but i really love tj

Ship of the Dead thoughts

- Blitzstone poke wars from first appearence

- TJ’s back story HOLY SHIT you’re amazing

- Why can magnus understand animals now and how in helheim is that connected to Alderman

- Blitzstone “conveniently ignored” side quest answers pls

- tf odin, none of this had to happen YOU HAD A RESERVE SUPPLY

- Does Loki’s wife stay with him????

- Blitzstone side quest pls

- Inge??????

- Fierrochase ending yasss it was in character and not forced 👌👌👌👌

- Alex “oh whoops I better just kiss you again to help me make my decision” Fierro

- Magnus and Alex kissing twice ONCE IN EACH GENDER Wooooo

- Blitzstone cute moments

- Inseparable Blitzstone

- But y u no give confirmation huh??


- Also Magnus is still giving Hunding chocolate 👌👌

- Generally more floor 19 back story yay

- But there was less Blitzstone no not good

- Samir, so pure, so wholesome



- But blitzstone pls

- They were so cute but pls

- You know what I’m talking about

- Also “Mallory might have a slight crush on Blitz” why?? 😂😂😂😂😂

- Tbh I think it’s just her being exasperated about Halfborn, I really don’t think that’s a thing

- Love the Magnus/Alex/TJ dynamic

- Alex back story 👌👌👌

- Mallory back story 👌👌👌

- Halfborn back story and so proud of his smol town 👌👌👌

- TJ still wins the back story prize though

- The flyting. So good. I swear magnus could have done that without the mead though bc he’s so pure

- I might have cried in the flyting

- Also at Hearth’s “thank you”

- you know the one I mean

- Andiron resolution. Emotional but not as much as it could have been idk? Maybe just bc I’ve overthought the whole thing tbh

- It was still emotional though

- Andiron is the purest character

- I want to hug him

- Alderman is a dick


- I need answers

- And Blitzstone resolving the Inge problem with kindness

- Also, they’ve taken one old mansion from a dead relative and turned it into a positive, happy space so why not do the same to another?

- Turn the Aldermansion into a hulder sanctuary, or a place for rejected elves or sth

This post had got long but feel free to add to it anyway xD

At first I was (heavily) upset at Marty for saying that Buffy couldn’t join the boy’s basketball team, but he explained that she’s not much of a team player + he knew that TJ was a jerk, so really I love this soft pure boy. Also, he wasn’t soooo upset that he didn’t make the team that he got all angry and jealous and was genuinely happy for Buffy?? Like no matter how hurt he actually was he didn’t bastardley take it out on anyone. Isn’t he the type of man(/boy) we all want? He didn’t let his ego get in the way (at the end of the day) and was able to celebrate her success!!

Ladies and gentlemen meet Marty (the boy who walks up to a girl at a party and intiates a conversation with the worst pick-up line ever, the boy who can challenge her ego without using the fact that she’s a girl to his advantage, the boy that pushes her to be a better person; he tells her to work in a team, and that it’s not all about winning before the latest episode) from the party.

Is this not one of the purest ships on this show?? There’s no ‘oh, he doesn’t get how i feel and he’s using me’ or 'i just need everything to be surface level ok’ it’s just … pure???



Bones » 2016 rewatch - 3x09 “Santa in the Slush”

Victim appears to have odd shaped remodeling on his sacrum with a sclerotic margin around the injury. Some kind of old injury? Two small indentations, here consistent with trauma from impact with some sort of cloven hoof. Cloven like…a reindeer? FBI lab got partial prints off the gloves and AFIS found a possible match. Apparently, our victim worked for the school board. He was a teacher? No. He was a Santa Claus. A - Santa Claus? Or THE Santa Claus? Check out his name. Kristopher Kringle. According to AFIS, it’s his legal name.

I love the names of some of the songs by Motionless In White:

• “just when you thought we couldn’t get anymore emo, we go and pull a stunt like this”

• “if it’s dead we’ll kill it”

• “everybody sells cocaine”

• “dead as fuck”

• “whatever you do… don’t push the red button”

• “Billy in 4C never saw it coming”

• “bananamontana”

• “we put the fun in funeral”

Congratulations, I Still Love You ::Tj Perkins::

This is my first wwe imagine/oneshot. I’m not sure how this going to go. And I really don’t know if people will like it or not. Please let know if i’m doing anything wrong?

Requested by: @caramara3

Pairings: Tj Perkins x Reader

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 970

Summary: You and Tj had a massive and heated argument about him cheating on you with Charlotte.

Originally posted by dailytjp

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I have studying I’m avoiding so I procrastinated by cleaning up some old drawings of the Macaroni Man & Everyone’s Favorite Frenchman. I really love Nonbinary Laf.

Reasons why I can’t kinkshame TJ even tho i want to:

  • He’d probably get a kick out of it & I wouldn’t want to give the Macaroni Man the satisfaction

Anyways, the shirt isn’t my thing I totally stole the idea from @toddnet 

All this talk about D/s Stucky going on and how people couldn’t find certain kinds and I was like, “Make rec list, self.” So I did. …Instead of writing my paper that’s due tomorrow. Yeah! Excellent life decisions! 

Some of these only hint at or have D/s undertones, but I still included them.

Anyway, I just thought I’d link you to it @spookyscarycherry@thekingandthelionheart@buckmebxrnes / @holahydra. k byeee lol 

Bucky/Steve // Stucky

Y’all want some dom!Bucky. I got that shit.

Title: All the Difference
Author: asocialcontstuct
Summary: Steve’s beautiful on his knees, always has been. Bucky leans back in the little room’s one chair and gets his cigarettes out, looking this new Steve up and down. – PWP, Steve and Bucky immediately after the pub scene in TFA.

Title: No Difference at All
Author: asocialconstruct
Summary: If there’s one thing readable in Bucky’s dark look, it’s the promise of something as soon as they really are alone. What exactly is hard to tell these days, and if Steve thinks there’s something of the old smugness that meant he was going to get fucked into the wall as soon as the door closed, well, wishful thinking never hurt anyone, even if all they’ve done recently is barely kiss and barely touch.

Title: the irresistible sea is to separate us
Author: Ark
Summary: Bucky is angrier at Steve than he’s ever been in his whole life.Steve has made a lot of damn punk fool decisions before, and Bucky’s tried to head off as many at the pass; but there is no accounting for this Captain America horseshit. None.

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TJ: Shai, since you asked me a proper question, I guess I have to ask you one, too, instead of a joke. If you weren’t an actress, what would you be?

SW: Well, I love the environment and cultivating a life where there is a respect between myself and the nature around me. It’s an entire lifestyle now—from collecting my own spring water to knowing what plants around me are healing and what plants I can use for food sources to even using plants as makeup. I’ve worn beets and berries on my lips before as a lip stain. I also love to cook—I can make a really bad-ass lasagna.

TJ: And I was going to say that Shai would probably be a pixie in the forest.