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This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

  • Ohba: I don't believe in life after death. I believe that once you die, that's it. Death Note reflects as such.
  • Me, sliding over a $1 bill: I see your concept of Mu, but I raise you this; Light and L being gay in the afterlife together.

Realistically though, it makes sense that Peyton and Billie are staying in NXT for the time being, because right now, with all the call ups happening in the women’s divisions, the NXT women’s division needs to be built up again and the Iconic Duo are the star power to do that.

It makes more sense to call up women like Sonya, Mandy, Liv, Ruby, and Sarah because they were really being show cased on NXT and it was hard for them to establish characters with such a limited time frame. Now that they’ll be seen weekly, we can see more of them. While Peyton and Billie have already established themselves as the top heels in NXT, and the show really needs them right now. 

Bille Kay and Peyton Royce’s time for the main roster will come, and it’ll be amazing. I know it’s hard, but have a little patience. They’re worth the wait!

The new wall arrangement above my desk, featuring the amazing drawing @deboracabral made on commission for my sister @badassindistress since the two of them apparantly wanted to give me death of feelings for my birthday.

Full drawing (which I will fawn and scream and possibly cry over forever) below the cut!

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Didn't someone suggest - Roy Mustang a while back?

((OOC: They did indeed… My only problem here is I would be worried about the number to Full metal fans that actually follow my blog (problems with running a a HP blog while being super invested in other fandoms XD) 

I wouldn’t want to put all the effort in to creating the look for no one to really engage with it? IDK prove me wrong! let me know if you’re a full metal alchemist fan because I would loveeee to bring a character like Roy online)) 

i wish it didnt cost so much money to cook dirt

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What has each of the band members taught you? (Current or former)

Wow what an interesting question..Hmmm..
James has taught me to keep going even when it feels like the world is kicking you down. When the world feels like hell and when your eating dirt, to just pick yourself back up, brush yourself off and grow and develop better as a person from the situation that just happened.
Lars has taught me to take chances. Anything is possible with enough persistence and if you stick your mind to what you want, you will eventually get it one day.
Kirk has taught me that being yourself is one of the coolest things in the world. I mean look at him and his horror collection. As a kid who never spoke about what I was interested in cause it was “Nerdy” or “Dorky” seeing him completely wrapped up in what he loves, makes me less scared to talk about it.
Jason taught me that dreams do come true and staying true to who you are and doing what you truly believe is right for your mental state and physical state, will make you happier in the long run.
Rob has taught me to stay humble, to ignore the haters that believe that you can’t live up to someone else expectations and to really strive to hit your own.
And Cliff has taught me that kindness goes a long way even after you leave this world. Hearing stories or reading stories about how he was super sweet and kind to fans, pretty much acting like they were his mates even if they had only just met, how that interaction stuck with them just makes me want to be even more nice to people everyday.


I know, but acting Too Autistic™ is alienating me supremely from people who aren’t, and while I’m used to people mistaking my loud voice or impassioned speech for anger, everyone avoids me offline, but I’ve started getting it online too, someone mistaking me talking at length as being angry and I just.

That and some rude anon dismissed what  I said on someody’s blod like “ignore that person, they talk a lot” and it stung.

And I got into some really messed-up problems at college because word got around that I’m autistic and doctors are trying to prove I’m not capable of being a doctor………………. six years into medical school?! I’m literally about to leave this college.

I’m so tired.

So, today has  been a day from hell. The BF discovered that he’s lost his driver’s license, all his medical insurance cards, voter id, AND … wait for it …. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. All. at. once. 

So, in theory, someone could have all they need to steal his identity. And he doesn’t know when it happened – last we saw those items for sure (because I saw them) was in Sept. 


And, to make it even better, to get into the SSA website, or the credit reporting agencies, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING DRIVER’S LICENSE!  So, he’s managed to lose the things he needs to get the other things he’s lost. 

Awesome job on that. 

I have a massive headache. I’m so done.

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Alright, look… How about I get off early tonight and I buy us a bunch of candy and we can sit around and get fat and we can watch a scary movie together? How’s that for a compromise?
C-O-M-promise. Compromise. How about that’s your word for the day, yeah? It’s something that’s kinda in-between. It’s like halfway happy.
By 5-1-5?
5:15. Yeah, sure.

I’m fine, alright, it’s just been rough. “

Originally a vent sketch featuring my favorite out of the Sanders Sides personas that became something more.

Since Part 2 came out while I was working on this one, may draw another for it soon. Either way, hope you enjoy!

Please do not repost or edit this.
Or use without permission.


Professor Minerva McGonagall, O.M. (First Class), is a half-blood witch. Minerva is a registered Animagus who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1947-1954 and was Sorted into Gryffindor House.

After her education, Minerva worked for two years at the Ministry of Magic and later returned to Hogwarts, where she became Head of Gryffindor House, Transfiguration professor and concurrently, at differing times, Deputy Headmistress and Headmistress of Hogwarts.

McGonagall was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix. In 1995, she opposed Dolores Umbridge, the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. She also protected the students from Alecto and Amycus Carrow from 1997 until 1998, and as part of this resistance movement, fought in several battles of both wars, including the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the Battle of Hogwarts (where she led the resistance against Lord Voldemort).

She survived the Second Wizarding War and continues her job as Headmistress.

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,