but i screamed out loud during this part

During 피 땀 눈물 Yoongi held out his mic during his part in the first verse and all of the fans rapped his part and I’m still so amazed??? Rapping in korean is difficult and korean pronunciation can be a difficult thing and yet Yoongi had so much confidence that we knew his part and there was no awkward silence in the arena. Everyone was screaming out his lyrics and it was just another reminder that language doesn’t matter when it comes to music

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The number of fans probably numbered around 500. Their stage stylings looked really good, every one of them. When the members came out everyone was screaming. Winwin appeared on stage later than the others, and when he stepped on stage everyone below screamed. While they waiting to record, a chinese fan on the left shouted “Dong Sicheng I love you”. The M/V had only been released at 12pm, and yet there was already fansupport at the recording at 2pm. During Winwin’s front flip part, there were loud screams even before he flipped, and the screams continued even after he finished flipping. Winwin’s expressions were deadly. There was a korean fan beside me, and she was always shouting “Dong SiCheng!”. They recorded twice, and when they were having an interview on stage, the fans’ screams were so loud that we couldn’t hear what was being said. Winwin’s face when he tried to his best to listen [laughs] When Winwin walked off the stage, some chinese fans shouted his name. Winwin is really popular [laughs]. Also, to Taeil’s fanboy, I hope you can calm yourself down..

cr: 傻帽你有毒吧