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*scrolls through blog for about a half an hour* Where is the soul? Is it in the chest? Much like the heart (since it is heart-shaped)? *Shoves hand into chest, pulling a violet colored soul out* FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT! *catapults soul* JUST GIVE ME MORE ART! YOU CAN KEEP THE SOUL, I JUST NEED MORE ART!! (preferably Dark and Anti but anything is fine) AND ALSO​ FUCK YOU WARFSTACHE! FUCK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! OH! And love you Tintas! You da best! Jeez this was all over the place. Sorry

This comment is a rollercoaster and i loved every word of it. 
Thank you! Really! It makes me happy seeing people that enjoy my stuff and oh god half an hour? That is a lot of shitposting you saw. Sorry about that!

I agree, fuck Wilford Warfstache. At least my take of him.

Reasons why I keep loving Steven Universe: 

  • Has -at the moment- two non-binary characters with they/them pronouns (Stevonnie and Smoky Quartz)
  • Has a canon couple that they don’t “hint” or “hide” or keep as endgame and when they get screen time they are not afraid of showing them kissing, flirting, snuggling and doing gay stuff (Ruby and Sapphire).
  • Has A PAST canon couple (Pearl and Rose) and they show them loving each other and kissing.
  • Shows how hard is to let go many stuffs that are valuable to you and you love, like people or things you used to do. 
  • Has as a protagonist a jewish autistic boy (both confirmed) and his mother was a bi/pan polyamorous leader of a revolution. 
  • Has a pretty diverse cast in voice-acting and storyboarding.  
  • Has a character with many autistic traits (Peridot) without trowing a “needs to be healed” excuse, but rather showing ways that she adapts to situations (Her record tape was many times used as a way to express her feelings or explain herself better).
  • Has a pretty big amount of non-binary characters that use she/her pronouns. 
  • Has characters that fucks things up and are not perfect, but they keep growing and learning and being better.
  • Has amazing atmosphere (backgrounds, music, color choices, designs). 
  • GOOD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (gosh bless them because this is so hard to find)
  • Excluding Pearl that is more ambiguous (some people headcanon her as white and others as POC), none of the main characters are white (Amethyst is Black/Latinx -or both- and Garnet is black).
  • The plot is actually pretty interesting.
  • “Filler” episodes have constant little hints on what could happen in the future/things that would be part of a much important plot-point in the future (The gem shards on “Secret team”, Ronaldo’s constantly hitting the spot, character development). 
  • The villains are not based on just being intimidating but they are shown having weak spots and?? personalities? which is harder to find that I though it would be?
  • It has a nice charm while talking on style? 
  • Many of the secondary and background characters are POC.
  • Those moms in the back that are always fun to search in every beach-city centered episode? I love them.
  • The voice acting job is AMAZING and it really feels like the workers are enjoying their job, (special shoutout to Charlyne Yi that has voiced a total of 8 Rubies and somehow found the way to give them all their own charm).
  • Wasn’t afraid to talk about unhealthy and abusive relationships and show how bad they are. 

my dudes, i have been sitting in bed smiling like a fucking idiot for the longest time now…i’ll never get over how much tenderness there is between gs and ht in this chapter, from the worry and hurt on gs’s face in seeing ht hurt, and the i didn’t go to the infirmary because “i came to take my medical fees from you” aka ‘because i wanted to see you’ [BITCH FUCK ME UP], and the way gs holds up his shirt to ht’s wound not giving a fuck that it’s his school uniform and it’s gonna get ruined, AND HOW HT LOOKS AT HIM HOLY SHIT, and the way gs grabs ht’s wrist with his other hand and his thumb rests on his palm while he bites his lip…end. me. now.

To Do List for After Top Surgery

-Shirtless kayaking
-Wear douchey tank tops with big arm holes
-Work out shirtless
-Go on a roller coaster in a douchey tank top (raise my arms really high to show off hair and muscle)
-Go to the beach (without a shirt)
-Go jogging (who needs shirts?)
-Do yard work (Without a shirt because it’s hot and I want lemonade)
-Go for a picnic
-Take lots of selfies
-Walk around the locker room shirtless
-Not wear a shirt under my chef whites
-Hug people all the time (with and without a shirt)
-Take off my shirt whenever acceptable
-Sometimes when not acceptable
-Buy all new shirts
-Lots of v necks to show off my chest hair and flat chest
-Slam dunk my old binders into the garbage (unless they’re kind of new and then donate)
-Become a macho man
-Macho macho man
-Knit shirtless to show of my manliness
-Be the douche on campus who doesn’t wear shirts when it snows
-Sit in the rain without a shirt and be one with nature
-Walk around with a towel around my waist
-Go to the pool on campus!
-Go for really long walks without caring about how my chest looks
-Go hiking (without a shirt! Nice view, both the landscape and me)
-Go up and down stairs without being winded!
-Sleep peacefully!
-Breathe deeply (hopefully without that weird whistling/wheezing noise sometimes)
-Wear Henleys all the time if I have to wear a shirt (but don’t do the buttons)
-Flannels unbuttoned
-Play sports without my shirt!
-Attract attention! Because I am cute!
-Make up stories about my scars, like this one time I was riding a horse and this kid was falling from a burning building and a tiger attacked me while I saved her.

-Love myself.

Damon’s Last Letter

Author’s Note: This is my headcanon for WHY Damon would decide to desiccate from seemingly out of nowhere. This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Damon slid his hand along the slick oak of Elena’s coffin. He wondered if he could reach inside and shake her awake.

He imagined pressing his lips over hers to feel her fluttering eyelashes on his skin. He imagined how her chest would expand with a breath she’d been holding - that she didn’t really need to take, but did out of habit. The thought made him smile. 


He missed the way she said his name. Annoyed, mostly. But breathlessly, too, when he caught her in his arms or when she fell against him. 


This time, he imagined it would be in heartbreak.

“I’m sorry,” he would say into the crook of her neck. “I’m sorry,” he would repeat, let air the words that had lodged themselves inside his throat. 

Sorry for what? Falling for Bonnie in the first place, or, only just now, realizing he’s been in love with her since he returned from Kai’s prison world? He didn’t know; didn’t want to really think about it. 

He wasn’t trying to hurt Elena this time, not like he used to, when her affection was a prize and he played its game. He played it well - hurt her in ways he could never apologize for. To think, he spent years trying to steal her away from Stefan, and once he did, once she wanted him as much as he wanted her - he fell for someone else. Is this the worst thing he’s ever done to her?

“You weren’t even gonna say ‘goodbye’.” Damon had heard Bonnie shutting the car door, had tracked her footsteps, and yet, her presence surprised him. And though she tried to hide it, her voice betrayed the emotion sticking to her throat. He could practically feel it. 

Damon turned and the sudden tightness in his chest betrayed his relief at seeing her one last time, beautiful and alive and awake and standing before him with her features set in…



Had she read the letter?Was she going to lecture him on loyalty and decency, after everything he’d done?

“Enzo told me that you asked him for Elena’s coffin,” she began. “He told me what you were planning, but I didn’t believe him.”

He felt vulnerable under her gaze, avoided it entirely. She didn’t read it, he decided. Maybe he could write this off as just another dumb idea…

“I thought, ‘if Damon desiccates until Elena wakes up, I’ll never see him again.”

Damon finally met her eyes and saw the accusation in them. He tried to come up with a clever quip to erase it, but couldn’t. So he did what Damon did best - deflected.

“I wrote you a letter and I gave it to Stefan…”

“Are we friends?”

Her blunt question caught him off guard. Of course they were. They’d been through hell and back together. But her expression spoke loud and clear, in words written in a language just for him - ‘say the wrong thing and I’ll walk out of here right now’.

“Of course, Bonnie,” he said with a smile. “We don’t actively try to kill each other anymore-”

“No, I’m not doing that,” Bonnie cut him off as she stepped closer. “No insults, no jokes… Are we friends?” 

Damon wanted to tell her, then, that he cared for her in a way that blurred the lines between what he knew and what he didn’t. But the timing wasn’t right, it never would be.

“I know why you wanted to do this in a letter, so you could desiccate in peace and imagine whatever reaction you wanted. Me reading it and thinking ‘huh, I’m really going to miss him’. Well, too bad.”

He stayed silent and hoped his eyes wouldn’t betray too much.

“I’m not okay with this decision. I’m not okay with you choosing yourself. And I am not okay with never seeing you…”

Bonnie’s off-center chin began to quiver and he could feel his heart breaking in a way it hadn’t since Elena was placed in that coffin.

“…my best friend, ever again.”

This time, she was the one who couldn’t meet his eyes. She was opening herself to him, exposing that emotion she normally kept beneath a veneer of composure. He only wished he deserved to witness it. 

“This hurts… this hurts me.”

Damon wanted to swipe away the tear that streamed down her face, to hold her and tell her he made a mistake - this wasn’t what he wanted.

But he didn’t. 

“And as you desiccate,” she smiled tightly as her sobriety returned. “And as you feel the pangs of hunger, that’s what I want you to remember… that you hurt me.”

Damon needed her to know why he was doing this. If she wasn’t going to read his letter, she needed to hear it from his mouth.

“Bon,” he said. “Listen to me-” 

Listen to me, please.

“No,” she whispered, “you don’t get to say goodbye.”

Another tear, another missed opportunity. Damon watched her turn on her heel and walk away, with steady strides that convincingly hid the emotion wrecking her body, her mind. 

In his heart, he knew was doing the right thing, for once. He knew it. 

But later, when he was settled in his coffin and he could feel himself fading, he did remember. 

Dear Bon-Bon,

You remember the first time I called you that? It was after I’d just witnessed you and baby Gilbert sucking face. I still cringe at the thought to this day. Just wanted to get that out of the way before I actually say what I’ve been meaning to say. 

I know you’re pissed. I can practically see your nostrils flaring.

I could lie and say that I’m not conflicted, that my heart belongs to Elena and only Elena and these feelings I have for you aren’t real. But screw THAT. This is my last pour-my-heart-out letter, I’m going ALL in.

I love you, Bonnie Bennett.

That’s not something I say to just anybody, as you know all too well. It’s only been five people in my lifetime. Stefan (when we were younger, probably), Katherine (she didn’t say it back), Elena, Alaric (not so much in words as in man hugs) and finally -  you. Katherine never loved me, and Stefan only loves me sometimes (I’m hard to love, I’ll admit it). Elena took some convincing, but she came around in the end.

But it took me a long, long time to weasel my way into your heart.

Thanks for giving me that chance, for trying to see what little good there is in me while also taking absolutely none of my shit. God, I love you for that.

I realized it when I thought you weren’t going to wake up, when I was holding your hand in the hospital, with all those machines beeping to make me appreciate your mortality in a way I hadn’t before. It kind of hit me that I would never be myself again if you weren’t around. I know, my current self is a piece of work, but I’d be worse without you to call me out on all the dumb shit I do.

But then I had another realization - loving you is selfish. After all you’ve been through, Bonnie Bennett, you deserve better. You deserve to be happy, and I know I would only get in the way of that.

You should be with a nice guy with a nice 9-5 job in some nice suburban neighborhood and live a happy life until you’re old and wrinkly. Think of all the things you could do if you weren’t tied to this place, to me. No more being a little sacrificial lamb, no more putting my needs above your own. 

Let me make it crystal clear, Bon. I don’t love you like a friend, not even like a best friend. I’m in love with you, and not just because of the way you make me feel or how you make me want to be a better person in a way no one else ever has. I love you for the woman you’ve become. I’m proud of you. I admire you.

I respect you. Which is why I have to do this and I need you to let me - just this once.

Take care of yourself. I’ll see you on the flip side.

With all my undead heart,

Damon Salvatore

Panic Attacks (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! I love your writing I’m so glad you’re taking requests!! Could you write one where the reader has really bad anxiety and jughead helps her calm down?

A/N: I’m going to try and make this as fluffy as possible! Panic attacks are most definitely not fun and I’m always here if you need anyone to chat with! I know it can help! As there wasn’t much detail on how bad the reader’s anxiety would be, I’m going to base it off mine and my panic attacks.

Warnings: Panic Attacks, Crying.


Panic Attacks (Jughead x Reader)

You look down at your shaking hands.

Breathe in. Hold for 5. Breathe out. Hold for 6. Repeat.

You do this a couple times in hopes of calming the bubbling starting in your stomach.

You can feel it rising to your chest and glance around the classroom.

You’re going to die here. In the middle of English.

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Heyyyy this blog is simply 100%,,,, is it possible to get Bodhi Rook confession headcanon?? Like how he sorta tells you that he likes you

Thank you so much, anon!!! <3

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(Riz is a little baby; my baby ♥)

  • He is so embarassed at first, purely because he never talks about his feelings
  • But he knows that he needs to do it, or he will lose you
  • And he definitely doesn’t want to live with that “what if” feeling
  • So Bodhi composes himself and goes to talk to you
  • He meets you at night, when everyone is already sleeping
  • You’re waiting for him, in the place he earlier asked you to be, by that time of the night
  • Some explanations and laughs after, Bodhi starts to speak
  • “I really like you. I dream about you every night, and I know that this sounds weird, but I… I just needed to take it out of my chest.”
  • He tells you that everytime he sees you smiling, he smiles as well. Your happiness means so much to him
  • “I don’t regret a single thing I did against the Empire. All of that was worth it to me, because now I can see your face everyday.”
  • Then, Bodhi shyly asks you for a chance to prove his love
  • And bro, it’s so cute how he blushes when you give him a kiss as an answer.
  • “Okay, Bodhi. You got your chance.”
  • And, that night, Bodhi didn’t got any sleep - he was way too happy to know that you felt something for him as well

When my mother had my little sisters I was around 12 years old.

I had hit puberty a little harder then my peers, and people didn’t really keep their comments to themselves about this- including family members. Example “wow, her chest is getting really big”

But back to my sisters. They are twins, so that makes things a little harder, that means two car seats, double the amount of toys, double the amount of formula, diapers, clothes, everything.

And of course my mother needed help shopping, I mean she had two babies, she couldn’t but both of them in the little shopping cart seat. So we had this system where we would take the baby bucket *infant carseat* and have it fitted into the little shopping cart seat so we wouldn’t have to take them out and do all that. I had one cart, my mom had another cart

We were in target, getting groceries and I was walking about with one of the twins in my cart looking around, just trying to keep moving so she wouldn’t make any noise, and I saw this women giving a really scary stink eye. And she was frowning at me, and whispering to her friend, pointing at me.

I thought nothing of it, but my mom saw, came running over and said very loudly, “thank you for helping me! Your such a good BIG SISTER”
And then she looked over that those two women and then I realized that they thought I was a really young mom.

Teen parents face so much discrimination and judgment and they just don’t deserve that shit.

Whoops, still haven’t reached The Talk, yet. We’ll get there, I promise!

“How are you feeling, Anakin?” Obi-Wan sits next to him on the couch and allows Anakin to keep a tight grip on his hands. They’re still breathing in tandem, though Obi-Wan doesn’t think Anakin actually needs it anymore—more likely, Anakin finds it comforting.

“… Tired. Really tired.”

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#WeLoveYouJimin (please read)

    So lately there’s been a lot of drama surrounding BTS, and a lot of hate going around on twitter aimed at Jimin and I really need to get this off of my chest. So many anti-accounts on twitter are being made and trending tags about trying to force Jimin out of Bangtan and even taking it a step further by sending him DEATH THREATS. This disgusts me and breaks my heart. People are literally tagging the official Bighit and BTS twitter accounts asking Jimin to go kill himself and saying that he hates all of his fans. How can anybody believe that? What makes it even more heart-wrenching is that we all know that Jimin is active on social media and he sees what fans post and spread around. For all we know, he could be seeing this. This absolutely breaks my heart that people can be so hateful and wish such awful things upon someone like him by calling him ugly and wishing that he’d just leave Bangtan so fans can “stan them properly.” Please, please bury the negative posts and hateful tags by spreading around #WeLoveYouJimin on social media to show him how much we love him. He’s so good-hearted and a beautiful person inside and out. He doesn’t deserve this. We all know he’s struggled with self-confidence and insecurities in the past, and literally starved himself because people teased about his chubby cheeks. How he must be feeling at this point with all the hate is unimaginable. I’ll say it again. He’s an amazing and loving person and doesn’t deserve any of this at all. No one should ever deserve to be treated this way. Please send out positive messages to him and spread positive tags to bury the negative ones. Jimin, we love you and could never imagine a BTS without you. 

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what really makes me upset is how jb said "have you changed" and "do i have to watch out" to yj and kept basically making no homo jokes and how a lot of igot7s are trying to defend his actions :/// theyre just brushing it off and its scary lol

okay, so, i was trying to stay quiet and stop answering asks about this whole situation but i think that i need to take this out of my chest. first of all, i love jaebum and i would never erase all the great things he did and continue to do on his daily basis, he’s a great leader and he brings much joy to my life. however, he’s a human and, breaking news, humans can fuck up – and i don’t say this to defend him, in fact, i say this so the people that were defending him can realize that it’s okay to acknowledge that some of his comments were a bit too much and affected negatively a whole community, which, btw, i make part of. 

after all, what really made me disgusted in this entire mess was the fact that people, before some koreans announced that those subs were mistranslated, tried to shut down the people offended by those comments, blaming on everything else but jaebum himself. homophobia is universal and it’s a big, tremendous issue. i was born in a conservative environment and yet, i got to grow up and educate myself about minorities and other things that my family wouldn’t talk about or tell me that it’s bad. jaebum travelled a lot, he met a bunch of people, he uses internet, plus it’s 2016 not 1916 so let’s, for once, not blame this on his culture (i mean, youngjae, who, as far as i know, was also born and raised in the same country, was right there and he didn’t have the same behaviour as jaebum). on the other hand, jaebum always had this necessity to keep his “chic and sexy” & manly image, which i don’t think it’s healthy for him, justly because it can lead him to be awkward and say stupid shit like these when it’s really not that deep. 

i hope jaebum educates himself and be careful with his words next time, because i watched the entire episode and, even after the mistranslation explanation, some of his comments continue to be unnecessary and suspicious. now, about the people bringing his anger issues past, which btw he has been working on for years and getting each day better, calling him ‘abusive’ (or doing these really stupid got6 jokes), they are just taking this too far; yes, jaebum fucked up this time, but this doesn’t give you the right to send death threats to someone you don’t know nor make assumptions like “he’s probably abusive to his members”. wtf is wrong with you.

lastly (and this is not only about jb): 

  1. call someone out =/= attack
  2. stan someone =/= defend
  3. send hate =/= educate

a) you can still love and support a person, even after they did something problematic.

b) if someone is offended about something problematic your fave did or said, stay quiet, listen to them and try to understand. don’t tell them to shut up nor how to feel. 

c) acknowledge that what your fave did was wrong and live with that. 

d) please, don’t send me more questions about this, three pimples popped on my forehead while i was typing this essay.

I really wonder about the other divisions from Kingsman. Like, idk:

  • The handler division drawing popsicle sticks for whoever gets to be with Harry Hart for the mission because holy shit, has that dick ever heard about a term called ‘collateral damage’? And for fucks sakes, can that man just spare just one second to take their advice to not take the route with the most guards and not make a fucking noticeable like “HI I’M HERE” jubilee out of fallen bodies?
  • The coverup division slowly growing more daring into seeing how far they can troll the public like,

    “Are you for fucking real, George? You really think the public is going to buy a story about how aliens caused these suspicious looking bomb radius circles that Lancelot made when he had to snuff out that mafia gang from the fields?”

    “Shut the fuck up, Mary, what’s wrong with one more crop circle report to make the alien conspiracists and The Sun happy?”
  • The weapon design division making a reject pile of weapons that didn’t pass the bar.
    • “Well, John, while your rocket launcher/rifle hybrid is really efficient and the mini flamethrower is a nice touch, the whole weapon design is a bit…phallic and needs to go back to structural drawing board.

      “But it works-.”

      “John, think about it for a second here. Do you really want the Kingsmen, who seem to be like the coolest people on the planet, to really hold…a giant dick of a weapon when they storm the doors down. No. Make it look cool and gentlemanly like into a fuckin’ watch or something.”
    • There is an actual idiot bar test because most of the Kingsmen who are classist and old fashioned have no idea how to utilize the weapons’ technology to the fullest…or knocking themselves out first.
    • The old ‘can we add a flamethrower to this?” test
    • And the old ‘hey, let’s turn this classy looking everyday thing into a classy looking everyday weapon!’ test.
  • Tailor Andrew giving a pep talk to the most select group of tailor recruits before heading to work. “We fit the Kingsmen in the finest of cloth and armor without any questions. Really, without any question. Even if they seem…ah, a bit homosexual. Though I know it will be hard, please don’t look too deeply into the situation if two Kingsmen decide to share a fitting room together. It is exactly as it sounds and yes, they are most probably gay, and you will mentally scar yourself thinking about it too hard.”
  • The transportation division is divided over Eggsy—half worships him and his godly drifting/driving skills while the other half wishes for him to stop fucking running their cars into the ground every single fuckin time, they worked hard on that shit.
  • The research division spends a lot of time digging up personal gems in each Kingsman’s past for the giggles and occasionally slip old traumatizing middle school yearbook photos in mission debrief folders.
    • a.k.a. one of the few divisions who doesn’t put Harry Hart on a pedestal because really, no one would if they knew what Harry Hart thought fashion was back in 1976. 
  • The tech department (Merlin) can be likened to a customer service department that works closely with every other division to ensure the Kingsman system flows smoothly. They hate themselves and everyone.
  • The catering (division?) that provides first class alcohol and meals suspects nothing and thinks that Kingsman is really a posh club for elitist assholes who pretend to be James Bond after a couple of drinks.
    • Technically, they’re not wrong.

Ugh, me.
Kind of had a free for all with the eating lately and I needed to reel myself in and get back into my groove.
I felt so tired and crappy, I hated it!
Also taking a children’s chewable vitamin again because I’m five and hate swallowing pills. But that’s helping with things too!

I had a really good chest morning. lol. No, but really! I’m getting a lot stronger and it’s really neat.
Put in some good miles today too. So many coyotes out again! 🤗
And I learned the hard way that some shoes are just way better for higher impact things like running. 🙃
Still figuring things out…

Oh! And new book time! I love Peter Clines. Especially his Ex Heroes series.

let me describe what it was like meeting Harry styles. I didn’t get a picture, but it was still a moment I’ll never forget and I don’t even need a photo to remember. So I ran into him on the street (which never fucking happens) and somehow there weren’t a whole bunch of people around him and I was so nervous my heart was practically beating out of my chest and I went up to him, petrified and he looked at me and almost laughed at how nervous I was and then I went “Uh,” and then I held out a hand for him to shake because I’m an idiot and he frowned then smirked and took it, but I got really frustrated with myself and just tugged him against me and pulled him into a really tight hug and I sort of just buried my face in his neck and my breath was really shaky but I didn’t let go and he was very patient and waited for me to let go on my own and then he looked at me straight in the eye and went “that was the best hug I’ve ever had” and I was still shaking and I was still holding onto his hand but he was chill with it and I said “I practiced it with my friend like ten times” and then laughed, while I was almost crying but managing to keep my calm and he smiled really big and let me just say when he talks to you, he stays really close and looks literally into your soul like I had his full attention and I’m really bad with attention and so I had to force myself to look at him and even tho I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember I was kind of uncomfortable with the amount of attention he was giving me but then I continued and said, “I just want to thank you because one direction has been a huge part of my life for five years and you’ve been such a support in the hardest times” and I kinda insulted myself without realizing and he told me “no no no you’re beautiful” and then I started running my mouth and he listened to every word and oh my god he is incredible he is so incredibly polite i’m pretty sure he thanked me twelve times throughout the conversation and asked me if I was ok a billion times and I asked if HE was ok and he looked kind of shocked and then said he was very ok and oh my god he’s the most amazing person in the world and then I was just like ok enough imma leave before I break down so “I should go, see ya” and he sort of chuckled and his voice was super raspy and he said bye and hugged me one last time and then I left and once he was out of sight I started sobbing bc he smelled so good and I had to pry my eyes away from his chest because his shirt was a bit unbuttoned and his hair was up and his cross necklace omg and his eyes were so pretty and his lips were really pink and his dimples omg and his fucking eyebrows and jawline and his skin and his smile and his cheeks were kinda blushy and he was so intimate and real and right in front of me and everything I dreamed he’d be and he actually is a pretty normal person I thought he would be a bunch taller but he stands about 5′11″ at most and he is every amazing thing I thought he was and he is so gentle and kind and then I called my mom to come pick me up because I was alone and freaking out and I got in the car and she was like “omg why are you crying” and I was like “I just met the love of my life” and she was like “why is that a bad thing” and I told her the story and at the end, we both talked at the same time, me saying “and he won’t remember me” and my mom saying, “he’ll probably remember you forever” and I swear to god that day ruined me emotionally and this is the biggest run on sentence I’ve ever seen.

Sherlock surges ahead of John, seemingly unaware of what might be appropriate timing. Nobody could blame him, he hadn’t really sat around making out with anybody since college. John thinks it’s cute, but was going to have to do something before Sherlock sprained a muscle in his face.

“Mmm, hey” he said, pulling away gently, though staying encircled in Sherlock’s arms around his neck

“What’s wrong?” Sherlock looks flustered and sounds like he needs to catch his breath.

“Nothing, nothing” John kisses Sherlock’s lips again, softly “we should just,” he tilts his head and kisses him again “take it slowly, that’s all.”

Sherlock drops his arms to John’s chest and lets himself be kissed, asking between each one “But wouldn’t we want to. Get as many kisses into. The amount of time available?”

John can’t help but laugh quietly, his head wobbles, their big noses bounce against each other “It’s nice to draw things out sometimes. Good things.”

“You don’t like going fast then?”

“Well,” John reaches his arms behind Sherlock, drawing him up, torso to torso and plants a deep kiss on him “it’s all about finding the balance. Our balance.”

“We’re going to have to coordinate.” Sherlock smiles. John wonders why this sounds familiar until he remembers-

“Do you remember everything I’ve ever said to you?”

Sherlock smiles mischievously and looks into his eyes “I might.”

John smiles back, but it soon fades. He can hear the echoes of his own voice. Fuck off. You Machine. Show off. He looked at this man, this soft man that fits between his arms, this human being. John’s choked up.

“John?” there’s concern rising in Sherlock’s voice

“Just, don’t forget this one-” he kisses Sherlock again, deeper this time “I love you.” They had the rest of their lives to make up for their rocky start. It was going to be okay.

Semi-Hiatus & Big Update ::

– So, some of you know this already, but I figured I should make an update about it for those of my followers that I don’t talk to on a regular basis. I’ve kept it pretty quiet until now but I really need to post this to avoid repetition and more stress.

About two weeks ago now, my Dad went in for an angiogram, where they take pictures of your heart, because of some chest pressure that’s been bugging him for a while now. Granted, my Dad has had heart problems for a good chunk of his life (we spent a lot of nights in the hospital when I was younger), but the problems had seemingly mellowed out until now.

Well, they found out that two of his three heart valves had major blockages, both nearly 90% blocked. What that means is that he’s going to either have to put two stints in (kind of like tubes to keep the area open) or have open-heart surgery, neither of which is a completely safe option and both of which have risks. For the last few weeks, I’ve been focused on taking care of my Dad. So, I’ve hardly been here because of it.

I am sorry about that, but it is my Dad. I love him to death and… I couldn’t imagine life without him. His surgery is coming up here soon, and I would really appreciate it if you guys would keep him in your thoughts (or prayers if you’re religious) – I need him to pull through. If he doesn’t… I don’t know what I’ll do.

This account, then, is on semi-hiatus :: meaning, I’ll be around to reply to IMs & inbox stuff, but I probably won’t be doing drafts (or I will and they’ll stay in my draft box). You can certainly catch me on Skype, Discord, or Kik (inbox or IM for my username), but… I really have to focus on real life stuff right now.

Thank you, guys. <3 I appreciate your patience and love, truly.



My Treasure (Sam Drake X Reader) fluff

Title: My treasure

Pairing: Sam Drake/Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2215

Authors note: I watched Stardust recently and the scene where Yvaine confess her love to Tristan and the scene where Tristan says he heard her when he was a mouse really got me inspired to write this…its attempted fluff but its came out as a sappy little love scene…I need to practice more with fluff…ah well I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Your voice felt delayed when you shouted. Everything was going in slow motion as you watched Sam’s body fall to the floor. A bullet through the shoulder, but from your angle it looked like his chest.

You grit your teeth in anger and come round from the wall and fire bullets into any figure you see. Your vision was blurred, a red mist melted over your sight, you just kept firing. It took a few seconds for you to take your finger of the trigger; the only thing that took you out of this rage was the voice of Nate behind you grabbing your shoulder. Your anger-furrowed brows soon turned to worry as you turn to him, instantly stopping the fire from the gun.

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(i’m just celebrating this bc not many fandoms have this benefit ok so please don’t take it for granted and love all the characters ok thanks)


Summary: Dan comes home drunk and lifts Phil’s spirits.

Warnings: gay sex, daddy kink, degradation if you squint.

4.something k words.

It’s been a long day. A really really long day. All day there has been stress and the need for release. I have just been praying that Dan will go to his room to take a nap or maybe go out with some friends so maybe I could have some free time (as I like to call it). But no. He has to wear that striped, half see-through shirt that falls perfectly on his perfect body and accentuates his collar bones that I want to kiss and mark so bad. He has to wear nothing on his bottom half but his loose fitting pajama pants that are thin against my skin as he cuddles up on my side and rubs against me slightly with each deep sleepy breath. He has to spend his day like this, cuddled against my side with one arm stretched over my chest and the other bent at his side with his hand close to his face, both hands covered half way with the end of his jumper sleeve. His squishy body and squishy face and curly adorable hair make me want to stare at him all day and kiss his little cheeks until they turn red from his flustered state. He makes me want to tell him that I love him and that I think he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He makes me want to grab him by the back of his neck and pull him close to kiss him like I have never kissed anyone before. He makes me want to carefully let him lean back on the couch as I climb on top of him with smiles on both of our faces as I pepper kisses around his sensitive neck and leave feather like touches around his slightly tanned skin. And I know I sound kind of like a perv right now because I stare at him so much and think of him like this, but you have to understand. I love him to death. I love everything about him. I love the thoughts he thinks, I love the words he says, I love the expressions he makes, I love his laugh when it’s booming and when it’s quiet and discreet, I love his voice when he’s awake and when he’s tired, I love him. And boy do I want to be doing so much more than cuddling with him right now.

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Let’s talk about Superman...

“It’s Superman as I think he was intended to be,” Hoechlin says of his version of the Supes, “which is just an incredible symbol of hope to kids that they can do anything, that they can be good people, and that good people can triumph over evil. You don’t have to be dark and brooding and always in this state of masculine toughness. He sits in that very hopeful and optimistic place that Kara tends to be in.”

Originally posted by ericscissorhands

Well, I was trying to avoid writing about this because I really wanted to wait for Supergirl to air next month, but Tyler Hoechlin was able to make me feel really angry and now I need to take this out of my chest.

First things first… If you don’t like Henry’s version for Superman, you should not read this. If you are a fan of Christopher Reeve’s Supes and do not accept any other portrayal of the character, you should not read this. If you think the only way of inspiring people is the one described by Tyler during the aforementioned interview, you should not read this. But if you have an open mind and can accept changes, feel free to continue.

So let’s get down to business. First of all, I have always loved Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. He was the one responsible for making me believe a man could fly. Because of him I fell in love with the Man of Steel when I was just a little girl, and it has never stopped. He taught me so many things about this superhero. It was magical and special and he will always be my first Superman. In fact, I never thought I would be able to love a different version of Supes as much as I loved his until Henry Cavill’s portrayal of my favorite superhero came to life.

When the English actor was chosen to be the last son of Krypton I thought: “Okay, I am excited. Let’s see what he can do”, and I was never disappointed because Henry was, since the beginning, very humble, loving, caring, and respectful to the character.

When “Man of Steel” came out I fell in love with Superman all over again. Like literally fell in love. It seemed that I was that little girl who discovered Supes for the first time with Reeve. And it was one of the best things Henry could have done it for me. He brought Superman back to my life in a level not even Chris was able to do it because now I am a grown up woman, I can pay attention, understand and enjoy some things about that character that I couldn’t when I was just a girl. Besides, I have the chance to meet other people who feel the same way I do, and the most important thing of all, I can share with the whole world how inspiring and special I think Henry Cavill’s Superman is.

That’s why I got so angry when I read Tyler’s words. Not only because he is clearly directing his words to the DCEU version of Superman, but also because he’s being disrespectful to Henry, an actor who has dedicated himself with so much heart, soul and excitement to this character and who’s been constantly criticized by a lot of people only because he’s not like Chris Reeve’s Superman. This is really unfair and I am going to explain why.

When “Superman Returns” came out (and I remember that pretty well), almost everybody said the movie was horrible because they’ve copied or paid a tribute to Richard Donner’s movies. Brandon Routh’s portrayal was criticized and it was sad (at least for me) to witness how people were hard on him.

But now that we have a different version of the ones before, with Henry’s Superman, people are still complaining about it. Shocking right? Not at all. The thing is, it’s impossible to please everybody and this is something that is going to happen to Tyler’s version too.

And this constant disrespect to Henry and his version of the Man of Steel makes me sad and angry at the same time, especially because I love Henry’s Superman, and yes, he can inspire and be a symbol of hope. This Superman we have in the DCEU is a guy in conflict with some parts of himself just like all of us, but also a man who can teach us how to be altruist and kind. He has his moments of anger and frustration, but he is able to show us how to be merciful and forgiving. He faces all the sadness of being lost and alone, but he can guide us into the light too, because he is Superman, no matter what, he will always be a symbol of hope.

And that’s why Tyler’s words are wrong and unfair. Some people may not need Henry’s version of Supes because they are already in a better moment of their lives, so Reeve’s portrayal fits them better, and probably Tyler’s version will have the same effect on them. But I bet that we do have people all over the globe that can see Henry’s portrayal of the character and totally relate to it.

My point is: there’s no right or wrong when it comes to Superman. It’s all about how you feel inside or the way a certain portrayal will touch your heart. When I was a little girl, Chris was to one who made me love Superman and I will be forever grateful to him. Now it’s Henry’s turn and I can assure you, if you open your heart and let his version of the character talk to you, you’re going to feel exactly what I feel: an infinite amount of love. Because in my opinion, that’s what’s Superman is all about: love and acceptance.