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Throne of Glass name game

YES I’M JUST PROCRASTINATING WORK #sorrynotsorry have fun with these as well ;)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Aelin
E F G - Rowan
H I J - Chaol
K L M - Dorian
N O P - Manon
Q R S - Lysandra
T U V - Elide
W X - Aedion
Y Z - Maeve

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - play doctor
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - go shopping
O P - cry about their feelings
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - flirt
Y Z - be dom

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Rowan
C D - with Dorian
D E - with Manon
F G - with Asterin
H I - with Abraxos
I J - with Erawan
K L - with Chaol
M N - with Sam
O P - with Aelin
Q R - with Cairn
S T - with Lorcan
U V - with Lysandra
W X - with Maeve
Y Z - with Elide

*** Mine is “Dorian refuses to have sex with Rowan”

Mystic Messenger Reactions: The RFA as types of vampires
  • Yoosung: "The Newbie"
  • -He was only bitten recently...
  • -Not one for human blood
  • -Thinks of sucking blood as an indirect kiss
  • -That low key freaks him out
  • -"Could I go into shock from drinking different blood types?"
  • -Would be pretty awk, indefinitely asking for help on how to be the edgy vamp he now is
  • -P o o r b o y
  • Zen: "The Looker"
  • -Would be tempting all the ladies
  • -Looks like an albino anyway so he should be fine
  • -Doesn't like draining blood BC it gets sick nasty sometimes (yuck)
  • -Refuses to dye his hair black (Jumin recommended him to do so)
  • -H e w o u l d n e v e r
  • -Still brags about looking hot
  • -Likes eating red meats instead
  • -It seems more practical ???
  • -Wears sunscreen while performing onstage... Those lights are rough on one's skin and overall complexion,,,
  • -Complains on not getting enough outside time
  • Jaehee: "The Pro Vamp"
  • -V practical
  • -U can't be a vampire if you're a whiny baby this is a real woman's game
  • -Is very good at hiding her secret, unlike Yoosung, Zen, and 707.
  • -Doesn't like to talk about how she got changed
  • -Is p darn good at what she does not to brag or anything but
  • -Is tight with Jumin because of it
  • -Brings a classy, decorative, and definitely lacy umbrella with her in public.
  • -Kind of intimidating now, not that she wasn't before.
  • Jumin: "The Negotiator"
  • -Alpha Male
  • -The dramatic one
  • -He probably wears guyliner to look the part
  • -Even so, no one really knows that he's not human
  • -He runs a business! He can't flaunt his powers!!
  • -Reminds everybody of Edward from Twilight
  • -Except he's better looking
  • -Still wears a tux
  • -Still loves Elly
  • -Doesn't go outside if he doesn't need to
  • -What's the point??
  • 707: "The Gag Vamp"
  • -Looks more of like a Halloween-infiliated vamp than a movie-generic one
  • -Quotes Count Dracula a whole lot
  • -Has many tricks up his sleeve
  • -Carries around fake packets of blood and plastic bats for kicks
  • -Wears a cape lined with purple velvet
  • -Loves being a vampire!!
  • -So many jokes!!
  • -likes spooking people
  • + V and Saerun
  • V: "4 Senses"
  • -The chill vamp that doesn't meddle or bite people
  • -He just chills eternally
  • -Is blind, so he uses vibrations to gauge where he I going (echolocation for the most part)
  • -Basically Alpha Male... Besides Jumin.
  • Saeran: "Devious Hottie"
  • -Definite blood kink
  • -No doubt about it
  • -Hardcore vamp
  • -Already looked the part before he had been turned
  • -Still a sexy beast
  • -Still loves being a vampire!!
  • -Wears chokers now
  • 💜💜

HEY LMAO I’m gonna do a quick giveaway that likely only lasts till tonight or tomorrow but !!! This is a real big thank you to all my followers and friends who’ve been around since the beginning or even those who’ve just joined recently, I love all of you.


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  4. If you do win, you’ll be contacted immediately and if unresponsive after 24 hours the prize will go to someone else. 



FIRST PLACE : A theme, including coding and pop-up links and a colored character sketch.

SECOND PLACE : A theme, including coding and pop-up links and a B/W character sketch.

THIRD PLACE : A B/W character sketch. 



anonymous asked:

the fact that a small part of queers has internalized their oppressors views does not mean that straight ppl is suddenly better tho like its easy to be kind when you are not bullied but queer ppl face immense struggles daily due to them so who the fuck cares if they get offended when called straighties like why do you even care ? they wont accept you more if you go queer coon on them

…oh Gesù d’amore acceso, non t’avessi mai offeso, cazzo ho fatto per meritare sto macello?

Okay, look, let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

that a small part of queers has internalized their oppressors views

There are things you can pass as internalized homophobia and things you can’t.

If a lesbian is biphobic or transphobic is not DUE to straight people. It is because SHE has prejudices and fears. And the proof of it is how there is consistently more biphobia INSIDE the LGBT+ community than outside of it.

My rich deaf lesbian acquaintance who loathes immigrants because she doesn’t want to pay taxes to help poor people and who thinks depression is “a hoax” and autistic children should not be born is not like that due to some straight people being homophobic. She is like that because she is a selfish piece of shit with the empathic skills of a dead cactus.

Stop treating us LGBTA+ people like we have no agency. We are adults and we are responsible for our own views and actions.

does not mean that straight ppl is suddenly better

Premising the concept of good and bad applied on people is puerile to use a nice word… people’s goodness is not measured by their labels.

A person can be considered good by their ideas or/and actions towards others, by quality of their personality (being smart, kind, compassionate, curious about learning more…), not what they like to fuck in bed.

Because, I repeat, there is straight people who is trans. Some trans people (most actually) identify as straight/heterosexual. Stop using straight to mean “not LGBTA+”, it’s fricking transphobic. Jackass.

If a person believes in helping less fortunate people, is interested in culture and knowledge, is tolerant, open-minded and kind TO ME they are automatically a better person than a racist selfish twat only interested in their own gain. I don’t care which of them is LGBTA+ and which is cis/het.

I do not make friends depending on that. And I do have mostly LGBTA+ friends (my 3 closest friends are an aroace, a gay man and a lesbian FFS), but I have a lot of straight and cis friends who are equally good people. Also my personality is not MY labels. Like I even feel bad at times, because since I started transition I talk about that a lot more than I’d like, when I’d love to discuss books or art exhibitions I saw. Like… people…is not their labels….?

its easy to be kind when you are not bullied but queer ppl face immense struggles daily

… you think straight people do not get bullied?

Okay, look, a quick list of things people close to me has been bullied for: weight, glasses, saying the Z weirdly, coming from the southern region, being blond, WEIGHT again,  being supposedly not pretty,  being introverted, liking to read, having too long of a penis. 

People. Would. Bully. On. Anything.

It’s about power and proving dominance.

ALSO, I’ve been bullied for being LGBTA+ in my life (didnt last long because I was enough wolf-raised to punch them in the nose and people wouldn’t go admit a girl gave them a bloody nose) (I guess I have trans privilege for that in your distorted world view), I’ve  had CANS and BOTTLES thrown at me, because my hometown is full of close-minded people. I still don’t hate straight people. I don’t think bullying them back or insulting them is allright.

I think it’s juvenile, pointless, deleterious and counterproductive, not to add it is ideologically revolting.

People who behaved like shit did that because of their upbringing and psychological issues, not due to being straight. Stop simplying things just because seeing the world in black and white is comforting for you.

LGBTA+ people faces struggles for belonging to this reality and this is true, ESPECIALLY in third world countries where we get KILLED or arrested. In our FIRST WORLD countries (which makes us privileged over other LGTBA+ people, btw, and we should be grateful to be born here), we have the RIGHT to exist which gives us the right to protest, do activism and work more for our rights in the daylight. And to DIALOGUE.

Dialogue and thinking are the way to gain more rights, to persuade people, to become a better society. A dialogue that yes it can also be firm and at times strong-worded. But if you use insults you just look like a 3 years old child and NOBODY takes politically serious a child.

Stuff like “straighties” damages LGBTA+ dialogues and fights for rights because we seem then a bunch of children. STOP ACTING LIKE THAT AND LEARN TO BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT AND DO ACTIVISM WITH DIGNITY AND USING YOUR HEAD INSTEAD OF KINDERGARTEN SKILLS.

who the fuck cares if they get offended

A) Lgbta+ people who need dialogue to gain rights

B) Lgbta+ people who want to actual improve things and do ot value being sassy over being a correct human being

C) Lgbta+ people who have a concept of respect of others

D) Lgbta+ people with enough brain to understand the concept that you cannot condemn a thing and then do it yourself

E) People above the mental age of 3.

why do you even care ?

A) it damages our fights for rights

B) it makes us less believable as rational people

C) it is in itself stupid and disrespectful

D) you cannot logically allow yourself a behavior you condemn in others (eg, insulting on sexualities)

E) I have enough of a brain and a culture to not accept a b/w point of view and dualism is very damaging in general politically

F) it, frankly said, disgusts me the idea that my community is so emotionally immature that they would behave in a way they know it’s not right ust because they have not the ability to argumentate and speak in a logical way and I refuse to believe people above the age of 13 is not able to explain WHY we shouldn’t judge people on sexualities without using insults.

they wont accept you more if you go queer coon on them


Except the racist moment… your concept of social betrayal is being well-mannered?  Whoa. You wouldn’t survive one day in the academical world. 

Did you even ever graduate elementary school? Were you homeschooled by goats?

Also, for your information, I do not change myself to be accepted by others. Especially friends and especially straight ones, given the only ones who complained when I came out as bi/trans were LG people.

Now, please, go discover how to make a dissertation with rational points and not insults, get over kindergarten mentality and out of my inbox, thannnnk <3

ACOTAR Name Game

I took this idea from a post I saw this morning, have fun. :)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Feyre
E F G - Rhysand
H I J - Lucien
K L M - Cassian
N O P - Azriel
Q R S - Morrigan
T U V - Nesta
W X - Elain
Y Z - Tamlin

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - go camping
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - defeat Hybern
O P - cry
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - go treasure-hunting
Y Z - play hide-and-seek

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Morrigan
C D - with Tamlin
D E - with Nesta
F G - with Cassian
H I - with Rhysand
I J - with Lucien
K L - with the mortal queens
M N - with Elain
O P - with Ianthe
Q R - with Feyre
S T - with Amarantha
U V W - with Azriel
X Y Z - with Papa Archeron

Mine is “Cassian refuses to have sex with Morrigan” LOL

ask-random-pokes  asked:

Kyle @ Alx: We've all had some bad memories that we wanna forget, but they're just still in the back of our minds. Trust me, I got a few things that happened that I wanna completely forget about. Maybe you can talk about it and I'll see if I can help you cope with it.

Alx clears her throat, attempting to regain her composure. 

“It happened right after the fight with lilies mom in Ultra Space. She lost it and attacked us, she even managed to damage lunala. As we were running i fell due to the injuries i received from the battle, I was cornered by a horde of Nihilego.” She stops, trying not to lose what little composure she had left. 

“T-then Rikky forced herself out of her pokeball, s-she got the at-attention of the Nihilego as Marth ran over to get me. R-rikky was hit by the Nihilego as s-she attempted to escape w-with us… she wasn’t going to make it b-before the portal closed.” Alx stutters, using all her strength to not burst out crying again.

“The last thing i heard from her, w-was a l-loud yelp and as soon as w-we got through the portal it closed…. I still don’t know w-what happened to her, but Marth says she’s d-dead. At first, I r-refused to believe it, but… It’s been three years… I think he may be right…” She sobbed as her composure slowly dwindled away.

“If i wasn’t so useless…”


Little Thoughts (Bias x Reader) Pt.6

B/W: Bias wrecker. 

Who’s falling for the second lead as always? Me.

B/W drives you home and for the first time he doesn’t even speak. The radio plays music so low you can barely tell what genre it is. You’re staring out the window, going over the conversation between you and B/N. Tonight was everything you imagined in the beginning, until you realized it all happened too quickly. You’ve seen people use others to satisfy their own needs, what makes B/N so different?

“What exactly happened between you two?” 

“Something too good to be true, so of course I ruined it,” 

“He seems to like you,” 

“He seems to like Jihu too,” 

“They weren’t even serious I hear,” 

“Your words against his silence,” 

He sighs, stopping the car. You realize you’re home but not eager to go inside. 

“I have to stop by the store to get something for my mom, wanna come?” you nod and he drives some more. 

You follow him inside the grocery store, trailing behind him as he drops items into his hand basket. He’s very different once he’s out of school. He’s normal, his actions aren’t exaggerated since there’s no one to impress. He places the basket down and turns to you, holding you by the shoulders. 

“I hate this. It’s like you’re a zombie. Yell at me or roll your eyes or something. Who are you right now?” 

You liked it better when you felt nothing because now you feel everything and nothing makes any sense. But you lean your head against his chest, wanting to cry but the tears won’t come. You’ve never done this before and he’s awkward. You’re used to bothering each other, throwing insult after insult, not offering comfort. But his arms find their way around you, his hand smoothing your hair as he embraces you in a way no boy ever has. 

And you find that your heart is racing and you have no urge to cry anymore. You’re staring at the ground, your bodies close. You even notice how nice he smells, guessing he’s always smelled nice because he always dresses nice. 

You push off of him, unable to look at him. 

“You done shopping?” 

He clears his throat, picking up his basket, “Uhh, yeah,” 

“Good, now take me home,” he actually nods at your order which shocks you even more. No sly comment, no lustful look that has you rolling your eyes at his boldness. He walks ahead of you, running his fingers through his hair with you pausing in the aisle to feel the pounding in your chest. 

The drive home is awkward and once he drops you off, he doesn’t say a word, just speeds off. Your phone’s been dead for hours so once it’s charged you see a ton of missed calls from your parents. A few texts from B/N explaining all he’s already said. Nothing from B/W. Shocking.

You reply to none of them, but find that you can barely fall asleep. You want to replay the events of B/N but can only think of that one hug with B/W. Never in your wildest nightmares have you ever considered him. 

Still, you remember when you first got to the school you couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was, how well he stood out, how smart he was but how well he hid it. But you immediately realized he flirted with everyone and once you showed your disinterest he stuck to you like glue, feeding off of your rejection with amusement.

You toss and turn in bed, until you finally allow yourself to admit that if he wasn’t such an ass, you’d do more than just consider him. 

The next day you’ve never contemplated skipping school so much in your life, but you have a test today and that’s unacceptable. You get to school at the brink of class starting, slipping into the classroom. Someone’s in your unassigned seat, so you’re stuck sitting close to the front by the teacher. 

B/N is sitting behind you at the left, you can feel him staring at you. Jihu clears her throat and you ignore her like always. But B/W isn’t here. He may not care for school but skipping a test isn’t like him. You can’t text him to ask where he is either because the test has started. 

Ten minutes pass with you answering questions when the door opens. B/W steps in and you feel your heart pound a little too hard. His eyes shamelessly lock on yours and you look down at your paper.

“You’re late,” the teacher tells him. 

“Clearly,” he takes the test and sits at a desk closest to the door before you. You finish quickly, not sure if it was a breeze or if you’ve given up, but you hand it in, quickly leaving. 

You head to the photography room, glad no one is here. You have no intentions of working on any photos, you just need to think. Why are you nervous around B/W all of a sudden? 

It was a hug. Friends hug. But were you two even friends? You don’t even qualify as frenemies. He openly flirted with you and you’d shut him down every time, that was the routine. The amount of times he’s come close to kissing you and you’ve never felt this way. 

You’re sitting in the dark room, the silence ringing. You hear the classroom door open, listening for who it is. 

“Y/N?” It’s B/N, “I know you’re here, I see your bag on the table,” 

You close your eyes, refusing to go out. He knocks on your door, “Is it safe to come in?”

“No,” you tell him. He’s quiet, “Forget about last night. I should’ve known it wouldn’t have been easy to get over someone.” 

“I shouldn’t have acted so quickly.” he sounds so close to the door. You could let him in right now if you wanted to, “We can start off slow, as friends again. We’ve changed since freshman year, I guess we have a lot to learn about each other,” 

But you’re not focused on that, “Was the breakup clean?” 

He’s quiet for a moment, “It was a fight breakup.” 

Your eyes feel hot, “Then to her, you’re not done,” 

“But I am,” 

“You want to be or so you think,” you say more to yourself. You open the door, stepping out, “Fix it with her. Either stay with her or break it off mutually but I’m not your second choice. I’m not going to fight for your affection and I don’t want to worry about you two. I don’t like drama. Something I’ve stayed out of for four years.”

“What about you and B/W?” 

You narrow your eyes at the randomness of the question, “What about him?” 

“You two seem to be more than friends,” 

You ignore his statement, “Go to Jihu, I’m not doing this,” 

He sighs, not moving, “I do like you though,” 

“Do you like me or the freeness you feel when you’re with me?” he can’t find an answer, “Please go. I’m not expecting anything,” 

He looks at you for a long moment before leaning in and kissing you on the cheek. Cheek kisses after a serious moment never sat well with you. 

“Hurting you was never my intention,” he takes his leave and you sink into your black room, crying for who knows how long. You’ve wanted him for so long. You practically had him and you could’ve went on with the fact that he didn’t like you as much as he said he did, but at least you’d get what you wanted.

It probably wasn’t a form of revenge, him asking you out, perhaps he did feel something there. But you remember the way he looked at Jihu when they walked before you. He didn’t even notice you standing there. 

“Are you done?” a voice sounds from outside your door. When did anyone come in the classroom? But you know it’s B/W. 

“No, I’m still printing.” 

“You aren’t printing, you didn’t carry your second bag.” 

“Everything’s in my book bag,” 

“Bullshit, you’re bag’s heavy already. Clean your snot, I’m coming in,” 

“No!” you brace yourself against the door, but he’s also stronger than you and easily lets himself in.

He turns on the light and you cover your face.

“Turn it off,” 

He ignores you of course, squatting before you. He uses his sleeve to clean your face. 

“Don’t wipe off my makeup,” 

“Like I can tell the difference,” He sits across from you, but the room is so small that his knees are practically touching yours. 

“How was the test?” he asks. 

“Easy. Sure I got a C though,” 


You look away, still self-conscious of your appearance from crying. It’s as if he knows because he finally flicks off the light, turning on the red projector for illumination. It’s not a bright light, but it dispels the darkness, allowing you to see his silhouette. 

“You alright?” 


He doesn’t press you and you can’t tell if he’s ever been this serious before, “About last night, I thought you wanted a hug so I-” 

“Forget about it.” 

He’s quiet and you realize you’ve never been uncomfortable around him this way. Perhaps when he was making crude jokes or bothering you in front of his friends, but nothing like this. You were at ease when you were alone with him. Now, you were aware of everything about him, as if he was oozing neon colors. 

“Thank you for it though. Everyone needs a hug sometimes,” 

You can’t tell if he’s nodding or not, but he’s sitting there quietly, listening to you. You get up once you hear the bell ring, signaling lunch and your cue to leave the school.

“You being nice to me is weird. So stop it,” you tell him. He gets to his feet and you wish he’d say something inappropriate to dispel what you’re feeling. One side of his face is visible, his eyes glistening dark red. 

“You’re gonna move or…?” He’s moving aside when you open the door, but then grabs your face and kisses you. 

The kiss isn’t a peck and check, it’s a purposeful kiss, from one who’s sure of their actions and insists on letting you know as well. You have one hand braced against his chest, intending to push him away, instead it stays there. The other releases the doorknob, your hand falling limp at your side. 

You’re actually surprised at how well he kisses, how fierce yet tender he is. 

But what shocks you more is that you’re kissing him back, your hands pulling him closer to you. You’re pressed against each other, feeling heat and tension in places you’ve never imagined.

When he pulls away, your eyes are still closed, his fingers gently touching your face. The light is on once you open your eyes. His heart is beating just as fast as yours.

You can’t think of anything to say except to stare at him. As if he’s a completely different person. 

“I don’t know if you kissed me back because you’re hurt by him or if you just needed affection,” he tenderly brushes your cheek, smiling slightly, “Either way, I was glad to be of help, because now you’re no longer crying,” 

Without waiting for you to reply, your hand slides from his chest as he leaves. You touch your lips, still feeling the softness of his own on yours.

EXO’s Sehun: When you need him

A/N: Enjoy the angst :) Thank you for waiting patiently! I know it’s been forever since I’ve uploaded any full length scenario ;_____;

Also I really liked writing the scenario while listening to this song: Shannon LaBrie - Calls Me Home ^^

Disclaimer: GIF is not mine

Your fingers trembled as you held the phone to your ear. Suddenly it was harder to breathe, and your knees were buckling underneath you. You bit down on your lower lip to fight back the tears threatening to tremble down.

  “_______ …” His voice shook; you could tell he was trying to find the right words.

  “What are you… What are you saying?” Tears streamed down your face. “Please… Please tell me if he’s okay.”

“We got into a car accident. The doctors… Th-They’re trying… We’re all here waiting. B-But there’s not-” His voice was drowned out. They’re trying… They’re trying… “_____, he’s not… he’s not waking up…” His voice broke at the end of his sentence.

“I don’t understand… what you mean…” You began shaking your head, refusing to accept what he was saying.

“______, we hardly understand… I-I know you’re scared, I’m scared too. W-We just have to wait it out, ______-” He mumbled

quietly. “They’re trying everything. He’s just… ________…”

“B-Baekhyun, what do you mean Sehun’s not waking up?!” You fall to the floor screaming into the phone. Your chest was hurting as you began sobbing loudly. “Baekhyun! P-Please tell me he’s going to be okay! Please, I’m begging you…”

“I-I… I can’t… I-I’m so sorry…”

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Favorite songs + plot bunnies

;;  D E A R   F U T U R E   H U S B A N D 

You gotta know how to treat me like a lady

Even when I’m acting crazy

Tell me everything’s alright

Muse A and Muse B are engaded since they were kids and didn’t even know each other but only now that they are in their 20s they find out about it. A is a OCD-ish with her relationships and doesn’t believe in true love, but decides to give B a chance. B is the complete opposite, he falls in love easily and always dreamed of the house, two kids and a dog. 

;; A L L   M Y   L O V I N G

And then while I’m away, 

I’ll write home everyday

and I’ll send all my loving to you

Muse A and Muse B got married after 8 years of relationship. Three months have passed and WWII has started, so B gets recruited by the British Army. They end up communicating only via letters, they write a letter every single day of the week, although mail service is really slow and they know the significant other will probably read all the letters at once. Bonus drama: A is pregnant. 

;; D E A R   P R U D E N C E 

The sun is up

The sky is blue, it’s beautiful

and so are you

Muse A wants to feel like he is part of something and Muse B is worried about him, she’s afraid that he could fall into depression or worse. Everything she wants is his happiness, so she starts some sort of “scavenger hunt to happiness” and does everything to help him live his life and find what he’s looking for. Bonus points if what he’s looking for is her. 

;; B L A C K B I R D 

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life

you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Muse A is going through a very hard time because his parents died in 9/11 and B, his best friend, is always there to comfort him. After months of grief and tired of the same old city, a decides to leave and move to L. A. 

;; A L I B I 

No warning sign, no alibi

we faded faster than the speed of light

Muse A and Muse B meet at a bar and after a few drinks and laughs, they go to B’s apartment and have a little one night stand. A wakes up earlier and leaves a note saying “This shouldn’t have happened, sorry” and leaves. B tracks her down wanting to ask her why and he ends up finding out she had a car accident whe she left his apartment and she’s in a comma. 

;; S T O C K H O L M   S Y N D R O M E 

Baby look what you’ve done to me
Baby you got me tied down
Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way

Muse A runs out of her house because she feels like it’s a living hell. After weeks living in the streets, she finds a job and shares room with Muse B, who is a Princeton student. A’s parents think she has been kidnapped, so they start looking for her, when they find her, the police arrests B and begin to ask questions. They make her believe she has Stockhom syndrome and she gets into a psychiatric hospital. When the doctors find out that she’s not mad, they try to communicate her with B in jail. 

;; S L E E P I N G   W I T H   A   F R I E N D 

And why mess up a good thing, baby?

It’s a risk to even fall in love

So, when you give that look to me

I better look back carefully

Muse A and Muse B are best friends, but B always felt a little bit of physical attraction towards A. B doesn’t want to screw up the friendship, so he tries not to show his feelings, but he has a very hard time doing it, because A is his weakness. 

;; A M   I   W R O N G ?

Am I wrong

for thinking that we could something for real?

Now am I wrong

for trying to reach the things that I can’t see?

Muse A and Muse B break up after she finds out he was cheating on her. B is really sorry about it but A refuses to forgive him, they fight a lot about it until she really says “enough” and tells him how she really feels about his cheating. 

;; A N I M A L 

Here we go again

I kind of want to be more than friends

So, take it easy on me

I’m afraid you’re never satisfied.

Muse A is new to school and B is the typical “I’m the sexiest man alive plus captain of the football team” kind of guy. A decides to join the cheerleaders and that’s when they first meet. She is not interested in him, but he does everything to have at least a one night stand with her. 

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Diabolik Lovers Subaru Maniac 7

Subaru Maniac 7. Wow, what a long gap between translations. I think my translating skills regressed quite a bit. ;-; I’ve been becoming more interested in the dr and snk fandoms and drifting away from dl, but don’t worry, I’ll finish the game translation…someday. :x

Happy Holidays~ Hope you all eat a lot and get fat (like me.)

ps I made a masterlist page for easier access to the translations.

Links to other translations:


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no jokes though, emily’s going to go into that hospital room and she’s going to hold Morgan’s hand and they’re going to be totally silent but they’re not going to need words, because she gets what he went through. She gets being driven to the point where your heart stops because your body’s been abused so badly, and she’s going to be there to just take his damn hand because nobody who understood was there to do it for her, and she wouldn’t want that for anybody else. 


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I am most comfortable drawing robots>humanoids>scenery in that order, and will not do NSFW//Gore work as of yet, however if you are unsure about something, please go ahead and ask! I will cooperate with you as long as you cooperate with me! However, I do have the right to refuse commissions. If you would like more examples of my work please see my art blog.

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omg i really like ur blog and reactions, can i request for exo's reaction with dealing with all this drama going on? ty

This is going to be a hard one… ;-;

Xiumin: *feels responsible as the eldest and tries to fix the problems* what are you doing here?! go and comfort your girlfriend babo!

Luhan: *puts on a brave face for his little brothers’ sakes*

YiFan: *keeps up to date with all the news even if it does kill him a little inside*

Suho: *smiles through the tears in his eyes because hes EXO’s guardian*

Lay: *doesnt stop playing the piano and composing songs*

Baekhyun: *cant stop reading the messages being sent to him and Taeyeon even though it hurts real fricking bad*

Chen: guys, there’s this saying, ‘the ground gets harder after rain’… we’ll get through this.

Chanyeol: *never stops laughing and smiling because if he doesnt, who will?*

D.O: *really fricking wants to cry but holds it in*

Tao: *gets sick and tired of all the questions and just snaps*

Kai: *refuses to talk to anybody and spends all his time practising*

Sehun: *feels lost because all his hyungs are sad and he doesnt know what to do*


Hope this was what you wanted~

- Admin K

Anyway, if you think about it, Father’s Day didn’t go that bad. We got the same old, to be expected, very ridiculous crappy material this stunt has been living on for long months now. The risk of getting something more believable, any effort to make it look a tiny bit more realistic and organic just wasn’t there. I believe Louis makes everything he can not to have it there ever, yesterday included. I mean:

- usual papped exchange (not even in a parking lot, but on the side of the highway) still lacking any trace o smile, tenderness, bonding, interest in general (otoh the evidence of smoke in the car…);

- usual senseless pic in b&w (because Louis has always paid very much attention to aesthetic purposes) to be put on IG with the most ??? caption in the history of captions (that I refuse to believe wasn’t meant as an intentional mock);

- usual predictable tweet with very passive aggressive :); 

- none of Louis’s family members or friends or band mates made a single comment or sent their wishes to Louis WHICH WAS THE ONLY NORMAL THING TO BE EXPECTED IN NORMAL SITUATIONS.

But we got Freddie Son and I think that’s enough.

lmao cursed child spoilers

the original was deleted so I’m copy-pasting it here

come laugh with me friends

Emerald: So it starts with Al’s boarding the train in his first year and he sits with Scorp but Rose doesn’t want to sit with Scorp so she leaves

Al is sorted into Slytherin as is Scorp and Rose into Gryffindor

Mk so then Al and Rose don’t really become friends but Al and Scorp become bestfriends

Aria: What they said haha and basically everyone in the school starts mocking Al for being a Potter sorted into Slytherin

Em: OH and I forgot like Scorp was like “u smell like nice” to Rose so that’s why idk about if I should be pro-Scorbus or pro-Scorose lol

And then it skips to Al’s second year boarding the train and he basically gets angry at his dad for coming with him and he just doesn’t like being associated with Harry at all bc Harry is all famous and heroic and he’s the outcast who got sorted into Slytherin

Aria: There is this weird rumor that Draco and Astoria were unable to have children and Astoria went back in time or something to produce an heir and Scorpius is Voldemort’s child??

Lmao but Scorpius is all like “ITS A RUMOR ITS NOT TRUE” and everyone in school mocks him for it and that’s why Al and Scorp become isolated from everyone else

Em: And then it skips to his third year boarding the train and it’s basically the same thing except Lily is sorted into Gryffindor when they arrive

And then his fourth year has a bunch of stuff happening before it

Aria: Then on the night before Al’s fourth year Harry goes to try talk to him and make things better between them but they get into a huge argument screaming and everything and Harry accidentally says that he sometimes wished Al wasn’t his son
Al was a difficult child basically, he also said some hurtful things

Em: Basically James gets his dad’s Invisibility Cloak, Lily gets fairy wings, but for Al’s present he gets the blanket that Harry arrived at the Dursleys in which he was given when Petunia died and then the fight Aria mentioned happens

It was all building up to it bc Al really wished that Harry wasn’t his dad bc he didn’t want all the attention and expectation of being as great as his dad

An old moldy blanket bc Harry wanted Al to have something “special” lmao wyd and hand-me-downs as well no wonder Al feels like an outcast


* to be more detailed about the argument they had:

Harry gives Al the blanket and explains its significance.

Al, being pissed at him, rejects it because what??? James gets the cloak, Lily gets wings, I get an old blanket??? Wtf dad???

The argument heats up and Al starts trying to piss off Harry by making fun of his past (“oh look I’m a poor orphan boy” “raised by my mean aunt and uncle” “but then Hogwarts came and IT SAVED ME” “WELL NOT FOR ME DAD I HATE THAT PLACE”)

And Harry starts “oh what at least you HAVE A DAD NOT LIKE ME” “do you wish I was dead or something”

And Al said “no, sometimes I wish you weren’t MY dad.”

And then Harry exploded with what Em said

Then Harry tried to apologize by saying he didn’t mean it and stuff but Al wouldn’t have any of that

Also did it happen around this time that Harry started having dreams and nightmares about when he was a kid and his scar started hurting???

Em: And then Amos Diggory visits Harry bc he’s been wanting to talk to him for a while but his appointments kept getting postponed and there was an illegal Time-Turner from Theodore Nott which was confiscated

Aria: So Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione start freaking out but no one listens to them

Em: But Harry lies and says that there’s no Time-Turner

Albus overhears and then he decides with Scorp on the train to steal the Time-Turner to bring back Cedric bc his dad won’t - bc Amos was like “it’s all your fault Harry” or at least hinting towards his guilt I don’t remember exactly whoops and Al thinks that he needs to fix his dad’s mistake

And then they go on top of the Hogwarts Express and the sweet trolley lady goes up onto the roof to get them back down

And then the trolley lady grew really long claws for some reason?? Then Al and Scorp jump off the train (to get the time turner and not go to Hogwarts) and use some spell to repel the trolley lady

And they go to the old ppl’s home where Amos is living to find him and tell him that they’re gonna try to save his son

And Amos tells Al and Scorp that they can’t but then they team up with Amos’ niece, Delphinus (she goes by Delphi) to find Cedric


And Harry is head of the magical law department, not auror as it had been specified before

Em: Anyway so they Polyjuice themselves, Al as Ron, Scorp as Harry, and Delphi as Mione

So they try to break into Harry’s Head Auror office but they hear Harry and Hermione coming so disguised Scorp and disguised Dephi hide while Al (who is Polyjuiced as Ron) stays to hold off Harry and Hermione from finding Scorp and Dephi

And Polyjuiced Scorp and Delphi hide in Harry’s office so Al tries to keep Hermione out of there by saying a bunch of stuff like “let’s have another baby or maybe go on holiday” but then there’s also a part where disguised Al says to Harry that maybe Harry did mean it when he told Al that he wished he wasn’t his son

And then eventually Harry and Hermione leave and Al, Scorp and Delphi steal the Time-Turner

And they make a plan to go back in time to the first task of the Triwizard tournament to make Cedric not have a lead so he can’t win and therefore is never killed bc he doesn’t reach the Cup

But anyway, Al and Scorp disguise as Durmstrang students bc if they wore Hogwarts robes someone who they are bc they’re supposed to be familiar with Hogwarts and they go back in time

And disarm Cedric oh and also Delphi is left behind bc she wouldn’t be of any use according to Al and Scorp so she doesn’t travel back in time with them

So Cedric doesn’t have a wand and he fails the first task

But then they unexpectedly go back to the present and Al’s ask broke when he did Expelliarmus but it healed bc he sort of went 20 years forwards or whatever back to his fourth year

And Harry, Ginny & Minerva find Al & Scorp in the Forbidden Forest and Al passes out

And then Harry talks to Dumbledore’s portrait in the Hospital Wing bc Dumbledore travelled to a different frame from the Headmaster’s Office

And Dumbledore says that Harry is blinded by his love for Al and that he should see how his son is ‘wounded’ or something like that

Aria: Dumbledore tells him that he should see Al for who he is and accept it or something like that

Em: Oh and Bane (that centaur from poa) prophesied (or not really TBH it’s not really a prophecy but whatevs it’s some sorta Divination) that Al has a 'dark cloud’ around him

And Harry thinks the Dark Cloud is Scorp so he tries to get Al and Scorp to stay away from each other by giving Minerva the Marauder’s Map and she watches it to make sure that Al and Scorp aren’t together

Aria: When Harry told Al to stay away from Scorp, Al was like “wth I’m not doing that he’s my best friend” and Harry was like “I’m your father and I should be obeyed” or something among the lines

Because be wanted to protect Al, so he had to be quite strict

Em: Anyway so like they find out that they really fucked up time and Romione never got together bc GOF! Hermione saw the Durmstrang ppl (i.e. Al, Scorp & Delphi) hexing Cedric and thought that Krum had told them to hex him so she never went w/ Viktor to the Yule Ball so Ron never got jealous

And Rose didn’t exist anymore and Ron married Padma but Hermione was Prof Granger she becomes a DADA Teacher instead of a Minister and she’s unmarried

Aria: Yeah she becomes a super mean and strict professor though

Em: Oh and Al is Gryffindor in this universe

So then Al and Scorp are in the library and Al suggests to go back in time again to fix things, they get into an argument (I can’t really remember how exactly) but eventually Scorp was like “u know people think that Voldy was my dad! People look at me because of that! People look at you because you’re the sun of Harry Potter! Stop being so selfish” or something like that

Aria: Oh and did we mention that Astoria died during Scorp’s third year

She became sick and then it was just Draco and Scorp

Em: She was poorly for a few years

Aria: Draco is overly protective of Scorpius

Em: And Scorp was like “I was hoping that this new universe would fix at least my mum’s death but no it didn’t”

Hermione said that either Voldy or some trace of him was back bc Harry’s scar hurt

And the Minerva checked the Marauders’ Map to see that Al and Scorp were together in the library (they weren’t allowed in the same room) and she searched for them but eventually gave up and left

And Al and Scorp made up and went to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom to try change the second task

Aria: Yes, again. They never learn

Em: But anyway so Myrtle is like “yeah Cedric is handsome” and then she eventually told them that they could reach the Black Lake bc they weren’t allowed out of the castle through the sink thingy

And then they time travelled and engorgio’d Cedric and he floated away and failed the second task

And then they got back, well Scorp did at least

And he was like “Al? Where’s Al?”




and the play ends

And we see that symbol

Aria: also Umbridge was like “come join us celebrate Voldemort day” and there are dementors around the castle

Em: On the up side, Ginny was still badass and threatened Ron w the Bat Bogey Hex

And she shouted at Draco

Aria: Harry and Draco destroyed the kitchen in a stupid duel while Ginny was gone for 5 minutes

Em: and Draco was like “MY SON IS MISSING” and Ginny was like “AND SO IS MINE”


After Scorp and Al go missing they have the duel where they’re blaming each other’s son for dragging the other and then they have the duel


Aria: And anyway then Ginny shows up and makes them both sit on opposite sides of the table and they continue arguing but Draco gives him a speech on how he should be a better father

And how “if a kid has to choose between a father he hates and his friend but you take the friend away then they have no one and do you know who else had no one Harry?! VOLDEMORT DID AND SO DID I GROWING UP!”

“The hard part is not becoming a parent, it’s growing up” Draco to Harry lmao

And Harry was sitting there saying nothing like “fuck okay he’s kind of got a point and I can’t argue now”


Astoria'a dead and they’re outcasts and there’s a rumor that Scorp is Voldy’s son bc apparently Draco was infertile but holy eff it seems so unreal like Jo playing us and the play being genuine

Idk Scorp was just like “Where’s Al?”
And Umbridge was all like “Albus?”
Scorp: “Albus Potter”
Umbridge “there hasn’t been a Potter here for years since Harry died” and Part 1 ends

brb, fetching wine for this mess

The Uchiha Clan.

“Hikari, focus.” Sasuke commanded. His daughter took a sharp breath and threw her next kunai. She missed the target by an inch. A trembling fist clenched as her father told her that she could do better.

“I can’t.”

Sasuke crossed his arms at the words. “Don’t say that. You can. Try it again.”

Hikari wiped the thin layer of sweat from her brow and marched over to the discarded weapons. Her heart was beating faster than usual, her father was pissing her off faster than usual…everything. Everything.

The young heiress placed the weapons in her pouch and walked back to her original spot. Bare feet dug into the ground, her bottom lip was being gnawed on harshly.

“Now focus…”

Her skull throbbed and her eyes blurred from angry tears. She hated this. She hated everything. Hikari tried taking a calming breath and narrowed onyx eyes at the trees Sasuke marked for her.

“Hikari,” snapped Sasuke. “What is your problem?” His hand was firmly around her wrist. The kunai dropped to the Earth with a thud.

“I don’t want to do this!” Hikari tried snatching away but his grip tightened. “I don’t want to be a ninja! I don’t! I don’t want to fight or kill or… I don’t want to be an Uchiha!” She cried into her free hand.

Sasuke replayed her confession over and over again in his head. “Sit.”

Her brows knotted and heated tears streamed down flushed cheeks. “I…” She hadn’t meant to say all of that. It slipped. “F-father, I-“

Sasuke yanked her arm downwards pulling them both to the ground. The young girl had begun to hyperventilate. “Hikari, calm - calm down.” He ordered but it only made her breathing worst. Images of Hinata flipped through his mind.

Sasuke placed a hand on her head and pulled her under his arm. He wasn’t sure if she was pushing away or pulling closer. “Just calm down,” mumbled Sasuke.

“I don’t - I don’t want t-to be the heiress,” said Hikari. She pulled her knees up and wrapped slender arms around them. “I don’t - I don’t want my…Sharingan to awaken.”

“It is apart of you.”

This time she definitely pushed away. “No, otousan, it’s apart of you. I… I didn’t ask to inherit these eyes.”

Sasuke wasn’t like Hinata. He didn’t know how to talk out his feeling effectively. “It’s not a curse, hime.”

Her eyes widened as if her father had completely lost his mind. “Not a cur- not a curse? Otousan! I know about the history of our clan! I… I learned! I understand, I-“

“The cycle has ended.” Sasuke looked away.

“And…and what if it hasn’t?”

For a fifteen year old girl, she had a horribly realistic grasp of life. Then again most Shinobi did…no matter the gender or age.

“You will not follow in anyone’s steps but your own-”

“Is that what you did? Followed your own footsteps? I just… I hope the baby is a boy,” her voice lowered. “I don’t even want title of heiress.”

Sasuke retracted his hand from her and took a deep breath. “Whether or not it’s a boy or a girl, you are the Uchiha heiress.”

Hikari looked over at his calmed face. “But I-“

“That title is yours,” stated the Uchiha male as he stood up. “You’ll do well to accept that.”

Hikari lifted her hand. “Y-you can’t force me!”

Sasuke pocketed his hands. “No, you’re right. I can’t. Regardless, your eyes will awaken and you will want to learn how to control it.”

“What if they don’t! You and everyone else—”

“Dammit, You are not everyone else, Hikari!”

Hikari wanted to look away but she had never witnessed her father lose his cool first-hand. His back was to her and for that she was grateful.

“How d-do you know? Y-you couldn’t possibly know that!” How did he know she wouldn’t be the next Madara? Her heart skipped too long when Sasuke turned to her. His own eyes flickering in its famous red hue.

“How do I know that?” He strained through gritted teeth. “You want to know how?” Hikari flinched when he appeared in front of her. The girl braced for impact but felt none as a large hand rested on the back of her head. “We never raised you in that way.”

Her onyx eyes widened as he pressed her head into his chest. Her arms were hesitant to rise. Her father wasn’t cold nor was he too warm but he was never…like this.

“We,” he corrected himself. “Your mother and I.”


“Sharingan is only as evil as it’s owner,” he patted her head. “You don’t even talk about eating meat in front of animals.”

Hikari blushed and hid her face in his chest. “It’s w-wrong.”

“You go out of your way to help people, no? You babysit random children and refuse to let your mother cook without supervision.”

“She’s b-been acting careless!”

Sasuke smirked. It pleased him that she was calm again. “You wake up hours in advance to walk me to the gates.”

Hikari pulled back to look up at him. “Ne, I…” It was hard to put it in words. “It c-could be the last time.”

“Your mindset is much different than any Uchiha before you, even Itachi’s.”

Hikari knew of her uncle. Her eyes took refuge on the ground. “I’m s-still not sure I want to be a ninja.”

Sasuke shrugged. “I don’t want you leaving the village that often with two stupid boys anyway.”

The girl giggled and hugged her father. Even after all these years, it still took the Uchiha make a second or two to adjust to being touched randomly. “Let’s go before—”

“What’s going on!?” Hinata walked into the clearing. “I felt both of your chakras flare!”

Sasuke waved it off and went to comfort his worried wife. She had become hyper sensitive to their presence. “Wha-what?” Hinata turned to her daughter. “Come along, hime, I’m hungry.”

Hikari smiled at her parents, both strong Shinobi of the Leaf, and both…

Sasuke’s brow rose. “Are you stuck?”

She shook her head and ran up to them. Hinata hugged the girl and placed her in the middle just like they did when she was just a toddler.

…both just as new to being an Uchiha clan as she was.

Please consider a TitanicAU! with MiyuSawa where:  

  • Kazuya is an elite.  His dad owns a steel company (which is about to go bankrupt, sorry) 
  • Eijun wins tickets to board the Titanic where he can start a new life (*cue Rapunzel’s ‘When Will My Life Begin*)  

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just some Things:

  • person A of yr ship deciding to make an effort to get up early one day and try to make B coffee. it freakin sux and they know it but B shows them how to make a proper cup of coffee after confirming that
  • playing a tabletop rpg and ending up with their characters married through some bizarre chain of events by the end of the game
  • person A hates person B’s cat. B doesn’t understand why and is dead set on turning A into their fellow cat-parent
  • “when did ‘prince charming’ become a serious and acceptable thing for you to call me” “probably around the same time ‘angelcakes’ became ok for you”
  • getting really lost on what was supposed to be a romantic outing. person A claims to know where they’re going but keep getting themself and B even more lost. person B is cold and pissy and could probably get them back to where they’re supposed to be but refuses to out of spite
  • “so i listened to that mixtape you made me. it was awful and i enjoyed every second of it”
  • person A incites a 3am argument over what era of [insert band here] was the best. person B forces them to sleep on the couch once the debate goes past 5:30

You know that cliche trope in which Character A sees Character B “asleep”, and then realizes how beautiful B is? So A leans in to kiss B, gets embarrassed afterwards, and leaves. After a while, B gets up, blushing like his veins have all broken at once.

I want to see Narumitsu for that, with Character A as Phoenix and Character B as Edgeworth. Except that Edgeworth starts blushing immediately after Phoenix kisses him. And Phoenix just stares for a while, all confused, before going Oh shit.

Then Edgeworth gets up like nothing happened and clears his throat, blush still evident on his face.

…I heard the door open, and woke up.

W-w-why– why would you pretend to be asleep?!

Edgeworth awkwardly clears his throat again, as if that will somehow vanquish the awkward atmosphere. Instead, silence fills the air as the two adamantly refuse to look at each other.

After a long while, Phoenix starts stuttering again.

I mean, that is, that didn’t really, how should I put it, you know I think you can forget about this? Maybe? It… was a slip of the tongue? NONONO, I didn’t use tongue or anything if you’re wondering but, oh my god, this… isn’t working out very well, is it?

Edgeworth sighs.

This is getting ridiculous, Wright.

Phoenix looks down, and murmurs an apology. But he feels his head being forcibly tipped up. At first, he’s caught off guard, but then he notices that Edgeworth’s blushing.

Edgeworth leans in and kisses him for what– a millisecond? Then he pulls away, and clears his throat again. As if that could somehow buy him composure.

I hope that will suffice as a response, Wri– no, Phoenix.

He looks away, and fails to notice Phoenix break out into a huge grin. Next thing he knows, he’s being embraced in a hug, followed up quickly by a kiss. He looks everywhere– up, down, left, Wright– ah, yes, into Phoenix’s hopeful, blue eyes, which flutter shut.

Smiling, he closes his eyes and kisses Phoenix back.