but i really wanted to do a themed pack


A lot of people have asked me how I make my mindmaps, the only trouble is I have lots of different styles (especially as I take both English and Maths, which are polar opposite), and I couldn’t explain them all in one post because It’d probably end up looking like a murder scene knowing me, so I’ll start with how I make English (and other essay-based subjects) Mindmaps.

In English it’s important that you link quotes thematically for your exam. The main reasons for this is so that you can A) Recall and remember themes/quotes easily and B) So you actually write about things that are relevant to the paper. It works the same way for History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology etc, but obviously with things such as Events, Case Studies, Time Periods, Key dates, Key terms and so on, instead of just Themes and Quotes. Even in English it’s useful to produce historical mindmaps on literary periods, so hopefully in the future I can post something similar to help out History students a little more.

There are three components to my mindmaps;

The Centre - This is where you outline what the whole thing is going to be about. In my case ‘Prose and Themes’. Other examples may be titles focussing on one;

  • text
  • theme
  • technique
  • period
  • case study
  • quote/piece of evidence
  • concepts
  • person(s)

The Offshoots - Here, I have divided up the main themes for my course, i.e. ‘Unrequited Love’ or ‘The Geography of Love’. I like to plan these out before I start my mindmap, so that I know how evenly I am going to space them out, and thus know how much space each section needs be by mentally dividing my page. 

I also nearly always start my mindmap in the spot where ‘The Geography of Love’ is placed, and work clockwise around, fitting my text/pictures into all space as I go. This is the best advice I would give in trying to fit in everything you want, as a lot of people will draw out all the arms before they start, and it ends up looking more sparse than you would like. Doing it in this way doesn’t just benefit you in not wasting space, but also makes you finish them, because they look so naff unfinished.

Other things you can put in instead of key themes could be any of the title focusses listed above, it all depends on what you put in your centre, and what you’re choosing to link it to (for example you could have a text in the middle and be linking it to themes, or a theme in the middle and be linking it to texts)

For each one of my offshoots, I like to do a little drawing to help me remember it in the exam and think ‘Ahh, when did I draw that? Oh it was for such and such!’

The Offshoots of the Offshoots - This is the most variable part of the mindmap, and the part that can get most messy, so it’s very helpful to colour code like I’ve done above with my quotes. It’s difficult to explain exactly what to put here, as it is so specific to what you are studying, but you could include some of these things;

  • quotes/evidence
  • diagrams
  • drawings and doodles
  • themes/concepts/ideas
  • case studies
  • key people
  • graphs/charts (if applicable)

As you can see, I underline within the offshoots, so that I can refine what I need to know down even further, in this case the most important part of the quote to remember in relation to the theme it is linked to.

Within the offshoots, it’s also useful to link between themes to make further connections. I haven’t done that here because I wanted to categorise very definitely and keep it simple, but if you struggle with making links, a simple line between two items can really help you.

I would usually illustrate my mindmap more, most of the time in this way, but because it was very tightly packed, (and it was just quotes) I stuck with a few little drawings.

I hope this helps you guys out! Best of luck with everything! A post on how I do my maths mindmaps with follow soon (she says with hope).

What Are Brothers For? |Jack and Conor Maynard|

Summary -  Hey can you do one in which Jack and Conor’s parents go on holiday and Anna comes to stay with her brothers

Word Count - 1,595

Warnings - N/A

“Why are we here again?” Jack asked, as Conor rolled his eyes.

“I told you, I don’t know how many times. Mum and Dad have gone away for their anniversary and they wanted Anna to come and stay with us for a few days.”

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. He loved his baby sister, but she was annoying. Are there any siblings that aren’t annoying though?

Whereas Conor was a bit more protective of his little sister, ever since she was born, Conor was always the one that Anna went to if she had any problems.

Both Conor and Jack are perceived as jokers, always messing around and laughing but Conor could be serious when he needed to, or when Anna needed him to.

“How long is a few days?” Jack mumbled, sitting on one of the benches in London Victoria station.

“More than a day, less than a week.” Conor rolled his eyes, sitting next to his brother as he looked up at the arrival board. “Her train should be in, in about 10 minutes.”

Conor didn’t know why he was telling Jack, because he knew Jack wasn’t interested whether his little sister got here or not.

“It’s only for a few days Jack, and it’ll be nice to see Anna again. We never get to see her anymore because we hardly go back to Brighton. And when you go back to Brighton, you only go to se that bloody cat.” Conor chuckled, gently nudging his brother in the ribs with his elbow.

Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I know we never see her but she’s actually never been to London, she’s never stayed with us. She’s never met any of the boys.”

“Well, don’t you think that because Anna has never been here, or stayed with us, that gives us a reason to make her visit a little bit more special?” Conor suggested.

Jack shrugged his shoulders.

“And about the boys, they’re not coming around that much while Anna is here.” Conor told his little brother as he sighed.

“But I said-” Jack argued before Conor cut him off.

“No, not as much as they usually do because it’s the time for us to spend time with Anna. The boys only live 10 minutes away from us, we see them all the time.”

Jack went to open his mouth to argue with his brother, but decided against it and closed his mouth once again.

“Good, and don’t give Anna any grief because the boys wont be over as much. It’s my idea, not because she’s said anything to me about them coming over.” Conor told Jack, frowning at him slightly.

Jack simply nodded, and went back to his phone.

London Victoria station was packed, as always. It was a Monday evening, what else did you expect? People were coming home from work or school or just generally running around London.

Glancing up at the arrival board again, Conor was counting down the minutes until his baby sister arrived.

“Should we take Anna out somewhere?” Conor asked, looking at Jack again.

“Like to a theme park?” Jack mumbled, not really listening to Conor

“No you dick, I meant like a meal, or do something that she actually wants to do, rather than her sitting around and watching us play video games.” Conor suggested, a smile forming on his face. He thought Anna would like that, doing something that she would actually want to do rather than watching her two older brothers screaming at a TV when their characters got shot or ran over.

Jack shrugged again, going back to scrolling through twitter as he started to reply to a few fans about his recent uploaded video.

Conor grinned and quickly stood up when he saw Anna’s train pulling into the station, the same platform as always.

He quickly shoved his phone into his pocket and walked onto the platform, leaving Jack to himself on the bench.

A wide smile formed on Conor’s face as he saw his baby sister getting off the train, phone and bag in her right hand, her suitcase in her left hand.

“Hey Anna.” Conor grinned, hugging his little sister and lifting her off the floor.

Anna laughed and wrapped her arms around Conor’s neck. “Put me down before you drop me!”

Conor chuckled and carefully placed her back on the floor, taking Anna’s suitcase off her as they both walked off the platform.

“Where’s Jack then? I’m surprised he’s actually letting me stay with you guys while mum and dad are away.” Anna smiled slightly.

Conor knew that Jack and Anna didn’t exactly get along. They loved each other, but they just preferred to spend time with other people than each other.

Whereas, Conor being the eldest, was constantly left in the middle. Anna idolised her big brother, as did Jack. That didn’t make a difference to Jack and Anna’s relationship though.

“He’s sat on that bench.” Conor told her, nodding over to the bench that Jack was still perched on, still in the same position, still with his phone in his hand.

Jack stood up as Conor and Anna walked over, smiling a bit as he gave his little sister an awkward one armed hug.

Conor smiled slightly. At least they weren’t arguing, for a change.

“So Jack thought that we should do something you like tomorrow, just spend tonight watching movies or something.” Conor suggested, giving credit for his idea to Jack, as his little brother looked at him, a confused expression on his face.

Jack smiled slightly, knowing Conor was trying to get Jack and Anna to actually act like brother and sister, and he was really hoping that it would work.

“Sounds good.” Anna nodded, smiling as Jack took her bag for her.

Once back in their flat, Anna sat on the sofa as Jack and Conor took her things into the spare room, before going back into the living room.

“What did you fancy watching then, Anna? Nothing too girly though.” Jack chuckled, shrugging his jacket off his shoulders and placing it on the arm of the sofa.

Conor smiled to himself as he sat next to his brother, happy that he was actually making an effort with their baby sister.

“Anything you guys want to watch.” Anna smiled, looking up from her phone.

Jack nodded, grabbing the remote off the table and starting searching through Netflix.

“This looks good.” Jack grinned, a horror film popping up on the screen.

“What is it about?” Anna asked, looking up at the screen.

“A clown.” Conor told her, as he had seen it before. “It’s called It.”

Anna shrugged, happy to watch it if her brothers wanted to.

They all watched the film, barely speaking as they were so interested in it; the only time they spoke was when they decided what pizza they wanted to order.

After eating, Jack and Conor said goodnight to Anna as she said she was tired, she decided to go to bed.

Jack smiled as Anna hugged them both before going to the spare room.

“You’re both getting on better.” Conor commented once he was sure that Anna was out of ear shot of the conversation.

Jack shrugged and smiled. “I’m happy she’s here, I was just being a dickhead before.”

Conor chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, I know you were.”

Jack rolled his eyes and nudged his brother in the ribs.

“Wanna watch another film?” Jack asked, putting another horror film on as Conor nodded. “You seen this one?”

Conor nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, but I won’t spoil it for you.”

After half an hour, Jack was relaxed against the sofa, his eyes starting to close before they both heard a high pitched scream.

“What the fuck was that?” Conor asked, standing up quickly.

“Was it the film?” Jack wondered, looking at the TV screen.

Conor shook his head. “I think it was Anna.”

Jack looked at the door that lead into the hallway before running upstairs with Conor, both of them bursting into the spare room, to see Anna sat on the bed with her knees pulled to her chest.

“Anna?” Jack frowned slightly, sitting on the bed next to her.

“I’m really sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you.” Anna sighed, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

Conor sighed as he sat next to his baby sister, rubbing her back with the palm of his hand. Anna had told Conor that she had been having nightmares lately, but she didn’t understand why.

“It’s alright.” Jack shrugged, his brotherly instinct finally showing as he hugged Anna to his side.

Conor smiled a bit as he watched them both, still worried about Anna.

“Why don’t we all sleep downstairs tonight on the sofas?” Conor suggested, knowing that Anna probably didn’t want to be left on her own now.

Both Jack and Anna nodded, all three of them standing up from the bed as Anna reached for her phone and one of the pillows and all three of them went back downstairs to the living room, as they all curled up on the sofa together.

“Guys?” Anna said, breaking the tension of the music from the horror film that was still playing on TV.

Both Jack and Conor looked down at their baby sister.

“Thanks for letting me stay, and looking after me.” She smiled, leaning her head against Conor’s shoulder.

“What are brothers for?” Jack grinned at Conor; wrapping his arm around his little sisters shoulders as they all sat watching the movie.

KNB~ Reacting to anime: Tokyo Ghoul

How the Kuroko no basuke characters would react to Tokyo ghoul. May contain spoilers so you have been warned~

Kuroko: I think Akashi-kun may be a ghoul…

Kagami: What the hell… There’s no season 3 yet?!

Riko: Yeah! Put Nishiki in his place Touka!

Hyuuga: *stares at the screen* Whoa.. that’s cool.. not as cool as my historical action figures.. Tokyo ghoul gets second place.

Kiyoshi: This is rather gruesome.. I don’t think we should watch this..

Kise: It’s over?! Why would someone end it like that?! *has tears going down his face watching the ending scene of season 2*

Kasamatsu: * can’t watch the show in peace so doesn’t even bother watching it.*

Midorima: Why does everyone keep comparing me to Arima? We look nothing alike!

Takao: But you really do look like him Shin-chan! It’s your long lost brother!

Aomine: Not bad.. I wish there were girls with bigger-

Midorima: Aomine!

Aomine: Eh?

Momoi: * crying during every sad moment*

Murasakibara: The ghouls can’t eat snacks?! That’s so sad… More snacks for me then. * stuffs face with sweets*

Himuro: * singing the theme song from season 1* 

Akashi: Someone get me in contact with Suzuya juuzou. I would like to ask him where he got all those knives.. I want them.. now! *packing up scissors for an upgrade*

5 Things Tag Game

I was tagged by one of my favs @heather-lynn

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

1 - Wallet
2 - Medicine
3 - Keys
4 - Phone charger
5 - Gum

Five things you’ll find in my room:
1 - Bed
2 - Laundry baskets 
3 - Books
4 - Makeup
5 - London-themed stuff

Five things I want to do with my life:
1 - Get married
2 - Become a mom
3 - Be out of debt
4 - Visit England
5 - Make a difference in someone’s life

Five things I’m into right now:
1 - Friends
2 - Writing
3 - Chris Evans
4 - Crafting
5 - Documentaries

Five things on my to do list:

1 - Find an apartment
2 - Pack up all my shit
3 - Write
4 - Read
5 - Clean

Five things people may not know about me:
1 - I’m not really a people person, I can do small groups for a good while, but anything more than 15-20 people (even my family members), if it gets too loud I can only handle it for a few hours
2 - I love watching World War II documentaries, I’ve probably seen every one that is on Netflix and Amazon Prime
3 - I’ve been writing fanfiction in one fandom or another since 1998
4 - I’m a jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap kind of girl who’d rather sleep in rather than get up and do something special with my hair or makeup
5 - I am fascinated by genealogy

I’m tagging: @alievans007 @ariallane @daisykane535 @lillianfromaccounting @myluvislikewow @melyssamariev @prplprincez @avenger-nerd-mom

Pack Thoughts?

Family Theme > Athletic Stuff

I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. Gameplay wise I focus a lot more on family and making connections, family tree, growing generations, etc. That’s how I play when I’m not doing a young adult finding their way.

I give pretty much no flaming f-bombs about the athletic stuff, not sure who in the community even asked for that? Like yo… really? Do you really want to watch pixel people work out instead of doing something else that might be more productive and warranting of a ‘stuff’ pack? 🤔

While I’m on the fence about the family-themed one I am gonna keep an eye on it because at the end of the day that’s part of what I wanted. Not sure if it’ll live up to Generations (Sims 3) but hoping it gets close. We’ll see 🙎🏿 

anonymous asked:

How did you make the green theme?

{ -That theme was one of my favorite themes to make, and one of the most popular themes I’ve ever made. It was also one of the easiest. To do it, all you’ll really need are these three photoshop brush packs (they also work with GIMP): x and x and x. The theme in question: 

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welcome to beacon hills (teen wolf meme)

So this is the Teen Wolf meme I’m doing if anyone wants to use it. I might add more to it later as I go along.

  • [9] meet the pack (characters)
  • [4] places to visit
  • [2] things to do (events)
  • [10] duos
  • [3] trios
  • [5] moments in history (scenes)
  • [3] myths/facts
  • [5] keywords (themes)
  • [5] episodes
  • [2] colors
  • [1] season

You know how people brag about their lack of friends and their circle being oh so “small.” That’s my life right now and I can’t fathom why anyone would be proud of that.

I moved away from the States like two years ago to live in Europe, specifics are irrelevant. And now I’m really feeling so secluded. I go back home and I feel like I’m interrupted everyone’s else’s lives. My friends have new friends so why should I even come around. They don’t need me, not that I ever thought that they did but shit it still stings. My best friend has a new best friend and we don’t talk like we used to at all. Like a total of six messages then my ass can’t get a text back. I’m always late finding out shit, if anyone even care to tell me shit.

It’s people I’m cool with where I’m now too but not like friends friends. More like school friends. Outside of school, we don’t hangout or nothing. Partially, my fault. I get invites but I don’t go because it usually plays music I don’t like or can’t understand, everyone is talking in their native language and I’m standing with there with a beer I don’t like looking like boo boo the fool. Also I don’t go because its sometimes pity behind it. If you want to hangout, do because I’m cool and cute af, not because you think I’m sad at home, like now but that’s not the point.

Like how I’m feeling now is a rarity. It’s only because I want to really do stuff like go to a theme park, randomly visit London or go club hopping but I don’t have anyone I can call and say “bruh, lets go take a train to France because fuck it, why not” and they say “it’s two in morning. You can’t randomly think of shit like this. But whatever. I’m packing as we speak.” then I say “good look” then we in France for the the weekend. I just want to chill with someone my age who’s cool. No offense to my mom but I can’t point a girl ass with her or listen to Future during a road trip across the south east of the states with her.

Like if you understood how long it’s been since I had friends in a close proximity (three, four years because I moved before I moved) you’d be like why am I just feeling lonely. I’m just used to being alone. I like it until I don’t like then I get over it. But getting over this time is just the hardest right now. Shit is hard out here for the socially inept and the hermits of the world who don’t want to be the socially inept and the hermits of the world.

Whatever. I just needed to vent I guess.

Santana Lopez vs. The World

Will Santana defeat the 7 Evil Exes and win the heart of Brittany Pierce?

#1 Quinn Fabray - The Head Queerio

S: When did this happen?! I never noticed you two flirting at practices.
B: Well remember that day I was really happy, because she put me on top of the pyramid?
S: …Yeah.
B: She said she’d only let me if I got on top of her first…
S: Oh God. Well I’ll just tell her she looks fat in her uniform. That always tears a cheerleader down.
Later that day Quinn had sex with Puckerman.

#2 Mike Chang - The Situasian

S: I don’t blame you for this one. He’s got a nice set of abs.
B: It’s from all the dancing. He’s like a machine. Made in China.
S: Why did you guys break up?
B: His parents didn’t like me.
S: Yeah, don’t they usually have arranged marriages or something? I’ll just hook him up with an Asian girl’s number.
That night Mike texted Tina to help volunteer with him at summer camp.

#3 Kurt Hummel - The Vogue Villian

S: You can’t be serious?! He’s gayer than an albino dolphin.
B: I know, but he’d do my make up before we’d make out. And I’d feel really pretty.
S: So he still wants to be with you, even though he’s gay?
B: Oh he’s strictly dickly now, but he misses doing my make up.
S: I’ll just give him a pair of sensible heels and convince the Schuester to give us a make-up packed assignment.

Next week Glee club was Lady Gaga themed and Kurt got to do the girls and guys’ make-up.

#4 Blaine Anderson - The Dapper Danger

S: How am I supposed to beat this guy? He’s leading a legion of swoon.
B: They’re the Warblers. If you defeat Blaine, they lose their charm.
S: Wait a second, my gaydar is going off again!
B: I didn’t think he was gay, but he did steal my pink sunglasses…
S: Oh hell no! All I have to do is get Kurtsy to sing in front of him and he’ll be wanting some saucy-manly pecks in no time.

After Pavarotti died, Santana helped Kurt pick the perfect bird song to sing.

#5 Sam Evans - The Blonde Badass

S: There’s something fishy about this one.
B: He’s human. I think…
S: His flounder face is so freaking distracting.
B: Just don’t ask him if an Avatar is an airbender! He gets mad.
S: Whatever, I bet he’d lose his charm if her grew out that mane. I’ll convince him to become a male Rapunzel, then he’ll be repulsing.

After a few make-out sessions, Santana convinced Sam to never cut his hair again.

#6 Finn Hudson - The Frankenteen

S: Wow, he looks dumber than a bag of marshmallows.
B: That’s how his chest feels.
S: He’s also huge. I keep looking up and then there’s s'more of him.
B: Now I’m hungry..
S: Aww Britt, how about I get him to take us to Breadstix?

A couple pinky-links later and Finn agreed on the the threesome date, where he quickly realized they were much more into each other than him.

#7 Artie Abrams - The Wheel Deal

S: So this is the last evil ex…
B: Uh huh. I don’t know if he has any weaknesses.
S: Britt, he can’t walk.
B: Yeah, but his wheels can run us over.
S: Let’s just walk up those stairs. Battle over.

Santana and Brittany walked away from Artie and never looked back.
The End.

s o this is the part that p much no  one’s gonna read 
but i’m gonna write it anyways.  the past few months 
have been insane for me,  idk if you can tell,  but with
exams and  life and  everything  i’ve  barely  had  any 
kíli muse and i’ve started to  find this  blog a bit  hard 
to be  on bUT i’ve  still made  it  six  months  and i’ve 
gained 1300 of you  guys who  put up  with my dumb
ramblings and angst and melodrama,  not to mention
my  writing filled  with over the top  imagery and way 
too many analogies and similes  l m a o  i’m honestly 
so  appreciative that  i’ve had so much  support from
so many  of  you  and  honestly  i’ve  never  had  this
much success with an RP account.  and  i’ve  played
kíli three (four??) times on tumblr  so.  fourth  or  fifth 
time’s the charm, right?? 


i realize i still have four giveaway prizes to do, 
those are on the way, half-finished. gonna try
and do them before this giveaway is up!! <33


1. a customized hollywood theme
2. a pack of 60 + icons & PSD 
3. a promo graphic, set of offline/online banners, and/or mobile header & PSD
4. anything else graphics wise they feel like they might want/need!

must be following me on azaghin, can start following 
after the giveaway has begun i  don’t  really care but 
please don’t unfollow me afterwards!! ends on  MAY 
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                                          EXAMPLES:  themes: x | x | x | x

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Hey! It's me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary in April which is wild~ can you give me any suggestions on gifts or anything??? ^^; thanks

wow congrats anon :0

& as for gifts it really depends on the person/their interests but i feel like everyone always appreciates socks

and maybe fruit loops

anonymous asked:

What I've noticed in TS4 is that with the expansion packs, we just get new ways to do the same stuff we could already do. In City Living, the festivals are basically just a new setting to do stuff we already could (like the Hijinks festival is just you being mischievous or funny?), and the "penthouses" are just new set dressing for the same way to build lots. Likewise with GT, the clubs were just a new way to do everything we already could do :(

Hi Anon! I don’t think you’re alone in that sentiment - I’ve seen a lot of Simmers express the same feelings about City Living (especially the festivals), and I would agree. The important difference I see between festivals and Get Together clubs, though, is that clubs are something you can use in every world, until the end of the life of Sims 4. And with every pack, they add new activities to the club list, so you can always be making new clubs. It’s a very customizeable feature that you can use in so many creative ways (to emulate schools, jobs, etc.) 

With festivals, however, we have the ones EA created for San Myshuno, and that’s it. No new festivals ever (unless they patch them in or make a festivals game pack). You can’t even edit the current ones. And no festivals in any other worlds, period (unless you fake them, which is do-able, but you can fake apartments, too, and it’s just not the same! heh). Now imagine if they had given us the tools to create our own festivals in whatever worlds we choose, with whatever themes we wanted to give them. The possibilities would be endless. 

I think that’s my biggest issue with City Living - they really put the kibosh on creativity with this one. No way to edit apartments, no way to edit festivals, no way to create new ones, no way to experience them outside of San Myshuno. Once you’re tired of that world, there’s no way to take that stuff to other worlds and breathe fresh life into it. And it just points to the underlying issue with TS4 as a whole, that they painted themselves in this corner where they can’t allow the players to be as creative as they could in past games. City Living is an example of that and the main reason why I didn’t want to buy it. But of course they got me with the shiny new objects. I really like new stuff. :-p

Elsanna Week, Day 3: Secret Santa

Words: 608

“Oh, my God, what the fuck am I gonna buy for her, Kristoff? It has to be special! I love this woman, for God’s sake.” Anna repeated for the millionth time, only even more nervous now.

"Anna, why don’t you just come riding a white horse with a bouquet of flowers and heart-shaped truffles? I think she wouldn’t miss the message even if she tried.” Kristoff replied, bored out of his mind. The gaze Anna shot him was so cold it could kill the weak-hearted men.

“Shut the fuck up and help me. This is a life and death type of situation!”

The “life and death type of situation” was a Secret Santa. Every year her friends did it, and this year was special, because she was finally going to ask Elsa to be her girlfriend.

They had hooked up sometimes, but Anna couldn’t deny that she was in love for that dork nerd.

“She hates when I call her nerd, you know.” Anna didn’t notice her own smile. Or her sigh.

“Geez, you got it bad, huh?” Kristoff commented. Next time he was bringing Hans along so he wouldn’t have to suffer alone.

“Shit. That’s it! Every couple has one!” Anna tapped her own forehead and almost bounced in the middle of the crowded mall.

“Has what?” Kristoff asked, completely confused.

“Matching T-shirts! It will be perfect, she adores T-shirts!” Anna grabbed his hand and went to a customized items store.


Anna really hadn’t plan to be this nervous. Actually, she realized, she had barely planned anything. What if Elsa said no and everything got awkward forever? What if she hated the gift? What if Elsa asked someone else for girlfriend/boyfriend? Despite the fact that it was 41ºF, Anna was sweating.

Besides, the longer the week went, the most Anna thought her present was ridiculous. How could she ever think Elsa would like that? But she had no more money and no ideas, so that was it.

It was Elsa’s turn to give her present to whoever she got. Blushing, the blonde adjusted her glasses on her face and looked at Anna.

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