but i really wanted to draw bill


I really HATE finishing everything and then that’s when I notice I missed something. Happens every single time. 

Anyways, I really missed drawing these dorks so I’m making up for lost time. Have another transformation gif set among the sea of many. I forgot animation could be tedious but it’s still so fun. I also wanted to announce that I’m planning to open a patreon account very soon. I need some extra cash to pay off a few bills. ;_;

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Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him


Sans the skeleton vs Bill Cipher.

I had do this comic strip xD I couldn’t avoid it xD Both are so incredible. Some time ago, I saw a fan animation where both were fighting and… I loved it. They are two of my favorite characters and I wanted to do this. I hope you enjoy with my draw ^^.

I’m sorry that the puns are really bad, that’s because my jokes are too bad.

Undertale belongs to Toby fox.

Gravity falls belongs to Alex Hirsch.


Extended A4 version of my submission for @gfzine. I hope everyone got a copy, because the art I’ve seen so far is absolutely stunning. A physical 600 dpi print of this is available at my redbubble shop, and I’ve fine tuned the lines a bit, so it will look nice even as an oversized poster.

I like drawing Mabel’s hair too much. Dipper’s face is adorable. I officially really hate inking clutter. I always wanted to draw ghost-posessed Mabel (One small step behind Bill-possessed Mabel,) so I’m really glad I got the kick in the ass I needed to finish this piece.

Also, break from tradition here. I’m posting this piece directly to my artblog. My personal is @isoscelesfish.

Ghost hunter AU from a Namjin fic prompt I want to write! Namjoon, Tae and Jungkook are ghost hunters that don’t really know what they’re doing, but they take the odd jobs anyway because they gotta pay ‘em bills and loans. Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi (i’ll draw in pt 2) are ghosts that need help finding peace, but the other three keep trying to fight them. Jimin’s the medium that tries to keep ‘em civil.


You basically hit the nail on the head, Nony! Billi’s got a lot of stuff to sort through after DemonDip’s first (and subsequent) romp(s) and reacts poorly when he thinks they’re back.

Bonus, after he’s calmed down:


hello!!! commissions are open. more examples of my work can be seen here 

my name’s Jam and I’m a 20 yr old trans student in Los Angeles- I use these funds for eating, gas, medical bills, and saving up to move out

  • I’ll pretty much draw anything, as long as it’s not ethically/morally offensive (ie subjects that are transphobic/racist/sexist/etc) 
  • things that will increase the price are things like super detailed shots of architecture, mecha, armor, etc
  • if you want something nsfw, I may or may not take it by my own discretion, and price will be at least $5-10 increased depending on tier you’ve chosen

if you’re interested, email me at jaimboreie@gmail.com or message me here! if not, spreading the post would really help me, but either way I hope you have a swell day! 

Hi so I’m super in love with @pengychan‘s Flat Dreams fanfic (seriously, go read it) and @doodledrawsthings designs for all the characters and have been meaning to upload art for awhile because I’ve been shamefully drawing in secret. Because. I’m sorry I really really really really like drawing your designs! Although I gave Liam swooshy hair…because it seemed fitting.

I’m gonna go back into hiding now.

One of my friends asked me what they think Bill’s favorite food is and it got me thinking, what would he eat? I feel like he would either eat nothing at all or absolutely everything and anything. But then theres also a part of me that says Bill would be a really picky eater and only eat one thing and nothing else like oranges or cake. This is very important and i spend way too much time thinking about cartoons