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Title: Close Call
Character: Peter Parker
Prompt: 61

Peter and you had long since made it a habit to walk home together after school. You lived on different floors in the same apartment complex, and the two of you used it as excuses to be in each other’s company longer.

“Hey, I’m gonna take the train today, you wanna come with?” You tugged off one of your headphones to ask him, but Peter seemed distracted by something else.

“Oh uhm, I’m gonna have to pass today. I have to do a thing,” Peter was already crossing the street away from you before he turned around for a brief moment to give an apologetic smile you had gotten far too used to in the last couple of days. “I’ll call you later though I promise!”

You watched him sprint away before you could even respond. Ever since Peter got his internship with Tony Stark, it became the thing his entire life revolved around.

And at first, you were completely overjoyed and proud of him, he just seemed so happy. But soon after, it felt like Peter wasn’t doing anything if it wasn’t for the internship.

But you’d never tell him how his sudden absence in your life upset you. You couldn’t take something away from him that he cared so deeply for. Instead, you just got the hell on with it.

Fortunately, it was becoming more and more easier to be content with your own company.


Peter quickly ran into an alleyway to pull his spider suit out his bookbag, shedding his school clothes and suiting up in record time. Webbing his bookbag somewhere secure, he then took off to the top of one the buildings to scope out for any trouble.

However, like usual, it was only small things. Peter returned a runaway dog to it’s owner, helped a blind man find his wife whom he lost in a crowd, and stopped another bike theft.

Peter pulled off his mask, sitting on the edge of one of the taller buildings with his legs dangling over. He had gone back to grab his things from the alleyway before resting on the building. He remembered his promise to call you, but just as he was about to grab his phone from his bag, there was a shout from down below.

Peter tossed everything back into the bag and slung it over his shoulders, putting the mask back on he then took off to find the noise.

He was expecting to find something like a theft or some sort disagreement between the city people.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he did find.

There was a few people surrounding a shop that was selling television screens on the front window. Flashing on the screen was a breaking news story about a crash within the metro sysem.

Apparently a train had derailed an hour or so earlier and stations were just getting word of it.

Peter was about take off again but then he remembered that you said you were taking the train home today.

And the train that derailed was the one you always took.

The news station didn’t have word of any casualties yet, but there were more than dozens of injuries among everyone on the train.

Panic finally settling in, Peter sprinted into the closet place he could have privacy and quickly dialed your number. His hands were shaking so much that he kept pressing in the wrong numbers.

He ripped off his mask and started to put his normal things back on while the phone rang.

“Please pick up, please pick up.” Peter quickly murmured as he momentarily took the phone away from his ear to pull on his shirt.

There were a few more rings but then it went to your voicemail and Peter found himself letting out a strangled cry when the same thing happened the other two times he tried to call.

“(Y/n)! I’m heading over to your place now, if you get this before I get there please, please call me!” Peter shoved his phone into his pocket and started running as fast as he could to the apartment complex.

He didn’t even bother with the elevator, your place was on one of the lower floors, so Peter ran straight to the door to the stairs.

By the time Peter got to your door he had worked himself up into a complete nervous wreck as his subconscious thought every worse case scenario for this particular situation.

He probably knocked five times more than he needed to, but his desperation to see your face, to see that you were alive and safe, was blocking most of his common sense.

When the door opened and you looked at him with a puzzled expression, Peter could only stare at while his eyes began to tear up.

“Peter? What’s the matter with you, I tried to-”

You were silenced as Peter tossed his arms
around you and pulled you into what was possibly the most bone crushing hug you’ve ever received.

His arms were wrapped securely around your neck and he had his head tucked into your shoulder while a couple quiet sobs escaped him. “I saw that there…that a train had derailed, and I thought- I thought you might have been on it!”

Now all of his strange behaviors made sense.

Peter used his sleeve to wipe away his tears as he sniffled. “Look, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. But, I promise I’ll try to make you more of a priority and I’ll follow you everywhere because I thought you were dead and that was an awful feeling that I don’t want to go through ever again.”

Your hand came up to brush the hair at the back of his neck as you tried to console him. “I’m fine, I promise! After you left I decided that a walk alone would do me some good so I bailed on the train.”

Peter’s hold on you grew tighter as he let out a bitter laugh. “And you never answer your phone, I hate that about you.”

You smiled. “Why don’t you come inside, I can make you something to eat.”

Peter felt you try to move away and he shook his head. “N-No, I just want to hold you for a little bit longer. It still hasn’t sunken in yet.”

You nodded and simply held him back. “You’re such a worry wart, Peter Parker.”

“I don’t care, please don’t ever do that to me again.”

The thing that gets me about this particular gif is Steve’s body language, he looks frail and weak. I know it’s probably due to Peggy’s funeral which is causing him a great depth of grief and sadness but he just seems exhausted from everything. He slumps against the isle like he doesn’t even have the energy to stand up. He is nodding his head whilst looking down, probably telling himself that he has to be strong for the team even though he just wants to break down inside and cry. This is what is painful about Civil War. None of the characters want to fight each other, in fact it’s quite the opposite, the rest of the Avengers are the only people Steve can confine in but still then, no one understands the pain he has been through. The thing people forget about Steve is his past and the things that have happened to him; thinking his best friend Bucky Barnes was dead but then in fact found out he was tortured and turned into a brain washed assassin, the love of his life Peggy being stripped away from him just to save the world and the fact that he’s 97 years old. Steve just wants to take a moment to breathe and be a normal human being but he never achieves that and he knows he never will and that is what’s heartbreaking about Steve Rogers, he will always put others in front of his own emotions.

Bear with me on this one:

So, I can’t stop thinking about Lance’s homesickness for Earth-it‘s forever burned into the back of my brain. I mean come on, we all felt that pain, we all wanted Lance to stand in the rain just one more time. IT WAS EMOTIONAL, PEOPLE.

And then of course we all remember when they did the mind meld thing and it showed Lance thinking about his family. You can’t tell me that he doesn’t miss them, too. I mean, full on tears and sobs and snot bubbles sometimes, when he really lets himself think about it. Like it causes him physical pain because his heart is just that big. Every time I think about Lance like that, it gives me physical pain. In an attempt to make myself feel better, I throw Keith into the mix.

Imagine Keith going into Lance’s room, okay? He wants to talk about his piloting or maybe there’s a team meeting, or whatever. And he walks in right in the middle of Lance’s breakdown.

Lance would just wipe away his tears and turn his head away. “Yeah, sure I’ll be there in a minute.” Acts like he wasn’t just balling his eyes out.

Keith, being the emotionally constipated walrus he is, brushes it off and leaves. But then as the day goes by, after he really starts to think about it, he realizes: oh shit. He messed up. And he can’t get it out of his head. 

So, after a really long day of being defenders of the universe and they’re all in their respective rooms, Keith decides to go see Lance again. This time when he comes in, Lance is just laying down on his bed, sitting up when he notices Keith in the doorway.

Again, Keith is emotionally constipated, so it takes him a moment to spit out what he wants to say. When it’s finally out there (”Look, I know we haven’t really been the closest, but you can talk to me. About anything.”) Lance blows him off, a bit rude (”Believe me, I don’t need to talk to you about anything.”)

Keith sighs and starts to walk away, thinking, Fine. Last time I try and do anything nice. But Lance stops him before he leaves.

His voice is hushed when he starts to talk about it. Keith walks over and sits down on the bed, opposite side of the other paladin (who I will always think of as the blue paladin.)

Lance just vents about missing home, telling Keith, who is a surprisingly good listener, stories about his mom’s cooking or stupid things he did with his brother when they were young. 

I just


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Word count: 1199

Part 18

You were sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a book. Four days have passed since Kai faked his death and after such a long time, it finally felt like you and Kai were finally at peace. Had some time to yourselves, without anyone interrupting you or trying to seperate you. You felt happy and it was all because you were with Kai every day and every night and that was exactly what you wanted since the very begining. Despite all the obstacles you and Kai have to overcome, you managed to stay together, although everyone thought you relationship would never work, but it did.

After a few hours, you fell asleep on the couch with your book in your hands, which eventually fell down on the floor.

When you woke up, Kai was sitting next to you, admiring how peaceful and beautiful you looked when you sleep. You smiled at the sight of him, noticing you were covered with a blanket.

‘Hey’ you muttered and sat up, getting closer to Kai. You leaned in and wanted to kiss him, but he turned his head a little bit, making you kiss him on the cheek. You frowned and looked at him, unsure as to why he did that. You looked at his face better and noticed he didn’t look too well. He was either concerned about something or something bad happened.

'Is everything alright?’ You pulled yourself even closer to put your arms around you, but he stood up and took a few steps away from the couch. Something was clearly wrong and he was hiding it from you. Again. You were scared because event though you wanted to know, you were scared of how he was going to reply to your recent stated question.

You looked at him as he just shook his head and looked down at his feet, putting his hands in his pockets. When he looked up, you saw his eyes were red and puffy. You hated seeing him like this. You wanted to help him in the best way possible, but for some reason he shut you out.

You lifted yourself of the couch and got closer to him, your arms reaching out to enfold him, bringing your body close to his chest. After a few moments his arms still weren’t wrapped around you. You took a few steps back to get a good look at him, because this wasn’t Kai you knew and loved, this was someone else. It felt weird to be around him at that moment. He was never like this. Everytime he got a chance to kiss you or hug you, he did it, but not this time.

'Ok, are you going to tell me what’s wrong or are you just gonna stand there and make me feel like an idiot by trying to get close to you in every way possible?’

'There’s nothing to tell.’ He trailed off and started walking away from you, trying to avoid the whole situation and it was driving you insane. You took a few quick steps and grabbed him by his arm making him turn around and face you.

'What?’ He said through gritted teeth, making you take a step back.

'What is wrong with you? You don’t want to tell me what’s bothering you, you won’t let me touch you or kiss you. What’s going on? Is it my fault you’re like this-’

'Stop making everything about you.’ He stated, making you look at him with wide eyes.

'Did you really just say that?’ Your eyes started watering and your heart beating faster. You never though those worse would hurt like they did. The worse part was they came from Kai, the man you loved with all your heart and was capable of doing anything for him and this was how he treated you.

'I guess I did.’ His voice was shaky and he wasn’t able to look at you in the eyes.

'I don’t understand what happened that you’re like this. You seemed fine before you left and now you’re telling how I’m making everything about me and you don’t want to even look at me.’ You stated, your voice barely audible by the time you finished your sentence. You didn’t want to burst into tears right there because maybe there was a stupid reason Kai was like this or maybe something even worse was about to come.

'You want the truth? You wanna know why am I like this?’ You just nodded, trying to keep your tears from falling. He took a few deep breaths and swallowed hard, before he finally spoke up.

'Because I am sick of you constantly trying to get things better, sick of you trying to change me into something I’m not. Maybe it’s time you change yourself and leave others alone.’

'Kai, I-’

'I don’t think I can love you.’ He muttered and at that moment, your whole world collapsed. You felt like your heart was about to burst into million pieces as your breathing started getting heavier with each second that passed. You couldn’t comprehend what happened and you refused to believe that those words just came out of Kai’s mouth. Your hands started shaking and you couldn’t get yourself to say something, you were completely lost for words, more accurately, you felt like you were going to pass out right then and there.

'I um… I-’ you collapsed down onto the floor, falling onto your knees. Your head was leaned down as your tears started falling down your cheeks. You couldn’t keep the tears in anymore and when Kai said those words, that was it. It sent you over the edge. You closed your eyes, your breathing shallow and slower than before. After who knows how long, you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders, bringing you closer. You opened your eyes only to find yourself in Kai’s embrace, holding you tightly to his body as if he didn’t want to let you go, like he was regretting everything he said to you.

'I’m sorry’ he muttered, making you cry even more, your arms instantaneously wrapping around his neck. You sobbed into the crook of his neck, your whole body shaking from the pain you felt at that moment.

'Do you really mean what you said?’ You stuttered, your voice breaking.

'I’m so sorry for hurting you, but you deserve someone better than me. I can’t give you what you need. I can’t love you.’ He stated and placed a finger under your chin and lifted your head up, making you lock your eyes which were filled with tears with his. When you looked at him, you could’ve seen he was holding back his tears. His voice was shaky and he really did hated seeing you like that, unable to take back what he did. He hated the fact that he hurt you like that, when he promised he wouldn’t.
He slowly stood up and walked out of the house, leaving you like that, alone and kneeling on the floor with nothing but pain and emptiness in your heart that once was beating for him only and it still did.