but i really liked her okay

reasons the Voltron trailer has me shook:

  • Blue is so attached to Lance that she didn’t even immediately open up to Allura? Like it took her time (we dk how long exactly but enough for Allura to start walking away) before accepting Allura as her paladin 
  • All the new Galra females?? Aka we get to see Keith’s mom probably!!
  • How skillful the paladins are with their lions. Like their moves are way more suave and badass somehow
  • As we saw Lance will pilot Red, and I hope this is metaphorical to show us Lance’s more angsty side (compared to Blue which was a really friendly and happy lion that mirrored Lance in the team)
  • Shiro opening his eyes––what if he wakes up and finds himself on Earth again, found by the Garrison?????
  • Keith leading Voltron––which, okay, Keith piloting Black and Allura piloting Blue wasn’t my thing™ but I’m starting to like the idea to see the parallels. Like the original pilot for Black was Zarkon who was Galra, and now Keith is piloting it and he’s Galra too
  • Lotor not being a major part of the trailer and I’m hoping that he’s not the same as original Lotor and that he switches to fight alongside the paladins in this series
The RFA guys + V + Saeran reacting to MC having a daddy kink

yes hello it’s me, the submissive little shit back at it again with more dominance from our faves (i won’t do baehee in this as i can’t really imagine her having a mommy kink, so she would most likely kink shame you tbh)

((my first headcanon in months and it’s daddy smut, i’m not even sorry))



  • This boy is a switch, okay
  • It’s basically canon that he is often very submissive, but as soon as he gets jealous he gets super possessive and in my humble opinion dominant
  • Which means rough sex, including pinning you to the closest surface, hickies all over and the occasional spanking if he really needed to teach you a lesson
  • He needed to study for his final exams when Zen invited the RFA to see his newest musical, and therefore couldn’t join you there
  • He did however check his phone while taking a break and saw a selfie of you and Zen all over his feed, with crazy fans shipping the two of you
  • Taken over by jealousy, he had you pinned against the front door almost before you could even close it, attacking your neck with love bites as he muttered how you were only his
  • Seeing this side of your usually shy boyfriend always made you a stuttering mess, and before you had even realized it, you moaned out “daddy”
  • For just a moment he gave you his confused puppy look, before fully realizing what you said and blushed, his eyes darkening with lust
  • “That’s right baby girl, I am your daddy. No one else. Now go to the bedroom and be undressed in two minutes, daddy will make sure you remember that you’re his”
  • can you tell how much of a slut i am for dom!yoosung
  • After you were done he would be a blushing mess, as he didn’t even know he was into that
  • Although he would take control more often, he won’t be your daddy every time - but when he is, he takes very good care of his baby girl


  • Zen had gotten a role in a musical a few cities away but you were too busy to come with him, so he stayed alone at a hotel for two weeks while doing it
  • Even though the two of you made a point to call each other at least once every day, he missed you when you hung up to take a shower and decided to scroll through tumblr while he waited for you to come back
  • He knew you had a fan account on there and while he didn’t follow you because he didn’t want the spam from all your fandoms on his feed, he did check your account now and then
  • Totally not to see you fangirl over him, pff no
  • He scrolled quickly past the things he didn’t care/know about, a small smile on his face as he found it cute that you were so passionate about everything
  • That is until he saw a reblogged post saying “reblog if zen is is the reason you have a daddy kink - i would kill for him to call me princess and tie me up”
  • Flustered, he accidently dropped his phone on the floor and scrambled to pick it up
  • “Zenny? What happened, did you drop your phone again?”
  • You were obviously back from the shower, and the image of you naked and wet in addition to the idea of you calling him daddy made the beast within him groan with lust
  • “Princess, why are you keeping things like this from me?”
  • “What do you mean? What have I done?”
  • “You haven’t told daddy just how much you like being his little baby girl”
  • “I-I… I’m sorry daddy, I won’t keep things like that from you again”
  • “Hmm… Should I believe you? I think you should send daddy a picture of you to show him how sorry you are. Show me your apologetic look”
  • You tried your best to take a doe eyed selfie that showed how much he made you blush, making sure to show your clevage as well
  • “I don’t really think you’re all that sorry, princess. You should send me more pictures like that”
  • You heard his strict tone become a bit more relaxed as he started breathing heavy, and you hoped he was touching himself
  • You did as he said, trying harder to look innocent and sexy at the same time, and heard him downright moan when he recieved the picture
  • “Baby girl, facetime me now. You need to help daddy with something”
  • With that he hung up, leaving you kind of flustered as he had found out your ultimate kink, before you facetimed him and picked up where you left of


  • You were trying to read a book and listen to some music while Jumin did some work in his home office, but Elizabeth kept playing with the cord on your headset
  • “No Elizabeth, stop it! Do I really have to go and tell daddy what a bad girl you are? Leave the cord alone!”
  • As you were listening to music and busy trying to distract the cat, you didn’t notice Jumin standing in the door until he chuckled
  • “Daddy, huh? i prefer that over ‘cat mom’, at least”
  • You blushed when you realized he had heard the nickname you used for him only around Elizabeth, and tried to play it off by lifting her up and talking in a baby voice, pretending to voice her
  • “But daddy, she is no fun! Your little kitten wants attention, and daddy was too busy to play. But I will be a good girl from now, I promise”
  • “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, kitten”
  • Jumin shaked his head in faked annoyance, but as he stepped closer you realized he wasn’t looking at the cat
  • You let go of Elizabeth and she walked away, leaving you alone with Jumin towering over you
  • “Good girls don’t blame others, my love. You’re the one who wanted attention, right? You’re the one who wanted daddy to play with her?”
  • You nodded and blushed more, trying not to show how much his words affected you
  • He caressed your cheek before gripping your chin and lifting your gaze up to meet his, wanting to know if you found this as hot as he did
  • “Let’s go get your favorite toys, then. Daddy will make sure his kitten won’t be bored for the next few hours”


  • He had been working for two days straight and you hadn’t even seen him leave the computer, except from the occasional toilet break
  • You were needy and wanted his attention, but he kept telling you off because he “just needed a few more minutes, then he would be done”
  • After a few more hours of this, you’d had enough and just plopped down in his lap, ignoring his furious typing
  • “MC, not now, I’m almost finished”
  • “But daddy, I’m lonely… Can you please play with me?”
  • His typing stopped and you could swear you saw his glasses shine mischievously for a moment
  • “Well… If my little princess is lonely, I guess I have no other choice but to play with her. Too bad you have been such a bad girl today, trying to distract daddy. How should you be punished, baby girl? Maybe some spanks on your cute little ass?”
  • You nodded shamefully, pulled your pants and panties down and repositioned so you were laying on your stomach over his lap, presenting him with your bare ass
  • You could only whimper when he smacked your ass without warning, before rubbing his hand over it soothingly
  • “Such a shame that daddy has to punish his pretty little girl… What do I have to do to make you listen, hm?”
  • He spanked you again and again with no mercy, until you were a whiny mess and tried to squirm free of his tight grip on your hips to save yourself from the bruises you knew would come
  • “Will you behave now, princess?”
  • As soon as he saw you nod, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to bed for your reward for being a good girl
  • fuck me up fam, he would be such a good daddy
  • When you woke up in his arms the morning after, he would already be awake and looking at you with heart eyes until your stomach growled, which would make him laugh
  • “Shut up, I’m hungry!”
  • “Hi hungry, I’m daddy”
  • Yes, he would use this as an excuse to say dad jokes


  • All he wanted was to edit a few photos of the two of you he had taken to make a card for your anniversary, but as he couldn’t find his laptop, he decided to borrow yours while you were out with some friends
  • However, as soon as he opened it up, he was greeted by the sound of obnoxious moaning and the sound of skin slapping
  • He quickly shut the computer again and hid his face in his hands, mortified that he stumbled upon the porn you were obviously watching
  • Deciding to respect your privacy, he really did try his best to find his own laptop, but he couldn’t find it anywhere
  • He eventually gave up and realized he had to use yours to get the pictures done, so with a deep breath he opened your laptop again, ready to click the porn away and focus on what he needed to do
  • The sounds started again and he paused the video, but as he waited for the editing program to open, he saw the title of what you were watching
  • “Daddy takes care of his princess..?”
  • Intrigued by the idea of you having a daddy kink he resumed the video, growing harder when he imagined the girl with the baby pink lingerine was you
  • A thought crossed his mind; he had the perfect idea as of what to give you for your anniversary
  • When the morning of the big day came around a few weeks later your blue haired boyfriend was already awake, presenting you with your gift as soon as you muttered a “good morning”
  • You opened the card expecting to find a cute message like he usually wrote on your anniversaries, but you were only met with “Daddy saw something that reminded him of his little girl and couldn’t resist getting you something special. Happy anniversary, my princess”
  • He was too shy to meet your shocked eyes, which only widened more when you opened the gift and saw the pink babydoll dress and vibrator
  • “Was it too much..?”
  • Obviously anxious that he assumed too much, you reassured him by pecking his cheek and resting your hand on his hardening croth, suprised by how much even the idea of being called daddy worked up your supposedly vanilla boyfriend
  • “I love it, daddy! Thank you so much!”
  • He smiled relieved as you changed from your sleepwear to your new set, gaining a boost of confidence when he realized he knew your body well enough to get you the perfect size
  • “You’re such a good girl, princess. Now lay back and let daddy give you your real present”


  • “Harder, daddy…”
  • He was woken up by your needy moans and the feeling of your hips moving against his, grinding your ass against his crotch as he was spooning you
  • As he was half asleep he didn’t realize what you had said, the only thing he realized was how hard you’d made him and how badly he wanted you that exact moment
  • After hesitating for a few moments he let his hand travel down your belly before pulling your panties to the side, feeling how you were already soaking wet
  • This earned him another moan from you, which only got louder when he circled your clit with two fingers
  • “Saeran, I need you so badly… Please daddy”
  • Hearing his baby girl beg for him made him ever harder, and he couldn’t resist gently biting your shoulder
  • You woke up with a gasp as he pushed a finger inside of you, giving you some much needed satisfaction
  • “Were you dreaming about daddy’s cock, princess?” he groaned in your ear as he pushed it further in, crooking it to find your sweet spot
  • When your only response was a whimper, he pressed his crotch against your backside, letting you feel him
  • “I asked you a question baby, I expect an answer”
  • You nodded and wiggled your hips, trying to get him to shove another finger into you
  • “Tsk tsk tsk, such an impatient little girl. Daddy will take care of you, don’t you worry your pretty little head with that”
  • With that he rolled you over so he was hovering above you, before kissing his way down to where you needed him the most
  • fuck me up again, another good daddy

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hi! why do you love shuu uranus? (your gifs are great btw!!)

BECAUSE. okay ehm.

her uranus has that perfect balance of cool, fierceness, as well as endearing softness that I always love in haruka. like she looks like she could kill you on the spot in unv (and she really could), but in ae she is a cinnamon roll too pure for this world who just wants to carry her gf’s violin okay michiru probably made her do this but i digress. one second she is space sword blaster-ing tiger’s eye and the next one, channeling her inner papa and protecting saturn in the battle field.

she looks like haruka tenoh in the flesh.   

the director said that shuu’s character study showed in her voice projection. she has a deep, soothing singing voice, and she’s an even better dancer.

her chemistry with sayaka michiru is through the roof. their harumichi compliment each other and they’re operating as an equal.

i’m sorry i got carried away a bit i just love those two so much smh

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top five yousana headcanons?

OMg okay I can’t put them in order but I’ll write my five favorites

-Yousef and Sana date for a long time before thinking about marriage because Sana wants to end her studies before she can even think about that. Yousef proposes to her when she starts her last year of university. He probably does like this huge gesture that includes dancing and the whole balloon squad by his side. Sana is really embarrassed at first but her heart melts when she looks at him because I mean he’s her soulmate!!!

-Sana is the first one that brings up that it’s time to have kids. Yousef didn’t want to pressure her into anything so he just waited till she was ready to talk about it. They have three kids, a daughter and two sons. Yousef wants to have more at first but he then realizes that 3 is actually a lot and they settle for that. They also have a dog named Carrot. Yousef is the one that brough it home and Sana got so mad when she saw it but as soon as she saw it with their kids (and he told him the name) she melted and accepted. Now she’s probably the one that loves the dog the most making Yousef a little bit jealous sometimes

-Sana is a surgeon and Yousef is a teacher. They’re both very busy and spend a lot of time outside their house but they always manage to spend time together. They always try to have dinner together as a family and at least once a month they take a day just for themselves.

-Yousef is the one who cooks and Sana is the one that cleans basically because Sana burns everything she tries to cook and Yousef always gets the cleaning products mixed. One time Sana tried to cook Yousef’s favorite meal for his birthday as a surprise but they ended up eating a pizza because that thing definitely didn’t taste good. And another day Yousef tried to wash their clothes and it ended up on him having to dress in pink for two weeks, not that he cared anyway.

-Every summer they go somewhere for their holidays. Their first trip together was to Turkey because Yousef wanted Sana to meet his family and to show her the beautiful country. They also went to Morocco to visit Sana’s family. Now it’s a tradition, one year Turkey, one year Morocco. Also sometimes Yousef surprises Sana with a romantic weekend in some beautiful city or just a cabin in the woods, anything to have some alone time with his wife.


Sana and Yousef are the couple that everyone admires and want to be like. Every time someone needs romantic advice they go to ask Yousef and Sana because they still don’t know how they manage to get through everything together. The secret? LOVE

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OT3 headcanons for Stiles/Allison/Jackson?

@inell also asked for Stiles/Jackson/Allison 💖

❤️ everyone is kind of surprised when Stiles and Jackson get together. The only one who isn’t surprised is Danny, who just looks completely unimpressed when Scott asks him “wait how long has Jackson been into Stiles?”

when Allison joins them, no one is surprised. they’ve been through so much and the whole pack have grown closer. they just want their friends to be happy. so Scott and Lydia gently talk Allison through her feelings, encouraging her to go for it, and when the three of them walk through the corridor together, holding hands, they do so knowing that their pack is silently cheering them on.

📖 Jackson is incredibly smart, okay? no one can pry this headcanon away from me. I think we definitely see glimpses of it in the show, like him figuring out Scott is a werewolf, and I don’t really see Lydia in a long term relationship with someone who couldn’t keep up with her. so, yeah, Jackson is wicked smart, Harvard law levels of smart (and very few people know that this is Jackson’s dream because he’s made the mistake of telling the wrong people before, people who don’t believe in him, who don’t look past the athletic side of him; stiles and allison are the only ones besides Danny who listen and believe 100% that he can do it)

but anyway, I love the thought of the three of them studying together. on Allison’s bed in their ugly lounge clothes, with candy spread out around their textbooks, helping each other study for tests or research for assignments. just something normal in the middle of the usual chaos.

💰 Jackson has a tendency to splash the cash on his partners. It’s his way of apologising, of showing love, of trying to prove he’s worth it, he’s worth their patience and time and love. maybe it’s because after he found out he was adopted, his parents kept showering him with money and expensive gifts to try and prove their love, maybe it’s because he’s a rich douchebag, but either way, it takes Lydia pulling him aside and reminding him that it never worked with her because she loved him for /him/ and not his money, and that it’s not working with Stiles and Allison for the same reason. It takes her telling him to look, really look at them, for him to realise that they truly do love him, and it’s not for his car or wallet or bank account. on their anniversary, when they open the letter he wrote for them, pouring his heart and soul into it, the look on their faces make him realise that in some situations, money don’t mean anything at all. But Stiles and Allison? They’re everything.

🎳 they go bowling for their first date. Jackson and Allison are wickedly competitive, so even though Stiles sucks, he’s having fun just watching them bicker back and forth and taunt each other as they try to beat the other. eventually, though, Jackson decides to ‘help’ Stiles, hands on his thighs as he changes his stance, fingertips lingering on his wrist and elbow as he shows him how to throw the ball, with Allison on his other side, breath tickling his neck as she gives soft encouragement. he totally misses all of the pins, but he doesn’t care, because ten minutes lather they’re asked to leave after enthusiastically making out in their booth.

⚾️ Allison and Jackson run together and occasionally drag Stiles with them, kind of stunned by how sweaty and breathless and wrecked he gets, wheezing as he tries to keep up with them. they try to work on his stamina after that (both in bed and out), which leads to Jackson training Stiles on the lacrosse field, helping him improve while Allison watches on fondly. at the next game, when Stiles scores the winning goal, Jackson gets to him close, crushing him close, just ridiculously, adorably proud of his boyfriend, while Allison cheers from the stands next to the sheriff, and it’s probably the happiest moment of Stiles’ life.

thank you! 💖

So while me and Kerry were Knoxville w/ Charlie and Logan we dressed up as the beta kids at one point and we went to the mall, it was really casual and fun we just walked around and went in the stores and stuff, but we obviously went into hot topic (because we’re we really just not going to go to hot topic while we were in the mall. No.) , and we were just in there looking at stuff when this 12ish-year-old girl comes up to Logan and goes “I love your shirt!” And he goes “thank you!” And we linger in there for a few more moments and the girl ends up seeing all of us together, noticing that there is in fact all four of us. and she comes up to us and she’s visibly nerding out and it’s really adorable and she says “okay now I’m just DYING” and it just made my day to make her day . Like I know if I were like 10 or 13 or something and I saw my fave characters just walking around I would also be dying


Okay so the time has come; Lily has asked for a dolly. I tend to buy her gender neutral toys, because I don’t want to push gender norms on her etc etc, but she’s asked  for one so I’m online trying to find a NOT SO CREEPY doll and I’m sitting here shocked. ALL THE DOLLS ARE WHITE WITH BLONDE HAIR like WHATTTT?!?!?! and the, like, TWO, that aren’t are so expensive! I wanted to get her an italian-y, maybe half-chinese-y doll to reflect her, but I’m not forking out ridiculous amounts of money for a doll. 

TalesFromRetail: Some people just don't understand credit cards

So I work at a clothing store, and we have an in store credit card that we’re supposed to try to sign people up for. Yesterday, this really angry lady came in wanting to pay off her credit card bill, and since I’m the sales lead I decided to take it.

Me: Alright, ma'am, how much would you like to pay?
Her: $25.
Me: Alrighty, are you paying with cash, card, or check?
Her: inserts card
Card reader: beeps
Her: Why the hell does it say my card was declined?!
Me: Oh, are you using a credit card?
Her: shoving face in my card It clearly says debit on it!
Me: Oh, okay then you probably accidentally ran it as credit. Go ahead and insert your card again and we’ll run it as debit.
Her: Why is it asking me for my PIN?
Me: Because you’re running it as debit.
Her: Well I don’t use my PIN.
Me: Well if you want to use your debit card then you’ll have to use the PIN. But if you’d rather not I can ta-
Her: HELL NO! I don’t HAVE to do anything!
Me: sighs Ma'am, there’s nothing I can do. If you want to pay with a card, you need to use the PIN. If you don’t want to use the PIN, I can also accept cash or check.
Her: Don’t tell me what I HAVE to do, little boy!
Her mom (a sweet old lady): Baby, just go outside. I’ll handle this.
Her mom: I’m sorry about her. You said I can pay with cash, right?
Me: Of course!

As much as I hate dealing with customers like her in the moment, I honestly love having the stories afterwards. My friends love when I tell them the ridiculous things my customers try and get away with.

By: Despair_Disease

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Tbh personally i think that those kissing asks were kinda rude, especially how often you were getting them, you two have known each other irl for less than a week, give it time. Also, I'm sorry that her parents are that way, and that she feels that way, that sucks for both of you.

I had like 30 overall and like I was really okay with it but it made her feel worse and like yeah I wanna kiss her really bad but it’s her choice too and I’m not gonna take it away from her

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yknow being gay isn't an excuse to be misogynistic. i don't see you ever really critiquing garroshs actions but i bet you'd judge hers constantly but it's ok bc. ~you're gay~

okay i don’t even know how to respond to this because i don’t know who “her” is. and. like hOW IS ME SAYING GARROSH IS HOT MISOGYNISTIC.

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Hi there, I've got a little bit of a doubt about something Jonsa! related and wanted to know what you think of it? okay here it goes: when Sansa tells Jon he can't protect her and that he should stop his response is "I'll stop protecting you when you stops trying to undermine me" or something along those lines and ??? I just ? find it ?? so WeIRd???? Like that's not very reasonable? And here I thought I was awkward whenever I try to talk to my crush, oh boy... he's such a lost puppy

Hahahaha omg that’s a really good point though, like what kind of retort was that? Because we all bloody know there isn’t a day in hell that Jon would stop trying to protect Sansa. Shipper goggles aside, she really is one of the most important people in his life and Jon looks out for the people he loves. It’s who he is at his core. There’s literally nothing he can do to change that. If he stops trying to protect his people, he stops being Jon and he knows that. It’s not some inherent trait he’s pretending doesn’t exist (like his Imposter Syndrome). He has a degree of self-awareness, as most humans do, and he knows he’ll never stop trying to protect Sansa, so why say that? 

I think you’re right. It’s this combination of being flustered around Sansa and not really knowing how to act around her, and being angry and insecure about his legitimacy as the king and whether he’s doing a good job. There’s a meta I reblogged a little bit ago about Jon’s Imposter Syndrome that you should read if you haven’t yet. I’ll link it here

They both just need to learn to communicate better, but with every great partnership, it’s a trial and error journey. They’re going to make mistakes, say stupid things, do stupid things, but as long as they continue to talk it out, they’ll be okay. And as we saw in the premiere, almost immediately after the big argument in the Great Hall, they talked about it. Yeah, a lot of people were mad at the things Jon said to Sansa and others are mad at Sansa for speaking out in public, but they’ve both had to pave their way in the world for so long by themselves and ultimately, they’re different people. They have the same goals but vastly different ideas of how to achieve it. They just need to learn how best to complement each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses.

Sorry, I rambled a little there xD

off topic from koumi BUT

I’m honestly really salty abt the fact that Fun Girl is just an “"edgy Easter egg”“ in the game. Like….I can actually see there being some potential for her character in the game (e.g. Ayano having nightmares if you take a game route where you kill everyone and she’s a recurring character in said nightmares) but is Dev ever gonna work with that???? Nope.

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After Celia passes, does Jude have like a depression and doesn't want to see Thea. like postpartum kind of symptoms or more like separation anxiety where he wants to makes sure she is ok at all times

I think there’s a little bit of both. In the beginning, shortly after he definitely experiences an episode of depression where he really doesn’t want to see anyone and wants to be with himself a lot. And it isn’t that he doesn’t want to see Thea or loses interest in her. It’s that he feels so drained that he struggles with finding the energy to care for her. And then it moves into a kind of anxiety over making sure she’s okay at all times, and often panicking over small things and just wanting her with him always. Because she’s the only real piece of Celia he has left and he took care of Celia until the end. He had to watch her get weaker and sicker. And he just loves Thea so much and it terrifies him every time she has a sniffle or cough or feel the slightest bit warm, for a long time. Because even though somewhere in his mind he knows it’s a little irrational, he’s terrified of losing her too. xx.

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!


Elevate her legs! No, wait! I mean the head! Wait, okay, if she’s red, raise the head, if she’s pale, raise the tail. Does she look pale or red? She looks squished. 

Iridessa (voiced by Raven-Symoné) in Tinkerbell (2008)


#can we talk about how Jace had to ask Izzy for her stele to heal the cut on his hand but when it comes to Clary being hurt or in danger, their connection is so strong and he loves her so much that he activated the healing rune on his body (without a stele) and it actually healed her. Like.. it’s okay, really. I’m completely fine.