but i really liked her okay

  • Jason: Okay, all right, so let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like… was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, 'I gotta have you now' kind of thing?
  • Kimberly: Well, at first it was really intense, you know? And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Billy: Okay. So, was she holding you? Or were her hands, like, on your back?
  • Kimberly: No, actually. First they were… they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Billy and Jason: Awww!
  • *meanwhile*
  • Trini: And, uh, and then I kissed her.
  • Zack: Tongue?
  • Trini: Yeah.
  • Zack: Cool.
Texts Between Bros- Brocode Edition

Elias: Yo

Yousef: hey man. what’s up?

It actually took me half a second to realize that this wasn’t the gc

Elias: yeah sorry just didn’t think they needed to be a part of this convo and it’s kinda awkward in person

Yousef: well now I’m nervous lol

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Elias: nah man don’t be. its nothing bad

just like


Yousef: …is she okay?

Elias: shes fine. literally watching her sing in the kitchen with chocolate smeared on her mouth. 

she looks ridiculous

Yousef: :’D she singing ed sheeran?

Elias: wtf? idk

is there anything going on with you and Sana

Yousef: i don’t get what you mean

Elias: idk i just think that she’s really young and you know… she’s my sister. It’d be weird if you and her were to… idk get together or whatever.

Yousef: i mean, she’s 17. and smart. and her own person

Elias: dude that’s not the point

Yousef: ….are you warning me off Sana?

Elias: do I need to?


  • Alex: Okay, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like…was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Kara: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Alex: Okay, so was she holding you? Or were her hands, like, on your back?
  • Kara: No, actually, first they were…they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Alex: Awwwwh!
  • -
  • Lena: And, uh, and then I kissed her.
  • Maggie: Tongue?
  • Lena: Yeah.
  • Maggie: Cool.
In-Between Pink Sheets

This was going to be a blurb but I got way too excited and now, I’m thinking about a part two. Anyways, I’d just like to say that I’ve been seeing a lot of fics on thigh riding these past couple of days and I don’t want anyone to think I’m copying or stealing ideas. This was requested nearly a week ago and there’s got to be a million and two thigh riding pieces so just DON’T. Okay, hope you enjoy. 

“Ya know, caesar salads really get me going, too.” He chuckled as he stepped tauntingly towards her.

She rolled her eyes, “Fuck you.”

“I bet tha’s what ya want,”

Y/N wasn’t sure if she was more embarrassed with the fact that she had soaked through her panties and was now biting back pitiful mewls as she rutted against the chair or the fact that she’d gotten terribly horny at her family dinner table with her her cocky, shit-eating grin bearing, boyfriend watching in amusement with that stupid twinkle in his eye. 

She figured, if she kept her attention on the conversation the rest of the table was having, she could forget about the current mess she’d made of herself, but, it seemed the longer she deprived herself of what she so desperately needed, the stronger that urge to sneak off to the bathroom with Harry in tow became. How she’d gotten into this predicament was beyond her, but now she was in a hole she couldn’t climb out of.

And Harry was definitely not helping.

He sat across the table from her, toying with his bottom lip to disguise the arrogant smile he’d been sporting since he realized the reason behind her red cheeks and dilated eyes. Every so often, he’d bump her foot with his before sending a knowing glance. At one point, he’d even gone as far as to slowly lick the sauce from his fingers while keeping his eyes locked on hers, hollowing his cheeks as he slid them out until reaching his fingertips and releasing them with a pop. And once he saw her clenching her fists and fidgeting in her seat, he’d ask, “Y/N, you feeling alright?”

And each time the only reply he received was a tight-lipped, “Yes.” And a rather harsh glare.

Her mind was clouded by selfish desires and the longer the dinner ran, the more and more she considered acting upon those irrational thoughts – maybe no one would assume anything if she discreetly grinded against her chair – and now she was sure the evidence of her arousal would be clear for all to see. Curse her for wearing a dress.

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a regular (who looks identical to Wee Dingwall from Brave) came in and while I was checking her out, I asked if she had a rewards card and she pulls it out along with her debit card so I take the reward and go to scan it. She goes “oh, no you’re wrong that’s my reward card. You’re wrong!”
We usually let the costumer just scan it themselves but it’s just easier for me to swipe them because the scanner can be fickle and swiping it takes two seconds and I tell her that but she just goes “oh, okay. I was going to tell you that you were wrong, but I don’t work here so I didn’t know. Sorry.”
It was nice for her to apologize because she’s usually really reserved and just deadpan’s everything. She’s a lot like a zombie honestly. Hearing her say anything that wasn’t about her order was actually just kind of weird.

Law School / Gangsta AU?


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Any theories regarding Deckerstar or just anything else on lucifer for season 2B?

Do I ever! These are just the few I can name off the top of my head and they’re kinda miscellaneous so take what you will.

  • Azreal’s blade will make a comeback and will be a key player in getting Momford&Sons back home. Blades don’t light on fire for no reason people!! I’m telling you they wouldn’t have brought it into 2A if it was a one time deal. This thing is coming back out of the woodwork soon, mark my words.
  • CHLOE DECKER WILL FIGURE OUT LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR IS THE DEVIL DURING 2B I SWEAR BY IT. Okay but think about it from a writer standpoint: you have a character not in the loop and the only way to solve the current drama is for her to be in the loop, therefore I have a prediction that this season’s finale will be Chloe figuring out that Lucifer really is the Devil.
  • Like most people I think that Candy Morningstar may only be married to Lucifer in order to escape her current life in Vegas. That being said: their relationship will only last one or two episodes.
  • The “God Johnson” we are going to see in 2x17 is not God. I believe that he’ll be some sort of prophet to God and will give Lucifer a message from his Father, but won’t necessarily be his Father.
  • Ella and her family will come into play! We saw a little bit of them in 2x13 and I think that them and their faith in God just might be a vital part of 2B.
  • As for my one deckerstar theory at the moment: Chloe and Lucifer can only get together together if and ONLY IF Lucifer reveals himself to her. These people have major trust issues and the only way to get their walls to completely lower is to take away every reason to have them in the first place. Lucifer is still scared, Chloe is still scared, but once Lucifer willingly gives her that part of himself I think maybe they won’t be so scared anymore. Lucifer’s true identity will build trust and safety between them, given Chloe stays rational, which I believe she will. That pillow of trust and safety leads to comfort and comfort leads to openness and that openness they’ll build between them will ultimately lead to them finally getting together and the start of the third season.

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Why people insist that Eren and Mikasa see eachother as siblings?.... wouldn't they call eachother "oneechan, aniki or some shit Likes that ?

oh the very old grandma in me that has had the same discussion 15454654875 times since 2013 really wishes she wouldn’t have to talk about this again because she is tired lol *sigh*

okay one more time I guess because new season *grunts*

well, I don’t think Mikasa talks family in the literal sense, she might have loved the Yeagers like her 2nd family, but that’s different from considering them as her actual parents
she calls Eren’s father “Dr Yeager” or when talking to Eren “your father”
she calls Carla “aunt Carla”/”your mother”
and well, she has never referred to Eren as brother, but she uses the word family many times, and family for Mikasa I guess is not in the literal sense, but is more of an emotional bond, in that sense Armin is family to Mikasa too
and I do think she considers him so

we don’t know how things would be if she has lived with them more than one year, but that didn’t happen anyway

besides, Isayama has never referred to them like that, nor does the narrative through the other characters in the story

when you tell people this, they get mad because for whatever freaking reason, they think if you say Eren and Mikasa aren’t regarded as siblings then you must be saying their relationship is purely romantic

like hold your horses, it doesn’t have to be either this or that?
(talking about the nature of the relationship here not the individual feelings)

of course people interpret canon differently and that’s okay, right or wrong that’s another story, I’m not bothered with people who respectfully express their opinion and back it up with arguments

I do think a lot of people mix things up though and don’t understand where the interpretation starts and when it ends, example:

interpretation: I think Eren and Mikasa’s bond is sibling-like/familial/purely platonic
not an interpretation/wrong fact: Eren and Mikasa are siblings

lastly, remember nobody’s opinion is gonna change the actual story, so does it really matter?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comfort (Batmom x Tim Drake)

Request: I came across your blog a couple of days ago but then lost it and ahhh found it again! I love it so much:3 so if it’s not a bother can you do an imagine where batmom helps Timmy with his first break up and it’s protective and fluff? Thank you! <3

I love Timmy 💕

Sorry if your name is Shelly oops

Thanks for the request!💕💕

You were at home, relaxing and reading a book. It was a quiet, sunny day and you were thankful to have a moment alone, away from the rough loudness of Tim and Damian arguing.
Damian was out volunteering at an animal shelter and Tim was with his new girlfriend, Shelly.
They had been dating for a month now and Tim really liked her.
You thought she was okay from the few times you met her.  She was polite enough and different from kids at his school. You had no problem with her.

You had just finished your book when Tim walked through the door. “Hey, Timmy! Why are you home so early?” You questioned, putting your book on the coffee table and turning to look at him. He ignored you, running up the stairs.

You were concerned but didn’t get up. You let him have space for a while before getting up to check on him.

You knocked on his door, concerned. “Tim? It’s me. Are you okay, baby?” You said softly. You grew even more concerned when you got no reply. “Tim, sweetie. I’m coming in.” You said gently, waiting for a few seconds before opening the door.

He’d been sat on his bed with red eyes and a sad look. Your heart broke and you walked closer, sitting on his bed and gathering him in your arms. "Do you want to talk about it?” You whispered.

He didn’t reply for a while, he just sat in your arms with his head on your shoulder. You let him sit there for a while before he looked up at you with puffy red eyes.

“Shelly broke up with me.” He croaked out. “Oh honey,” you grabbed him closer and let him cry it out. “I feel pathetic..” He whimpered.

“No honey, no no no.” You adjusted him so he could see your face. “Shelly let go of a beautiful, intelligent and bright young man today.”

He looked away, disbelieving. Your heart hurt but you were sure he felt worse. “It’s true. You’re Tim, a wise, beautiful boy. My boy.”

He looked up at you and scooted out of your arms. “Really?” 

You nodded, smiling brightly. “Come on, we’ll go out and forget all about Shelly.” You got up and walked toward the door. “Get ready and meet me at the car in twenty.”

You took him all around Gotham. To his favorite cafe’s, and restaurants. You even took him for a pedicure.

It wasn’t until you got to the third Starbucks of the day (it was going to be extremely difficult to get him to sleep) that you noticed the positive changes in him.

He seemed genuinely happy, cracking a few jokes here and there and smiling widely. You were happy he was enjoying himself. 

It was getting dark so you finally went home, carrying all of the shopping bags and your fourth cup of cofffee that day. 

You got out of the car, ready to fall in bed and sleep. You were starting to walk upstairs when you were stopped by Tim.

 “Thank you.” He smiled genuinely. “If it weren’t for you I would’ve just moped in bed all day.”

You smiled brightly. “Of course, Timmy. I’d hug you if I weren’t drowning in shopping bags.” You joked, lifting some up. He laughed and grabbed some from you.

Instead of his mind being full of thoughts of Shelly, it was instead full of thoughts of you and the amazing day you two shared.

A mother’s love and care is the perfect comort after all.


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@bleebug. A little extension of the pancake moment. And for @spartanguard for chest hair comments. Because.  And for: @this-too-too-sullied-flesh on her birthday.

Rating: M

He really doesn’t care.

The Charmings have dragged them all throughout town for the past few weeks and pestered him with questions he seldom had an answer to. What kind of flowers did he like? What was his favourite cake flavour? What colour did he want to wear? (Okay, that one he had cared, but he thought the answer of black was bloody obvious.) Who did he want to invite?

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So my little sister is coming to Europe in June/July (she lives in Korea) and she has (after I basically saw her Facebook update and bombarded her with OH MY GOD COME VISIT ME IT’S REALLY CHEAP PLEASE OH PLEASE messages) promised to come up for like 4 days at the end of June.

I have not seen her since Christmas 2014 (we were best friends growing up and then both moved abroad and went off and did things and have barely seen each other except for a few times over 7 years) and I am so excited I may cry.


Levi: Hey, hey now. Everything is going to be okay. Things happen for a reason. He was strong for as long as he could have been.

Vivian: I just miss him so much. The house already feels so empty without him…

Levi: I know, and it’ll feel like that for a little while. But things will get better, I promise.

Vivian: I’m just worried about my mom … She’s taking it really hard.

Levi: Which is understandable, she just lost her husband. But, she has you, and your sister and Wyatt and Poppy. So many people are still here for her. And I’ll be here, every step of the way.

Vivian: Thank you, Levi. 

sorry I’ve been so absent you all! life is kicking me every which way lately.
I got an awesome new job as a hostess at a fancy restaurant and I adore my coworkers. one of the girls I go to school with got me the job and she’s really amazing, I’ve already become great friends with her
school is insane right now. I have two speeches I need to present tomorrow that are far from being finished, I have a bunch of paperwork for my public speaking class I need to do, as well as rehearsals for theater (and like 50 pages of journals I was supposed to be doing all semester) due next week. I’m insanely stressed
food has been okay. I’m definitely not eating as much as I should and I blame that on not having money but that’s really no excuse, as I have 14 meals per week at the dining hall. I need to work on that!! luckily I am maintaining my weight so I’m proud of that
definitely not making progress on quitting smoking, but this pack I have is the last one. I HAVE to stop before I move home in two weeks
I’m nervous for that. family stuff has been very rocky. I have one good day and three bad ones with them. I’m really hoping it’ll improve once I move home
my relationship with my sister is getting better. I really thought after that last fight that we’d never repair our relationship, but she’s actually been talking to me and initiating conversations, like asking how my new job is, etc etc
I’ve been low key hanging out with this freshman kid… I don’t think it’ll go anywhere (and I’m not sure I want it to as he’s a year and a half younger) but I do like him as a person so at least I’ve got a new friend
AG is being stressful and ridiculous and I am soooo over it

anyway this has been my LOOOONG overdue update
I love you all dearly and I hope everyone is powering through finals season (or the last month of school if you’re still in high school)
I’ve got lots of messages I need to respond to. I swear I will get to them, but please be patient with me 💗
if you read this entire thing you are officially my new best friend

I’ll Make an Exception

A/N: A request from @summerinavonlea for a Derek x Reader where the reader is really into that retro swing look (think Candyman by Christina Aguilera). One night, she invites the team out to a bar she goes to because they have theme nights and they’re doing swing dancing that night. Normally, shy and reserved, the team is surprised to find she’s a really good dancer. Both she and Derek like each other but have never said as much. When guy after guy asks the reader to dance, Morgan gets a little jealous. Many members of the team dance with her throughout the night, including Morgan. @coveofmemories

P.S. Here’s the dress and shoes I pictured!


“Okay, I have to ask,” Garcia said, walking out of her office after a long day cramped up in her tiny, but terrific office filled with computer screens. Y/N had been working at the BAU for nearly a year, and every single Friday they were home, she had a separate bag from her go-bag. No one had any idea what was in it, and until now, no one had ever asked. 

Y/N turned around, realizing that the statement had been for her. “Have to ask what?” She smiled, her red lipstick perfectly reapplied after an entire day of downing cup after cup of coffee. For months now, Derek had had a hard time keeping his feelings for Y/N off of his face. She was his opposite, shy and unassuming, but she was also vastly intelligent, kind and funny. They were just such opposites, he always imagined she’d be more into Reid than him. Garcia looked at her bag and motioned toward it. “Oh this? Well, any time we’re home on a Friday, I like to go to this bar downtown, Harbor Q. They have dancing and drinks, and they do theme nights.” She started to blush; she hadn’t intended to admit how much she enjoyed the themed dancing they offered, but she had been working with them for a year. 

“Tonight’s theme is swing dancing,” she finished, looking quickly around the room at her friends. “If anyone wants to come, I’d love it. I’m sure you’d all have fun.” Immediately, Rossi and Hotch said they were in. Given that they were the oldest on the team, they had an appreciation for that kind of music even more so than the rest of the team. Garcia quickly said she wouldn’t miss it and darted out of the BAU to go get changed into a theme-ready outfit. After JJ found a babysitter for Henry, she said that she and Will would absolutely be there, and soon after, Emily, Spencer and Derek agreed as well. Derek wasn’t really the swing dancing type of guy, but he didn’t want to miss a chance to see Y/N out of the office doing something she loved. He imagined she’d be even more beautiful than normal.

“Cool, I’ll see you all in a little while. I have an outfit in here so I’ll get changed there.” With that, she left, thinking about the adorable outfit she’d change into once she got to Harbor Q.


Within an hour and a half, the team managed to assemble themselves and make their way to Harbor Q. Y/N had texted them to say she was already inside. When they walked in, Derek nearly stopped in his tracks, causing Garcia to walk into his back. “Just ask her out, Hot Chocolate,” she laughed. “I’ve never seen the Derek Morgan have it so bad for someone and not say anything about it.”

Just ahead of him, Y/N was dancing with someone he didn’t know, dressed in a red, swing-style dress with black and white polka dots on the top and bottom. Her shoes were black and white too, and her hair was pinned up. “Wow, you have it bad Baby Boy,” Garcia laughed, waving toward Y/N as she caught her eye. “Ask her out. She’s single. I’ve asked.”

“I might just have to,” he said in a daze, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been dancing (pun intended) around his feelings for too long. “But right now I just want to watch her dance. She’s actually really good.” She was great at basically everything, so he wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. It was probably because she was exceptionally shy inside the office. Here though, here she seemed like she was in her element. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she wasn’t the same person. In the office, she was shy and reserved, here she was animated, her smile as wide as the sea as she twirled around in the hands of her partner.

Minutes later, the song concluded and she walked over to the team. “Hey guys,” she said sweetly. “I’m glad you came.”

“We wouldn’t miss seeing you dance like that,” Emily said as she pointed toward the dance floor. She was stunned, as were they all.

Everyone stared at her in awe. It was unlike the woman they knew. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Reid asked.

“Well, my grandmother was always really into this type of music, and then she bought me a pair of shoes like this,” she said, turning her ankles toward them. “At that point, I started listening to swing music all the time, and when I got a little older, I asked my parents if I could take classes. Throughout high school and college, I did it all the time, until the very end when work, school and dancing became too much, but I still do it as often as I can.”

Rossi especially loved this kind of music. He was a little more into smooth jazz, but he appreciated the carefree nature of swing music. “You’re exceptionally good at it,” he said. “Is everyone here trained?”

“No,” she laughed. “That’s Connor.” She pointed to the dance partner they’d seen as they walked in. “He is, but most others aren’t.”

“Well then,” Rossi said, straightening his jacket and making his way up to Y/N with his hand extended, “I won’t feel bad asking for a dance. You have to teach me how you’re so light on your feet.”

A pang of jealousy rang through Derek’s stomach as Y/N took his hand and ushered Rossi, JJ and Will, and Reid and Emily onto the dance floor. Apparently, she was going to try and teach them as well. Why was he jealous? God, he really needed to just take Garcia’s advice and ask Y/N out. It was killing him to sit idly by as she flitted around with everyone else, even his own teammates - though he had no reason to be jealous of them.

He couldn’t help but laugh when Rossi started tripping on his own two feet though. Rossi may have claimed to be a smooth-talking Italian, but he undeniably had two left feet. Derek was about to go ask Y/N for a dance when the song ended and she switched partners with Emily. Now, she was attempting to teach Reid how to dance, and surprisingly enough, he had an easier time than Rossi. 

Garcia had been floating between the bar, where a very handsome gentleman was making a movie (to which she was very receptive considering she’d just broken up with Kevin), the dance floor, and Derek’s table. “Are you sure she’s single?” he asked as she approached him with his drink. “She looks like she’s into Reid.”

“No,” she said firmly. “She loves Reid, but it’s more of a best friend kind of love. She’s actually been trying to set him up with one of her good friends from outside the office. Ask. Her. Out.” Again, he was about to get up as the song concluded, but she pulled Hotch from nearby and made him dance with her. Rossi was catching on quickly, dancing circles around Reid who was now tripping over his clumsy feet. 

Nearly 45 minutes went by, with Y/N switching between members of the team, including the ladies, and other men in the bar. Every time Derek wanted to go ask her to dance with him, she’d go to someone else without giving him enough time to even move from his table. Alright Derek, he said to himself. Get up. 

“It’s about time you showed up out here,” Y/N said with a smile when Derek finally made his way to the dance floor. “I have to know if the incomparable Derek Morgan is as light on his feet as I think he is.” She grabbed his hand and twirled into him. Without missing a beat, he gathered her by the waist and started moving his feet in time with hers, catching on much more quickly than any of his friends. 

“Since when does my sexy Chocolate Thunder know how to swing dance,” Garcia asked, reaching her hand toward him. Playfully, Y/N slapped it away.

“He’s mine now, Garcia!” Everyone paired up again, except Rossi and Garcia, who paired off with people they met there. “I’m glad you came.” Although it had taken over an hour to get a dance with her, Derek was glad he’d come too. Now to actually say something and not draw the attention of his teammates. 

“Me too,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “You look beautiful by the way.” Red really was her color. It made her eyes pop. “And I had absolutely zero idea you were as talented a dance as you are an agent.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Derek,” she winked, her tongue pushed up agains the roof of her mouth. “And thank you. I fancy myself a great agent, so that’s quite the compliment.” 

“Y/N…” he started. “I was wondering if sometime soon, you might want to go out…just the two of us.” When he looked up, he could see Garcia giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

“I’d love that, Derek,” she replied as the music started to slow down, a much more mellow tune blasting its way through the bar. “I was wondering when you might ask me out.” Reid, Emily and Hotch looked on, knowing exactly what was happening, but they paid them no mind.

“Am I allowed to have two dances in a row?” Derek asked cheekily, feeling better now that he’d gotten his feelings off his chest. She’d danced with each member of the team more than once, but never two in a row, so despite an upcoming date, he wasn’t sure if she was going to move on to someone else.

“I normally like to switch it up,” she said, looking up from where her head was leaning against his chest. “But for you, I think I’ll make an exception.”

okay but ?????

I like teenage girls so much ??????

first day of term and at least three of them gave me compliments about my hair since I cut it during break and one of them tried her hardest to tell me “your dress looks really classy, I like it” in a broken French even though she struggles a lot with the language but still tried to make an effort to be nice to me

teenage girls are just so precious and beautiful I love them

anonymous asked:

i'm fifteen, my parents don't cook or sometimes i go a month with no food in the house because they don't buy groceries. it's okay to have 'first world problems' but please appreciate your ma and what she cooks you even if it is 'white ppl' food. it's food, a lot of us are hungry! appreciate bb

i’m so sorry you have to go through that but honestly don’t presume to know how i treat my mother because i made one joke about her cooking I literally appreciate my mom so much I talk about how much I love her and how she’s my best friend like every day and I work two jobs so i can help her pay bills and pay for my own college bc she’s been a single mom since i was 4 years old and she struggles to support me and my brother bc she gets no child support from my dad so it’s really not okay to assume other people’s situations bc of a joke about food

Blackwatch AU WIP #2

hey so I know I’ve been talking about this Blackwatch AU a lot and put up a WIP a while ago but I promise I’m still working on it so here’s a big (no I mean it this thing’s like 1k and some change) Blackwatch!Mercy WIP

as always WIPs are subject to change so don’t sweat it too much if something looks wrong or weird!

hope you guys like it! you can always check out my twitter for more writing updates if you’re into that kinda thing <3

also also sorry for being annoying but maybe check out my post about doing a  writing stream and let me know your thoughts because right now it seems like people aren’t really interested which is fine but like I just gotta know okay thanks sorry that’s my shameless plug

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jasper-elliot16  asked:

Kinda Urgent My parents know I wear a binder but they just thought it was because I wanted some clothes to fit better. But I'm starting to think that my mom knows I'm trans. I wasn't planning on coming out to my parents for a long time.. but recently it seems my mom is getting more educated on trans stuff and this morning she starts telling me about this interesting ftm persons story she heard. My sister was also in the room, but my mom was telling the story directly to ME. (1/2)

Do you think she knows? Help. I don’t want her to tell my dad or brother because I know how they feel about trans and non binary people. They very openly are transphobic especially my brother. I don’t know what to do about this because it really seems like my mom is dropping hints that she knows. (2/2)

Okay, well, first of all, if she does know, at least it sounds like she’s doing some research and isn’t reacting negatively. That’s good! 

Second, I would hope, if your mother knows how your father and brother feel towards trans and nb people, that she wouldn’t tell them without your consent. So even if she knows, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll tell the rest of your family. 

I’d suggest sitting down with your mother and having a discussion. You don’t have to come out if you don’t feel like it’s the right time, just try to feel out her views. Talk to her about the things she’s been learning about, ask her what sparked her interest. See if she mentions it. You could even drop hints like how you wouldn’t bother discussing those things with your brother/father because of transphobia - or you could be more vague, depending on how you feel. If you do end up coming out, then you could just straight up ask her not to tell them. If you don’t come out, but you feel like she knows, try to drop hints and subtle suggestions that maybe it would be best not to share her new education with others in the family. If you don’t come out, and don’t feel like she knows, then it’s a problem for another time.

Basically, my advice is to talk to her.

anonymous asked:

Okay so here's the deal. I'm a straight guy and Friday I'm going out with a mtf girl. She really great and I really like this girl but I have an issue. We want to have sex, and that's fine with me but she hasn't been through the procedures she needs yet so some stuff is out and I don't have the slightest idea on how to please her. And it doesn't help that I'm a virgin so I don't know what do in the first place. If you have any tips or suggestions please I'm open to whatever Thanks!

Haha hello there, well this is interesting.

I think its funny that boys find it so complicated when they are attracted to us.. but do not fear my dear anonymous buddy, here is your local transgender gal to help with some advice  <3

So I am glad your masculinity is not threatened by dating a trans woman. I am currently in a serious relationship with a straight cis man and I’ve learned a lot being with him.

Maybe you should first come to terms with her identity and body. What do I mean by this? She is not on the obligation of having specific body parts or surgeries, if you like her, like her as she is… and I have the feeling from your message that you really like and you’ll be fine.

I know this will be cliche but communication in sex is key. Just create an enviroment that is safe for you both to communicate and find out together how will sex work with you guys. I am sure she’ll be more than happy to guide on how and when and where on her body, and also, why not also let her know what you want and what you are comfortable with.

Dont rush sex if you really like her or like somebody in general.. get close and learn about each other and that will make sex so much natural and please enjoy the learning experience.

Please send another ask if something is not clear or if you have other questions.. and good luck on that date. <3