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Okay. So I’ve been stiring on this for a while so I finally decided to take a really good look at what’s actually happening.

I’d like to start off by saying that Steve was pretty much a dick the entire film. I mean I get that he didn’t want to sign the accords but the way he went about it was just so completely wrong. Thing is I completely agree with Tony because he had it right because he knew what was going on. I mean, out of the two of them who actually knows the politics of the 21st century and has worked these sorts of things for decades? Tony.

Tony knew, as soon as the Sokovia Accords were made that he had to sign on. It wasn’t about guilt, although that was part of it. It was about the fact that if they didn’t do it now, it would be much worse later and or done to them and he knew that. (He actually says this in the film.) He also knew that the only way to have ammendments was to prove he was willing to cooperate. As with any new law and it’s affected parties.

Tony knew they needed oversight. Everything has some sort of chain of command. Military. Police. Business. Etc. And Tony knew the value of having that chain.

Steve Rogers on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand the necessity. Need I remind you that he repeatedly went against that chain and was rewarded for it? Sure, he saved a bunch of people when he went to get Bucky, but that’s not the point. He ignored the chain and there could have been dire consequences (as we see in the future after S.H.I.E.L.D fell)

Another thing. He went after Bucky. Only Bucky. Noone else. It was pure chance that he let those guys out first, but they were used as a distraction so he could get to his main goal. Bucky. We see time and time again that Steve gets tunnel vision when it comes to Bucky.

And in Civil War it escalates to the point where he’s injuring and getting innocent people killed for Bucky. Only Bucky. When it comes to Bucky, everyone and everything else is inconsequential and unimportant as long as Bucky is fine.

Steve did not read the Accords. Fact. He left for Peggy’s funeral while he was skimming. Even if he did read it all, there is no possible way (and Tony Stark would bet his fortune on it) that he understood all of it enough to make an informed opinion. Laws use a lot of big words. Big words that would have been invented in the 70 years Cap was gone. So no, Steve didn’t actually know what the Accords were about.

He probably had no idea what the UN was either. Did you see his notebook in CAWS? Pop culture. 7 decades worth of world history? No, Moon landing, that’s it. Politics? Nope. New laws or government organizations (like the UN)? Nada. I think it’s safe to say that Steve wasn’t really caught up if pop culture is the sort of thing he’s catching up on.

Steve had made his mind up already. And he can’t use the Bucky excuse because by then Bucky wasn’t in the picture yet. Steve never gave a thought to the Accords and then Bucky fueled that fire and made him stubborn to a point beyond stupidity.

So, to sum up here. Tony knew that the Accords were going to happen no matter what and was willing to help make ammendments to suit everyone affected by the law. Steve went “Fuck you, I know better that 117 countries” and got a lot of people hurt and or killed.

Here’s another kicker. Tony convinced Steve to sign the Accords. He was literally about to and then Wanda was brought up, which is another thing.

Okay, a) why the fuck is she an Avenger? She was a HYDRA agent. A willing one, might I add. She and her brother volunteered to be experimented on and then work for them. She was the cause of Ultron.

She did mess with his head, and arguably, because it probably was, it was worse for him. He was alone. He didn’t know she was there, then suddenly he’s shown his worst fears mingled with a shit tonn of major PTSD triggers. He probably didn’t even know Wanda gave him the vision. He has PTSD, he’s probably used to attacks where he sees things.

I mean seriously, Tony has made AI’S before and none of them went bad. (DUM-E, U, JARVIS, then FRIDAY) They (Bruce & Tony) even say in AOU “We’re not even close to an interface yet” which means something jumped the mind stone to hijack the incomplete program.

Then you’ve got to think, an AI is made, with incomplete programming and whatever the mind stone did, and then was instantly thrust into the Internet. No wonder he wanted to kill everything. Information overload much, then attempting to make something of it all.

She had(/has) an illogical and unreasonable hatred for Tony Stark. Sure, the bomb thing was probably traumatizing, but she’s like ~23 now. That’s over a decade since it happened and you’ve got to think, why didn’t the bomb go off?

Stark weapons were brilliant. Top of the line never failing basically. So. Two bombs are dropped, and from the sounds of it, there was no explosion or if there was it was really small. Otherwise how could they be so close to her parents without dying too?

So, this leaves two possibilities. First, was the bomb actually Stark tech? Her home was war torn at the time. I’m sure some sides would like to intimidate their enemies with the idea they have Stark weapons. OR, the bomb was never armed. Again, war torn country. It’s entirely possible the plane carrying it was shot down.

So, unreasonable and illogical. If someone stabs you, who do you blame? The knife, the manufacturer/designer of the knife, or the person who stabbed you? The third one, obviously. So why was Tony Stark to blame? We’ve also got to remember Obadiah was dealing under the table.

b) She is NOT a kid, and I don’t understand why pretty much everyone thinks she is. She’s ~23. She can drink. She can vote. She can drive. She’s killed people. She became HYDRA. In what way is she a child? The way I see it she hadn’t been one in a very long time.

c) back to CW. Steve got all pissy because Tony kept Wanda in the compound (the lap of luxury need I remind you) for her own safety and the safety of those around her. It wasn’t a matter of her starting a fight. If she’d gone out and been attacked and defended herself, the situation would be made so much worse for her. Especially if someone got hurt or dead when she did so.

Now we get to the airport. Tony tries to talk. Steve is dismissive and unwilling to listen. Steve refuses to share vital information that would have helped the situation and the threat they had every reason to believe exists.

Steve starts the fight. His team doesn’t hold back like Tony’s does. They destroy a lot of property and nearly killed T'Challa and Spiderman several times. I mean, fuck you Steve, who just drops a huge heavy walkway create thing on someone who is obviously a teen? And then WALK AWAY while they struggle to hold it up. What if you had overestimated Spiderman’s strength? Congrats, you just killed a kid because once again you show no regard for anyone else besides Bucky.

He leaves his team. They probably knew even less about the situation than he did, because he knew fuck all about the Accords so I can’t imagine the bullshit Scott and Clint were told.

Then fucking Natasha. Ffs, she could have easily either disabled/sabotaged the quinjet or delayed them from leaving. But she didn’t. Then she has the nerve to tell Tony to watch his back after she betrayed him.

Also, Rhodey. Oh my god. Everyone gives Tony shit for point blank shooting Sam, but think about it. If Sam had taken the hit and turned into a glider, Rhodey would be fine. It doesn’t completely make sense, but there was a long moment where Tony was watching Rhodey fall to his death. Sam was a quick way to lash out. He also didn’t hit him that hard, just enough to knock him down.

Zoom ahead, Tony gets evidence that prove Bucky is innocent and admits he was wrong. (About what though I’m not sure, because all he wanted to do was give Bucky mental help and a fair trial but whatever. It’s not like Steve told him about the threat or anything. Because that would have been helpful.)

Clint makes a crack at Rhodey’s condition which is such a dick move. Sam then tells Tony the information he should have been given from the beginning by Mr ‘I-Dont-like-my-team-keeping-things-from-me’ Rogers. Tony heads to Siberia as a friend.

Steve gets a little arrogant cause he’s got this attitude of ‘I knew I was right the whole time and I’m glad you’ve finally seen sense’.

Then the video. This pissed me off the most I think.

You’ve just witnessed your parents brutally murdered by the person standing not 10 feet away from you. This reopens unprocessed greif and causes emotional backlash. Then you find out someone you thought of as a friend had known. Known for years. Since CAWS. And never said a thing in an environment where it would have been okay, instead of watching the murder and then being told someone close to you knew the whole time who had done it. (Again because it was Bucky. Bucky is more important than the world, remember?)

And his face. It’s so broken and betrayed. (I’d add a picture of Tumblr would let me) and he attacks, because who wouldn’t?

And then Steve does the worst possible thing he could in that situation. Fight back. When someone is having an emotional breakdown like that, you hold them until they calm down and Steve was well within his power to do so. If he’d tried he probably could have talked Tony down.

Fighting more fighting. Steve starts disabling the suit. To you can no longer fly properly. Then he proceeds to continue to be violent and make it worse and acts like it’s not a justifiable or reasonable reaction for a human to have (especially one with PTSD and a past of horrible things happening when he’s betrayed by someone close to him)

They gang up on him. Then Bucky had him pinned and is trying to rip out the Arc Reactor. Once again, PTSD. Also, need I remind you that he’s only recently had it removed from his chest. That was the only thing keeping him alive for a long time. In the state of mind he was in, he wouldn’t have remembered he no longer needed it to survive, hence blasting off his metal arm.

By this point he seems to have calmed down a bit and isn’t actively going for the kill, he’s just defending himself at this point.

He tells Cap to stay down, because he doesn’t want to fight him, and when he’s momentarily distracted Cap jumps on him and slams him to the ground. Tony barely does anything and then Steve is punching the faceplate. Then he’s smashing it with the sheild.

There’s this moment, you can kinda see it in the 3 secs of gif tumblr would let me use. There’s this moment where Steve is seriously considering decapitation. Tony sees this, is terrified and emotionally unbalanced and covers his face.

Steve slams the sheild into the reactor and leaves it there. Tony goes wide eyed with terror and let’s out a very not good sounding breath. He’s looking at Cap with such fear because he saw what Steve was about to do. Saw him stab him in the back and literally break his heart. (Kept him alive for years, remember?)

There is so much fear and Steve looks at him with no regret for what he just did and twists the sheild out of Tony’s chest and walks away.

When he drops it, his expression is like indulging a child in something stupid.

Then he leaves him there to die basically. Tony can’t fly, the suit is dead. Can’t contact anyone. The suit is dead. Noone knows where he is and T'Challa took Steve and Bucky with him when he left.

Steve Rogers beat Tony to a pulp after he witnessed something truly traumatizing and then left him to die in the middle of nowhere in an old HYDRA base.

They act like it was Tony’s fault for the Raft as well. I mean, they’re powered and dangerous and also criminals. The Raft was a bit much though, I’ll admit. But Tony didn’t put them there. He brought them in because he was following the law like everyone else on the planet should. Because he didn’t think himself above the law the Steve did. (Aka flipping the bird at 117 countries whose people say they’re scared and what someone to oversee the Avengers) and the jacket and collar on Wanda was unethical. I think the collar on its own would have been fine but wearing a straitjacket for too long is really bad for your health.

And then just to put the icing on the cake. The letter. The damn fucking letter. It’s mocking. It’s arrogant. Not once is there an apology or true regret. Other than regretting that they’re now criminals who hurt so many people that is. But mostly just the fact they have to hide when 'they did nothing wrong’. No remorse for anything. Not for Tony, defiantly not. That would be decent. Not for anyone else either.

“I know I hurt you”. That’s not an apology. There was no mention of the destruction he left behind in his quest for saving a single man, who has killed people. A lot of people. By choice or not, it was still his body. His life was not worth the loss of so many innocent lives. There was no acknowledgement of how deeply you hurt Tony. How much you damaged him.

Steve basically says. “I forgive you for being wrong and because I’m such a nice and just person when you see I’m right I’ll be here for you and all will be forgiven. Because we’re still friends/family. Even if you fucked up.”

Argh. Angry ranting at 2am. I’ve probably missed points I wanted to make but my wrists are cramping and I’m tired.

I just… I used to like Steve, but Tony a little more because he always seemed more relatable to me. (And had a more interesting backstory.) And then this movie just made me hate Cap so much. He was such a dick in it and it annoys me that the movie was obviously trying to get you to side with him. Feel free to add anything to this.

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Imagine Chris falling in-love with you at first sight.

A/N: First of all, pat yourself on the back for donating to Christopher’s Haven. You’re doing a good deed by donating and you’re a step closer to possibly meeting Chris. Secondly, I know we all want to win the draw so here’s something to soften the blow when we find out we’re not that lucky. Lastly- if you haven’t donated, go donate! It’s for a really good cause.

You still couldn’t believe that you’d won the draw, that out of hundreds and thousands of people that went into it- you were the one who won the chance to spend an entire day with Chris Evans. It felt like you were dreaming and you were about to wake at any moment only to find out that- it’d been an extremely vivid dream. From the moment you got the phone call, to the moment the plane ticket and hotel information arrived in your mailbox- you’d been living in a wonderful daze. Even now, as you and your best friend stood in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Chris’ publicist, you were still in that wonderful daze.

“I still can’t believe you chose me to take with you,” Hunter chuckled. “You know Lia is plotting your murder, right?” He quizzed and you nodded, laughing. “She thinks you brought me so you could have Captain America all to yourself.”

“Yes and no,” you responded vaguely.

You’d actually chose Hunter- a guy- because you wanted a buffer. You knew that if you brought Lia- a girl- she’d be freaking out as hard as you and make things even more awkward for Chris. Hunter was a fan but he was first and foremost a guy who was indifferent to celebrities, he saw them as normal human beings unlike yourself. You needed his indifferent attitude so that if you freaked out too hard, you could use him to calm yourself. That and- it would probably be easier for Chris to small talk with a guy who liked football than a girl who wrote fan fiction about him.

“I’m here already,” Chris told his publicist as he entered the hotel lobby. “I drove from my house?” He scanned the vicinity for the blue wristbands he was told about. “I have a car, I don’t need you to send one for me. Why didn’t I wait for you? Well, I didn’t want it to be overly formal. I’m thirty-five, I think I’m capable of looking after two people for a day.”

Chris caught sight of the blue wristbands as his publicist continued to go over the rules of the day; what he could and could not do, as well as what you and Hunter could and could not do. He hummed a few “mm hm” in response then fell silent and felt his lips part in awe when his eyes landed on you.

There was no explaining what he felt when he saw you, it was like- everything in the world suddenly made sense. His vision became clearer, his hearing more pristine, and his heart- pumped harder than it’d ever pumped before. You were beautiful- there was no argument there- but it wasn’t your ridiculously good looks that drew him in. There was something about you, something about your aura that enticed his entire being. He watched you intently from a distance as he tried to figure out what it was about you that made him feel both excited and calm; he couldn’t but he knew he didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.

“Holy shit.” You spotted Chris and quickly grabbed Hunter’s arm, squeezing it till he winced. “He’s coming over!” You hissed, beckoning your head in Chris’ direction. “He’s coming over, Hunter! Oh my God, Chris Evans is coming over! What do I do? How do I act? Is this dress okay?” You felt yourself start to panic. “Hunter!” You hissed, tightening your grip.

“Oh my God,” Hunter narrowed his eyes at you. “I know you love him but can you just-” He yanked his arm out of your vice-like grip. “Calm down? He’s just a human being, good looking but still human. You don’t need to be anything other than yourself, okay? He’s going to love you, Y/N.”

“What if he doesn’t?” You breathed, suddenly worried. “What if he doesn’t like me at all?”

“Then he’s a jerk and you can find yourself a new celebrity crush.” Hunter answered and slipped his hand into yours, giving it a light squeeze. “But I doubt that, who could hate someone as adorable as you?”

“Thanks,” you giggled softly.

Chris felt his heart sink a little when he saw Hunter take your hand. Of course someone like you had a boyfriend, it’d be a surprise if you didn’t. He let out a quick sigh then took a deep breath and forced a smile onto his face; it killed him knowing you weren’t available. But then again, it wasn’t like he had a chance with you anyway. You looked to be in your early twenties and what would a twenty-two year old want with a thirty-five year old?

“Hey guys,” Chris greeted the both of you and a nervous whimper escaped your throat. “It’s good to have you here with me today. I’m Chris,” he held out his hand for you to shake. You stared at it for a moment then shook it, wincing when you realized how sweaty your palm was. “And you are?”

“I’m um…” You trailed off, unable to find your name in your thoughts.

“I’m Hunter,” Hunter told Chris and shook his hand. “This is Y/N. Sorry about her,” Hunter chuckled softly. “She’s really nervous ‘cause she’s a really, really big fan. She’s usually very talkative and a lot more coherent, but I guess that’s when she’s not in the presence of the man she talks about all the time. She’ll be fine in a few minutes, she just needs time to process the situation.”

“That’s fine,” Chris smiled at you and you blushed deeply. “Should we get going? My car’s outside and the people at the escape room are waiting for us. We’ve got a whole day together but the escape room thing has a set time that we have to meet.”

“Sure,” Hunter nodded.

Chris led the way then glanced back at the two of you. Were the two of you together? He couldn’t tell, but the way Hunter introduced you and spoke to him- he didn’t sound like a boyfriend. A boyfriend would’ve been extremely jealous and hostile towards the guy his girl talked about all the time, even if it was a celebrity. Chris needed to know so he decided to test the water.

“It’s nice of you to accompany your girlfriend to spend the day with me.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You finally summed up the courage to speak to Chris; you cringed knowing that the first thing you said to Captain America was that and not ‘hi, my name is Y/N.’ “Hunter and I are just friends,” you repeated when Chris glanced back at you.

“Dating her would be like dating my sister,” Hunter agreed. “She is very much single as her standards have been ruined by you and her own writing. She’s one those girls who likes old school love, all talk no sex.”

“Shut up,” you blushed deeply.

“That’s not a bad thing to like,” Chris slowed his walk so he could walk alongside you instead of in front of you. “The world could use a few more girls like you, it’ll definitely make dating and being in-love more worthwhile if I had someone who appreciated old school love.”

You smiled and Chris smiled back.

“You know what,” Hunter pulled his hand out of yours and stopped, causing you and Chris to stop with him. “I’m feeling kinda off.” He patted his stomach. “I think I ate something bad at breakfast. Why don’t you two go ahead and enjoy the day, I’ll just hang here.”

“No,” you narrowed your eyes at Hunter, “you’re coming.”

“No, I’m not,” Hunter said then smiled knowingly when he saw a slight excitement flicker in Chris’ blue eyes. “You two have fun, I’ll see you later.” He looked over your shoulder at Chris and smiled, nodding tersely and getting one in return. “Just so you know, her mother will kill us both if anything happens to her.”

“Duly noted,” Chris nodded.

“Hunter!” You hissed when he started to walk away. “Don’t leave me alone!”

“Surely spending the day with me alone won’t be that bad,” Chris joked and you winced, turning to face him with a nervous smile. “I know you’re nervous but- you don’t have a reason to be. I’m just like any other guy,” he assured you.

“I don’t know if I’m going to survive being trapped with you in an escape room,” you admitted and he chuckled softly. “Don’t take this the wrong way though, it’s because I really like you and I feel like I’m going to freak out pretty freaking hard if we’re trapped together.”

“How about we ditch the escape room?” He suggested and you raised an eyebrow. “We can always just hang out. I think that was the whole point of winning this draw, you get to spend the day with me. The escape room was just something the reps came up with, we don’t have to do it.”

“What would we do?”

“Well- you’re a huge fan and you’re in my hometown, I figured I could give you a guided tour. I could take you to all the spots I went to growing up, take you to my favorite coffee house, my favorite restaurant, my favorite bar? I think you might enjoy that more than being trapped in a room with me.”

“Oh, I’d enjoy being trapped in a room with you,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “But um-” you bit back your smile. “I think I’d like the guided tour more. But that’s only if you want to,” you quickly added, “I don’t want to impose on your privacy.”

“I would love for you to do that.” He smiled and you smiled but felt your eyes narrow in confusion. “But in exchange, I’d like to get to know you a little better too. Who is Y/N other than a Chris Evans fan who loves old school love?” He asked rhetorically and you chuckled softly. “Do we have a deal?” He held out his hand for you to take, not shake.

“Deal,” you nodded and placed your hand in his.

Part 2, maybe? I can see it happening, definitely.

Bottled Up.
Part 2. Angst/Smut

I’ve tried bolding the smut for those of you who only want to read that. I feel that sometimes. Writing this really helped me relieve a lot of negative energy, and i really didn’t realize how long it was! I hope you enjoy it!

You helped Taehyung stand up, and apologized repeatedly. “I shouldn’t have came here. I ruined everything. Im so sorry.” your apologies were cut by Rap Monsters Voice echoing through the house, “Suga, sit the fuck down, i swear!!!” At this point you ripped Yoongi’s keys out of Jungkooks hands, stormed into the living room, and out of the apartment.

The storm had calmed, and you sped all the way home. When you arrived you went straight into your room, climbed in bed, and cried yourself to sleep. Then sun crept through your blinds, and you rubbed sleep from your swollen eyes, recalling the events of last night. You turned your phone on, and the texts poured in one after the other.

“Please come home.”
“Just talk to me, Jagi. I’m sorry.”
“Fuck it.”
“Are you really done? Just like that?”
“I love you.”

“Suga is trying to drive, he’s been drinking.”
“I tried to stall.. We are coming over.. I’m sorry.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I hope you’re okay. Please call in the morning to check in. I got Suga in bed, asleep. Don’t stress. Everything is okay.”

You sighed, grabbed Yoongi’s keys, and put on a coat and a scarf. You knew you’d have to face this mess sooner than later. When you pulled into the boys apartment, you hesitated before heading inside. But took a deep breath and headed inside. The boys were all still sleeping, and you quietly made your way toward Taehyungs room. Yoongi was asleep in his bed as promised. You tapped him lightly on the shoulder, “Oppa…. Lets go home..” he didn’t move. “Oppa…” you pushed him a little harder this time. He slowly opened his eyes, and streched before looking over to you.. “Jagi-yah.. I..” you interupted him, “can we talk at home Yoongi? Everyone is still sleeping..” You headed towards the car, and Yoongi collected his things and met you there. He was in rough shape. You guys stopped at the drive thru for coffee, barely making small talk, and then headed home.

At home you guys sat on opposite ends of the couch, and after a silence that seemed to last forever you finally blurted “do you even love me anymore..? Because you dont even look at me, or hold me, and I can’t remember the last time you made love to me like it wasn’t a chore..” He moved down the couch to get closer to you, and grabbed your face so he could look into your eyes that were already welling up with tears.

“Baby,” he said, as he kissed you softly, “You are my whole world.. I can’t explain how in love I am with you..” he wiped the tears from your eyes, and kissed you once more, and then rested his forhead against yours. “I’ve just been so stressed out, and I don’t want it to drag you down so I avoid it, and act like I’m okay. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting us, and I’m sorry Jagi-yah. I love you. Okay? Never think that I don’t love you.”

You smiled, and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you, Oppa. I’m so sorry for the mess i caused.” He kissed you firmly, and pulled you into him. “Please don’t leave me again Y/N.” You shook your head and told him, “Never.” your kissing grew intense and you straddled him, your entire body hungry for the passion that had been missing these past few weeks. His hands slipped slowly into the curve in your back and you breathed a soft moan into his mouth. He smirked and bit your lip. “Ahh, Babe!” you growled as you ran your nails down his chest, and pulled his shirt off.

You began planting kisses down his neck and across his collarbones. Your lips tasting every inch of bare skin you could find, sending chills up his neck. You started rocking your hips in his lap, as you made your way up to nibble his ear. “I want you so bad Min Yoongi,” you whispered before gently licking his earlobe. In one swift movement he pulled off your shirt and bra. Wasting no time, his hands began exploring your back and shoulders, as he bit your neck just enough to leave small red marks. You pressed into him, moving your hips slowly but harder in his lap, and he let out a hard sigh before lifting you off the couch, and carrying you to the bedroom, kissing you the entire way.

He laid you on the bed, and slipped off your pants, you sat up to pull down his and he kicked them off his feet, and then climbed on the bed hoovering above you. He kissed you while his hand slid slowly down your chest and began massaging your breast, his thumb lightly flicking your nipple. You let out a subtle whine, and ran your hand down his back, making your way over every curve and edge, and then grabbed his ass. He smirked as he kissed you harder, and between breaths asked “oh? So this is how you want to play?” you nodded your head with a devilish look and bit his lip. He took his hand from your breast and grabbed your hair, pulling your head to the side and biting your neck, hard. You moaned his name as you wrapped your legs around him and drug your nails down his back. Yoongi grunted, and pushed himself up off the bed to remove his underwear. You licked your lips at the sight of how hard he was.

“Roll over on your hands and knees.” he commanded, and you obeyed. He pulled your underwear down just enough to reveal your ass and smacked it surely leaving a hand print. Tingles ran through your entire body, as you half gasped, half moaned, it had been such a long time since Yoongi took control of you, even though he knew how much it turned you on.

He lowered himself over you and bit your shoulder, then your side, down to your lower back. All the while, running his hands down the front of your body, only stopping to give your breast a rough squeeze before continuing on. Hit bit you again, right on the top of your thigh before running a finger slowly up your core. “Baby.. You’re so wet.” he said in a sarcastic voice.

“Dont tease me, Oppa! I want you so bad.” you whined, begging for more. He giggled, and you knew you were in for a torturous night. You look back as he grabbed his member and began to slowly rub it against your clit. You stuck your butt out further towards him, hoping to get some type of penetration, but instead he slapped your ass again. “Tsk tsk. Don’t be greedy.” he smiled at you and you put your head down on the bed as he continued to tease you. Sliding just his tip inside of you, and making small circles before pulling out and rubbing your clit again.

You moaned his name, and a desperate please, and he finally grabbed ahold of your hips and slammed into you, throwing your body forward. “Oh fuck!” you yelled into the pillow. He kept his pace steady, but his thrusts hard, never releasing his firm grip on your hips. Your body began shaking as you came close to your climax and his pace picked up slightly. Just as chills ran down your back and your moans grew louder, he stopped and rolled you over.

“Yoongi, I was so close!” you whined. He smirked and kissed you, biting your lip as he pulled his mouth slowly from yours. “I want to see your face when I make you cum Jagi-yah.” and before you could utter a response he was inside you again, with his thumb rubbing harsh circles on your clit. This time he was gentle with his thrusts, and quicker woth his pace. His eyes never leaving yours. “Cum for me Y/N” he moaned slightly as the words passed his lips. You wrapped your legs around him, tightening yourself on his shaft, and grabbed the sheets as your body began to tremble beneath him. He rubbed your clit faster and you could barely breathe through the screams leaving your mouth. A soft “oh fuck” escaped his lips, and you felt your body release entirely as you reached your climax. Yoongi pumped slowly inside of you, letting you ride out your orgasm as he reached his. His body collapsed on top of you and you began to run your fingers through his hair as you both tried to steady your breathing.

“Jagi-yah?” he spoke softly in your ear, and you replied a gentle “Yes, Oppa?”

“I love you. I dont ever want to lose you. From now on I wont keep things bottled up. I will let you in, i swear.” you smiled and kissed his cheek “i love you too, Min Yoongi”.

I won’t get tired of saying how much I love you. I won’t get tired of saying how much I miss you cause I really do. I can’t get enough of you. I want to see you, now. I miss you so bad. I want to see your beautiful eyes, I want to smell your scent. I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. I can’t wait to see you baby. I want to hug you so tight and whisper to your ear that I love you and I need you. 

To love you is the most romantic feeling i could feel right now and for my entire life. Oh how I wish I could hold your hand and hug you so tight and feel the warmth of my love. How I wish I can whisper to your ears the every words, every sweet words i want to tell you. On how much I am so happy to be with you and to be your everything until forever. I know these wishes will come true. Distance may between us, but not my heart who is sincerely loving you. I love you.

Me watching the episode for the first time: Haha, that’s a cute joke because it’s actually a really old book with probably some bad current advice. Huh, how old is the Mystery Shack, I wonder?

Me watching the episode now: 30 years ago Ford fell through the portal and Stan began to devote his entire life toward figuring out the portal and getting his brother back, but he had to make a living in the meantime, and everyone mistook him for his twin and wanted to see what the enigmatic researcher was cooking up out in that cabin, so he outfitted the house as a tourist trap because he knew how to lie and how to dazzle but not much else, he certainly didn’t know how to run a business, and this relic is one of many books he must have quickly bought within that first year or so, books on business, books on physics, books on engineering, all in a frantic search to learn everything he could to keep money coming in, to keep up the lie, to keep working on the portal, to teach himself late into the night, and he worked so hard all on his own, and when he gets back from vacation and sees the book unearthed he’ll probably frown and drop it in a dark dusty closet, trying not to think of the date printed so large on the cover, of how many years it’s been and how much he still doesn’t know

Request - Deputy Jordan Parrish “The Deputy gets the girl”

The class had been restless for the entire morning. They had been whispering about a real deputy coming to school and you could see the nerves in their eyes. You smiled. For weeks you had been listening to their stories about sheriffs and thieves and you had thought that maybe this was the right moment to invite Jordan to talk about his job.
“Are you all ready to meet a real deputy?” You closed the book on your desk and you saw how all kids did the same, nodding. “I will ask if he wants to come in, but only if you are really really really quiet.” You put your finger on your lips and you noticed how all the kids bit their lips, making sure not to make a sound. You never had much trouble to keep them in check, but you had to admit that it had never been this easy.
“Is this the class of Mrs. (Y/L/N).” He knocked on the door and you watched how all the mouths dropped as soon as they noticed the uniform he was wearing. He had brought everything he was allowed to bring with him and for a moment you couldn’t hide your own admiration.
“Yes, Deputy Parrish.” You nodded and smiled, his lips whispering a quiet I love you, before he turned to the class.
“So, these are the kids that want to know everything about becoming a deputy?” He waited until the kids nodded again and you sat down in your chair, leaning back while he was talking about the job he clearly loved so much.
“Sir?” A kid on the front row raised his hand. “Is it true that deputies always get the pretty girls?” He seemed serious, but you couldn’t help your cheeks from blushing. For a short moment Jordan turned his head towards you and you noticed the smile on his lips and the little lights in his eyes, before he turned his face back to the class.
“Deputies are no superheroes, but…” He stared at you again and you bent your head, biting your lips. “Yes, this deputy got a pretty girl.” He smiled and you saw how one girl in the back raised her hand this time.
“Are you and miss (Y/L/N) in love?” She started smiling and you stood up, taking a deep breath, before you felt how Jordan grabbed your hand.
“Yes, miss (Y/L/N) are in love.” His voice wasn’t even shaking or trembling.
“But Mr. Parrish is here to talk about his job, not to talk about me.” You cocked your head a little and you squeezed his hand. “Being a deputy is not about getting the prettiest girl.” You let his hand go again and walked to your seat.
“No, but as a deputy it’s important to have friends and people you love.” Jordan swallowed and straightened his back. “Not everything you do and see as a deputy is nice.” The smile on his face disappeared. “Sometimes people get hurt or worse and that’s not always easy.” His eyes looked at you. “Then you need people who listen to you and care about you.” He looked back at the class. “That’s why the superheroes and the deputies get the pretty girls.”

Venus Virgo

You have, since you were a kid, had an ideal partner in your head. Maybe you were just day dreaming maybe you literally had your entire life maped out at age 10. You have a lot of standards and honestly there’s no problem with that! There’s nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want, even if it makes you really picky. Obviously, venus in Virgo is gonna mean you’re a perfectionist in and with relationships and with ppl you love. Which also probably means you’re gonna wanna control everything and everyone around you but tbh you know best so I would let you control me if you wanted. I feel like this doesn’t really come into effect until later in life though so if you’re like 13 reading this you may not have these qualities yet.

When you do actually decide you like someone, you show it by doing physical and logical things like buying them stuff or doing things for them. You’re not flirty, (depending on rising) and you don’t really use sexuality to flirt (depending on Mars.) when in a relationship you tend to be very “change your shirt,” and “take a shower,” towards the people you love. And even though you probably know best you also probably piss everyone off.

Poor Pietro. Anyway, I didn’t know quite what to do with this one. I’ve left a lot up to the imagination here - I’m tired 24/7 atm so I lost some of the momentum. That being siad, my exhausted mind really enjoyed writing this and is under the illusion it might actually be sort of half-decent. Let me know what you think. @agentpiku made the original request but both they and @thegirlwiththeimpala requested a second chapter. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: AAAHHH OMG ARK WAS SO GOOD!!! I would love to see a part 2 if you ever wanted to continue :D

I really like Ark and I would love to read another chapter!! 💕

“Ark” (Part 2)

Part 1

“Remind me why we’re flying again?” Pietro asked. Tony cocked an eyebrow.
“The kid’s all speed but no height,” he chuckled. “Well, the message we received called for the entire team, and somehow I don’t think a walking bus is the best way to transport every single one of us, no matter where we’re going.”

“The entire team?” Pietro reiterated. On his wrist was a swanky new watch that Fury had given to him for contacting other members of the team. Wanda had one too. He fiddled with it as Tony continued to speak.
“Yes, the entire team. Do you see anybody missing?”

Truth be told everybody was here. Black Widow and Hawkeye were up front, in the pilot and co-pilot seats respectively, whilst Cap, Iron Man, Vision, and Wanda accompanied him in the hangar. Even Falcon and War Machine had tagged along.

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Imagine Bucky always watching you during Tony’s party

Steve: You know…Y/N really wanted you to ask her.

Bucky: Oh shut the fuck up Steve.

Steve: Its true!

Bucky: We’re just best friends, that’s it.

Steve: No, we’re best friends. You guys are something more. 

Bucky: Huh, I wish. Look at her…she looks so pretty and innocent dancing.

Steve: I bet, you’ve been watching her for the entire party. 

Bucky: Just can’t help it. 

Imagine: Void!Stiles having an obsession with you and wanting you for himself (Part Three) (Slightly out of character)

You grabbed the shirt that was draped over the railing and wrapped it around yourself, turning to face the five people who had appeared in front of you. You kept your eyes down, ashamed and embarrassed by your actions but not entirely regretting them.

“Maybe she should’ve been the one in the nut house…” Isaac commented, shifting from side to side as he traded looks with Scott.

Allison waved a hand at him. “Y/n, what’s going on? You’re being really weird and I’m pretty sure you were just…kissing Stiles?”

“I-I didn’t…he’s…he’s telling me things and it’s…it’s messing with my head but I can’t…I can’t stop it,” you stuttered, shaking your head and clutching the shirt closer to your chest. “H-he feels just like St-Stiles…”

“Why does that matter?” Isaac asked.

Lydia sighed. “Y/n loves him, Isaac. He’s playing her.”

You held in sobs. “I-I’m sorry…”

Derek was the first person to make a move, pulling you from your solitary spot and to your friends. Allison wrapped you in a jacket while Lydia held your hand and they all looked at Scott.

“We have to find Stiles, and the best way to do that is through Y/n.”

Lydia gave him a harsh look. “You want to throw her to him? That’s a very bad idea, Scott.”

“No…it’s a good one,” you said, looking up. “A very good one. If we lure him out…maybe…” Without thinking, you tore away from the group and sprinted away from the field, the shirt gripped tightly in your hands.

Several minutes later you arrived at Stiles house. A light inside was on and you knew he was there, waiting. You slid i side quietly and felt something cold on the back of your neck, then fingers wrapped around your wrists and you heard a deep sigh.

“Oh good, you found me. Didn’t bring any tag alongs did you?” He took the shirt and set it aside, turning so you were facing him.

“Not that I know of…” you spoke softly, heart beating too fast and breathing too hard.

He nodded and gave a slight smile as he leaned down to place his lips against your, barely kissing you. “That’s my girl…”

Suddenly he was jerked away, hands pulling you back too. You watched he was restrained by Scott and Derek, claws out and teeth bared, and fear ripped through your heart at the thought of them hurting him. You struggled against Isaac and slipped, head slamming into the corner of the kitchen table.

Fanart Friday – “Commissar Yarrick” (Warhammer 40K)

In case Facebook doesn’t animate the gif, here’s the original website post: http://www.theministryofabnormality.com/?p=1633

Friday, January 22nd I made this sketch of Commissar Yarrick from Warhammer 40K, because I wanted to play around with Photoshop CC’s animation tools. The overall upgrade from CS6 to CC really hasn’t impressed me much, but the animation tools are definitely a lot better.

Anyway, this past weekend I was still recovering from my cold last week, and then I ate a pizza that might’ve been funky… and I spent the entire weekend on the couch feeling sick and unable to eat.

Yeah… this was not a healthy week for me. So I’m definitely hoping this week looks better!

Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/oabnormal) exclusives for this image include:
– Larger version (non-animated).

Good hunting!

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Imagine the avengers catching you singing to yourself

“I really really really really really really like yoooouuuu and I want you to want me to want me too!” You sang with your headphones on in your room. You hear a knock at the door, turn around and see the entire team watching you…….woops

I’m lost.

I don’t know where to go anymore. I can’t find myself and i can’t find my way back home. I’m still searching for the place where I belong. Somebody please help me. I need someone who will guide me to the right directions in life. I’m so lost. I lost my way. I lost myself and i’m trying to find myself again, but it’s hard. I don’t know where to begin. I have no one to hold on to. I was being left behind and none of them bothered to look back and come back to me. I keep on walking but it doesn’t lead me to the right direction. I want someone who will walk with me in this dark and scary place. Someone who will never get tired with me. Someone who’s willing to search for the light that I’m longing to see in my entire life. Cause i’m really lost in this dark place and i am longing to see the brighter side of life. Please help me find myself again that i lost in loving someone who only hurt me. really need someone who will take me out of this place and please take me to my paradise. Take me to the place where I belong. I’m so lost right now and i’m nowhere to be found.