but i rly like this photo it;'s so cute

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im looking at ur masterlist and im sad!! bc theres no minghao there!!! may i request college minghao please!!!

aaa im sorry !!! here u go💗

  • minghao is one of those college students who is quiet and soft-looking but also seems like he may break ur arm in a fight
  • u usually end up sitting next to him in class + to begin with he doesn’t rly say much and just seems rly studious
  • one day u miss the beginning of a lecture so at the end u ask if u can take photos of his notes
  • then when ur looking back over them later u realise he’s decorated them with barii-san and kumamon stickers which u kinda find cute ??
  • from then on u seem to notice him round school more often
  • he always goes round wearing a massive hoodie and oversized glasses (a smol)
  • if the teacher calls on him he seems to go all pink cheeked
  • then he’ll flash nervous glances at u before pretending to be more confident than he actually feels
  • he always gets the right answer and seems to get perfect scores in class despite the majority of his notes being cartoon stickers
  • he’s always willing to lend u stationary and smirks whenever u struggle with the clicky bit on the top of his pens bc he finds it adorable
  • after a while he realises u have a habit of forgetting it so he presents u with a brand new stationary kit whilst trying to play it cool as if he totally didn’t spend 2 hours trying to pick the perfect one for u
  • u repay him by always trying to starting conversation and walking with him between classes just bc .. u can feel urself beginning to warm up to him more and more
  • you might text him asking if he can explain some class work to u so he’ll gladly agree to meet up in the school library and help out
  • sometimes you’ll study together and he’ll just put one earphone in the ear furthest away from u and ever so slightly bob his head up and down
  • he always buys u coffee for class on monday mornings bc he knows u struggle sleeping sometimes and can barely make it out of bed
  • if u don’t do too well on a test he’ll be extra supportive and offer to help u go over what u didn’t get
  • .. or just invite u round to play video games and binge eat
  • he’ll send u songs to check out and will listen to them with u whilst ur studying which involves him getting flustered over how close ur sitting and the way u smile at him when u like a bit in the song
  • he loves hanging out with u and secretly gets sad when u can’t
  • after u find out that (thanks to his help) ur grades are one of the best in the class, u excitedly run to tell minghao and almost end up bowling him over when u throw ur arms around him like “we did it we did it we did it we did it!!!!!!!!”
  • when u pull away his face is red and his eyes are wide and it takes him three attempts to get his mouth to form coherent words
  • he eventually manages to explain that it was u who put the hard work in so u should be proud of urself altho ur not really listening just bc of how thrilled u are
  • u both develop natural habits of physical contact, like he’ll brush ur hair out ur face if ur telling a story so he can see u better
  • he always does the shyest little laugh at ur jokes
  • then one night u unknowingly both turn up to the same party
  • it just so happens that ur only friend there and his only friend there get drunk and end up eating each other’s tongues in the kitchen
  • u both awkwardly kind of stand together waiting for them to finish but end up getting bored
  • so u both go outside and sit yourselves away from everyone else whilst looking at the stars for a bit
  • minghao suddenly blurts “u look rly pretty tonight” whilst swinging his legs back and forth nervously
  • u turn to look at him in astonishment but u notice how his eyes are firmly fixated upon the floor is if he’s too embarrassed to look at u
  • so u reply “thank u, ur looking pretty good urself” which is the understatement of the century
  • at that remark face flushes bright pink so u giggle a little and teasingly poke him in the cheek
  • then to ur surprise he gently intertwines ur fingers hovering near his face with his before placing ur interlocked hand and his in his lap
  • he mumbles something to u in chinese, not expecting u to understand
  • but he underestimates ur love for chinese dramas
  • so u say “i love u??????”
  • and his face goes slack as he panics and he’s like “y-you understood that???”
  • instead of answering his question u just smile at him and look back at the sky
  • u softly squeeze his hand and reply “wo ye ai ni” [i love you too]

Tony’s POV

“You should take some photos for the yearbook!” Reece hit my arm lightly as we wandered the halls.

“Isn’t that a little bit creepy though, catching people off guard?” I fumbled with the camera in my hands.

“It’s called a candid dude, I know they’ll love it. If they don’t, the yearbook club will,” She shrugged, edging the camera closer to my face.

“Can you at least tell me who they are so I don’t seem like a major creep?” I sighed.

“Well you met Sydney earlier, that’s one of her good friends Dana. I don’t really like Dana, I think she had a thing with Mark, no one really knows,” She pointed towards Sydney and Dana sitting aimlessly at one of the tables.

“That’s Harry, the biggest goofball I’ve ever met. Really fun drunk. That’s Victoria behind him, I’ve hardly spoken to her, seems like a real sweetheart. Very quiet person,”

“The one and only Mark Roberts, Sydney’s brother. He thinks he’s real hot stuff. He doesn’t like a lot of people, explains why we’re always on and off. See? That’s Erin arguing with him now. I think he yelled at her brother. And in the background there’s Adrian, super lovely guy, you’d love him,”

There was a certain beauty to capturing people in the moment, an innocence, purity or what have you. Reece claimed this was my calling, I think it’s just fun.