMED. They even commented that PH Carats loved Joongki more than them and we laughed together hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then THE GREATEST BLESSING OF THEM ALL. WONWOO AND SCOUPS ACTED OUT JOONGKI AS FANSERVICE AND WE JUST DIED, WE ALL DIED. *insert Dash the Incredibles meme here* WHen it was Woozi’s turn to act, he got bobsleigh HAHAHAHA and HE JUST LITERALLY DOVE ON THE FLOOR HAHAHAHAHAHA. but the dongsaeng line was better at Charades hahahHAHAHAHA. For a fair win, Seungkwan (he was the mc) was the one who was going to act out and he got an Ostrich :))) IT WAS REALLY FUNNY but the dongsaeng line won <3

Seungkwan asked Joshua: “Why did you think you lost?”

Joshua: “We lost on purpose”


For the punishment for the hyung line:

S.Coups - aegyo. PH Carats were the judges if it was cute enough. And we all said “not cute” or “noooooo” in a funny way to let Coups continue doing aegyo :)))))


Joshua - his punishment was to rap. So he rapped Vernon’s part in Mansae, but then he freestyled with the word, “Manila” and he was so cute with his english. #RAPGODHONGJISOO 

Hoshi - squats while carrying a member. Soonyoung carried Jisoo bridal style at first and did squats but he failed HAHAHAHA he dropped Jisoo on the floor. So he carried Jeonghan on his back instead and it was so funny hahahaha he was struggling but it was the best, while he was suffering, Seungkwan asked if he was a weak leader :))) because Hoshi carried Jun and Minghao’s parts during the fanmeet. JEONGHAN LOOKED SO HAPPY GIVING HOSHI A HARD TIME WITH THE SQUATS HAHAHAHAHA

Wonwoo - 3 set expressions, he did cute, sexy and comedic (?) HE WAS SMILING, IM CRYING HE SMILED LIKE IM CRYING TEARS OF BLOOD AND WET N WILD EYE LINER. 

Woozi - I forgot Woozi’s punishment :)))) I was just too happy to see him tbh


then they came out and performed Adore U :”D they replaced “akkinda” with “akin ka” which means “You’re mine” in tagalog. LORD HELP ME HOW DID I EVEN SURVIVE THO, LIKE HOW AM I STILL ALIVE. as always every song/every performance PH Carats were singing along and waving our banners and lightsticks :D




 Seventeen came out and sang Love Letter. During Wonwoo’s singing part in Love Letter, PH Carats threw beautiful paper airplanes and Seventeen were touched by the surprise :”) They were really so touched like damn im gonna cry man AND THEN WHEN THEY SANG HEALING, DURING WOOZI’S PART EVERYONE WAS ANNOYING HIM HAHAHA SVT WERE MESSING WITH HIS HAIR LOL

During the closing ment, they said that they were so thankful and touched. They didnt expect to receive so much love from PH Carats ;o; ahhhhhh Jisoo shared that PH is the home of his fave artists/youtubers that inspired him to be a singer and like my kokoro broke and im dead basically.



First in line was Vernon, he had such a welcoming and warm smile, he looked at me and I’m telling you in that moment I thought I was Rose and he was Jack in Titanic.  and then followed by (in no particular order) DK, Seungkwan, Woozi, Dino. OKAY LET ME TELL YOU I NOTICED DK HE WAS SUCH A SUNSHINE, LITERALLY THE SUN. HE WAS BEAMING I FELL IN LOVE.  Woozi leaned on the table because of his height lol :)))) he looked so into it, he stood so firmly with his hand ready for my hand, he was like in a team building activity :))))))))) Seungkwan took my breath away but the first half of the line i barely looked because i was SO SHY BUT WHEN S.COUPS CAME, HE LITERALLY PAUSED IN A HEARTBEAT AND GAVE ME THE BEST HIGH 5 OF MY LIFE. I LOVED HIM OKAYHE COMPLETED MY SOUL.


Hoshi had a cute smile :) I couldnt look at him properly but i saw his face for a moment and he had a cute smile.


All in all, they looked so happy and bright :”) I can tell they had so much fun especially how interactive we were with them :D They were comfortable and happy! Especially Joshua and Mingyu who are acquainted with the Philippines :) 


anonymous asked:

Imagine all nine mercenaries watching horror movies late at night. I don't know why but I love imagining this! I feel like Scout would try to be brave and fail while Medic screams and swears in German at every jump scare. How do you think they would react to horror movies?

Scout starts crying.

Soldier yells at the main character not to go in the basement.

Pyro claps during the scary parts.

Heavy clings to either Sasha or Medic, whichever is closer.

Demo always tips over his beer bottle at the climax scene.

Engineer starts reciting the mechanics of each little effect out loud to calm himself down with machine talk.

Medic keeps making comments on how unrealistic the amount of blood is, or how the humans don’t look correctly ripped up, but then at the scariest part he just stars saying gibberish in German.

Sniper hides behind Spy.

Spy does his his best to look like he’s not scared, but because Sniper’s right next to him, he notices him flinch at the worst parts.

160707 M!Countdown Fanaccount

The number of fans probably numbered around 500. Their stage stylings looked really good, every one of them. When the members came out everyone was screaming. Winwin appeared on stage later than the others, and when he stepped on stage everyone below screamed. While they waiting to record, a chinese fan on the left shouted “Dong Sicheng I love you”. The M/V had only been released at 12pm, and yet there was already fansupport at the recording at 2pm. During Winwin’s front flip part, there were loud screams even before he flipped, and the screams continued even after he finished flipping. Winwin’s expressions were deadly. There was a korean fan beside me, and she was always shouting “Dong SiCheng!”. They recorded twice, and when they were having an interview on stage, the fans’ screams were so loud that we couldn’t hear what was being said. Winwin’s face when he tried to his best to listen [laughs] When Winwin walked off the stage, some chinese fans shouted his name. Winwin is really popular [laughs]. Also, to Taeil’s fanboy, I hope you can calm yourself down..

cr: 傻帽你有毒吧

The Manorian tag has been filled with a lot of negative stuff lately. Here’s a fic I wrote to at least make it a little less cringe-inducing.

Title: Disobedience
Word Count: 3,664
Rating: T 
This fic takes place during EoS

EDIT: There is now a Part II!

Dorian was on his couch in front of a warm fireplace with a book on his lap and tea on the ornate table next to him when he heard it. A loud screeching noise reminiscent of a shrill scream which made the book fall right out of his hands and for him to stand up in shook. Wide eyed, he turned to the covered glass next to his bed that led out to a spacious balcony. It was dark outside and there was heavy patter as rain fell in big clumps unto the balcony floor.

A groan, animalistic and desperate, resounded from behind the door. Honing unto his magic in case some sort of creature burst through the glass, Dorian slowly moved the silk curtains out of the way…only to curse as a chill went through him. There was a huge hulking beast outside, one with scars peppered all over its face and wings the size of a horse. It took a moment for Dorian to realize what, or rather, who it was.

Abraxos. It was Abraxos, and the beast’s eyes were so wide the whites were visible. When he spotted Dorian, the wyvern groaned again, close to a mewl and scratched at the glass with an iron claw, making the sound again.

Without thinking it over twice, Dorian opened the glass door and stepped into the rain. “What is it? What are you doing here?” He gasped, wondering where Manon was and-

“By the Wyrd.”

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My amazing first alt-J concert experience

Okay so… I’m not the best writer and my memory isn’t all that great but here’s everything that happened as best as I can remember it! This was a night I had been looking forward to for a very long time and it went even better than I had hoped.

It’s super long so it’s going after this Read More:

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anonymous asked:

I love watching Michael and Gavin, they're my favorite. But I always wonder what if there's a workplace violence issue involved, seeing as Michael threatens everyone, mainly Gavin in the office. I know it's just to be funny but it makes me wonder

I’m sorry but if you think that even for a second that michael–the same michael who made the effort to wrap lindsay’s desk in pink for a valentine’s day surprise, who took care of andy when he was drunk, who cried during his wedding, who made sure gavin got the right fuckin shoe size during immersion, who went out of his way to approach a fan who didn’t see him because he knew it would make the fan’s day–is even remotely the same person as the rage quit persona he adopts for the approximately 10mins-long videos he uploads once every other week, then i have nothing to discuss with you.

ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER’s Last Ride Is ‘Trial By Hellfire’

Newsarama: Felipe, the penultimate issue of All-New Ghost Rider comes out this week. What can you say about these final two issues you’re writing and drawing?

Felipe Smith: Starting with # 11 of All-New Ghost Rider we enter a new chapter in Robbie Reyes’ life, with the introduction of new characters, new insight into his childhood, his absent parents, his connection to the spirit of Eli Morrow, and a clear, perhaps shocking, look into his future as the urban legend of Hillrock Heights.

This issue takes place 10 months after Robbie defeats Dr. Zabo’s Blue Hyde Brigade with the assistance of his Ghost Rider mentor, Johnny Blaze.

Some changes will be evident visually, like Robbie’s new look, (He grew his hair back, readers! [laughs] and even Gabe’s.

But the most evident new development, which will be immediately apparent, is the growing challenge Robbie faces day by day bearing the spirit of a blood-lusting Satanic serial killer.

Although Johnny Blaze gave Robbie much needed advice on the management of the spirit of Eli Morrow’s powers; this advice may be hard to follow when Robbie faces one of the biggest challenges a Ghost Rider possibly could!

Nrama: You recently had another Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, show up and mentor Robbie Reyes. Could we see more multiple Ghost Riders, like Johnny and possibly others, show up in these final issues?

Smith: I can’t give you too much information but…”YES!” [laughs]

More of Robbie’s vengeance-seeking predecessors will step into the ring, accompanied by high-speed action, battles of will, and intense trial by hellfire!

I’m pretty excited! I hope you stay buckled in and come along for the ride.

Nrama: Where’s Robbie Reyes’ head at now, 10 issues into this crazy new chapter of his life?

Smith: 10 issues into the series, Robbie has grown accustomed to his powers and knows how to use them effectively. He’s managed to keep the spirit of Eli Morrow at bay and follow Blaze’s advice to “coexist with the demon without losing your humanity”.

Although he can effectively enforce justice on the streets, Robbie’s having a harder time keeping things in order at home. His relationship with his little brother Gabe is not what it used to be, which really breaks Robbie’s heart.

In “Legend”, our 2nd story arc, the spirit of Eli Morrow manages to take over Robbie’s functions completely, taking the wheel and leaving Robbie in the back seat to spectate in horror as he not only kills Russian mobsters, but also ruins Robbie’s  personal relationship with his teacher, Mr. Wakeford and, more importantly, with Gabe.

After witnessing his older brother knocking over his wheelchair, destroying the floorboards in his room, punching Mr. Wakeford in the face, and leaving him home alone, in the dark, without his wheelchair or any dinner, Gabe has lost most of the trust and respect he had for his brother Robbie.

Those of you who have followed the series so far know that Robbie is Gabe’s greatest hero. He idolizes him to no end.

Gabe, in turn, is Robbie’s pride and joy. Gabe is Robbie’s reason to fight on, to do well in school, to work hard at Canelo’s Auto & Body garage every night, his reason to never lose any battle and always overcome any foe he’s up against. Growing up parentless and with disabilities, Gabe evidently needs Robbie’s protection; but Robbie needs his brother Gabe just as much.

In our upcoming issue, Gabe is now very distant and uninterested in engaging in any activities with his brother. Without his anchor, the powerful relationship with his “lil’ bro,” Robbie finds himself deeply saddened and more susceptible to the rage inside, both his own and the one Eli infuses daily into his very fiber.

Nrama: And Gabe, who in many ways is the heart of the book – what’s his position?

Smith: As you can imagine, Gabe’s position definitely reflects the events that transpired in the “Legend” story-arc. He no longer feels he knows who his older brother is, which is a sad state of affairs, given how important he is to Robbie.

Robbie has also begun to spend a considerable amount of time with one of his classmates, Lisa; a situation that Gabe does not like either. Though he may have trouble trusting his older brother, and may show disinterest, it’s apparent that he’s also a bit jealous of Robbie’s relationship with his new friend.

Nrama: You mention some insight coming about the two brothers’ parents. What can you say about this?

Smith: Without revealing too much, what I can say is that the developments in our upcoming issue will unveil some pretty shocking revelations for both the reader and Robbie himself. [Laughs] How’s that for a non-spoiler answer?

Nrama: Also special for these final two issues is you are both writing and drawing the issues. Coming into All-New Ghost Rider you were known as a writer and artist, but was there a pull for you to come in and draw before #11?

Smith: I think the hardest pull for me to draw this issue came from…me! [Laughs]

I’ve wanted to draw this series ever since Marvel approached me to create it, over a year ago! But I have a day job in animation, designing characters for Nickelodeon’sTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series (shout-out to my Turtle crew! We’re thebest!), which has its own deadlines and intensive schedule; it can be very time-consuming all on its own. So it wasn’t realistic for me to also want to write and draw a monthly series.

But after we wrapped up the second story arc of All-New Ghost Rider, my editor Mark Paniccia mentioned that it was time to find a new artist for the next two issues.

I screamed, “Me, please…me!” out so loud, he could have probably heard my Los Angeles-situated cry all the way from New York without the need of a phone.

Thankfully Mark agreed, and I wrote the two-part storyline just in time for the holidays and dove right into penciling issue #11 during my break from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But as the break came to an end, I had only completed issue #11, with #12 still to be drawn, and Mark wondering why the heck he had let me con him into allowing me to draw it. [Laughs]

Luckily I’ve got a good buddy who offered to help me out. He’s a great artist, he understands my storytelling, he’s expressed interest in drawing Robbie Reyes before, and he already works for Marvel full-time; so it was a bit easier for me to get Kris Anka to help me finish out issue #12 of All-New Ghost Rider!

So, please check out All-New Ghost Rider #11 to see my story accompanied by my own art for the first time on the series (with the always amazing colors of Val Staples!) and then, please join Kris Anka and me as we Art Tag-Team the hell out our issue #12 grand finale.

I’m really excited about these 2 issues! I hope you readers are too!

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 853

Summary: Christmas Eve is here, and the reader, Dean, Sam, and Cas enjoy time together.

Read the First Day here, the Second Day here, the Third Day here, the Fourth Day here, the Fifth Day here, the Sixth Day here, the Seventh Day here, the Eighth Day herethe Ninth Day here, and the Tenth Day here.

Listen to Something About December here!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! :D I would highly suggest listening to the song above when you get tho the lyrics, it really adds to the scene. ;) Enjoy, and get ready for the last part tomorrow!

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