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Look At Me Too (pt. 2)

The ship slowly eased its ways into Hawsuri’s gravitational pull. The purple planet seemed to glow as the light from both sun’s reflected off of the purple oceans.

“Wow.. this is amazing” Shiro said leaning closer to the window to get a better look. Below them they could see the white sandy beaches lined with large buildings that looked to be hotels and shopping malls. If not for the different species and colored water you’d mistake it for earth.

“Who are you telling!” Lance added his excitement evident as they drifted closer and closer to the surface.

“I bet there will be all different kinds of space seafood. I wonder if there is a type of crab here.. Oh Oh or even lobster” Hunk exclaimed, a huge smile spreading across his face as he looked around at his teammates.

Everyone was in awe, even Keith. He couldn’t help but admit that the planet did look amazing. Maybe , he thought, this trip wouldn’t be so bad after all. He could easily just sit on the sidelines and wait for everyone else to finish up without causing any problems.

When they finally touched down on one of the main islands Coran rallied everyone together, going over all of their basic vacay rules.

“Listen up young paladins!, We have arrived and there are a few ground rules. This is our first group vacation so we need to stick together. Everyone needs to stay in groups of two.” He held up a bucket filled with pieces of paper.

“To make it fair each of you will pull a name from this here bucket. You have to stick with your buddy all day. That way no one gets lost. Each group will be given these” in his hands were color coded bracelets that had blinking lights on them “If you go too far from your buddy it will send a small shock… think of this as a miniature bonding exercise”

Keith groaned internally, he was hoping he could take this time and spend it alone, roaming through small stores, or even sneaking his way back onto the ship when everyone looked away.

No one else seemed averse to this idea and they each took turns drawing names. Pidge went first grabbing a small sheet, before smiling and turning to face Hunk.

“Cool, it seems like it’s me and you today buddy” they smiled and high fived him, linking the bracelets along their arms and heading out together.

“Aw what, come on no fair! I totally deserve to be with Hunk, he’s like my best friend” Lance cried out pouting as he watched Allura step forward to draw her pick. She made the mistake of looking over at him.

“What did you pull my name baby? Lucky you” He slid over to her, draping his long slender arm around her shoulder “You get an entire day of Lance”

“Lance, get off of me please” she lightly shoved him and walked over to where Shiro stood awkwardly with a faint blush creeping across his face. He cleared his throat and grabbed her bag trying his hardest to act normal.

“I guess it’s me and you today princess, lead the way” they too linked their bracelets and left the ship, as they passed Keith quirked his brow at Shiro and smirked knowingly, his friend only smiled sheepishly before heading out.

“So.. Coran it must be me and you today” Lance asked reaching for his bracelet.

“Negative, Paladin. I will be using my time to get parking permission for the ship, and preparing a traditional Alturean vacation lunch. You will be partnered with Keith today.

At the mention of his name Keith did a quick scan of the room. He hadn’t even realized that he and Lance were the only two left standing here, and that meant- oh no! He’d have to spend the entire day with the one person he was trying to avoid.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair before standing and walking over to him.

“Well, It’s only for a day Lance” He grabbed the bracelets and held one out for his fellow teammate.

“Whatever McMullet! Just stay outta my way and we’ll be fine” snatching it out his hand Lance stormed out of the castle.

I could see Latrice at Porn Idol tonight (but I don’t know if she’s performing or just judging) for free or I could get tickets to see Aja and Trinity for £27 ($35) or £43 ($55.60) if I want a m&g ticket+photo. Or I could go to sleep early since I have to get up at 8:30 and those events run to 3am (Aja+Trinity) or 4am (Latrice).

I’ve seen Latrice perform before (but far away) and I’ve met Aja but never seen her or Trinity perform live

Help me???


Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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If only it was that easy, Susan…




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Osomatsu-san favorites: Osomatsu + big brother things
“Take care of my brothers?? Screw you! They’re the ones who wouldn’t play with me! I didn’t do anything wrong! And what does being the oldest have to do with anything?! We’re sextuplets! We’re all the same age! … But then again… technically… I’m still the oldest, aren’t I?”