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Are you going to be just chill with the webcomic? Its not really my call cause its your art but i mean, blatantly obvious tracing isnt cool of them. It just seems unfair to you by publishing it as their own work. 😞

Yeah, you know…I was told that they’re saying they didn’t reference my work (I doubt that, but what are you gonna do?) but it sounds like they’re planning on changing it, so I’m gonna let it go. I just have a lot on my plate already and need to focus on my work. I don’t want to be a jerk or hurt anybody’s career over something like this; just hope that the artist changes the character, and that folks are careful with referencing other artists’ work and choose to behave honestly.

Artistic Piercing Duo try water marble and immediately go overboard

BTS at your birthday party


  • Makes the food
  • Likes to sing happy birthday
  • Somehow gets in ALL of the pictures
  • Generally happy to be there and is super sweet

“Jin! This cake is amazing!”

“I know!”


  • Doesn’t want to be there, actually only there for you
  • Doesn’t do much, basically eats and talks to you about whatever you want to
  • The nicest gift you receive if from him
  • Likes to silently judge people with you

“Yoongi! This must’ve cost a fortune!”

“Not really.” And you know he is lying.


  • Makes you laugh 24/7
  • Gets excited and sings Happy Birthday louder than everyone else
  • Helped put up all the decorations
  • Happy to see you happy

“Hoseok! You are so loud!”

*Sings louder*


  • Breaks something and then says he’ll replace it
  • The one to actually put the party together
  • Instructed people where to hide and what to say
  • Did a lot even though it doesn’t seem like it, you’d thank him later

“What was the crash?!”



  • Acts really silly
  • Sings Happy Birthday like a goddamned angel
  • The one to lay on when you are tired from partying
  • Annoys other members to make you laugh

“Jiminie! You’re so comfy.”



  • Happy to be there
  • Also bought a really expensive gift
  • Goes and gets whatever you want, even if you want pizza at 9 pm
  • Gets attacked by Jimin’s wrath 

“Thanks for the pizza Tae.”

“You are welcome.”


  • Super competitive at party games, but lets you win and comes in second place
  • Ends up smearing icing on your cheek and getting icing smeared across his forehead by you after attacking him
  • Having to pry him off of a video game console after losing
  • Sings not only happy birthday but a song he wrote for you describing your friendship you possibly crying

“Jungkook, stop! You are going to make me cry!”

He would comfort you after finishing his ‘performance.’

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How would the paladins react to when they ask their s/o to say something sweet in Spanish and they say "Quiero comer tu cola" (I want to eat your ass) and Lance hears it and is laughing his ass off

I just HAD to do this one! I love this so much!! I decided not to include Lance for the headcanons sake. I wanted him to seem like that hilarious best friend lol. I could add him if you want! Enjoy~ (EDIT 11/20: Super duper OLD request! I’m sorry omfg!!! I give you permission to execute me)


-After learning that you knew Spanish, he really wanted to hear you say something.

-He’d occasionally ask “What’s this word in Spanish?” He won’t ask too much because he doesn’t want to seem annoying.

-But today he really wanted to know something nice or flattering. 

-”Can you say something sweet in Spanish, Y/N?”

-He saw you tap your chin in thought until you said something.

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-As soon as those words trickled out your mouth, there was a loud snort from Lance.

-Shiro ignored him thinking it was something else. He focused on you and asked what it meant. 

-He’d be distracted because Lance is in the background literally dying of laughter. 

-Shiro is now 100% confused. 

-He’d now turn to the blue paladin asking what it meant because he was getting suspicious.

-Shiro would get frustrated because every time Lance attempted to explain he’d crack up even harder.

-Shiro would sigh and say “Forget it..” and walk out the room. He’s determined to find out what that statement means.


-Hunk loves to hear you speak Spanish. Whether it’s to him or yourself, he loves the way it rolls off your tongue effortlessly. 

-So he decided to ask you to say something sweet. He was actually very hesitant to ask but he worked up the courage to do so.

-”Hey, Y/n.. Can you say something in Spanish? Like something nice?”

-He’s very interested in what you have to say. Maybe he could learn something.

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-When he hears Lance burst into uncontrollable laughter, he is so confused.

-Nervous laughter ensues. He doesn’t know what’s happening.

-He’d ask what that means but it makes Lance laugh even harder

-Maybe it’s an inside joke and he just doesn’t understand? He figures as much and decides to ask you later. 


-He probably won’t ask you to say something sweet even though he really wants to hear it.

-Like, it’s so obvious he wants you to say something in Spanish but he’s to embarrassed to ask. So you suggest it instead!

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-As soon as he hears Lance burst into laughter, he knows somethings up.

-Bombards you with questions. Mostly “What does that mean?!”

-He gets frustrated but demands to know what that statement means.

-He can’t look for the answer in Lance because he’s on the floor dying. 

-Eventually, he does let it go but not for long. He will know what it means.

-He also has to resist socking Lance in the stomach for laughing so much.


-Ever since Pidge learned you spoke Spanish, she’s never been afraid to ask you to translate whatever word in English to your native tongue.

-But she did find it weird once she asked you to say something flattering.

-She’s kind of a tsun when she asks.

-”I mean you don’t have to say it, but if you really want to.”

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-Pidge doesn’t even bother asking what that means.

-I mean, If Lance is rolling on the floor it must be immature, right?

-She may or may not be a little salty…

-She most likely won’t ask you to say something else.. Unless you sweet talk her in Spanish. I dunno, just a thought ;)

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How do you have time/motivate yourself to write so much even though you’re in college??? I wish I had your skills. I’m in college too and it takes me like a week to write 1,000 words. Teach me your ways.

time-wise, honestly im just kind of an asshole who doesnt need to spend all their time studying for class, and i waste a lot of time doing nothing so whenever i DO decide to do something it’s like “oh, here i am using my time to do something productive and not-college-related instead of lying in my bed depressed for five hours at a time. thats awesome!” so that’s what happened yesterday. 

as for motivation, i think… something that has helped me was recognizing that there’s never really been a time when it’s been easy for me to write, just times when my desire to write overpowered my difficulty with writing. i don’t really have a magical state where everything i want to write flows smooth as anything from my fingers, i just sit down and start writing – even the parts i don’t want to – because i really want to tell this story. also, i really want my friends to read it.  

not going to lie, one of my biggest motivations for finishing chapters is so that my friends (and occasional proofreaders) @bodysharing and @micronecro will read it and give me feedback. it gives me the will to live. so if you can, surround yourself with people who are excited about your story!! it really does wonders.

another thing is remembering that i don’t need to get things perfect on the first draft! that’s what editing is for. what’s important is writing everything down and getting a working draft, otherwise im never going to get anywhere.

ALSO… 1k is a decent amount to write in a week! i wouldn’t feel bad about it. 1k is still about 2 pages’ worth of writing. i think long fics have us overestimating how much we should be capable of writing at a time, but honestly, just go at your own pace! it’s ok to build up your stories just a little bit at a time. 

hope that helps somewhat!

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hey i was curious, do you think ahsoka would have done better as a padawan under obi-wan? or do you prefer their almost joint-mastership of her? ive seen stories where both occurs, and i was wondering how you felt about it. ahsoka is definitely one of my favorite characters in the clone wars bc shes so pragmatic and uses her brain, but sometimes she can be very brash like anakin. what do you think?

You know…

I really think she needed both Obi-wan and Anakin.

And here’s why, if you’ll allow me to step back a minute to put this into a fuller context. 

Obi-wan was the Padawan no one wanted, was the one who had to fight to get trained, who endured treatment ranging from ambivalent to outright hostile even when he was apprenticed. Obi-wan had something to prove, needed to prove that he could be a Jedi, and I think that because of this, he adhered to the Code (or at least attempted to) in a stricter manner than his natural tendencies may have pushed him to. This *is* the boy who lead a rebellion on Melida/Daan, after all, the man who jumped through a glass window, etc etc. Obi-wan was a rebel, but I think his past caused him to cling to the traditional Jedi ways in order for him to justify his own presence in the Order after so much rejection.

Okay, so why do I bring this up? 

Because Anakin was the rebel, was the different one, from the day he walked into the Jedi Temple. And despite Obi-wan’s best intentions, Anakin remained so. Anakin was unable to repress his nature, his desire to be different, to be special (and who could blame him, given his background?) And Obi-wan was so attached to Anakin, he allowed this, in spite of the Council and the Code. 

If Ahsoka had become Obi-wan’s second Padawan, would he have acted the same, or would he (once again) have tried to prove his worthiness to an organization that he had a tempestuous relationship with by having Ahsoka adhere even more to the Code to make up for Anakin’s transgressions?

In the end, for me, Obi-wan is able to be a great mentor for Ahsoka because he is one step removed from her training. I’m sure Obi-wan caught enough flak for Anakin’s actions over the years. Given his personality, I feel that he might have overcompensated in the opposite direction had he taken Ahsoka as his Padawan. 

And…I don’t think Obi-wan was ready to let Anakin go. Not through the entire Clone Wars. Not even through ROTS. Probably not until the Death Star and even then…

No, for me it worked out so well the way it was. Ahsoka was a perfect balance of Anakin’s aggressive behavior and Obi-wan’s wisdom. Ahsoka needed that inner-Anakin to walk away from the Order after the events of the “Wrong Jedi”. (I contend it was the right thing for her to do after all of that.) An Obi-wan trained Ahsoka might not have walked away, to her detriment. 

At the same time, Ahsoka never fell to the dark, was able to take the best of the Jedi philosophy and the Code to do good both during the Clone Wars and the Rebellion. And that poise we see her with when she meets up with Kana and Ezra - that’s Obi-wan’s influence, right there. 

And in the end, Ahsoka may have been the most balanced of the three of them. Anakin was too angry, Obi-wan too attached. But through them both she found a middle that I don’t think she would have achieved had she been trained exclusively with one of them. 

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I would like something people never really request: Grandpa headcanons for Erwin and Levi XD


-Erwin is #1 Best Grandpa.

-Like, he’ll spoil his grandkids relentlessly.

-”Want a new bike? Here you go champ. No questions asked.”

-He’s a chill grandpa, too.

-He’s the type to slip 20 dollar bills into his grandkids hands.

-Everyone wants to visit him.

-Grandpa’s house is the best.

-He makes amazing cookies.

-Puns for days.

-No one has the heart to tell him they aren’t funny though.

-”Do you want to break Grandpapa’s heart? Thought so.”

-^He makes everyone call him grand papa.


-Scary Grandpa.

-He’s the old hag that no one wants to talk to during reunions.

-Protective af though.

-No one hurts his grand babies and lives to tell the tale.

-His house is the one teenagers dare each other to ding dong ditch.

-No one accepts that dare.

-That’s just being suicidal.

-Doesn’t spoil his grandkids for shit, and makes them do chores when they’re over at his house.

-They hate it, but he always makes sure to reward them if they do it without complaint.

-No one’s allowed to call him grandpa, because he ‘isn’t old’

-(Yes, the fuck you are, Levi)

-They call him Pops instead.

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Hey! How're you? I just read your Gaster nightmare post and I loved the angst, but if you wouldn't mind could you do something where the S/O coaxed the nightmare out of the Gasters, and when they admit what happened the S/O comforts them and assures them that they love them, just something loving and fluffy? If you don't want to though I understand, thank you!~ p.s. I love you and your blog! *hugs*

( nightmare chrono here)

(Heyy, here’s the gaster nightmare)

UT Gaster: He get’s distant. But also clingy. He avoids you, just to suddenly latch onto you the next moment. Like he doesn’t really know what he wants. And he get’s so much more afraid of the dark.

He got better, he did. He was able to walk through the dark to the nearest light switch, but then from one day to the other, he suddenly couldn’t anymore. He suddenly collapsed again in fear, shivering in a heap on the floor until you turned on the light for him.

It takes you a long time to make him finally open up to you. He doesn’t want to talk about it, he is so afraid you will think bad of him, leave him. But he can’t take it any longer and finally tells you about his dream, finally lets it all out.

And you stay. You stay, hugging him as he clings to you, telling him that it was just a dream, that he wouldn’t do something like that. That you trust him and know he would never hurt anybody like that.

It doesn’t help completely, but he can walk through the dark to the nearest light switch again.

UF Gaster: He stops being actually enthusiastic about his job. Every time he does something, every time he starts some kind of experiment or just looks at his instruments, he can’t help but see flashes from his dream in front of his inner eye.

His frustration with his job turns into frustration outside his job, he is just a growling, stressed, grumpy man. And he can’t tell you, he can’t tell you, because it is something he could actually do one day. One day his curiosity will be the only thing left of him, and he could do it. He could hurt you.

So he stops sleeping. No problem with nightmares if you don’t sleep, more time to fix this problem. Somehow. Of course, it doesn’t work, he is just tired. So tired. He barely knows whats going out around him anymore. So he ends up spilling everything to you, not even registering that it is you and that he is talking about his dream, the one he can’t tell you.

He only notices two warm hands around his body, a mattress under his bed, and soft words telling him that he is alright and everything will be fine until he is suddenly asleep.

US Gaster: He lived long enough not to be bothered by silly dreams. He lived long enough to know that it was just something from his imagination, fueled by the movie you two where watching.

But he can’t help it, he is so tense since he woke up in your lap. His hand feel wrong, sticky, wet. Like there is blood on them, but they are clean. He keeps rubbing them until they are raw and hurt, but he can’t stop it. He hates it. He hates how something so silly is affecting him.

He gives up trying to solve it on his own too. He is old enough to know that he can’t solve everything himself, and this is one of those things he needs help with. So he talks to you, tells you about his dream. 

He is prepared for you to lash out that you would dream something like that. To tell him not be such an idiot, and just get over the dream. He knows you wouldn’t say something like that, but he can’t stop being afraid of it.

Instead, you pull him close to you, stroking his back and telling him that it’s alright, kissing his hand gently. They stop feeling strange, they finally feel clean again.

SF Gaster: He ate more than ever before. Like he was afraid to be hungry, he ate even when he was full, making himself sick more often than not. You are starting to worry, how he desperately shoves any food in his food like he is starving, just from one day to the other. 

He doesn’t talk to you, he keeps away from you. He always smelled your hair and rubbed his face over your neck and shoulders. But he suddenly stopped. And you don’t know why. He is so afraid that you will smell like food, that he will just want to sink his theet in you and tear you apart.

After you find him, kneeling in the bathroom and throwing up more food then he should have eaten, for the god knows what time this week, you ask him again what happened. And this time you push until he finally gives away and tells you. He feels terrible and he can’t keep doing this anymore. He just wants to hold you again.

You hug him, holding him as he tries to struggle against the touch. He smells your hair, he strokes your arms, he presses himself against you. Everything is alright. He isn’t hungry. He won’t eat you. You don’t smell like food.

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You should do whatever you feel like doing. The people who follow you and love you will love the next thing you do and the thing after that. No matter if it's the Burns or another family. The big thing is that you should be doing something that's fun for you... if you're having fun, the rest of us will see it and love it.

i have fun with my burns i really do but it’s just been so aggravating lately but thank u!!

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We can all help you figure it out if you'd like? We're all just a buncha dorks who love you and we won't make you do anything you don't want to

you….are literally the sweetest person alive

but yes thatd be lovely!!! id love to talk to you guys more i just get nervous about discord stuff but like….the last time i decided to do something despite my anxiety it actually went really well and made me really happy so idk maybe the risk is worth it???

i dunno man i cant decide things like EVER lmao

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63 and/or 79 with Yoongi for the prompts? I really love your long, I've been following you for a about a year now I think??? I've always wanted to request something but I'm usually too scared/shy to do it so I figured I'd go for it this time 😂💖

I didn’t know how to fit the two together, so I just went with #79, hope that’s okay! and thank you for the support! i love you🧡


“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that,” Yoongi told me after he messed up his sentence for the fifth time within the hour, which caused me to laugh, and Yoongi to scowl at me.

“I’m sorry that I make you flustered and hella nervous,” I tell him, which causes him to scowl even more, “don’t scowl at me, I was gonna kiss you, but maybe not,” I say, slowly scooting away from him, which causes him to immediately drop the scowl and his eyes widen.

“Oh, hell no,” he said, before he grabs me and puts me into his lap, “I drop the scowl, can I have that kiss now?”

I looked at his pouting face, and nodded my head, to which he immediately grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

“God, I love you so much.”


Luffy generally just says whatever it is that he thinks but sometimes he just stares for a while and doesn’t say anything at all. So, I think when he wants to say something to Nami, he’ll immediately get her attention but then realize he doesn’t really know what to say?? So he just kind of stares while he’s figuring out the right words; but for Nami, all this is doing is just sending her “my captain is an idiot” signals.

But just when she’s about to walk away Luffy’s just “Your hair! It– looks like oranges. Tangerines? It’s orange. Like, really orange… I don’t know! I like it!!”

And that’s basically how he tells her that he thinks she’s pretty.

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I just ate a whole box of donuts (5) alone and I'm really hating on myself. I thought about throwing them up but I don't want that to lead towards a long term issue. I've struggled with body image but I've never had a disorder like bulimia or anorexia. I just hate myself and I'm not sure what to do anymore. I'm not really sure what my intentions were of this ask, you just seem like the kind of person that has good judgment and possible insight on these sort of things...Ihopeur havinaniceday❤️

Hi Nonnie. If you want to have donuts, you have the damn donuts! And don’t feel bad. There is nothing wrong with stuffing your face every now and then. And we all feel like shit after we eat too much of something—no matter the reason. Being stuffed is never a good feeling and I’m 100% honest when I tell you that I’ve eaten so much food in one sitting and thought about throwing it up. Honest. To. God. I didn’t do it. But I thought about it. WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE, NONNIE. Ain’t no shame in that game!

Now, if you did this kind of eating on a regular basis, and for the wrong reasons, then there would be cause for concern. Cuz it’s not necessarily normal behavior and can be a sign of something else going on. Like if you’re eating your problems, that’s not a good way to deal with them. And if you start binge eating and purging then that’s a problem you should seek help for. Cuz that’s not healthy or good for you. And it’s no way to live. But there’s no shame in randomly eating so much food for no good reason and then feeling bad about it. That happens. I used to eat a whole large pizza on a regular basis (at least once a week) by myself. Not cuz I was eating my problems or anything. I just lived alone, I liked pizza, and the pizza place wouldn’t deliver a medium pizza cuz it didn’t meet the price requirements and I was too lazy to put real pants on a drive to pick it up. LOL. So I ordered in and would Netflix and chill with that pizza 😂😂😂. It was great and I have no regrets.

I don’t judge the foods people put into their mouths. Society likes to. Especially if you’re a girl or people think you “weigh too much” (whatever the fuck that means). But don’t stress about it. If you notice it happens a lot, or that you’re planning to do it, or start making yourself throw up (like as a way to control yourself/tour food) then maybe you should talk to someone about it. But if you’re just sitting in front of donuts and eating them because they’re delicious and sitting in front of you—that’s normal. Sometimes your just gotta eat donuts until you hate yourself.

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So basically listening to music really helped me work through depression (I’m actually in a really good place rn). And so yesterday, I had a realization that music is literally my life, like idk what I would do without it, and then I realized that’s why I was depressed in the first place. I want to do something with music (after college probably), but my parents aren’t really into that idea. I want to major in lgbt studies and creative writing, and the become a singer/start a band. -⚢♫


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For your The Virgin and The Sex God story, which I’m loving 😍 You could do role play of some sort! Or massages with happy endings 😏

I like both!!!  LOL.  I really want something were Dean’s cowboy obsession comes into play so…  OH MY GOD THEY ROLEPLAY THE WILD WEST WITH HER AS COWGIRL.  LOL…  Sorry excited.  

nvm i’m too loopy from hunger for that. i thought it would distract me bc i cried from rage and sadness like an hour ago. i have nothing to do now. i’m too braindead-ish to really read or write or chat or sew or work on my readings/recordings. watching something is passive but i’m distracted and don’t feel like it. i have a mild adrenaline rush and a headache so i can’t sleep either. and i don’t really want to go out when i feel weak. 

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Why doesn't Justin or any of her friends or team or all the people that claim to love her so much, why doesn't anyone ever publicly defend her. I want to publicly defend her and I don't even know her. Everyone is throwing shade at her, made a moment of happiness for her, to a moment of disgrace and embarrassment. And not one person has said anything to support her. Man for a. Person who is so kind and genuine people really treat her like shit.

I can only assume It’s cause she doesn’t want people around her starting drama…. when ur friends with a celebrity and what not u can’t just open ur mouth whenever something bad is said( although her friends have had no problems in the past throwing shade but that’s irrelevant) you have to maintain a level of maturity unlike some in her group have not been able to do so 👀 also Justin has defended her…. he obviously isn’t rn cause they are being lowkey, and if he did that it would just attract unnecessary attention and drama to them…. ALSO…. something I tweeted last night was this…. the people who matter the most in her life KNOW she didn’t lip sync so seemingly everyone else is frankly irrelevant 💁

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Hey! I really love your headcanons about ephelayer, but if you don’t mind could you do something with Skuld x Player like something fluff. It’s ok if tou don’t want, but any away keep with the good writing.

YES!!! tbh since this side of the skulmerayer trinity is less popular than the other two (at least, that’s how I see it) I’m always glad to be able to see/make content for them

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