but i really love these two

2. blow me while you can


                                          JUNGKOOK X READER

                             SYNOPSIS: Sometimes your boyfriend                                                             is annoying when his dick is hard.

RATING: MATURE                                                                 COUNT: 1,725

“Is that a hamster eating a miniature pie?”

It was the start of the weekend and—naturally—you were watching a video about hamsters eating tiny food on tiny furniture in a tiny house made of popsicle sticks. A bowl of popcorn was situated on your boobs and you were lying comfortably on your dorm bed. Or at least you were until Jungkook all but slammed your door open and alerted your entire floor of his presence.

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, Jungkook,” you supplied, turning your head back to the brightly lit laptop screen.

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                              You said you’d come back.
                                      I know.
                                           So why didn’t you?

My thoughts on Yoonseok

They’re one of my favorite OTPs! Here’s why:

1.They always support each other:

Hoseok was really nervous for a special stage, but Yoongi was there to calm him

There was also the time Yoongi was almost in tears for Hoseok during the bungee challenge because he knows how terrified Hobi is of heights. He just kept encouraging him and reassuring he’d be fine

Comforting Hobi about the banana boat. He even said he’d save him lol

And of course the infamous ‘Crying Yoongi’ As I stated in a previous post, for Yoongi to so readily cry in Hoseok’s arms, and how quick Hobi was to embrace him, just goes to show that wasn’t the first time and that they are really close

2. The fanboying:

These two are each others biggest fan, and I love it. Yoongi has said 2017 is Hoseok’s year, and Hobi has said many times how highly he thinks of his ‘Favorite hyung’

Because really, what are words?

3. How Hobi always brings the life out of Motionless Min Yoongi. They are so dorky together lol

Hobi keeps a smile on Yoongi’s face

4.Somehow always near each other/with each other. ALWAYS

Sleeping/lying together seem to be their thing, along with secret dates

In rooms full of nothing but space, Yoongi thinks the best space is next to his SeokSeok

Caught bae slippin

Lunch dates

The couple outfits: They are the kings of matching, and love when they do

The couple rings: They think they’re slick, but we notice lol

5. They ship themselves.

Like they used the boy love emoji, came up with their own ship name and took said name and turned it and their craziness into a sub unit lol

Bonus: Just some of my favorite moments

Smooth Yoongi, smooth…

Back that ass up Hobi, He’s ready 😂

My light and dark babies

What is love, if not the fact that Yoongi didn’t kill him after this? 😂

domestic Yoonseok

Tell me these don’t scream wedding photos. I’ll wait 😂

Loving stares

so cute! *squeals*

Food tastes better made with love

Most married couples can’t even do that  XD

Or remember an anniversary 😂😂

And lastly, what ever the fuck this is. 😂 even being a Army vet, I still have no explanation for this. But hey, If they like it, I love it 😂

So there you have it, My thoughts on Hoe-seok and Yoongles. They make my lifue and I love them 😄

Gift Picture and Head canons ^_^

So a friend of mine was having a really hard day so I thought it would be nice to do some art to cheer them up. 

One of my personal favorite head canons is that after Hawkmoth is defeated (assuming that Gabe has gotten his act together and we get the redemption arc I am desperately hoping for, cause I love long drawn out redemption plots) after a year or two of salting Marinette would end up totally getting over everything and bonding with her fashion idol/mentor where as Adrien will continue to be snarky and bitter for ages (understandably so) 

So like- as they grow up Gabe and Mari end up getting along really well because they have a lot of similar interests and personality traits while Adrien is just- “I don’t know Dad, do we have time to go to the theater with you this week or will you be too busy collecting butterflies? What? You want to know my favorite color? But I could have sworn I mentioned it at all those  family meals you didn’t show up for because you were hanging out in your secret lair.” 

Bonus Sketch cause I couldnt’ help myself: 

Anyways enjoy your present @sinfulpapillon and feel better ^_^

“Deeper than blood
Greater than love
Theirs is a union
The ‘Demon’
 and the Goddess” [LISTEN]

  1. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  2. Within Temptation - Lost
  3. Amanda Lee - Erased OP/ED
  4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt
  5. Bastille - Skulls
  6. Nightwish - Forever Yours
  7. Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son
  8. The Unforgiven II - Metallica 
  9. Two Steps From Hell - His Brightest Star Was You
  10. Nightwish - Alpenglow
  11. Katie Herzig - Human Too
  12. Wolf Alice - Silk
  13. Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream
  14. Future World Music - Eternal Love
  15. Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  16. Starset - Halo
  17. Red - Pieces

A revamped fanmix dedicated to my favorite space-faring pair, John and Cortana. 

(Special thanks to @decade-dance @cortnan and @aflamebeyondtheveil for their contributions!) 

Man, you could see all the pent up feelings, and sexual tension in that kiss. I loved the way he was going to leave her because he thought she didn’t return his feelings that was so sweet. He was going to respect her decision because that’s what she wanted. Then when Kara stopped Mon-El (she moved so fast I thought she was using her super speed 😂) and said please so low it was barely audible (to a human ear 😋) was so cute and emotional. Kara really didn’t want him to leave and it just shows that this relationship is really worth it for her, and she’s not going to let it go like her other relationships. Mon-El looked so dang happy when Kara told him that she lied to him about them being compatible. This man has no clue about relationships and he’s just trying and trying to be better so he would be worthy of her. You can tell that his conflict with Mxy wasn’t really with Mxy, but himself. He didn’t think he was worthy of Kara, and didn’t deserve to be with her. But as Kara said before she is SUPERGIRL, she doesn’t need people telling her what she wants or who she should be with. She is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, and it’s infuriating when I see BS like Mon-El is manipulating her or they’re abusive relationship. You guys have a zero idea of what an abusive relationship if you actually think Karamel is abusive. Fighting and squabbling comes with getting in a relationship, it is something one should expect. However, doesn’t make it abusive or do you think every relationship is abusive? Because there is no single relationship in this dang universe that hasn’t gotten in a fight.

Mini rant over, back to their adorkable relationship. Karamel is so great because she inspires Mon-El to be better, and Mon-El shows Kara how to loosen up and let go. They give and take that’s what a relationship should be. These these two don’t tell each other sorry all the time because they make it up in their actions and strive to do better. Kara is learning to express her feelings, she’s learning to jump first, and experience a relationship fully. With Mon-El she can give it her all, she can let loose and not have to be gentle. He can take her fervor. She doesn’t have to treat him like glass, and she can truly feel his touch for all its worth. Mon-El is learning what it feels like to actually deeply feel something for someone, and be a hero. They are both learning, and growing from each other. They challenge and make each other better.

#5 Hands

A/N: Surprise!! Bet you didn’t think I’d post two fics in two day! Don’t get too excited yet, this is a shortie, but hopefully a goodie. It sort of took a path of its own, but I quite like how it turned out.

This is a thank you to everyone who gave me an ego boost by sending feedback/review/comment/like last night. I love you for believing in me and my writing.

Prompt #5: Hands - She didn’t know how she really felt, until he held her hand that night.

Word count: 485

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So I have a bunch of sketches I was doing traditionally of you but I was too embarressed to show those so I sketched up two of them digitally! You are just a huge inspiration to me and I really look up to your like sense of humour and so on? ( my pal @terror-in-the-dream convinced me to actually send these to you so hahah)- Crashandburrnart

I am going to have a heart attack

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why are you always hating on agent carter, despite not having a lot of poc shes still the best written woman in marvel, she's the most three dimensional mcu character, the avengers exist bc of her, steve is cap bc of her, also if you like gabe jones and jason so much why would you want them to be second fiddle to the love of peggy's life, steve was her soulmate, no one knows steve better than her, shes the most important person in his life; doesnt matter cause she's coming back anyway

look at this dickhead

i hate her show, not her, the two are not one in the same. i actually really love peggy but since you wanna eat a dick today, i’ll have to drag the both of you

“she’s still the best written woman in marvel” 

Originally posted by kylos

“she’s the most three dimensional mcu character” no, she’s probably the most consistent, but steve has her beat in the three-dimensional department. as do most other characters

“the avengers exist bc of her” uh…. director fury but okay

“steve is cap bc of her” uh… dr. erskine but okay

“the love of peggy’s life” we don’t know that he was for sure lmao

“soulmate” girl, i guess

“no one knows steve better than her” tbh no one really “knows” steve, idek if steve knows steve, poor thing

“she’s the most important person in his life” in the forties? he’s frozen. in the 2010s? she’s dead

“she’s coming back” ZOMBIE PEGGY???

anyway honey, when you’re done exploring every inch of peggy’s asshole, please, do feel free to return

Ahhh I’ve grown to love these two much more than when I first started watching/ reading BNHA. Ok I liked Aizawa a lot more than I wanted to admit even before this
And I know how some of my followers love them as well, so this is a thank you!

I’ve been on a long hiatus until last New Years Eve and so gaining 100 followers and fellow BNHA - fans in the span of a little over a month really moved me. ♥

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I REALLY like imagining Anxiety just walking around with fake gauges one day and everyone just goes wHAT and Anx is just like 'you guys okay?' and Princey gets rly confused as to why everyone's reacting all strange and he notices and just Melts Then cut to Prince parading around in a pink bejeweled tiara that Anxiety invested in.

One: I love gauges, and the idea of Anxiety with them is making Me melt

Two: Prince would wear that tiara to the point Anxiety is begging him to take it off

“Prince please, it’s the grocery store”

“It’s Walmart”

“People are staring!”

“Good, I look fantastic”

Okay, I really really need Anxiety with gauges now. Like, badly

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It would kill me if Lotor came in as a "good guy" and like he was trying to get with Allura and instead of Shiro getting jealous he tries to ignore it since him and Allura arnt anything he doesnt have the right to feel like that. Allura picks up on Shiro acting a little more closed off then usual and she cant really address it without coming to terms with her feelings. So theyre stuck pining and angry since neither of the two canvoice their fucking feelings.

L i s T e N this is my


anon. ANON. my dear sweet love, i would kill a galra soldier for this to happen. i would just i would die, it would be a beautiful fanfic come to life with one of my favourite tropes of all time until circumstances force them together/into a situation when they realize they have to confess and it would be absolutely GLORIOUS BLESS YOU

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Why can't people take gillovny for what it is--a wonderful, loving friendship?

Originally posted by moonllightshadow

D and G don’t know and neither do I! Let’s just appreciate two former coworkers who admit to wanting to kill each other on and off for a decade, said awful things about each other in interviews and now call each other friends, support each other’s work and show us that people really can change and grow and that’s what we should all hope for in a relationship.

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Straight people, take a seat.

I started replying to some FF online, but brought the comments over here because I think it’s very weird people are attacking Supercorp shippers and assuming the dislike of Karamel and SG S2 is due to “gay things” only…

When it comes to this show, I binged the first season back innnn September?  I was semi-interested in the show, but once I started watching, I loved Kara’s storyline of growth and coming into being who you really are, and fighting the odds and evils of the world when one, it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re a positive person in a very cynical world, and two, being positive and fighting for good in the wake of undergoing the horrible loss/ tragedy she has gone through.  It’s amazing she is not a bitter and sullen entity.  She’s a complicated character who is strong enough to keep hope alive despite what she’s gone through.  The show reminds me quite a bit of Buffy in that way (I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, and think he would have been great for a show like this…)

Furthermore, Cat Grant was an essential staple to this show, and it’s a shame Calista couldn’t commit to it.  I’m a gay woman and like any gay lady fan, I can read into a situation and try and make it gay. XD  However, maybe it’s because I’m old now, but when it came to Cat/Kara, I admired that role so much because it was about the really special power of mentor/mentee relationships between females.  I’m a very career oriented individual, and to me, finding a Cat Grant as a life mentor?!?!  Oh my god, I would swoon and die.  That would be AMAZING. :D  I never read any romance into their situation, and I appreciated what it was.  Supergirl Season 1 was a non-romantic, girl-action and female relationships empowerment haven to me. (Believe it or not hetero people, gay women can have great relationships with straight women in a healthy, empower, and strictly platonic way).

Moving onto James Olsen… I wasn’t really sold on them as a couple, but in the wake of S2 I literally am like, James is 800x better than Mon-El, like the betterness limit does not exist, haha.  I wasn’t sold, but it’s so clear that the abrupt end to their prior season long slow burn as we went into S2 at CW, and then Mon-El just dropped in, like… it’s clear there was a huge direction change because we’re still suffering whiplash and brain damage from that choice.  No to James because they magically no longer like one another, only to spend an entire season not liking a boy who has openly praised his prior objectivity of women… to then her liking him….. 

The logic does not compute.  In the words of BTVS, “your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.” XD  It’s a very weird switch, it doesn’t seem thoroughly explained, and furthermore we were left with cliffhangers like the Jeremiah storyline, only having that really touched upon once, and soon to be twice, next week….  I mean, I just don’t understand it.  That’s pretty much where I’m at.  The transition of both networks and priorities for the show are incredibly apparent.  

The show has kind of become like a superhero high school teen drama; Alex with Maggie, Jo'on and M'gann, Kara and Mon-El, Winn and new girl, and James to go through his post-break up identity crisis (lol, love James, teasing).  Like… what about Alex and Jo'on focusing on Jeremiah?  What about Winn’s awesome progress and even his storyline with Toyman?  What has Kara done growth-wise outside of teaching Mon-El to behave like a grown up which should have been handled when he was age 5?  

Again, the storytelling just seems to have significantly deteriorated, and I haven’t even brought up Supercorp/ Lena, yet!  So the notion that a lot of this hate on S2/ Karamel is due to angry gay women is completely fallacious.  That’s just the queer-baiting cherry on top of the cake of disappointment and icing of bad writing.

That’s fine if you watch this show for really basic, white, hetero bullshit, but that shit is shoveled to me everywhere else on every other platform, and I’m more than good.  Not to mention, can we talk about how Kevin Smith, the praised addition to this show’s staff, is the guy who made a movie about a lesbian going straight again for a dude…. Like, I can’t even, hahahah.  Go back to Clerks dude, that shit was better.

In conclusion, there are copious valid reasons as to why fans are disgruntled by the show’s evident lull, not to mention Mon-El’s highly problematic character… I’m sorry, but he’s the kid who would be on Duke’s Lacrosse team in the real world (and by sorry, I mean not sorry).  Side bar, I actually feel badly for Chris now, and think his crappy acting with this show is due to his crappy character.  I’m disliking him less and missing him on Vampire Diaries. XD

As for Supercorp, there’s no need to elaborate further on what is blatant good screen/ scene partner chemistry.  Katie McGrath is a badass, and not just because she’s gorgeous.  Lena’s relationship with Kara is as natural as Kara’s with Alex.  Melissa and Katie act well together, and unless you’re a moron, you know acting is a hard craft and you don’t always have good chemistry with ever everybody.  If you want to say they’re only friends, I’ll even give that to you, but that doesn’t take away from the just terrible storytelling, poor character development and overall bad trajectory of Supergirl as a show.  Let’s aim for telling stories and showing characters that aren’t bland, basic and white like rice cakes that don’t support sexist undertones.  I’m over it. ^_^

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(^ real life gif of me above ^_^)

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tell us about your girlfriend?

i’m talking to her right now about lesbian books lmao but this is a vague question idk what you wanna know i’m just gonna do a little info dump

she’s 18, goes to the same uni as i do, she studied international relations but didn’t really like it so she wants to switch to veterinary medicine cause she loves animals. she’s really obsessed with cats and has two. she actually lives in rio which is across the bay from where i live it’s like an hour commute, so sometimes i go there and sometimes she comes here. she’s known she’s gay since she was 13 and came out to her mom really young too, her mom’s totally cool with it and loves me. she says she can’t dance but god believe me on this she definitely can. she’s such a cliche mom friend type her friends literally call her mom cause she’s always taking care of them and asking everyone to let her know they got home safely. we’re really similar it was even shocking when we started getting to know each other we have so much in common. she’s an intersectional feminist too and we agree on almost everything and talk about this stuff all the time. she used to be insecure about making fun of me cause she worried i’d get offended for real but now she finally believes me that i love that kind of thing and now she won’t stop. she’s always mocking me for being old(er) and today i had to forcefully remove the pic she had for my contact on her phone which was just a random old lady and when i pretend to be mad she sends a pic of the old lady holding a gun. oh and whenever i make fun of her she sends me a buzzfeed article called “what to do now that you’re single”. she loves doing buzzfeed quizzes and takes them very seriously and used one to ask me to be her girlfriend.

oh god i just talked a lot

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I love seeing you interacting with that Kyler dude. You two are my favorite artists, so seeing you guys talking to each other is awesome. (I ship it ;D)

It’s pretty fun to talk to him! He’s a really cool dude! I really like all types of things that goof does. 

Oh you do? Ok then, hey @kylerinvention who pays for dinner? 

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can i have some info on gale ??

he’s a gemini, his birthday is june 14th, and he’s a 5′9 trans boy. contrasting with reese, he’s a little more reserved and keeps to himself whereas reese tends to overshare and ramble for a while. the two work together really well and they fit like puzzle pieces – one without the other is pretty much useless. hes considered the planner of the two because he can get into one thing and stick to it. he has a few special interests like clocks and rocks! this is where his talkative side comes in… he could go on and on about different types of geodes or stalactites for as long as he’s allowed! he stims with a spinner ring, and if reese is feeling up to it, they’ll let him stim with their hair. he isnt one to share his problems with someone, so he’ll sit there and try to suck it up until he cant handle it anymore, but reese hardly lets it get that far because theyre almost as observant as he is when it comes to that sort of thing.

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Hello. I really love your writing! Are you still taking prompts? If so, I would love Silverflint with 42. “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.” Thank you!

Anon, i am SO sorry for the delay. I wish I knew who you were so I could see if you were even still out there. I don’t even know if you’re a fan of the orange fic, but I hope you are, because this inevitably turned out to be set in my silly au because i wanted to kill two birds with one orange

This is also for a few people, @ellelan, @nightbloom, @favouritealias​ and another anon who wanted Silver to finally get that horse he was promised. That….. kinda happened here.

Also I just went ahead and posted it already to ao3 to save myself from having to format it twice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Flint returned from the grove in the middle of the morning to find a mule in his yard, eating grass. He stared at it, one foot frozen mid-air, barrel of oranges propped against his hip.

The mule stared back blankly with one eye, long ears twitching at the buzz of mosquitos. It was spotted buckskin, maybe fourteen hands as far as Flint could tell, and it offered no explanation for its presence on Flint’s property.

“Um,” said Flint. “Hi.”


why oh why am i getting involved in this?

I wholeheartedly agree with the belief that we should watch our media with a critical eye, and also criticise appropriately. I think things like Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram etc have brought fandom to the forefront in ways that they haven’t always traditionally been. Fandom used to be the fans, and Canon was the creators and there was little to no interaction between the two.

Now, that interaction is encouraged to the point where the lines have gotten very blurred, for better or worse. I am all for interacting with the creators. My favourite part about finally getting to watch an episode live last night was that I got to see the Shadowhunters Chat on Twitter as it was happening, and get in on the jokes and the discussion.

As a writer - it’s extremely hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes. You’re writing something, and you think it’s good, you’re pleased with it, you think you’ve had something to say a message to get across or a story to tell, and you’re really proud and happy when you finish. And then someone comes along and points out A, B and C that you got wrong, or were inaccurate, or were simply misinformed or ignorant about, no matter how good your intentions might be.

The problem with writing a story, a book, a tv show, is that you are creating in a bubble, and because you’re in the middle of that bubble, you can’t see what the outside of it looks like to everyone else who sees it. It’s very easy to not see something, that someone else, with a different perspective may pick up on immediately. It doesn’t mean the creator had bad intentions, baited the audience, or did anything with any malice.

Being too wrapped up in something, or being ignorant of something, is not a crime.

There are two types of ignorance. Wilful and not. I think for anyone to accuse the Shadowhunters team of wilful ignorance is judging them extremely harshly. I think they have shown themselves to be very willing to take on board the criticisms the fans have, have apologised for some, and quite sincerely, from what I’ve seen.

Shadowhunters is not perfect. It’s got a small budget, a huge cast and a massive story to tell. It’s not always executed perfectly, but one thing I really believe about them is they TRY. Buffy was my first fandom, and Buffy was groundbreaking. Did it have crappy episodes? problematic themes? crappy seasons? Absolutely. Was it still amazing and groundbreaking in promoting strong female characters and wonderful LGBT relationships? You bet.

I also appreciate that as a white, (mostly) straight woman who is very aware of the privilege that I have, that it’s not my place to tell a member of the LGBT community, or a POC what they should think about things they find problematic about the show. All I can do is listen, and absorb, and learn so that I can be the best ally I can be when it comes to these things.

Maybe it’s because I’m an old grouch who has been in fandoms since the early days of Buffy, so like nearly 20 years. But I just find negativity to be a bit exhausting sometimes. I thoroughly am enjoying season 2 a thousand times more than season one, which I largely cringed through (but in which I saw the potential for something magical). I love all of these characters, and I think the show has grown in these really wonderful ways, and I hope it continues to do so.

I just hope all this discussion doesn’t hurt peoples enjoyment of the show. The creators seem willing to listen and to learn, but in doing our best to educate them about the type of media we want to see them produce, let’s not forget why we’re here in the first place.