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character hate in the choices fandom

i’ve been inspired to make this post by some things i’ve seen recently regarding dislike for some characters.

it’s okay to dislike someone!! not every character is going to appeal to you and that’s alright! everyone is different in regards to what they’re attracted to (romantically or platonically) and what they aren’t. whats NOT okay is making nasty and hateful comments about that character.

i’m not saying it’s not okay to dislike a character because that is 100% within your right. but there’s seriously no need to make that dislike known with toxicity and nastiness. there are members of this fandom who may really love that character and content creators (writers, visual artists, ect) who put a lot of effort into making things about or inspired by that character. it’s upsetting to see so much love for a character in one post and then scroll down to see that same character getting called names or being made fun of in really hateful ways. it’s disheartening to those who love / are inspired by / relate to that character. 

from what i’ve seen, everyone in this fandom is exceptionally kind and supportive (save for those racist anons). i think we have the potential to make this little corner of the internet a safe and accepting place (because god knows how few of those there are) where everyone can gush about the things they love without having to see other people stepping on it. and i think we can do that by being a little more respectful of each other’s interests. 💖


HEY GUYS!!!! so my good friend, bam @succ2nite​ has a whopper of tuition to pay (currently 18.8k) and i’d like to do what i can to help so i am doing commissions where all the money’s gonna go to them!

you should also check out their commission post, cause they have some really good art.

also a heads up: for the next week or so i won’t be with my computer, but i think there’s a scanner so traditional art will still be available!

rules can be seen on my TOS + pricing document, but i’ll put ‘em here too.

i will draw:

  • furries/anthros
  • ferals
  • humans/humanoids
  • fanart
  • original characters
  • fancharacters
  • some fetish art (ask)
  • mild NSFW - nudity, sexually suggestive images w/o genitals (characters must be 18+)
  • guro/gore - extreme is fine
  • some mecha and robots (depends)

i will not draw:

  • complex machinery
  • cars/vehicles/anything like that
  • other fetish art (again, ask)
  • explicit NSFW - straight up porn
  • anything of a racist, sexist, transphobic/homophobic, etc nature
  • minors in sexual situations

using transphobic slurs (or any slurs but esp. these because these are rampant in the furry community) including c*ntboy, futa/futanari, d*ckgirl, herm, anything of that like will get you a warning, and if you continue i’ll refund your money and block you. don’t fuckin do it man.

payment can be sent to @succ2nite’s paypal, or mine. 

you can use tumblr IM or email to contact me, at excessiverhinoceros@gmail.com

anonymous asked:

I liked Jon as KitN just fine, before the leaks came out at least, but if I had to say who's "consort" I'd rather want him to be, it's Sansa. He knows Sansa. They trust each other. And despite their quarrels they seem to value each other. I would wager that even if Danielle was truly in love with Jon, she's so consumed with her right to rule that she would not want to share her power with him. [1/3]

[2/3] And as far as Jon’s POV goes… I don’t understand how he can put his trust in Danielle so quickly. He does not have any other choice when it comes to the WW than doing just that, but everything else? Jon is not someone to trust so quickly, and they have already threatened him in the letter—Jon does not take kindly to threats, either.

3/3] For this to work within the short amount of time we now left, they would really have to turn this into a “love at first sight” kind of thing, which is not something I would expect from GOT/ASOIAF.

Hello Anonny, 

I absolutely agree with you. At this point of the story, if we have the hero on one side falling in love with the hero on the other side, falling in love with each other and teaming up to fight the WW, this should have begun happening last season, imo. This is a good time to remind everyone that after his resurrection, Jon had lost all sense of purpose in his life, in spite of knowing very well about the threat that’s coming from beyond the wall, one that he’s so hell bent upon defending and protecting from right now. He needed to believe again and that came in the form of Sansa Stark who has spent her post-reunion with Jon assuring him that he’s exactly where he should be. She does not want him to give up his claim in favour of hers. 

D on the other hand is going to spend the most of at least the next episode strong-arming the KitN to bend the knee. Both are going to be suspicious of each other, yet I feel that they will at least sense that there is a bond that ties them together. We’ll have to watch how that translates into the screen. Jon is a STRONG hero and a leader, in-spite of him not wanting power. We’ve seen that in his dealings with Sansa. She doesn’t back down but neither does he. His decisions are always based on compassion more than honour in which regard he is slightly more different from his father. Yet he has the strength to punish misdeeds, however much he may hate doing so. 

So, this is my theory. If Jon does fall in love with D, it will be because he feels that she is a good queen, not just the RIGHTFUL but the most DESERVING ruler of Westeros, she can show great compassion and endear herself to the common people of Westeros. Not just because she was kind enough to save him(not really, it’s a stark who comes to his aid even if the leaks are to be believed) and had agreed to help them in the battle against the WW. Isn’t the threat as real to her, as it is to him?? As a leader, Jon is the complete opposite of D. She wants power as desperately as he doesn’t.

So, the love at first sight can work. But Jon is not a green boy anymore. And honestly, it will be such a crappy way for two of the strongest players in the game to fall in love at first sight. And so much injustice to their characters too. Unless, like everyone else who’ve met her, Jon is going to be charmed instantly too. See, how they have dealt with Tyrion Lannister and his relationship with D. He believes he’s an excellent judge of character but he is beginning to get those worried looks. We’ve seen it in Stormborn, “Attacking Kings landing would be easy for you. But you don’t want to be the queen of the ashes.” He of course doesn’t add the ‘do you?’ in the sentence. She gives him a direct order to send a raven north asking Jon to come to Dragonstone and to bend the knee and tyrion rephrases the bending the knee bit as an alliance. How ironic would it be if the cleverest man is westeros suddenly realizes that he’s on the wrong side after all? That there was a good king hidden in plain sight all this while. That he just didn’t notice him until it is too late. 

If D is going to be a villian, I don’t see her taking decisions that will benefit westeros and if she doesn’t take decisions for the good of the land that she plans to rule, I don’t see how Jon can fall in love with her. Her ambition will be her downfall, is how I am reading the turn in her character arc with all the dialogue writing that’s happened for her homecoming. If not, and she is in fact the ‘good queen’ she believes herself to be and then Jon can fall in love with her. He’ll just be another Dario or slightly better. The leaks anyway make him sound more like a smitten fool than a hero on the rise. 

I don’t know if this is that kind of a story too with such less time to show us sooooo many things. 

Two things are probably happening at the moment. Either D&D and HBO are freaking out at the moment because their entire life’s toil has been released by some fool who has no respect for creativity and hard-work, and this leaker had better watch his back for some legal action coming his way (or release some false information just to be safe) or they’re just relaxed and sitting behind sipping a soda telling each other, “They don’t even know what’s gonna hit them in the end” LOL

Thanks for the ask !!

I’m laughing bc Lance is said to be like Kirk, and Kirk was a character who, in the latest modern adaptation, was so misunderstood when adapting him (until the third film) bc they only adapted him as a ladies man who flirted with anything (mostly women) that moved and someone who broke the rules and didn’t do shit as a leader when in reality he was a strong leader and respected other people including women. I just think that’s ironic.

jooncentric  asked:

I would love to ask House Rules!Yoongi; does Y/N have any other bad or irritating habits that may get her in trouble?

“Oh yea,” he laughed. “That temper doesn’t just stretch to politics. She also gets frustrated when anyone is late to anything.”

Anonymous said: To house rules Yoongi: “Have you always been the dominant one or is __, in control most of the time when she’s not being punished?”

“I like letting her think she’s in charge. Then her mouth gets her in trouble and I have to remind her,” he smirks and looks at OC. “You know I’m right, young lady.”

Anonymous said:  To house rules Yoongi!: How do you deal with the blocking of all sex to teach ___ a lesson? Do you ever get frustrated during that time? What goes through your mind?

“When she’s bitching on the phone to her friends, I might rub one out downstairs in the office. She loses out, not me. I don’t need it like she does.”

Anonymous said: House Rules Y/N have you ever thought of just moving elsewhere? I’m sure there’s a lot of nice governments and leaders around the world!! It’ll save you a lot of stress and you can be happier

“I have a life here though, which was perfectly nice before January! I’m confident things can change!”

Anonymous said: HR Yoon: who asked who out first (showed a general interest in the other)? also, how did the proposal situation go

“I asked her, but maybe I made a mistake?” he jokes, then gets smacked playfully by OC. “Nah, she’s great when she doesn’t have that temper. The proposal was very traditional. We’re both very traditional and very boring.” *swims in the memories of their previous punishment games*

Ask my muses a question!

SO freaking good though?

Okay so I read A Rogue by Any Other Name (Sarah MacLean) SO quickly that I barely had time to post about it that once. 


I cried. I got CHILLS at the end. IT WAS INSANE.

Michael was all:

and I’m like:


There’s definitely a REAL review of this book in the future (I’m so behind on reviews that it’s scary) but in the meantime if you haven’t read the first book in MacLean’s The Rules of Scoundrels series you really should. 

Rules: List your top 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag 5 others

Tagged by: @kilzom and @youkaigin like… forever ago

  1. haikyuu - kuroken!!! i love them, even though i never write them
  2. bnha - *sweats* kacchako and/or tododeku, i can’t chose 
  3. hxh - killugon (alternatively: hisoka/however much blood it takes to satisfy us both)
  4. mcu - stucky. shit dude, that stuff still gets me
  5. b99 - i’m not really in this fandom per se but i fucking love jake and amy

killerisdad  asked:

Sometimes, I wonder what some other cosmere characters would fit within the Knights Radiant. Like, the obvious ones would be Edgedancer!Wayne, Skyrunner!Vin, and Bondsmith!Elend. But then I get to characters like Marasi, Wax, Steris, Vasher, and Kelsier. What do you think?

Well I think Wax would be a Windrunner too, because of his practice of protecting those he thinks needs it (fuck what da rules say), his tendency to collect mentees, and his love for falling through the air with the greatest of ease

(A lot of Mr. Sanderson’s heroes could make a good bid for Windrunner, because protecting other people is a major characteristic of all of them. Which is part of the reason I like his heroes so much)

It’s tempting to make Steris a Skybreaker because of the whole rules thing, but she doesn’t necessarily think the rules are correct, she just knows following them gets her better results than not. I’m not sure which other order she’d be, though? Maybe one of the ones we don’t know a lot about yet

Marasi has potential to be a Skybreaker. A good one.

Shai would be a Lightweaver

I kinda feel like Siri would be a Willshaper? She really likes learning and experiencing new things, and I feel like Willshapers are the order that would let her be her sweet goofy self the most

(lmao I’m tryin’ to keep my hands off Zahel in case he drops a “that’s what I’d be” later on, knowing me my guess would be wrong and that would be Embarrassing)

I’ve been puzzling at the Kelsier question for so long and I don’t think I’m any closer to an answer. Which is pretty par for the course with questions concerning Kelsier

Tentatively??????? Stoneward?????? Sixth of the Dusk???? I’m not positive by any means but I needed to include my man here, and “dependable, strong, and stubborn as hell” fit him

anonymous asked:

About that genderbent art, what if her Damien is a trans woman in it? And I don't get the fat phobia/fetish comments... Is it because the male counterpart is heavier?

See previous ask about Damien. 

And yes the rule 63 Brian isn’t fat at all. She just has big breasts. The constant refusal to draw women as fat in rule 63 fanart is nothing new, and it’s a continuance of an old trend that reeks of typical fatphobia/sexism. 

Even ignoring rule 63 stuff, I’m so tired of people slapping big boobs and a little bit of hips on a girl and going “look at this plus sized chick!!” Like draw an actual fat girl. Please. 

This doesn’t even bring in how some of the other muscular, clearly not super skinny men are drawn as thin and willowy. 

mehmehprincess  asked:

I was recently reading a book about traditional coven dynamics and it was talking about how usually people are naked or "skyclad" during meetings. I'm trans and I'M not comfortable seeing my own body, let alone letting others see it. Does this mean I can never be in a coven?

So, you’re probably reading a Wicca book just as a heads up. And no, you can still be in a coven. I’m sure there are covens out there that like being nude but the majority I’ve come in contact with don’t follow that rule.

fangirlandiknowit101  asked:

for the ask meme: 5, 7, 22<3

5. favorite rarepair

I already answered five BUT I’M GONNA ANSWER IT AGAIN with a very rarepair. This time, with the wonder that is Seungbek. @slightlied I’m lookin at you, bae, haha. OH GOSH so if you’ve never been interested in Seungbek, here’s some stuff to muse on.

-they’re both pretty quiet and speak when necessary, so just imagine all of the wordless communication that goes on. 

-Otabek’s style is nonconventional, and Seung-Gil’s style is robotic, but like?? Imagine them together??? Seung-Gil is like “here is how I will get the points, here is the rulebook” and Otabek is like *shades down* “the rules have never worked for me.” So then they get together AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL and they help each other

-Like Yuri, I think Seung-Gil’s not hesitant to speak his mind, and I think Otabek appreciates that a lot.

7. favorite short program

I mean, Eros, yes. I actually really like Agape, and the idea of Viktor performing Agape, although I know Yurio was the only one that actually did it.


22. favorite Katsuki

I guess I can’t say Yuuri, so I’d have to go with either Vicchan or Mama Katsuki. Mama Katsuki is amazing. She is warm and welcoming and Viktor finds it entirely impossible to figure out just how much she knows. Mama Katsuki also behaves like the chillest of the chill, but she is not. 

I so need a whole fic about the romance between Yuuri’s parents, because? Yuuri’s dad getting drunk in front of Hiroko for the first time? GOLD

Open for Requests

Refer to THIS prompt list for what to send. Please send any requests to me in an ask, otherwise I may not see them!!


  • Prompt (as in directly copy the prompt you want)
  • Fandom
  • Character
  • Other specifics (otherwise I will surprise you by writing whatever the hell I want)

Filled request fics will likely only be a few hundred words and may take some time for me to write.

I will fill requests at random and some prompts might take longer than others. 

If your request falls outside of what I want to/am comfortable writing, I will decline to fill it. Bear in mind this is something I’m doing purely because I feel like it and these will open and close basically depending on my motivation.

This post is meant as a guideline for what I will and will not write. PLEASE follow it. Below is a list of fandoms that I may change at will (i.e. something that’s there now might not be there in the future because I lose interest or whatever, or I will add to the list as I change/get into more fandoms). I’ve also included the specific characters I’ll write for, so y’know. Read that. I will feel super bad if someone requests I write a character or fandom that I don’t know/don’t like, but I will still decline the request in that case.

Things I will write:

  • Sneeze (including sickfic or allergyfic)
  • Whump
  • Hurt/comfort
  • AUs (with some exceptions, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it)
  • I tend to write m/m (or just dudes in general) so just…be aware…

Things I will NOT write:

  • Emeto/anything stomach-related (please don’t even ask.)
  • Life-threatening illness/injury
  • Underage characters (If you ask for an underage character, they will be aged up.)

Fandoms/Characters I will write for**:

  • My OCs (I am ALWAYS up for writing them) - Liam, Elliott, Will
  • Yuri!!! On Ice - mostly just Yuuri and Victor or Yurio if you’re cool with aging up
  • Voltron (I will try.) - preferably Keith, Lance, Shiro, maybe Pidge idk??? (sorry Hunk)
  • Avatar: TLA - Zuko, Sokka…uhh…yeah….
  • Free! - preferably Makoto or Haru
  • D.Gray-Man - Kanda, Lavi, Allen
  • Servamp - Licht, Hyde/Lawless

**This list is incomplete and I’m sure I’m forgetting fandoms, so feel free to ask for whatever. I prefer to write for anime fandoms, so just keep that in mind, as well as the fact that I may not have heard of what you request if it’s not on this list.

I sometimes tend to lose motivation. While I will absolutely do my best to fill every single request, I’m doing this because I want to and not to make obligations for myself.


AU Material Gifs + Manips Pt 2

I make gifsets because I’m not confident in my writing abilities and this lets me get the story out of my head. I use random gifs like these to show details and convey the mood/emotions of the would be story (for ex: happy, sad, tense, sweetness) It’s totally up to you if you wanna use them all I ask is that you follow the rules

hey guess what i was tagged in that song meme not by one but by TWO people (@nightgerbil and @oliversubpodcasts thanks) and i always see my mutuals do it and all of them have wonderful niche eclectic tastes BUT i can’t relate i love POP. anyway:

charli xcx - boys (came out like what three days ago and already #1 in my heart)
sleigh bells - rule number one
hurts - confide in me
METRO STATION - SHAKE IT (certified banger what can i say)
carly rae jespen - cry 
lorde - supercut
perfume genius - wreath (lbr this whole album)
brainstorm - только бы ты на меня посмотрела (eternal banger still goes as hard as when it first came out when i was in school)
mujuice - кровь на танцполе (see above)
miss lana del rey - SUMMER BUMMER

also WILD how many of the people i follow are following each other

(i dont really look through my dashboard anymore so idk who’s already done one but i want to tag my elusive mutuals @violentbaudelaire @bienenkiste @christophermoltisanti and @freshfish)

amateurpsychologist  asked:

I'm unclear on how disinheriting an heir works. The Tywin Tyrion situation makes it seem like it's very difficult to disinherit your heir but Arianne seems convinced that Doran could easily disinherit her. I get that Dorne is the only kingdom where women can inherit but the law is on Arianne side and changing the law could alienate other houses with female heirs. Why are the situations so different?

I think the problem is that Arianne is working backwards with very limited information. She knows that Doran wrote to Quentyn “One day you shall sit where I sit, and rule all Dorne” - a blatant sign that Doran was looking to Quentyn as the next Prince of Dorne. She also knows that Doran has largely kept her out of the Dornish government, and has invented (because of her long physical and emotional distance from him) this image of Quentyn as a scheming Aegon II-like younger brother, out to rob her of her birthright, more favored by their father because of Quentyn’s resemblance to Doran. To the princess, everything adds up that Doran would find some way to proclaim Quentyn as his heir over her - by resigning her to married life to an old and toothless (and non-Dornish) lord, or by implementing some sort of bill of attainder against her following the “Queenmaker” plot, or by simply saying so. Arianne might not know what legal machinations Doran plans to use to oust her, but she knows, or thinks she knows, that her position as princess-presumptive is threatened.

lawfulgoodness  asked:

Paladin Oath Challenge (here I am a day late and a dollar short and you can delete this if you want). Mumen Rider from One Punch Man?

Devotion. Does the right thing, follows the rules, has no powers, but dang it all because it’s what he need to do for the sake of others. He’s a good one, and I call him kinsman in spirit, because in a world of superheroes, with no powers, I would like to think I’d walk the same path as him.

don’t worry, the (bi)gang is here!!

BTS as the ‘Suite life of Zack and Cody’ characters

Seokjin as Carey

  • the mom friend
  • needs a break because children drive him insane
  • single parent because other half (namjoon) is a successful musician
  • amazing singer
  • not appreciated for it
  • gives great advice
  • really patient god bless

Yoongi as Mr. Moseby

  • Leave me alone
  • Don’t destroy my hotel (studio)
  • I hate kids (actually reall fond of them
  • idgaf game is strong
  • very hard working 
  • dedicated
  • acts like he don’t care
  • he care
  • he care very much
  • needs esteban (hoseok)
  • sassy af

Hoseok as Esteban

  • Happy machine
  • Very helpful
  • innocent
  • the mood maker
  • good looking 
  • very supporter
  • loves mr moseby aka yoongi v v much
  • a literal kid
  • don’t even think about angering him
  • loyal af

Namjoon as Maddie

  • wants to be president
  • who cares they are president
  • they’re the reason the A grade was created
  • they invented IQ
  • follow rules religiously
  • can act super duper childish at times
  • hella hella smart
  • watch out they will fite u
  • but you can’t take them seriously because smol bean

Jimin as Cody

  • cutie patootie
  • always tryna avoid danger
  • protect them
  • a very good friend
  • just a good human being in general
  • but is secretly very mischievious 
  • and they like to have their own fun
  • super duper talented

Taehyung as London

  • does not give two shits
  • literally do whatever the fuck they want
  • life is a party
  • treats pet like they’re gold
  • hella weird but hella fun
  • aka blank tae
  • but they’re super considerate deep inside
  • actually a softie
  • very good at hiding pain
  • a rare but worthy friend

Jungkook as Zack

  • Hands down everyone is at the edge of their toes because of this kid
  • drives people nuts
  • talks people into doing what they want
  • adventurous
  • loves gaming
  • breaking the rules
  • rebel
  • acts like a 2 year old
  • can be very responsible when the time comes
  • can also act maturely 
  • will fite you if you treat someone they love unfairly

Bang PD as Mr. Tipton

  • Where is he
  • who is he
  • what is he
  • everyone’s favourite somehow
  • actually the reason why shit is happening
  • can be a lil insensitive sometimes (TREAT SEOKJIN RIGHT DAMMIT)
  • but its all cool bruh