but i remember one of them was like

HELLO everybody!

Over the next couple of months or years I’m going to be posting up a bunch of clips that might look something like this. I want to play with different mediums and compile them all in the end to make one great big HELLO HELLO HELLO clip! I want diversity, so that’s where you, strangers all over the internet come in!


Email it to: hellomelaphantastic@gmail.com


  •  I want a few clean takes of “Hello” and one of “Hi”
  • Keep your clip under 10 seconds
  • Interpret this however you’d like. I will too. You can send your normal voice or a cartoony one. It can sound moody, or silly or whatever! Bonus points for kids and elders.
  • Remember to add your name! I’ll want to credit you.

I can’t wait to roll these out over the next couple of months, so do it! Do it! Do it!


A day late (I know), but here’s my Harry Potter 20th anniversary post! The four houses of Hogwarts 18th century style! Hope you all like it :D

I remember my first Harry Potter book when I was a child: my mom bought the first one for me (as the Spanish version was quite new) for me to read while on vacation and BOOM a fan was born u.u Whan I think about Harry Potter, I think about one of the key literary and fiction influences from my childhood, along with a Series of Unfortunate Events.

What do these books makes you think about? What do you liked the most about them?

Images from top:


  • “Madame Henriette de France playing the Viola da Gamba”, 1754, Jean-Marc Nattier.
  • “Portrait of Monsieur de Buissy”, 1745, Joseph Siffred Duplessis, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.


  • “Portrait of a gentleman", late 18th Century, British School.
  • “Portrait of Marie Leczinska”, early 18th century, atelier de Jean Baptiste Van Loo.


  • “Portrait of Marie Fel”, Maurice Quentin de la Tour.
  • “James Erskine, Lord Barjarg and Alva”, 1750, Allan Ramsay, Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


  • “Portrait of Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon", Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  • “Self-Portrait with a Harp”, 1791, Rose Adélaïde Ducreux, Met Museum.
D20 Divination

For you nerdy witches who play RPG like D&D well I have a new divination tool for you that I developed on my own. As far as I know there is one other person who does it but he uses a D6 if I remember correctly. Also this is for witches who can’t afford pendulums either. So here we go…..

What is a D20?

well in simple terms it is a 20 sided dice.

So How Do You Use It? 

So first i get all my D20 out and roll them all. I currently have four they each all have names: Blanche, Tatiana, Viking, and Derp. Ask whom wants to help you. Whomever has the highest number is the one I use because it means they want to help you with your questions. Then you start asking your yes or no questions with the selected dice. 

Now this is how it works: 
  • If it lands anywhere from 1 to 9: It means No

  • If it lands anywhere from 10 to 12: It means Maybe

  • If it lands anywhere from 13 to 20: It means Yes

  • If it lands on an edge where you can’t get a for sure number, falls off the table, falls in your legs or it has landed weirdly: It means: I Don’t Know

I hope this helps! 

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dudedudedude imagine: remember when shiro said something about the red lion being the only lion to withstand the heat of the stars at marmora hq? so, the team goes to visit the hq again, and this time allura has to go (bring ur leader jazz). bear in mind red paladin lance. this could go either way. one: allura chooses keith to go, and lance realizes it was just an excuse not to take him. or two: allura takes the red lion with lance, but now lance us just another replacement for keith.


I decided to write both scenarios because I love them both! 

I really tried to keep the characters in character 

Allura Chooses Keith 

“I’ll take Keith.” Allura pointed at the male who was staring at the two wormholes, indicating the Marmora headquarters. 

Lance blinked a few times and immediately went into defense mode. “The Black Lion can’t withstand that heat, only the Red Lion can. Newflash I pilot the Red Lion now, so shouldn’t I go with you instead of Keith?” 

Allura was silent for a few moments but eventually spoke “Keith will fly the Red Lion down since he was her paladin before. I understand that you pilot the Red Lion now Lance but Keith still has a very unique bond with her. If anything happens in the headquarters we can rely on Red to keep us safe, because she will do anything to protect Keith.” 

“Also even though Allura is our leader I think we should send the leader of Voltron with her, and this case it’s Keith.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and looked at Lance, “since Shiro went last time it’s only logical.” 

Lance nodded and faced the the screen displaying the two wormholes. He heard the two shuffle out of the room and he tightened his fist in anger? Was that the emotion he was feeling? No it was something different, something heavier than anger. 

Lance walked over to his chair, that was in the room, and slumped down in it. Everything felt heavy and Lance didn’t know why. He watch Pidge, Hunk and Coran talk to Allura and Keith from the Red Lion and he felt the emotion grow stronger. 

Was this an excuse? Did Allura not trust me enough to go with her? That can’t be true, we’ve bonded since Shiro left. Maybe there’s a different reason, maybe she wanted Keith to have another shot at learning about his past. 

Someone asked Lance if he was okay and he gave them a firm nod. Nobody knew what to do and kept him in the corner of their eyes and Lance sat still, thinking. Thinking about why Allura chose Keith over him but no matter how much he thought he never found a solid answer. 

Allura Takes Lance 

“Lance we must go, we only have so many ticks before they close the headquarters off.” Allura spoke as she put on her helmet and made he way down to the Red Lion hanger. 

Lance nodded and quickly approached Red, her particle barrier falling as soon as he entered her hanger. 

After a few minutes Lance and Allura were on their way down to the headquarters. 

Lance felt sweat fall down his back as he maneuvered Red along the path that was displayed before him. 

“So, um princess?” Lance cursed at how shaky his voice was but he was anxious. Anxious that he would mess up and fail this mission.  Keith wouldn’t be anxious. 

Allura turned her gaze towards Lance “Yes Lance, is everything okay?” 

Lance gave her a shaky nod, “yes, but why did you chose me instead of Keith? He is a better pilot after all and his bond is stronger with Red versus me.” 

Allura was quiet for a few ticks, the only noise was the rumble from Reds metal slightly bending under the pressure from the wormholes. 

“Well, I chose you because you are the Red paladin now. Even if your bond isn’t the strongest, Red is your lion now.” Allura gave Lance a small smile. 

Lance nodded. “So if Keith was still the Red paladin you would have taken him?” 

Allura nodded and Lance didn’t say anything else. He focused on flying Red but his eyes kept wandering the more he thought. 

I’m only here because Keith isn’t Red’s paladin anymore. Did I replace Keith? Lance looked at Allura, who gave him another small smile. No, Allura replaced me. I was the Blue paladin now I’m forced to be the Red paladin. I replaced Keith and Allura replaced me. I’m always going to be replaceable aren’t I? Will I ever have a permanent spot in Voltron? 

“LANCE WATCH OUT!” Allura screamed and Lance pulled the controls back. He was heading off the path straight into the wormhole. 

Lance could here’s his team asking what happened and Allura touched his shoulder. “Lance are you alright?” 

Lance nodded, “sorry I was just lost in thought. It won’t happen again.” Lance focus on flying, his thoughts burning in the back of his mind.

I hope you like them!!!!!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you <33333

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What's the difference between nulla and niente and their uses?

There’s no real difference in their meaning (unless we want to speak about them on a philosophical level: niente = an empty space, like an empty room; nulla = abstract, it doesn’t exist in a 3D space and so you cannot even figure it out in your head), they both mean “nothing” and are used as synonyms in Italian.
“Nulla” is considered a bit more formal by someone; “niente” originates from the old latin. 
(Remember also that nulla is a 
Sometimes, especially in some fixed expression, it is better to choose (or just sounds better) one instead of the other, but that’s all.

I’ll try to give you a few tips on how to use them, but in general, you can choose any of them as you like: 

When you use them in a negative form, put a “non” before the verb:
Non ho fatto nulla = Non ho fatto niente = I haven’t done anything.
Or put them before the verb:
Nulla mi piace = Niente mi piace = I don’t like anything. 
You might hear (more rarely find written) also something like: «fa niente/nulla» (it doesn’t matter), «so niente/nulla» (idk anything), «costa niente/nulla» (it’s free/it’s not a problem).
Tbh these all (except the one with the negative particle “non”) originate from dialectal idioms and that’s why you might hear us saying so, but it’s still better to use the “non + verb + nulla/niente” version, as it’s the most grammatically correct one.

Niente male: this is a fixed expression, we don’t say “nulla male”. 
Niente male = not bad, is used to say you like something, for example: una pizza niente male (a pretty good pizza), una ragazza niente male (a really good looking girl), un posto/una vacanza niente male (a very nice place/holiday)…
It is also used as a reply for “Come stai?” / “Niente male!” = How are you? / Not bad!

Other examples of fixed expressions: 
- tutto fumo e niente arrosto = all talk no action (lit.: all smoke and no roast). Never heard of “nulla arrosto”.
chi troppo vuole nulla stringe = grasp all, lose all (lit.: who wants too much doesn’t get anything), I haven’t found the “niente”’s version yet.

As a reply to “thank you”: di nulla VS di niente

I can’t think about any other specific situation for now (and as for some other fixed expressions, the choice is a bit more flexible), but if you came across something and you’re not sure on how to translate it, feel free to ask :)


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Been reading a undertale AU fanfic called On the Edge of a Knife by Evaunit02mark1 it has action and the right amount of mystery that kept me still reading it for a year you should check it out. its up to 61 chapters and still ongoing. Chara is the main Character but, it switch points of views to other Characters from time to time.

I remember reading a few Chara focused fics that started good but started going downhill the longer they went. They made Chara pretty boring and had them take all the attention even though Frisk should have had some of that attention still, it was like Frisk just disappeared from the plot and was just there in the background. I would like to find some good Chara fics out there, so maybe I’ll check this one out 


Everyone is jumping the gun and assuming the baby is Emison’s but clearly forget one major detail. The hair is blonde and unless the baby daddy is blonde (which the only person i can think of that is blonde is Jason) then i just don’t see how it’s possible that it is theirs since it is Emily’s eggs and she has dark brown/black hair. I do have this suspicion however that it could he Haleb’s baby because if you look at the bottom picture, it looks like Hanna told them some exciting news and Ashley was seen in a baby bump and if I remember correctly she was also holding a blonde baby girl on snapchat while filming the finale.

So either the baby daddy is blonde or this could be Hanna and Caleb’s baby.

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Ugh saw "canon lgbt" voltron icons in which of course was ace/aro pidge, ace/aro shiro, lesbian allura, gay Keith, bi klance, pan hunk. It would be cute if not for the fact that op was an anti shaladin/anti kallura klancer. At least they remembered Hunk but poor Coran wasn't even included.

People need to stop telling people the characters are canonically LGBTQ+ bc it’s literally queerbaiting other people. Like these people complain about queerbaiting but they’re deadass the ones queerbaiting others by telling them there are canonically gay/bi/ace/trans characters when it isn’t even canon? Like I don’t think they realise that’s a really shitty thing to do???

INFP's flaws
  • INFP's mother: Why can't you remember one single thing we ask you to do? Like watering the plants, rearrange your room? Is it that hard?
  • INFP: Okay, I made a mistake.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking “This is why I’m single,” or things along those lines when I’m in the middle of scream singing Taylor Swift on the drive home or when I start dancing to the radio in between reps when I’m lifting or when I see a beautiful sunrise and start to tear up because of it. But, you know what? Those are the little things that are going to make someone, the right person, fall in love with me one day. Someone is going to see all of my weird, quirky habits as endearing and will love me so much more because I choose to share them rather than hide them. And that’s what I need to learn to remember. Because I am done hiding pieces of myself, of who I really am, to make other people more comfortable or to ensure that I’m well-liked. I love the real me (most of the time) and I think other people should get to know that person, too.

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Someone made a post about gay rep in tv shows and then put fucking klance in which the actual gay rep like fuck u when I look at those post it's to find shows that actual have GAY REP IN THEM not ur fucking shipper goggle view of it that's so offensive for all we know lance and Keith are BOTH STRAIGHT(I ship both btw) why would u put them with all of this AMAZING rep??????? That's so misleading like just why!!???!?

I remember a post one time talking about trans characters in shows and they’d put Pidge in there and when I pointed out to them Pidge isn’t actually trans in canon they got so mad at me like if you’re going to make posts about representation in canon you need to use actual canonically LGBTQ+ characters bc otherwise you’re just baiting which makes people feel like shit they were just like “she’s clearly coded as trans” like just bc you interpret her as trans doesn’t mean she’s actually trans and everyone sees her that way you can’t tell people there’s an LGBTQ+ character in canon and get their hopes up and then make them feel really disappointed when they realise it’s not actually canon like that’s just baiting it’s not a good thing to do

Honest mood: I had a massive crush of Queen of Mars as a kid.
You know, it wasn’t really weird for me (even if i’m born female) but as a kid I decited to not tell anyone about my girl-crushes. Especially because they were always… um… really, really REALLY attractive? And for a lot of ppl “inappropriate for kids”. Such as Queen of Mars or Jessica Rabbit (both of them are still a big argue for me- Idk which one of them is prettier and sexier… Maybe they’re just equal) and that was my kind of perfect girlfriend for kiddo-me.
So I was looking for some nice music to listen while drawing and accidentally I have found this and… oh boy…
I had crush at her, but I remember when I saw this episode, I SAW HER… I was like “Holyfuck. She needs to be mine, she’s perfect, she’s all I need omg”. 
Again, I was a weird kid.
End of my honest mood. It’s 4:30AM I’m going to sleep now. BYE.

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Do you think Jaehyun is a silent person, the type to not talk because he is not very talkative or a Shy person?

I don’t think Jaehyun is a shy person, I think he’s being quiet sometimes because he’s very aware of the fact that he’s a public person and everything he says might affect him, he also seems more cautious of his worlds than other members (sometimes he would even take pauses before saying something). But you can sort of see his actual personality in NCT life when it’s just him and nct members and a few managers. Also people that went to the same school as Jaehyun (starting from middle school to high school) all said that he was always very popular and was friendly with everyone and he’s generally a very easy going person (DK from Seventeen was even afraid to talk to him because he was too handsome and too popular lol). Basically he was that™ person that played football, basketball and did well academically. 

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I just remembered that another reason why I don't ship any of the big 4 is because of the shippers. The ships themselves are pretty bad, but the fans are even worse imo.

Also, I enjoy reading your analyses. :) They’re always so good and well thought out. 

Fairy Tail is one of the most one-sidedly toxic fandoms I’ve ever seen. Naruto at least had equal opposing forces, and from what little I’ve seen of Voltron each side seems to give as good as got but Fairy Tail… it’s like the 90% just savagely crush the 10% and it’s absolutely exhausting to watch.

And, most of the reason I don’t interact with the fandom at large and tag what ship content I do have fairly obsessively. 

(tysm!!! :L )

i am actually doing one of these b/c i’m  uncharacteristically both home AND awake!!

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Where is your phone? beside me on the bed 
Your hair? medium brown, long-ish and the only straight thing about me 
Your dad? is….. a complicated guy lol good sailing ahab
Your other half? hmm, what about her? you gotta be specific or i’ll just start rattling off a listicle like “97 Things I Love About My Girlfriend (Part 1 of 6)”. did you guys know she bought a teapot and tea kettle for when i came to visit her? she doesn’t even drink tea??? i love her. 
Your favourite food? french fries, which are allegedly going to put me in an early grave or something but whatever
Your dream last night? I honestly don’t remember? i often have really trippy ones lately but i can’t remember any of them now aah. 
Your favourite drink? tea
Fear? needles and any kind of public embarrassment
Favourite shoes? my black gladiators that i basically live in all summer, which replaced my brown and purple gladiators that i basically lived in until they fell apart
Favourite way to relax? naps with my cats (especially Gibson, he’s very large and warm and snuggly i love him). alternatively going to the beach. 
Your mood? sleepy but very content
Your love? hey have you guys heard i’m very gay and disgustingly in love idk i know i’ve been super subtle about it 
Where were you last night? i was at home MOM god 
Something that you aren’t? living up to my full potential lol womp womp
Muffins? man, i just want to say that Safeway has the best chocolate chip muffins and i crave them all the time 
Wishlist item? trip for two to South Africa please sappho i’ll never ask for anything else as long as i live
Where you grew up? northern ontario
Last thing you did? made myself some lunch + more tea
What are you wearing? grey capri-length leggings and a bright pink tshirt
Something you hate? slow drivers, people who are rude to service industry workers, the sheer size of the province of ontario
Your pets? two little monsters you may have heard of them
Life? aside from having no money it’s really good right now wtf
Regrets? None honestly because even though things were really bad at times, it all led to my life being the way iy is now and i’m very grateful for that and very confident that i’m ~on the right path, y’know?  

I remember one time I would post pics of me graduating, so here it is! I would honestly like to send a huge thank you to this blog; you guys are honestly family to me and you made me realize that being able to write is such a gift. Letting everyone see it is a gift. You all made me realize that there is more to life than being successful, it’s about cherishing the moments made and keeping them close to your heart. My hiatus is honestly due to all my college classes and high school, and I’m SOOOO DEEPLY SORRY I LOVE YOU PLS DON’T HATE ME !!! Anyway, I will continue to write for you all, and encourage that you all will do the same and cherish life. Cause I’m so glad I lived long enough to see it, all of you guys are a dream and I’ll love you all forever. NOW WHO’S READY FOR NDRV3 ~ Mod Eri

Why is this telling me I posted this three times please help

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Ok! I remembered! Lol, this one is kinda silly. But! What about Allen, Kanda, Tyki, and Nea's reaction to their s/o coming up to them, with something in their coat/under their shirt, and they ask if they could hold it. And then they pull out a tiny gray kitten. It was raining and s/o couldn't just leave it there drown! And then of course s/o kinda asking(more like begging) to keep it. ( I love cats so much, what's you're fav animal?) please and thank you! 💖

(Foxes are my favorite!)

Originally posted by lukefonfabre-moved

  • Allen is won over almost instantly. He has a soft spot for animals, and it was a stray that was caught in the rain? There was no way he was going to tell you no.
  • He is worried though that is job would make it hard to own a cat. He has to be away for long periods of time, and the only way to make sure there was a steady sitter was to ask somebody like Jerry or Johnny, and that made him feel bad.
  • Turns out the science division collectively agree that the cat can chill around their work area when you two are gone, so long as it doesn’t destroy any important documents.

Originally posted by studioimagin

  • Kanda knew trouble was brewing when you showed him the kitten. He tells you no when you ask him if you can keep it.
  • He doesn’t like animals, so he isn’t going to take care of something that he thinks is an annoyance. He says it can stay only until the rain lets up, unless you can find someone else to take it.
  • By then you are already attached to the kitten and refuse to get rid of it. He tells you it’s your problem then, thus agreeing to keeping the cat.

Originally posted by kanda-no-lotus

  • Tyki is a little unsure about the idea. Yeah, the cat’s cute, he guesses, but he isn’t sure about keeping it. He’s never had a pet he had to look after before(except maybe Jasdevi).
  • All in all, it’s up to you, really. If you want to keep it so badly, it must mean you are willing to care for it. 
  • The cat grows on him, in time. Once it grows out of it’s playful stages, he likes having it curled up on his lap or chest when he’s relaxing. The purring is soothing to his ears.

Originally posted by dgmhollow

  • Nea seems like he’d be too busy too take care of a cat, nor like the type to like them at all, but no. He takes the kitten from you and starts shooting out some names for it.
  • He’s pretty into the idea of having the cat. He teaches it to sit/stand on his shoulders. This kind of backfired because now he wakes up with the cat on his face. 
  • The cat becomes like his best friend. Especially after the falling out with Mana, the cat keeps good company, as well as you. Though he tells the cat more of his troubles and worries than he does to you. He doesn’t want you to see him weak.

Does anyone have a link to that YOI Star Wars AU where Yuuri is a leader on his small planet who needs to go confront the senate about like… a trade embargo or something?? Victor is a Jedi who visits the planet and helps him. Yurio is his apprentice.

I think that should be enough?? I wanted to reread it but I can’t remember the title at all.

It’s one of the only complete Star Wars crossovers I’ve seen that doesn’t involve one of them (and by ‘one of them’ I mean it’s always Yuuri but either way what) being a like actual sith.

Unless I’ve missed some if so feel free to link.

Gifset request

Of all the jokes Sydney Katz has ever made!!!!!!!

Off the top of my head she made the BLT joke with hershel, the obstetrics is not for babies with Maggie, the lizard wizard, cheerio as she was leaving Alex, No one likes Dr. Storms so you can’t expect his wife to, im Jewish (when maggie was waiting for xmas), babies on the left side of the bed, and geese in London. There could be more I just can’t think of all of them. I think there were other jokes in season ¾ that I’m not remembering.

And then bonus gifset of maggie making jokes to sydney??? She failed with the yoda joke in season 3, she (super) failed with take two IB profens and call me in the morning s3, and then she finally got one right in s4 when she told Sydney that if she was here to kiss her that Alex beat her to it.

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