but i really needed this after yesterday


3/08/16 | after buying a b5 notebook and gel pens from muji yesterday I decided to start writing out weekly spreads to help me see what I need to get done for the week. Despite it being the summer holidays I still have numerous things to do for school so I’ve decided to dedicate this week to ticking these tasks off my list! I think these weekly plans will really help me manage my time efficiently. ps yes that is a left handed ruler!!! I didn’t know they existed until yesterday & it’s now my favourite ruler!!

  • Mickey: I can't believe I forgot my phone...Well, I hope Ian liked his birthday present yesterday.
  • Mickey: Oh he called.
  • [You have 17 new messages]
  • [Message 1]
  • Ian: Hey Mick, thanks for the bazinga t-shirt it's... great. I was just calling because I may need a ride later tonight, Carl can't drive, and I ran Lip's Mazda into a ditch after we watched Fast and Furious Five on Netflix together.
  • Lip: You still owe me for that.
  • Ian: Yeah yeah, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable did you know that? I didn't know that. Well, I do now. But anyway, I'll call you later if we need a pick up from the show alright?
  • Fiona: *grunting*
  • Ian: WOO! Fi you're up! PEACE BABE!
  • [End of Message]
  • Mickey: I am not listening to all of these.
  • [Message 17]
  • Ian: Oh my god is he dead?! Why did you put him in the car!?
  • Debbie: Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Carl: When are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Ian: Carl shut up! Mickey, please pick up the phone, we're in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went South, so we decided to make our own but - Oh man, oh man, Pick up your stupid phone! Go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you're doing it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this Mick!
  • Fiona: Truck!
  • The Gallaghers: *screaming*
  • [End of Message]
The Beach

So as I posted yesterday I was doing a hold. My friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go to the beach and of course I did so i picked her up and we went. It was fun and all and I was still doing my hold when I noticed I had to pee really bad. I ignored and continued looking for shells in the dark water and taking pictures. After about 20 minutes I really couldn’t wait any longer but I didn’t want to use the nasty bathroom so I decided I needed to wait until I got to her house. 10 painful minutes past and I started leaking with every step. Of course I had to act like I was fine so she didn’t notice but that just made it worse. My high waisted jeans also weren’t helping the pressure on my bladder. My friend was
Walking in front of my taking pictures so I decided to let a large stream of pee out to release some of the pressure. I cut it off when she looked back at me and then continued once she looked away. At this point I couldn’t stop the hot piss from escaping me and I just let it all out. I “fell” into the water so she didn’t ask question. After that I we stayed for another 20 minutes and I peed in my pants again because she wouldn’t notice, they where already wet

  • MC: I can´t believe I forgot my phone... I hope Elias liked his birthday present yesterday... Oh, he called.
  • (You have 17 messages)
  • MC: WHAT?!
  • (Message 1)
  • Elias: Hey Mc, thanks for the bazinga t-shirt it´s... great. I was just calling because I may need a ride later tonight. Klaus can´t drive, and I ran Joel´s mazda into a ditch after we watched Fast and Furious Five on Netflix.
  • Joel: You still owe me for that.
  • Elias: Yeah yeah, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable did you know that? I didn´t know that. Well, I do now... But anyway, I´ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show alright?
  • Azusa: *Grunts*
  • Luca: Woo! Azusa you´re up! PEACE MC!
  • (End of message)
  • MC: I´m not listening to all of these. *Skips to the final message*
  • (Message 17)
  • Elias: Oh my God is he dead!? Why did you put him on the car!?
  • Klaus: Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Randy: When are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Elias: Randy shut up! MC, please pick up the phone, we´re in so much trouble. The Iggy Azaela show went South, so we decided to make our own but... Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold yur breath while you´re doing it. Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help this fire, you gotta do this MC!
  • Yukiya: Truck...
  • All: *Scream*
  • (End of message)
  • MC: ... He never invites me to his birthday parties...

I drew this for my boyfriend. We don’t really do Valentines Day because we are not terribly sentimental (and my birthday is so close), but he had to work late last night so I took him this, a Cinnabon and a bottle of Coke to cheer him up.

Semi-related story: Yesterday, I stopped at a no-name dollar store down the street from me to buy the bottle of Coke and a nice baggie to put everything in. Shortly after, a couple came into the store and the guy proceeded down the kitchenware aisle whilst yelling that he needed “a tray to do coke off of”. 😑 Happy Valentines Day, indeed.

EDIT: and sorry for another potato-quality photo. Took this with my phone. No time to scan it before delivering it.

EDIT 2: shit I forgot to add that I know this joke has been done before. Wasn’t going for creativity points with this.

“Sorry” sentence starters.

“I’m so sorry…”
“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”
“I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”
“Please tell me you’re sorry… I need to hear you say it.”
“I don’t say sorry.”
“You’re the one who should be sorry!”
“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologise for snapping at you ONCE?”
“I didn’t know I was hurting you. I’m sorry.”
“Why’d I apologise for finally standing up for myself?”
“You should really learn to apologise.”
“What’s wrong with you?! How hard is it to show me you’re sorry?! Or aren’t you sorry?”
“I didn’t do it! Why don’t you believe me?!”
“I’m sorry too…”
“Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”
“It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”
“I don’t say sorry to anyone. Definitely not you.”
“You have nothing to apologise for.”
“Stop saying sorry!”
“Did you do this on purpose?!”
“Apologise to me! Now!”
“I’m not sorry.”

I love these cuties. 

After the shitstorm that was yesterday and today, I seriously needed fluffy, comfort, and cute things. So have some soriel from our @royalbluetale blog. 

I have a bunch of other doodles I have done since late last night, but a lot of them are either my OC’s from original stories that none of ya’ll really know or are spoilers from royalbluetale that I can’t post yet. If I make anything else, I’ll post it. 

I have some things to update still, but will hold off a few days

Reasons for waiting? well

  1. I am drained from the current batch of fixes
  2. Need to make sure there are no more issues with the updated content
  3. After yesterday I need to let my murderous demeanour subside before I attempt anything else that may be considered masochistic 
  4. I really want to get Lofte Living done and uploaded.

Basically, I have my basegame sofa recolours to fix, Blanco kitchen recolour, and Nordshine addons that I can think of. I have done that much content that I need to have a decent look to see if anything else needs doing while I am at it. So those will probably be up after this weekend given its Australia day here, and ontop of that I have 2 birthdays and an engagement party to go to. So yeah, busy, busy, busy. 

This may change if I feel up to it and if something is updated, I will post here and on my blogger. 


Finally did a costume test for Arihas/Maj. Irvin. Finally. It was nice to do this well ahead of its debut so I know what to tweak. The bodysuit *generally* works well but I’ve still got to figure out how to blend the neck and re-sew it a little tighter through the body and the sleeves. 

His bling still needs some adjustment too. It’s been great fun scavenging extant bling from thrift shops and reworking it so far. 

I really need to cue up some good reference images for the makeup contouring - didn’t have anything specific to go on yesterday so most of it was ineffective guess-work. (And I kind of defaulted to my normal Loghain makeup lol. Gotta see what kind of prosthetics I can put together for this)

It is also worth mentioning that Major Irvin assumes the aspect of Arihas after his death in battle. Despite his new semi-divine status and his repertoire of abilities, he is still blind af - something that carried over from his human form. Therefore, Arihas with glasses = Maj. Irvin. Arihas without = just Arihas.

It is also also worth noting that Arihas, the god, is generally quite indolent, useless, and prone to trolling the other gods. Bonus image at the bottom with cartridge pouches (actually for a horse) and smooth-bore rifle (historically inaccurate for the time period of the story).

I went to see Evanna Lynch doing a live interview yesterday ♥ I need to say she really inspired me. It’s beautiful how she talks about her experience as Luna. It’s beautiful how she talks about Harry Potter just like any potterhead would do if they could have had the chance to be part of the movies, giving life to a character. So genuine, cute and pure. After this experience of seeing her not too far from where I was, I guess I will try to paint Luna Lovegood more. Evanna really, really inspired me.


I’m just really glad I have people around me to support me - so I’m going to show them some love because like
After what happened yesterday I feel like I need this more than the people I’m doing it for okok
Ray you’re literally so wonderful and supportive and I am so lucky to have you. Honestly you mean the world to me and I can’t wait to visit you. We are gonna have a super wonderful time.
You’re really funny and I love you so much. I really really hope you come back so we can do stupid shit together and laugh. I miss you so much.
UH BOO(b) you’re literally my best friend and I’m so lucky to know you. I look forward to everyday with you and I’m so glad we have a lot of fun. You’re always there for me and you support me and care for me. Thank you qpp!
FUCKIN HIRO I love you so much like what am I gonna go
You’re old of favorite people and also a best friend. I love talking to you and ranting and you’re always so funny !! I’m so glad you’re in my life !
Jenny you’re literally so important to me and I really love you !!! You’re one of my best friends and I always miss you so much when u leave for a bit !!! You’re my fav person to talk to about kinks and horror. I glove you ’
Em!! I really love ilu and appreciate you so much. You’re so nice and sweet to me and I’m really glad you’re In my life. Your blog always makes me smile and I’m so lucky to have you around !!!!
UH SON I love you so much and I really am glad that we became friends. You and I get to fake date people together and laugh n have a good time. I’m so glad I could be apart of your life and positively influence it.
ALEX ur my new friend and I’m so excited to see where it takes us
Youre super rad and ilu
Can’t wait to start our journey
Kitten you’re literally so funny and awesome and I wish I talked you more !!! You’re honestly so wonderful and I love you so much !!!
Honestly I admire you and your humor a lot ! I’m very glad you can enjoy my art and be known in such a wonderful community!!
I love you dude!
Your art is so adorable and I’m still so honored to be a part of your life !! You’re wonderful and adorable !!!! Please continue to be amazing !!!

Rumiko weeks day six: most relatable character.

I think Inuyasha is probably the most relatable to many of us, because he’s just trying to survive. He seems like every part of a person that seems strong, but also every part that feels vulnerable.

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Ok, judging from the last episode, I think we have all the evidence needed to show how much of a self-aware villain Killian really is. He remembered the fucking WEAPON (a tiny ass knife) that he killed his dad with. 

Hell, I sometimes can’t even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but this guy remembers his victims (ex. his rings from 5x08), details such as their name and when/where he killed them. Killian works to rectify his mistakes. He let his half brother punch him, because after his crime of orphaning Liam II, he said “he wasn’t going to hurt him”. He knows he’s done bad things and accepts full responsibility. 

Now, let’s compare that to the other villains on the show. When confronted with Marian in episode 4x01, Regina couldn’t remember her (a woman ordered to be KILLED), because “she was awfully vanilla”.

In episode 2x04, Rumple couldn’t even remember turning a butcher into a pig. Come on, a crime that ridiculous? Not even a sliver of memory of that? 

In my opinion, the most important step to redemption is confronting your past. Understanding and REMEMBERING your sins and knowing that you can atone for them, if you have the patience and remorse for them. 

From the way I see it, Killian’s redemption arc is the best developed from any other character. 

Helloooooo morning abs 👀 had a very eventful day yesterday which involved taking my friend to a&e and waiting for hoooours, which meant unsurprisingly I didn’t get to go to the gym! I did have a really good 30 minutes of stretching when I got home though, which was desperately needed as it a) helped my tired little muscles and b) helped me relax after a pretty stressful day! On my way to the gym to train shoulders and a little bit of arms now ☺️

He tracks her down in the park after she’s avoided him all bloody day.  He suspects it might not be him— paper hearts and bright shades of pink are hung about the entire town and really, it could be her own personal hell.  It is Dave who tells him what exactly the celebration is, and his heart crumbles because today of all days it pains him to think that she wishes to be alone.

He should let her be but the longer he wills himself away the more desperately he needs to see her.

He knows just where she is, perched on a crumbling wall overlooking a field that is now iced over with frost.  She glances sideways at him as he approaches, but makes no move to greet him.

“Your father told me why you’ve been avoiding me.”

He comes up even with her, inadvertently bumping his knees to hers. She glances at him momentarily with soft, quiet eyes, before they drift to where their knees meet

“I’m not avoiding you.  I just don’t want to be around you.”

He regards her warily as he raises an eyebrow.

“I am fairly certain those are one in the same.”

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  • Remus: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Sirius liked his birthday present yesterday… Oh, he called.
  • Phone: You have 17 new messages. Message 1
  • Sirius: Hey Remus, thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it’s…great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Peter can’t drive and I ran James’s Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.
  • James: You still owe me for that.
  • Sirius: Yeah, yeah I got you, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
  • Peter: [Snoring]
  • Sirius: WOO! Peter, you’re up! PEACE REMUS!
  • Phone: End of Message –
  • Remus: I’m not listening to all of these. [skips to the final message]
  • Phone: Message 17
  • Sirius: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?
  • James: He’s your little brother, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Peter: Sirius, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Sirius: Peter, shut up! Remus, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Remus, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this Remus!
  • Peter: Truck!
  • All: [Screaming]
  • Phone: End of message.

11/01/2017, January Restart Challenge Day 3

Well, it’s the first post for me, but that’s because I spent both Monday and yesterday at uni/at my office (see the picture above), and never really managed to get online. 

It’s not the beginning of a new semester for me, but rather the middle of one - and it’s a nightmare. I wanted to work a little over Christmas, but that never happened (I blame hormones + SAD + general exhaustion from three jam-packed weeks right after coming back from Peru), and now I need to catch up on a lot of things. Bonus: I’m still confused about my priorities thanks to even more looming deadlines… 

Work-wise, there are a lot of work group meetings in the next couple of weeks, a paper deadline in early February, a three-day workshop the week before, a conference and the usual PhD work. And I also really, really need a couple of health checkups done, including mental health stuff because, frankly, those depressive and/or anxious episodes are getting annoying. 

Proof of how much I don’t have my schedule under control right now: it is now 7.45pm, I’ve had this post open for four hours, and I still haven’t written those emails. (I hate emails which are likely to produce even more appointments and follow-up tasks.)

Goals for today: 

  • make a plan! and schedule actual PhD work and not just urgent work-group stuff (high priority) (sort of. I didn’t schedule much actual PhD work for today…)
  • read 2-3 papers for my work group meeting next week (medium priority) (I managed one and a half pretty theory heavy, dense ones)
  • work emails: workshop, advisor, student assistants (high priority)
  • conference scheduling/tentative dates for archive work (medium priority) (not finished, but progess was made)
  • order thesis material at home (low priority) 
  • two loads of laundry (medium priority) 
  • look up doctors’ contacts (high priority) 
  • look up yoga classes + book tryout lesson (medium priority) 
  • file payslips, insurance info, etc (low priority)
  • three proper meals - and prepare breakfast for tomorrow (high priority) (this is still in progress)

I think I’ll put on an episode of Endeavour now and see how much progress I can still make with the paper mountains on my desk. 

So far so good

I know I haven’t been back on track long, but I decided to stick to my usual weigh in day on a saturday morning (yesterday) and was delighted to learn I had lost 3lbs! This has really boosted me to stay on track over the weekend, as I’ve been using the weekends to eat whatever I fancy and sit on my backside. 

In a way, I do sort of wish I hadn’t taking a break from the scales, because then I wouldn’t need to be starting over, but I think it was good for me. I feel like my state of mind is a lot better now, and I’m glad I took the time to look after that. I’ve got one more week of the vitimin D tablets, but I think they’ve worked for the depression, although I’m still getting headaches.

So yeah, weight is coming off, and I’m feeling better.

Just a small walk today. Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t end up doing anything after work other than binge watching the OA. So ya! It was raining tonight, but I walked with my parents over to the store and then we did a few loops there. Yep. Tomorrow’s my day off, so I’m planning to get a real work out in. I have a counselor in the afternoon and I need to do a certification thing for my work from home job that I’ll be starting soon that’s really the same as my old job, except the at home version, haha. 

Today I went and got Pupusas for Dinner because my favorite little mexican hole in the wall does them for 99 cents on Tuesdays. I’d never had them before, so I wanted to try them! So I felt a bit guilty for buying mexican, especially because I also got it yesterday…. BUT I stopped eating when I was full, and not sickly so, and put the rest in the fridge. So I may have gone and bought food which isn’t good, but I didn’t binge on it. Baby steps! 

anonymous asked:

hi so i have this thing with this guy i've known since 8th grade and we're in 12th now. we have this on and off relationship. we started dating but he sexually harassed me and i broke it off. after i would message him and we'd get back together. well now, we got together and yesterday he came over but things got very sexual, i got scared and i broke things off again, telling him i needed to think. he says he cares for me and loves me and all this stuff but he's making me feel like a sexual toy

Really really not good dude. No question about it if he’s taking advantage of you and not respecting you sexually you gotta drop him asap