but i really needed to rant

I’m just… in awe of the number of people who are complaining about Yurio being “sexualized” in WTTM

Like honestly… are yall new to anime? Have you never seen anime before?

Hello, let me introduce you to an anime by the name of Free! Specifically Nagisa, a first year (same age as Yurio)

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And this is a character from the movie, Natsuya, who’s a 3rd year in middle school

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This happened and no one threw a fit because they’re freakin fictional characters.

I just don’t get why some are so… shocked by Yurio’s routine. 

And everyone saying this was “out of character” for Yurio: the guy literally called dibs on Eros. He wanted to skate to Eros because he knew he would crush it. Victor probably knew he would nail Eros too, so he assigned him Agape instead because “you have to do the opposite of what people expect, how else will you surprise them?”

Please stop acting like Yoi is now “tainted” or something because WTTM made you uncomfortable or because you thought WTTM was inappropriate for Yurio considering his age. 

Look at the other underage characters who had age-appropriate routines

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 Adorable Minami did a jive-themed FS

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Guang Hong skated to music from some action movie that he liked. 

Three different teenage characters, with different personalities, different interests in music, different styles in skating. 

Why are you letting WTTM “ruin” an otherwise nice anime for you? Some of you are really overreacting. If WTTM made you uncomfy in anyway, that’s valid. But to call people who don’t have a problem with it “disgusting”… sorry, but you need to get over yourselves.

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What do you make of Cait saying they'll be in SA for a little more than another month? They are shooting the finale and they need more than 4 weeks? WTF? Or do they ADR in SA as well and that take so much time? The production time seems to be completely OTT compared to other shows with the same quality. I don't get it. They seem a bit inefficient.

Hello Anon! Now, I know this is going to shock people (lol), but I really do think this is the most inefficient and ass-backwards production. I don’t get it. Weather isn’t a problem. I don’t want to hear about how boats are difficult (I’ll save you the “Black Sails managed just fine” rant) or there’s more CGI. I love Cesar but he is at the pool and/or playing with penguins and seals almost daily, according to his Instagram. Sam has spent a shit ton of time at Roark gyms or doing Barbour shoots. Sorry but I can’t help but side eye this. Because when you give fans nothing about your day job, yet you can constantly update about your side projects, this is what happens—they scrutinize and speculate about where your focus is. Caitriona is certainly not exempt from this scrutiny either.

They probably decided to take their sweet ass time once they found out they weren’t coming back until September—and they’ve probably known that for a while. Anyways, maybe they’re saving time for any pickups that might be necessary. Because it’s probably not feasible to go back and shoot those in South Africa, as compared to Scotland—like they did with episode 208. Charlie Hiett, who plays Captain Leonard, is on his way back to SA, probably for pickups or reshoots. I think ADR can be done anywhere. Sam did it in LA for Season 2. Fun fact: According to Ron’s podcast, the one person who does the most ADR is Sam in order to tone down the Highland accent. They can get rid of voiceover for the second half of the season, IMO, once it’s a shared narrative post-reunion. It’s not really necessary. Show, don’t tell. Kthxbye.

All I have to say is the premiere and finale better be a substantially extended episodes—all of Season 3 should be, frankly. Ron should never have mentioned on his podcast that Starz is pretty generous in run time. There’s absolutely no excuse for cutting down scenes.

BigBang Reaction #11 - Their crush is really intimidating when they’re angry

@praisefandoms asks: Hello. BigBang reaction when their crush is really intimidating when their angry.

a/n: anything between forward and backslashes and in italics are what the member is thinking internally

Jiyong: He was listening to you rant about what some jerk had said to you at work today and you got so worked up that your face was all red, your voice loud and deeper than usual, and you couldn’t keep still. He sat there calmly and listened to you, glad he wasn’t the one that you were mad at.

/Yeesh I guess I need to watch what I say around them…/

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Seunghyun: /Oh shit I’m actually a little scared right now/

-says gently- “Okay Y/N I think it’s time to walk away from that video game. You’re starting to scare me a little bit so please take a deep breath and walk away for a bit, okay?”

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Youngbae: -after he said something stupid and feels really, REALLY bad…and a little scared tbh-

“Okay, okay Y/n. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you’d get so offended so I swear I’ll never say anything like that again if you forgive me.”

You: “Okay, just give me some time to cool off.”

/And after you do I’m going to talk to you because there’s too much anger behind your eyes for you to just be mad over something stupid I said. There has to be a deeper story/

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Daesung: -completely and utterly unsure what to do-

/Do I stop them from punching that person…? I should right? They wouldn’t actually punch them though would they…? Do they have anger issues or is this a one time thing?/

-stops you from punching the person you’re fighting with and does some aegyo to lighten the mood. If it works then he talks to you once you calm down-

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Seungri: He’s probably the only one who gets a little in your face too, regardless of your intimidating nature.

Though in the end because you’re so fierce and intense he’d probably get a little turned on and depending on how serious the situation is and would end up initiating something. It’s up to you if you’re into that or not but he’d definitely try.

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A/N: Thank you for your request @praisefandoms! I hope you liked it ^.^

If you attack someone and insult them over something as stupid as a fictional ship you REALLY need to get off the internet and grow up. I’m sick of seeing all these lovely people I follow get attacked for nothing. Get over yourself, you’re a tiny little speckle of decaying lifeform and your opinion means jack shit. Why bring people down over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Also, if anybody needs to vent my inbox is open.


Took @maddiexdelor to Starbucks earlier today because: 1. I needed to vent about everything and 2. It’s been a minute since I’ve had anything from there lol. 

It was a pleasure to finally meet you hon! You really are a nice person to chill with. Also thanks for letting me rant for ten minutes straight x


Ok I can’t contain myself. I NEED to rant about what’s been revealed in c17 leaks, but I really don’t want to ruin anything for anyone, so I’m gonna tag any posts about c17 spoilers (or any spoilers) with ‘leaky leaks’. If you don’t want to see the spoilers, block that tag. I hope I don’t spoil anything for anyone!!! Thanks!!!!!

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DAY THREE OF COMPLIMENTS : YOU MUST BE A GOOD PERSON TO HANG OUT WITH. Like honestly, I feel like you could be a really good listener and a person to rant to (heck I would take comfort in just you standing right next to me if we were friends). I hope you have someone to talk to and feel comfortable with. You deserve it man.

“Thanks so much! I try to be a good listener to those that need it- and I do- I have a few people that I can talk to if I need to and I’m so grateful for them-”

The Flash Season 3 - The Solution To A Good Season 4

I really loved this season up until the finale, I feel like some characters have had poor writing this season, and the finale wasn’t a good remedy to it.

For next season to be a success in my eyes, here are a few things I hope they change/know so far that they’re going to change.


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Worst. Student. Experience. Ever.

I am trying with this kid. REally I am. But as a 2nd grader, he already has the anger of a full grown man.  Thank goodness he wasn’t with me all year.  He was very rough at first.  Insulting every other student and then me.  He has told me he hates me more times than I can count along with the fact that I make his life miserable, and I am the worst teacher ever.  These were all in fits of anger bc of consequences for his actions.  I can deal with that…anger will do that.  But he’s had a good last 9 days or so, and we have been able to joke around and he makes me laugh sometimes.

Today they did their end of the year memory books.  First page, info about his school. He puts last year’s school.  Not even the school that he began this year with.  Last year.  Then on the “this is my teacher” page. Teacher’s name: Mrs. ***.  One of my teacher’s rules: Don’t talk when she is talking.  What have you learned from her?: Nothing.  What do you like about her?: nothing.  Her email: (so they could email this summer if they wanted): Don’t care.  What 5 things have you learned this year?: nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.  Autograph page, I had them leave theirs on thier desks and everyone went around and signed them all.  He promptly returned and erased or scribbled out the majority of the class and wrote along the bottom: they are not my friends.  I ended with a note that I personally signed and he scribbled out my name. 

While I know he has issues and it shouldn’t hurt, it did.  I only looked at it because I was cleaning out his desk bc he had something that didn’t belong to him.  tomorrow ought to be interested when he finds it gone, bc I threw it away.  If I showed his mom like I would want to do, she would just Poo poo it away.  Seriously, she is an enabler for his awful behavior. 

ALSO: he began the day really hurting another student’s feelings.  This child came in and started passing out invitations before I could say a word. ( the whole everyone needs to be invited rule, you know.) But he gave one to this kid and he’s all like “WHAT IS THIS?” and the boy said “An invitation.”  Boy: “I don’t want this. Mrs. *** can I throw this away?”  RIGHT in front of the boy.  UGHHHHH.  I can’t convey what this child has done to ruin the last of my year.  Seriously.  Seriously.

A crazy man just came up to me on the subway platform and started ranting at me. He called me “fatso” and said I was disgusting and he couldn’t stand to look at me. He said I smelled and I needed to fix that by losing some weight and that I wasn’t fooling anybody. I just stared at him, dumbstruck. Then he spit on me and walked away, muttering, “fuckin’ fat bitch.”

I know he was mentally ill but I’m having to work really hard not to totally lose it right now. I spend so much time and energy trying to convince myself that people AREN’T thinking that when they look at me. A stranger just shouted my worst fears at me and I couldn’t say a word. I’m humiliated, I’m ashamed, and I don’t know what to do. Why did this have to happen? It’s going to ruin weeks of my life. It’s going to take so long to get his words out of my mind.

Please send positive vibes my way, I’m really reeling from this. I wish I weren’t so sensitive and that I could get over it immediately but I’m not that strong. I’m going to hear him before I go into every audition, every time I meet a new person, every time I walk down the street. I’ll hear “fatso” echo with every bite of food I eat for months. I just feel ashamed for existing as I do right now.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.
  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

I. Am. Absolutely. Disgusted.

A dear follower of mine pointed me in the direction of the Instagram post of Mark kissing Amy’s cheek, and told me to read the comments. What I was met with was absolutely appalling. It was a fine mixture of delusions of grandeur, inability to assess real life from fiction, and just a bunch of hate for Amy.

First of all, let’s talk about what I like to call the “Delusions of Grandeur,” or “Mark should be dating me!!”
No. He should not be dating you. Most everyone who writes these posts is 12 or below, and seem to think that they are 20-something, pretty, smart, and funny enough to be with Mark, and that by watching his videos, he is rightfully theirs. No. He is not yours. First off, he can’t date you because there are laws to stop 27 year olds dating 12 year olds. Second off, he does not owe you anything. He makes videos, you watch them, it’s all jolly good. But when you start thinking that he owes you anything, you’re 100% wrong. You are not a true fan if you really, desperately believe that Mark should be dating you.

Second of all, inability to assess real life from fiction, or, the dreaded Septiplier shippers. Sorry folks, but this ship is exactly why people started going against people shipping real people. The shippers start to lose hold on reality and start thinking that Septiplier is real, and that anyone who goes against their precious OTP needs to be killed. Well, listen. We’re in the real world here, and in the real world, Mark and Jack are both straight, and both have girlfriends. Your inability to understand a small joke between friends has basically driven them apart, by the way, so I really thank you for that.

Finally, I’d just like to say, that anyone who spreads hate in the Markiplier or Jacksepticeye community is no longer a part of it. They’ve been saying that from the beginning. So, your little hate rants against their girlfriends is not only disgusting, but excludes you from the fandom. Any rude or derogatory language towards Amy and Signe excludes you from the fandom. If you loved Mark and Jack that much, would you really be saying such things about the ones they love?


**Please read** This all really needs to be said. However, before I go further I want you all to understand that this isn’t meant to be a hate paragraph or to purposefully put those who like Mon-El and/or Karamel down. At this point, all the disagreeing and fighting will do nothing. So I’m asking kindly that if you’re going to add something to this post- that it is filled with positive intent. 

 Anyhow, to my point:

I do watch Supergirl by the way, but I truly believe this concerns a wide variety of people. Whether you’re a fan of The 100, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Walking Dead, or just a person living your life… All I hope is that we all try to grasp the reality of what is truly going on. Now I will centralize this long rant towards Supergirl however. For those of you who don’t know what is going on there is a conflict between fans who ship this character, Mon-El, together with Supergirl/Kara and fans who ship Lena Luthor with Supergirl/Kara. Now, in my humble opinion, the big issue isn’t about straight v.s lgbt people and I will go on about that later… but the fact that she is with someone like Mon-El. Now what do I mean by ‘someone like Mon-El’… before certain people get mad I want to emphasize that I’m simply pointing out what happened in the show. 

This is long as hell just fyi.

1) The way Mon-El reacts to most things is through violence. In fact, the moment he wakes up he chokes Kara. And there’s this: 

(his words in white)

And the scene where Mon-El robs Brian; using his powers for selfish reasons.

He even calls her names. And notice how he does this the moment Kara disagrees with him. A reaction that does more harm than good. On the other hand, when Kara and Lena disagree on something (in ep. 2x03) they simply talk it out. They ask questions, explain, clarify, and come to an understanding.

Now, I’m not here to say that I have NEVER agreed with anything Mon-El has said, actually I applaud him for accepting Maggie and Alex’s relationship the way he did, but that’s just the thing. The opinions/beliefs he has don’t come from himself. Most of what he thinks is based off of what he’s seen on Daxam. He really isn’t at all mature. He isn’t by any means and it’s simply the truth. Now hear me out-

This is what I mean by he isn’t mature: How many times has Kara asked him politely and specifically not to do something but without hesitation still does it? And how many times has he had to beg for forgiveness? 

In addition, he doesn’t have knowledge of what respect truly means. What’s interesting though about this scene in particular- is how it’s supposed to be a ‘funny’ scene. Mon-El’s character is written in as ‘funny’ and ‘aloof’… but it sends a poisonous message- that Kara’s feelings aren’t to be taken seriously. And this show is literally supposed to be about her. Not a guy who thinks it’s his duty to ‘defend her honor’ and then complains about it.

Now I know that this was how people on Daxam acted and their way of life was for the most part, sexist, racist, etc. But that still doesn’t give him an excuse to act the way he does. 

2) Lena herself comes from a family with twisted values as well. She is adopted into the Luthor family and has had close to no friends most of her life. And yet she’s still capable of being a perfectly decent person. 

She does save the alien population not once, but twice. So not only is Lena proved time and time again that she’s a good person, but her relationship with Kara (btw I call it a ‘relationship’ just like the writers do)… is not even close to toxic, detrimental, or abusive. It’s the complete opposite.

Protect yourself”

“I can take care of myself”

3) Being in a healthy relationship is about the effort between two willing people… at the same time, knowing your boundaries whilst encouraging one another.

4) Kara deserves someone who fully acknowledges her efforts and is grateful for them

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Keith: guys I-I’m feeling something… I think my lion is trying to talk to me
Pidge: woah
Hunk: dude omg
Lance: wtf how?????
Coran: a lion has never attempted to speak with their paladin this early!!!
Allura: Keith, listen very carefully to what your lion has to say. It could be very important.
Red lion: Keith…
Red lion: I swear to god if you don’t stop getting your ass in danger I’m going to bite you myself. Do you know how hard it is being a fucking robot lion tasked with defending the universe without me having to save your as from the cold vacuum of space every five minutes. Is it me????? Am I doing something to drive my child away??? Please tell me because I would really appreciate it if you would fucking stop it and sit down for TEN FUCKING MIN-

i need me some jealous kara in my life, so of course i did what any person would’ve done and came with a bunch of headcanons to satisfy my own needs because that’s what self care is all about.

  • it all starts one afternoon, they’re downtown in one of lena’s favorite restaurants and kara’s talking excitedly about the new article she’s writing when lena’s phone goes off. usually when they’re together lena ignores it, she always says it’s business associates and insists they can wait but this time lena sees the name on the screen and smiles widely, “oh it’ll be just a minute kara, sorry” kara nods, motions her to go ahead and tries to focus on her pasta until she hears lena giggling “i can’t wait to see you! it’s been, what? six years?” something inside kara twitches. who is she talking to? most importantly who is making her smile like that?! that’s usually her thing. lena keeps talking to whoever is at the other end of the line as if she’s not there, beaming, chuckling… kara’s always believed herself to be someone non violent (for most the time) but she’s now wishing she could grab lena’s phone, throw it to the ground and break it.
  • turns out, lena says to her when they’re on the car ride back to l–corp, that one of her dearest friends from boarding school is planning a visit to national city and called her to see if they could get together, “her name is molly, we were together on science club and we hit it off right away,” kara knows it’s irrational to feel so… heated at the thought of lena hanging out with someone else because damn, she’s her own person and she’s allowed to have as many friends as she’d like but… it makes her extremely uncomfortable to think about lena laughing with someone that is not her. “i have to admit i had a little bit of a crush on her when we were younger,” and kara doesn’t know molly, has never seen her and certainly has no interest in doing it so but she already hates her.
  • “and then she said,” it’s game night, james and winn have paused mortal kombat to listen to her angry rant and alex is staring at her with wide eyes, beer in hand. “oh i used to have a crush on her, as if it’s the most trivial thing on the universe, did you know she was supposed to come tonight? i promised i would let her win at mario kart, but no! molly’s plane lands today and she called to say—i’m so sorry kara, i can’t make it, i’m gonna go pick her up, maybe some other time? can’t molly call herself an uber? does she really need to have lena’s attention all to herself? gosh it makes me so upset someone would be so selfish.” winn opens and closes his mouth a few times, not sure if he should say anything about the whole situation, james and alex are looking at each other, silently deciding on who should be the first to talk until finally alex breaks the silence. “kara… you don’t even know this molly person, didn’t you also say her and lena hand’t seen each other for years? it’s normal that they want to spend time with each other, catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.” kara crosses her arms over her chest and angrily stares out the window, she wants to bury her face on ice cream because though she knows alex is right she still wants to deck molly in the face.
  • lena is never late, if anything she’s always early to arrive to their lunch dates, but for the first time in months, lena luthor is fifteen minutes late and kara’s getting impatient, maybe she got caught up on work and didn’t see the hour, maybe she had to sign some contracts before leaving, maybe… maybe… she tries and call her twice but she doesn’t answer and that’s when kara gets worried, what if something happened to her? what if while she was on her way someone stopped her and hurt her? she’s tempted to alert the deo, tell them to search for lena’s location when she enters the restaurant a little breathless and with her hair disheveled. “kara i am sorry!” she sits down across from her and takes out her coat, “molly came over to my office and we started to talk, i didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” kara’s face goes dark. it’s wednesday, this is supposed to be their day, their afternoon, their time to be with one another without people interrupting and of course molly had to come and ruin it. “did you know molly has a motorbike? she dropped me off!” oh amazing, molly owes a motorbike, so does half the population of national city, she’s nothing especial. kara doesn’t feel like eating anymore and ends up leaving early. 
  • she’s punching one of the walls at the deo repeatedly, each punch harsher than the last. her knuckles feel on fire but it’s working wonders to get her mind off lena and her new best friend molly whom today decided to invite her to the beach. “what is wrong with her?” winn whispers to alex almost scared of kara’s sudden display of anger, alex shrugs and tell him she has no idea since kara refuses to talk with anyone about it. “she’s jealous,” j’onn says without looking up from the file he’s holding and both of them open their mouths in surprise. “psychic, remember?” 
  • “have i done something to upset you?” lena asks with her cheeks red in embarrassement and her voice breaking, “you’ve been avoiding me for weeks, yesterday you cancelled our lunch date because you said you had a lot of stuff to do but then you uploaded a picture on instagram with james in your pajamas eating popcorn. look kara, i know we all need our space sometimes but i’d rather hear the truth than finding out via social media that you’re lying to me.” she sounds so hurt and she’s almost on the verge of tears, kara feels awful she didn’t mean to make her feel bad, she was just tired of hearing her talk about molly and how amazing she was every single time they got together. “you want the truth?” lena nods eagerly and kara tries, she does, to keep her composure when she catches the necklace lena’s wearing… gold with rose pendant. “that is pretty,” she points to it and lena grabs it between her hands, “thank you! molly gave it to me yesterday.” kara feels her fist tighten. 
  • “well the truth is that molly is annoying,” she says standing up from her place and lena’s eyes widen. “yes, she’s annoying and she’s keeping you all to herself. it’s almost as she’s holding you captive! she’s taking you to the beach and to that art gallery i was going to take you, you are eating potstickers with her, lena, that’s our thing!” there’s no going back now… “and she’s… she’ probably ugly too—oh she has a motorcycle, how original! you know what lena, i can fly! i could fly you from here to paris in less than an hour, i bet molly can’t do that. you know what else i can do? lift you up, with one finger probably, can molly lift you up? no i don’t think she can. does she let you win at mario kart?! she doesn’t, huh, does she even know how to play mario kart, does she?!” 
  • lena looks at her in disbelief before she bursts out laughing and kara lets out a groan, “it’s not funny lena! i am much more interesting that molly will ever be and i’m—mphm!” lena’s kissing her, her cold hands are tangling themselves in her hair and she’s pulling her impossibly close and kara feels like she’s floating. for the first three seconds she doesn’t respond, but as soon as lena slips a warm tongue into her mouth her body reacts and she’s grabbing her everywhere. her face, her neck, her waist, her ass, lena gasps and they break apart. “sorry, i didn’t mean to… i just wanted to… you see this wasn’t what i had planned,” kara looks to the ground but it’s not for long because lena is grabbing her chin, making her look into her eyes and she melts. 
  • “love… i can’t believe you were jealous of molly.” kara clicks her tongue almost offended, she was not jealous of molly, she’s about to say it, to assure lena she doesn’t feel such childish emotion when lena gives her a small peck on the lips and her train of thought is stopped. “she’s married… and has two kids!” kara wants to hide under lena’s desk for the rest of the evening.

Anyway I sure did go on a 20 tweet incoherent rant about concrit, but IN SUMMARY, without (as much) profanity:

I don’t mind people telling me about spelling or grammar stuff because it’s like when a stranger comes up and tells you your fly needs done or your skirt is ruched up. Then you say, “oh shit! Thank you!” and fix your skirt.

Unsolicited concrit, in my experience, tends to be like a stranger walking up to you, saying, “that dress makes you look really fucking fat”, giving you a Weight Watchers coupon, and walking off.

Bit of a Rant ahead

No offense but I’m really /REALLY/ tired of seeing Eren portrayed as a woobified cute little innocent baby who can’t do shit in fics. I can understand if he’s a little less intense in modern au’s but it gets really annoying (and fetishy) when all I see is cutesie baby Eren who is constantly crying and needing Levi to come save him.

Eren “Killed three people at the age of nine, canonly stated by his own dad that he was antisocial as a child, watched his future best friend get beat up from around a corner, got top in hand to hand, ranked number 5 in the 104th squad, plugged up the wall TWICE” Jäger is a cynical asshole who doesn’t need to wait for some prince (or princess depending on the ship) to come save him. He’ll fucking stab his captors, take all their shit, and find his own way out while screaming bloody murder.