but i remember to have she will be loved on my ipod

Don't You Remember? (Adele)

This is a birthday present for my wife, Tesla! She thought I was gonna write her something, so I surprised her by singing one of her favorite Adele songs instead! I swear, I must have recorded this 100 times, 100 different ways. This was the best one. I apologize if the audio quality is a little wonky, I’m by no means a professional singer nor do I have professional recording equipment. Just my iPod recording me singing along to an instrumental version of this song from YouTube. Anyway… 

Hope you like it, Tes! I love you so much! Happy birthday @bovaria!

Hey Taylor! So let me tell you about my best friend of 15 years, Kassidy. We met the first day of kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. We have been the BIGGEST fans of yours since the 6th grade and we are now juniors in college. I remember asking her in 6th grade if she had heard the song “Tim McGraw”. We instantly loved the way you set yourself apart with your creative lyrics. This soon turned into rushing home after school in 8th grade to listen to the Fearless album the day it came out. We jammed to Fearless for two years and became even bigger fans. We even listened to “Fifteen” on our first day of high school because we had figured out by this time that you were OBVIOUSLY just writing songs about our lives. We would have gone to the Fearless Tour, however the day it came to our town we had a basketball game. It was devastating and I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about that yet. We did the same thing throughout high school, when Speak Now came out in tenth grade we rushed to my house and listened album. We even convinced out chemistry teacher to let us listen to the album during class (and turned everyone into swifties) and spent the next two years relating to the Speak Now songs, because like I mentioned earlier they were OBVIOUSLY meant for us. We also went to the Speak Now tour which was the absolute best night ever. Then senior year, Red came out and we did the usual go listen to the album after school and obsess over it. This album made us convinced that you really just wrote songs about us. We went to the Red Tour at the end of of senior year and it was AMAZING.  It was the best way to end our 13 years together throughout school. Then after high school we went to different colleges in two different states, over 3 hours away from each other. It was a big adjustment, but of course we still remained best friends. When 1989 came out it was a little different this time. We couldn’t listen to the songs together anymore. So FaceTime had to do. We talked after class and went through all the songs together and once again talked about the brilliance of our favorite person, Taylor. We are currently and constantly obsessing over 1989 and we will be seeing you in Nashville on September 26!!! And also seeing each other for the first time since August so that’s a big deal too. Taylor, we would absolutely LOVE to meet you, and thank you, and tell you some really hilarious stories from our friendship that involve you. You have been such a huge part of our friendship and meeting you would be an absolute dream!!! We will be in Section 224 Row E Seats 10-11. WE CAN NOT WAIT AND WE WILL SEE YOU SOON.


I have just been thinking about how happy I am lately and I am so emotional because it is the end of my junior year and I am going to be a senior next year. It makes me smile so big that Taylor has been with me since elementary school. LIKE THAT IS SO CRAZY TO THINK ABOUT? I remember walking home from school listening to our song and you belong with me on MY IPOD NANO, coming home from middle school crying and listening to mean, dramatically staring out the window of the school bus to Sad Beautiful Tragic AND BLASTING SHAKE IT OFF in the car with my friends. It is just so comforting to me that she has been there for me all these years. I love you so much Taylor! :)