but i really liked frozen okay


@betta keepers I wanna talk about food.

I went through all the betta foods at the pet store looking for the first ingredients to be whole fish, and most of them had wheat flower by the third ingredient. This one was the best I could find with the highest protein (ingredients and protein were better than New Life Spectrum’s and Omega One’s betta food), but it’s not marketed for bettas. Is it okay? What brands would you recommend?

I’ve also been feeding Himawari frozen bloodworms which he really likes, and I’m gonna be getting him wingless fruit flies and get some cherry shrimp to put in there.

Okay. Look. I agree, the consent was a little….eh. They could’ve definitely made it more obvious. But you’all seem to be forgetting something. 

Magnus is the fucking HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN, do you honestly believe that he couldn’t have frozen Alec at any point, and not caused harm, if he really wanted to slow dow? 

Don’t treat Magnus like a 90 lbs waif of nothing, who’s completely helpless in that scenario, not only does he have to muscle mass to push Alec off of him, he also has this thing called MAGIC that runs through his veins. 

If at any point what Alec was doing wasn’t consensual, you can bet your ass Magnus would’ve put a stop to it, and Alec certainly would’ve stopped. 

One last thing, we haven’t seen the ending to the scene yet, maybe they’re going to do something like that for next episode, but you guys need to chill, we don’t have the full story, and when we do, THEN we can make judgments. 

(’i can never get war enough’ sounds like something xanxus would say though hallkajsdga–)

tsuna: Cold.
squalo: WHAT
tsuna: I’m Cold
tsuna: i need to talk to xanxus
squalo: WHY
tsuna: i’m just really fucking cold okay let me through

tsuna: xanxus i need you to set me on fire
tsuna: please i cannot endure this frozen winter hellscape
xanxus: who the fuck are you
tsuna: i’m Cold, Miserable, and Freezing My Ass Off
xanxus: don’t know any trash by that name
xanxus: aren’t you already on fire anyway how many fucking layers are you even wearing
tsuna: 20
tusna: your coat is this close to being 21

tsuna: …..uh. i’m under-
xanxus: You Want The Warm?
xanxus: You Drink The Booze
tsuna: ooookay then

xanxus: you warm yet, baby trash?
tsuna: …zzzz
xanxus: i’ll take that as a yes
xanxus: lightweight

(i posted this on fb after i saw it, i edited a few things)

-Emma Watson’s performance was kinda flat throughout most of it, except in some scenes. the most i can say she physically fit the part of her. Her voice in nice and clear, but it was autotuned it make her voice stay on the musical notes.

-The guy who did The Beast was great and a good singer too! (he’s hot in real life like jfc)

-Gaston, Luke Evans, is an amazing singer and best Gaston 10/10. he got really dark and creepy 

-JOSH GAD AS LEFOU BEST LEFOU 100/10. I love this guy okay?? He was in Book of Mormon and Frozen and he’s an amazing singer

-The new Lumiere design was so stunning, I loved all of the little details. I did not know Ewan McGregor could sing, I was pleasantly surprised. (I am obsessed with new Lumiere and I really love Ewan McGregor now)

-Gandolf played the clock, I liked him! I’m so used to Cogsworth having a higher voice while Lumiere having the lower one, so it caught me off guard. It fits well, though!

-I was kind of iffy with Mrs. Potts at first, but she made up for in with her singing and she did a good job!

-New chip was pretty cute! Didn’t get as much attention in this remake.

-The wardrobe needs to take it down a few notches, she’s extra but in a good way

-The aesthetic choices were nice, but the dress was so plain. It’s nice from a back view, it’s more poofy. The front just looks so plain and disappointing. It really just has glitters on it for it’s final touch.

-They went all out with CGI in Be Our Guest. I loved every millisecond and it will now be in my head for the next week. The effects in this film were amazing!

Ok tl;dr, it’s a fantastic remake!

(Thank you so much!!! I really really appreciate that awhh :) And now, here’s some NHL bfs nurseydex + “just…come back alive, okay?” for @the-amazing-frozen-densi-shipper !!!)

It’s kind of incredible. It’s kind of terrifying. Dex had been playing with Nursey for four years and now. Now, he looks around the locker room and it’s new and it’s different but it’s his and he still isn’t used to it. He hadn’t even, really, planned to sign until halfway through his junior year when Jack Zimmerman mentioned–in passing, but in that earnest, intense voice that made Dex realize he was serious–that he thought Dex had a chance at playing in the NHL. Initially, his plan was to graduate with a comp sci degree, enter the–extremely lucrative–field by fixing computers or something, and ultimately settle down, have kids, grow old, whatever.

“At the rate you’re improving,” Jack had said, gesturing with a gloved hand, spraying soap and water on Bitty, who was drying dishes next to him. “I think you could have a chance at signing. You’re definitely good enough now to start thinking about camps.” Dex had dropped his pen then, looking up from his notes and textbooks.

“What?” Jack turned to face him, eyebrows raised, slightly alarmed.

“Sorry, you weren’t planning on playing hockey after college, huh?” Dex knew his eyes were wide, face flushed.

“I uh. I hadn’t really thought about it?” He said honestly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I didn’t really think I was good enough.” Dex had always imagined Chowder trying to get into the NHL, really.

“Oh!” Jack had exclaimed and dove into the intricacies of choosing a team. Soon, there were scouts patrolling their games and, by the time he graduated a year and a half later, he had the keys to an apartment in D.C. and a Washington Capitals jersey emblazoned with the name “Poindexter”.

So now.

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when mingyu fools around

Mingyu: So, I’m talentless and you wanna throw me down?

Wonwoo: I say no such thing…

Mingyu: Sure you didn’t…Sounds just like you. Hmph

Wonwoo: Psh…maybe then…talentless in making my heart stop beating for you…Throw you down? On bed, yes ;))

Mingyu: *freezes* Heol.. Jeon Wonwoo-ssi? Are you really Jeon Wonwoo-ssi?

Wonwoo: No, I’m YOUR Jeon Wonwoo :))

Mingyu: Are you okay Hyung? Did you eat something weird? Aish…You should stop eating frozen and instant food, I can just cook for you.

Wonwoo: How can I not be fine when I eat so many cheese…Really? You will?

Mingyu: Yeah. Waeyo?

Wonwoo: You better do it…I’m sick of frozen food.

Mingyu: Of course! I keep my word!

Wonwoo: Good boy *pats Mingyu’s head*

Mingyu: Now what was that earlier? What? Bed? You’re gonna crawl into my bed again? You have your own bed you know.

Wonwoo: I know, but it feels so lacking there I wonder why.

Mingyu: Heh

Wonwoo: I can only sleep in your bed.

Mingyu: Cause I’m not there, duh.

Wonwoo: I guess :))

Mingyu: Maybe I need to ask Coups hyung for a bigger bed…

Wonwoo: Aniya, don’t do that.. the smaller the bed, the better ;)

Mingyu: Hmm… Who taught you that? How many girls have you been with to know that? Hm?

Wonwoo: Secret :P Why?

Mingyu: Must be too many to count huh? *sigh* Stupid…

Wonwoo: Who? Me? *thinks: more like none to count*

Mingyu: What’s it like?

Wonwoo: What do you mean? *confused*

Mingyu: Dating, everything…Holding hands, hugs, kisses…What’s it like? *looks at his hand and imagines* Will I date a Carat?

Wonwoo: Mhm… It feels the same like when I’m standing close to you, watching you smile so brightly … and it makes me smile too… just, warm.

Mingyu: Warm huh? Our Carats are warm.

Wonwoo: What about me?

Mingyu: Hm?Of course you’re warm…very warm. Carats love you. Our Carats love you Wonwoo hyung.

Wonwoo: I know that, but do you love me? *serious face*

Mingyu: ㅋㅋ ㅋ Of course I do, I’m a Carat tooㅎㅎ

Wonwoo: Pftt carrot head.

Mingyu: -.- Ya

Wonwoo: Your orange hair ㅋㅋㅋ

Mingyu: That was your fault! You said you liked that color! You lied to me.

Wonwoo: Did I say otherwise? No, right?

Mingyu: …. *sigh* Would you ever date a Carat?

Wonwoo: If that Carat name is Kim Mingyu then I won’t even think twice about dating.

Mingyu: Heol, there’s a Carat with my name ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I have to meet them.

Wonwoo: Yeah you can meet them when you look into the mirror.

Mingyu: Really? *looks into the mirror* Huh? That’s me! :0

Wonwoo: Yes, are you that stupid not to realize I was talking about you?

Mingyu: What?

Wonwoo: What what… Pabo

Mingyu: Who’s “You”?

Wonwoo: Really now?

Mingyu: Huh?

Wonwoo: Aih this Carot is so dumb now I’m having second thoughts… *squint his eyes*

Mingyu: *squints too* -.- Now I can’t see. Can you see?

Wonwoo: I can still see you in my mind -.-

Mingyu: I thought you have a bad imagination Hyung.

Wonwoo: When you imagine too much, it becomes clearer duh…

Mingyu: Hmm so you’re not blind?

Wonwoo: Nope.

Mingyu: Well it seems like I am. *shuts eyes* Hmm I can’t imagine anything. Hmmm

Wonwoo: Maybe you need the real thing then. *grabs Mingyu’s collar and kiss him on the lips*

Mingyu: *smirks, wrapping his arms around Wonwoo and pulls back* Gotcha! Why do you always fall for it?

*fake gasp* Is it because you want to? :0

Wonwoo: Why did you set the trap? Is it because you want this?

Mingyu: Yes. Why else?

Wonwoo: Who knows? Maybe you’re just fooling around.

Mingyu: Hmmm *leans closer to Wonwoo* Am I? Does this looks like fooling around to you?

*kisses Wonwoo’s lips again, moving to his cheek and to his chin* Still fooling around? Hm?

Wonwoo: *flustered but try to remain calm*

Mingyu: *kisses Wonwoo’s neck* No reply? If you don’t say something, I won’t stop.

Wonwoo: *internally dying* Maybe… I don’t want you to stop.

Mingyu: No? Then what do you want me to do Hyung?

Wonwoo: Whatever your heart tells you.

Mingyu: Are you sure you want my heart to decide? It’s very demanding, especially when it comes to a Jeon Wonwoo-ssi.

Wonwoo: *looks up at Mingyu* Yes.

Mingyu: *cups Wonwoo’s chin, pulling his face closer and presses lips onto his again*

Vernon: *shuts the door slowly*

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I think they forget how much older people are in Zayn's fan base. I think they believe they're catering towards younger fans. I think the mistake they've made is not looking his demographic properly y'know. Like teens 12-15 eat that up. They think its just their relationships. Everyone else above is like "who gives a shit where's the album?" "okay but, when is the music dropping???" "tldr where's the music?" "this is too corny now" to quote some tweets.

Yes, but apparently it’s not just Zayn’s shitty team doing it. The world at large seems to think so too. I mean, look at what Capital FM just put out:

Really? *facepalms*

I don’t understand why they think their fans are frozen in time and don’t age along with the boys. That explains the continued stunts that are clearly directed at a much younger demographic. (Side note: there have always been older fans within the fandom that have gone either completely ignored or mocked by TPTB.)

It’s lazy and it drives me nuts, nonnie. It just goes to show how little they think of us as a collective. (Granted, there are plenty of childish drama queens around but we’re here, too!) They need to open their eyes and get their shit together before they continue to alienate any potential new fans the boys need for their solo careers to take off. However, since sabotage is their objective, I’m not holding my breath.

I’m genuinely concerned and am desperate for a competent team to take over once and for all. Grown-ups don’t want to see matching tracksuits, corny videos or goofy keychains! Give us quality content that doesn’t revolve around transparent pr fakelationships and we’ll show up, money in hand.

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So I have my Ryder! Her name is Emma and she is…

There’s no menu this time to choose squadmate powers, but as you level up and get new skills, you can set “favorites” in a separate menu. It takes some getting used to, but I REALLY like it now.

Aaaah, okay. This IS going to take some getting used to. So does that mean if I have a bunch of biotic powers, I can only use the 3 (4?) I assign to my favourites at any given time?

My preferred ME combat style was always to charge into things, then use the HUD to freeze everything, look around, figure out who’s about to kill me, and either target them while frozen or figure out the best cover to dive for. Which is why I suuuuucked at multiplayer. :D

This is going to force me to get better very quickly. Or dial the difficulty setting back to Casual. But there have already been some unintentionally comedic moments where there are bullets and explosions whizzing past while Emma’s all “ooh, a THING I can scan!” Which is probably going to inform her personality a lot.

frandayam replied to your photoset:

So I have my Ryder! Her name is Emma and she is…

No HUD. I have a heart attack on the regular. Even in casual mode.

Yeah, I can tell this is going to kill me. A lot. :D Combined with the no saving during missions (WTF?), I’m not going to be able to play like I used to, an hour at a time between things, because it took me FOUR HOURS just to get to a point I could manually save the last time. I suppose I could just quit and hope it reloads at the last checkpoint, but having NO IDEA WHERE THOSE ARE is a bit of a stressor.

It hurts to say but...

Sadly I think Disney is losing its touch.
Like where are the really fantastic movies? Moana was okay honestly I don’t think it’s a masterpiece. I liked frozen a lot more but it’s hype was way over exaggerated. I hope the new beauty and the beast is a good movie but honestly where are the FANTASTIC movies?

Ones made with passion and creativity ones that make you feel like disney has magic that seems to never end and amaze?

Where are our little mermaids and Aladdins? Our real beauty and the beasts and hunchback of Norte Dame? Our nightmare before Christmas? Movies and that fill you with wonder and delight and excitement?

Where are the amazing villains like hades and Ursula and frollo and jafar?

Hans isn’t a villain. Tamatoa isn’t a villian. There’s just road blocks and bullies. They’re not actual threats.

Sadly I think Disney is losing its magic. And this isn’t me shitting on Disney. I LOVE disney so when I say these things I say them out of sadness and worry and even loss.

I’m hoping we get movies from Disney that are as dark as hunchback again, with music as rememberable as the little mermaid and beauty and the beast. Hell maybe even dare I say make another 2D film. Princess and the frog wasn’t bad at all it’s a really nice movie but not that level of WOW Disney use to have…

I just hope we can see it again


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okay normally I ignore the haters and those pathetic anons but the recent one you got *the one with the frozen parody* was really stupid like wtf? Why do people blatantly ignore the fact they communicated for 12yrs the time they were separated from each other I mean c'mon Noctis knows everything there is to know about Luna and same with Luna that's exactly why they got a friggon notebook referred to as the "lovers notebook" like why?

lol yeah, I almost want to see the parody they were talking about cause holy shit the reach on that very idea

That one just felt worth addressing and responding to since it was so easy to show how very wrong the very idea was XD


      “Alright, looks like we finally made it!” Camera in hand, Aria’s practically bounding through rickety gates – until she realizes that she already lost her model, still frozen steps behind. Pivoting around, she slips a hand into Tracy’s and tugs, doe eyes wide and pleading. “C’mon, I KNOW you’ll do great at this. Do you really think I would’ve dragged you all the way here if I didn’t?”

iKON as things I’ve said to my husband

Bobby: If you keep talking shit about my mom I’m gunna beat your ass and then tell my mom and she’ll beat your ass too. 

Jinhwan: Calling me short is not a compliment, I know I’m short. There are so many more interesting things about me to compliment. Like my ass. 

Donghyuk: Okay I love your thunder thighs but you really have to limit yourself to one ruined pair of jeans a month. How does this keep happening? 

Yunyeong: It was funny! Look tell me again and I’ll laugh this time. I promise.

Hanbin: Babe I love you but you’re as dumb as you are cute, and you’re really really cute. 

Junhoe: I like to think I’m not an emotional person but I cried during Frozen sooo…..

Chanwoo: If I buy you this game you have to do the dishes before you start playing cause I know you’ll get obsessed and forget the world exists 

I’m hoping this submits right… This isn’t really a recipe, per se, but I feel like this needs to be shared with other spoonies.

Okay folks, you see these?

These are new, and they are amazing. If you’re like me you might struggle to make yourself “real” meals on a daily basis, especially hot meals.

These are amazing. These are Birds Eye’s new PROTEIN BLENDS. I love frozen vegetables, but making a protein to go with them often defeats me, and not having protein zaps me more. But these? These have delicious vegetable proteins RIGHT IN THE BAG.

And they don’t get simpler to make: You take the bag, put it in the microwave without opening it, and cook for about five minutes, then you serve it and eat. Bam. Done.

The bags are a vegetable blend with a light sauce that’s super flavorful, and gets me to eat something even if I’m slightly nauseated that day. I’ve started using them to replace a meal I wouldn’t otherwise eat; for me there’s two ‘meals’ in a bag.

I found them in the Frozen Vegetables section of my grocery store. They might not be in every store yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for them.

There’s eight flavors so far and I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have tried are amazing.

Hopefully, these help more than just me! 

I want to help you, I want to help you see all the beautiful things this world has to offer. I want to help you love again. Love yourself and love every single thing around you. I want you to become so full with love that there isn’t time ever to be mean or negative. I want to show you what this world has to offer. I want you to see yourself through my eyes and understand why I’m so loving. I want you to see all of you and your potential, the things you don’t see in yourself. You have the kindest heart.. But also you have this wall up that keeps you from opening up your heart. I believe over the years you have this part of your heart that is just frozen.. That you keep freezing as the years go on.. It’s like you’re so scared of something and it’s really starting to make you cold. I want to show you that it’s okay to thaw out.. To open up your heart. To become vulnerable again. To be silly and in love again. Not even just in love with love. But opening up your heart to be in love with the world. Once you open your heart up, you’ll see a change in your life. You’ll see that you’re more patient. You’ll see how you’re doing stuff out of the kindness of your heart. You’ll open up your heart and become the person you’re meant to be. Take my hand, trust in me and see where we can take this life together. Love & love hard. Life’s too short for anything less.
—  coubalgirl10 
Wait, wait, wait

The person who wrote that really hateful post about Supercat, comparing us to pedophiles because Cat is older and Kara’s time in the Phantom Zone didn’t count–wasn’t her blog banner Castiel and Dean? If I’m to understand correctly (because I don’t watch Supernatural), Castiel is an immortal angel and Dean is a human, yes?

So…the age difference between an immortal angel and a human man is likely to be greater than the perceived age difference between Cat and Kara, isn’t it?

She on Team Edward, too, then? Steve and Sharon is probably okay because he was only frozen for 50 or 60 years. Angel and Buffy or maybe she prefers Spike and Buffy with all that blond hair? I’ll dig deep and throw out Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering because he was frozen for 500 years, wasn’t he? Kate and Leopold–age difference there, too, if we’re looking into rom coms. I’m sure there are others in that genre I’m missing. Oh! That Outlander ship is probably fine with her, too, even though Claire almost got raped by her husband’s ancestor….

So…it’s not really anything to do with fictional or perceived age, is it? It’s ageism. Because Calista is both actually and visually older than Melissa, whereas (with the exception of the Buffy examples) the actors in the other sets are roughly comparable in age.

Got it. Fine then. Carry on.

Just stop tagging your hate with the ship tag, you little hypocrite.

So…this is a little something for my friend @phantoms-lair, based on her fanfic Mirror’s Gaze. It’s a wonderful MSA/Scooby Doo crossover that you should certainly check out if you haven’t already.

This little snippet I wrote takes place sometime in the very beginning of chapter twelve. I hope you like it, Phantom! (Also if I got anything wrong in this continuity, I am so sorry.)


She was just standing there and Lewis couldn’t help but be a little worried. They were lucky Shaggy wasn’t around because without thinking, the ghost floated over to tap his frozen girlfriend on the shoulder. To his surprise, it actually made her jump. When was the last time he actually scared Vivi? “You okay, hun?”

“O-oh, er, yeah. Sorry, I guess I kinda spaced out there, didn’t I?”

“No kidding. You looked really serious.” Lewis offered her a kind smile. “What were you thinking about? If you don’t mind me asking.”

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I’M SORRY ALL I DRAW IS FROZEN OKAY?!?! It’s just that huge-ass-company Disney made a animated movie set in my tiny-rarely-mentioned country and that’s really coool!! I know it’s been like 5 years since it came out but you know.

I tried paying attention to all important stuff such as color, details and where I want the attention in the picture, so hopefully I succeeded on at least one of those. I’m personally quite satisfied atm, especially with the patterns.I tried to make Arendelle-fashion meets real bunads kinda clothes. Also added the Norwegian(scandinavian(?)) christmas cookie known as Krumkake and Annas speech bubble is also in Norwegian.

She’s saying “Happy New Year, Dear Sister” so that’s my message to you guys too. Happy New Year!!

(feel free to remove artist comment if reblogging, it’s alright ;))