but i really needed to rant

Hour long conversation with the producers went incredible. They’re not done reading it (everyone is between 60-80 pages) but they all love it so far. And I mean LOVE IT! Come Monday or Tuesday at the latest they are going to get whatever notes they may or may not have to me so I can work on a final draft that will go out to line producers, my favorite cinematographer, investors, and most important talent. From there on we start building the production budget, schedule, and breakdown as well as attaching talent. After that it’s pure madness.

lmao as if my day wasn’t shitty enough

I’ve been extremely exhausted all day and just overall feeling very depressed for no reason, and then I come home and see the spoilers for ch 499 everywhere. I’m so uncomfortable right now and I honestly feel sick. I can’t imagine continuing ft now.

I know some people will say it’s immature to hate a ship so much that seeing it makes you wanna throw up, but I can’t put into words how much I absolutely hate gruvia. I fucking hate it with all my heart and I’m not sorry. so don’t come to me telling me to calm down because I won’t. this ship has always and will always make me uncomfortable.

A little rant

Why is it that some people think that every cg/l relationship has to be sexual? Why can’t it be non sexual? And to be honest I don’t think saying daddies/mommies have needs too is an excuse for wanting/ attempting to force a little into sending them nudes. And is it just me or is it really rude if a little says I’m not sure if I want you as a daddy/mommy and they say no I’m your daddy/mommy? And one more thing isn’t it rude if your making your little uncomfortable for you not to stop cause I think they should? Sorry for the rant I’ve just been upset with this kinda stuff.

10 (more rants than) facts about me!

Tagged by @uhmfox to list ten facts about myself then tag 10 people, thanks mate!

1. I am a real nerd, not just television as is apparent on here, but I am a real academic nerd. I spend a large proportion of my time watching online lectures and documentaries. Usually on art, architecture and British politics. And I do this with immense excitement, I’m sat there on the edge pausing the videos and answering back to the lecturer with fire in my eyes. If I really need a good distraction from unhealthy thoughts and behavior there is literally nothing that will get me up and screaming with enthusiasm like a lecture on British politics.

2. I live in what is now a partially self-governed community for “city ecology experimentation”  inside the larger city of Trondheim called “Svartlamon” (black-lamon). It consists of a bunch of houses built partially in victorian times (like the one I live in) and in the 30′s when the neighborhood turned into  working class area after an industrial site opened up near by. The houses were neglected for a long time and ended up being occupied by a variety of punks, hippies, anarchists, communists, artists and general freaks in the mid-nineties. That’s when my parents moved there with baby me as they knew some people who lived there.  Little did they know they moved into the midst of what was to become the Svartlamon uprising of 97!

This “fact” is going to be long and very /fucking/ interesting with hot damned pictures so I’ll do this:

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Has anybody recently have like, as many unfollowers as followers, because I’ve never really had a problem with it before but now my blog has like, static points where I gain a couple of followers but every time I gain I lose??? Does that make sense? Like, I’ve been stuck at the same numberish for a month. Maybe people are just starting to realise I’m trash?

Personal Stuff

Hey everyone, some personal stuff below if you care to read of my woes. mostly I’m just debating starting up commissions of some sort because I really need money to pay for medical bills. I’ve never tried anything like this before and my anxiety over my art has always been pretty intense for all that I try to play it off. That and i honestly have no idea how to even begin setting up a paypal account to receive payments or do anything of that sort, so friendly advice or tips would be more than welcome.

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#RespectTylerJoseph rant

I’m so fucking mad right now. People in the clique need to learn the meaning of respect. 

The hastag #RespectTylerJoseph is trending on twitter because when Tyler was crowdsurfing, the fans instead of holding him and helping him, stole his mask, ripped his t-shirt and stole his shoes. He was asking Josh to help him, but Josh couldn’t do anything. He asked the fans to stop, but they kept going. Josh though, was really worried and you can watch the video here. (x)

After security helped him, he ended the show earlier and a girl who was there said that he hesitated when he said “we’re twenty one pilots and so are you”, he fucking hesitated. (x)

A picture of him after  crowdsurfing

look at him, he’s so disappointed.

I just don’t understand really. I’m mad because he deeply cares about us, and sad because now he thinks that we don’t. Some people withouth twenty one pilots would have been dead right now, they saved so many lives and that’s how you show them your support and love? By harassing them?

He’s the reason i’m still alive and I don’t know what i would do if he started hating us. I really don’t.

I really hope he doesn’t start hating us and that he doesn’t go to any BBC show anymore, you guys don’t deserve it. It’s not the first time that something similar happens and i really hope it’s the last.

I’m really angry right now, I hope he knows that we love him,

“What’s your favorite color?” someone asks.

At the time, Neil is unable to answer. He’s never had a favorite color before. It’s never been important, because it’s all been run, run and fight and focus only on surviving.

He thinks, at first, of the gold in Andrew’s hair and the hazel of his eyes. He spends a lot of time looking at him. It makes sense for him to favor those colors. They’re the colors that spread over him.

He then thinks of silver in its simplicity. It’s a bittersweet reminder of the dark days that used to haunt Neil. It’s the color of his keys and the knives, and it’s not black. It’s like a light shade that reminds him he is no longer in darkness and can continue in a light future.

Or maybe it might be a light blue. Not the blue of his eyes, for those are still painful to think about some days, but the blue of the sky that he is finally allowed to appreciate. The sky that he can look at while he’s on the roof and smile because he can afford to be distracted by its vastness.

None of those are quite right, though. These colors are things he associates with himself and Andrew. Andrew is something - he is special, but he isn’t everything. Neil isn’t everything either. They’re good colors, but they don’t symbolize the ‘everything’ Neil wants them to.

Then Neil looks at his jersey and he thinks Orange.

It’s not the first thing to come to mind because he sees it so often that he almost doesn’t notice, but it’s the color of his Foxes.

Orange is the color of the Court that he can play his game on.

Orange is the color that his Foxes wear proudly during a game.

Orange is the color of the sky in the morning like the dawn of an era.

Orange is the color of the place that welcomed him with open arms.

Orange is the color that reminds Neil of when he finally allowed Andrew to give him a place to call Home, and he was finally something and not ‘nothing’.

“What’s your favorite color?” someone asks again.

“Orange,” Neil responds.

I really hope that Opal becomes an important part of Amethyst and Pearls arch. I really hope that they have been holding Opal out on us because they wanted to build Ame’s and Pearls relationship more. I hope it gets to the point where we get some serious Opal dialogue, where Pearl and Amethyst go straight to each other when they want to fuse, and not just to Garnet. I want an episode just entirely dedicated to Opal and her adventures. “Is this what I want? Do I want to stay like this?” I want Opal to consider becoming a full fledged permafusion, but ultimately deciding not to, which ends up solidifying Pearls and Ame’s bond to the point where they just form Opal whenever, and don’t even need to do a fusion dance. Also Rebecca Sugar herself has said she loves Aimee’s singing voice so where that song at???


Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi // Owari no Seraph

He’s everything I want He’s everything I need (insp.)

i never really understood why people complain about how brotherhood/the manga treated and depicted winry? like okay they depicted her as the typical housewife or whatever who cooked and waited at home for the love of her life, but honestly, what’s so wrong with that? what’s wrong with wanting to be a stay-at-home mom and housewife? women can do that and STILL be independent without people labeling them as weak-minded (being dependent isn’t bad nor makes you weak-minded either)

and it’s not like the manga/brotherhood makes winry look dependent or the typical housewife anyways. her ENTIRE CHARACTER is built around her being independent. she began learning about automail at like age 5, she was literally able to peform automail surgery at age 11, and even built an entire automail arm and leg for ed. she did what she wanted not because ed or anyone told her to; everything she does in the series is HER CHOICE

when she decides to ask dominic if she can be his apprentice or gets an apprenticeship from garfiel or hell, DELIVERS A FREAKING BABY, it all shapes her into an independent and capable woman. she even teaches hughes, A GROWN MAN, a lesson about emotions and why just saying and talking about how you feel is okay and makes misunderstandings harder to come by

yeah, she decides to let ed go save the country while she waits at home to bake him an apple pie, but it’s HER choice in the end. and besides, she’s just a human being????? do you really expect her to go and fight a bunch of homunculi? no, you don’t, and that’s /okay/. strong female characters aren’t just badass-kicking ladies who can fight monsters. just because she wants to wait for ed to beat the bad guys and bake him a pie when he gets home doesn’t make her ANY LESS independent or capable as a woman. not to mention she still has to run her automail business in resembool

winry has obviously had SO MUCH influence on ed too, and same with ed for her. she inspires ed and is the reason he keeps on going. when she delivered the baby, when she came up with the plan to be scar’s hostage, when she freaking walked up to scar like he hadn’t killed a bunch of people, it’s obvious she is the reason ed is able to mature throughout the series. she isn’t just his “waiting back at home housewife.” she has affected his life so much, and they both learned so much from each other throughout the series in their character development. brotherhood did not skim over those qualities at all

OK I gotta say something about the L*caya fandom because they’re still over in the Rucas tag talking about how Lucas is gonna eventually leave Riley for Maya. And I just really needed to get this off my chest because it’s been annoying me for a while. (and yes I’m going to be mean because I’m really annoyed rn)

And this is going to be a hella long rant so get freaking ready

May I point out that LM shippers are the same people who actually believed that Riley liked Lucas as a brother in Yearbook-Semi Formal (I don’t say Texas because Riley was blatantly lying in Texas about the brother thing in part 1-2 and if you didn’t catch that then you’re probably a lil slow)

Like if you truly believed that Riley ever liked Lucas as a brother, then why the hell would she KISS him and then be all dreamy about it while talking to Maya? Like, shouldn’t that be the time when she pulls back from Lucas’s lips and realizes that she only likes him platonically when talking to Maya about the kiss? Like even Maya was “disturbed” by her “kiss” with Farkle because she doesn’t like him like that. Like I’m sorry but LM shippers and Maya are so dumb (whoops) for actually believing that Riley likes Lucas as a brother. I can’t believe MJ tried to “pull” that story line in Semi Formal either.

Like Riley would’ve realized immediately after she kissed him that she doesn’t actually want to be kissing him and only likes him as a friend, it just doesn’t make sense to kiss someone and not realize that you’re totally grossed out by the romantic aspect of your relationship. You wouldn’t be smiling all day in a daze after kissing someone who you supposedly like as a brother, and then continually like that person through the next year…

Also just the fact that Maya was “being” Riley when she said Riley liked Lucas as a brother, even though Katy legit said in the same exact episode: “You can’t pretend to be someone your close to.” I was just appalled that the LM fandom missed this part because they seem to love digging in deep into the show with all their incorrect theories. Like, the rucas fandom has been the ONLY fandom to correctly predict Maya’s identity crisis, and the LM fandom Didn’t even believe it, even when the creator himself CONFIRMED THAT IT HAPPENED AND HAD SEVERAL EPISODES ON IT.

Like I think I was one of the only people who still understood that Riley didn’t actually like Lucas as a brother when Yearbook aired, but I can distinctly remember all the LM shippers rejoicing because Maya, the queen has spoken.

Like you people claim to be so intelligent with the owldetective by your side, yet none of the Lm shippers actually paid attention to the entire brother ark story…

And again, LM shippers are the same people who think Maya still likes Lucas, and that they actually work as a couple, and that Maya didn’t have an identity crisis.




This is why rucas prevailed in Ski lodge and all LM shippers were shocked: LM shippers don’t pay attention to the story.

MJ LITERALLY laid it all out for Ski lodge, explaining why Maya and Lucas won’t happen, yet still LM shippers are coming into the rucas tag and bashing us on our canon ship.

ALSO LM shippers literally forgot Josh was even a character all throughout season 2 when MJ LITERALLY PLANNED FOR THE TRIANGLE TO END ONCE JOSH CAME: he tweeted the triangle would end in Legacy, which was the episode Josh was supposed to be in, but the actor was injured at time.

How did all of you miss that in Girl Meets First date, Maya asked Lucas out(and he ignored her to ask out Riley) and she literally TELLS Riley that she would never do that to her; LM would never happen as long as Riley likes Lucas (and if it did I would stop watching GMW because that is an awful lesson to teach children)

MJ Legit tweeted before Ski Lodge aired and the spoilers came out: “Those who know the story will be at a 1 on the surprise scale.”

And I distinctly remember all LM shippers being so confident that L*caya and R*arkle were gonna happen in Ski Lodge (and then the fake spoilers came out with LM and RF happening and lucas was wearing a cat sweatshirt)….. yet now they’re saying it was a bad thing for rucas to happen in Ski Lodge which literally makes no sense because Rucas don’t have ANY parallels with Cory and Lauren because Cauren didn’t even get together at the end of Ski lodge they just kissed and of course Lucas wasn’t going to say “I love you” to Riley in ski lodge; they’re freaking freshmen and you all would just say that Lucas only said that cuz Maya told him to if he did say ily to Riley

All the LM shippers literally ignored the entirety of the LM scene in ski lodge, save for the hug and the part where Maya sends Lucas off to go to Riley and where Lucas laughs at the whole ily thing, when they literally established in that same scene that Lucas likes Riley MORE than Maya, and did NOT choose Maya.

And I can’t speak for season 4 because who knows what’s gonna happen, but I only started shipping Rucas in late season 2 (during the whole triangle thing) because I was watching the show objectively and paying attention to arks, and not just jumping to every conclusion from the smallest details.

And for those LM shippers who still think Rucas will die at the end of season 3, NEW FLASH Rucas are still together at the end and did NOT break up (and Joshaya are still thriving btw). I am not saying that rucas will be endgame, but they do date for at least a year and I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in season 4. All of you LM shippers were so confident that your ship was going to happen so many times I’ve lost count. And you were wrong.each. time. And now you’re lashing out at rucas shippers who are actually RIGHT for a change.

Like I literally only started shipping Rucas because I knew it was going to happen. Because I paid attention to the story. (I actually shipped l*caya at one point because they DO have chemistry, but dropped it as soon as I realized that Riley and Lucas have more evidence of becoming canon-and they’re just better for each other)

Maybe if LM shippers paid attention to the story more, they would’ve realized that.

I am by no means saying that LMers should stop shipping l*caya, I’m saying that they should stop coming into the rucas tag, constantly bashing us and acting like we’re the stupid ones when actually, LM shippers are the ones that have been wrong this ENTIRE time.

anonymous asked:

I've never felt more genuinely upset over an argument in my entire life, but my dad tried to tell me that people who write paperback books are better writers than those who write fanfiction. He has never once read a piece of fanfiction, and yet he's insisting that I don't know what I'm talking about when I say I enjoy fanfiction more than "real books" and many times find it written and worded much better. I just needed someone to rant to because I figured you guys might understand my frustration

i mean… i would for sure say some fanfiction is better than novels i read. i know of one author who turned their fanfiction into a young adult novel and im fairly certain it made top charts?

the medium of publication does not decide the quality of work. just because it’s in a bookstore doesnt mean it;s good. i’ve gone back to re read novels i was in love with, and now i realize their absolute garbage writing and some of the stuff on here is better than it. just because it’s fanfiction doesnt mean it’s not good writing? that’s totally bias and it’s like saying because i type with a blue keyboard everything i write is bad??? i dont… i dont agree with this statement i think fanficiton is incredibly well written and eloquent. okay… yeah im so sorry that this happened and i dont really know how to reply?

I’m just saying, an all-witch dating site would be a godsend. It would be really nice to find a magical gf without having to get lectured on my own practice by people who didn’t know it existed 5 minutes ago and whose first comment is a creepy one about me using love spells which, correct me if I’m wrong, sounds just a little fetishizing to me. Okay, rant over. Srsly though, we need that site.

Y'all... Read PLEASE.

Okay, so i absolutely LOVE my ship. And I full on believe that they are real and i hope they are. Really, really!!! I really ship them and i ship them like a religion. But. Y'all need to tone it the FUCK down. Don’t hate on a member just because that ship is more shipped than your own. Like Jimin? He’s fucking precious. Do NOT shit talk my baby just because you’re bitter about YOONMIN. Don’t fucking shit talk Hoseok because you’re salty about YOONSEOK. You can ship whoever the hell you wanna ship, but don’t drag down another ship or member just to make yourself feel better about your ship. I DO NOT understand why we just can’t ship ships peacefully and support eachother through and through. Don’t shit talk Taehyung or Jimin because they’re “ruining” your ship moments or whatever.. Like biatch? Excuse you? Some of you guys go as far as HATING a member just because you don’t like TAEKOOK or JIKOOK. Same for the other ships. I’m just pointing out the ones that I’ve PERSONALLY seen the most. You guys are ridiculous and i can’t even. If you guys are already this messed up when it comes to SHIPS that have yet to be confirmed. Then i absolutely fear for when the boys get ACTUAL partners. I’LL BE PRAYING. Stop HATING and start loving and supporting. And when the boys DO get relationships. Please still love and support them. They do so much for us. The least we can do is push them higher.

I keep seeing so many people (mainly film fans I’m assuming) so against the jokerxharley ship, that they think that Harley and Joker shouldn’t be together in canon and I just… I would love if Harley went off with Poison Ivy and completely left the Joker, forever, but it can never happen unless DC wants to ruin one of their greatest characters. Harley is a tragic character, that’s just what she is. She is tied to the Joker just like the Joker is tied to Batman. If you take Batman away from the Joker, you’re taking away the most central part of his character. It’s the same with Harley. She became Harley Quinn because of the Joker, her whole character revolves around him, and that is what makes her such a sad and frustrating character, because she will never leave. If you remove the Joker from Harley, you are removing the most central part of her character. You can never remove the tragedy of Harley Quinn and still have the character resemble Harley Quinn.

Why I hate my peers (rant)

You would never make a genuine racist joke would you? I mean aside from calling everything racist, therefore turning racism into a joke instead of an international issue. Aside from that, no, you never would. And you hate Donald Trump right? At least you have that going for you. You hate Donald Trump because he’s racist. And sexist, and homophobic, but those don’t really matter, do they? But you would never be racist. You just go ahead and be sexist and homophobic and transphobic and all that shit. But you’re still a good person, because you’re not racist. No, you would never oppress a people group. Well…except for all those other ones that you oppress on a daily basis. I honestly don’t understand how anyone but someone with the highest level of privilege could ever oppress someone else. Because at the very least they don’t know how awful it feels. But I don’t understand how those who have experienced racism and hate it SO MUCH could ever be homophobic. You’re doing to someone else what you don’t want done to you. In the end, it’s simple enough for even the most thick skulled people do understand: Don’t be an asshole to people who never did anything to you except exist outside your comfort zone. If your ideal world consists of people exactly like you, it’s only because you don’t want to put in the effort to try to understand people who’s brains don’t think exactly like yours. You need to change, instead of forcing everyone else around you into the dark to protect your laziness.

I’m done.

(This is a rant)

There’s a Twitter argument that just got me so mad. It was under ruby rose’s tweet that mostly said how she can’t support Kanye after bashing her friend taylor. She then mentioned Amber Rose and Bill Cosby’s victims. Then some woman comments “white feminism strikes again”. I don’t understand why a woman can’t support her friend, who is white, and suddenly be labeled as a bad feminist. I could understand if she only ever supported white girls BUT SHE LITERALLY MENTIONED HOW KANYE’S TREATMENT OF CERTAIN BLACK WOMEN WAS ANOTHER REASON SHE COULD NO LONGER SUPPORT HIM. How can people label themselves as feminists and then explain how another women’s efforts are not intersectional enough to be a part of the movement. I hate that women can’t just support each other, without somebody getting offended by it.

This needs to be said

Recently, I have felt bad for the youtubers I watch. You are probably asking yourself, why is that? Well, it is because of communities.

Not all communities are bad. Actually, I can’t really say any certain people in these few communities are. What I’m talking about is growth of the community. Because with growth comes new people, with new people comes different thought processes, beliefs, and opinions of each person. With all those things, comes these people being offended over various things.

I’d like to stress that, youtubers are in fact people too. They all have emotions. They all have their own opinions. They have days where they feel just over the moon and happy. They have days where they barely want to get out of bed. They are just like you and I. They are not perfect.

But in a lot of circumstances now, I feel like they are trying so hard to be. For example, JackSepticEye may say something and as soon as it comes out of his mouth I’ve noticed lately he will feel the need to explain himself, just so he doesn’t offend anyone.

But I feel as if there is a stigma set. That these people are not allowed to have a voice.

Truth is, there will always be people out there who get offended no matter what you say. I don’t want anyone I watch to feel pressured to explain their thoughts. I care about these people as people also.

So just remember.

Youtubers are people.
Youtubers have lives beyond what you see.
Imagine feeling the pressure everyday of trying to constantly please everyone.