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jasper jordan appreciation week » day 2 - favourite quote
˪ 2x06 - jasper’s first attempt at holding a motivational speech

hc that one of hunk’s comfort things is watching tv shows!!! he remembers nearly every line of his favourite episodes and if you get him talking he’ll analyze the shitt outta them … i also believe wholeheartedly that hunk and lance are die hard lord of the rings fans and used to marathon them together as kids. (they quote the: “frodo wouldn’t have gotten far without sam” *insert soft look* scene every. fucking. day.) 

idk i just think that hunk being really into pop culture is a rly likely thing but really the point to this is that i want to sit with hunk garrett and watch lord of the rings

k i kinda want to finally start using this blog and idk any other way to find blogs so reblog (likes dont count srry) if u post:

  • art/journals/etc. idk
  • history (american in particular but really anything,,,)
  • mythology
  • classic lit (i rly like catcher, lotf n gatsby but again Anything is fine lol)
  • writing (poetry, prose, quotes, idc!!!) 
  • webcomics!!
  • aestheticy things?? ye
  • (and i also like pjo/hoo, harry potter, and aph!!!!!)

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Why is it that Namoon's words always make me cry oh god. He's such an intelligent person who thinks so thoroughly about things and as someone who does that too, it's comforting and interesting to see what he think and it's just.. I'd give anything to have a deep conversation with this guy, man I love him

yes…even i havent been translating fancafe for that long and sometimes the message isnt the same, theres always two exact things he said that I always remember (both from different posts);

“No matter what position the world defines us in, I want our eyes to match at the same level”


“Things like this….they happen to you after living so long. Stay alive and see them.”

I hope everyone can feel his sincerity, and how much he tries to love the world and everyone in it. 


“as soon as I got out there, 
i felt a strange relationship with the pitcher’s mound.”

“it was as if I’d been b o r n out there.”

- babe ruth

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Well. If you even decided to watch specific onision videos. You might see that he does the titles to let people click. And usually says entirely different things in the video. Plus the cutting videos have helplines in the end. And throughout them.

Well. I used to watch his shitty videos so I know what I’m talking about.

“I would say ‘what are you fucking stupid?’, but I already fucking know you are because you fucking cut yourself” Onision talking about cutting.

“If you can’t stop (cutting) then you’re literally fucking crazy” Onision talking about cutting.

“Stop being a dumbshit and get fucking help.” Onision talking about cutting.

“Real victims” lol okay so people that live w depression and that only have the release of harming themselves are not ‘’’real’’’ victims. ok onion.

he’s transphobic


is sexist and has 0 tolerance towards religions (Burka =/= quitting your job and kneeling before your husband)

slut shames

yeah bc having sex w ppl is a sin


Makes fun of people from different countries (I rly don’t want to watch his totally unfunny/repetitive/unoriginal videos to find actual quotes) and is racist (again, i would rather chew my arm off than watch any more of his shite videos. I mean, u literally said that he has to use provocative titles to get views, oh dear). 

He manipulates his young and impressionable audience and basically tells them that being racist/ableist/transphobic/fatphobic/sexist/etc is okay.

But, honestly, why do you defend him? He doesn’t like his fans, he doesn’t give a shit about his fans. 

yikes yikes

yeah ok that was pretty brief but u get the idea. there are many blogs here on tumblr that know much more about his problematic behaviour than I do, so check them out. (Also, credit to the rightful owners of the screenshots)


after losing too many people i make a special effort

please dont remove caption !! (this collection / 12:18 tomorrow morning / all my writing)

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If cr1tikal made shirts with quotes from his videos id wear them, tho i do want a hotfeed shirt. Actually tank tops. Yes tank tops would be great. In any case I just want merch from him

For real tho, he really should… shirts w his quotes on them would probably be rly popular… give us the goods, cr1tikal.