but i saw an edit and wanted the original

Regarding HEADLINER’s Fansite Rules

Because there has been a lot of confusion lately regarding HEADLINER’s rules in relation to editing of her videos, I sent a personal message to her through email (headliner_jk@daum.net) to get some clarification. In her reply, she confirmed that giffing of her fancams is okay, as long as you provide credit properly (with a source link), and don’t crop the logo. Screenshots and translations are provided below as proof.

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Boku no Hero Academia vs Riverdale: 
Kacchako vs Bughead

So to begin, I’ve never seen an episode of Riverdale so I can’t comment too much on Bughead but I saw this edit floating around Facebook and my mind immediately went to Kacchako when I saw it and read the words. It was so fitting for them so I decided to make my own edit based off of the one on the right. Of course, it’s nowhere near as good as the original but I wanted my own little spin on it :) And I know Bakugou doesn’t look as happy as Jughead on the bottom but I really wanted to use the screenshot of him when he said “Where do you see fragile” since that was such a defining moment for Bakugou and really showed how much he acknowledges Uraraka

(Also, if you know the original creator of the edit on the right, please let me know right away so I can credit them!)

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how much overlap is there between ginger and confetti? i just got confetti so i wanted to double check how much new content ginger has before i buy :)

i know they seem similar but my print sketchbook (confetti) and my sketchbook PDFs are totally different animals!

confetti is a compilation of art from multiple sketchbooks from 2015-2017. every page in it was scanned and reformatted at a much higher resolution/quality than the PDFs and i did a lot of editing that you probably wouldn’t notice if you were just flipping through it but you would if you saw the original pages!

this page looks totally natural, right?

but these images are actually on two totally different pages and were worked together. each page in confetti, as best as i was able, has a “theme” and confetti as a whole is much more curated than my sketchbook PDFs, which contain everything, including a lot of ugly mistakes.

confetti was also sent to be printed before i had finished my most recent sketchbook so there are about 16 pages of new content in the PDF that weren’t available for confetti, plus some rougher sketch pages/sketches that i decided didn’t fit the print book.

Bite Me (Part 7)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings yet)

Warnings: violence, a baby smidgen of angst

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,414

A/N: This is the seventh installment in my first ever fanfic series. It’s an easier read than 6 (sorry yet again), but is mainly focused on a flashback…so you win some you lose some haha ☺ It’s just the slow burn way. Love all of you loyal readers!!! And for those just jumping on the bandwagon – Welcome! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

My first dating experience occurred when I was well into my twenty-third year. Uncle Jay needed some rare plant for a weapon he was cooking up, so he’d sent me into town to visit his buddy at the local greenhouse. Arlo came with me, like he always did, sticking close to my right side and matching my pace, ears alert and tail gently wagging. He would bump my hand with his nose occasionally while we walked through the streets, asking to be scratched on the head. I was always happy to oblige.

The small bell above the door gave a happy jingle as I walked through, repeating the sound as the door closed behind me. I scanned the small front lobby and did my best to view the greenhouse area through the small square windows of the double doors leading out to it. The place appeared to be empty. I was heading to the small office door on my right when it suddenly swung open. The man that exited was tall, well built, and probably not much older than I was. He was slowly flipping through papers when he noticed me.

“Oh hey!” he flashed me a white smile, “Didn’t see you there. What can I help you with today?”

I frowned a little, “Um, hi. I’m actually looking for Jeb. Is he around?”

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Part of an art trade with @bravo44 who wanted to see me replicate a pose we saw on DeviantArt by but with his Mass Effect Quarian OC, Aya'Vaal. Not the most accurate replication, but I hope you guys like it!

If you want to do some art trading, simply send me a note either here on DeviantArt or on Tumblr!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Mass Effect! Copyright belongs to Electronic Arts and BioWare!

this is the peak of hypocrisy. not to mention no one asked OP to be put on a block list before it was even up lmao

Okay, no, hold on. I have opinions on this.

People that ship Shiro ships, people that create content for Shiro ships, constantly have to deal with accusations of promoting “unhealthy relationship dynamics” and are told they “shouldn’t put their content on the internet because people could use it to abuse others”, but when antis make a public block list that could earn shippers all kinds of harassment it’s suddenly “between the shipper and the anti”?

Aren’t they listing people, including minors, alphabetically and numbered for everyone to see? Aren’t they putting the information out there for everyone to misuse? Why does that logic not apply to their actions?

They’re providing the information - and by anti logic - doesn’t that mean they’re supposed to take responsibility for what others choose to do with it?

No, they’re prioritising fictional characters over the well-being of real people. And don’t come at me with that “But antis can block people on the list and not interact with them! It’s a good thing!” crap. I’ve had people message me. People as young as 14. They did not ask to be publicly shamed on a block list. Neither did the 200 people that were originally on there. This “editing” that’s going down at the moment is a fuck ton of bullshit too, because the mods won’t even add proper sources.

I’m not blaming those who don’t harass shippers for the harassment that is happening. But fucking hell, since you’re expecting shippers of a ship that’s “problematic” in your eyes to take responsibility for real life abusers, maybe don’t try to shift the blame when your list isn’t used the way you’d intended.

Seriously, this has to stop.

Stop stealing and reposting others’ works without giving them proper credit or asking for their permission. People took the time and effort to make it. 

I’ve seen some people who reposted my gifs without crediting me and it sucks. It’s not very nice at all. Recently, I saw a blog edited and added a filter or something to one of my gifs (again, no credit). Wow, just wow. Gif making takes time, especially mine (topaz + coloring takes the cake). I really don’t want to put my url/icon on any of my works. It’s gonna mess up the size and image. 

If you see others’ works being reposted, please let the original owner know.

+ Also, reposting with just “credit to the owner" (no owner’s name or link) is not actually giving credit to the owner.

Just reblog or put the link of the image, then put it in the post.

My Dark Souls 2 character from a while back. Never did a proper piece of her. Still technically isn’t one, since I’m calling this done way before I feel like I should, but I don’t have the time to sink into it like I did my DS3 character pic~

I’m such an outlier - Dark Souls 2 is actually my favorite of the 3 games. I find DS1’s controls janky and unplayable (at least on PC, and I know there’s fixes. They made my camera spazz out instead…) and DS3 is too… derivative. 3 definitely has the best controls for the series and was fun to play but I just… cant care about anything actually happening in the game? 2 may be weird and disconnected but I actually gave a damn about so many of the little side stories and the DLC was entirely awesome… probably helps that I got the Scholar of the First Sin edition and never played the original~

So I saw Extra Credit’s summary video of their DS2 playthrough and it got me all nostalgic and kinda wanting to play through it again. Which is funny, because not even the DLC has made me pick 3 back up lol. IM WEIRD I KNOW WHATEVER DS2 FOREVER!

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hi, sorry for bothering but I just wanted to say that I saw the original sinners stucky AU that you posted and I think I screamed a little bit because YES??!!! (I really love Soren/Kingsley) okay I'll just leave now, have a nice day/evening!!! (and make more awesome edits)

!!!!!! Okay but seriously, I wish I had the time and energy to write a Steve/Bucky Original Sinners AU because




The Edge Of Seventeen Tag

Rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I wasn’t tagged to do this but I saw so many going around it made me wonder what kind of teen my founder could’ve been.

Original post here, created by @alwaysimming

I pictured Micaela as a rebellious city girl, who tried to do whatever she could to get out of the city. Thankfully she had her best friend Paige and her boyfriend Malakai to escape with. They spent most of their days hanging out at the Ruins where no one could find them.

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Why I don't like having to call customers

I started using Google Voice a few months back instead of my own personal phone number because I had an incident with a customer looking me up on Facebook and trying to add me as a friend. Obviously, it made me very uncomfortable and I knew it was the last straw. I followed some advice I read on here about using an anonymous service like Google Voice.

About a week ago, I had a customer who wanted me to call them when I arrived. I called the phone but there was no answer, I then saw the customer walk outside to get his food. Cool, easy delivery!

After that night, the guy called my Google Voice number multiple times late at night while I was asleep and left some very strange voicemails. It started off with just moaning, then moved to shouting curses, then it ended with a threat before I finally blocked his number.

EDIT: I forgot this important part before I posted. I thought originally that the guy didn’t realize it was his delivery driver calling him and thought it was just some anonymous caller using a Google number. I was talking to some coworkers about it, and a fellow driver instantly said his name and street. He had also received a few crazy voicemails from the guy.

Needless to say, nobody is going to call him when they arrive anymore.

By: Striker__Eureka


Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself