but i really want donuts

Reasons why I liked Storks

-diverse families (same sex/single parents/mixed race/etc)
-there’s a baby whose name is ‘Diamond Destiny’ and she was literally born with martial arts skills and pink hair
-^like half the babies had blue/pink/green hair
-wolf voltron/transformers
-even the WOLVES were gay I mean omg
-shows that it doesn’t matter what gender child you wanted, you should still love them for who they are
-friends are also family
-the parenting jokes
-the pigeon
-shows that 'falling in love’ doesn’t always mean romance

ok but tell me someone has made a joke about the boys chirping jack and bitty into oblivion because of tim horton’s timbits and how close it sounds to zimbits???

  • like ransom is making his daily timmys run like the good canadian he is and jack and bitty are sitting at a table drinking coffee (gotta mix it up from annie’s every now and again).  he gives them a short wave and goes to get his coffee when he turns back and sees an ad for timbits in the window between jack and bitty and he just.  stops.  slowly takes a pic on his phone and sends it to the group chat.  enter: chaos.
  • holster is the haus’s resident pun master and he is SO ANGRY he didn’t make the connection first.
  • chowder thinks it’s adorable and points out that it’s canadian baked goods!!!!! so it really does fit!!!! it was meant to be!!!! <3
    • chowder: cuz jack’s canadian and bitty’s a baker!!!! it’s perfect!!!
    • bitty: aww chowder!!! you’re so sweet!
    • jack: i think in this scenario you’re the sweet one, bits.
  • lardo fining the hell out of their cute asses.
  • rans and holster coming home with a box and smushing two together making exaggerated sex noises in the living room
  • it becomes a Haus Thing to buy timbits and take a selfie with the box “just hanging out with jack and bitty.  love these guys”
    • shitty definitely takes it too far and makes a video of himself naked and making out with donuts and tags it “finally part of the threesome i always wanted”
Tales of Zestiria + Titles

you know something I’m pretty excited about? 

Got “permission”** from the dietitian yesterday to have french fries. Or a donut. or whatever I want.  I can have 1 day where I eat between 100-150g of carbs, which basically boils down to: I can have 1 treat once a week. 

Which I’m fine with. Honestly, before I thought that was too restrictive. But right now I’m totally fine with it, because it means it can be something good as fuck and I won’t have to worry about it. It’s gotta be worth it, which means I can get something I really want. Like a canolli donut, or a pecan sticky bun, or a piece of chocolate cheesecake. It’s gonna be great, and not having to worry about it being too much is great. I don’t feel limited, because I know I can have something if I want it, and it’ll be something good and worth it, and then I’ll be good again.

** just wanted to add…. I’m not super serious when I say permission, it’s just that I’m still taking this very seriously and there is literally nothing worth fucking up my progress for, and I’m spending money and going to this place weekly so I might as well use that to make sure I’m not going to fuck things up BEFORE I do it. 

Like I’m finally, consistently losing weight right now, my clothes are fitting better, I’m feeling better, things are getting easier. I am NOT going to fuck that up for ANYTHING. I’m finally in the 260′s again and honestly I’ll probably be in the 250′s by the first week of April if this pace keeps up. I’ve spent SO LONG fighting, I mean *fighting* to get out of the 270′s. Like months. 

I’m actually accomplishing my goals. Rather than me making a goal weight list with rewards and shit and it just sitting there and me having to ADD time to it, or ADD weight to it- I’m actually getting to cross things off! 

So yeah. Not fucking this up. Pass the protein, hold the carbs. I’m in this for the long haul.

anonymous asked:

I really want to know the brand of donut's cute leather straps backpack. Hopefully someone has the information or could make a good guess 😥😔🙏

someone made a guess it’s burberry lol

After reading @bedsafely‘s PTA Sans ideas, I really, really wanted to do the donut one. So I made a fun quickie comic.

Also, my headcanon here is that Sans only agreed to go to PTA meetings because Toriel hates Doris with a fiery passion.

  • Doc: you used my credit card!?
  • Donut: Oh come on don't be like that.
  • Doc: why couldn't you use your own!?
  • Donut: i maxed it out and i really wanted this top~
  • Doc: i-
  • Donut: oh come on I'll blow you
  • Doc:
  • Donut:
  • Doc:
  • Donut:
  • Doc:
  • Donut:
  • Doc: oka-
  • Donut: -Away with how much i saved on these items! Everything was on sale!
  • Doc: -y...........
  • Donut: ....wait what?