but i remember this video so clearly

My Teddy Bear (M)

word count: 3.3k

genre: smut (this is really dirty and self-indulgent im so sorry) ; domestic AU

pairing: reader/changkyun

summary: you’re best friends & roommates with changkyun; as close as two people could be without being married or related. but one night, you overhear something that changes your relationship with him forever. question is: is it for the better?


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So the Formula 1 challenge put this up and there were quite a few interesting points in the video:

  • Most drivers not exactly sitting with their teammates (that is, Lewis and Esteban were sitting next to each other and I’m slightly screaming).
  • The main guy asking Jenson if he had any thoughts from the Spanish GP.
  • Actual discussion about the incident with Seb and Lewis which made it much clearer as to what happened.
  • Felipe is amazing and is clearly very sensible and smart. 
  • “Maybe it’s a little faded.” “Funny you should say that, it’s been painted about six times.”
  • “He is supposed to retired, remember?”
  • “Instead of the yellow trampoline…” Oh, Daniil.

Basically, this was like watching the morning post-assembly briefing at school and Liberty Media needs to give us more videos like this, because it’s clearly great!

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I don't know how to study. All through high school I never needed to and now I'm at Uni, I don't know how. I'm so stressed and so behind. Please help

Hey babe! I’ve been in your exact position before, and I know how overwhelming it feels. Building study skills basically from scratch is a lot of work, I won’t lie, but it’s totally doable! There are a few different things you’ll need to do;

1. Get a planner. Preferably a cute one that you want mind keeping on your dresser all the time. Put every single due date, reading date, class activity, everything in it. Then, go one step further and put start dates in too – at least three days before the assignment is due if it’s simple homework, longer for bigger projects. Always give yourself more time than you need. Be sure to look at your planner first thing every morning, and stick to what it says! Discipline is key. 

2. Find out your learning style. A little bit of research online can help you figure it out and give you some helpful resources to use this to your advantage. After you’ve figured this out, you can come up with a plan to effectively study for each subject. 

3. Don’t get burnt out. Studying for long periods of time without breaks is a sure fire way to not remember a thing. Give yourself plenty of breaks, and make time for friends and other things you enjoy. 

4. Learn to ask for help when you need it. This is one that I still need to get better at; I’m always afraid of inconveniencing people, but the truth is your teachers and classmates are happy to help if you need it! Go to office hours, start a study group, take advantage of on-campus tutoring if it’s available.

5. Use online resources if you need clarification. There’s so much information right at your finger tips, so take advantage of it! If you’re confused about anything, big or small, chances are someone else out there has been, too. Do a a quick search for articles or videos that may explain things more clearly than your textbook or teacher does. I’m a big fan of Khan Academy!

6. Study like you eat. I heard somewhere that you wouldn’t just eat one huge meal and hope it lasted all week, so you shouldn’t study that way either. Studying in shorter, more regular intervals will help the information stick better than just cramming right before a test.

7. Relax! You can totally handle this, it’ll just take a little time to adjust. Remember to take plenty of time to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Get plenty of sleep, eat as healthy as you can, and drink plenty of water. Feeling your best means you can perform your best, so make self care a priority!

Best of luck at university!

AntiSepticEye Theory

Alright, my turn for a theory (probably sucks but whatever ^^)

well, to me I think Dr Scheenplestein is good. But I also think that he also created Anti on accident, and is trying to make a vaccine to get rid of Anti. like Anti on Anti. And maybe his first test subject was Chase. That`s why Anti could also be coming after them to stop the vaccine from working.

Or maybe he’s testing on Jack first and that’s why he was sick in the video?

maybe that’s why Scheenp was there in his house to look after Jack!

OMG yeah he would have tested on Jack first because he said he saved jack once. Anti attacked Jack first and Scheenp is trying to stabilize Jack!!

YEAH, so then since he thought it was a success Scheenp thought to give himself the vaccine. But clearly its not working anymore and is wearing off. So he’s trying to make a stronger vaccine then tested that on Chase. I don’t remember but I think Chase needed money maybe to see his kids or family again (don’t quote me on that), so maybe Scheenp paid Chase to take the Vaccine. but then that vaccine could be wearing off as well so Scheenp is under pressure which doesn’t help his case. Considering that he’s in Jack’s house trying to stabilize Jack but isn’t able to do anything for himself. Then ANTI APPEARS.

well that was one sucky theory but I hope you like it XD

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Leela! This was my favorite live show! This one really felt so warm and cozy and he looked so happy and soft and was talking to us like a friend with how he was talking about his feelings and mental health and just trying to explain things without giving too much away and ahh I love Daniel Howell so much! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

where to begin y’all. everything that you said and more–this live show was just so great. it wasn’t one of the ones that maybe necessarily gave us tons of new insight into dan or phil or their lives, but it was so good because dan is so clearly doing okay right now. he’s happy. it’s radiating off of him. maybe part of it is the stark contrast to how he was in live shows during feb/march, maybe part of it is our own confirmation bias and our desire to connect this dan—live and taking time out of his evening to speak with us—to all of the big changes we’ve been seeing from him,,, but regardless, in an absolute sense, dan is definitely happy and that is probably the fundamental reason why this live show felt so lovely. 

i went back to read some of my notes on his last few live shows before writing this one and it was surreal to see how many of my comments were about how negative he was being. he inserted a joke about wanting death or being an ugly rat or failing at most things in life so frequently. he constantly berated his own approaches to various things in his life and alluded to struggling with a lot of his own internal thoughts. in contrast, this live show contained a grand total of zero comments regarding death. zero comments about being ugly or terrible. he of course noted flaws in his approach to youtube and things of that nature, but he didn’t really criticize himself for them, and instead pinned them back to his own mental health and the way his personality works and offered up constructive ways that he’s thinking about dealing with all of it. it was like watching,, not a different person, but a strangely calmer person—someone who has clearly spent some time reflecting on these things and has gotten himself to a better and calmer headspace. 

the best part about the happiness in this liveshow for me is that it wasn’t really communicated through words (he never actually said that he’s really happy or excited or anything like that.) and it wasn’t like he totally avoided talking about his fears or his flaws in a way that would actually be disingenuous. it was all a bit more subtle and (to use his own refrain) ~authentic~ than that. it was there in the way he couldn’t get through so many sentences without breaking into a laugh or a big smile. it was there in the way he talked about the audience—a bit gushy at times, but mostly fond and appreciative. genuinely. it was there, of course, in the little asides he shared about phil and about their plans for the future. it’s fun to think about what may have helped this shift along. maybe it was time away in singapore, taking a step back to reflect on how far they’ve come and how much they’ve achieved and how very bright their future looks regardless of its specifics, or maybe it’s because the hard things he’d been dreading (like moving on some level bc it’s stressful, and also the ‘rebrand’) are now over and done with and he can just settle in the aftermath. and all of this sort of fits with what we know of the person that dan has been basically forever. he’s someone who spirals and even anguishes in the stretches of time before a decision is made. he doubts himself and he fears being scrutinized or judged. he’s afraid of what people will say but at the same time wants to be above all of it and make decisions that reflect what he really wants. it’s clear that the last couple of months, just from what we know and what he’s told us, have been filled with these sort of troubling internal struggles, but dan has also always been the person that appears to find solace and fulfillment in the certainty of a decision being made. he seems to be much more at ease once he has figured out the right way to proceed and actually executed it, because even if the decision backfires or goes wrong, he’s okay defending it, he’s okay because he knows he thought it through and did what felt best to him and whatever comes from it is of secondary importance. sticking to a choice you’ve made, or believing in that choice, is a lot easier than a belabored process of weighing between options and thinking about how each option reflects on who you are as a person. all of this to say. i’m glad that for the time being things seemed to have calmed down, and he’s happy. i’m glad he wants to share so much of that with us. i thought i’d go through some specific insights by general topic area, under a cut for once bc in actuality this is the longest thing i’ve ever written about them it’s obnoxious~~

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Hey girl! I would like some quick advise, I'm starting university soon and I was wondering what are your top list of things I would need to survive 😊

Hi! I’ll do a mix of stationery and then random things you should try to organise.

Stationery wise I’d recommend:

  • a 4 ring binder (and plastic sleeves) - any brand will do really! I put all my subjects into one folder
  • notebooks - I use the Arc Notebook for all my subjects and love it. I find it easier to have a single notebook with dividers, rather than carrying several individual books. However any notebook(s) would be fine. You can decide if you’d like spiral, A4 or A5, etc.
  • planner - this can be any you like or even digital version! I tend to go for smaller planner if I’m actually taking it to uni. I have some planner printables available on my Etsy :-)
  • pens/markers - I’d recommend the Staedtler 432 pens and Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters! They’re relatively cheap and widely available!
  • pencil case - I only take a few pens to uni so my pencil is only small. I don’t think it’s necessary to take a huge pencil case so just any will be okay!
  • etc - this goes for post-it notes, page flags, etc! I love to-do list pads and post-it notes to help keep me organised!

Random things wise I’d recommend:

  • researching your class as much as you can - try to get an idea of what your class includes, any topics that might pop up, the kind of assessments you get. It is really good to have an indication of what it coming up. It is also a great idea to visit your room locations. Knowing exactly where to go is super handy if you get tend to get stressed or overwhelmed on a first day.
  • schedule - print yourself a weekly timetable which includes all your classes! I have done this but I’m now going back in to add in prompts of things to do afterwards. When I get home, I need to remember to plug in my laptop to charge and do readings before the next day so having it clearly reminded on my timetable will hold me accountable.
  • organise your laptop - super simple to do and can be so helpful in the long run. My files go 2017 > Spring Semester > Class > Week > Files/Readings/Etc. I’m hoping to do a video on my YouTube about my setup soon!
  • sign up for unidays - might as well get discounts whilst you’re a student!! Has options for lots of shops, including fashion ones and even Apple!
  • understand that is scary but people are in the same boat as you - I was really nervous my first few weeks but so is everyone! Most people have never experience university and have come straight from high school. You’re all going through the same thing! This makes it easier to talk and make friends!
  • explore your campus - there are awesome things to do at every university, so go and have a look around! It is also a great way to find spots to eat and study!
  • get a backpack - my gosh, did I make this mistake. First day I wore a shoulder bag and I regretted it the morning I stepped off the train. My laptop is the heaviest MacBook and you could totally feel it in my shoulder :-( Save yourself the hassle and get a backpack!
  • be open minded - this is something I need to remember! It’s been my first week back this week and I have been dreading one of my subjects because I found the reading incredibly difficult. However, now that I’ve had the class I’m a little less nervous and not as against it! Some classes take a bit of getting used to but most will fall into place.
  • have a semester overview - I’ve finally made one for myself and can’t wait to use it. I typed up my classes and each reading/assessment task due each week. It will help keep me on track and reminded of what I need to do!
  • get a LinkedIn - now that you’re at university, you can start building up your resume. LinkedIn is such a great site which you can use to promote yourself and see new job opportunities!

Hope this helps! Best of luck for your first day x

😊Perfect (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Based off of the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Basically Gray and Y/N have been friends forever who fell in love.

Warnings: None

A/N: Flashbacks will be italicized and lyrics will be bold and italicized. Also this is in Gray’s POV and it’s as if he’s writing you a letter :) relieving your life together if that makes sense?

Originally posted by dolanslife

Grayson’s POV

I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

“Come on Y/N it’s not that deep!” I shouted at you. You were freaking out about having to jump into the creek by our house. You were scared you were going to hurt yourself.

“Grayson what if I fall?” You yelled to me as I started laughing. I remember your hair was all over the place as you were panicking. You looked over the ledge and shivered. In reality it was about four feet high, but six year us thought it was more of 15 feet high.

“You won’t Y/N! I’ll catch you if I have to!” Well it was safe to say that I didn’t catch you. You were crying so hard and the only thing I knew to do to get you to stop crying was kiss you. I pressed my lips to your cheek. You did stop crying. We pretended everything was fine. Until your mom, who was a nurse, noticed the notch in your shoulder. In fact, I spent that summer by your side while you were in a cast after shattering your arm and fracturing your collarbone. Your dad was not too happy with me. We were the best of friends until about 11 years later when I got into my first real relationship. I’m sorry again.

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“Y/N meet Ruby. Ruby this is my best friend Y/N.” I introduced you to my girlfriend Ruby. Remember her? She had dark red hair and a few piercings. We had history together with Ethan and her. I remember having the biggest crush on her. Finally I asked for her number and that was how we became a thing. I didn’t notice the way you would shut down around her. I didn’t notice your smile fading away anytime we all hung out. I didn’t see the way she would take me away from you. I’m so sorry Y/N. There would be nights I would call you at 2am and you stayed on the phone until school at 7 that morning. I remember calling you freaking out over Ruby not texting me back or if she was hanging out with guys. You would calm me down and we would get so deep in conversation to the point I would forget why I even called. This went on for a year and a few months until Ruby and I decided not to be together anymore. And I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize you were the one waiting for me.

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‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow,
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

But I was too late. You had met Brad. Remember Brad? You were absolutely crazy over him. I mean who wouldn’t be? You were gorgeous with your tan skin and black hair. He was tall dark and handsome. He was a second year senior when we were juniors. He was an older man. Ethan was his friend, but I wasn’t. I remember you asked me one day during homeroom “Why don’t you like Brad?” I just chuckled and I shook it off. Until one night it all came out.

Ethan, you, and me were all having one of our best friend dates. It was the weekend of prom. I remember you had bought this sapphire blue dress with silver gems through the chest area. You looked so beautiful in it, but the school didn’t get to see it. Brad had gotten suspended for bringing cigarettes on campus. He was your date. You didn’t want to go if he wasn’t going and Ethan and I didn’t want to go if you weren’t going to be there. We had an anti prom with pizza, video games, and movies. At least that was the plan. I remember that night too clearly.


We were all in the living room. We were all wearing our pajamas. You were lying on one side of the couch on your phone most likely waiting for Brad to text you back while Ethan and I were playing FIFA on the other side. “Y/N do you wanna play?” Ethan asked you, but you didn’t say anything. Just then his phone rang. It was the alarm to go get our pizza and rent a movie for us. Ethan left us alone.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked you gently. Brad was your first love. You looked at me and shook your head.

“I just want him.” You stood up walking over to the window. “It’s a little hot.” You said as you opened the window. You inhaled the crisp spring wind. I walked next to you. The wind blew strands of your hair all over the place. I chuckled noticing the moon reflecting off of your eyes. “I just don’t understand why he picked to go out with his friends tonight. I mean yeah he was suspended, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t hang out and be a couple.” You complained looking over the window ledge. “It’s not fair.” I could see your eyes turning glossy. I pulled you into me and I just held you. You sniffled as my shoulder was becoming damp. Even while you were crying, you were still so beautiful and I was pissed that you were in tears. I hated seeing you cry. Then I remembered the one thing to do to get you to stop crying. I pushed you back a little bit so I could look you in your dark brown eyes. You sniffled and apologized I was seeing you like this. “Sorry you have to see me like this.” You looked away shyly, but I didn’t mind. I tilted your chin up to look me in the eyes. Gosh you were so short.

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“You should find someone who ruins your lipstick and not your mascara.” I said gently. You looked me in the eyes. Our eyes were locked on each other’s as I smiled.

“What type of guy is Brad?” You asked me softly. I inched closer as my eyes flicked from your eyes to your lips.

“Ruins your mascara.” I said barely above a whisper. I remember praying to God that they messed up our pizza order and that Ethan would be gone for so long so I could have this moment. I softly pushed your hair out of your face.

“What about you?” I swallowed hard at your question. I knew you knew the answer by the way you smirked after you asked.

“Ruin your lipstick.” Our eyes exchanged captivating holds again as I gently pressed my lips to yours. You didn’t run. You didn’t pull away. In fact, you kissed me back just as gently.

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Baby, I’m dancing in the dark

With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass,
Listening to our favourite song
When you said you looked a mess,
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it,
Darling, you look perfect tonight

We graduated high school two weeks later. The night of our anti prom, you called Brad and ended things with him. However you didn’t date me right after the break up. You wanted to go on a date beforehand to see how I really did treat you. Our first date was a picnic in the park at night. You were wearing a maroon romper with sandals. I couldn’t get over how amazing you looked. Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes was playing as we ate sandwiches and some fruit. We talked for what felt like hours. At one point, and to this day I still don’t know because I hate dancing, yet somehow I danced with you that night. You were in my arms as we swayed back and forth under the light of the moon. “You look like such a mess.” You giggled as your ran your fingers through my hair. I just laughed and so did you.

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“You look perfect.” I kissed your lips again as we swayed back and forth under the moonlight. I could taste a hint of strawberries and mint on your lips. Out of all the dates I’ve been on, this one was my favorite. Anytime you ask me what my favorite dessert is I always tell you strawberry shortcake. Because of that night I never forgot the taste of strawberries or how you were my shortcake. You would blush anytime I called you that, but I didn’t mind and I knew you didn’t either.

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Well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a lover to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

We dated for about two years before I decided I wanted to have you for the rest of my life. “Will you marry me?” I rehearsed in the bathroom of my house. Yes I texted you and told you to meet me at the park, but I knew that when I didn’t show you would come right here. Where we first kissed. Where we first connected. I ignored all of your messages as I decorated the room with streamers, balloons and rose petals. I did my best to make sure when you saw the house you wouldn’t kill me. I then heard your lovely voice.

“Where the hell is he?” You shouted as you walked into the living room. I stood at the edge of the bed and I pulled out a ring from my pocket. I heard Ethan laughing as your stormed into the room. I could see anger quickly leave your body as tears began to fall.

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N. You are stronger than anyone I know. We share the same dreams, hopes, and I hope that we’ll one day share the same home. You have known all of my secrets from when I blamed Ethan for coloring on the walls to all my sleepless nights. I want you to carry more than just my secrets. I hope one day you’ll carry my children.” Your hands covered your face as you were in shock. “Yes we’re still kids there’s no doubt about that. Your dad didn’t like me after you fell in the creek, but I know he hated Brad more than me. I don’t want what we have with anyone else, because I won’t have it with anyone else. You’re it. I see my future in your eyes Y/N.” You started crying again. “Come on Y/N we’ve been over this. I’m here to ruin your lipstick. Not your mascara.” You started laughing as you were also crying. You started turning red like a strawberry. Now was the time. “Will you marry me?” I asked with hope clear in my voice. You pushed your hair out of your face as Ethan walked into the room. He leaned against the door frame while I waited for your answer.

“Yes.” Was all you said as you tackled me into a hug.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this :)

「 help me 」

• jeon jungkook / reader 

 • fluff ☕︎

 • word count: 3.5k 

※ Summary: As a YouTuber, you’re always trying to find ways to keep the videos on your channel fun and exciting, so naturally, you ask your best friend and also roommate to be your fake boyfriend. Yeah, lying isn’t right. But hey, being a YouTube couple might not be so bad. Especially if it brings in a few more subscribers.

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I think it's important for people to remember, in light of all the Carolina being about a girl thing, is that in the Apple video he says "write an album without people knowing everything about me." So clearly everything is up to interpretation and what the songs are about, aren't always what the lyrics are saying. He still is hiding himself away while being honest.

yeah, and that’s been discussed since SOTT dropped. i think harry’s lyrics have always been more about storytelling and metaphor than an overview of the actual situation and the feelings/emotions that come from that, which i think is where louis (and liam) works from. 

we also had this discussion with MITAM and love you goodbye, with people having an absolute meltdown about it being about elounor, and then with perfect and the obvious haylor references. 

it’s all just storytelling, and the ones that are a little more honest than others (if i could fly, something great) are the ones that don’t see much light outside the fandom for exactly that reason. 

Alec Lightwood Imagine: No Need For Forgiveness


Prompts: 29.“Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.” 
134.“Can you just hear me out? Give me another chance, please.” 

Summary: Reader with sister Clary find out that their mom was killed by Alec who was possessed by a demon. Reader and Alec then get into a fight. After the others manage to defeat the demon, Alec finds reader in the greenhouse and apologizes confessing his feelings for reader.

Word count: 1099

Originally posted by ravsreyes

As I rounded the corner of the corridor leading to Clary’s room, I immediately regretted the decision to go see her. 

I came face to face with a view of Alec and Clary looking at something with horrified expressions on their faces.

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I’ve Already Got Your Heart. (Darkiplier X Reader)

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((What is up everyone, @roseandarkholm here and this is my first upload on my Side Blog! I’d like to thank @justwritingscibbles for their lovely work and inspiring me to make this Blog and its content! I might tag you in my other works if you don’t mind I’m unsure yet but I hope you enjoy the story even if it is a bit short~.))

     When had this started?
     Why had this started?
     What had you done?
     Well the answer to those questions was only known to one Man, Entity really, and whom would never give you a straight answer should you ever ask. If you had the chance to ask. It started out as small things, things you didn’t really notice would happen they were so small, a shadow moving against a wall. A figure that didn’t quite fit in with the crowd but one that got swallowed up by the Sea of people when you tried to seek it out. Static even when an electronic device wasn’t on. Missing objects you’d go crazy trying to find suddenly showing up in the most obvious of places. Things you found yourself longing for would show up on your bed placed out neatly. Your life had turned into a Stalker Mystery though oddly enough you didn’t feel scared even though you knew in this type of situation the victim should be terrified. Yet you weren’t. If anything you looked forward to the little changes in your life; almost like an Angel was watching over you. Then again it could just be someone you knew messing with you.
     Oh how wrong you were to think that.
     So laughably wrong.
     You wouldn’t even notice the type of hell you were in because he didn’t want you to.
     He wanted you to be happy. Depend on him. Seek him out even though he was slowly poisoning you into being the obedient little pet he so deeply craved.
     Oh and how willingly you fell into his trap~.
     You didn’t even see the danger you were in! Such a stupid little creature, humans never were smart when it came to avoiding his type of skill and manipulation so he didn’t really find it all to shocking. What he did find shocking how ever was you. You alone had captivated his thoughts in the otherwise angry void of darkness that had encased his soul, if he had ever had one, and brought a type of light he never knew. You who’s smile could easily turn his raging thoughts into a calm stream that only flowed in one direction. A laugh so beautiful it put any music to shame with how the sound carried and how care free it seemed to be.
     Oh he’d have you. Someway he’d have you as his and his alone.
     Dark had been going about his little plan for Months. Slowly weaving himself into your thoughts, your curiosity, your life, until it seemed he had always been there. A shadow ever looming over you as you went about your day seemingly unaware of the being you had managed to capture the attention of. And you weren’t. Not unless he wanted you to know his presence. Dark had been playing this game so long he couldn’t even remember a time when he hadn’t been the King of what some had taken to calling Cat and Mouse. Today was the day you’d see him, he would make sure of it. Nothing would take his opportunity away from him and no-one would get on his way.
     Watching you had become something of the norm for him, as time passed Dark had memorized your entire life schedule and knew when and where to attack.      Entering your home you sat the bag down that had seemed to grow heavier at the sudden realization of being home you locked the door behind you before sighing. That had been a long day but one you needed to get done and over with in order to move on with your life. Just as you were about to move something stopped you. Your home was…cold. Had it always been this dark? Reaching for the light switch and flicking it a couple of times things seemed to only get worse as the lights above refused to turn on as if scared to do their job. Scoffing with a roll of your eyes you made your way through the darkened, silent halls each sound somehow magnified and so much louder than they usually would seem. “Get it together. It was just a long day.” You muttered to yourself as you neared the sanctuary of your room. Grasping the frozen doorknob your body refused to move as if an invisible wall was stopping you from moving past the point in time you found yourself stuck in. Shaking your head and forcing yourself to open the door you stepped into your room but everything stopped as you saw the figure near your window.
     A tall, dark figure that was barely visible against the shadows that seemed to swirl around your room looked out the window with his hands clasped behind his back unmoving as the door slammed behind you causing you to jump. “There’s no need to be afraid.” The stranger in the suit spoke as he moved his head to the side for a moment as if stretching before standing still once more, “I’m not going to harm you my dear.”
     This was wrong. Who was he and how did he get in your house?! Was he why the lights weren’t working? Looking around your body tensing as static filled your ears once more everything seemed to vanish from sight except for him and that deep darkness edging ever closer to you. “Wh-who are you? H-how did you get in my house?” You attempted a demand hoping that the waver of your voice wouldn’t show just how horrified you truly were.
     A low rumble came from the mans chest, something resembling a chuckle but it was to sweet to be any kind of good in this situation, as he turned to face you. “My dear haven’t you notice everything that’s been happening~? The missing objects you yearned for showing up? What you couldn’t have appearing?” The sweet voice was clearly hiding a deep underlying rage as he spoke, “I thought it would seem obvious who I am. Clearly you need help remembering though. Not your fault, after all Humans are so easily forgetful. I am your everything (Name)~.” The man growled as his form seemed to twitch and shift in ways no Human was able to. It was almost as if he was a Video glitching. His form broke from the calm to something clearly growling with rage seemingly ready to pounce on you causing you some sort of harm before returning to the eery calm it had been only Seconds ago.
     "I-I’m sorry but I…would remember meeting someone like…you.“ You tried to calm the situation though as much as you tried to remain in some sort of self control your feet refused to move from their spot no matter how desperately you tried to force them to take a step away from the Man who’s eyes burned into your very soul, "L-look I-”
     "Yet you clearly don’t! I’ve been there for you when you had no one! I alone have been the one to make you smile when you were in tears! Silently helping you move through this life ad doing everything I can to make you happy! I can give you anything you could ever want yet you can’t even remember I’m the one keeping your life how you want it!“ He snapped before taking a deep breath and fixing his already perfect suit, ”I’ve been here for so long- waiting for the right moment to show myself to you my dear, sweet (Name) yet the moment never seemed right. Until now. You see something about you has captivated my attention. You’ve somehow managed to drill your way into my thoughts and as hard as I try you simply wont leave me be. You see (Name)…I’ve been searching. Searching for someone that will do as I say. Be by my side- my Queen if you will.“ The Man explained while slowly stalking toward you as if he was a predator about to kill its prey.
     "None I’ve encountered in my many Years of existence has quite had that…something…you do. No sound has sounded quite as lovely as your laugh. No smile as bright. No (Color) Eyes so captivating. There is something about you my dear that I simply cannot let pass me by. Something that I cannot allow anyone else to have. You may call my Dark if you’d like, though there are many other things I would gladly answer to but those are for a different time. Now let’s focus on the present shall we love?” Dark hummed low as he stopped in front of you a light Grey, icy hand reaching up to brush its knuckles across your cheek, “We are going to have a long talk. One where I will be explaining the rules of what is and isn’t to be done. What’s about  to happen will undoubtably change your life love but don’t worry. No harm will come to you as long as you do as I say and follow the rules.” Bringing his free hand to your hip Dark pulled you close and pressed your bodies together while the other wormed its way into your (Color) hair and gripped it gently yet firmly.
     "While you might not know it yet my dear I’ve already got your Heart in the palm my hand. Oh, we’re going to be so happy together (Name). Forever.“ Dark growled meaningly while smile he gave you was one that let you know exactly what kind of situation you were in.
     And there was nothing you could do to escape.
     Dark always got what he wanted no matter how long it took he worked and planed and in the end what ever seemed to be just out of reach was soon wrapped around his finger.
     You, (Name), were no different.
     You’re his now and forever more…well…that is until you step out of line.
     ”Just do as I say (Name), and you’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.“ Dark purred in a sweet tone just before hungrily capturing your lips in a kiss.

Youtuber!Yoongi as a Father

And now it is time for the first Daegu prince, my highkey spirit animal, a total teddy bear with the softest smile okay his smile is so cute it’s gummy and it lights his face up so much and his smile is that one smile that makes everyone in the room :D even if they don’t know why he’s smiling, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • For the original youtuber!Yoongi post, click here, for his proposal, click here and for father!Yoongi, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!yoon post, he has one daughter and in another version, he also has a younger son, to keep this post from getting too long and repetitive, I’ll just be writing it with his daughter but the exact same would go for his son as well
  • Just a quick summary of original youtuber!Yoongi post, he has a music channel, he posts covers, original songs, album reviews, etc.
  • I have zero idea why but I feel like his channel would have a similar vibe to Ollie MN ??? that’s all I can think about with his channel rn so I’m just gonna throw it out there 
  • He’s pretty private on his channel so no one knows you guys are even thinking about kids until he writes an entire song about his feelings about becoming a father
  • He’s nervous, d efi ni tely, but he’s also so excited and in love already
  • He makes a lot of references to the bby being a girl so everyone just connects two and two and realizes Min Suga is having a lil daughter
  • He announces the birth with a log type of video where he’s just sat in his normal office set up but this time he has her in his arms and he’s introducing her with a big smile on his face 
  • “She sleeps a lot, she makes weird noises a lot, she’s just discovered she has fingers so she’s fascinated by that and I’m pretty sure I’m wrapped around those fingers”
  • She’s somehow always in his videos and it becomes like one giant game of Where’s Waldo like in what way is she gonna be featured in his next video
  • He’s got a lil cot set up in his office area bc she’s his bby and he doesn’t wanna be away from her just bc he’s working on music so she’s always in her lil cot while he films but the cot will change locations with each video
  • Sometimes midway through a song, she’ll make a lil bby coo noise (that I love so fucking much bby coos are so cute) and he’ll just get this really wide smile on his face and continue whatever he’s doing
  • Absolutely has a framed photo of her on his desk
  • They get to see her grow up a bit bc the cot gets replaced as time goes on, it turns into one of the lil bouncer things then it turns into her just crawling around then it turns into her walking around
  • He’s doing a video of him playing piano right so the camera is focused on his hands and he’s playing and his eyes are closed but then you just hear this really high pitched key get pressed by her and he stops for a minute and starts laughing
  • A few videos later, he makes a video called “The Min Toddler Song” where he pretty much gives her complete access to all of his instruments and lets her play whatever she wants and press all the buttons and he arranges it all together and adds his own rap to it and he just finds it so funny bc he edits it the way he would an actual song of his
  • Bc bless her heart she had fun doing it but just imagine giving a toddler access to instruments and sound boards and musical equipment in general, it’s a bit chaotic, messy and all over the place but he loves it so much and it just may be his favorite thing he’s ever done
  • He films her doing all of it and it’s so cute to see how happy she is to finally be able to press all the buttons and play with the piano and all the different things he has in his office bc normally he’ll let her play with his instruments if he’s holding them but that’ll be it 
  • Her hair’s in this lil ponytail and she’s in her pajamas bc it was just a day at home for them and she’s got this huge smile on her face and her smile is so identical to his that everyone just has to clutch at their chests for a minute bc o w
  • Her hair seems to be forever messy, no matter how much the two of you try to smooth it down into place but her favorite hair style is to have two braids and her fringe down bc she doesn’t mind if it gets into her eyes at times
  • She’s either in head to toe black or she’s in a princess dress no in between
  • Makes Yoongi dress up as a princess with her tbh
  • There aren’t a whole lot of pictures/clips of her actual face once she’s actually up and running around but there are a few and she looks so much like him
  • It always warms everyone’s hearts to see her bc she’s like a mini Yoongi and he’s always giggling around her bc he laughs at literally every single thing she does 
  • Gives her a Kumamon doll at some point let’s just be real so she’s always seen holding it or playing with it
  • His favorite video he’s ever filmed with her is this one video that makes everyone’s heart just o u c h, it’s a photo of him in bed, clearly having just woken up judging by the fact that his eyes are barely open and there’s a teeny hand squishing his cheek bc bby girl had pressed her hand to his cheek in her sleep
  • “How do I move her hand without waking her up I can’t edit like this my laptop is on the other side of the room”
  • But there are a few reasons he loves it so much, it’s not just bc it’s a cute video
  • He loves it bc whenever he watches it, he remembers how twenty minutes after he’d filmed it, she woke up and gave him her lil sleepy smile and her hair’s sticking up in every direction and she was so oblivious to the fact that she’d woken him up at 7 in the morning and hadn’t let him fall back asleep bc every time he tried she’d shift around and end up sprawled across him or has her foot pushing against his side or her hair in his face
  • That video just reminds him how much he loves her, how much he loves the small moments like that where she’s his cuddle buddy and regardless of how uncomfortable it can get sometimes, he wouldn’t change it for the world and treasures every moment he spends with her
  • “Good morning angel”
Monsta X | Being In A Long Distance Relationship And Their GF Gets Pregnant After Her Last Visit

Anonymous said:

Hello~ can I ask for a Reaction from Monsta X for their long distance gf being pregnant after their last visit with her? Oxox

“So I finally figured out why I wasn’t feeling good,” you said to your boyfriend who clearly had his mind in other places other than your video chat.

“Uh huh…bad sushi…I remember,” he said, monotonously.

“I also found that the sky is purple…”

“Uh huh…”

“And that I’m pregnant…”

“Uh….wait…excuse me,” he said, finally looking at his phone.

“Oh look, he was somewhat listening,” you stated.

“Don’t joke like that, Y/N that’s…that’s….I don’t like that you’re,” he stopped talking.

“Yeah…we had fun during my last visit…a lot of it. So I think I’ll be moving to Seoul sooner than expected for obvious reasons,” you said.

“We’ve got a lot of planning to do…”

Originally posted by shownuoppaa

“You’re pregnant?!” he questioned as you told him the news over video chat.

“Yeah, I mean I know this is not how we-,”

“This is amazing, jagi….I mean…I’m happy if you’re happy…if you’re not happy I can put on a grumpy face,” he said.

You chuckled at your boyfriend’s antics. “I’m happy Hoseok…nervous, but happy.”

“Good…but now I can’t wait,” he said, before leaning over and rummaging in you what sounded like his bedside table, “I’ll ask you again once we finally get you moved here and settled…but….you’ll marry me, right?”

“Of course I will.”

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine

Originally posted by kaimikachan

“This isn’t some sorta joke, right?” he questioned, trying not to get too excited.

“Why would I joke about something like this?” you asked.

“I just wanted to double check before my happiness exploded,” he said, a smile breaking out on his face.

“So you’re happy?” 

“You have no idea….can I tell the guys?”

“I don’t see why not…don’t want it to be a total surprise when I get there.”


“Oh…you’re gonna tell them now….okay then…”

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

“When you said you had something important to tell me I didn’t expect it to be this…” he said after you told him.

“Humor me…what were expecting?” you questioned.

“I don’t know…that you had found an apartment here in Seoul? A promotion? Something like that….”

“Oh this is a promotion all right….” 

He let out a small chuckle. “I guess we both got a promotion then.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

“Wait we did…no that time we didn’t…we didn’t that time either…” he started mumbling to himself after you told him the news.

“’Once or twice won’t hurt’…how did you manage to talk me into that?” you questioned, “I’m not completely complaining…but how on earth did you…”

“So that’s eight months until a small me or Y/N is running around, I guess that means that we need to get her moved here sooner than expected….”

“Heeeeeellloooooooo earth to Chae Hyungwon….you alive over there?”

“I’m gonna have to get special permissions to move out of the dorm….”

“…….I leave you to your thinking and call back later………”

Originally posted by hyungwvn

“How did this happen?” he questioned.

“Well you were there and actively involved in the events to led to this, I would think that you would know,” you said.

“No I know that I mean…we used protection…” 

“It’s not one hundred percent… we have to be as careful as we can be.”

He gave you a terrified look and nodded. “Okay…We just needed to get everything figured out now I guess…starting with you being not so far away.”

Originally posted by j00h0ney

“There are pros and cons to this…” he said.

“Well of course there is,” you agreed, “A baby completely changes everything…especially with me being so far away. I wasn’t planning until moving to Seoul until the beginning of the year.”

“Yes there’s that…and not to the ‘I told you so’s,” he mentioned.


“When Kihyun walked in on us, he may have mentioned that us going at it so much was bound to get us in trouble…not like I can hide this from him.”

“This is true….another con is that your aegyo isn’t that great….”

“Crap…I’m gonna have to take lessons from Jooheon.”

“We seemed to have really his the important downfalls here…” you said, shaking your head

“I think so…”

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anonymous asked:

Hi again, Taylor. It's the drunk anon from a few weeks ago, only sober. Lol. I wanted to ask you about a video Gimple made. I can't remember where I read about it, but if I remember correctly, he made a video of nothing but footage of Beth and Daryl before their s4 arc? Is that true? And if so, that's kind of a big deal. He clearly spotted some chemistry there. Thanks, and love to you sweetness. :-)

Hey love! It’s good to hear from you. :)

Julius Ramsay made the video. (He discussed it on a bonus scene for Talking Dead’s Still episode.) He has been on an editor on TWD since the show started, and he directed two episodes, Still and Them. Both very Beth-centric episodes. To prepare for Still, he took every scene that featured Beth or Daryl and compiled them into a three-and-a-half to four hour film. He then watched it a few times. He, Norman, and Emily also rehearsed the scenes together before they filmed. All of that work really speaks to how special and important Still is. Still is Beth’s story as much as Daryl’s, maybe more so, as it has roots for her Heroine’s Journey.

TPTB put so much time, effort, and ultimately love into these characters and their interwoven story. They would not throw it away on an accidental bullet.

Look Out! Soul Is Back

I’m writing this late Monday night and I think I’ve been up for 19 hours. I had a short thing about travel and my week, and it was too long. So here’s the short version - O’Hare was a snap to get through, I’ve got to check in for a flight when I wake up on Tuesday morning, and I’ve got another trip on Wednesday.  @dommestic will not be going since it’s for work, and as of my writing this I don’t know what we’ll be doing for our 100 days of hypnosis marathon.  As of right now I can’t think of anything I’d like to do more than just deflate for a few days at home. Maybe I can do that next week.

On Monday night we were pretty exhausted, trying to get things back in the groove for a day before I have to leave again.   She generously whipped out the new pocket watch we bought at the show and dropped me after we charged the glow-in-the-dark face, which is actually pretty spiffy.  Trying to watch a swinging object in a dark room when you’re running on about 4 hours of sleep is a worthwhile thing to do, especially since it’s tricky to determine where the chain is and how exactly it’s going to move, but you can see it moving clearly. 

I’m really too tired to be writing anything right now.   Let’s push this.

Because I’m bushed, and it was hours ago, and who knows if other reasons, I don’t remember the suggestions.  I know I was talking a lot and whatever she said while I was talking was hard to hang on to, and after that we started watching the Two Hyp Chicks podcast video from last week. She needed to get to bed so we’ll finish tomorrow, I hope.  At Entranced, she asked me to nudge her when something struck me as fun/hot/worth trying.  I nudged her a few times so far.  More on that later after we finish watching the whole thing.

I should note that we also did something for the 100 days late Monday night, technically after midnight, so depending on how you want to count things for this (and time zones) we either did 2 Monday or 2 Sunday.  I have no problem with this. 

We’re going through our notes, and seeing what should be fun to do next.   We saw some really hot things at @entrancedhypnocon, which sort of makes for a fascinating thing I’ve had a hard time illustrating.   Arguably nonsexual things - maybe call and response, or even simply pushing someone up against a wall and staring at them - can do wonders to excite and electrify a room in ways that normal hanky panky can’t.  Or at least it’s been that way for me.  Who knows where things will be later?

anonymous asked:

okay i read your post about the rip dinof video and i totally see why you think it was prefilmed a long time ago because of the letter comment but then what do you make of the fact that he mentions the moving out video? i'm just confused about this timing

ok so. theory time. i think it’s likely that dan filmed most or all of this video sometime at the end of february or beginning of march.

the evidence:

  • as noted in this post, this time period is when he started dropping hints about his “cheeky idea” and all of the frustrations associated with the dinof name. it’s also right after that guardian letter happened. 
  • on 3/7 he stated that he had started filming that idea and then decided not to make it, but importantly he didn’t just leave it at that. he added that it “kind of ruined [his] plans,” making it sound a lot like something outside of his control had happened to derail the filming of this video. 
  • the very next week, during the 3/14 live show, he talked about how tired he’s been and how crazy/stressful the previous week was. this is where he made the comment that he couldn’t tell us about what was happening but that we should remind him in five months to talk about it–he said we should ask him about “that week in march.” clearly whatever happened was a really big deal such that he knew he would still remember it and talk about it five months later, when prompted by something so general. 


i think that these things are related and that it’s very possible that the incident that happened had to do with their move–specifically i think it’s actually reasonable to guess that they had been planning on moving a lot earlier and that something happened that first week in march that delayed the move to the end of april. this would explain why he referenced the moving out video in his rip dinof video because i think it’s very possible that they both filmed the sat down/chatty bits of the moving out video around the same time that dan was filming his dinof vid and that they’d planned to move in march, then post the moving out video, and then post the dinof vid, which explains why dan was able to reference to it. dan then pushed the video back when the move got pushed back bc he wanted it to be timed so that it was his last video in the old place (or he just didn’t want to refilm the end bit where he specifically references the move. or both.) and i also think dan told us to ask him about it in five months because at that point they may not have been certain when the move would actually take place–it may have been delayed without a firm alternate date. 

and if all of this is true then holy shit i really wanna hear what the hell happened to push their move back by over a month lol. i feel like there’s a chance it could come up in today’s live show so i guess we’ll seeeee. 

anonymous asked:

It occurred to me that Mycroft mentioning "the other one" pre-season 4 was completely contradictory to the Euros storyline. Sherlock wouldn't have understood what he was talking about because at that stage A) he didn't remember Euros and B) he still thought Redbeard used to be their dog. That is just pathetic, horrible writing.

Hey Nonny!

Hmm, I don’t recall Mycroft ever mentioning “the other one” to Sherlock at all, anyway, but he did mention “Redbeard” instead. I don’t know, I refuse to believe Eurus even freaking exists, and the whole Victor = Redbeard thing is just so ridiculous in hindsight, because, uhm, here’s the thing… REDBEARD WAS IN THOSE FAMILY VIDEOS… IN MYCROFT’S OWN MEMORIES. And Sherlock clearly must have had a dog, in my opinion. So… UGH. I don’t understand. It’s a large part of why I think TFP AND Eurus is fake because trying to put logic to the episode only results in circles, and I just don’t really believe the whole story they tried to sell to us. Sherlock’s years-long narrative arc was because of a sister he had no clue about?? That… makes no sense at all. I don’t know. Something’s Fucky.

@mushkia​ asked for another Mikayuu video and I can’t say no to those (they have some of the cheesiest lines ever).

This has been done before (I don’t remember who already translated this event, but I didn’t copy his/her work, mind you, although I remember I liked that version a lot, so go read that as well if you have time ^.^), so I’m sure many people already know what’s gonna happen, but for those who don’t, enjoy! Or cry, I don’t know, the background music is so sad and you can’t see Yuu’s blushing clearly (because that’s obviously important lol).

And ignore my shadow. Please.


This comment may be helpful to some. Read my reply closely.

You can view it here or on the original video page, where you can comment on your thoughts as well.

A more in depth look into this video and the mistake of thinking that errors in handling animals of any sort should be hidden and shame placed upon the human that made them.

Instead of creating a positive environment where everyone can learn together and help create better lives for captive animals and reduce the risk of injury or death at any moment. A fact of normal life– when you work with wildlife for a living. If you cannot accept that. And accept that you are not perfect.  You are setting yourself up for a disaster.



Well deserved. Throwing rocks at an animal however is disgusting. You had it coming lady.


Indeed. It is never the animal’s fault– especially when dealing with wild animals. So dramatic though– throwing ‘rocks’? I tossed a single pebble at him of grainy sandstone about the size of a penny. It landed near him and did not disturb him as you can see.

He would not relate the object as it were– coming toward him threw a quick move of air and sound as anything to do with me. He would only act on instinct and if he were in the mood to feel possessive or dominate over a high prized value piece of meat– he would have quickly snapped at the air in the direction that the rock fell or near his body when it had invaded his personal space.

I test him when I feel that it is appropriate, too. If he had done that, then we need to work on certain areas. Wolves test you all the time, it is a good thing to gauge their reactions in small ways that are in no way a bother to a 110 pound wolf with a big slab of meat at his chest.

If you find that disgusting, you simply have no real knowledge of animals and especially not of wolves. I cannot teach you from the ground up, but I would forget everything you’ve made up in your head about them. You seem to be thinking of them as a person and they are not. They act quickly on instinct and if something starts with a wolf– unlike with a human– it will always escalate. It will not be a, “See you in the morning,” argument. It will be one that you need to be ready to response to with compassion, calmness and with the understanding that it was your fault and there shouldn’t be any anger toward the animal.

It was my mistake that this happened. As stated in the video description and many times in comments. Lorne reacted appropriately to the situation. I acted appropriately back, therefore I was not seriously injured and neither was Lorne. Therefore, I walked out of his enclosure and was not killed.

You must realize that no one forced me to upload this video to the internet– exposed to potentially millions of people like you who are going to point at someone making a mistake and just ridicule something you don’t even understand.

I am willing to admit that I make mistakes. Everyone does. I filmed this. I uploaded it. And you are only watching it because I care more about animals and showing the truth– than I care about you and anyone elses’ opinions about my mistake reflecting bad on me as an animal behaviorist. Guess what. People make mistakes. No one is perfect and I am perfectly willing to continue to upload mine, so that others may learn from them.

My mistake in this video was staying in the enclosure far too long and for not noticing the invasive red fire ants sooner. I should probably not have given him that meat at all and when he dragged it near the ants.. I made the mistake of thinking I needed to move it away from him first or risk Lorne getting bit up by these ants. I should have walked away and out a long time ago, but I did not. Therefore, it is my fault. And it will always be in any sort of negative situation with Lorne or any animal. Humans make mistakes. Animals can only react to ours.

The ants are known to swarm and it is not uncommon that they kill livestock– cattle and horses. They carry the undisputed most painful insect bite of any other species on the planet. I have been bit. It is agony. I could not imagine handling another bite or too.

Again, my mistake. Lorne is a 110 pound wolf– not bothered by a rock tossed toward him. I should have left and he could deal with the ants himself. A few bites aren’t going to do anything, but cause him pain that would wear off within 48 hours and this situation would not have happened.

But I stayed. Because I thought I could move him away and I could not– before he was bit. It is so painful he was blinded with redirecting this sudden charge of adrenaline at me. He did not understand who else could be causing it and was trying to protect the meat.

The video is here because I am showing that no matter what decisions you think are best for wild animals (such as I thought it was better to have him not be bit and try to help in a very risky situation rather than just go inside and let a wild animal deal with some ants)– you can still get injured. Handling wildlife is risky. Every day. This is something that could happen to me with Lorne or any one of my animals. That is my choice to make and you have no real right to tell me what to do in the matter. As you are not being put at risk at all and I would not allow you to do so with this animal because you clearly do not know how to handle a wolf.

Which brings me back to why I uploaded this video the most: I wanted to show those with wolfdogs, wolves, or many other exotic/wild or even domesticated animals that the best way to handle the situation is as I did here. It does not matter if it was your mistake or fault. There is only one thing to know: Remain calm.

I cared about helping someone else one day who may remember this and not get taken to the emergency room or be killed. And then the animal face being euthanized by the police afterwards.

You have missed the point entirely. I know I am to blame and it is not Lorne. That is why I show no anger or resentment toward him. That is why I am not mad or screaming at him. It is why I am calm and understanding of what he is doing. He is the wolf. I am a human and I see things differently that he cannot comprehend. It is my responsibility to take this risk and be understanding.

Calmness can only be achieved if you really truly understand that is your fault and not the wild animal you are working with. You cannot lie and feel resentment. Especially during the attack. It will escalate and you may be killed.

That is why I uploaded this. You focused on a small rock I threw toward him to test his state of mind, of which I got a very positive response from. Again, you missed the point entirely.

Do you have any first hand experience working with wolves or any wild canine yourself? I really hope that you don’t or else you need to-learn from the ground up. Stop humanizing wildlife and treat them with respect. Realize people make mistakes and that those that are fully willing to upload them to a large unknown and general public online and be honest and truthful have the animals best interest in mind and the ones that view this video.

Otherwise? Delete the video. I was alone. No one would ever have to know…. that I am not perfect. Sorry, but I’m not like that. You can be like however you want.

I do suggest though that you seek help. Your comment that I deserved to be attacked and possibly killed on camera by an animal because of mistakes I made are disturbing and not normal.

Thank you for watching. I only wish that you gained something from it, instead of criticizing a situation you cannot even understand.