but i really really ship john and mary

Sherlock be like...

Sherlock: Oh I’m a high functioning sociopath. *Rescues Watson from a fire* I don’t care about any human. *Screens his wedding guests* Humans are such dull and boring things. *Calls Watson the kindest and cleverest man he’s ever met* I don’t care about anyone. *Looks at Watson* Dang…

[Stop. Before you even scroll down any further to read this post, please read this. I’m writing this list for 3 reasons, 

  1. Someone asked me recently why I ship Johnlock
  2. There’s been a lot of crap going round with people, not everyone, just certain individuals saying Johnlock isn’t going to happen, how its hurtful, disgusting blah blah blah. (If you don’t think it is, brilliant. But don’t slag the shippers off, please. I know again, certain individuals aren't kind about certain ships but it’s not all of us). And then..
  3. Because I purely want to.

I don’t mind what you ship. I ship Johnlock, obviously. If you ship Sheriarty or Sherlolly or whoever and whatever else. Well done. I don’t mind. This isn’t something I want hate on or want to be accused of hating other ships. I know there’s other ships out there and I’ve tried to leave out as many points as I can that will go against other ships and people may find offensive. This is a Johnlock blog, so I shall write about Johnlock. Take this as seriously as you want. Some of the points are very vague. This took me a while so, yeah, I hope you enjoy and thank you!]

100 Things that make Johnlock believable

  1. John lends Sherlock his phone. This isn’t really a big deal I know but I wouldn’t even let my friends borrow my phone let alone some random stranger I’d never even spoken to.
  2. They have undeniable chemistry. You can’t deny that, whoever you ship. 
  3. This isn’t really a reason why Johnlock is believable it’s more a reason why people ship it. People are scared. If someone else comes into the Sherlock/John equation, (Molly, Moriarty even Mycroft), will it affect the duo? The flow of them both. Maybe. That’s what I think anyway.
  4. Sherlock can’t handle John’s girlfriends. Yes, he’s coping with Mary (sort of) (okay, lets miss out the bit where she shot him) but he’s jealous of her. All of the time.
  5. Sherlock didn’t have friends. Not one. John had barely known him a day and he was running around London with him. They have an instant connection.
  6. John killed someone for Sherlock.
  7.  Sherlock killed someone for John.
  8. They stare at each other. Constantly. 
  9.  Sherlock never denies him and John being a couple.
  10. John can manage to remember 30+ moans coming from Sherlock’s phone throughout the day. I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago.. 
  11. “People might talk”. That’s John’s only issue. ‘So what if you just stripped some of my clothes off. I only care that people didn’t see’. Maybe he didn’t mind it at all then, because no one saw. 
  12. Sherlock is back on drugs after John leaves him to go on his honeymoon, basically has withdrawal symptoms. John replaced the drugs, but then he left again.
  13. Sherlock is incredibly sad at the wedding. John choosing Mary to dance with him over Sherlock seems to push him over the edge and make him leave.
  14.  John is the only man to render Sherlock speechless.
  15.  Sherlock taught John how to dance. That’s not really a reason but it’s incredibly intimate.
  16.  Mark said the BBC version is mostly inspired by The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. In which Sherlock basically falls in love with John (incredibly cute, watch it). It’s probably one of the gayest adaptations.
  17.  Irene likes women, but she admits she fell for Sherlock. John is the same, which is basically what she’s saying.
    (John: “Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay”. 
    Irene: “Well, I am. Look at us both”).
  18.  Sherlock takes him to a gay club. He notices things. Surely he’d notice that. 
  19.  The drunk scene is so flirtatious it hurts.
  20.  "I don’t mind".
  21.  Sherlock came back to life for John. Came back from the dead. From. The. Dead.
  22.  The scenes in Sherlock’s mind palace are the places he and John had their first case together. Sentiment, obviously.
  23. They say you look for one of your parents in the person you fall in love with. Well Sherlock’s parents basically cosplayed them. 
  24.  "You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.“
  25.  When Sherlock’s solving cases with Molly, John’s voice is there, in his head. Always.
  26.  Sherlock stuck John’s head on a picture of the Vitruvian Man, which was Leonardo Da Vinci's representation of an 'ideal man’. 
  27.  "Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator”. That’s why Sherlock shoots Magnussen for John. (I know I already mentioned this but I found a cool quote okay). 
  28.  Can’t believe I nearly missed the cheeky wink when they first met.
  29.  The moment at Angelo’s when Sherlock thinks John is hitting on him. Sherlock doesn’t get things wrong. 99% of the time he’s right. So when he thinks someone is flirting with him, he’s probably right.
  30.  John definitely takes a peek when Sherlock drops his sheet at Buckingham Palace. 
  31.  The hug at the wedding. We’ve never seen them hug before so it’s kind of a new step for their relationship.
  32.  At the pool Sherlock gives John a glance and John nods, knowing exactly what he’s thinking.
  33.  John makes him beg. Twice.
  34.  John forgives him. His best friend left him for 2 years, pretending he was dead and John forgave him like that. You’ve gotta love someone pretty bad to do that. (Even if he did tackle him to the floor.. and punch him.. though he did deserve it).
  35.  On the tube, in John’s last moments, he spends it telling Sherlock how much of a great man he is. 
  36. 'Not gay’ doesn’t imply he’s straight.
  37.  John was willing to get shot to take down Moriarty, telling Sherlock to run and save his own life. 
  38.  My best friend doesn’t point out my cheekbones.
  39.  The best man speech. Nobody could even imagine Sherlock saying anything like that but he said it all, for John. 
  40.  "Is yours a snorer?“. John kinda just gives up denying they’re a couple here.
  41.  John says he doesn’t like his middle name, though he exclaims it when he’s jealous over Irene and Sherlock. 
  42.  Sherlock says to Irene: "Why would I want to have dinner if I wasn't hungry?”, yet he does that an awful lot with John. 
  43.  Their lack of personal space is unbelievable.
  44.  John looks to see if Sherlock is wearing pants at Buckingham Palace under the sheet. Looks. At his crotch.
  45.  The look across the car park when Sherlock realises John shot the cabbie. 
  46.  Sherlock gets rid of John’s armchair, presumably because he doesn’t like seeing it empty.
  47.  Mrs Hudson had it from day 1: “There’s another bedroom upstairs if you'll be needing two bedrooms”.
  48.  “You're hardly going to need me around now you’ve got a real baby on the way”. Cries.
  49.  "Remember Redbeard? Don't get involved”, e.g. Remember the last time you loved and then lost.
  50. Sherlock acts more like the bride at the wedding then Mary actually does: 

    A) The photographer says, “just the bride and groom, please”, and he doesn’t even move.

    B) He’s the only person we see giving vows.

    C) He throws his flower to Janine (just like the bride would traditionally throw her bouquet).

    D) He taught John how to dance, which actual is quite a feminine role too.

  51. John looks extremely unimpressed that Sherlock has a girlfriend.
  52. Mary sort of acts like a romantic shield, as John in the third series seems more open to discuss relationships and his feelings, even about gay matters, for example when being searched by one of Magnussen’s men, he makes an innuendo joke.
  53. . “I don't understand, why would it upset YOU?”, because he cares Sherlock, duhh.
  54.  The determination Sherlock has to get John out of the fire, yes I know, this one could be seen as just a friend helping a friend but the panic on Sherlock’s face and the way he had no fear of burn marks or anything. 
  55.  In His Last Vow, John wakes up from dreaming about Sherlock, even though he was laying next to his wife.
  56.  I know I’ve already mentioned Sherlock shooting Magnussen but he does sacrifice his career, freedom and life to protect John.
  57.  Sue said to, "treat the music like a script in itself”, e.g. they play 'We Found Love’ in the background of the stag scene.
  58.  When Sherlock shakes John’s hand goodbye, he takes his glove off to touch his skin one last time.
  59.  "Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again I might as well say it now…", I really don’t think that, “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name”, is what he was going to say. 
  60.  That scene (in point 60) was quite obviously set up to make us think Sherlock was actually going to declare his love. So it could happen.
  61.  The tears in Sherlock’s eyes when he’s on the plane, leaving John. 
  62.  Sherlock says the case (when they’re drunk) is 'touching’. He describes a case including same sex romance as 'touching’. That’s surely saying something. Sherlock doesn’t find many things touching..
  63.  Molly mentions having met Tom’s parents. Shortly after John meets Sherlock’s, however, he hasn’t (I know, it’s impossible, but still, my point) meet Mary’s. 
  64.  Sherlock says, “All the nice girls like a soldier”, to which John replies, “it’s sailor”. Did Sherlock slip up there on purpose because he likes a soldier???
  65. “I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan, and… you”. Ouch. The feels. 
  66.  "Today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved, in short the two people who love you most in all this world", and now Sherlock hits me right in the feels too.
  67.  While we see Sherlock telling everyone how much he loves and cares for John, it’s interesting in the fact they don’t bother showing the ceremony between John and Mary. Not even a glimpse. 
  68.  John talks about Major Sholto in a way in which a lot of fans implied they used to have something going on. I think Sherlock thought this too as he seems jealous. 
  69.  "Oh, Sherlock! Neither of us were the first, you know". Even Mary can see he’s jealous.
  70.  John calls Sherlock, “nurse”. Mary is a nurse so can be seen as a parallel? 
  71.  The only two people we see John perform medically on is the man naked from the waist down at the clinic and Bainbridge, who’s naked from the shower. Two naked men. Coincidence? Hmm. 
  72.  An 'Elephant in the Room’ actually means, an obvious fact that nobody is pointing out. It’s mostly said when talking about someone’s sexuality, for example homosexual attraction. One of their cases is called 'The Elephant in the Room’.
  73.  In His Last Vow, in the scene where Sherlock brings Mary to the house and John is secretly there when Sherlock makes Mary identify herself, there is a shot taken from above. It clearly shows Sherlock at one end of the corridor and John at the other, Mary coming in between them.
  74.  Sherlock says, “I was waiting until we got married”, so obviously avoiding sex with Janine as marriage was never going to happen. Or maybe not avoiding sex with Janine, more the fact he didn’t want to have sex with a woman?
  75.  "I’d be lost without my blogger". Uses 'my’, basically labelling John as his own. 
  76.  John went out with many women, but only married one of them (Mary) when Sherlock was dead. Maybe if Sherlock was alive and hadn’t approved, like he did with John’s other girlfriends, the proposal may not have happened.
  77.  Before they met, John was a broken war hero and Sherlock was lonely and isolated. After they met, they both seemed to cure each other. They both became happy, especially being around each other.
  78.  If I had human body parts in my fridge, I’d have to love the person quite a lot who put them there to let them stay in my house.
  79.  Moffat said that John is, “infatuated and fascinated” by Sherlock. Sexually? Well, that’s your judgement I guess.
  80.  When John breaks up with Jeanette his (sexual, most probably) partner, he barely batters an eyelid, yet when Sherlock leaves, he’s affected, massively. (Okay it’s kinda different because Sherlock 'died’ but I’m promising you 100 reasons and I’m at 98 haha)
  81.  John had to trust Sherlock with his life, many times. He did it without even hesitating.
  82.  Sherlock healed John’s leg. Basically.
  83.  Not really a point but, 99% of the things done in Sherlock are on purpose. You don’t do things by accident on TV and they keep them in. The stares, the touches, the facial expressions. They are all there for a reason.
  84.  The stars scene. Where Sherlock points out the stars in The Great Game. I find that awfully romantic. 
  85.  Sherlock drugs him. It’s an awful thing to do but John practically, instantly, forgives him. 
  86.  At the end of The Hounds of Baskerville when Sherlock is laughing with John when John is eating, that look the innkeeper person gives Sherlock. It’s like a sort of knowing look.
  87.  "I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead”. Sherlock’s reply to that is the most sincere, kind and heartwarming way I swear we have ever heard him spoke (not including when he lies to victims haha) when he says, “I heard you”. You can hear how much he cares in just those 3 words.
  88.  Sherlock remembers how John takes his tea. John’s tea habits are more important then that the earth goes round the sun.
  89.  In Reichenbach, John punches a police officer just because they say something bad about Sherlock.
  90.  Sherlock says, “Alone is what I have, alone protects me”, but I think he soon realises he does in fact need John by his side, that’s why he goes back to the drugs.
  91.  Sherlock jumped off the roof to save John’s life. If he had came away from that situation alive, John would have been shot, as well as Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. But he had to sacrifice himself for the people he cares most about.
  92.  So this isn’t in the series but on John’s blog so it does count. Sherlock writes, 'John would ask me if he was here’. Another sign he needs John with him. 
  93.  John shaved his moustache off purely because Sherlock said it didn’t suit him.
  94.  "Girlfriend? No, not really my area". “So you’ve got a boyfriend then?”. “No”. So a girlfriend is off the list completely, not his area, but when asked if he has a boyfriend the answer is a straight, 'no’. (Sorry to anyone who ships Sherlock with Molly/Irene/Janine, etc, I guess he could have changed his mind).
  95.  I prefer my Doctor’s clean shaven. Pretty flirtatious. 
  96.  The picture taken of the drunk scene. It’s an official promo picture and they’re holding hands. Yes, they’re 'drunk’ but they are, in fact, holding hands.
  97.  Sherlock see’s Mary shooting him in her wedding dress. Some kind of metaphor, surely?
  98.  Everyone. Absolutely everyone assumes they’re together. Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, Kitty Reilly, Angelo, etc.
  99.  Sherlock outs Mary in front of John because I think he’s concerned for John. I think he’s scared John might get hurt so he manages to get Mary to admit who she is when John is present.
  100. In The Hounds of Baskerville when John goes all military, Sherlock’s face is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you!

sprinkleofhappinessuniverse  asked:

For ship ask meme: Sherlock :)

  • otp: Johnlock
  • favourite canon pairing: Mary/John I guess
  • worst pairing ever: idk. I honestly don’t know that many ships from Sherlock
  • guilty pleasure pairing: don’t really have one 
  • a pairing you want to see more: johnlock
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: not sure. As I said, don’t really know too many different pairings from sherlock 
  • favorite non-romantic pair: Mary and Sherlock

anonymous asked:

Can I get a SPN and TWD ship? I'm short (like 5'3"), have short bleach blonde hair and hazel eyes, and am chubby af. I'm really motherly, I refuse to hurt anything or anyone, and I try my hardest to avoid any and all conflict.


I ship you with…John Winchester!

You help him taking care of his children, Dean and Sam after Mary’s death.

You two were long time friends, and now you get close eventually falling in love.

He’s really protective and he make sure you and his boys are safe.

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The Walking Dead:

I ship you with…Rick Grimes!

You two are the cutest couple ever♥

You help him lead Alexandria and taking care of Carl and Judith.

He’s not afraid to show how much he loves you in public, kissing and hugging you everytime he can.

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Hope you like it!♥

I really hate it when people hate on Mary Morsten just because Johnlock won’t happen because of her relationahip with John. I feel like Sherlock thinks she’s a good match for John. I feel like John really does love her.

I hate the hate Mary Watson gets from the Sherlock fandom, especially as a way to push Johnlock forward. I understand you ship them and that’s cool, but you don’t have to discredit the really cool character. Or hope that them and their baby dies.

PSA to Mormor Shippers

If you love fem!mormor, good for you. Enjoy x

If you can’t picture anyone but Fassy as Seb, well that’s just fine.

You want anyone but Fassy as Seb? That’s fine too.

You hate Jim depicted as whiny and bitchy? So do many others and that’s okay.

If you love it when stuff gets fluffy and the boys are all soppy and loved-up, enjoy all the “sqeees” and “aws!” and have fun with it. 

If you prefer nothing but the most torturous angst then enjoy the tears and always have a box of tissues handy. 

So you find the idea of Jim and Seb bringing up a baby really quite wonderful? I’m sure that could make for some most entertaining scenarios. 

Oh, and you just love the notion of Jim becoming genuinely attached to the baby? Well, I guess you’ve got some cute times ahead then. 

Jim getting really fat? Seb as an amputee? A magpie and a tiger? Vampire mormor? Jim pregnant? Identical twins or younger brothers? Liaisons with Sherlock, Mycroft, Mary, Irene, Molly, Lestrade (even I draw the line at John though)? Well, okay… even John, if that’s what floats your boat…

Basically, any way you want to approach this tiny but dedicated ship, you just go for it and have fun. 

But if you scream and shout and throw your toys out of your pram about what others should and shouldn’t like… basically, you’re sad and pathetic, you need to grow up, get a life, and stop trying to make everyone else think the exact same way you do. It’s called intolerance, you half-witted cretin, and is no more or less despicable than any other kind of intolerance. 

Jesus, it’s as though the Mormor tag has been invaded by spoilt, petulant toddlers who have temper tantrums whenever everything isn’t exactly as they want it. Just grow the fuck up!

I Have a Question

First of all, I’m not trying to attack any ship… I’m just, in general, curious. Not even trying to sound bitchy.

As far as Sherlocks sexuality goes, why does it have to be gay or straight? Can’t he be sexually fluid? I mean, there are (obviously) valid arguments for him being sexually attracted to people of each gender, while I have my own opinions about certain ships, I’m not going to say anything that might become toxic. The point is, at the end of the day, theres kind of a reason for this.

Deciding he must be completely gay because he knows/does some things that can be perceived as feminine (lets use TSoT as an example)such as the planning of the wedding, the serviettes, knowing the name of the shade of purple was ‘lilac’ and liking dancing. Ok… cool.

I think the wedding stuff was situational, personally. He gets really serious when he becomes dedicated to things and he was afraid his relationship with John would be changing too much for him to handle, just like Mary said. Plus, he wanted to do things to the best of his ability and that included being best man and helping with the wedding.

Now, the dancing. Do we really need to argue about a man liking to dance?

I’m not arguing over whether or not your ship is valid, I’m saying theres a reason they’re ALL valid, frankly, and I find it odd so many of us would want to shove him in either box completely.

I just want to end with this thought; no matter what you ship, isn’t it a bit misandrist of us to think of such a complicated character in such a simplistic,limiting way?

Quick little rabble rousing

For me, the funny thing about Sherlock and John is that it is such a typical and tropey romance. It really is. I realize it’s not a new thing to say “imagine if Sherlock or John were a woman and the other were a man” but it’s still deserves mention on a regular basis. Because to be perfectly honest, this relationship is actually trite. It’s cliché. This doesn’t make it unimportant or less meaningful, because it’s an amazing relationship. And it’s a queer relationship on television. But the fact remains that it is so over-the-top about being a typical romance that if it were hetero, it would kind of be…if not boring, at least something you rolled your eyes at while simultaneously enjoying. You would have no doubt that they would end up together, and you would almost be embarrassed with how cliché everything was.

The two big differences with this particular show is

1) that it is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, two characters that have never been shown in a mainstream romance together in spite of over 100 years of speculation.

2) Queer romance in general is still rare. Like it or not, we have not gotten anywhere near where we need to be as a society. When you look at media, there is way more queer representation than there used to be. But it is not nearly enough. The vast majority of same-sex relationships are either

1) supporting or minor characters
2) stereotypical as in the main trait of the characters are “gay” as opposed to having three-dimensional people who happen to be gay
3) “In name only” when a relationship or character(s) may be gay/bi but we see no physical evidence of it. I saw a lot of anger on my dash today from people who watch Call the Midwife who had complained of that very thing. Where a het relationship had physical affection shown on screen but a same-sex relationship did not. This is blatant homophobia. Same sex relationships should not be seen as inherently dirty or taboo or something inappropriate to children while a het relationship is just a “normal” relationship suitable for all viewers. This is blatant homophobia and disgusting.
4) Queer people who are 100% “out” from the outset or “come out” within a few episodes. For me, it seems a lot of complaints about Johnlock being canon stems from anger that John is closeted. And that in order to have a legitimate relationship between two men that is supported by the show itself, those men need to be out right away and not hiding who they are. Otherwise the show is encouraging gay people to keep in the closet. This is so upsetting to me to be honest.

First of all, to say there is only one way of telling a same-sex love story is ridiculous when we see the sheer amount of different ways that heterosexual love stories are told. Furthermore, to say that closeted people don’t exist beyond their teens or maybe early 20s is insane and wrongheaded. Not everybody grew up in the early 00s and not everyone has the same experience. You look at the things that queer people still experience TODAY on a regular basis and compare it to someone who grew up in the 80s. And then try to tell me that they should be out or that they should easily come out five minutes into a narrative. This way does not represent all queer people or even most of us, it is one way to tell a story, one of many ways.

Second, the only way this would be encouraging someone to stay in the closet is if John doesn’t come to terms/come out with his feelings for Sherlock and last feelings for Sholto. Or come out in general. If he doesn’t, I am the first to say that it’s bullshit because there is not a point of him struggling if he doesn’t come to terms. BUT this is not to say that they need to end up together, though if they don’t it would be ridiculous and fucked up. But it is possible for someone who is queer to come to terms with their own sexuality without them ending up with the l person they’re in love with. It’s not necessary for their personal growth.

Honestly this went off on a tangent. My ultimate point is that if this were a heterosexual relationship, not only would there be no doubt, but most people would roll their eyes at how common or ordinary the plot was. But with a same-sex relationship, not only is there immense doubt, but we are made to doubt the validity of the very relationship and feel we have to prove ourselves about its worth. We live in a society where you can have a heterosexual relationship where one partner almost kills the best friend of the other partner and people defend it beyond all reason. But you have a same-sex relationship where things aren’t perfect and both partners have messed up but obviously adore each other and would do anything for their partner and sacrifice their own happiness for their partner…and we get tons of arguments against it because John wasn’t out right away or Sherlock drugged him that one time or John married someone else or Sherlock left John.

Sad fact is, if this were a heterosexual relationship, there is no doubt in my mind that people would be defending it to the death. Look at John and Mary. She does nothing but tear down John, his self-worth, his importance to Sherlock. Or she tears down Sherlock, his importance of John, or his self-worth. Yet people defend them to the death. I am not even mentioning about Mary shooting Sherlock because it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what she does. People will hold her up as this perfect partner of John regardless. Or they ship her with Sherlock, either OTP or BroTP. It doesn’t really matter, the fact is people still have Sherlock happy and hanging out with a person who shot him in the chest, yet John who married somebody else went too far.

If you don’t see a double standard here or see the homophobia I cannot help you.

I really don’t understand why this episode is getting so much hate if this was the end I'm ok with that. Every single ship got something this season.

1. Irene/Sherlock - She keeps texting and on Johns advice he could finally take the plunge and answer her

2. Molly/Sherlock - THEY SAID I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! really what more did you want?

3. John/Sherlock - They’re living together raising a baby, Mary gave them her blessing, Sherlock called John his family.

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I’ve been thinking about what @enjoytheelephant said in regards to Mary as a character vs. War/stan. I really think it’s on the money. I, for one, don’t know exactly what the future holds for Mary in BBC Sherlock. But it’s not people liking or loving her that bothers me. It’s not even so much people dismissing her wrongdoings that bothers me (though I can’t say I really enjoy that). Shipping Mary with John is what really bothers me. Because despite the mixed signals from the writers in terms of whether Mary will end up good or bad in life, she is obviously presented as bad with John. They are NOT a good pairing, and have never been shown as such. The closest we have is the “shaving for Sherlock” scene honestly. And still, their relationship revolves around him, not one another. Many people would point to their wedding but damn. I mean I surely HOPE they would be happy with one another on their wedding day; it doesn’t make them a good or long-lasting couple. Martin and Amanda are partners irl and have made their relationship work, and work well, for 15+ years. The fact that the partners they play on screen is shown to not work says something significant. The writers WANT us to know they aren’t right for one another.

I cannot remember who wrote the meta I am thinking of about Mary as a false love interest, perhaps it was @archipelagoarchaea, but seeing people cheer for a couple that is so OBVIOUSLY presented as clashing and not right together drives me round the twist.