but i really love noodle here


i’ve been scribbling gorillaz stuff since the day saturnz barz came out, but havent posted anything on here yet, so, uh. here’s a noodle doodle!!! hope she looks okay. havent really drawn gorillaz since, like, 2012?? oh boy

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No offense but gladio reminds me of a power fantasy for white men and is a complete asshole. I had a hard time really liking him.

It’s fine if that’s your opinion, but I think overall I personally liked him. My issue with him was that it seemed like the writers were more concerned with keeping him macho and manly feeling than making sure he was a consistent character. Like, getting in your face and yelling at you to get your princely shit together, then dipping out for a little solo mission action for an entire chapter of the game? What the hell! And a lot of his lines didn’t feel like writers going, “Hey, what would Gladio, the character, say about this?” and were a lot more “What would a tough character say here?” One of his most endearing character traits is his love of cup fucking noodles, but even that was kinda just there for product placement that fell to him by process of elimination, like “We need one of the boys to promote this product…Ignis would never admit to liking prepackaged, sodium-bomb food like that…it’d be too obvious to pick Noctis or Prompto to be the one who loved it…so who does that leave? Gladio.” At the end of the game, I felt really close to Noctis and Ignis after seeing all that they had suffered and lost along the way of this quest, and Prompto was always really open and let us see his struggles and fears so it felt like we really got to know him. And then it’s just like…Gladio, that crazy son of a gun. He loved him some cup noodles and talkin all deep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(that’s a bit hyperbolic and I did really generally find him likable enough as a character, but I’m trying to level with you here, lol)

BTS reaction to you being too small to kiss them

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Jin would be super cute about it. I feel like he would always take your face in his hands and hold you very tenderly while bending down to kiss you.

“Ah, my love has the perfect height!”

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Yoongi would like to tease you about it. He would keep his face just out of reach, just because he thinks you’re cute when you’re frustrated. But he would of course give in (after you kick him in the shin) and give you a really sweet kiss. 

“Come on baby, give me a kiss right here!”

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This lanky noodle would be pretty awkward about it. It would take him some time to get adjusted to your height and he would get all pouty and frustrated when he can’t figure out how to kiss you resulting in a lot of laughter and many sweet kisses.

“Aish, why are you this small? My back hurts! You’re lucky I love you so much.”

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You making it up to him + him being whipped af

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Hoseok loves kissing and so he would simply kiss whatever place is closest to him, resulting in many head- and forehead kisses. He would occasionally tease you about your height, but it would always be to make you laugh. (+ I am absolutely sure that he would use really cheesy lines to get you to kiss him more)

“Psh, baby. My lips hurt a lot, kiss them better?”

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He would be the least to tease you about it because he knows how it feels to be the tiniest.

“I know how you feel, just come here and give me a kiss, I won’t tease you, promise.”

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Tae would find your height the cutest thing ever, always bragging about how cute you two look to other people.

“It just makes me want to kiss you more when you are this small~”

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He’ll try to be the tough guy in the situation, always making a scene when kissing you.

“I guess I’ll have to pick you up to kiss you, come here jagi.”

*confident Kookie*

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-Admin Moon + Krümmel

My apologies for the image quality, I really wanted to do some analog sketching. I’ve never gotten involved with visual novels before but I’ve fallen madly in love with Nix Hydra Game’s “The Arcana”. You can find their tumblr here: @thearcanagame The art is stunning and so far the story is so good and intriguing it keeps me up at night (true story).
I decided to give a face to my MC (*cough*selfinsert*cough*) a couple days ago and this is the end result. I’m really liking her so far- her name is Eskja (ESK-yah) and that sweet noodle on her arm is Balthazar, a ball python who’s not as cool as Faust but he tries.
Favorite food: cinnamon raisin toast
Favorite drink: apple juice
Favorite flower: white honeysuckle (because she likes the nectar lol)
(She also may or may not seek out the company of a certain Doctor she’s fairly certain is innocent of the crime he’s accused of, but who knows?)


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  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell
  • there’s a handful of stylists who work on several boys at a time
  • sometimes you guys switch it up to keep it interesting, but you tend to drift back to the same guys bc hey, easy, you know what they like and it makes your job simple
  • you’re in charge of vernon, seokmin, and wonwoo
  • you not only pick out outfits for them, but you also work their hair as well
  • you’ve got a pretty easy bunch bc they don’t really stray?? from their usual like they request some out of the box things *cough* cheeto head vernon *cough* but haha its not anything major
  • one day one of the other stylists asks that you take care of jeonghan in her place bc she has to help minghao find a missing piece for his outfit so you’re like sure simple
  • you go over to jeonghan’s chair and he’s busy scrolling on his phone so you just figure you’ll do what you gotta and get er done but as soon as your hand is like hovering over his scalp, he looks up
  • he locks eyes with you in the mirror and smiles, and you nearly melt
  • “hey (y/n), you’re doing my hair today?” he sounds so casual saying your name like you didn’t even think he knew it lmao
  • it sounds really pretty when he says it too… tf
  • “o-oh yeah your usual stylist is busy with minghao” you tell him, getting to work and (shakily) grabbing for the brush
  • before you can get it tho jeonghan already has it hand and is passing it to you
  • “that’s alright. i prefer a little change every once in a while” he smiles at you dazzlingly as you start to rake the brush through his hair, and soon after he like. moans
  • it’s kinda hot
  • it’s not loud or super vulgar or anything like it’s just so unexpected and you kind of stop. pausing with the brush in his hair. wondering what the fuck 
  • jeonghan’s eyes are shut too like he looks like a literal angle <3333 
  • he opens his eyes slowly and whines when he notices you haven’t moved the brush “why’d you stop? that felt good”
  • fuck
  • ok
  • you gently begin brushing again and while he doesn’t moan any more (thank god) his eyes are still shut and he’s like melting into your touch as you gently style his hair
  • it feels so soft and silky between your fingers and you almost wanna touch it more but that’d be weird 
  • when you finally get his hair in place just right, you pull back fully and pat jeonghan’s shoulder with a final “all good!”
  • jeonghan’s eyes slip open once more and the heavy gaze he hits you with through the mirror makes you blink a few times in confusion
  • then he just hums and says “okay, thanks” unenthusiastically
  • you’re not sure what you did for the change in tone but you try to brush it off bc seungkwan is tugging you this way and that, asking you to help him fix his suspender and you pretty much let it go after that
  • it’s only a few days later at another event when jeonghan’s stylist comes up to you while you’re on break sipping a coffee with a pout and goes “you didn’t have to go and steal one of my boys you know”
  • you frown of course cause? huh?
  • she looks at you like you’re crazy and goes “didn’t you hear? jeonghan asked if you could be his permanent stylist. i ended up taking vernon in his place”
  • you’re literally like O.o
  • sure enough when you go into the dressing room, jeonghan is already seated and ready for his hair to be done wayyyy before his makeup or his outfit is put on and all smiles
  • “what are you waiting for?” he asks nonchalantly, giving you that same dazzling smile, and you just awkwardly fall into place with it bc idk maybe he really wanted that change of scenery
  • (the other boys totally noticed jeonghan’s intentions tho lmao seungcheol gave him the hardest time over it later that night) 
  • you thought that maybe jeonghan would want another change a few weeks down the line but that proved not true
  • he basically only had eyes for you in more ways than one
  • he’d make chit chat often, asking about your life, things you liked to do and what you wanted to be when you got older or passed on from the job
  • he even had the audacity to ask abt ur ideal type and you (not so) jokingly went “yoon jeonghan” 
  • he was so surprised he jolted in his chair and burned his ear on the flat iron
  • soon after that jeonghan got bolder, and even went as far as asking for your number
  • he’d text you on the weekends and take you out for food, or to fairs, or to karaoke bars with a few other guys from seventeen
  • but slowly it dwindled down to just being the two of you and you weren’t really sure how to feel about it
  • granted you liked jeonghan a lot but like what was he trying to do here?? he hadn’t been very straightforward 
  • you had begun to wonder what was up when one night you two were eating at a noodle shop and the waitress comes by and says “would you and your lovely girlfriend like dessert?” 
  • you laugh into your drink and are about to correct her when jeonghan folds his arms on the table and grins and goes “no, i think we’re good”
  • you kinda stare at him in awe as he gives you a lil fake innocent smile and goes “what? did you want something after all? i can call her back”
  • it becomes clearer later that night when he drives you back to your place how he feels
  • he doesn’t really think about it, just leans down and plants a kiss on your lips and says “pick you up for a mini golf date at seven next friday?”
  • that’s how you basically begin dating jeonghan
  • he’s an amazing boyfriend okay but he’s also,,, the worst
  • knows he’s cute and knows you’re wrapped around his finger so he always gets his way
  • “(y/n) hey can you help pop this pimple on my back” “ew no jeonghan” “baby… sweetheart… please? i love you so much. and remember when i checked out that bump on your ass that one-” “IM COMING OK”
  • does that thing he does with dino where he’s like “whose baby are you” except he goes “whose darling are you”
  • and does it at the most embarrassing times, like with dino
  • *lit in the middle of talking to joshua and seungcheol* jeonghan: (y/n) whose darling are you??? :D
  • you, seconds from committing murder: jeonghan’s darling
  • he coos really loud and squeezes your cheeks to make it worse jfc
  • always teasing you about how cute you are like you could be screaming and bench pressing a cow and he’d just be smiling to himself and telling anyone who’ll listen “that’s her!! my gf!!! isn’t she amazing??? im in love with her”
  • cannot… chill
  • always doing some extra ass skinship with you
  • like u know he can just kiss you like a normal boyfriend but no
  • he’s grabbing at your thighs and hoisting you on to counters and leaving you all flustered and hot and then just switches back to normal jeonghan mode with a lil giggle and goes “whatdya want for breakfast, baby?”
  • besides being evil jeonghan is actually the sweetest
  • he’s not the mama of seventeen for nothing
  • he just has a knack for knowing how you feel and your lip could be down turned at -0.000000004 degrees and he’ll be like “:(( what’s wrong boo”
  • calls you extra pet names when he’s feeling cuddly
  • usually darling and baby are his go to’s but he will call you after every sugary thing in the book when he’s in the mood
  • likes to be back hugged and not the other way around
  • he’ll back hug you for a few seconds but he mainly likes being encompassed in you and just relishing in your warmth
  • doesn’t mind when you mess up his hair on his clothes bc tho he won’t really admit it outright you could murder him and he’d be okay with it
  • you’re always telling him how pretty he is and he’s so thankful and gets kinda blush-y
  • if y'all fight he’s stubborn af but after he cools down he feels really bad and just wants it to be resolved as quick as possible
  • like after a big fight you storm off to your room and jeonghan sulks in the kitchen for a little while but then he starts missing you and feeling terrible and he goes to your door and knocks gently and goes “i know i made you feel bad and i know i messed up. im so sorry angel. please let me in. i wanna make it up to you”
  • fights and tension don’t last long bc you both can’t stand not being happy together
  • minghao takes credit for you and jeonghan ending up together like “i mean if i hadn’t lost my jacket that one day you two would have never fallen in love”
  • but jeonghan, cheesy and in love, just goes “i would have fallen in love with (y/n) no matter what”

other boyfriend!seventeen:



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

college boyfriend!jihoon

After the horrorshow that was Britney Ever After...

I’ve been taking some much needed time to recover and looking through some of my favorite Britney and *NSYNC photos. I thought I’d share a few here:

I’ve always loved this one of Brit and Joey. They both look actually happy.

Same shoot. Joey, JC, and Lance all look actually decent. JC’s inherent dorkiness isn’t shining through, unlike a certain ramen-noodle-haired somebody who would also be fine if it wasn’t for the awkward leaning reaching thing he’s doing. Chris… I really hate the braids. Love Chris, hate the braids with a burning passion. Brit’s adorable (and tiny) as hell here, fight me.

This one’s a little awkward for a few reasons. She’s adorable. Joey’s a mess, Ronald-McDonald-head to weird-cuffs. Lance looks like he might bite somebody. Is JC actually that red, or is he just slowly absorbing the excessive red dye from Joey? This… is probably one of the better pictures of Chris’s braids. They aren’t super noticeable here. And Justin’s wearing a really bland goofy hat. I love it.

The denim. It’s gross. I almost did this as a Halloween costume with a friend a few years back. Gross or not, it’s memorable as hell and I definitely crack a smile every time I see them in these outfits.

MC is a Noodle block
  • spoiler
  • 707: Hey you will never guess what just happened.
  • Yoosung: Hey seven what happened ?
  • Zen : Just say it seven
  • 707 : She blocked my noodle !!
  • Yoosung : -confused emoji-
  • Zen : somehow I saw that coming … but what have you done to MC ?
  • 707 : She was cooking and I gave her my noodle but she was not happy about that...
  • Zen: -angry emoji-
  • Zen: That is not the right way to treat a lady. I should come over their and beat you up !
  • Yoosung : yeah how can you MC is so innocent...
  • Yoosung: -Crying emoji-
  • 707: but it was my noodle she was the one being mean.
  • Jumin enters the chat room
  • Jumin : Well that was only a matter of time.
  • Jumin : If you read this MC you are free to come to my penthouse anytime.
  • Jumin: there is no need for a young lady to stay with low lives.
  • Zen: -angry emoji-
  • Zen: there is no way MC would go to a jerk like you. If anything she should come over to me.
  • Zen : -winking emoji-
  • Yoosung: I don't think that will be a good idea even when Seven did something that wrong...
  • Yoosung: MC should come here so she can cry all she wants without having to worry.
  • Yoosung : -blushing emoji-
  • 707 : has no reason to leave me if anything I should leave her.
  • 707 : my poor noodle was innocent.
  • 707: -crying emoji-
  • Jaehee enters the chatroom
  • Jaehee: how dare you speak like that poor MC has to put up so much already thanks to you !
  • Jaehee : -angry emoji-
  • Jaehee : MC you need to leave 707 asap.
  • Zen : I agree with you on that ! My offer still stands MC.
  • Zen: -winking emoji-
  • Jaehee : It would be really bad if MC would come to you. After all you are a well known actor.
  • Yoosung: Yeah it would be much better if she would come to me we could play some lolol together.
  • Jaehee: That would be not right either you have only such limited space where would she sleep.
  • Jumin: I agree I have a penthouse with a guest room ready so its the best choice to come to me.
  • Jaehee: MC really should not stay with any men in this situation she would be best to come here.
  • I have enough space for her and I am a woman.
  • 707 : why no one offers me a place to stay I am the one that suffers !
  • 707 : - crying emoji-
  • 707 : - crying emoji-
  • 707 : - crying emoji-
  • Yoosung: stop covering the screen seven to me you are dead !
  • 707 : so cruel T^T
  • Zen : -angry emoji-
  • Zen: You are the one in the wrong seven I will never forgive you.
  • Jumin : You really should be sewed for your actions. MC I know some good lawyers so call me anytime.
  • Jaehee : I agree
  • unknown enters the chatroom
  • Unknown : quite busy in here...
  • Unknown: I see you are here 707 MC is looking for you...she says food is done.
  • Yoosung: Hey you still use that username. Is MC alright ?
  • Unknown : As far as I know she is doing good. Did seven do anything again ?
  • Jaehee : Yes he complains that MC not wanted his noodle. I find this very disturbing to be honest.
  • Unknown : He really complaint about that incident ?
  • Jumin : Yes he does so you have witnessed the incident ?
  • Unknown : Yeah I have seen it it was really sad I can understand why MC didn't want the noodle who knows where it been before.
  • 707: That noodle was completely clean I even washed it !
  • Zen : That is not even close to make it alright !
  • Zen: -angry emoji-
  • Yoosung: poor MC
  • Yoosung : -crying emoji-
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • MC : What you still doing here food is ready since 15 minutes its getting cold.
  • Zen : MC are you alright how are you feeling ?
  • MC: I am good thank you for the question.
  • Jaehee: you really should leave the house why are you making food for that man ?
  • MC: -confused emoji-
  • MC: Huh leaving ? Why should I just because he made a scene about that darn noodle ?
  • 707: You just threw it away T-T my feelings are so hurt you don´t love my noodle at all.
  • 707 : - crying emoji-
  • Unknown : Get over it or else MC will stop cooking for us and then we starve to death.
  • MC: Just stop being a idiot and come eat or else ill give Saeran all your noodles !
  • Zen : -confused emoji-
  • Yoosung: -confused emoji-
  • Jaehee: What you made noodles then the noodle that 707 spoke off was...
  • Jumin: A actual Noodle ?
  • Zen : -angry emoji-
  • MC : huh what did you guys think he talked about ?
  • MC: -confused emoji-
  • Unknown: Anyways can we finally eat now in starving...
  • MC: Of course Saeran and you better get over it or you get nothing !
  • 707: Ok ok ill come but don't think ill forget that as long as I live.
  • 707 left the chatroom
  • Unknown: the food is really good by the way MC.
  • MC: thank you at least someone here likes what I do .
  • Unknown left the chatroom
  • Jaehee: if you ever want to talk I am here for you.
  • Yoosung: Me too MC.
  • Jumin : I have my lawyer on speed dial for you.
  • Jaehee left the chatroom
  • Yoosung left the chatroom
  • MC: Thank you guys and good to know.
  • Jumin left the chatroom
  • Zen: my door is always open for you goodbye MC.
  • MC: that is nice Zen.
  • Zen left the chatroom
  • MC : I still wounder why everyone got so worked about sevens noodle …
  • MC left the chatroom

I didn’t really want to be productive for the rest of today, so I went to one of my favorite ask blogs, @sweetdreemurrs, and noodled around in their recent posts until I found some responses that I wanted to recreate.
Here they all are.

I had a lot of fun doing this. Everyone, go check out @sweetdreemurrs! The ask responses are really fun and the interpretation of the characters is pretty much spot on. I really like the content over there.

(oOPs I just realized I messed up on recreating the Papyrus one💦 oH wEll)

First one
Second one
Third one
Fourth one
Fifth one

imagine your otp

cutthroatpixie said: I am trying to remember the first thing I ever said to you in person was it something dumb about your knee it was probably something dumb about your knee

kixboxer said: i don’t remember! i mean it probably was, but all i remember is i was sitting in the lobby of your hotel reading my kindle with LASER FOCUS and then some feet stopped next to mine. and then i’ve got nothing until we couldn’t find a real thai place for wizard reasons and i think the waiter thought we were on a date. i have anxiety coma’d the rest.

imagine your otp

viktor and yuuri meeting for the first time after chatting online for… years? (WHAT FANDOM WERE THEY IN? ICE SKATING FANDOM MAYBE?) and yuuri is so nervous to meet him (he is so boring? and plain? viktor will probably take one look at him and leave??) and so he’s waiting at viktor’s hotel lobby for viktor to show up (which, lbr, will be the swankiest place in town and he has spent the last ten minutes watching these Very Important People power-walking while talking into their bluetooth headsets, dressed in clothes that cost more than the entirety of yuuri’s apartment building, his heart in his throat, his anxiety up to the sky)

and he’s just staring at the black screen of his phone and thinking maybe he ought to just leave when all of a sudden he sees a pair of feet stop next to him, clad in the most hideously expensive shoes he has ever seen and—oh. it’s viktor. of course it is.

and so yuuri’s staring at him awkwardly and viktor looks strangely nervous.

“you’re shorter than i thought,” yuuri suddenly says.

at the same time, viktor blurts out: “i like your knees.”

yuuri stares at him. viktor blinks. “the first picture you ever sent of me had vicchan sitting on your lap,” he says quietly. “i saw your knees before i ever saw your face.” he pauses. “also, ouch.” and yuuri is bright red and viktor is still. staring. at. his. knees. 

and then they wind up going to a thai restaurant for drunken noodles where phichit is the waiter who knows they are on an awkward date

("no,” yuuri says, “we are just friends who, if anybody else asks, did not meet on the internet”)

and phichit tries really hard to lessen the awkwardness and also he is probably yuuri’s bff who told him “i totally ship you guys but just in case take him here for your date and if he winds up being a creeper i’ll knock him out with our wok”

(phichit does not knock him out with their wok)

(he knows true awkward internet love when he sees it)

“HTERE ISNO MANCE,” yuuri texts phichit drunkenly after he has walked viktor back to his hotel. drunk-texting is awfully hard, but yuuri has a lot of experience.

in response, phichit sends back a picture of the two of them giggling over pictures of their dogs, leaning over each other’s cell phones, long-empty plates still on the table (phichit has other priorities, okay)

“THERE IS SO MUCH MANCE,” he says, adding two entire lines of relevant emoji, from the smiling face with heart-eyes emoji to no less than five eggplant emoji. yuuri doesn’t deign to respond. it’s totally worth it.


@kixboxer; @cutthroatpixie

chuuya, chuoya and cyuya

i just wanted to write this bc ive been down for a couple of months and writing silly things helps

this is on ao3 too

“Dazai….if u must date me” chuuya whispers thru the night, clutching his hand beneath the grimy yellow of the porch light, “u must know”

“Lol about what”

chuuya takes his bandaged hand and goes

“about the other mes”

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Hey there! I was wondering, since you are an eel-keeper, do you ever find Noodles' teeth in her substrate? Like do they ever fall out? I collect animal bones and would love to add eel teeth to my collection! Sorry I know this is a really strange ask lmao

This is a really good question omg. I wish i had a better answer for you!!
I’m not actually sure if noodle’s teeth fall out :o
(I think goldfish loose their teeth sometimes? I know people who collect those so it wouldn’t surprise me if eels lose teeth too)

Although if noodle did lose teeth i’d probably never find them
Her teeth are pretty darn small. Like… probably the size of large sand grains.

Here’s a gif showing her teeth

and here’s a link to a video showing how big she is compared to my finger

So her teeth are pretty dang small 

Also she has around 3-4 inches of sand in her tank and she digs (with her face ? ???) all the time
So if she lost teeth they’d probably just get buried…. :<

If i had her in a barebottom tank i’d probably be able to find them…. but she would miss the sand lol

Now i wish i had some eel teeth! Or a skull… or a whole skeleton…. That would be awesome! 

Moray eels have really cool skeletons because of their pharyngeal jaws (Second set of jaws which move forward to grab food and pull it back into the throat. basically really weird swallowing.)

so I would love to have an eel skeleton that included the pharyngeal jaws like this one


Sorry I can’t answer the teeth question!! :< 

If you ever get eel bones/teeth you should totally tag me! I’d love to see them!

AU prompts
  • “We both take the metro (or train/shuttle/bus) often and see each other there all the time, we keep staring at each other but have never actually talked, and it’s getting weird” au
  • “Whenever I get coffee at your Starbucks you spell my name wrong and it’s turned into a challenge to see how wrong you can get it” au
  • “Your mail keeps coming to my address which is really weird since they’re nothing alike, but it turns out our mutual friend who wants to set us up keeps switching the mail on purpose” au
  • “We’re watching my favourite movie in class and this asshole keeps talkin- woah hello, you’re really cute, what was I saying??” au
  • “Your cat and my dog are totally in love, and I think it’s so cute until I realise that it’s your pet, because we kind of hate each other” au
  • “Who the fuck keeps buying all of my favourite junk food from the local super market” au
  • “Cute and talkative taxi driver” au
  • “You’re always the most spirited person during Spirit Week and I really want to beat you this year” au
  • “Why is the love of my life wearing that ridiculous costume to school, it’s not even Halloween, what the actual fuck” au
  • “I always see you at my sporting events cheering really loudly and you don’t know this but the entire team loves you for it” au
  • “It’s exam seasons and I just found you trying to drown yourself in a bowl of ramen noodles” au
  • “We’re camp counsellors at a really cool camp, but the rivalry between our cabins is sort of famous, and now we might get fired because the manager caught us racing toddlers” au
  • “I’m a waiter/waitress and you always sit in my section. I really like you and i thought you liked me back until you walked in here with a date, w h o o p s would you look at that I keep spilling stuff on them” au
  • Another waiter/waitress one: “You always come to this place and never talk much, but now these two assholes are harassing me and you step in and defend me” au
  • “You’re really passionate about Harry Potter and I tell you I’ve never even watched the movies so now we’re going back to your house for a movie marathon and you’re on a rant and I don’t know what I said” au

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Okay but best to worst gorillaz cover art

((long post!! i put the pictures there and explain why. put the (x)-sides there and alt version of demon days there for lols))

the fall - 2d….he pretty….he has the cute bandana…. me gushing over 2d aside it’s very very well drawn and captures the feeling of the album rly well

demon days instrumentals - i REALLY love this….2d lookin at you like a smug bitch, murdoc doin this thing, russel SCREMin, and noodle looking like she saw you steal chips from a middle schooler but isn’t gonna say anything. i love it.

gorillaz - it’s also really pretty….i love how 2d and noodle are drawn here especially. where the “gorillaz” logo is placed really pisses me off as i would put it up on top, but w/e

demon days - iconic…..legendary. i love how everybody here is drawn. russel doesn’t look like himself tho :(

g-sides - noodle is!!!! adorable here!!!! she looks like she could punch me and i’d say thank you. plus russel eating noodles in the background

plastic beach (and all alt covers as well) - very pretty, but rather….plain??? i guess. it’s still VERY pretty

humanz - *sniffing* y’all are so UGLY……

d-sides - what

Sleep - pt 2

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“Me? Oh I guess I never told you. I teach dance classes at the local university. Jimin’s a bartender at a pub downtown and he sings there sometimes.” Hoseok explained.

“You dance? And Jimin sings?” You repeated quietly.

“Are you surprised?” He asked unnecessarily.

“Do you want to go see him now? It’s usually pretty chill right now. Jiminie makes the best Tom Collins.” Hoseok bragged about his friend.

“I haven’t drank in a while.” You reminded him.

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Here’s a picture of my desk, one of my lunch (don’t worry I had sauce under the noodles). My clinic application is complete now and they’ll call me with a date, when I can arrive. I don’t need to go to school next week but maybe I will, I’m not sure yet! Getting no professional support, when you need it the most is so lovely, I love the health care :) 

I seriously can’t wait to get into the plane & fly to Munich for treatment! Every day is getting harder and harder and I don’t really know what I’m even doing here ??? I really wish I would’ve just recovered from anorexia when I was 16, without looking for the “underlying issues”, I really don’t want to dig through all the dirt that I’m left in. I’m so tired of not being good enough and being too much at the same time. I know that’s my only choice if I want to grow into a ‘healthy adult’ but why, weight restoration is so goddamn easy compared to this hell. 

Anyway, a huge thank you to all the people who messaged me, replied to my post, who thought about me or just sent hugs, I’m so so grateful for this community and I’m glad to have your back <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH

Welp. Here’s a letter to season 12

Really fam? 

You done went and didly done that?

After all I done went through, Supernatural, you gonna go and break my heart like ThAt? wow. WOW

Love, Noodle

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Not really a question but I think one of the reasons I love Akira so much is all the goofy shit you can do with him in P5, I was finding stuff I'd overlooked in the final month of the game. Gotta drink all those protes and run off all those GIANT BURGERS