but i really want heaven's feel

Getting paid to draw Opal is always a pleasure and this piece is no exception.

I was listening to a lot of Aimee Mann’s Lost in Space album while sketching initial ideas for this piece.  I wanted to capture that type of peaceful, wistful melancholy that I feel is present in Opal’s character that Aimee’s songs communicate really well.  

Opal is the combination of a gem that was originally from space and a gem that has hardly left Earth, those are some potentially messy feelings to come together.  A longing to leave and a desire to stay.  I also enjoy Pearl and Amethyst representing heaven and earth in way, given their temperaments and origins.  It’s something I feel the location of Giant Woman reflected.

I could yammer on about Opal for a while but alas.

I’ll most likely take on another commission batch around April.  If you’re interested, check out my commission post!


The ocean chose you for a reason

“It’s been over a year since my divorce. I’d been married for fifteen years. I was pretty beaten down. Some days I would feel so lonely that I couldn’t even sleep. A friend of mine from work told me to download a dating app. I tried for a long time but nobody was answering me. It was making me feel worse. I wanted to delete it but my friend convinced me to keep trying. Then on January 28th, I saw her picture and gave her a ‘heart.’ And she sent me a message. I said: ‘Wow, this is really happening.’ It’s like she’s an angel who came from heaven to bring light to my life. I love my chocolate bonbon.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Supernatural Preference- How They React When Someone Asks If They Like You

Dean would just be straight out with how he feels but he’d also be kind of quiet because he wouldn’t want you to hear.
“Wait, Dean, do you like y/n?” Sam asks his older brother with a smirk.
“Yes!” He answers with a whisper shout.
“But if you say anything I will cut all your hair off.” He tells him as he walks out the door. 

Balthazar wouldn’t really want to tell anyone and would get a little defensive when asked.
“Balthazar, do you like that human y/n?” A fellow angel asked him.
“Why is that any of your business?” Balthazar asks the angel.
“It is heavens business.” 
“And I care about this because…?” 
“Because she’s a human and you’re an angel, it’s dangerous!” The angel yells at him as he flies away. 

Samandriel would be rather straight-forward about his feelings towards you when anyone asked.
“Samandriel, do you like y/n?” His older brother Castiel asks.
“Yes, Castiel I believe I do. She’s perfect in every way and I want to be with her always.” He tells his brother, his words filled with emotion.

Crowley would tell it how it is when asked and would  not beat around the bush. 
“Fergus, you like her don’t you?” Rowena asks her son.
“Why yes mother, I do, I do indeed.” He says smiling after y/n. 


A tiny piece in honour of my anxiety/depression and treatment that would come with a copay I can’t afford to pay.

I feel shit - Jily helps. Enjoy x

Also here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12398649/1/Stuck

He’s going mad. It seems dramatic, though, so he doesn’t talk about it.

He knows that she would listen to him no matter what, tell him that she loves him, that she wishes that it could be different, that she would move heaven and earth and everything in the universe for him if she could. But he doesn’t want to worry her with things she can’t change. Things that don’t really matter.

He knows that she knows anyway.

He can see her watching him as he floats through the cottage, his hands shaking with nervous energy, his eyes flicking repeatedly, wistfully to the windows. He knows that she’s watching his dinners go untouched, realises that the boxes of biscuits in the cupboard are suddenly lasting them weeks and weeks instead of the usual two days. He knows that she’s tracing the lines of his body with her eyes, watching as the well-worked, hard-earned quidditch muscles get leaner and leaner with each passing day. He knows that she’s thinking that he’s never been this quiet, not in all the years she’s known him, and he feels even more guilty because he knows that his silence is making her worry. It isn’t fair for him to avoid talking about it, not when she’s suffering through this too.

She always was the stronger one of the two of them - of this, he’s acutely aware as she goes the extra mile to drag a laugh out of him, as she goes on and on to Harry about his uncles and Hogwarts and everything that exists outside of the walls of this fucking cottage that he can’t bring himself to think about anymore. She’s so much stronger than him and he needs her so much and he hopes she understands, but he also worries, obsessively, that she’ll think he doesn’t care about what she’s going through, that he isn’t giving her what she needs. He isn’t there for her, not like he should be, and that makes him hate himself. He’s never hated himself, not really, but there’s a first time for everything.

Letting her down is, easily, the worst thing he’s ever done. And he’s done some terrible things.

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Hi, btt anon here! I was thinking the s/o is scared of something sudden so maybe like a jump scare in a horror movie or someone playing a prank.

Alright dear, now this I can work with! So their s/o gets scared and clings to them instinctively. Thanks a bunches for sending in this request again because it’s a cute one! Once again, apologies for me being a weird writer but I hope it was worth it. :D <3 

France: Francis is really amused by his s/o’s reaction but manages to not outright laugh because he doesn’t want to hurt his s/o’s feelings. He’d definitely be alright with them grabbing him and it would be the perfect incentive to wrap his arms around them. He’d also give them a quick kiss on the forehead as reassurance that he’s right beside them and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Honestly, he’d be in heaven every time his s/o gets scared during the movie because of how close they get to him. He just loves holding them~ He might use the opportunity to distract his s/o from their fear with something else that he loves doing … ;D

Prussia: He’s immediately laughing at his s/o, he can’t help himself. It’s just - their face - is so funny! Gilbert’s laughter won’t stop him from wrapping his arms around his s/o though. He’s here to protect you from any scary monsters s/o, no ones going to hurt you while he’s around! He’d allow his s/o to cling to him for as long as they need to, holding them close in his arms with the biggest smirk. He doesn’t get scared easily so he’d be really helpful whenever his s/o is afraid for anything really, not just a jump scare. But he just can’t stop himself from poking fun at them a little from how much they freak out at a jump scare. It’s just a movie, s/o. :P

Spain: He’s the best for this situation honestly. A movie wouldn’t scare Antonio, considering all that he’s seen and done (he was a Conquistador!). He’d be very comforting towards his s/o when they get scared and would be very glad for them to cling to him, because he sees it as them trusting him. He’d pull them as close as he can, snuggling with them so that they know he’s there for them. He’d be very calming, running his hands over his s/o’s arms to soothe them. He knows everyone reacts differently to scary movies but he still can’t get the smile off of his face because his s/o is rather cute~

-Mod Lily

Based on the hud bub on tumblr I expected the worst for TVD and I can honestly see why a select group of shippers would feel disgruntled with the outcome and genuinely sympathise But for those of us who didn’t ship lil bro with anyone it was a pretty solid wrap up. All the dead characters are in heaven, Alaric opened his school, Matt is doing… whatever Matt has being doing the last 8 seasons (he’s obviously not my fave), Bonnie badass-to-the-end Bennet is living life to the full with her gardian angle, Damon and Elena had a happy life before reuniting with Stefan and other family though I could have done with more Nina Dobrev in the last few eps, Caroline is still wonderful and there were hints of klaroline which is amazeballs. Was it perfect? No But did I cry and laugh? Then yes. It couldn’t please everyone but it did a damn decent job of wrapping up loose ends. Thanks for the ride, Vampire Diaries

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Question: Why Jasper? Why FREDDY???? i can understand jasper well enough i mean shes pretty hot. Even though she'd probs kill me. But Fazbear Its an animatronic with a dead child stuffed inside it. I dont get it. I just wanna hear your reasoning im not judging i swear on my chances of getting to heaven.

I love Jasper a lot. Physically, obviously, it’s because she’s big and strong and domineering. She’s got a deep boasting voice and what seems to be a lot of confidence. I was hot for her instantly. But I didn’t fall in love with her until later episodes where it really starts to show her feeling insecure, unsure of herself, and dependent on others. “No one who fuses with me ever wants to stay” Killed me. I love her, and she deserves a redemption arc. She’s been through a lot and I just want her to be well and happy.

As far as Freddy goes, I really like situations that put me in danger/make me fear for my life. It’s a high for me. I’m attracted to the idea of this terrifying creature stalking me and making me feel uneasy. My love for Freddy comes mostly from headcanon though (as most of the stuff in the community does). I like to see him in an AU where the animatronics are just alive through mysterious reasoning and not because they’re possessed by children, meaning each animatronic can have their own unique personality. 

I also draw Freddy as a human sometimes. So that’s a whole AU all together that I’d be glad to talk about sometime. I used to be really invested in the FNAF community. I love that stupid game a lot. 

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That actor au is killing me!!! I really really wanna read more of it ♡♡♡


technically the first chapter of it is completed, but I’m holding off on posting it due to how badly my writing schedule got now that I’m working so much, so i dont want to post it and then start having to deal with inconsistent updates OTL

one more excerpt!

It feels like all the air gets sucked out of the room when Victor stands before Yuuri with a wry smile. The lights above somehow frame him as if he is an angel sent from heaven, dressed in a pair of ugly grey sweatpants and a sloppy long-sleeve shirt with ‘I LOVE NY’ over his chest like a superhero emblem and a frumpy grey jacket. His silvery hair – just as messy from jet lag as his outfit – gets quickly brushed up by a makeup assistant so he looks somewhat decent for the screen test.

It’s not fair. Victor Nikiforov looks like a hobo that rolled onto a hot set looking for free muffins. And yet, Yuuri is freaking out even more.

“Hi,” Victor says, sticking out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Katsuki.”

Mr. Katsuki. What the absolute fuck.

Yuuri rigidly moves from his spot behind the table and performs the most awkward and clumsy first handshake he’s ever given. He knows that his hand is sweaty, but he doesn’t realize how grossly wet his palm is until he pulls his hand away to rest against his side.

“It’s meet to nice me – you – you and me – meet you – I –” Yuuri hits himself with his script and quietly whispers ‘fuck’ into the cover, before he brings the script back down. “Yuuri. Just call me Yuuri. Please.”

“Well, in that case, call me Victor,” Victor chuckles, nice and smooth

Dating Miss Peregrine would include

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Anon asked:  Can you do a “dating Miss Perigrine would include ” please?

Note; I ended up doing up movie!peregrine, mostly because i sincerely couldn’t imagine book!peregrine dating. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.

- All the kids not being used to having another adult figure around

- But they’d literally love you like a dad / other mom or parent figure

- Miss Peregrine and you having literally the cuTEST CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THINGS LIKE THE ENVIRONMENT

- I feel like cuddles are rare cause you’re both busy but hell if they aren’t cute / literally heaven 

-  I feel like you two met in town or you were an adult peculiar who was helping in another loop

- I feel like you wouldn’t be a ymbryne but be really curious about it / have a hobby studying about it

- To which she’d gladly tell you all about it :’^)

- On mothers / fathers day, Claire would make you a card like she would with Miss Peregrine

- Miss Peregrine would recommend good books for you to read

- I feel like every time when you were alone she’d kiss you on the cheek like 50,000 times cause yay

- You both jokingly flirting, bless up

my google search ‘how to help ur catholic mom deal w the fact that ur gay’ was pretty unhelpful, tbh

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Hi! Welcome to this ever growing community 😊 Can I ask for some fluffy SF Papyrus relationship headcanons with a S/O who is just really lazy and really socially anxious (I'm such self-insert trash) ~JayJack

  • Match made in heaven
  • Lots of naps…and cuddles
  • “don’t worry babe, we can just stay home and watch a movie”
  • He likes horror movies because they make you snuggle up real close to him.
  • But he’s honestly fine with whatever you want. 
  • Will run his fingers through your hair and tug on it lightly sometimes just to get a rouse out of you.
  • Holds your hand whenever you go out and if he feels like you’re uncomfortable will give you a reassuring squeeze or pull you a little closer.
  • He wants you to be happy, all the time always.
  • Sometimes you guys will literally lay around all day and just be all over each other. Kissing and snuggling…it’s his favorite, especially if he gets to grab your butt at some point.

you must be prince charming, 

because when you smile flowers seem to grow

cr. / insp: i & ii

random song lyric starters

  • “am i in love with you? or am i in love with the feeling?”
  • “i can’t get you out of my head.”
  • “i must’ve called a thousand times.”
  • “i want you to know that i’m happy for you.”
  • “you’re just what i needed.”
  • “just hold on we’re going home.”
  • “if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.”
  • “i don’t have a choice but i’d still choose you.”
  • “there’s no where else i’d rather be.”
  • “i’m so proud of you.”
  • “don’t fuck with my love.”
  • “you didn’t love me, no, not really.”
  • “is there somewhere you can meet me?”
  • “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”
  • “if you don’t love me now, then you’ll never love me again.”
  • “for now let’s get away.”
  • “i’d like to know if we could start over from scratch.”
  • “i’ve got nothing left to lose.”
  • “i still get jealous.”
  • “i just wanna look good for you.”
  • “i’ll tell you all about it when i see you again.”
  • “how could you be so heartless?”
  • “i knew you were trouble when you walked in.”
  • “wish we could turn back time… to the good old days.”
  • “shut up and dance with me.”
  • “when i’m fucked up – that’s the real me.”
  • “i’m a little unsteady.”
  • “i want you to know that i’m all yours.”
  • “maybe i’m crazy.”
  • “where are you now that i need you?”
  • “all you had to do was stay…”
And then I found out how hard it is to really change. Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in. I just wanted the lonely inside me to leave. No matter how fucked you get, there’s always hell when you come back down. The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had. There’s glimpses of heaven in every day. In the friends I have, the music I make, the love that I feel.
I just had to start again.
—  Bring Me the Horizon (Oliver Sykes)

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I want to get a tarot deck but i have no idea what to get, so what deck do you have? And do you recommend any certain decks?

I have the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Shadowscapes deck, and the Linestrider deck. 

I started out with the Rider-Waite bc I wanted to learn the basic symbolism that a lot of decks are based on.

My advice is choose one that you feel drawn to. I didn’t connect with a Rider Waite well honestly until I got the Shadowscapes nearly a year later (which was like a match made in heaven for me, I love this deck!!) Definitely choose a deck that you really want!  

And what really irks me is when people have the audacity to yell at fic writers for asking for reviews, because heaven forbid you take thirty seconds to tell me what you thought of the fic that I put four hours into!

You guys, when a writer asks for reviews it’s because they want to know what you guys liked or didn’t like. They want to know how you were feeling while reading what they did. Writers can end up putting hours upon hours into their work. Changing things, fix things, starting all over because they hated what they wrote and they wanted to fix it for their readers.

No, you’re not obligated to leave reviews, but it’s pretty respectful if you do. You’re giving that writer the extra push they need to write just a little bit faster or just a little bit better.

It’s a nice thing to do.

So why should you actually need a reason to do it?

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Wow. Well, I mostly hit my right shoulder, and now it hurts. Well, it's partially my schoolbag's fault too. ( School is so BORING I WANT TO STAY HOME) Also: I think I got a cold. And there's been a conflagration (or a fire) and there were so many firetrucks and ambulances. Don't worry, I am okay. But I just wanna know if I can do something for you to feel better. <3

I know school sucks but believe me when you start being adult you will thank the heavens for the knowledge you got. 
Knowledge is power after all. 
I myself am a person that really appreciates learning.

Ah god also a cold sounds bad still! Take care of yourself do not worry about me dear. 
I shall be fine. 

Be careful about fire-related incidents though, even after the fire ceased the gas remains can be very dangerous. 

Hospital For Souls Part 1

And then I found out how hard it is to really change

Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in

I just wanted the numb inside me to leave

No matter how fucked you get

The sun will return and you come back down!

The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had

There’s glimpses of heaven in every day

In the friends that I have, the music I made

The love that I feel, I just had to start again

Your mind can go places when you are alone I should know. I haven’t had a visitor in months. I have no friends here and I’m a high risk case according to the psychiatrist here. Arkham Asylum is full of people. Murderers. Rapists. Cannibals. Thieves. Insane people. I was none of these things when I first arrived. I was admitted because of a mental disorder. When I got here, thoughts I never had before came to me. Actions I have never done were fulfilled. I said things I had never allowed out of my mouth before. It started a year ago, when I was a intern under Edward Nygma.

He was so sweet and nice. I couldn’t see why everyone was so mean to him. His riddles always got my mind working and his charismatic behavior enthrilled me. He was my first crush. Sure I found guys cute before and I often lusted after them, but Ed made me feel something more. Every time someone insulted him or was rude, I debunked their bad manners. Ed and I evolved into friends. We played video games together and he let me spend the night at his home sometimes when the fighting between my parents prevented me from getting any rest. I asked Ed a question one day,

“Why do people get married Ed? Why do it when more than half the time it ends in violence in this city? You are the smartest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, so you must have an idea.”

He flushed at my compliment and adjusted his glasses,

“I can start a war or end one,
I can give you the strength of heroes or leave you powerless,
I might be snared with a glance,
but no force can compel me to stay;
What am I?”

I knew the answer instantly and I smiled sadly,


Ed was happy that I got the answer right, I usually do but not always right away. I sighed,

“I wish I could remember my parents being in love. All I can remember is their yelling and throwing and late nights when neither of them would come home. I’m 17 for goodness sake. They should be divorced if the love is gone. If nothing can make them love each other, they shouldn’t still be together.”

Ed placed a hand on my shoulder awkwardly,

“I’m sure you are the reason they stayed together. I guess it would be so that you would have both of them in your lives so to speak.”

I shifted on my feet at the thought. Shaking my head, I went to go to his kitchen when I collapsed right to the ground.

My parents didn’t have the money to pay for my medical bills. Without my consent they sent me to this pit and never looked back. Ed didn’t visit. Not even Harvey who looked after me from time to time. I saw in the newspapers that the Wayne family was assassinated, all but their son. While everyone felt sorry for his loss I was happy for the boy. He wouldn’t have to grow up to watch his parents waste their lives away and end up disappointing you. A year in this abyss and I lost my mind.

Perhaps it was always there. Perhaps I always knew it was. Change like this didn’t come easy. I changed from the ambitious girl I was to this volatile woman with an unknown need. I didn’t know if it was the asylum that caused my change, but this carnal desire to harm everything in sight just became my only activity. I attacked guards who ran their mouths too much around me. I attacked other patients. I almost killed a few. The solution the asylum came up with was to put me in solitary. I guess they didn’t know that silence is also violent. I screamed after 2 days in solitary. I learned afterwards that they kept me in for a week and a half. My psychiatrist thought it would help me, but it only made me hate her. She allowed me to be locked in a cage by myself. I wanted to gouge her eyes out with that bloody red pen she kept jotting notes on her notepad with. Her diagnosis was that I was mentally unstable and shouldn’t have much interaction with the other patients.

Then he came. Red hair. Contagious smile. His body dripping with pride as he was escorted to the recreational room. I saw him long before he was me. He was hard to miss. His face stood out unlike all the others. He wore a smile like I had never seen and his ego was not swayed in the slightest by his knew home. His calculating eyes scanned the room but never found me. No no. I can see everyone, they can’t see me. I’m in the room, but they can’t see me.

Because we all walk alone on an empty staircase

Idle in the halls and nameless faces

I am powerless

Everybody wants to go to heaven

But nobody wants to die

I can fear death no longer

I’ve died a thousand times

At least that’s how it all was supposed to go. Next thing I know, a body is next to mine. Sitting directly beside me. I could feel determined eyes glued to my face and my hands started twitching. My eyes rolled to look to my left hand side. There he was. Smiling at my face with a wide grin. His eyes bright with curiosity. It was his eyes that made my hands twitch. I got lost in them for a moment. My non-expressive stare didn’t effect him.

“Hello, goregous. I’m Jerome.”

I said nothing. I hadn’t said a word since I got here a year ago. My only vocalizations nowadays is growls and purrs. But to Jerome, I said nothing. He leaned towards my face and said,

“It’s rude to not introduce yourself you know. I gave you my name, I should at least know the name to your beautiful face.”

My hands twitched again at his words. All activities stopped in the room. Jerome finally looked away from me. Turning his head to scan the room again, I got a good view of his neck. I could she his veins pulsating as he turned and I growled lightly. His head snapped back to me and he looked confused for a moment that I had changed my position in the short moments he looked away. I was now on my palms and feet in my chair, staring him down. I waited for him to move. Instinct driving over my mind as I waited for him to act like prey or to move at all. Any excuse would too. A patient suddenly called out,

“Someone get the guards quick. She’ll most likely kill this one.”

Jerome’s eyes never left mine at the comment. He was frozen still, like he knew it would trigger me. Another patient started crying,

“Where are the guards? She’ll rip his throat open like she did to Mickey. He’s still in recovery. I doubt this one would make it, he’s all skin and bones.”

Then more began to murmer,

“She’s crazy.”

“A cannibal.”

“No, she never tries to eat anyone, only maim or just kill. I should know. I’m an actual cannibal.”

“I heard the boy killed his mother with a hatchet. Bet he wishes he had it right about now.”

“Oh please, like he stands a chance. I bet you $100 she kills him.”

“Isn’t betting what got you in this place, shut up.”

“Whatever, I haven’t seen this bitch in action since they last out her in solitary. It’ll be entertaining to watch her mangle someone again.”

But to everyone’s disappointment, the guards came in and surrounded Jerome and I. My gaze daring him to move now. One of the guards started to speak, he was a nice guy, shouldn’t be working in this hellhole. But nice. I knew why he was speaking, he was the only guard I never attacked.

“Come on Lya. You’ve been doing good for a while now. Do you really want to break you streak?”

I didn’t respond, only tilted my head slightly, still waiting for Jerome to make his move so I could make mine. I suddenly smiled and shifted in my seat, sitting back down and leaning my head back. My gaze now on the ceiling as I held my hands up in the air. A different guard approached me with handcuffs. They were going to escort me to my cell. But I wasn’t through just yet. I wanted to feel something. Pain and cause it. When the guard was close enough, I rapidly found my body wrapped around his.

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

The guards eyes and mine locked and I saw shock and lust in his eyes for a split moment. All was quiet in the room as time seemed to slow down. Unwrapping my arms from around his neck, I used my body weight to arch my torso downwards and towards Jerome who also stared. The force of my body caused the guard to flip and go hurling into the wall behind Jerome as I did a complete backflip. On my feet, my stance was crouched and ready to fight. Time still moved slow as I moved onto another guard. My nails raked across his face as I kicked another in his torso. Time sped up and I fought three guards at once. My furiosity driving me to fight animal-like. All the while, Jerome watched with an insane smile on his face. I screamed as I felt multiple tasers hit my side but didn’t stop fighting. All three men were down on the ground in agony and bleeding. I was about to attack more guards when I felt something prick my skin. Pulling it out from my neck, a tranquilizer dart. I faintly heard Jerome laughing as I screamed in fury as my eyes began to blur.

By time I got out of solitary again, Jerome did not approach me, but instead watched from afar. A week passed and he made no move to talk to me. I sighed audibly and got up from my usual spot in the room. All eyes snapped to me as I made my way to the table were the red head was talking with his buddies. His back to me, he slowly turned and watched me approach. I saw caution in his eyes. I sat next to him, facing him sideways. My hand went into his hair without his permission and I felt its softness. His head was turned to me and we made eye contact,

“My name is Lyanna Grimm. Pleasure to make your aquaintence Jerome.”

He smiled now and opened his mouth,

“You held back that day. As much as you fought, you held back from killing them.”

My fingers gripped his hair firmly,

“I don’t kill my toys. It makes it so much more fun to watch them squirm in fear of me. They’d never expect a straight A honor student to turn out insane and capable of having them at her feet within seconds. It’s fun.”

“Well, Lya, I haven’t had may toys in my lifetime, but I’ll take your word”