but i rly do wanna play


Earthbound doodles from a bit ago for vinnys stream ( @vinesauce )!!! i cant wait to beat the game with you guys live when i have time to rly put my heart into it. i have a few more earthbound arts i wanna post on their own

i wanna do more sketches bc this is nowhere near where i wanna be w these kids yet (i love the paula face in the 2nd tho) and its best i wait till i can play again and rly get back into it. for now i can only listen to the OST on repeat lol

also. im love Paula… i lo bv .. he r…

~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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sataeminism  asked:

my bet is that taem's upcoming jpn concept will be Mass Murder we're all gonna die

thank god I can always trust taemin to bring those concepts we really need. Thanks taemin for finally fulfilling my wish to Die i cant wait to see how it plays out

obviouslyemma  asked:

HI I RLY LOVE UR ACCOUNT AND I WANNA REQUEST A HEADCANNON! could you possibly do the gang playing the 7 second challenge? (if you can't that's completely fine, I'll understand) thank you😁


Dallas Winston
- ok this boy would curse sooooo much
- ‘Fuck, SHIT, god, man, fuck, who the fuck has that?’
- ‘ha I got it ya little shit!’
- 'What the fuck no u timed it wrong?!’
- he is a competitive little shit
Johnny Cade
- ok Johnny would be the absolute fucking best at it
- very stealthy and gracefully
- '1…2…3..-’
- 'got it!’
- ’…how the fuck?’
Two bit Matthews
-usually the one counting
- always fucking laughing
- gives the most random objects to find
- 'Two…we are in Oklahoma with no ocean access.’
- 'I want a surfboard god damn it!’
- very stubborn
- also hates losing and will be very butt hurt
Steve Randle
- 'ah shit ah shit ah shit’
- not graceful
- …like at all
- 'who put that fucking bucket their?!’
- 'stop counting so fast!’
- 'Soda imma skin you if u keep countin that fast!’
- laughs hysterically at everyone else
- also a very competitive shit
Sodapop Curtis
- he’s does the frantic yell type thing
- the entire time he is looking for something he does that
- very chaotic and frantic
- it’s hilarious
Ponyboy Curtis
- very graceful during the first few seconds the nets very very clumsy
- quiet but frantic
- when he’s running out of time he repeats Darry’s name over and over again monotonously
- 'Darry, Darry, Darry, Darry, Darry, Darry HeLp.’
Darry Curtis
- ’…children.’
- he’s too good for this shit
- 'if you break anything Randle I’ll throw you out so fast it will make ur head spin.’
- 'I can’t play I’m busy being a mature person.’
- ends up playing and being a complete child

kirishimatoukaa  asked:

Hey, can i what color do you use for shading? and how do you pick colors in general?

OK I GET THESE QUESTIONS PRETTY OFTEN so im gonna try and explain it a bit!!! (i wanna say that this “explanation” is probably very badly worded and confusing since 1) english is not my first language and 2) im rly awful at explaining things i do that are based on my own feelings)

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pumpkin-tea-party  asked:

Is it just me or do Kliff and Shulk look like each other?

Your right… Shulk kinda looks like Kliff if he played a lot pf KH and decided to base his aesthetic around it!! XD Alternatively Kliff could be Shulks dnd self insert lol :p Maybe one day they’ll meet in Smash!

Kliff is so cute tho?? 10/10 wold hug!! Also I really wanna try on Shulks sweater, it looks so comfy!! Drawing this reminded me I need to play the xenoblade chronicles haha

So for anyone who asked or suggested bmc songs for the animatic– im already working on one for The Play yayy its fucking 6 minutes long plus the fight between jeremy and michael i wanna put in there and ive only ever done one 3 minute animatic so thats fun
Ill probably do rly tiny shorts or those shitpost vids w stand up comedy bits first – AS PRACTICE OR SMTH

anonymous asked:

bruh you know that one screenshot of the message on deviantart of the guy who tells some dude to stop getting art done of bukakke twilight sparkle because she's his fiance? can you do your super spy internet sleuthing to find out who he is bc honestly i rly wanna know how that marriage is going

I have found him. I won’t post his real name, but here’s what I found out

  • he and Twilight Sparkle actually got married
  • according to his deviantart, he and Twilight Sparkle are still happily married (as of may 5, 2017)
  • they enjoy playing video games together (Tomb Raider), watching Netflix (educational and scifi shows, mostly), and catching up on YouTube subscriptions over breakfast
  • there’s lots of pictures of him and Twilight Sparkle, they look like they’re having a good time
  • he did get banned from his own roleplaying site though, which is impressive

I have lots of posts/social media accounts but considering it wasn’t immediately obvious to find I’ll respect his privacy and not link to anything too incriminating. to answer your question, though, the marriage is going fine!

Red Vs. Blue is just a tabletop game where no one takes anything seriously

I talked about this w @bigbuffbarabutt forever ago and I can’t belive I never posted about it. 

  • Vic is the GM
  • Carolina and her serious tabletop group

  • Church is like her #edgy little brother who decides to start his OWN tabletop group with other kids on the block and it’ll be in SPACE and A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN YOURS CAROLINA.

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hey guys! i recently remade my simblr & i need people to follow! so, if you play maxis match, it’d be cool if you could reblog this. :0
i usually post cas edits and sporadic gameplay, & i rly love bright colors. i like bts & blackpink, horror movies & rpg games, if you wanna talk to me abt anything thats not sims! (pls do, i love to talk)


thank you boo @parkjmini for always tagging me in these cute things even tho I never do them ))): I honestly rarely post anything but here’s the lock screen+home screen, last played song and selfie tag 💛💛💛💛💛 

 …can u tell how whipped I am for a certain PARK 🐤 (also as u can see I really love and miss orange jimin) 

anyways I’m tagging @jjkboo @nutonmyfacejimin @bangtantaegi @tahyungs bc I rly love you all but u don’t have to do these if you don’t want to ofc I just wanna get to know u better ❤️

my ugly ass voice (wanna one voice tag)
edit: nvm this can't be played & tumblr saved y'all from hearing me
my ugly ass voice (wanna one voice tag)

EDIT: nevermind LOL something went wrong and it can’t be played but i’m still tagging y’all if you wanna do it!

tagged by @kimjaehwanswife @extraongdinary and @emperorhwangs!

this is take 3 bc the first one sounded weird and the second one fucked up on my phone ahfdhagksf and rui i’m sorry if i mispronounced your name ^^;;  (i ended this rly quickly so i wouldn’t go back and try to record again)

pls suffer with me, i am tagging (only if you want to!): @kangdan101 @ongsecngwoo @l-guanlin @woojinnies @ongeuigeon @lovebugi @wannabl @minyeodan @2hyeons @cafewoozi @minhwangs (i know you’re not gonna do it but i’m still gonna tag you LOL) 


SO! I finally got Breezehome decorated fairly well, still room for improvement of course, but it’s still fairly early! Sorry for the picture spam, but I just really wanted to go for a certain visual storytelling with this? So you can kind of see how mama orc merc and her lil cub live, what they like to do in their spare time and whatnot.Not sure how well that came across? It might just look like mindless clutter…

Mods Used:

(click pictures for captions)

if ur making toys or games, its rly important to know that whoever’s using it will Definitely just do their own thing. fuck the intended purpose, mario kart is now hide and seek and barbie sits on murder trials