but i really needed to gif this scene


5x14 “My Bloody Valentine”

This was one of those moment during re-watch that I in all honesty sat there with my hands covering mouth, because holy freaking shit what a perfect scene. Not only is this scene re-visited and paralleled in 10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home” when Dean is struggling against his addiction to the blade (see here), which is something I really adored already and would have sealed the deal for me in terms of parallels. But it is the detail about the reflection in Ruby’s knife here that I had always noticed, but for some reason only now realized what it means - maybe I am the only one who needed this long, if so: Apologies. Because those eyes we see staring back at Sam are not Sam’s eyes imo. And that’s the freaking genious thing about it and makes all the difference and this even more chilling and important in terms of Sam’s struggle here. Because those blue eyes belong to no other than Nick, Lucifer’s vessel. And that is so so scary and amazing at the same time, because for one it was the powers amplified by the demon blood that helped Sam kill Lilith and with that free Lucifer, but it also still begs the question if the demon blood needed to be fed to Sam so he was compatible to Lucifer, the fallen angel tethered to Hell. In any case this visual imo was one of the best of the episode, especially given how Famine hadn’t intended to harm Sam at all, instead said that Sam could never drink too much and die because of that, and quite possibly had planned to hand him over to Lucifer.


Mr. Selfridge - 11/? times Harry and Mae are exactly what the other needs (4x04)