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please don't take this the wrong way, I am a VERY STRONG anti, however, I don't fight other people on what they ship. One of those ships is Shallura. My question is, I know she's a teenager, but, she was cryofrozen for 10,000 years. So, even though she has the body of a teenager, wouldn't she technically be 10,017 or so years old? So, in turn, *could* Shallura be ok? i'm just asking, I didn't mean harm. I genuinely am curious.

During these 10 000 years she was, like you said, cryo-FROZEN. She didn’t develop mentally or physically at all. You can’t really grow up if you sleep during this time and have no consciousness, so no, her being asleep for 10 000 years doesn’t make shallura okay and honestly reversed dynamic with thousands of years old Allura and 25 Shiro would still be really weird. 

my brother is starting to listen to be more chill

i’m gonna type out what he says about each song. (italics are when i’m saying stuff to him) (edit: i made this a week or so ago and i forgot about it so i’m posting it now)

Jeremy’s Theme - “who’s jeremy and why is he special enough for his own song” “it’s just an instrumental and he’s the main character” “oh”

More Than Survive - “is this michael-yeah it’s michael” “i love michael” “me too”
“how many times can one person say christine” “oh just you wait” “oh my god it’s still going”
“go go go go!”

I Love Play Rehearsal - “what if you think of this one?“ “yes.”

The Squip Song - ”wow okay it’s from japan buddy”

“are the alien noises in the background necessary?” “yes.”

Two Player Game - “of all the characters to get a tattoo of he picks pacman?-oh it’s michael again nvm i like him.“

“this ones good” “theY keEp yElLINg” 

*lots of headbanging* 

“oh god they’re yelling again okay” 

“michael is my favorite person too” 

“oh my god so much yelling.”

The Squip Enters - ”what’s this one-oh okay”

Be More Chill Pt 1 - “what if i don’t want to take my hands out of my pockets?“ “idk man” 

“i know the squips a bad guy but i like him” 

“I’m made of math’ *cackling*” 

“*judgy tone* Madeline.”

“ohh hamlet” 

Do You Wanna Ride? - ”i want frozen yogurt….”

Be More Chill Pt 2 - “waIT I DONT LIKE HIM ANYMORE” “the squip?” “YEAH”

More Than Survive Reprise - ”this ones good" 

“okay it’s good but there’s a reprise in the first act??”

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - “*gets to the end* wait-what?? go back????”

The Squip Lurks - ”my aesthetic"

Upgrade - *headbanging to the ‘upgrade-upgrade!’ part* 

“back to christine? okay.” 


“poor michael…” 

“wow they didn’t even try to rhyme anything with loser-i mean it works so hey” 

*mumbles* “what?” “nOTHING i wasn’t singing along.” 

“*voice cracks* he-e.. he blocked him-m…”

Halloween - ”this is good"

“oh wow okay they’re all yelling now” “yeah aha they do that-” “shhhh i wanna hear”

Do You Wanna Hang? - “i don’t like this one..” “me either”

“oh the squip makes everything so much more uncomfortable, he’s like an old man trying to help jeremy-*realizes an adult tying to get a teenager laid*oH MY GOD”

Michael In The Bathroom - ”*hears the first note* NO NOT THIS ONE.”

“this is so much more heartbreaking when you’ve heard the rest of the story”

“george has such a nice voice”

“*glaring off, not really at anything in particular* michael deserves better. can we find him a nice boyfriend?”

“*tears in his eyes as it ends, forcing a smile*that was fun let’s never do it again thanks”

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) - “is this jenna ro-*hears chloes part* oh yeah it is cool”

“you said she was in heathers too right?” “yeah” “cool”

“*jaw drops a bit* wait rich did what??”

“he burned the house DOWN?!” “yep” “WHAT THE HECK RICH”

“’no i was crying’ *laughs* same” 

“..is that george?!” “yeah, the guys dress in feminine clothes and dance and sing in this song” “thats so freaking cool..”

The Pitiful Children - ”ohhhh i like the squip again”

“is he literally going “beep boop”?!”

“*nodding his head* this one is really good”

The Pants Song - “i don’t know if i’ll ever love anyone that much” “same”

“ohhhh, is this aplay on michael loving jeremy?” “i mean, yeah but like-” “no they’re gay.”

The Play - ”*eyes widen, before belting* MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE”

“i want the confidence of jake with the squip”

“did michael go ‘ugh’ at the girls?” “i think so” “mood.”

*at the two player game reprise part* “HEY IT’S THEIR SONG AGAIN!!” 

“jeremy christine is lying to you she doesn’t love you, but it’s okay cause michael does” “LIAM” “what?!”

Voices In My Head - “oh rich.”

“homeslice?? what year is it” “i wish i knew”

“i mean sure i’m happy for jeremy but like come on, he obviously loves michael”

“is this that will guy you love?” “sure is” “oh- i see why now. his voice is really nice.” “mmhmm”

“*eyes go wide when everyone starts singing* thats so cool”

“*frowning* is this the last song?” “sorry, but it is” “no i need more” “we can listen to the full performance later” “okay..”

Avengers Chatroom (feat. Tom Holland!Peter Parker)

Hey everyone!! Fifth post! Woohoo! I hope you guys enjoy :) don’t forget to send in requests and things to my inbox. I love you guys! Hollanders for the win - Xoxo K

- Tony has started a Chatroom -

- Y/N, Nat, Steve, Wanda, Thor, Clint have been added to the chat -

Tony: What’s up everybody?

Steve: Tony, pay attention to the meeting

Tony: It’s really boring.

Nat: Oh my god, Tony… If Fury catches you texting during this meeting…

Tony: I don’t care. I hate meetings. Besides, we need to figure out how to get Y/N and the Spiderling together.

Steve: Stop texting! Pay attention.

Tony: Oh please. Capsicle, you’re just paranoid.

Steve: Don’t call me that.

- Tony changed Steve’s name to Capsicle -

Tony: There, now I don’t have to.

Capsicle: TONY! Seriously?

- Peter has been added to the chat -

Peter: Hey everyone.

Nat: Oh boy… here we go.

Peter: What’s going on?

Tony: Not much. Just this stupid meeting. It’s really boring :/ Anyway… we wanted to talk to you about Y/N.

Peter: W-what? W-why?

Nat: Because… we know you like her.

Wanda: Yeah. She likes you too you know.

Peter: Wait? Really? Are you serious?

Thor: Yes, I have noticed your mutual attraction to each other. You are both quite oblivious. Almost to the point of idiocy.

- Thor has left the chat -

Nat: Why’d Thor ditch?

Tony: He’s still figuring out his phone.

Nat: Oh… right. Sometimes I forget he’s not from around here.

Capsicle: I’ve been frozen for 65 years and even I knew Y/N liked you, but we really need to get back to the meeting.

Tony: It’s so obvious. She’s got the hots for you, Spider-Boy.

Peter: I-It’s Spider-MAN.

Tony: Not until you grow a pair and tell her…

Capsicle: Tony, the meet-

Capsicle has been removed from the chat

Nat: Tony!

Tony: #Sorrynotsorry.

Nat: Ugh whatever. Anyway, Peter just tell her you like her.

Clint: Just don’t be creepy about it.

Peter: Uh. O-okay?

Tony: And don’t look like a total dork… cause you’re a total dork.

Nat: Tony, they’ve been friends for years, I think she’s already seen his dorky side.

Wanda: I actually believe it’s one of the reasons she finds him so charming.

Y/N: This is true.

Tony: Y/N?! When did you get on here?

Y/N: I’ve been here the whole time.

Tony: :O

Y/N: Bwahahahahaha >:)

Peter: Y-Y/N… uh, I want to ask you something.

Tony: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Peter: Would you like to… go out with me sometime? I really like you.


Y/N: My answer is yes, Peter.

Peter: G-great.

Y/N: How about tonight?

Peter: Sure.

Y/N: Pick me up at 8 ;)

Peter: A-alright. See you at 8 :)

- Peter has left the chat -

- Wanda has left the chat -

Tony: Thank god! I would have exploded if they took any longer.

Nat: I know right. They needed to get together.

Tony: But why did she put that winky face…?

Tony: Do you think there will be spider babies?

Clint: I don’t think they even know how to do that, Tony

Y/N: I wouldn’t act so sure

Tony: You’re STILL here?!

Y/N: >:)

Nat: Y/N, what do you mean by “I wouldn’t act so sure”?

Y/N: You’ll see… or will you?

- Y/N has left the chat -

Tony: …

Clint: …

Nat: She’s my favorite for a reason. She’s not afraid to hand your asses to you.

Tony: But you have to admit… she’s pretty weird.

- Chatroom has been closed -

Here Now

It’s stormy and I’m in the mood for some fluff. So here you go!


Rainy days with Harry were your favorite. They meant both of you would be home and time would go by slowly, allowing for the both of you to relax. Whether they were spent in bed with a bunch of blankets and a cup of tea, or reading together in the living room, you enjoyed each other’s company.
But this one was different.

It was getting darker and darker outside, a storm very obviously brewing. Harry was still off at the studio, as he was spending more and more time there as his solo career took off, and wouldn’t be home for a few hours still. This wasn’t unusual – you’d become accustomed to evenings spent alone in your apartment. But, you weren’t fond of storms and you could feel your nerves growing.

Harry had been gone for a while, so you sent him a curious text – “When do you think you’ll be home today? Miss you.” It would be a while until you heard back.

The soft hits of raindrops began to pick up against your window and fell steadily. You decided to make some tea while you waited for Harry to text you back, hoping his answer to your question about his drive home would yield something along the lines of “Yes love, leaving the studio now. See you soon xx.”

Filling the kettle up and placing it on the stove, you could hear the wind picking up outside and a faint rumble of thunder. You tried to keep yourself from getting anxious, but as the rain grew louder and the thunder closer, that became less and less realistic.

A few minutes passed and you heard the whistle of the kettle. Hoping tea would help you calm down, you poured a rather large cup and brought it out to the living room with you. Out of habit, you also went to your bedroom to grab a blanket (or two), a phone charger, a book, one of Harry’s jumpers, and a flashlight. You prepped your couch with pillows and blankets, made sure the flashlight had batteries, turned the tv on in the background, and held your tea close.

Checking your phone again, you were disheartened to see that there had been no response from Harry. It was a busy season in his life, but you wanted him home more than anything.

A large crack of thunder and a downpour of rain made you jump at first, and then sink into your couch. Your heart was beating quickly and you could hardly move. Some would call it rather unreasonable for someone your age to be so scared of a storm, but you simply didn’t like them and didn’t have much more of a reason than that.

Trying to take your mind off of the storm outside, you pulled the jumper over your head, curled up in one of the blankets and began to read. You had barely made it through a single page when there was another sudden flash of light, clap of thunder, and this time, a sudden darkness.

You froze.

Your apartment wasn’t scary, but when the lights were off at this time of night, it felt … eerie. Turning the flashlight on, you made a makeshift lamp on the table by propping it up against a few books. It lit up the room but not nearly enough to make you feel at ease. You felt the tears you’d so desperately wanted to avoid start to well up in your eyes and knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy night.

The thunder and lighting didn’t let up, and you were scared. It was embarrassing, almost, to be this nervous, but Harry knew of your fear of storms. He tried so hard to help you understand that everyone had fears and that was okay, but you had a hard time expressing that. Swallowing your pride, you called him:

The phone rang once, twice, three times before he answered.

“Hullo? Love? Is everything okay?”

You felt small, and answered quietly, “Hi, yes, well … no. The power’s gone out and this apartment is so eerie without lights on.”

You heard him swear under his breath.

“How long have they been out, pet?” He asked, “do you need me to come home? I was thinking of leaving soon anyway.”

“It’s been a little bit,” you said slowly, “… i’d really like it if you were here. It’s not looking like it’ll let up anytime soon.”

“Okay,” he started, thinking, “Shouldn’t be a problem for me to leave now. I’ll be home soon okay? I love you.”
“I love you too. Thank you,” you said, silently willing the storm to calm down enough for him to get home safely.


About a half hour passed before you heard the turn of his key in the door. You were still frozen on the couch, surrounded by blankets and dimly illuminated by a flashlight.

He walked in and laughed, not in a way to poke fun, but an endearing way. It took him no time at all to take off his coat and come settle in next to you, taking you in his arms and holding you close. Your heart was still beating rapidly and he could tell you were on edge.

“Shhh,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “I’m here now. No need to worry, love.” Harry held you in his arms for a while, time passing without notice as the storm roared on.

He was rocking you back and forth, humming as he did so. You were content, laying there in his arms, feeling safe. It allowed you to finally relax out of the tension you’d been holding onto since the storm started and eventually your eyes began to slip closed. The storm seemed less and less intimidating with him there, and you silently thanked the universe for giving you someone so understanding.

He was there, and that was all that you needed.

9 Things Couples Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: People do funny, stupid, cute, and sad things when they’re in love.

Warnings: language, a bit fluffy

A/N: everyone, i love jim kirk. i hope this is as good as it was in my head and better than i actually think its mediocre ass turned out (i am sick, though, so who knows). it’s such a long fic, y’all.


Jim assumed your favorite ice cream flavor was strawberry and you didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Especially not when he was looking at you in the way he was.

Impacted by the width and intensity of his smile, his eyes were narrowed and illuminated. He looked softer that way— less authoritative, less like the Captain Kirk the crew served under— he looked like the Jim you’d fallen for.

When the girl behind the counter looked at you with an eyebrow raised in question, you gave her a half-shrug you made sure was hidden from Jim. “Just one scoop, please.”

“One?” Jim asked, turning a little to look at you. He snorted and rolled the blue eyes that could have lit up the entire old-school San Francisco parlor. “Baby. And here I thought you had a gut of steel.”

“It’s not polite to comment on what metal you think makes-up the gut of your significant other.”

He snorted again, his fingertips shoving you with a force your weakened legs didn’t have the strength to withstand. He caught you before you could stumble a few inches to the right, immediately clasping his hand in yours. “Still tired from the…” he cleared his throat, “walk?”

The girl behind the counter giggled loud enough to force your teeth into your tongue, your cheeks and the tops of your ears burning instantly. You squeezed Jim’s hand so a wince left his lips and he snatched it back from yours. “I’m tired from the actual walk here. It’s uphill. And I do have a gut of steel— a roomy gut of steel, roomier than yours.”

Jim titled his head and took his gaze from yours to meet that of the girl busying herself with your strawberry ice cream and Jim’s chocolate with peanut butter swirled throughout. He smiled at her. “Did that sound like a challenge to you? Did you hear me being challenged by the person that is supposed to love me, to uplift me?”

“I do love you,” you mumbled before you looked at the girl and took the cone she offered you. “He’s dramatic— excuse him, please.”

You looked down at the already melting pink mess, then back up at Jim. You quirked a single eyebrow. “But let’s say I was challenging you— that I’m betting you my gut’s roomier than yours. What’s that entail?”

“Whoever finishes the most ice cream in twenty minutes.”

“That’s a long ass time, Jim. We just had dinner—”

Ten minutes. No cones, just cups and spoons— cones take too long to finish.”

“The usual stakes or do you wanna modify them?”

“The usual stakes,” he said with a single nod. He was smirking so openly and cockily. It bugged you.

“We’ll tip you generously,” you told the girl who was now staring at the two of you with eyes the size and shape of saucers. “You just have to keep up, okay? Two servings ahead of us each time just to be safe. No stopping even when I look like my brain has frozen itself into a coma.”

Jim clapped his hands together. “This is what you trained for!”

“I-I haven’t really trained,” she said. She sounded nervous— a wise girl to be nervous, you thought.

You and Jim looked at one another, shrugged, and beckoned her to begin scooping.

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😭I Like You Okay? (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Grayson have feelings for each other it’s obvious but you guys never came out to say anything to one another. You finally built the courage to tell him but when he was in an interview earlier when he was asked about you he said you’re just a friend and weren’t his type and it kinda broke your heart. So you kinda gave him the cold shoulder but he eventually realized and ended up confirming his feelings and idk give it a sweet and fluffy ending

Warnings: None

A/N: So This has 3 parts! The others will be posted soon! Sophie Kaczynski, is a character played on 2 Broke Girls and I felt the name fit for a model!

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

“Grayson stop.” I pleaded as he was tickling my sides. Grayson, Ethan, and I were hanging out today and we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast but about a quarter of the way through, Grayson got the idea to start tickling me. Ethan continued to eat his popcorn and watch the movie trying his best to ignore Grayson and I.

“Now why would I do that Y/N?” Huh?” Grayson teases as his finger press and curve into my sides. I giggled and tried to kick him off, except I kicked his cup off of the armrest and on to Ethan, covering him in soda.

“That’s it!” Ethan shouts and he stands up turning to Grayson and I. His white t-shirt now had brown wet splotches from the soda and oil from the popcorn. Grayson leans off of me and looks up to Ethan.

“Sorry about that E. You know how ticklish Y/N is.” Grayson points to me which I smack his hand away.

“Shut up Grayson. You shouldn’t have tickled me in the first place!” I argued back at him.

“I would do it again too Y/N. Don’t test me.” He teases at which he begins to tickle me again. This time he’s tickling more of my lower stomach regions which is one of my more ticklish spots.

“Stop it! Both of you! I’m so tired of this!” Ethan says storming off to the kitchen. Grayson and I exchange a confused look before we got off the couch to follow him.

“Ethan it’s just a little soda calm down.” Grayson says calmly.

“It’s not just the soda. It’s the constant third wheeling of you two. I don’t care if you two like each other, but fucking tell each other instead of making me third wheel everything. I’m tired of getting junk spilled on me.” Ethan peels his shirt off and grabs a washrag to dry himself off.

“What are you talking about? We don’t like each other.” Grayson defends as I feel my heart being ripped out of my chest. Ethan gives Gray a sarcastic are-you-serious look which causes me to chuckle. Ethan looks between Grayson and I and starts to laugh.

“Okay you two keep lying to yourselves, but I have eyes and so does everyone else. I guarantee you’ll be asked about Y/N tomorrow during our interview and ask if you two are dating or something.” Ethan claims as he throws his semi damped shirt back on.

“And I’ll say we aren’t dating. Simple.” I wish we were. I’ve liked Grayson for as long as I can remember. We’ve all been friends for about three years now and I just absolutely adored this man and part of me felt like he felt the same way. Ethan has never been this bold about our flirting, but hearing him say it made me realize he sees Grayson’s flirting too. Knowing that Ethan has noticed our flirting made me feel more confident to tell Grayson I did like him. Ethan scoffed and walked back into the living room.

“Okay while you two keep lying to yourselves, I’m going to go pick an outfit out for tomorrow. Y/N are you still coming to the interview with us tomorrow? I think Gray will be less nervous knowing his girlfriend is backstage.” Ethan teases us which we both rolled our eyes.

“Yeah definitely I’ll be there, if that’s still okay?” I asked shyly. I didn’t know if after all of the teasing that Grayson would still want me there.

“Are you kidding? Of course it’s okay! I need my best friend there because I might fight Ethan on stage.” Grayson wraps his arm around my neck and kisses my temple which creates butterflies in my stomach and leaves me smiling.

“Then yeah I’ll see you two in the morning!” I hugged both of the boys and they went to their apartment down the hall from mine. I walked to my room and flopped on my bed. My phone buzzed and I had a text from Ethan

Ethan👑: Yeah so Gray totally likes you don’t let anything he said tonight discourage you or anything okay?

Ethan knew I liked Grayson. I never even told him, but he knew. When rumors were going around that Grayson was dating Sophie Kaczynski, an instagram model. Ethan saw how I changed. I didn’t hang out with the boys as much as I did before. Ethan and I started to hangout more one on one and he just figured it out. Since then he’s been basically my best friend. Always looking out for me when it came to Grayson. I texted him back ‘okay no problem. See you in the morning’ and I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


“Let’s go Grayson! I told you to pick your outfit out last night! We’re going to be late and the Uber is here!” Ethan hollers as we wait in their apartment for Grayson to get ready. Ethan was wearing a black shirt with green camo pants and a black leather jacket. I was wearing black ripped jeans with a the twins merch hoodie on. Anytime I went with them to anything I always made sure to wear their merch as a sign of support.

“I’m coming!” Grayson races out of his bedroom wearing a black shirt and a brown leather jacket with black ripped jeans. He looked so good. His hair was even up done in his famous quiff. “Nice hoodie Y/N.” Grayson says and I nodded. I wanted to tell Gray how I felt, but I wanted to tell him after the interview just in case things go down like him getting upset and not being able to focus or me getting upset and not wanting to be around him.

“Let’s go guys!” Ethan pushes us out the door into the Uber as we drive about 20 minutes to the building. The boys showed their VIP pass and I had to show my guest pass to security. We all raced up the stairs before we met with Ellen.

“Hey you guys! Are you guys ready? We’re on in two.” Ellen asks the boys and they nodded with excitement. “Okay you must be Y/N? Wow you’re even prettier in person than on their snapchat with the dog filter on your face.” Ellen says which makes me blush. Ellen called me pretty.

“Ellen! Less than a minute! Go!” A producer shouts before walking away.

“Alright boys let’s go. Y/N you can follow us just stay behind the stage okay?” Ellen asks and I nodded. Grayson looks back at me and flashes me a smile. I flashed one back at him which causes him to giggle. “Wait here.” Ellen says to us as she walks out on stage. She talks some and introduces the boys before they follow after her. They all sit down and talk about many different things. The warehouse, a tour, and what the twins were planning for 2017.

“We have a lot of great things coming this year. We’re so excited to share everything real soon. The warehouse is just the beginning.” Ethan says as he exchanges a smile with Grayson.

“Now what about relationships? Is that something that will be happening in 2017?” Ellen asks and I peep my head up to see their reaction. “Like Grayson let’s talk about Y/N. When will that be a thing?” Ellen asks as the crowd erupts with gasps. Grayson looks frozen, but he then starts laughing.

“Oh no no no no no no No! Y/N and I are just friends. Besides, she’s not really my type anyways.” Grayson was smirking while Ethan was not. He looked back to me to check if I was okay. I wasn’t. I swallowed hard trying not to cry. I could tell Ellen was sort of in shock too not knowing what to say.

“I mean you guys are always on each others socials. I just figured…” Ellen trails off.

“Yeah it’s because we’re best friends. Nothing more and nothing less. Just friends.” Grayson says sternly. His smile faltering to a firm line on his lips. I couldn’t do it. I needed to leave or else everyone would see me cry. I ran off to the exit and went outside. Not knowing what to do now. I texted Ethan letting him know that I was leaving. I called an Uber and waited about five minutes before one pulled up in front of the sidewalk.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Ethan shout as I climbed in the back of the Uber letting my tears fall down my cheeks.

“Where to ma’am?” The driver asks. I gave him my address as we started to drive. “Rough day?” He asks trying to make conversation.

“Yeah. I think I just lost my best friend.” I said as I wiped my tears with my sleeve.

Sketchy 👀📝

Summary: Steve’s been crushing on you for a while but is forcing down his feelings….Well all that  tension has to go somewhere… and it manifests in his sketchbook.

Warnings:Language, not much else I think, it’s long lol I got carried away

Note: This is my first ever fic, feedback is appreciated! Even if its just ‘It was too fast paced’. Thanks for reading!

Steve Rogers had a problem. For some reason he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of you. It’s like his eyeballs had decided to separate from the rest of his body and follow you. Constantly.

This problem had started about a year and a half ago when you had come to the compound and started working with the reconstructed Avengers. You were a former SHEILD agent, hand to hand combat and espionage were your strong suits. You were also friendly and smart.

Steve knew he was in trouble when his first thoughts on meeting you were about how pretty you were. So he maintained his distance from you, keeping cordial and almost cool relationship. But keeping his distance didn’t stop his mind from wandering. Or his eyes.

“Wow,I really ain’t shit to you”

Steve’s head whipped around to meet Bucky’s grin.

“Huh, sorry?” Steve mumbles. Bucky laughs. “I was tryin’ to ask ya if you wanted some eggs,but your mind seems to have wandered.” Bucky leans against the kitchen counter top, they had just completed their morning run, and had showered before heading into the kitchen to grab breakfast. Where Steve found you already sitting on a stool at the end of the counter, talking to Natasha and a visiting Clint. You were wearing that skirt, the pleated white  one that was short enough to make him sweat a little every time he saw you in it.

“Oh, I’ll have some, sorry ‘bout that” Steve says.

“Oh no, it’s fine, after all your mind seems to have wandered to more… pleasing things.”  he jerks his head in the direction of your figure. If it was possible, Bucky’s grin gets wider. “Damn now those are some legs.” He gives a low whistle. Steve feels his face heat up and he whips his head around to make sure you didn’t hear. But you were too far away and too involved in your conversation. Bucky’s recovery is still ongoing, but in the past couple of years he slowly but surely made marked progress. Enough progress that he began to socialize and started giving Steve a hard time again. Steve’s glad that he is feeling better, but man if he wasn’t a pain in the ass sometimes.

“Don’t you have some fuckin’ eggs to make?” Steve hisses lowly throwing Bucky a glare, who in turn just laughs and grabs a saucepan from the counter.

“You’re not as slick as you think Stevie,”

Steve’s brow furrows as he tries to apply the right amount of pressure to get the shading right. Now more so than ever Steve finds himself turning to drawing as a way to relax. He had opened some windows in the kitchen and sat at one of the stools at the counter with some coffee and a snack. He finds he goes through phases,  a section of his sketchbook was filled with sketches of birds, followed by drawings of only buildings, and then depressingly desolate landscapes. But now he’s going through a different phase. One that has him checking over his shoulder every time he sketches out in the open. Recently it seems like his infatuation with you bubbled over into his drawings. He smudges the shadows that fill out the curve of your smile. The page he’s working on is filled with sketches of your face in different expressions. The one before that was of your face at different angles. 

He supposed it would be easier to forget you if you weren’t so sweet. And patient. And funny. Steve had had several moments where he almost laughed at a joke you had made when he wasn’t even in the conversation. And even though he tried to give you the brush off you always were friendly when interacting with him…and those legs…He found himself flipping the page and before he even knew what he was doing, the outline of you  sitting on a stool, legs crossed, was on the page. Then your figure in that tight dress you wore to the last party Tony threw joins it. His neck heats up. A sketch of your ass from that one time you wore tiny cutoff shorts soon follows. Damn he still thinks about those shorts sometimes. His whole body heats up. He feels like a creep, drawing you, but he can’t help himself….and admitting that makes him feel creepier. He rubs his hands over his face and groans.

“Rough day?” Your voice makes him jump, but when he catches sight of you he almost falls off the stool. You’re wearing a red bikini and water is trickling down your body. You seem hell-bent on giving him a heart attack.

“Something like that,” He says stiffly, flipping pages back in his sketchbook when you turn to get something from the fridge. His eyes trace your form, and he bites his lip to keep from groaning out loud. ‘How is it even possible?’ Steve thinks to himself ‘to have a body that looks that good?’ You bend over slightly to get something and Steve feels himself start to sweat. ‘I gotta get outta here.’

“Well,its an amazing day outside.” You stand up straight and turn towards him, Holding two water bottles and a Popsicle “I’m gonna spend the day by the rooftop pool, swimming and trying to finish my book…if you want to join?” Your voice tips up hopefully at the end. It takes a moment for Steve to realize you asked him something because he’s too busy watching the path of water droplets down your body while trying to not look like he’s watching water drip down your body. His mind scrambles and goes then blank.

“No thank you,” he finally musters and it comes out harsher than he intended. And Steve’s too busy getting the hell out of the kitchen to see your hurt expression. Or realize that he left behind his sketchbook.

Steve makes a bee-line to where he knows Bucky will be. He finds the brunette sitting in his usual spot, this time joined by Sam, and playing checkers. This makes Steve crack a smile. The two are constantly giving each other shit, but they’ll never admit that they’ve become pretty good friends.

Steve screeches to a halt in front of the window seat.

“Ya got the devil chasing ya or somethin’, Steve?” Bucky looks up and smiles at Steve.

“No something much worse.” Steve sighs and plops down on the floor in front of them. The men exchange an amused  glance.

“What, Y/N caught you drilling holes into her head?” Sam says. Steve’s head whips up.

“Excuse me?”

Sam and Bucky burst out laughing.

“Man you think you’re subtle?” Sam snickers. Bucky moves his checker and snorts. “Like I said, ya ain’t slick, Stevie.”

“I-I uh,” Steve stutters, flushing.

“I’m pretty sure even Fury’s noticed by now” Sam says moving his checker and Bucky chokes, coughing out a laugh.

“Just make a move already.” Bucky says.”Ya obviously like ‘er and the distant act ain’t fooling nobody, what with the way you watch her.”

“Amen.” Sam says, and raises an eyebrow. “And lets be real, a girl that smart and that fine won’t stay single for long.” Bucky nods.

Steve groans, running his hands through his hair. “Shuddap, don’t you guys have a game to play?”

Bucky and Sam share another smirk, but keep quiet, focusing back in on their checker game. Steve sits back and watches them play, listening to them making small talk. But his mind keeps on wandering back your body in that bikini…. he wanted to be able to call you his ….what he wouldn’t give to just hold you…. …you always looked so soft….

He doesn’t know how much later, but he knows he must have zoned out for a little bit because Sam is snapping his fingers in from of his face get his attention and the checker game is put away.

“Hey you want to order a pizza and watch a movie?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Steve smiles and stands, stretching, his joints making popping sounds. The three men make their way down the hallway and are entering the living room when Steve hears a voice calling his name.

It’s you. And you’re holding his sketchbook.

Steve’s stomach bottoms out. ‘Can Captain America enroll in witness protection program?’

“Hey, mind if I talk to you for a bit?” You say, jerking your head towards the hallway, and Steve nods glumly. His heart is pounding painfully and he squares himself for the inevitable rejection and disgust. He follows you into the hallway. Scratching the back of his neck.

“Listen I-” he starts, but you interrupt.

“You know you’re a really good artist. The birds almost looked they were gonna fly off the page.” You hold up his sketchbook “I’m really sorry about being nosy, but you left it open….and your art is amazing.” You sheepishly look down.

Steve’s eyes widen. Maybe you hadn’t flipped far enough to see the drawings of yourself? Relief soaks down his body.

“Uh thanks,” he says, taking the sketchbook and moving to get away.

“Wait, can I ask you something?” You say and he nods, freezing.

“Do you draw from memory or use models?” you ask curiously.

“Uh, usually I like having whatever I’m drawing in front of me for the beginning of the sketch, it helps with accuracy.” Steve mumbles.

“Oh, okay” you say, and step closer and closer until Steve can feel the warmth of your body heat. Steve swears he stops breathing. “You know,” you start, your face a hairsbreadth away from his. “You really are an amazing artist. But if it helps with accuracy you should let me know the next time you’re going to draw my ass. I’d love to model for you.” with that You smirk and turn, heading back down the hallway. Steve stays frozen for a few more seconds staring  at your retreating figure before glancing back to the living room where Sam and Bucky are arguing over movie choices and then back at the hallway.

There’s no question.

“Hey! Y/N wait up a second!”

On Promnis

Promnis has to be, objectively speaking, one of the cutest ships in the FFXV world because both men are total opposite of each other and that plus their attitudes plus context gives me reasons to believe that (mostly at first) the relationship develops VERY shyly and a bit awkward too, and ends up with them asking permission for everything.

Okay, hear me out for a sec:

Ignis is very serious, the most royal human out there, so focused, was gifted child, he’s kinda uptight and formal, and behaves as if twice his age at times, while at times enjoying to deliver jokes and being a little goofy at times. 

Prompto, on the other side, is very bouncy, the joke guy of the party, gets distracted, hops from place to place, and enjoys of games and stuff, while at the same time hiding moments of sadness and loneliness, and he, unlike Ignis, is “plebe”; not only is Ignis part of the royal world, he also demonstrates that with every fiber of his nature even just by standing there.

So it’s very noticeable. For both.

Like sure, Noctis is PRINCE but despite how mature he really is, he behaves much more like his age than Ignis ever does. So despite Ignis being an inferior type of royalty, his attitude makes Prompto feel like he’s the maximum nobleman, like a king.

Those differences that become so obvious leads to both realizing:

Ignis sees in Prompto a man that gives all that he’s got to belong somewhere he clearly doesn’t; he sees a young man that’s too messy (in Ignis opinion) and gets distracted too easily, a young man that, even when only 2 years younger, Ignis feels like he should be protecting and supporting, and he’s so struck in the head at times because, wow, he doesn’t mind I’m always busy and that I’m so cold with him, he’s so sweet, how do I- I need to treat him rightly, he’s suffering and doesn’t admit it, doesn’t want to bother anyone, geez, what have I done, here in my hands I have a lovely boy that needs my protection and care. He sees in Prompto a scared man defying his fears, and Ignis needs to help him through them, and a boy with no experience; hence, be VERY soft with him.

Prompto sees in Ignis a man that would seem so far of his reach but he’s actually with him as a romantic partner, so it’s like, wow, holy geez, the most royal dude of Lucis said yes to me, what do I do. 
Prompto sees in Ignis everything he thinks he’s not: a nobleman, with wood for a king, tall, strong, incredibly smart, gorgeous, mature, responsible.
He sees in Ignis the most important person of Eos, because Ignis is basically the reason Noctis is alive: he cooks and cleans and puts every paper in order and like wow, he’s so important and nobody ever thanks him for all he does, geez, I have the most important man of Lucis in my hands, I need to become stronger and stronger so I can protect him and not be an obstace to him. He sees in Ignis a man that’s defying all the obstacles and pain in the world, so Prompto needs to help him through them, and a man he fears to disappoint: hence, be VERY soft with him.

So it’s how both see a very big, huge, appreciated treasure in each other whih gives them the sensation of having a VERY big responsability in their hands; except they don’t say it aloud to each other.

And it’s that sensation of responsability what leads them to have a beginning (which may  last MONTHS or maybe even a few years) of having the need to ask permission for EVERYTHING.

  • Uhm…you know, Iggy, we’ve been….we’ve been dating for a while now, and I…you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, buddy, but I was thinking…maybe it’s okay if I hold your hand? Maybe you don’t wanna because you seem to enjoy of your space, but ahaha, you know, I thought…oh…okay…thanks. I uh…thanks. :)
  • It’s been a month since we started our relationship, Prompto…and even though it may seem rushed, I do would dare to ask if it is okay… *clears throat* May I have the honor of calling you by “Prom” or another form of your name? Your full name is precious, but I think it would be…gratifying. 
  • Hey Iggy…I was wondering, maybe it’s fine with you if I send you a good morning text at times? You don’t…you don’t have to answer, I just wanted to know if it’s okay with you, if I?m not a bother or anything?
  • Prompto…I was wondering…I know it may seem a bit strange, but, do you think I could stroke your hair? It would just be as a playful gesture of affection, your hair is fine, I do not wish to…*clears throat* Thanks.
  • Iggy, I know I may be rushing things a bit, but…do you think it’s okay if I…do you think it’s okay if I hug you at times? That is, if I’m not distracting you or anything, I uh,…
  • Prompto…it’s been almost a year, and I…I have this feeling inside, a need of sorts, if you please But I wanted to ask you first…do you think…I could go a bit further in our relationship, and perhaps you’d et me call you ‘Sweetheart’? If you do not like that, however, I can think of something else. Darling, maybe? Or would you rather choose yourself? You don’t have to agree, nonetheless. If you please, I can keep calling you by your name.
  • Hey Iggy, I know this may seem a bit rushed, but…would you…would you…I think maybe you’d like- here’s my Netflix password. You can…I mean, I know you don’t hav emuch free time, but…have it.
  • Prompto? Hello, my dear. I was calling…I had an impulse. I apologize. And I hope you don’t think it’s too much, but…I bought a flower for you. Is it okay if I go pick you up at school and give it to you?
  • Hey, Iggy? I was calling because…well, I’m at arcade with Noct, and I just got tickets enough to change them for a cooking book, but…I was not sure if you’d like it- I mean, I only wanted to make sure that it’s not…too creepy if I gift it to you. Is-is that fine with you?
  • And my absolute fucking fave:
  • It’s been like 6 months, 6 MONTHS
  • They’re walking hand in hand together, and Ignis stops Prompto and turns to face him and he holds both of his hands and looks down at him
  • “Prompto…we’ve been together for a while now and I… *clears throat* I was wondering…you don’t have to if you don’t want, but…I was thinking…maybe taking the next step in our relationship…”
  • Prompto’s currently about to have a heart attack.
  • “…Do you think…if it’s okay…Prompto, would you…allow me to give you a kiss?”
  • Prompto’s brain died.
  • He’s thinking a million things and at the same time none.
  • He really really really doesn’t want to disappoint Ignis
  • I’ve kissed very few people in my life I can count them with my fingers, how many has HE kissed omg probably not many either but he’s anyway 2 years in advantage to me, plus he’s gorgeous and I was a fat kid, ofc he has experiencewhatdoidoi’mgoingtodie
  • Except he really really really wants to kiss Ignis, so he’s all red but eventually nods.
  • Ignis is still holding his hands, and gently massages with his thumbs
  • “Thank you. I…here I go. Okay?”
  • Prompto nods again and he shuts the eyes closed very tightly and he raises the chin.
  • He’s still burning red.
  • Ignis takes some moments.
  • Prompto, still scared to disappoint, just stands there all tense and frozen and offering his mouth to the other man.
  • He feels Ignis’ face a few inches from his face.
  • Ignis, very softly as if though at the slightest pressure Prompto’s face is going to shatter like glass, kisses him.
  • On the cheek.
  • Prompto didn’t expect that, so he stays frozen but now untense, eyes open and Ignis’ lips on his face.
  • Ignis break away as softly as he reached for the kiss, and Prompto can still feel every single milimeter of Ignis’ lips on his face from how soft, delicate and lasting the kiss was.
  • Prompto looks at him in total surprise and some confusion.
  • Ignis blushes and stares at him with some unusual shyness
  • “…was it okay?”
  • That’s it, that ends up melting Prompto’s heart; he’s totally in love and marrying the man some day, hes just SUCH A KIND GENTLEMAN
  • Prompto will just smile and burn redder in the face and he’s going to nod.
  • “It was perfect.”
  • They will eventually leave, hand in hand.




After Ice

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

A/N: I was really bitter that everyone just left Cheryl to go to the jubilee while she was still shaking from a suicide attempt, I also just want her to have someone to love and protect her because she deserves it u kno? 

Summary: Maybe everyone else left for the jubilee but that hasn’t ever been Y/N’s thing. Nothing is more important than Cheryl when it comes to her. 

Word Count: 2,890

Warnings: Mentions of a suicide attempt, Cheryl finally getting the love she deserves. 

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//Shy Shy Shy//

Word Count: 1581

Group: NCT 127/Dream

Member: Mark

Warnings: none

I haven’t slept because off this so i really hope you guys like it. Requests are open and i’ll post an masterlist soon ( ^▽^)

Originally posted by oh-prankster

“Yah Yah! Hyung!” Haechan kept pestering Mark during class.  
“What is it?” Mark said looking up from his work. Haechan had a sly smirk on his face.  
Just before Haechan wanted to speak, Y/N came walking in. The class turned their attention to the unexpected company.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but can I speak to you sir for a second?” The teacher nodded his head yes and gestured Y/N to wait outside.
“Class I’ll be back In a moment, continue your work” the taecher walked away.
“As I was saying” Haechan spoke again, but mark didn’t listen.  
“How can she be so beautiful?” Mark mumbled, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. 

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anonymous asked:

a prompt: spock standing close to the captains chair + accidental touching

the working title of this fic was “touchy touchy” if that tells you anything ghfjdks

Loud and Clear (read it on ao3 here)

“Hey, Spock? Could you come over here and look at this report for a second?”

Spock turned promptly from his station at the sound of his captain’s voice, catching sight of Jim’s bright smile before anything else. Spock nodded once and briskly walked over to stand at the side of the captain’s chair, placing a hand on the back of it yet still hyper-aware of making sure he did not touch Jim. However, Jim immediately leaned back, his bare neck resting against the knuckle of Spock’s thumb. He could not find it in himself to move away.

“So, see, it says here that Kollona is a desert planet, right? And I know we’re still a few days away from it, but I was doing some reading up on it and read that it has an extensive rainforest? Which would not make sense at all, obviously, but…” Jim’s voice faded out in Spock’s ears as he suddenly got a bright flash of thought through their skin to skin contact.

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one last try || lacrosse week

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: aye !!!! this was written for @rememberstilinski && @sarcasticallystilinski‘s lacrosse week and i loved the whole concept of it so much. thanks for doing and i hope y’all enjoy the story !!
Warning: swearing and i’m pretty sure that is it 
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: shout out to @sincerelystiles for helping me with the little bump i came across in the story and being such a gem !!
Words: 6,585 ( i got really into this okay i’m not even sorry )

I stood there.

Watching him.

I had the lacrosse stick in my hands and my knuckles were turning white from the anticipation of eyes witnessing his body run forward and give his best efforts to make a goal but once again, fate got involved and it’s another miss. Each time it became more difficult to witness how defeated he looked after missing a shot, how he would stand in the background feeling envious of everyone on the team, and how he looked let down by his lack of skills. He tossed his helmet onto the ground which was followed by his stick and various angry words were thrown into the air.

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Stuff I said while sick
  • Me: You think Iggy knows how to make the nuggets from Chick Flia?
  • Prompto: Maybe?
  • Me: I bet he does. Think he'll do it if I ask?
  • Prompto: Maybe?
  • ~
  • Noctis: I'm an emotionally distraught mess right now!
  • Ignis: You're always an emotionally distraught mess.
  • Gladiolus: I'm surprised you used distraught correctly.
  • ~
  • Prompto: *walks in the room to find Noctis on the floor* Dude tell me you're just sleeping.
  • Noctis: My pants are off, what do you think? Shut the blinds and give me a blanket.
  • ~
  • Noctis: Just blanket me, Ignis.
  • Ignis: *sigh* Fine.
  • Noctis: *kicking it off* No, I'm too hot!
  • ~
  • Prompto: How will me dancing make you feel better?
  • Noctis: Oh it won't, but it pleases me.
  • ~
  • Prompto: I'm gonna go take a nap in the shower.
  • Ignis: No, the hell you're not!
  • ~
  • Prompto: Dude, how did you swaddle yourself?
  • Noctis: A lot of determination.
  • ~
  • Noctis: This soup has carrots in it, I'm sick not stupid Ignis!
  • ~
  • Me: Do you think King Regis knows he's a good Father? I need to tell him that. Mr. Amicitia too, oh and Cor!
  • ~
  • Noctis: Put on Netflix and let me be gross in peace!
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: You are aware that you're in a heated blanket, with a fan on you.
  • Noctis: I'm hot, than I'm cold, I'm yes than I'm no.
  • Gladiolus: Are you quoting pop songs now?
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: Add blankets to things I have fought and lost against to the list.
  • ~
  • Me: You know who's fault this is...Ardyn.
  • Ignis: It's Chancelor Ardyn's fault you're sick?
  • Me: Pretty freakin much, I mean why else would I sick?
  • Ignis: ...all right okay...
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: Any reason she's curled around a frozen water bottle, like it's her best friend?
  • ~
  • Ignis: You're telling me you have lived off of sherbet, water, and Popsicle for a week? How are you still standing?
  • Me: I'll have you know, I fainted twice.
  • Ignis: Is that suppose to make me feel better?
  • Me: No, I just wanted you to know how my day went.
  • ~
  • Me: I think I feel better.
  • Gladiolus: Would be more believable if you weren't laying face down in your pillow, trying to drink water.
  • ~
  • Noctis: You got packages!
  • Me: Really, cool. Sometimes when I get sick I order stuff offline.
  • Ignis: Wouldn't that be dangerous?
  • Me: Nah, it's normally stuff I need anyway.
  • Prompto: So what did you order?
  • Me: 18 Kawaii Pens, a stuff pineapple, a stuff watermelon, and an external hard drive.
  • Gladiolus: Only one of those things sounds reasonable.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could I get a scenario where McCree and his s/o are making out in a closet or something and one of the other overwatch members catches them? And before this no one knew they were together? Thanks my dude 👌

“Jesse,” you breathed between kisses, your fingers fisted in his brown hair in hopes of keeping him close. “Maybe we should-”

Lips catching yours hungrily, all you could do was submit to the heat of his kisses. Each one was intoxicating and honestly, you’d already lost track of time. You didn’t know how long the two of you had been in that closet, locked in each others arms.

At some point Jesse McCree had lifted you so your legs wrapped around his waist, your back pressed to the wall. You wished you could see him in the dark closet, but feeling him was just as good.

Pulling back, your lips felt lightly bruised and you couldn’t quite catch your breath. “Jesse, maybe we should tell them,” you whispered. “It’d be nice…not to have to hide in a closet. You know?” It was cramped and left little room.

“We will,” he said huskily, voice practically a purr. “Soon.”

Honestly, you weren’t quite sure why neither of you had brought it up to the Overwatch. Maybe because it was a bit odd for some to think of Jesse in a serious relationship…that and the two of you usually fought like cats and dogs. But you know what they say, opposites attract.

“Soon,” you murmur seriously. “Unless your embarrassed of me…?”

The grip on your ass tightened and you felt his nip nip your jaw. “Don’t say things like that. Of course I’m not embarrassed to be dating you. That’s ridiculous,” Jesse said and you could hear the scowl in his voice, making you smile.

“We’ll tell them tomorrow,” he promises.

Content with that, you nodded and found your lips locked in another string of hot kisses. It was impossible to keep your hands off of each other lately…and more often then not, the two of you ended up in this closet or were sneaking into each others rooms at night.

Your mind blanked again as the kiss deepened, so it took you a minute to realize when light filled the small closet, making everything visible. Breaking the kiss, you look over at the open door and the person staring inside.

Everyone was frozen in shock, Jesse glancing down at you and realizing how this looked. This might have been okay if it hadn’t been D.va who’d opened the door.

“OMG!” she squeals, face full of glee and mild disgust. “In the closet? Really? I can’t wait to tell Lena!” she said joyfully.

“W-wait, D.va-” you started as Jesse put you down, and you had to use the wall to keep your balance. It looked like the kisses had scrambled your brain a bit.

“Now, look here-” Jesse began.

D.va had a rather evil look on her face now. “No one knows, right?” she said, before turning and booking it, and you could hear her excited giggles all the way down the hall. It would be only a matter of five minutes, you thought, before everyone knew. And D.va would over-dramatize what she’d seen in the closet, completely.

After a moment, Jesse leaned in and pressed a kiss to your cheek, sliding his arm around you and looking a bit pink in the face. “Well, guess its out now,” he said with an impish smile.

Cheeks pink, you rubbed the bridge of your nose. “It’ll be the top gossip for the girls now,” you said with a sigh.

Dragging you close so he pressed to your back, he leaned his chin against the side of your head. “So what? Let them all talk about it. We waited too long anyway, right? I’m glad everyone will know now,” he says quietly with a devilish glimmer in his eyes. “Now I can make out with you in public.”

Unable to stop the laugh that escaped you, you turned and smacked his chest lightly. “Ya right. It means you can hold my HAND in public,” you said in amusement.

“We’ll see about that,” Jesse said with a wink.

You were sure you would.

The Sneering

I worked at a HomeBADS store last winter. The whole place was built in the ruins of an old SNEERS ROEBUTT & Co. department store.


My boss, Mr. U (officious little prick) trained me in my duties, such as helping customers, opening up and closing, heating different sections of the building, dumping the old boiler, and making sure the elements don’t get a foothold.

He told me that this HomeBADS was built on the ruins of an old SNEERS ROEBUTT & Co. department store, and that when they were opening HomeBADS here, they actually had to repel a few SNEERS employee attacks. He also informed me that my predecessor went crazy a few winters ago and killed his coworkers, then himself. One of my coworkers warned me to stay out of the old swimwear section (or rather what used to be the old swimwear section when this place was still SNEERS), something bad happened there once.


As I made my rounds, did my daily routine and duties, the place….seemed to take on a life of its own. I felt like I had been here before, but this was my first time here, as far as I knew. I was walking through the isles on a slow winter day, and saw two twin girls holding hands. They were wearing HomeBADS uniforms, and I said “Oh…I didn’t realize you two worked here.” They grinned at me and said “Come work with us….forever….and ever….and ever!” Then they disappeared.



I was walking about the aisles, when a doe eyed, red haired woman in sneakers, tights, legwarmers, a leotard, an elastic belt, and a sweatband with wrist sweat cuffs was staring blankly ahead at me. “Can I help you, ma'am?” I asked her. “I’m looking for a small trampoline. Where can I find that?” she asked in a sad monotone voice. “Well, we don’t carry…” I replied, but before I could finish, she let out a sad sight and vanished, she liked like dust blowing in a breeze as she faded away. “What the hell…!?” was all I could say.


A group of kids in bright colored clothes and hairstyles I haven’t seen in over 25 years approached me and asked me where the Nintendo Games were, they asked if we carried the…“Power Pad” and the games for it. I blinked for a second, and they were gone.


“Emily! The war is over! Come, I have a coupon! Let us gather the family, and have our picture taken at the portrait studio!”

A well dressed army officer, in an outdated uniform walked about the store, calling out to someone I couldn’t see.

“The hounds, Emily! The hounds are hungry! The hounds are calling!”


I walked about the store aisles, grunting, shaking, thrusting my arms. I saw the elevator doors open, and blood pouring out of them ahain, as I had been seeing for a while. Whenever I reported these strange incidents, nobody believed me so I stopped getting concerned. The phantom customers, spooky “coworkers”, and odd occurrences in general became the norm for me.

I went up to an old jewelry counter, and buried my face in my hands, moaning. Then I looked up and I saw Floyd at the counter. “Hello, Floyd! How ya’ doing?”. Floyd smiled at me, and said “Oh I’m just fine, madame. And yourself?”.

“Things could be better, Floyd. Things could be better.” I said. I looked around. “Things are kinds slow around here, huh Floyd?”. “Yes, madame.” I smiled and we talked about the store about things in general. Floyd suggested I try on this beautiful necklace that “just came in”. It was exquisite! I saw it in the small mirror on the counter and I said “I’ll take it!”. I opened my wallet but found no cash.

“Say, Floyd. I seem to be temporary light here. How’s my credit?”. Floyd replied with “No worries, your credit is fine!” All you have to do is kill your coworkers!“.

"Well, I dunno…” I said.

“They’ll be happier as ghosts, just like the customers.” Floyd assured me. “You don’t seem that happy.” I replied. “Oh, what? I’m happy, I’m VERY happy! ‘La-la-la-lalalala! I’m happy!’ Now waste your coworkers, and the necklace is yours!” Floyd replied in an exasperated tone.


I walked into a section of the store where I wasn’t supposed to go, and I saw swimsuits hanging up. And curtained dressing rooms.

A woman opened the curtain of one of the dressing rooms. She wore a one piece, striped swimsuit from another era. “Does this make me look fat?” she asked me. I took another look and saw a cadaverous woman in that same swimsuit. She walked towards me arms outstretched, and went “BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!” I freaked out and ran out of there.


I found myself at a typewriter, typing over and over again. I happened to notice that the words on the paper were “COME SEE THE SOFTER SIDE OF SNEERS” over and over again.

Later that day, a man who looked like Al from Home Improvement asked me where he could find the hardware department, and as I was about to tell him we didn’t have a hardware department, this is HomeBADS, he vanished.

I then ran into a man who used to be a manager here at HomeBADS, not long ago. His name was Grody…Dullbert Grody…he told me how his coworkers were upset by this place, and by him…one of them even stole a box of matches, and tried to burn the place down, but he…corrected them. He said I needed to do the same, if I were to be an effective manager.

My coworkers became concerned with my behavior. At one point, I had one of them cornered on the staircase, and she had to knock me out with a baseball bat, drag me to a closet in the breakroom and lock me in there. “You can come out when you’re no longer insane!”.

I ate the snacks and sipped the bottled water stored in there. Someone knocked on the closet door. “This is Mr. Grody, madame. The ghouls and I are concerned with the progress, or rather lack thereof, regarding you and your coworkers. We did give you that lovely necklace, and we would hate to take it back!” Said Mr. Grody. “Can’t talk, eating!” I said with a mouthful of ultra stale Eagle potato chips that had been in that storage room forever. “Oh for God’s sake!” said Mr. Grody. The door opened, and all of the ghost customers and my ghost coworkers, including Floyd and Mr. Grody, pulled me put of the storage closet as I kicked and screamed. They handed me an axe, and Mr. Grody told me to get to work.

I chopped open a door and said “It’s the Caroll Burnett show, brought to you by SNEERS…!” an empty room. “Damn!” I walked off, but not before tugging my ear.

I chopped open another door and sang the opening theme to the Tracy Ullman show. This time I was looking at an empty stairwell. “Damn!”

Finally, I chopped open a door someone had written “REDRUM” on for some reason, and I shouted through the hole “LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!” and I gave a devilish grin though the hole. “AHHHHHH!” My coworkers scattered like rabbits. I chased after all of them, limping as I held the axe, my necklace gently swishing about.

I went though what used to be the shoe section of SNEERS, and saw phantom customers sitting on chairs that were no longer there, just floating there, trying on shoes none of them sold here at HomeBADS.

I ran through the old electronics section past phantom kid customers standing in front of store demo game setups that were no longer there, as they help NES controllers that were plugged into nothing.

I ran past the exercise equipment, the doe eyed woman I had first seen now happily bouncing on a small trampoline. “I’ll take it!” she said.

I chased my coworkers all over the store. We ran through the old portrait studio, and almost ruined a phantom family’s photo session with the photographer.

My coworkers escape outside, and I chased them, shouting “I’m coming!” along with indistinguishable howling. I eventually sat in the snow, and I froze solid.

My brother came to get me. “I spoke to your boss. He was really mad about you chopping holes in the doors, and scaring your coworkers like that. He has no idea where you got this axe, but you can’t bring something like that to work. He says you’re fired, and he gave me your last paycheck, to give to you.”

I said nothing.

“You wanna go home, get showered and changed?” he asked me. “NO.” I replied.

“You wanna stay there some more and be frozen?” my brother asked me. “Yes.” I replied.

“You want me to bring you some Carl’s the Third?” he asked me. “Okay.” I replied.

“What do you want from Carl’s the Third?” my brother asked. “3 piece chicken tenders. Small fries, and small Dr. Pepper.” I replied. My brother nodded, put an amazing-on gift card in my shirt pocket, wrapped me in a blanket from his car trunk, kissed me on the forehead, and said “I’ll be right back. Nice necklace, by the way.” I said nothing more than “Thank you.”

A few minutes later, my boss walked up to me with a troubled expression, and showed me an old black and white framed picture that he had found in the building. It had a crowd of grinning people, in period attire, and at the front of the crowd was a woman who looked EXACTLY LIKE ME, but her clothes were different, and she was wearing the same necklace as mine. The caption on the photo just below her in the picture read


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‘It’s not like I go looking for trouble. It just sort of finds me.’

‘Well, could you maybe be more careful?’, Will snaps at Nico, while dabbing some disinfectant on the wound on his arm. Nico hisses when the liquid makes contact with it. ‘Sorry’, Will mutters, not sounding that sorry. 

‘Why do you even care? It’s not like I’m dead.’ Nico’s sitting on one of the beds in the infirmary, his arm outstretched so Will can heal the cut. He truly doesn’t understand why Will is angry with him. It’s not like he was actively trying to run into a monster, he just needed some time away from camp to think. 

Sometimes the amount of people around him still gets a little too much for him. On days he didn’t get any sleep because memories of Tartarus keep appearing behind his eyelids. Or on days when he simply misses his sister and doesn’t want to talk to anyone he knows. He could stay in his cabin on those days, but eventually there’s always one of his friends that will come knocking on his door, or the walls just won’t be a good enough distraction from the mess in his head. Today had been one of those days, he needed some air and some quiet. So he decided to shadow travel out of camp, into New York.

Now that he’s sitting here in the infirmary with Will angry at him, he realizes that maybe wasn’t the best thing to do. Especially without anyone with him. It had been good for a while, just walking around in the midst of all these people that didn’t know him, all these people that would leave him alone. But then, a monster caught his scent and came after him. And that’s how he got the deep gash in his forearm and the scratch on his cheek. 

‘Why do I care? Gee, I don’t know, Nico. I guess that’s just what friends do, but maybe that’s just me. Next time you’re almost killed by a monster I won’t worry if that’s what you want.’, Will snaps at him. He’s a little taken aback. Though Will often has a sarcastic response to his own, he’s usually not this aggressive. 

‘I didn’t almost die, Solace. I killed that monster in barely five minutes. And what I meant is, why do you care so much? We’re demigods, people get attacked by monsters every day and they come out of it way worse than I do.’

Will lets out a frustrated sigh. ‘Still doesn’t mean you have to get yourself into stupid shit all the time. But’, he throws away the piece of paper he used to clean Nico’s wound and rakes a hand through his hair. ‘forget it. You’re right. I’m overreacting.’

Will starts using his magic on the wound, but Nico notices the way his eyes seem distant and a little sad. He hates seeing Will sad or anything but happy, really. His joyful eyes don’t deserve anything but happiness.

He waits until Will’s done doing his magic and then asks: ‘Solace? Will, are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I’m fine. Forget it.’ He smiles, but Nico knows him well enough to see how forced it is. 

‘No, seriously. What’s wrong? Are you still mad because I left camp without protection, ‘cause – ‘

Will’s voice interrupts him. ‘You really don’t see it, do you?’ He’s almost shouting and Nico is relieved there’s no one else in the infirmary. 

‘See what?’

‘That I love you.’, he’s really shouting now.


‘Yes, Nico, I’m in love with you. And it hurts me to see you like this, okay? And I know you probably don’t feel the same, I just –’ 

And then Nico’s lips are shutting him up, the most effective way he could think of to make Will see he felt the same while also making him stop talking. 

Will’s frozen in shock for a second, before kissing Nico back intensely. Nico’s faintly aware that he has no idea what he’s doing, that it’s probably a bad kiss because he has no experience and he doesn’t if Will does, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when Will’s lips are on his, not when this is finally happening and his words are still echoing in his mind. 

Yes, Nico, I’m in love with you.

One of them pulls back after a while. They’re both breathing heavily, gazing into each others eyes. Nico knows he’s blushing and Will’s cheeks are a faint tint of pink too.

I may be in love with you too.’, he mumbles, looking down at his shoes. Will’s laughs is the best thing he’s heard in a while.  

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Let's say that coran uncovered his old altean spying equipment. What if s/o was accidentally bugged and the paladins overhear s/o's feelings for them. You can choose which one you want to do if it's too vague for headcanons

I made it a scenario to headcanon thing

Part Two

You really had found a deep interest in the spy equipment laid out in front of you, Coran was explaining to you how everything worked and you couldn’t help but be amazed. “This stuff is so cool Coran, thanks for showing it to me” You said with a small smile, standing up to leave. “Sadly, I have to leave. Allura wanted to talk to me about something, see you” You said, walking out of the room.

The princess was strangely happy when you arrived, it was odd. She had tugged you over to the chairs and stared at you intently. You raised an eyebrow before speaking, “was there something you wanted to ask me?” You asked, making Allura smile wider.

“A little birdie told me you have a crush, and I’d like to know who, for professional reasons of course” She chimed, and innocent look on her face. Damn those mice.

Coran had gathered the paladins to explain the spy equipment, they would have to use it for their next mission. He was explaining the hidden microphone to them, showing them the small microphone and the box that picked up what was said by the microphone. He fiddled with the speaker a bit before voices came through.

Coran looked at it weird, “hm I don’t remember putting a microphone somewhere” He said questionably. As the voices cleared up.

“A little birdie told me you have a crush, and I’d like to know who, for professional reasons of course” They heard, and they knew who it was.

“That’s the princess” Coran said, his face showed realization, “Y/n must have accidentally gotten a microphone stuck to her when I was showing her the equipment earlier” Coran mumbled.

“Oh c'mon princess, why does it matter who I like?” Your voice resonated through the speaker, gathering everyone’s attention.

“Professional reasons Y/n” Allura responded, earning a sigh from you.

“Okay, I think we should stop listening now, it’s their private conversation” Shiro interrupted, making Lance groan.

“But Shiro, she likes one of us and I wanna know who!” He spoke, crossing his arms. Shiro was about to reply when a name rang through the speaker, it was too late, they knew who you liked.


“I like Shiro” was your simple answer.

~ Shiro was shocked. He hadn’t expected to hear his name. His heart fluttered, he had had a crush on you for a while now. After sparring with you and sharing a bite afterward he couldn’t help but fall for you. You laugh, smile, eyes, and your compassion. He smiled a little and knew what he had to do. He’d confess you you later during one of your sparring sessions, he’d finally tell you how he felt.


“Lance, I have a crush on him”

~ Lance was frozen in place when he heard his name. A smile grew on his face, you liked him, you liked him! His dream had come true. You felt like home to Lance, whenever he was around you he always felt like he belonged there, he felt safe around you and that’s what sparked his feelings. You had listened to him talk about home when he felt homesick, and your smile always cheered him up. He had planned to confess to you after dinner, this time without the fear of rejection.


“I really like Hunk, okay?”

~ Hunk felt like fainting when you said his name. His stomach felt like there were butterflies in it, and his head felt light. But a smile still grew on his face, you returned his feelings and he couldn’t be happier. You always helped him bake and tried all of the things he cooked, and gave back constructive criticism. He knew how he’d confess to you. He’d bake you one of your favorite recipes, and try to confess, the last time he had tried he ended up rambling about cookies.


“Okay fine! I like Keith, are you happy?”

~ Keith had no idea how to feel about it. He had never thought much about his feelings toward you, though talking to you made him feel different than when he talked with Allura or Pidge. You helped him practice, and stopped him when he had gone at it for too long. You let him rant whenever he got angry, he trusted you to keep it between the two of you. You were someone Keith could turn to whenever he needed something. Keith didn’t know how he’d do it, but he’d confess his feelings to you.


“Pidge, I like her, a lot”

~ Pidge couldn’t help but smile, her feelings were returned. Her feelings were mutual and she was overjoyed at that thought. You sat with her when she worked on stuff, handing her things she needed and just listening to her when she rambled about something. You comforted her when she was upset about not being about to find her brother and dad, and you made sure she slept and ate. Pidge would tell you her feelings as soon as she saw you.

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sTeReK 15?

Sterek, The Way You Said “I Love You”

#15 Loud, so everyone can hear

“Because I love you!” Stiles shouts, and then immediately sucks in a hard breath, eyes bulging wide in horror and disbelief. Did he really just…

Derek’s own eyes go wide as well, though the rest of his face remains carefully frozen. Scott looks like he swallowed a bug. So yep, Stiles really just. He did that. In front of basically everyone he knows.

“I mean.” He starts and stops. His dad’s got an unimpressed eyebrow raised in his direction. Cora looks like she’s fighting back mean laughter. This is not the direction any of them probably expected this newest argument between Stiles and Derek to go, but none of them seem exactly shocked by it. 

Except for Derek.

“Okay, so.” Stiles shakes it off and launches back in on the topic at hand. “Tabling that embarrassing outburst for the time being, I’m still right and Derek still shouldn’t be the one who plays bait for this asshole.”

“Why, because you just can’t bear to live without him?” Isaac smirks, rolling his eyes.

Stiles grits his teeth and digs his fingers into his thighs to keep from punching the douchebag. “Because the warlock is expecting it. We need the element of surprise on our side here, and Derek playing martyr yet again won’t give us that.”

The group easily falls back into battle planning mode then, and even if they don’t necessarily forget Stiles’ heated confession, they’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment and they all know it. Derek included, who shakes his head minutely when Stiles starts talking, and then pipes up with an idea for a new plan as though nothing ever happened. 

Stiles is outwardly grateful for Derek’s composure, but internally bereft. He can feel a hollow point in the center of his chest appear and slowly grow.

Later, when the blood has been shed, and the bad guy has been slain, and Scott is offering up his Hallmark card platitudes to those who need it as they shuffle their way towards a shower and a bed. Later, when they’ve all somehow survived another life-or-death go around with another big bad and don’t have the energy to wonder if the next one will finally be their last one…

Later. Derek falls into step beside Stiles, and asks, without looking at him, “Did you mean it?”

Stiles rolls his shoulders and stuffs his hands firmly into his pockets. He lets his eyes obsess over the grooves in the battered blacktop they’re walking across to get to their respective vehicles. “Don’t ask stupid questions, Derek.”

“Don’t tell me you’re in love with me in the middle of a fight then.”

Stiles stops walking and turns on him, throwing his arms out into the air uselessly. “Fine! Shit. I’m sorry, alright? What do you want from me?”

Derek purses his lips thoughtfully for a moment. Then bites down on the tiniest of smiles and steps forward, into Stiles’ personal space. “I just wish I had been brave enough to say it first is all.”

Stiles blinks. Forgets how to breathe. Blinks again. “Wait. What?”

Derek shrugs one shoulder and pretends to study his shoes while unsubtly inching even closer. “I’m just saying. We should probably take turns with the romantic declarations, or I’ll never actually get the chance to tell you I love you too.”

Either Stiles passed out at some point or this is a very crass prank. 

But Derek takes his hand then and holds it like it’s sacred. Like it’s normal

“Holy shit, pinch me,” Stiles whispers.

Derek winks, and looks like a complete dork while he does it. “Maybe later.”

Stiles has never been more in love with him.

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For the one word prompt :) Klance, 35

35: goodbye

Before every operation, Lance had this brief moment of panic. 

Will I never come back?

Will one of my friends not come back? 

Will I ever see my family again?

All of his regrets would twirl around his mind, weaving in and out of his thoughts until he could practically hear himself speak them. 

He regretted not becoming closer with Pidge before being ejected into space. He regretted calling himself Keith’s rival when he wanted so much more. He regretted not being the teammate Shiro wanted, or Allura for that matter. He regretted not being a better best friend to Hunk. 

He regretted that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his family. 

Before hopping into Blue, sometimes he wondered if he should tell his team goodbye. Just in case. Tell them to make it out of the battle alive, tell them to go home and see his family. Tell his family Lance loved them with all of his heart. 

He would open his mouth, to say what he wanted to say. How much he admired Shiro, Allura, Coran. How much he cared about Hunk. How much he wanted for Pidge. How much he admired, cared about, and wanted the universe for Keith. 

Then he would slam his mouth shut, make a comment about seeing them on the other side, and hurry to Blue. 

Something felt different this time. Big fight, hundreds of fighters and hundreds of battle cruisers. He knew they’d fought worse, but he didn’t want to have even more regrets…

…just in case. 

He turned to search for the team, words brimming against his lips. They had already gotten to their lions, except Keith, who adjusted his armor. 

“Keith!” Lance called. 

Keith turned to him, curiously. Lance breathed in, out. He would get his words across. 

“If I don’t make it out of this one, tell my family I said goodbye,” he requested. “And tell the team how much I care about them.”

Keith’s eyes widened. “What are you talking about?” he asked, horror lacing his voice. “What do you mean, not make it out? Lance, you aren’t going to die.”

Lance laughed nervously. “Oh, yeah. I know. But, like, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe, you know?”

Keith hurried to him, eyes frantic. He grabbed Lance’s shoulders, shaking lightly. “You will make it out. You’ll see the team again, and your family. I promise. I couldn’t take it if something happened to you.”

Lance’s eyes widened in surprise. “Keith-”

Keith furiously pulled Lance towards him, slamming their lips together. It wasn’t a sweet kiss by any means, it was furious and terrified and desperate. Yet somehow, it was perfect. 

Lance could barely breathe, and Keith pulled away before he could kiss back. Keith licked his lips, looking away with red cheekbones. 

“This isn’t goodbye,” Keith said, determined. “If you go down, I’ll go down with you. The whole team will.” 

Lance was frozen, limbs numb and unmoving. When he could finally piece thoughts together, he murmured, “I…yeah, okay.”

And with a gentle smile, a genuine smile, Keith stepped away to go to his Lion.

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