but i saw this on fb and this was

I saw this awesome lesbian movie the other day!!

It’s about a lesbian couple that just got married, and they’ve just gotten back from celebrating their honeymoon. They’re so cute there’s a femme girl and a butch girl and they’re just all over each other and it’s adorable. Anyways the femme girl gets an email from her parents (who she hasn’t talked to in ages ‘cause they’re hyper conservative and she ran away from home) and they’ve invited her to come visit home since they heard she’s recently gotten married and wanna give their blessing (they saw their daughter’s relationship status change on fb, but since the butch girl doesn’t have a facebook it’s possible they don’t know she married a girl). The butch girl really doesn’t wanna go, but the femme girl insists her parents will get over it since they love her.

Anyways there’s a road trip where they travel to the parents house, and the butch girl’s quirky best friend tags along. When they arrive, the parents are shocked but the mom quickly accepts it, since she just wants her daughter to be happy. The dad is really pissed though and has a big argument with his daughter’s wife over dinner. The daughter storms off to her room. Her godmother shows up late, and goes to the daughter’s room to comfort her. Then she kinda starts suggesting she change her image to appeal to dudes, implying that getting married was a mistake and she should find a man. The daughter gets pissed and kicks her out. Her wife walks into the room and it turns out the femme girl’s kinda mad at her too, saying she could’ve tried harder to get along with the dad. They have an argument, and the butch girl storms off, saying that coming here was a mistake.

Meanwhile, the parents are arguing about accepting their daughter’s wife, when the godmother comes in and pulls the dad to the side. They start plotting to hook the daughter up with a straight dude the godmother knows, and they agree to not tell the mom about this. The godmother suggests that the dad should do something about the wife so she doesn’t catch onto what’s happening.

This is when the plot gets kinda crazy?? The dad hires somebody to beat up the wife and I’m sorry I can’t do this I’m just describing Shrek 2