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Bones » 2016 rewatch - 3x09 “Santa in the Slush”

Victim appears to have odd shaped remodeling on his sacrum with a sclerotic margin around the injury. Some kind of old injury? Two small indentations, here consistent with trauma from impact with some sort of cloven hoof. Cloven like…a reindeer? FBI lab got partial prints off the gloves and AFIS found a possible match. Apparently, our victim worked for the school board. He was a teacher? No. He was a Santa Claus. A - Santa Claus? Or THE Santa Claus? Check out his name. Kristopher Kringle. According to AFIS, it’s his legal name.

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Okay, can you do "You're so easy to manipulate" with Jamilton for the angst thing? Thank you and I hope you had/are having a great day!

‘You’re too easy to manipulate’

Thomas never thought 6 words would hurt him so much. He stared at his boyfriend- ex-boyfriend in shock. “You-”

“Did you really think I could ever love you?” Alexander stared at him with a mocking  gaze and laughed. “I would never love someone as useless and worthless as you.”

Each word only hurt him more and the pain was terrible, it was like a stabbing pain to his chest. “W-Why…?”

“It’s nice to see the look of pain and betrayal on your face.” He never stopped smirking as he walked away from him.

Thomas crumbled completely, he loved him but he was played for a fool. He grasped at his chest as his breathing picked up as his mind flooded with thoughts and he knew that he was starting to have a panic attack.

‘Everything will be okay.’ He remembered the words everyone told him, but now he knew they were lies.

“No it won’t. I-It won’t ever be okay…” He whimpered, tears streaming down his face, blurring his vision as his knees went weak and he collapsed to the ground in a sobbing mess. A choked sob tore from his throat.

“They say only fools rush in but I guess I was the fool to trust you.”

I love the names of some of the songs by Motionless In White:

• “just when you thought we couldn’t get anymore emo, we go and pull a stunt like this”

• “if it’s dead we’ll kill it”

• “everybody sells cocaine”

• “dead as fuck”

• “whatever you do… don’t push the red button”

• “Billy in 4C never saw it coming”

• “bananamontana”

• “we put the fun in funeral”