but i really liked her okay


The dog park was a new addition to the Windenburg countryside. Levi immediately took to the obstacle course, trying his best to get Boris to cooperate. Boris wasn’t quite as interested. Beth and I watched from afar, chucking whenever he got frustrated at poor Boris. 

Her and I just had some much-needed girl talk; I tried my best to keep the conversation about anything but that kitten that was back at home. “So how are you liking school? You’re in middle school now, right?”

Beth nodded, as she kicked a few rocks on the path, “Yeah I am. It’s okay. I don’t really like doing the homework though. I just wish it could be recess all day. But we don’t get recess in middle school.”

I laughed and put my arm around her shoulder, “Yeah, I miss recess too. But you’ll get used to it. And hey, homework isn’t so bad. You just need to find a topic you enjoy.”

She rolled her bright green eyes, “I enjoy recess, Violet. I just said that.”

“What else do you like?” I smiled at my little sister. She kind of reminded me of myself when I was her age- although I was a bit more studious.

“Camping! Mama tells me that I should go to the camp that you worked at one summer. What was it called?” 

“Uhm- Tall Pines. It was called Tall Pines,” I answered, my stomach dropping. I hadn’t thought of that place in a long, long time.. 

“Yeah! That one. I don’t know if I’d like being so far from home though.. Did you like it there?”

“Well..” I started slowly, picking my words one by one as the memories came flooding back, “For one, I was a counselor, not a camper, so my experience was a little different but.. yeah… yeah I did like it there,” my voice came out softer than I intended.

“It was.. probably one of my favorite experiences in high school,” my throat started feeling dry, “And I made a lot of, uh, friends there. I still talk to some of them, sometimes..”

There was no way Beth knew anything about… about Jordan. Her questions had nothing to do with him. But that didn’t stop the sinking, hollow feeling in my chest from returning, as it always did when I was reminded of him. It had been so long since I thought about everything that happened that summer. I took a deep breath, sucking back in all the thoughts and feelings that were threatening to take over. I shoved them back down, deep, where they belonged.

“I- I think you’d have a lot of fun there, Beth. You should go.”



First things first, I’ve never really taken to Nanami in the way that a lot of people who watch this show do, and whether that’s based in things I haven’t yet seen, the way I don’t really “like” any of the characters in the show (The closest would be Juri and Touga, my lesbian and bisexual dramatic asshole idiots, but that’s mostly “wow these fucking gay disasters ahahaha”), or just a personal feeling, I’ve yet to figure out,  BUT I really respect her pragmatism here. “Yeah, I fucking hate her, Juri, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend and we’re in trouble here” 

And then Juri takes it in such an interesting way, and it’s really neat the way they all take turns talking here: Claiming that they aren’t even really friends, and Nanami asks what they are then, and I sort of agree with her. Juri, you hang out every day together even though you aren’t dueling or even having official business, you tease each other at this point, I’m sorry, against your will, you have friends, it’s a shame you had to find out this way. 

But it says so much about Juri, about her single-minded stubbornness, and her Haruka-esque devotion to INTENSE DRAMA duty. That the situation between all of them has CLEARLY changed doesn’t seem to even register with her. She IS a Duelist, that is what she’s here to do and anything else is self-centered foolishness. TO an extent, I think Juri FEEDS on her own misery like another dramatic pants wearing lesbian I know, if she’s not tormenting herself over some perceived failure or some duty that requires her to sacrifice everything that gives her enjoyment, IS SHE EVEN LIVING???

Please note I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!

“He left your mind even more broken than he did before, did he?”

“I am not an ungenerous Jedi, agent … I can relieve you of this pain. I can make you feel alive again. All I have is one request.”

“Do not direct your attention to my conquest, and I will ease your mind.”

God, do I even tag my senpai in this??? Do I dare??

@karanan, I spent several hours today working on this! It was supposed to be for OC Fight Week, but this is more of a mental battle than a physical one. Though tbf, Suzuka really doesn’t mean him harm, she just wants his Alliance to leave her alone so she can quietly take over the Republic. IT’S NOT A TRICK OR ANYTHING!!! (She’s just taking advantage of an awful situation and she should feel bad about herself.)

Anyways! Roscoe and Suzuka, having a little chat. Naked, for some reason, which makes no sense, but don’t mind that because it’s ART, DAMMIT.

Suzuka is my character, and Roscoe belongs to @karanan. …I hope you like it???

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Hi, I'm a trans guy and I currently can't get something off my mind. My little sister is usually very supportive, she uses he/him pronouns, calls me her brother, etc. etc. Recently (like, a few months ago actually), I finally decided on a new name... and I corrected her for the first time today. She looked at me for a second then said, "[my name], you know I'm not gonna remember that. Why did you even change your name?" I don't know what to do, and this really hurt me. Any advice....??

Lee says:

Little kids can have trouble with change- I know that I did when I was younger, and sometimes they lash out when they feel like things are changing too quickly and a name change is bigger for a lot of people than a switch in gendered words. That doesn’t mean it’s okay, but eventually she should come around to it if she’s been supportive of everything else so far.

You should have a conversation with her and say that what she said was hurtful to you, and you would appreciate if she tried to use your name since it means a lot to you and you feel bad when people use the old name. You could also ask your parents to talk to her if they’re supportive of you.

Followers, any advice for anon in dealing with their sister?

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Hi! I want to follow more SK blogs, even if they are multifandom! Which content creators would you recommend? I’m more interested in graphics/edits than gifs

@ the creators: I hope I selected edits that you guys are proud of making! These are personally my favorites!

I’m not sure if you were considering audio edits, but @maaatryoshka​ makes really lit nice audio edits of Stray Kids and 3RACHA music!

Examples: Young Wings Instrumental, 3D + Bass Boosted Runner’s High3RACHA Lockscreens

Bonus: A personal favorite! (xOkay I swear I’m not trying to do you both dirty by linking to this crack masterpiece

If you’ve asked other people, @jeongn​ would most likely be mentioned! She’s a graphic design student, and you can really see it in her graphics!

Examples: Woojin Edit, Chan Edit, Stray Kids EditStray Kids x Alice in Wonderland

Edit: DUH, how could I forget one of my favorite Stray Kids lockscreens edits? (x) (Sorry, your reblog reminded me of it!) 

@seungchanie​ makes all graphics/edits and has a cool art style, if you’re also interested in quality fanart! They do a bit of everything, including gifs. 

ExamplesChan EditWoojin Edit3RACHA Edit

Bonus: Not an edit, but check out this cute fanart! (x) So squishy!! 

@chanbng​ Although her gfx tag has a lot of gifs, the edits are amazing and definitely worth the time to check out!

Examples: Fanmade Mixtape Track Covers, Chan EditWoojin Edit

@stkids​ makes nice, muted graphics that are pleasing to look at. The colors are a bit diluted, but gosh, does it fit an aesthetic. There’s no eye-strains, just a sense of impressive tranquility. 

Examples: Young Wings Edit, Mixtape Gif EditChan and Seungmin Edit

@sevngmin hasn’t posted anything edits yet because she just moved to this account! I’ve linked to some edits on her old account though. The diverse edits are super cute and pretty (or in the case of the hyung line lockscreens… super litty *finger guns* I need better puns)!

Examples: Minho Edit, Hellevator LockscreensStray Kids Hyung Line LockscreensWoojin and Seungmin Icons, Jeongin x Daisies Edit

Sorry it took awhile to answer! I hope this response is still relevant. ;v; 

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Headcanons of GoM + Kagami with s/o with abilities that combines all of them including Kagami and better. He challenged them guess what? They won with ease. While they're talented, they believe in the saying "There's always someone better than you", in putting effort to improve yourself and pretty humble about their abilities too. Bonus if they're like 5'0 feet so imagine their surprise when they jumped higher and longer than Kagami. P.S. Your blog is cool and I hope my request is ok

Yes of course it’s okay! Thank you, hehe
Also to the anon that just sent me his/her request just then – this request is really similar to yours so maybe this was?? Let me know!!



  • This boy knew what you were capable of, and you not only exceeded his expectations, but his imagination as well
  • At the start, he had tried to go easy on you but you had pulled one of his own ultimate moves against him – the emperor eye
  • A rapid glance from you to his slightest muscle contraction, change in breathing and eye movements and you knew his next move – all you had to do was think ahead
  • He glanced up as the ball passed through the ring smoothly, his mouth pursed but slightly open and loose
  • You had forced him to use the emperor eye himself
  • But emperor eye against emperor eye, the two clashed, forcing YOU to use another trick up your sleeve
  • He had blocked your lay-up, but you had jumped out of the court; suspended in mid-air just for that split second, you shot the ball from behind the hoop 
  • Swish, another score for you
  • Now Akashi was completely confused – how was he unaware of your talent until now?
  • He clapped, “You never fail to impress me, darling.”
  • You grin, “Thank you. But you’re extraordinarily talented yourself, Sei.”
  • Truth be told, he wasn’t surprised.
  • You were the only person who had ever managed to beat him in Shogi after all.


  •  “____, I told you. The only person who can beat me is me.”
  •  He remembered what he had said with a smug look on his face when you had predicted your victory 
  • “Don’t go easy on me.” You smiled charmingly
  • Aomine knew what it felt like to be taken lightly and he of course, decided to grant your wish – besides, why wouldn’t he want to show you the full extent of his power?
  • Entering the zone, he made the first basket in with ease
  • And the look on his face was priceless when you took a deep breath and entered not only the zone, but the zone inside the zone 
  • That, followed by that jump you just executed, he stared, knowing it was incredibly similar to Kagami’s - no, it was more powerful.
  • But he kept his cool even as you dunked from the free throw line, “So you’re not just a midget.”
  • That earned a growl from you and he smirked, patting the top of your head, “Kidding. The game isn’t over. I’ll win this.”
  • Sure enough when the game was over, Aomine Daiki had to admit his defeat whilst sulking
  • He might have scored the first point, but you had the scored the next 6 after that, marking your victory
  • Flexibility, Skill, Power, Speed – great assets that you had to become a valuable member of the team 
  • He wondered why you never bothered to compete; you were way too humble for your own good 
  • “Do you take back what you said?” You asked him, who was still a little overwhelmed by your win
  • What an idiot he was to underestimate someone like you
  • He huffed, being the stubbornly competitive person he was, “I don’t expect less from you, but I’ll win the next round.”


  • “You can mimic the others too, ____-cchi?! I didn’t know you played…!” He couldn’t help his jaw from dropping when you dropped the bomb on him
  • No… It used to be an extracurricular I took part in…” You trailed off, a blush creeping onto your cheeks.
  • “No way!”
  • He refused to believe how amazingly humble you were being, considering the extent of your skills
  • Skills of Aomine Daiki, the person he wanted to beat the most – those feints, formless shots and freestyle play you had as you played – it felt like he was seeing another Aomine, moreover those animal instincts you displayed – it gave him the same vibe he received from Kagami Taiga
  • He smacked himself on the head for not realising what an unbelievably brilliant girl he was dating
  • You dribbled in front of him and he kept his eyes on you, determined not to let you pass this time, but you had another plan
  • You sped up your dribble, disrupting Kise’s balance and making him stumble onto the ground
  • “No… Way… Akashi-cchi too?”
  • Un.Be.Liev.A.Ble. He thought as you won effortlessly.
  • You stared at him – Kise wasn’t the best at dealing with losses, especially after you had performed one of Aomine’s moves…
  • But his eyes welled up with happy tears as he rushed to pull you into a big hug, “That’s my girl! You’re amazing!”


  • Now before their game even began, Midorima was sure no matter how good you were, as long as he had his lucky item, he would win nonetheless 
  • …Even if Cancer was placed as number 2 today
  • “You’re not going to block me?”
  • Your questions made his eyes drift towards you,
  • He sighed, pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose
  • “_____, there’s no way you would make that.”
  • Well, he was the one who asked her to go against him in a 1 on 1 match – but to be fair it was because you mentioned that you used to compete
  • “Oh, Shin-chan, you underestimate me too much.” You grinned, ”Besides, I’ve got my lucky item today too.”
  • With a flicker of your wrist, you launched the ball upwards. It spun and cut through the air before slamming through the net.
  • Midorima staggered backward, his mind swirling at the sight 
  • No one, absolutely no one else was able to do that, except for him of course, and Kise Ryota when he mimics
  • At the end of your game, he had lost by 4 points and as much as he wanted to blame it on the horoscopes, he knew deep down just how good you were


  • When you asked him to come with you to your favourite brunch place, he had refused – the food portions were too small and way too ‘pretty’ for his liking
  • So he had challenged you to a game of basketball 
  • He loved basketball mainly because he always won – his body and height a full advantage 
  • … There was no way you were as strong as Aka-cchin… right? 
  • He started to question his decision when you started to emit a powerful aura the moment you stepped onto the court
  • Tying your hair up in a ponytail, you were giving him an uneasy vibe
  • He started on the defensive – something he was best at, but you had dribbled furiously, knocking the air out of him as he fell backwards and watched you score the first point 
  •  After two consecutive scores by you, Murasakibara had started to get fired up, refusing to admit victory so early in the game 
  • He stood in front of you and jumped, his hand outstretched in the air, but to his surprise, you threw the ball in a gridiron-like motion while performing a fade-away, missing his finger-tips by a few inches
  •  You ended the game by executing a mid-air spin and followed by a two-handed dunk, making the purple haired player’s eyes go wide in shock
  • “Thor’s hammer…” He muttered, recognising it as his signature dunk
  • So this was what it felt like to be overwhelmed by his technique
  • If it were anyone else but you, he would’ve gone, “I’ll crush you next time—“
  • But instead he grumbled at his loss and said lazily, “I was going to go with you to that place anyways. This was such a drag.” 
  • Your lips tugged into a smile when you noticed he too, had his hair up in a pony tail, which meant he actually… had fun.


  • He wasn’t sure why he bothered to challenge you in the first place – his abilities were proven useful only especially when his “light”, Kagami Taiga, was around
  • A 1-on-1 was not a good idea; however, he wanted to see your capabilities as a solo team player
  • A second after the game started, your eyes dulled, showing little to no emotion as you glanced to your left, making Kuroko’s eyes travel the same direction
  • And as he tried to refocus on you, you had disappeared and the next thing he knew, he could hear the sound of the ball swishing against the net
  • He… Fell for his own trick. 
  • He was on the offense next and you managed to steal the ball from him before shooting from the three point line
  • It was only 2 points in and he was already more than impressed with what you could do
  • You were on offense again and you dribbled back to the three-point line; Kuroko was quick to rush on his defence – but you had leaped before he got to you, gaining height so that at the peak of your jump, you could hurl the ball into the basket forcefully 
  • “That’s… Kagami-kun’s…” Kuroko trailed off in awe, convinced that you were superhuman or at least close to being that
  •  And after barely 10 minutes, you had won with an immense gap between the scores
  •  “I want you play against each of the Generation of Miracles. I think… you have a fair chance of winning.” He decided, curious to see what the dynamic would be
  • But you smiled, “You think too much of me, Tetsuya. I’ll go against them… But don’t underestimate your friends, they have a few tricks up their sleeves too, I bet.”


  • You going against Kagami wasn’t going to be easy, you knew
  • He got into the zone as soon as it started
  • So the first thing you did- 
  • “You’re in the zone too?!” Kagami blurted out
  •  Little did he know that wasn’t the last surprise he would be receiving today
  • You were on the defensive first, and Kagami performed a self-alley-oop, deliberately missing when he shot, then grabbing and dunking the wall
  •  “Okay.” You said when it was your turn, copying his previous movements
  • “What?! Another Kise?!” Kagami half-shouted, turning bystanders in your direction
  • That trick went on for a while until it was match point
  • You backed away to the half-court line, and Kagami questioned your actions 
  • Could you really– 
  • “I…” You tried to mimic Midorima the best you could, even pretending you had glasses and adjusting them, “Never miss.”
  • You won.
  • “I never doubted you for a second.” Kagami wiped the sweat off his forehead.
  • You gave him a look, “Really?”
  • “Yeah, I doubted you for like 30 minutes, so technically it wasn’t a second.” 
  • You laughed, “Even if you do think I’m good, there’s bound to be someone out there who’s better. Maybe you’ll beat me next time, unnamed Miracle.”
  • He gave you a longing look, acknowledging how lucky he was and how stunning you were, even as you were glistening from sweat from head to toe. 
  • “They all say that I’m the unnamed Miracle, but obviously they haven’t seen you yet.”
things i wanna talk about Camila’s debut performance of NBTS on Fallon

and by things i meant camren-related so.. 

this ain’t a lot, just some things that a shipper like me would notice. idk if someone made this already but

i’m just- Camila is getting painfully obvious nowadays (remember that recent tweet by a camren account which she liked? it’s a video of her in that YT live and the caption was something about a special someone but not specifying the gender? okay)

disclaimer: i’m not saying that everything non-hetero that camila might be doing consciously or subconsciously is related to lauren or camren 

Keep reading

  • she is the human incarnation of a cure song tbh
  • the youngest halperin sister and 300% doesn’t have her life together but you know what??? that’s okay, who does when they’re 26? she has always been a pain in her mom’s ass so nothing on that end is really new anyway.
  • they’re from the area so give me childhood friends please!!! i would love for her to have someone that she has basically been close to since they were in diapers. mavis is very much a ride or die friend. she’ll do anything for them. she has a really good ability to make people feel like they’ve known her forever when they’re talking to her - even if they’ve just met for the first time. idk people are comfortable with her. 
  • she went to community college in the area b/c like hell she was going to go to a 4 year institution and then try and pay that off for the next 400 years. besides, she was lucky enough to start doing graphic design work in high school so by the time college came around she had contracts.
  • there’s a running joke in their family that she’s either a stripper or a cam girl b/c she works freelance so she’s always working at nights???? and no one in her family ever sees her working on stuff but she always has cash.
  • she’s just a delight so give her friends pls!!! and some exes?? or just past hookups. idk just love on her please xo

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My biggest fear and insecurity in a relationship is cheating (my dad cheated and my past relationships have ended with that), and tonight my gf nd I were fighting and she mentioned she "might be everything i hate" and that she "might cheat" and that just... really hurt me. I only ask her for reassurance sometimes and her to tell me what she's up to, but she said if i didnt treat her like a cheater she wouldnt have said it. Im just really hurt :(

What the fuck ???? Thats so fucking??? Leave her, honestly, thats not okay. You never mess with your partners insecurties during a fight!! You being insecure isnt your fault. Leave her, shes toxic.
Kids, dont fuck with people who need to offend, attack, or mess with you in order to “win” fight.

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What colour do you associate with your mutuals and why? 😘❤️💖


yellow: @imabettersquirrel shes so full of Energy and rllyyyyyyy talkative! Shes like a sun!

orange: @multikpopworld I dont Know whyyyy…But SMH I associate orange with rewarding yourself After a hard Day of work or accomplishing something. She‘s ALWAYS working REALLY hard FOR her GOALS BUT DOESNT forget having fun and rewarding herself FOR her good work.

red: @untalkativedreamer shes just…SO LOVING AND SUCH A WARM PERSON! ❤️❤️

purple: @geminimoonjimin A LITTLE DREAMER!💜 she‘s my pisces FRIEND who is super Sweet and WONDERFUL and Dreamy. I CAN Talk TO her about THE Universe and Daily life! AMAZING!

green: @ishallbeyourqueen idk why but somehow you remind me of finding hope. It‘s weird BUT yeah THATS what I think.

pink: @seoksmay shes a Cutie and her PERSONALITY and Everything Reminds me of pink

also pink for @noen-ergy 💝


christ i’d forgotten how horrifying certain everyday conversations between heterosexual women are

like, i like my coworkers and they seem like nice people overall but every so often one of them will just…really casually say some shit that makes my skin crawl but that they seem to think is completely normal. one of them is pregnant and due really soon and today i overheard her talking to another coworker in the locker room about how the pregnancy was 100% an accident and that she’s not happy about having another child because she can’t really afford it and “would have been happy to stop at one,” and the coworker was like “why didn’t you use protection if you’re not on BC?” and she goes “oh come on who uses condoms with their husband??” as if that was just the most preposterous thing in the world

i couldn’t help saying something like “okay but that’s actually really common because many women can’t take hormonal birth control” because i was just…reeling from the overall implications of the situation and the fact that a sexually active, male-partnered adult woman who obviously didn’t want more children would say something this stupid, and she just sort of gaped at me and didn’t seem to have a response, and then the coworker made some kind of joke about oopsie pregnancies as if it’s all just an inconvenient but overall positive fact of life that will definitely happen to every woman instead of something objectively Not Good for either the parents or the child. at that point i quickly excused myself by saying good night and heading out to my car but holy fucking Y I K E S batman

Also is nobody going to talk about how the press releases of Taylor filming with Future in Miami made a huge focus of how “busty” she looked and went into detail about how she was wearing like several layers of pushup bras etc and like??? Umm??? What??? First of all really it’s 2018 I mean yeah she looks fit as hell but really, you’re putting out stories about/focused on her boobs is this for real or… but second of all why wasn’t it just simply “OMG OMG OMG, TAYLOR SWIFT IS FILMING HER END GAME VIDEO!” “THIS IS SO EXCITING GO TAYLOR WE CAN’T WAIT” Like???


I just wanted to look at my improvement over time – these are both my gemsona Morganite, redesigned and drawn almost a year apart. I’m really proud of my improvement, even though the pompadour probably looks better in the older one aha – If you want hit me up and I could doodle a fusion or something!! 


Okay, I'm saying this right now on behalf of Leon (RANT)

SPOILER AHEAD, YOUVE BEEN WARNED; Ive noticed a lot of people have been saying stuff like, Leon is abusive and that hes a rapist. He’s not. He never once abused or rape MC! If you read his story carefully, you’ll understand. This is one of the reasons why Leon is so misunderstood. He really didn’t defile anyone, Eris went to him, so it was her fault. His real sin was not knowing about love, that’s why he was the way he was before knowing about love. Look, I know that he has a huge ego and can been mean at times, trust me, I’ve like other Leon fans, dealt with him since July 2015, so that’s lemme see, 3 years almost and I’m used to him. I know that some of you fangirls might be thinking “Why would you want to be with Leon?” Or “Leon only loves MC for entertainment” No, No! There is more to Leon than meets the eyes. You gotta give him a chance, be patient with him! See, a lot of you judge Leon aka the book by his cover, based on his first few episodes. Trust me when I say this! It will take a while for him to get warmed up to you, so don’t throw in the towels, give him a chance. The next thing I want to point out to you girls is the amount of complaints that Leon received for getting a second voiced story back in May 2017. I find it quite ironic that Scorpio had the same treatment more than once and yet none of you complain. As a Leon fan, I think thats completely unfair not only to Leon and myself but to other Leon fans out there. That’s like treating Scorpio better than Leon. No no NO NO! Stop hating on Leon for no reason. I mean you never know if you like it or not until you read the story. Who knows maybe you’ll like it. I know that Leon is not Scorpio. Leon is not Zyglavis, Leon nor the Wishes department aren’t the punishment department because the majority of you say “Their stories are more meaningful”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Leon’s story can’t be meaningful. As mentioned in his Musing on Love he’s been alone all of his life. No parents, no siblings. Plus he never been loved in his life before until he met MC. So of course he’s gonna be all like “What is love? It’s meaningless” and be all arrogant and stuff. And yet you all hate on him because of the way he is without getting to know him first. He’s sweeter than you all think, trust me when I say this. He’s an Oresama I know, so is Eisuke but please don’t take this as me comparing the two cause they are not alike. Leon’s Character developes, Eisuke, not so much. To me Leon is more respectful to MCs Wishes than Eisuke. And I know you all are gonna hate me for this, but no matter what, I still stand by my opinions and beliefs. One more thing, stop blaming Leon for not making it to the top 3 in last years Voltage election! Stop attacking Leon! Instead be supportive of Leon. Leon has improved over the years so give the man some credit for crying out loud, instead of putting him down like he’s trash. First off, say that to my face, and I’ll bite you! (not really XD) It’s not Leon’s fault that The King didnt get his story, so Stop putting all the blame on him like he ruined everything! And that’s all for now. And this is me being passionate about Leon like I always am as a hardcore fan. That’s why I’m called Goddess of Leo for crying out loud. I hope what I said rings a bell to everyone that’s reading this.

Kay Bye~

IU really took the time to acknowledge Jonghyun and the importance of mental health during her DAESANG speech, a moment that’s supposed to be all about celebrating her and her accomplishments as a musician… she could’ve used her speech to say the usual thank yous and I love yous to her fans, family, and friends, but this angel on earth took it one step further and congratulated all the other idols/artists for their hard work and reminded them that putting yourself first is completely okay and being unhappy sometimes is not a sign of weakness. Not only did she admit to millions of people that she’s felt the similar depression Jonghyun had (which mind you is a huge deal bc of how much of a public figure IU is and how literally so many fans and artists look up to her), but she willingly talked about all of this in front of so many young people and idols from every company, not to mention the fact that she was brave enough to do so in a society that looks down on mental health and illness in general… IU really did that and the audience thinks it’s okay to blatantly scream and yell when their faves are on the screen for like a second while she’s talking and giving an important message no one else is willing to discuss???? This isn’t only a message to K-fans but to all of you: yes, supporting your faves and hyping them up is okay – that’s what you do as fans, of course. But to completely disrespect other artists, ESPECIALLY when they are having their well-deserved moment to shine, makes you a person that no artist will ever be proud to have as a member of their fanbase. Remember that behaving like an asshole isn’t only going to affect you – your actions are going to reflect the reputation of your fandom as a whole, and eventually they will reflect the reputation of the idol(s) you support.

moral of this story basically is to stop being a bitch and stan iu instead, this has been your daily psa thank u!!!

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!