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So much this @northray! Creators already control…

I didn’t know that they had already tried this!! It makes sense, though. They have been trying to both engage AND control the conversation for several years now. 

Its the one thing I wish I could get famous people to understand about social media (and cons, too, really): If you choose to engage with fans, you have to accept the consequences. The real world is NOT your show! You don’t get to control the story or determine the ending, and you have to understand that not everyone loves or agrees with you. If you WANT to get out there and soak up the adoration of the polite, well-behaved fans, then you might have to put up with a certain number of also polite but dissenting or questioning fans…or fans who may actually know more about your source material than you do who think you blew it! Or fans who are writers or academics who have educated opinions about your work. AND, yes, you might get some of the angry fans with abusive tendencies or the inappropriate ones who don’t know where the boundaries are and start thinking you are their best friend for reelz. If you choose to engage, you are gonna get the whole mixed bag and it is really beyond childish to simply declare that you don’t like the game anymore so you are going to change the rules. Creators and performers have the right to ask fans for basic civility, and you know, Twitter lets you block people. And cons have always had ways of dealing with the bad apples. Asking all fans to pay for a half-assed experience is pretty lame.

I understand why Moffat abandoned Twitter. He was getting a lot of really awful stuff–which behaviour I do NOT condone at all–and I don’t blame him for quitting. But he also got a lot of people asking really reasonable, polite questions about things they didn’t understand or didn’t like, too, and he often treated those fans the same as the awful ones. Not cool. And not cool to endorse a huge, very expensive “fan” event and then muzzle those who attend.

Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for those who are going to Sherlocked anymore than I felt sorry for myself when I went. I had plenty of great experiences (OMG I met Ben!!!), and I’m sure they will too. I just think it is sad that this is a trend we are seeing more of. And I don’t think it is because fans are “crazier.” I think it is because we are demanding BETTER content (and, frankly, making more of our own) and mainstream media creators resent like hell that we have the audacity to think we know what we want.

One edit: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if all this cloak and dagger/control-freak stuff was in aid of a longer game ( a secret special, a corrective S5, etc.). I have kind of lost my faith, but to those of you who are holding out hope–go for it! I sincerely hope you are right <3

Internal vs External Magic Users

So, I’ve come to find knowing how magic works for each individual can help immensely when it comes to studying and perfecting each person’s form of witchcraft. Everyone tends to be different, and finding out where you stand and how you personally use, store, and/or release energy can help when it comes to visualization. This can, in turn, greatly impact the success rate of each spell, working, or ritual a witch does. Obviously, it’s not an end-all, be-all. However, I’ve found knowing the information can help even just a tiny bit (or a lot, depending on the person.)

Internal vs External

The way energy moves throughout the body is a great way to start understanding how you can use and manipulate your own in your everyday life as well as in your practice. There are hundreds of different types of paths for energy to go, but for the most part, the two largest categories are: internal and external.


Internal energy pathways are self-explanatory. Typically, these people were born during the day and possess power from within their own bodies. They have a connection with the Sun. Internal is quite common, and these individuals may have to ground and cleanse themselves more than their counterparts. They can be gifted at enchantments, astral work, communing with deity or spirits, etc. Their cores emanate energy, which can be activated with a touch. Touch with the hands, feet, chest, and the top of the head would be ideal as these are their center points of energy. Internal magic users tend to rely on their instincts and intuition and often have extra-sensory abilities. My recommendation: focusing on visualization and using touch-based rituals/spells (sigils, baths, etc.)

Oil to help loosen up the internal energy flow:

  • Olive oil base
  • Sea Salt
  • Amethyst (chips or tumbled)
  • Rosemary (herb or oil form)
  • Yerba Santa, Sage, or Palo Santo

Burn either on a charcoal disk or rub on a candle to breathe it in.


External magic users are the lucky ones! Typically born at night, these are those lucky people who could wish for something and have it happen. They have an ability to influence the world from afar, like the Moon. They can trigger changes around them without thinking about it too much. Simply saying things like “I really wish I had some extra money,” might aid them in finding a spare $20 on the street. These are typically the people who can reblog emoji spells, and/or “money cat”-type posts and have a high success rate. Their bodies radiate energy and manipulating it may come naturally to them, to the point where they have no idea they’re doing it. They rely on their intellect and are disciplined, determined, and intelligent. They excel at area of effect rituals, such as wards. Energy manipulation, healing magic, and forms of divination may also be easier for them to master. My recommendation: learning how to manipulate their energy more and using repetitive mindset spells (ie, vision boards. AKA, wishing for something super hard.)

Oil to help loosen up the external energy flow:

  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender (herb or oil)
  • Sea Salt
  • Mint (herb or oil)
  • Selenite (Charge oil with it or add chips. Disclaimer: selenite dissolves in water, so either charge the oil or use pieces you don’t care for.)

Rub on skin, do NOT consume if you add selenite chips as it is unfit for internal consumption. 

20 Of The Most Romantic Quotes By F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald had one of the most passionate, tumultuous and sweetest relationships recorded in history with author Zelda Fitzgerald. As the founder of the Jazz Age, his name is synonymous with extravagance and romance. Inspired by his real life, Fitzgerald drew inspiration from his relationship with his beloved muse Zelda. 

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Color My Inbox

Deep Red - I’m in love with you.
Red - I love you.
Pink - I think you’re cute.
Blue - You’re amazing.
Rose - You’re pretty
Purple - You’re hot.
Plum - I would fuck you.
Violet - I would date you.
Aqua - I could stay on your blog for hours.
Lavender - You are my tumblr crush.
Orange - I want to get to know you.
Tangerine - We have a lot in common.
Amber - I wish you would notice me.
Cream - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
Beige - I don’t know you at all.
Yellow - I don’t like your blog.
Green - I don’t like you.
Olive - I think you are unattractive.
Brown - I hate you.
Grey - You scare me.
Black - Delete your tumblr.
White - Kik??

Hello everyone! My name’s Erica, and I’m currently a Senior in Highschool. In order to graduate, we have to complete a Senior Research project. I decided to do my project on autism since it’s one of my top special interests!

As a part of my project, I thought it would be really cool to actually gather information from a slew of people on the autistic spectrum since autism is different for everyone who has it! 

In order to do that, I created a survey through google forms! The survey has several questions that will ask you about your life experiences of being autistic! 

I would like to get as many responses as possible, so it would be super awesome if you guys could reblog this post, and if you have a chance, fill out the questions on the form!

EDIT: Allistic people can definitely reblog this if they wish to help spread it around!

EDIT #2: Self diagnosed people can fill out the survey as well!

Click here to fill out the survey!

Thank you in advance to those who reblog & fill out the survey! 

everything, by design.


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Can we get more Niles? He looks so cute in your style !!

Thank you dear anon!! Here this hot boy for you! Thank you for your request and I hope you like it!

A.N: I want to give an extra thanks for the people who reblogs my drawing, it really makes me happy, you are all so kind! And THANK YOU to everyone who send me request, I’m SO happy to draw things for you guys, really. Idc if I end up having a lot of request, it just makes me happy and I want to to them non stop! ;v; I really like making you all (i hope) happy. Really, thank you so much, I will always thank you. I wish I could answer you all instantly, but I can’t— Thank you so much. And don’t be shy if you want to talk to me, or send request. They will be open for a long time by now.


Let’s get back to serious thing: Request are still OPEN! I’m going to add to the list: Voltron and TWEWY fandom bc some of you guys reminded me of those two. 

The list now is: Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates/Heroes - Zero Escape Trilogy - Danganronpa games - Voltron -TWEWY.

You can ask for simple request, ship, or something like the small comics I did for FE (Just send me the characters and some more information on how you want it, they will be mostly Chibi) <333 I love you all, sorry for the long post.


Hey AvAc friends!

I guess it’s already been found out, but I’m immensely proud to announce that I voice Amadeus Cho aka Totally Awesome Hulk in Avengers Academy! :)

Like, you don’t even know! Haha. To get to voice not one, but TWO, great Asian characters in this game? Amazing. Really fills that Asian pride within me. 

Not to mention, when I booked the part, I dove head first into “Totally Awesome Hulk” and “Monsters Unleashed”. Had to catch up on what I’ve been missing. LOVE this character. Love who he is, what he’s gone through, and how much of a positive influence his existence is. Not only for kids and the people reading it, but for the Asian community and representation as a whole! The issue where they formed the Champions and it’s an all Asian superhero team?? Like, come on. That’s… totally awesome. Haha.

I hope you guys have been liking the event so far. I’ve been perusing the tag and I’ve seen a mixed bunch. I’m so sorry that he’s premium! But someone had to be, I guess! Haha. I wish he could be more obtainable for you. But for those that have recruited him, I hope you like what you got! Hope he lives up to the Chulk name.
Really wish I could voice lil’ Ammy again for something a little more fleshed out and long term. I love this guy!

Thanks again for being such a cool community! Enjoy the event! I’ll probably be reblogging as much as I can throughout it. Haha.

(Wish I could have got it right at 200 but this is amazing!)

So anyways! There’s 208 of you! And I’m super excited about that because I really didn’t think this blog would do that well and here we are! So to show my appreciation for all of you (and because I’ve wanted to for a while) I’m going to do an art giveaway!!

If you reblog this on or before Friday February 24th  you will be entered for me to draw something for you!!

First place will get a colored full body picture!

Second place will get a full body sketch!

Third place will get a colored bust!

Quick rules:

  1. One entry per person.
  2. You have to be following me
  3. I won’t draw NSFW
  4. No complicated machinery
  5. gore is fine

Winners will be chosen/announced on the 24th, if you win but don’t respond in a reasonable time frame I’m going to choose someone else.

not sure if it’s really necessary at this point because when you go to his blog there’s no longer anything there, but i decided i would make this for two reasons: 1. i woke up to a rather sickening message from him this morning. and 2. lots of ppl have come to me and told me they are worried about others who interact with him and i feel the same.

plus even tho there’s nothing on his blog now he could very well make another blog or come back somewhere else, etc.

so for those of you who are not aware, someone in the twenty one pilots fandom on here, @blurbxtch, is an extremely manipulative, abusive, and selfish individual. i’ll put the rest under a read more bc this is going to be very long, complete with screenshots and quotes and shit.

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morseren  asked:

Hello, I'm wondering if you have found any witchcraft or pagan communities here on tumblr that has a good number or 40 and older people? I love tumblr but sometimes I wish I could find more people close to my own age...over 50 myself.

I’ve run into a handful of witches our over 50 age group, but tumblr really seems to fail at establishing communities. Now and then someone will do a “if you’re a witch over 40 reblog this” post, but I’m often worried there aren’t enough of us for it to really take off. Because if we aren’t following each other, we won’t see it unless the younger witches reblog us. So we need their help.

Any older witches out there to reblog with a note that you’re in the older crowd? 

Any younger witches to give it a reblog boost?

Something pretty awesome happened on the weekend. I came out to my mother as asexual and it went really well. I hadn’t planned on it at all but I had been telling her for a while that if she wanted to know things she’d have to ask and she did this weekend out of the blue.

She actually knew about asexuality (which I really hadn’t expected) and she was completely understanding about it and told me it was alright to be this way. She only wished that maybe I could find someone with similar inclinations to share my life with beause she doesn’t want me to be alone. Which I guess is a natural thing for mothers to feel.

I’m.. really floored, you guys. This has been on my mind for a very long time - I knew I wasn’t “normal” aka straight for at least fifteen years now, though the realisation that I might be asexual (and aromantic) is fairly new and came about two or three years ago (I actually learned about asexuality from tumblr). It’s been hard feeling like I have to keep this from my mother, who is the person in my family I’m closest to. I was actually thinking about how to bring up the topic with her.

I’m not sure it would go over this well with the rest of my family - I’m pretty estranged from them, and a lot of them are bigots. But my mother is the person I care the most about and it means the world to me that not only did she bring it up first but also that she took it so well.

After all of this time, and the angsting and the sorrow this is so anticlimatic, it’s actually pretty strange. But I’m so, so relieved.

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How do you feel about the way India culture is represented in Steven Universe?

Hey anon! Thanks for writing in. This is a good question. And I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, but representations of Indian culture (which is not a monolithic culture, mind you) in SU are pretty much non-existent. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Connie and her family to bits. They’re a breath of fresh air in comparison to typical representations of Indians in white US media. Apart from usually only being north Indians, the images I grew up with in the US were those of scrawny, un-athletic, awkward (physically and socially), undesirable nerd boys who had (bad, unrealistic, highly exaggerated and caricatured) Indian accents and whose lives revolved around grades and STEM, particularly math. They usually were shown as too uptight or obsessive about grades, denigrating non-STEM related things, never developing any other skills, and needing to be “fixed”. If they weren’t vilified in comparison to a white male lead, they were made the member of the protagonist’s group that is a constant victim of bullying and always the butt of jokes, usually surrounding their names, inability to get girls, appearance, masculinity, or interests. And yet, despite everything, if not a “villain” (often not even taken seriously enough to really be a scary villain), they always are portrayed as friends to the white male main characters, somehow continuing to kiss up to them. 

Indian girls? If they even were in media at all, they were fetishized and exoticized, whose (unrealistic) accents and brown skin make them sexy (in the eyes of the white man!!) instead of laughable. Unrealistically beautiful and charming, probably related to the Indian guy, and only existing to be the romantic/sexual object for a white guy. And LGBTQ+ Indians in US media? I have never seen them. 

None of the images I’ve described really portray Indian cultures. They only exist to put down South Asians (which, by the way - there are more South Asians than just Indians) and to uplift white people (particularly of European descent) as superior in comparison to us. 

Connie is such a relief from many of these images. First off, she’s a dark-skinned south Indian girl. She is a romantic interest, yes, but she is more - she is her own, three-dimensional character. She’s not the butt of jokes. She stands up for herself. It is sort of disappointing that SU plays into the trope of brown parents being overly strict and harsh to the point that the child keeps things hidden from them and has little faith that they will listen to her at all, while still relying on them completely. But that is somewhat subverted in that Dr. and Mr. Maheshwaran are shown to be loving and goofy. They do listen and learn from Connie and are shown to change - communication is improved, and Connie does lots of stuff independently (while also telling them now). I am less upset about that because of the overall change. And you know what? No one makes fun of Connie’s name or her interests. Plus I just adore her. She is loved by all and cherished, having her opinion really valued. 

But despite that - there isn’t really any Indian culture on the show that I can really think of. Like, there’s the last name, and that wedding picture someone pointed out (that most people would have missed, and was a background detail anyway), but apart from that, there is nothing. Which kind of sucks. It is sort of complicated because immigrants can’t really live the ways they used to back in India, so I know every immigrant does the whole “living-away-from-the-homeland” thing differently, and it often depends on religion and how closely tied to India the family is. Still, many people I know continue to carry their traditions with them. It can be so hard when you aren’t surrounded with people like you, yet many of us celebrate our holidays and festivals, enjoy our dance and music, speak our languages (to some extent, colonization is a thing), wear our clothes, visit Indian friends and relatives, eat our foods, pray to our gods, practice our customs, shop at Indian stores (if there are any in our area), call our grandparents in India, etc. And there isn’t really any of that. I guess the show isn’t really focused on Connie’s life, but she is still a huge part of it, so something would be important I think. “Maheshwaran” is a Tamil name (and Tamil isn’t just spoken in Tamil Nadu, but Sri Lanka and Singapore as well), and Priyanka is a Hindu name, so it would be really cool to see some Tamil and/or Hindu traditions on the show. There was a post I reblogged a while ago that had suggestions for ways Indian culture could be better represented on the show. I’ll try to see if I can dig that up because I loved it.

I can’t speak for the other cultures on the show, but at least for the Maheshwarans, I wish there was more. 

This got a lot longer than I had wanted it to be lol, so I’ll end it here. I hope this answered your question. I’ll also have to proofread it later, so if you need clarifications/comments about anything, please let me know. Have a lovely day!!

PSA for my followers

Hey lovelies!

Unfortunately I found out that RIGHTTT when ACOWAR comes out, I will be studying for my mock exams and actually taking the exams!

I am so saddened by this, but school has to come first here.  I wish I could read the book asap but my May is going to be a busy time.  I have a ballet competition and rehearsals, SAT to sit, and mocks to take for my IB Diploma! Aghhh!!!

My mocks are at the end of May but I need to study during the first few weeks of May and really dedicate my time there. But I promise that as soon as they are done I will read ACOWAR right away and finish quickly so that I can share my thread and thoughts with you guys, review it, fangirl over it, cry over it, make theories, and reblog alllll the beautiful edits and fan art!

I won’t be on tumblr much during that time because I don’t want to be spoiled, but I encourage you to tag me in things, chat me posts that you want me to see, message me, or ask me anything (PLEASE DO!) And I promise that when I return from my short hiatus I will write back to all of you.

I’ll still be active for the rest of April, but on May 2 I will disappear.  I’ll try to queue some fics and HC’s for you guys so that there is still new content on my blog.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all understand that I will be mostly M.I.A during that time. :(

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You are literally the only joker/jerome fic blog that I like. I really haven't seen any other writers that suit me. Do you have any you like? Maybe I've missed something. Miss your writing!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted anything! I just haven’t had the inspiration to write lately and when I try to fight against that, everything I produce comes out horrible. So all I can do is sit around and hope my muse comes back to me. :(

I wish I could recommend some other blogs for you but unfortunately, I don’t really read fic on Tumblr. Maybe my followers can reply or reblog with some good recommendations?

But beyond that, if you’re interested in longer fics, here are some A+ Joker stories I’ve read over and over again (sorry, I haven’t really found any Jerome fics I can recommend):

The Bad Jokes Series by hahaharley (Ledger Joker x Harley Quinn – this series is wonderful beyond words…super long and incredibly well-written…this Joker is PERFECT and the writing is honestly so good it makes me never want to even TRY to write another word. Like I wish I could erase the whole series from my memory just so I could experience the joy of reading it for the first time all over again…it’s that good.)

You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter by Imogen Kain (Ledger Joker x OFC – a much different Joker than the other series but also very entertaining)

The Murder Song Series by strangerthan (Leto Joker x Harley Quinn – probably the most well-written and well-developed Leto Joker story I’ve found)

anonymous asked:

seeing this blog has seriously helped me out by seeing an amount of how many other people there are in the LGBT community, I mean I always knew there were a ton of people but I could never really picture it so I wanted to thank you, I'm almost ready to come out and seeing your stuff and all the other people who have reblogged some of your posts has seriously helped me out, thank you so much

Ahh this is a really old anon, but i’m still glad this blog could help you out! And no problem, and i wish you luck in whatever it is you’re trying to do nowadays anon! - Mod Robin

5 Reasons it Makes Sense for Lapis And Peridot’s fusion to be Aquamarine

Though we never know who is gonna fuse with who in Steven Universe, many people believe that with the close bond Peridot and Lapis are forming means they are almost definitely going to fuse at some point, and many people have begun speculation on what gem they may fuse into.

Now, I don’t usually hold my ground when it comes to possible fusions, although my sister and I, being huge geology nerds, love to speculate what two gems may fuse into, I am never certain. Even with this, i would not say I’m 100% sure.

But I would, however, gladly say I’m 90% certain. If the crewniverse can find a gem that fits the two as well as it can, or even better, I will happily accept it, but this is why I believe aquamarine (which happens to be my birthstone, though that doesn’t influence it) would make the perfect candidate

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“He loves someone else...” Steve Rogers x Reader imagine Part 3

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Hi everyone! I hope you like this part! Probably next one, 4th, will be the last one.

I have many promts to do imagines but I can’t decide which ones to do so I’m going to post the list later and just let you decide :) Thanks for all the likes and reblogs, really, they make my days (which are being really shitty lately so thank you very much). As I always say, requests are open as well!

You wished you could answer Bucky’s question but you were as surprised as he was. You would have never expected Steve to kiss you. Not in a million years and certainly not when he was in love with someone else. But you just couldn’t shake the feeling of his over yours. They had been so strong but gentle at the same time, needy but passionate. It had been the best kiss in your life.

Silently, Bucky walked you to the place you had been assigned to. You would share the place with four other nurses so at least you wouldn’t be alone.

“I can talk to him, if you want me to.” Bucky said when you were almost at the doorstep.

“No… I have to talk to him. And talking. No yelling”, you sighed.

“Or kissing?” He teased you making you blush.

“I… I don’t even know why he did it. He loves Peggy…” You said looking at Bucky.

“Maybe he doesn’t love her as much as he loves you”, he replied smiling down at you.

You shook you head as you looked for your keys in your little bag. He didn’t love you. Not like he loved her. But then again, why had he kissed you?

“I’m so confused right now, Bucks”, you sighed running a hand through your hair.

Bucky chuckled a little before hugging you tight, giving you the comfort you needed at that moment. You were so lucky to have him. You kissed his cheek and walked to the door to open it.

“Thank you, James”, you said. He winked at you before vowing a little which made you laugh. “Good luck with the blondie”, you added with a small laugh.

“I’ll do my best”, he said laughing before turning around and walking away.

With a sigh you walked in and closed the door before locking it. You had been told to lock the door always since everyone had a spare key and it was safer that way. The place wasn’t big but at least it had a room for each one of you, even though it had just one bathroom. The house was silent so you tried to move as quietly as possible in case they were sleeping already. Once you were in your room, you changed into your pyjamas and got into the bed.

Next day you had to go to work to the nursery so your plan to look for Steve and talk to him would have to wait the whole morning. You were happy with your morning shift since nobody seemed to come so it was calmed for all of you. You spent most of the time talking to the others girls, getting to know each other since you were going to spend most of the time together.

At lunch time, Bucky showed up at the nursery, looking for you so you could have lunch with him. Of course you said yes and left the place with him, telling him all about your first day and listening how he talked about his duties.

“Steve is coming along”, he said when you were almost at the restaurant.

“What?” You said looking at him.

“I didn’t tell him you’re coming”, he added looking down at me. “(Y/N) you two need to talk.”

“James, this is not a good idea”, you sighed looking around, feeling so nervous now and not having a clue about how you were supposed to eat anything in this state.

“Look, if you want to avoid this, be my guest.” He snapped suddenly stopping and looking at you. “But maybe you’re throwing away the chance to…have something else with the guy you have always loved. Plus, I’m not willing to see my two best friends getting away from each other without trying anything else.”

You took a deep breath looking at him and then nodded. He had a point. You wanted to talk to Steve, that was true but you didn’t expect it to be so soon. Bucky smiled at started walking away but before you two could reach the door, Steve’s voice was just behind you.

“What does this mean?” You stopped on your tracks and turned around.

“Hey, pal!” Bucky said walking to him but all he was looking at was you, which really made you nervous. “You know, I thought it would be a brilliant idea if you two talk properly. You owe it to each other”, Bucks smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea”, he replied.

“She was going to look for you to talk, so I’ve just saved you hours of work. You’re welcome”, Bucky smiled happily. “I booked the table for you two. So go ahead and behave”

Not saying anything else he patted Steve’s back and walked away. He was one of a kind and no one could say otherwise. You and Steve looked at each other seriously until he was the first one looking away.

“Well…” he mumbled and looked at you. “Hungry?” He asked. You sighed relieved that he was willing to talk to you and nodded.

Walking pass you he opened the door of the restaurant so you could walk in first, followed by him. Soon you were both seated at a table next to the window, looking at the menu.

“I think I’ll just have a sandwich”, you commented trying to break the ice since the tension between you two could literally be cut with a knife.

“Diet again?” He asked. You shook and looked at him. “I’ll have a burger”, he said.

Setting down the menus you looked at him at the same time he looked at you. Before you had time to say anything, the waiter came to take your order and left again.

“You kissed me”, was all what you were able to say.

“And you kissed me back”, he replied. Taking a deep breath you looked out of the window. This wasn’t going to be easy. Luckily, your food arrived just then, giving you time to calm down as you thanked the guy. “And you said you love me”, he said.

You looked at him trying not to choke on your sandwich as he said that. Yeah, you had said that but you never thought he would bring it up.

“Was it true?” He asked locking his blue eyes with yours.

“Yes…” You whispered. He nodded looking down. “Why didn’t you write?” You asked.

“It was easier.” He said. You frowned confused. Easier for who? “(Y/N) I didn’t know if I was going to see you ever again and… I couldn’t focus on anything with that thought in my head. So… I just thought the easier way to let you go would be…that”

I frowned looking at him, not being sure of what he was talking about. So he actually wanted to forget about me? For real? It just didn’t have any sense.

“I’m not following you, Steve… What’s the point?” You said putting down the sandwich. He sighed putting down the burger as well and looked at you.

“You never saw it, don’t you?” He said smiling a little. Confused, you shook your head. “I have loved you for years, (Y/N). I spent days and days looking for the way to tell you how I felt but I couldn’t find the courage. You have always been so out of league. And coming here would help. I would be away from you so I would stop feeling this, but I didn’t. Every day I missed you more and more, with every letter you wrote I just wanted to leave everything and go back to you. So I just stopped writing.” You gulped as he talked, not being able to swallow all of this. So both of you felt the same for years and none of you said anything? “Then I met Peggy and I thought she was amazing, I thought I could forget about you and I was doing it. But then you appeared out of nothing and all my progress was in vain. Because the moment I saw you, I was yours again”

By the time he finished talking, your mouth was dry and you were completely speechless. You didn’t know how to react anymore, what to think. All you knew is that your heart was beating faster than ever, it felt like everyone in the room could hear it. Steve was looking at you intensely and you couldn’t look away from his eyes. He loved you. He had always loved you and you were too obsessed with your own feelings that you couldn’t even see his.

After a while he smiled a little embarrassed and looked down at his plate.

“Now is the moment when you are supposed to say something, you know?” He said.

You bit your lip and looked down for a moment before looking up at him. But just when you were about to say something, something shook everything and people out of the restaurant starting running down the street. Steve was on his feet and next to you in just a second.

“ROGERS!” You turned as you heard his name. A men dressed up in a formal suit had ran into the restaurant. “We need you. HYDRA”

HYDRA? What was that? You looked up at Steve at the same time he nodded and looked down at you.

“Take her with you, please”, he told the man after looking away from your eyes which were full of fear. The man nodded and took your arm, dragging you away from Steve.

“Steve! Steve, wait!” You yelled. He ran to you making the man stop and held your face. “Where are you going? What’s going on?” You asked taking his hands.

“Please, go with him. You will be safe, I promise, but… I have to go”, he said seriously. You shook your head but before you could say anything he kissed you for a few seconds and then looked at the man. “Please, protect her”

You weren’t able to say anything else. The man dragged you out and by the time you were able to look back again, you saw Steve running down the street, into the direction of where the bomb had exploded.

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Hello everyone!

Mod Eddie here. I’m going to talk to you all about some things.

nova-pride-flags started waayy back in summer of 2015 when my girlfriend and I believed head-on in the mogai “movement”. 

everything was peachy, everyone was valid, no one required dysphoria to be trans.

things have changed.

the concept of mogai is corrupt. the concept of mogai as it’s considered specifically on tumblr is corrupt and harming real trans people.

I am a transgender person, I am Neutrois. my girlfriend is not transgender, but does not believe in applying gender to herself.

what separates us, what makes me transgender and her not transgender, is that I am dysphoric and she is not. 

you may notice that I haven’t used the word “cis”. this is because I don’t believe in that term, I don’t believe that it can logically exist, because in my opinion no one except maybe a straight, white male can be 100% comfortable with their gender assignment. 

women are not comfortable with what womanhood is. female is not a gender, it is an experience and you are either trans (dysphoric) or you’re not. 

if you are not dysphoric, you are not going to escape misogyny by calling yourself a boy, or both, or neutral, or something else entirely. if you are not dysphoric, you are not trans.

even if you are dysphoric, you cannot escape misogyny. you have experienced misogyny. it is not misdirected misogyny, it is not misplaced because of your identity. you have been female socialized regardless of how you identify.

all of the genders that are listed on this blog are fancy, cutesy words for perceptions of self. 

they’re to make non-dysphoric gender nonconforming people feel more special because if they’re X, then they aren’t “cis”. 

these terms are hurting real trans people, whether you like it or not they are hurting perceptions of what being trans is. you are not a void-aliengender with star/moons/sunself pronouns, you are nonbinary or you’re gnc and trying to feel oppressed.

all of the sexualities listed on this blog, nixing the following:

  • ma-
  • woma-
  • aliqua-
  • cetero-
  • pan-
  • poly-

are perfectly fine.

people are going to be mad at this. people are going to unfollow, or block this blog. which is perfectly fine, that is what I am expecting and welcoming, because the plan is to eventually dismantle this blog and shut it down.

I was no longer comfortable with leaving this blog up as something to have a laugh at, and continuing to let people reblog from it without knowing how I really feel. 

my girlfriend and I have moved on in our lives, we have progressed, and this blog is one of the last pieces to dismantle in order to leave things behind. 

I am sorry if anyone feels deceived, I wish I could have gotten to doing this sooner before things got wildly out of hand, but a lot of things don’t work out that way.

it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on.

take care everyone.

- Eddie.