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voltron character posters 1/7 → lance

I revamped some of the Steven/Crystal Gem fusions I did awhile back because… well I didn’t like a lot of things about them. Obviously they’ll all be proven wrong when the canon fusions eventually come out but it’s fun to think about what they’d look like!

Titanium Quartz - Steven + Bismuth

Tangerine Quartz - Steven + Peridot

Smoky Quartz - Steven + Amethyst

Cherry Quartz - Steven + Garnet

Rainbow Quartz - Steven + Pearl

Spirit Quartz - Steven + Lapis

Ohhhh IMade a challenge. Try it out?


  1. Draw your OC with an item significant to them.
  2. Draw your OC sleeping.
  3. Draw your OC with someone from their past.
  4. Draw your OC doing something awkward.
  5. Draw your OC with your favorite Disney Character.
  6. Draw your OC Battling! ! (Another OC or a fav. character)
  7. Draw your OC caught doing something out of character.
  8. Draw your OC from/in a different time period.
  9. Draw your OC as a baby.
  10. Draw your OC Chuck Jones style.
  11. Draw your OC with a super hero.
  12. Draw your OC as an Elder.
  13. Draw your OC with a Weapon.
  14. Draw your OC playing an instrument
  15. Draw your OC in a famous movie scene/still.
  16. Draw your OC in a different color scheme.
  17. Draw your OC’s with their dream guy/girl.
  18. Draw your OC eating their favorite food.
  19. Draw your OC on a date.
  20. Draw your OC in a style you despise.
  21. Draw your OC Hanna-Barbera style.
  22. Draw your OC as the opposite gender.
  23. Draw your OC playing a game/sport.
  24. Draw your OC in a scene from your favorite book
  25. Draw your OC under the weather.
  26. Draw your OC’s favorite expression
  27. Draw your OC intoxicated/high/or horny.
i toss and turn

Pairing: Keith/Lance
Words: 6749
Chapters: 1/1
For @catnippackets

Keith is sick, and someone comes to check in on him.

He’s just about to try to smother himself again when his door whooshes open. His eyes dart automatically towards the door, and he squints at the figure. It’s tall and skinny and dark, which leaves only one person it could be. Lance.

His heart does a tiny little kick in his chest, and he has to redouble his efforts not to cover his face again. Of all of the people who would come to check on him, it would be Lance.

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Love Me Down Hair Revamp

  • BGC
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Hat Compatible
  • Old recolors WILL NOT work with this hair sadly, the textures are the same though so if you want to update your recolors of it you can; the old post is still up on my blog, if anybody recolored that version and doesn’t want to update.
  • Recolors Allowed(Don’t include the mesh)
  • Also recolored in @dustflwr Anathema Palette
  • Custom Thumbnails for all files
  • You CAN NOT have this version and the old version in your game at the same time. The old version will override this revamped version

What’s different?

I removed doubles, added recolors for the anathema palette, fixed holes and uv texture issues, added correct LOD’s, and that’s about it? There wasn’t much ‘broken’ with this hair tbh.

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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anonymous asked:

This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes

Headcanon that after Matt and Dan’s wedding, everyone is sitting around (most of them drunk) and they all decide to disclose their Lists (for celeb banging ofc) and Dan goes first and gives the names of an actor, a soccer player, and, to everyone’s surprise, a male ballet dancer. 

Allison has a couple of musicians on her list. Renee swears she’s never heard of this List thing, but she promises to come up with at least one name by the end of the night. Aaron grudgingly admits that there are at least five actresses that he would totally bang given the opportunity, and Katelyn isn’t at all shy about listing off her celebrities.

Nicky’s list is too long to even bother going over, but Neil is situated in the lineup somewhere between eighth choice and fifth choice “because it just depends on the night, Neil, but don’t worry you’re still pretty.” 

Neil is also right at the top of Matt’s list, and at this point Andrew just casually sets his hand on top of Neil’s knee and meets Nicky and Matt’s gazes with an icy one of his own. So Matt, who is drunk and honestly doesn’t give a shit anymore, asks Andrew who’s on his List and Andrew just casually replies “I don’t need a list” and then Matt asks Neil and Neil says “it’s only ever been Andrew” and Nicky loses his shit because fuck Andrew and Neil are so in love and it’s really gross tbh like get them out of my face


EA Wavy Hair I Revamped

Hi everyone, your girl here is back with another EA mesh revamp. A lot of you have been asking for wavy or long hair, so here is the first of the many more yet to come. I am going to include an override version of my revamped hairs from now on - they will have no custom thumbnails. Remember to pick only one package when downloading. Enjoy 💙

  • BGC
  • Teen-Elder, Female
  • 18 EA swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • hat compatible
  • enabled for vampires & aliens

Check the before (EA) and after (my edit):

♦ ♦ ♦ DOWNLOAD ♦ ♦ ♦
Pick only one!
Separate version [SimFileShare]
Override version [SimFileShare]


hey i revamped my era 1 peridot design! i made her more elite looking and gave her a more distinct silhouette + made her hair shape better. otherwise all ideas and abilities apply from the previous design.

this particular peridot, while only an example of how era1 units look like, is supposed to be the main engineer in prime kindergarden, which technically would make her sort of a mom for the famethyst (hence the kitty look)

[do not repost my art. do not use my art without my permission, for monetary gain and without crediting me. fanart of my designs is of course welcome! as long as you credit me + link to this post]