but i really want muffins

  • MC in Mystic Messenger: I will silently support my loved one. I don't need to talk too much for them to know I love them.

Hamilton Muffins!!!

I might have gone a little bit overboard, but how can’t you when you get an awesome request like this? I started over analyzing which muffin would fit each Hamilton character and what colors go together and got a little carried away. But keep the requests coming guys, I love them, the Hamilton fandom is so amazing!!

So I wore my tights yesterday and apparently some people thought they were store bought… O\v\O w o w !

Someone suggested that I make more and try to sell them on Etsy but I don’t know if there would be a market for that…


Okay, truth time. This week has not been a good food week. I haven’t tracked much and haven’t made the best choices. And to top it off, it’s been raining everyday so I haven’t gotten any walks in on my lunch break. But it’s time to put that aside and make better choices today. I really wanted a muffin for our Friday treat day at work, but I stuck to fruit and good lord, these strawberries are good! Happy Friday! 🍓🍊🍌

“I Would”: A Donage Retrospective

I started out on this journey to create a master post of all the times Howard has suggested that he would absolutely date/bang/marry Jason had they not both been born (presumed) straight males (presumed because well, I assume that is the hang-up), but it turns out their love (and in some cases, pure lust) is much more than that. So this got out of hand quickly.

Before we get started, a slight disclaimer from Howard:

Ok then. Let’s begin.

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I really wanted to make some strawberry muffins because I have some strawberries in the fridge that need to be baked/muffinated but it’s a bazillion degrees outside and I think that if I turn on the oven I May Die


Babysitter (Bechloe AU)

Chapter 1

Beca knew she wasn’t going to make it in LA without a job. And she thought it was going to be easy, finding a bar or a record store to work at. I mean c'mon, it’s LA! She didn’t really know much about applying for jobs. Or working, really. But she knew she needed to earn money if she wanted to stay and pursue her dream of becoming a famous DJ. And she knew she had to find a job immidiately because she was so done with her father calling her every day to remind her that starting next month, she’ll be paying her own bills.
She’s been to five bars and two record stores, and none of them were short of staff. On the contrary, they were packed. Beca didn’t know a record store needed more than five people to run it. What did they do all day? Pass each other some CDs? Talk about Lady Gaga? The store was basically empty.

It was her third week searching for a job and she’s just spent five hours walking around town and being turned down by every single place she stepped into. Tired and hungry, she decided to try again in the nearest cafe. Cafes are like bars except better looking, right?
She went in and sat down at a table. She was too tired to walk over to the counter. The place was nice and quiet. After two minutes, she was approached by a waitress.
»Hello. What can I get you?«
»Hi, um, I’ll have a glass of water and a blueberry muffin, please.«
»Sure thing.«
As she waited, she looked around. She could totally see herself working here. It was nice and tidy, and all the shelves were stacked with books. To her left, there was an open drawer filled with newspapers.
»Oh, you can totally take one if you want. They’re just sitting there, waiting to be read.«
Beca looked up at the waitress after she placed the muffin and water in front of her.
»Thanks. Actually, I was just wondering, are you hiring?«
»Sadly, no. Not right now.« She looks around before sitting next to Beca,
»If I could, I would hire you right on the spot. This shit’s really tiring when you work alone.«
Beca was surprised by the blonde’s words and actions but she didn’t really mind.
»Yeah, I bet. You know, I thought it was going to be easy to find a job in LA. And now here I am, three weeks and thirty-six rejections later.« The brunette giggled before taking a bite of her muffin.
»I can help you if you want.«
»Really? But aren’t you busy?«
»Right now, you’re my only costumer. There’s nothing much to do. And you seem like you could really use some help.«
»I really could. I’m Beca, by the way.« Beca smiled at the blonde and she smiled back.
»Aubrey. So let’s get started then.«
»Wait, how are we gonna do this?«
Aubrey took a newspaper out of the drawer and spread it on the table in front of them.
»I found my last job in a newspaper. There are some really good job adverts in here and who even reads newspaper these days?«
»Wow, you’re right. I haven’t thought of that.« Beca said as she started looking at a page full of advertisements.

A few minutes passed and all they’ve found were ads either looking for secretaries or mechanics.
»Hey what about this one?« Aubrey said and pointed at something on the next page.
Beca looked at it and scrunched up her nose.
»Yeah, I’m not that good with kids.«
»So? It’s not that hard. Plus, I know this woman. She comes here every week with her kids and trust me, she could really use some help.« The blonde tapped her finger against a black and white picture of a girl.
»Wait, are you saying this is the mother? She looks about twenty! And it says here she has a six and a one year old?«
Beca saw Aubrey look at her guiltily.
»What?« Beca asked.
Aubrey sighed, »Okay, I’ll tell you. But only if you promise you will help her out. Please?«
Beca squinted her eyes at that. She hated kids. But she was also very curious.
»Okay, I promise I’ll call her.«
Aubrey turned to Beca and started talking.
»Well, this woman, her name is Chloe, comes by every week and asks me if I could keep an eye out for her kids while she goes out and has a few minutes to herself. One time, her kids were playing with Diego, my brother who came to pick me up. I was getting ready to leave but she wasn’t back yet and I decided to go look for her. I walked a few blocks and I saw her on a bench. She was smoking a cigarette. Obviously, I didn’t judge her. But as I walked closer, I realized she was shaking. And crying. I sat down next to her and she apologized. That’s when she told me.«
Aubrey stopped talking and looked at Beca, who nodded for her to continue.
»Oh God, Beca. There is so much this woman has been through. She asked me not to tell anyone, ever. But I’ll tell you this. She had a baby when she was 15. It wasn’t her fault. You need to take this job, Beca. She needs someone right now. Hell, she needed someone her whole life. And she’s all alone and she hasn’t been around in two weeks and now I’m kind of worried.«
The blonde looked at the DJ with wide eyes and bit her lip. All Beca could do was nod.
A few minutes passed in silence.
»I will call her.«

You know what grinds my muffins?

Pottermore. I really wanted pottermore to be a game that is 30-60 dollars (yes I wanted to pay for it.) I wanted to design my own character and make friends in my Hogwarts house (Gryffindor) I want to be able to walk through the halls at Hogwarts and stress over OWLS and NEWTS. This is how I want it You start by takin the test for your wand, then you are waving goodbye to your parents on the platform, your first mission is to find a compartment with a friend in it (boy or girl) after you do that you develop a friendship with this person (and who knows? Maybe a romantic relationship later in the game.) when you get to Hogwarts, you are placed on the stool for the sorting and that is when you design your character, your character will grow and change and go through heartbreak as a normal person would, after you take the test and get into your house you eat the feast and get tired, so you and your newly found friend go up to your common room (or down, I’m looking at you Slytherins and Hufflepuffs.) Throughout your year you build and break friendships. You take tests and exams and flying lessons. But the best part is, you can choose what time you want to be at Hogwarts. Maybe you want to be Harry and Hermiones best friend, you can be put in that time. Or you want to be past all that war stuff? Just choose present time. Want to grow up with the mauraders? YOU CAN. JESUS CHRIST NINTENDO OR ROCKSTAR OR BUNGEE OR WHATEVER GAME COMPANY JUMP ON THIS IDEA AND MAKE IT PLEASE