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Your daughter has a crush on another member (Monsta X)

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Shownu: -Kihyun. He would mainly watch his 10 month old walk to Kihyun her best. She would enjoy happily clinging to Kihyun who praised her constantly- “she’s so in love with having you around”

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Jooheon: -I.M. He would tell your daughter that she really didn’t like him. Even though he was just teasing she would end up getting mad and yelling at him saying she did love Changkyun- “alright alright. You love him”

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Wonho: -Hyungwon. You would ask him if he was alright when he watched her hang off of Hyungwon with happiness- “oh yeah. Every dad is okay when his little one ditches them for another man”

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Minhyuk: -Shownu. The moment she mentioned Hyunwoo he was on her to change the topic. He was all he had been hearing about for awhile so he tried bribing her to stop talking about him- “I’ll take you out for ice cream if talk about your shows that you watched with mommy today instead”

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I.M: -Wonho. Your daughter fell in love with Wonho after they went swimming together and ever since then she wouldn’t stop talking about him- “Y/D/N. I get he’s good looking. You need to calm yourself a bit please”

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Hyungwon: -Minhyuk. She straight up told him that she wanted to sit with Minhyuk instead of him during dinner- “what? Why? Daddy’s lap is much better”

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Kihyun: -Jooheon. He would watch her cuddle Jooheon and told him constantly how much she loved him- “this is wrong why is she doing this to me?”

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Whats your fave tattoo that Jaymz has? The carpe diem baby and the F (for Fran) are my fave (the carpe diem one has so much meaning to it (also I think it was his first tattoo?) and the F one just shows how much he loves Fran. All things aside tho rockstars have like the cutest wives ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is me having a big fangirl moment)

Oh man, I really do like his Riff life tattoo;

But I also really like his neck tattoo as well;

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1, 42, 44!


1. What was the first fandom you got involved in?
Oh man, it was this super emo German band called Tokio Hotel. I was like 10 or so and read lots of self-insert fics. I remember getting into fights defending the band members from hate. I’ve been discoursing online for like ten years, i was honestly born opinionated and can’t be stopped. :D

42. List and link to 5 fanfiction authors who are amazing:
Well, no surprise you’re one of my favorites, is it? I also really admire @firethesound, @dictacontrion, birdsofshore, @femmequixotic and @noeeon. That makes six actually, but let’s conveniently ignore that, shall we? 

44. What ship do you feel needs more attention?
Teddy/James! I seriously love those spunky, wonderful boys and their love for each other. For some reason the pairing didn’t fully make the move to tumblr from LJ yet, so i’m always happy to see new content for them. ❤️

fandom questions!

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Are you really defending Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 anime's ending? It did one cool thing in that it pointed out that their super science magic didn't actually obey any laws of thermodynamics. The rest was just kinda... :-|

Am I getting a tumblr anon for stuff I said on twitter because I’m confusedly searching my blog for FMA stuff.

SO I GOTTA ASSUME THIS IS FROM TWITTER so no actually I wasn’t? Maybe an instance of me saying “original” when I meant to manga came off confusing? Or I guess I said it was like… kinda an interesting idea? “Oh man all these thermodynamics breaking is fueled by causing WW1 in another  dimension really makes you think”. Like it’s a bit on the nose but you could tell a story like that? But in no way did it work for me as an ending for the show. It just seemed kinda like a goofy gotcha with no setup. So I wasn’t really defending it as much as saying “I guess you could find parts of it interesting”.

The problem with a lot of 90s/2000s “half adaptations” is (and really this was the core of the whole rant I went on about executive meddling) is that a great story isn’t built from modular parts. Now your structure might be modular and there is tons of benefits to that but a good story is going to have tons and tons and tons of connective tissue so if you rip out the third act of a movie or the end of a long running theory, it’s hard to  reattach all that tissue you just ripped free and rarely is the connects you have the connections you would have made if you started with the original idea to begin with.

So I -could- see someone argue that the 2003 FMA ending (which I think, due to execution, is a huge stretch, but I know some people who like parts of the 2003 anime in general and all this still applies) was more gritty and interesting and inventive than the original ending that was just a bunch of feel good moments but… that’s what the story built up to, leading to a wonderful, cohesive story.

Like I can think about Hellsing too. Arguably the first anime adaptation tried to add a lot more depth and intrigue and mystery and had some weird, clever ideas (and had Seras in a big fluffy pink hat A+) but for a comic that was always goofy and went into NAZI VAMPIRES EATING BABIES it came off as like weird tonal shifts that made no sense (and in both the case of Hellsing and FMA, I knew where the ‘break’ happened as a first time watcher before I knew there was even a break).

Kinda why I stopped watching Game of Thrones (though the execution of even canon material left a bad taste in my mouth too. I could talk a good bit about how writing tone is something hard to translate into a visual medium). Having to make up shit from wholesale in the last bits of the series after working off something made by someone with a strong creative voice? Asking for trouble.

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Hi! This is really off the wall but I was hoping that a blog called "thewitchylibrary" might be a good place to start. I'm trying to find a book about witches that I remember from when I was a kid. It wasn't a grimoire or anything, just a silly kids' picture book, but it was one of the few that painted witches in a positive light. It had kooky fun illustrations of things like "the witch's garden" and "witches at the supermarket." Anything anybody might remember would make me really happy. Thanks

Oh man I wish I could help you, but I can’t recall a book like that at all. Perhaps our readers can help though.

-Mod S

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”

werewolf mcswearwolf
  • so Remus curses like a fucking sailor
  • he tried to censor himself for a hot minute first year and then he met James, Sirius and Peter
  • and man, do those boys make him swear from hell to high water
  • but i mean come on we know it’s mostly Sirius
  • so anyway, Remus finds it really amusing that people think he’s the ‘innocent’ one
  • and one of his favorite past times is abusing this fact 
  • wether it’s studying with Lily
  • “Merlin’s bloody fucking tit”
  • “REMUS”
  • Or in class with McGonagall
  • “Oh my fucking god”
  • “Mr. Potter, see me after class”
  • anyway fifth year rolls around and Remus is loading his trunk onto the Hogwarts Express and drops it on his foot
  • “fucking shIT FUCK
  • “Moony! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!”
  • and Remus turns around and there’s Sirius, looking for all the world as if he’s just been deeply offended
  • Remus just rolls his eyes and drags his idiot ass onto the train
  • and for the first couple of days into the term, everytime Remus swears Sirius charms his mouth to be cleaned out with soap
  • which happened a shit ton bc my lord did these two spend all their time together
  • thankfully it only lasted a few days
  • so the following weekend Remus returns to the dorm from the shack
  • now despite the fact that they’ve been living with a werewolf for almost five years, the boys still forget that Remus has excellent hearing
  • and just as he’s about to enter he hears James and Sirius talking about him
  • James is trying to coax Sirius into admitting why the fuck Remus has had bubbles coming out of his mouth for the past couple of days
  • “I just can’t help it, Prongs, Remus swearing is so fucking hot.
  • and Remus just stands there, eyes wide and blushing lightly at first 
  • before all of that is wiped away suddenly by a huge smirk
  • so the next day in Charms, James and Sirius are sitting at one table while Remus and Peter are sharing the one next to them
  • and in the middle of the lesson, Remus raises his hand
  • Sirius pays no mind bc Remus is capable of being a fucking dork at times
  • and when Remus is called on, he just lets out a whole string of curses
  • “Professor, pardon my french, but why the fuck can we conjure water but not food? Seems pretty bloody stupid if you ask me.”
  • and everyone’s just staring at Remus bc who the fuck is this guy
  • poor Flitwick, shocked into silence, is barely able to squeak out “McGonagall” “office” “now”
  • grinning cheekily, Remus gets up, grabs his stuff, and throws a wink at Sirius
  • and that my children is the day Sirius finally dragged Remus into a broom cupboard and snogged his brains out 
  • the end 
MBTI and an Escape Room

ISFJ: “No, no, no, no”

ESFJ: *crying and furious* “This is tearing us apart! Get it together people!”

ISTJ: *Says everyone is an idiot for trying the wrong thing- never offers his own solution*

ESTJ: “I would take over, but I like watching ENFJ fail at it.”

ESTP: “Wait guys, I got this” *does something stupid* *fails*

ISTP: “If you guys would just listen to me then I could get us out of here- ok no one is listening to me, that’s fine too, whatever”

ESFP: *completely oblivious to everyone’s stress* “This is so fun!”

ISFP: *mopping in the corner* “I’m just really tired, I don’t want to do this.”

ENFP: *simply talking and rabbit trailing about random possibilities* “Hey look at this! This is so cool! Oh that’s kinda creepy…what if-”

INFP: *super chill and relaxed* “Man, this is so much fun. Hey guys- we should try and scare ISTJ”

INFJ: *Thinks he knows how to get out but can’t talk because all the tension in the room is about to make him cry*

ENFJ: *Keeps trying to create order amongst the group, but gets too emotional to handle the responsibility* 

ENTJ: *Has already planned out which one of his friends he will have to sacrifice first*

INTJ: *Knows how to get out after discussing with INFJ* *Doesn’t tell anyone because they want to laugh inwardly at everyone freaking out* 

ENTP: “Hey guys, I know what will work!” *tries something complicated and stupid* *fails* 

INTP: “My goodness, I can’t believe you guys haven’t figured it out yet, it’s so obvious” *doesn’t actually know how to get out*

‘sherlock holmes is a great man, and i think one day, if we’re very very lucky, he might even be a good one’

‘you were the best, and the wisest man that i have ever known’

‘john i am a ridiculous man, redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship’

‘if i didn’t understand i was being asked to be best man, it is because i never expected to be anyone’s best friend’

[basically the entire best man speech]

‘i wish you weren’t…. whatever it is you are’

‘i know what kind of man you are’

‘what made you like this’

‘oh, watson. nothing made me. i made me’

‘it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective’

‘who you really are? it doesn’t matter’

🎶 one of these things is not like the other 🎶

oh man oh man i am so ready to see when jack introduces bitty to the entire providence team and they invite him to skate with them and he skates fucking spinorama CIRCLES around professional hockey players and when they actually get to playing hockey they realize that fuck he’s actually pretty fucking good for an amateur and he’s putting them to shame with his speed and *clap on shoulder* “you did good, zimmermann” and jack KNOWS, he KNOWS oh man i’m so ready

so, a random survey: would you guys ever be interested in reading a multi-chap, plot-heavy t100 heist au with our fave delinquents being professional criminals hired to perform one impossible heist, along with slowburn, co-leaders bellarke? cos bOY do I have news for you!!

World’s Best Pie

This is my submission for @avasmommy224 #JennsBirthdayChallenge

My prompt is: “I’ll have what she’s having”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warning: Smut, a lot of it


“World’s best pie,” Dean muttered as he pulled into the small diner’s parking lot. “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Grabbing a seat at the counter Dean looked to the specials board. A loud sensual groan snapped his head around. His jaw dropped a little at the sight of you. Eyes rolling into your head as it felt back, a look of pure satisfied bliss on your face.

As your eyes opened you immediately went bright red when you found a gorgeous man at the counter staring at you. “Sorry, it’s just really good pie. Like, we’re talking orgasmically good here!”

“Yeah I’ll bet, it sounds like you just had one!” his face went bright red as his eyes got wide. “Oh my god I am so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just gonna turn around now and mind my own business.”

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Well here’s the thing: I have been doing it long enough now to know that there are really great times and there’s not so great times. It’s all a rollercoaster, man. It’s up and down, and people are going to love things you do, people are going to hate things you do. That’s part of it. Actually, it’s nice when people hate what you do, because it’s still a passionate feeling about it. It’s kind of when they’re indifferent, you’re like, “Oh, well, what am I really doing?” It’s nice to go one way or the other.

The Characters of Hannibal According to my Nan
  • Hannibal: That naughty boy.
  • Alana: The Nice Lady Doctor.
  • Will: That Man.
  • Abigail: The Poor Girl.
  • Gideon: Oh no ... no no no!
  • Freddie: She's very witty.
  • Zeller & Price: *heavy sigh*
  • Beverly: I like her.
  • Nicholas Boyle: Who's that? I fell asleep.
  • Chilton: *tutting* He needs to stop that.
  • Russ in Episode Three: Oh, hey Doug. How am I going to be possessed today?
college jimin

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  • i know i said i would do hoseok before jimin but i know a certain jimin stan that could use some happiness in her life right now so i’m gonna do jimin!!
  • while meanwhile sending my dad pics of got7 and asking him who he thinks the cutest is
  • he likes jaebum and jinyoung in case you’re wondering
  • my dog is sleeping on me and it brings up the point that jimin most definitely snuggles a dog into his dorm
  • okay so like every single college au previous, jimin goes to college in grand ol usa
  • if you can call it that anymore but
  • he wasn’t planning on going to university originally!!
  • he was on route to be in a dance academy!!
  • like a really prestigious one in seoul, that’s where jimin was going
  • but one day his best friend ever, taehyung,,,
  • he was like jimin omg i’m going to college in the usa!! i’m actually going!!
  • and jimin is kinda oh i’m happy for you baby!!
  • and tae is like happy is not good enough young man, i want you to come with me!!
  • and jimin is like uh,,, i can’t taehyung, i’m going to dance school…
  • in this au it’s hella expensive for dance school even if you get in, so jimin is like i don’t even have the money to go abroad tae tae, im really sorry man
  • and tae just kinda smiles softly and he kisses jimin’s head “you can always come over with me if you change your mind…”
  • and guess who done changes his mind
  • that’s right, jimin does
  • he loves dance
  • dancing is his life, his passion, his love
  • but dance school is not
  • jimin is a sensitive person, and he’s one who definitely will show stress and concern and he’s just soft
  • whereas jeongguk and namjoon and yoongi always bottle things up, jimin would be so much more up front with his feelings and he definitely cannot shoulder stress for a long time without breaking from it
  • and that’s okay!! that’s totally okay!! a lot of people are like that, and boys shouldn’t be expected to not have feelings
  • okay but dance school was extreme
  • like hello there dancers you know food well say goodbye to that because you need your body to stay in tip top condition
  • sleep? that’s necessary to function- your last class ends past midnight but please be up by six so we can prepare for the day
  • you can’t contact your family, sorry, that would be much too distracting for our goals here…
  • and jimin didn’t really fit in with people, since it was a highly competitive school and people were just mean and jimin didn’t feel like he connected with anyone!!
  • and so he’s like that’s it, i can’t take it, i can’t take crying every night, i can’t take all this anxiety, i can’t take this pain!!
  • and so he drops out
  • and for a while his parents can’t convince him to go back to any sort of schooling, and so he stays with them and works in the restaurant
  • but he misses learning (he really misses dance), and he misses having a peer group to hang out with, especially that taehyung is gone now
  • and his parents notice this…
  • one day, his mom comes in the living room and she hands jimin a letter
  • he gives it a suspicious look but opens it and out tumbles a letter
  • he quickly reads it over
  • then reads it over again
  • and then reads it one more time
  • “mama, mama, come look, come look!!”
  • long story short, a dance program overseas in the states caught wind of jimin’s talent,,, and they’re willing to pay for his tuition if he comes and joins their dance program
  • he’ll have to pay room and board and food and all that kind of thing! but tuition free!!
  • jimin hugs his mom and he just kinda cries happy tears because he’s very much overwhelmed and excited and happy
  • tbh when he leaves for college, you can’t tell if he or his mom is crying more
  • but
  • guess what else!!
  • taehyung is at that college~
  • okay jimin goes for dance right, but he also wants to study something else because while dance is super amazing, jimin is worried it’s not a guaranteed job
  • so jimin is like i wanna help people somehow…
  • and so he picks the most obvious choice which is criminology
  • surprise!!
  • he’s not like necessarily like i’m gonna be a cop and go out and like fight gang lords
  • but he wouldn’t mind working in the information parts of the criminal justice system
  • so like stuff on the internet hacking and theft and fraud and the deep internet crime
  • that’s what jimin plans to sign on up for
  • but like he probably grows up and keeps handcuffs on him at all times because it looks hot lmao
  • jimin gets really involved with school because even if he’s a little sensitive and sometimes shy bean, he has a personality that people are naturally drawn to, and so making friends is easy for him!!
  • that’s why he’s in like seven different clubs!!
  • including dance team!!
  • with hoseok and jeongguk and they make youtube videos together of their dance covers, and honestly they’re pretty well known around campus~
  • he helps with drama!
  • he joins a wellness walking club where all the people get together and walk around campus and talk smack about people, jin and jeongguk are in it
  • they all have matching sweatbands and they’re pink because seokjin started the club and since he’s the unofficial president, he gets to make those executive decisions, ya know
  • tbh jeongguk only ever talks about yoongi and every one has just about done had it with jimin
  • he’s in a dog walking club too… there’s an elderly folks home nearby right and they walk the dogs for the cute old people
  • you meet jimin because of his many club activities
  • you’re late, late for a very important date
  • that date being a rather large lab for chemistry
  • you’re carrying like seventeen textbooks, and a large cup of coffee on top of the stack
  • you’re running
  • jimin is walking backwards because he’s listening to jeongguk talk about yoongi always hogs the singular blanket in their dorm
  • and BAM
  • you slam into each other
  • your drink spills everywhere (aka all of your shirt)
  • jimin completely falls on his face and you land on top of him
  • seokjin is laughing that windshield laugh and jeongguk is laughing so hard he’s doubling over in pain
  • jimin manages to roll over so you’re laying on his stomach rather than his back
  • and he has a little scratch on his cheek
  • you can’t even think about the books or the coffee because there’s a beautiful boy who has become your personal mattress and he’s hurt!!
  • you gently thumb the blood off his cheek and he giggles
  • jeongguk is gagging
  • seokjin is debating whether to give the jimin the talk once you leave…
  • you and jimin just stare into each other’s eyes and it’s almost painful to watch because you’re just gaping at each other
  • but then you remember that you have a lab you’re already running late for!!
  • you push yourself off jimin and stammer out this apology and he’s standing up and apologizing just as much, if not more than you are…
  • jeongguk is taking pics for his snapchat story
  • “oh my god i ruined your shirt, i am so so so sorry!!” he’s rambling
  • “i didn’t like it that much, i’ll trash it after my lab, it’s okay, really…”
  • “you can’t go to a lab looking like that, omg, omg-”
  • he pulls off his sweater (exposing his precious tummy in the process…) and hands it over to you
  • you put it over your now stained shirt and your face is so so so red and so is his and it’s so super cute!!
  • you’re suddenly like “wait what will i do when i’m done, i mean-”
  • “oh um, here, lemme…”
  • he grabs your pencil case off the sidewalk and whips out a pen and then he takes your arm and writes his number on it
  • he then helps you with your books and soon you’re on your way, but he sends you off with an angelic smile and an excitable wave
  • you text him later that night asking his favorite scent
  • because if you’re gonna wash this shirt you’re gonna have to do this the right way
  • he texts back a few minutes later and by a few i mean like thirty and he’s like ahh sorry!! i was at dance practice!!
  • but you’re my favorite scent ;)
  • and then he’s like “haha no no,,, i like lemon or lilac… my mom used to clean with that stuff back home…”
  • but then he gets all embarrassed bcuz no jimin, you promised yourself we would not open to new people within like seven seconds of knowing them, that’s wrong
  • but jimin comes off as a very open and honest person and he doesn’t like to hide stuff from people at all so!
  • “but you don’t have to wash it for me…”
  • but ofc you do how could you not?? and your roomie is all mm who’s that sweater from huh??
  • but the next day you’re like wow,,, i actually wanna see jimin again (bcuz you obviously exchanged names and all!!)
  • and you’re like oh let me give him that sweater!!
  • and so you text him and you’re like hey want me to give you the sweater back?? such a nice one to lose,,,
  • and ooh buddy
  • jimin can be so flirty and so he sends you a selfie ooh buddy with his fingers through his very orange hair (bcuz fave jimin hair) and he’s a little sweaty and his cheeks are flushed and all
  • “probably don’t need it right now but i’m at the dance studio right off the science wing of campus if you wanna drop it off!”
  • i see jimin texting with like seven million emojis and he accidentally sends you some wink faces
  • accidentally
  • but you’re like wth what does he not do
  • but you don’t have a class until like one o'clock so you’re like why not?
  • you get to the studio and guess who’s there
  • jeongguk surprise you thought i was gonna say jimin
  • and he kinda !!! oh !! oh
  • “you’re the kid that slammed jimin right?? nice to meet you, i’m jeongguk, the biochemical engineering major and most attractive member of the dance team”
  • he gives you a wink and you’re blushing
  • and then another boy traipses up to you and he gives a polite bow and then smirks slightly “and i’m hoseok! captain of the dance team and arguably the most handsome out of all of us!! watcha doing here??”
  • and then BOOM
  • jimin races out of the bathroom where he was fixing his hair to look good for you tbh,,,
  • and he literally shoves the two away from you because man oh man he would be the most jealous out of all the group and he’s all pouty
  • “um they’re here for me, hate to break it to you guys!!”
  • and hoseok and jeongguk are giggling because wow some if most definitely not jealous no sirree
  • jimin leans against the wall and he probably would say something stupid like “wow come here often?”
  • “i might have to now, hoseok and jeongguk are really cute”
  • and you smirk and his face falls and he glances back at them and they stick their tongues out at him
  • but then you tap his shoulder so you can get his attention back on you and you’re like “but i think you’re the cutest”
  • and his cheeks get so rosy and so do his ears!! and he just stares down at his shoes and smiles
  • but then hoseok and jeongguk are like yikes we gotta help this poor bun out so they turn back to you and they’re like hey since you’re here already do you wanna see some dancing??
  • you of course nod excitedly and they lead you into the actual practice room and it’s bright and has mirrors everywhere and it’s almost intimidating but you like it because everything feels close and at home
  • you plop down on the floor against one of the walls without mirrors and hoseok turns on the music
  • you hold the sweater to your chest because you’re like better wait to give it to him,,, he looks kinda hot right now (in more ways than one if you catch my drift)
  • and you expect them to dance to some hardcore music because hoseok is wearing some rapper shirt and jeongguk just admit underground rap vibes (boy howdy how wrong are you- he’s in the school choir)
  • but no
  • they turn on the music and it’s freaking cascada and it’s not even unironic, like all three of them are screaming the lyrics to neverending dream at the top of their lungs
  • but then they actually get down to business and you try to be unbiased, you really do, but your eyes follow jimin every second
  • like the music itself isn’t graceful but his movements are incredibly so, and he acts like he’s water or something, and moves as if he doesn’t have bones
  • and he gets so into it like you can see he’s on a whole different level when he dances, it’s like he’s in the fourth dimension or something honestly it’s breathtaking and you find yourself falling even harder than just a love at first sight kind of thing
  • after that day, you hang out with the dance trio all the time!!
  • jimin is too shy to hang out with you one on one so he invites you all as a group to do things and that’s okay with you because you want to take things slow and not rush into it
  • and jimin is the same way and he’s okay with that
  • he doesn’t feel the need to assert his feelings right away or anything and he wants the feelings to really blossom
  • omg but idea
  • like one day jimin has a project for his forensics class bcuz hello, criminology, you need forensics!!
  • and he’s like hello group, squad, whatever we go by, i need your help for this project please!
  • even though hoseok and jeongguk said they can help, they mysteriously have a pop up class the same time that jimin needs the help,,,
  • you go over to his dorm though and he’s wearing a cute lab coat and you’re like wowow you’re really getting into this role huh?
  • and he gives you this look “well you will be too”
  • “i what”
  • and jimin explains how the project is to create a crime scene and take pictures and walk the class through step by step how you would find clues and determine all that fun cop stuff based on the evidence presented
  • and you’re now a dead body, surprise!!
  • jimin gives you some make up help to put like bags under your eyes (tho in college i bet you have those more than usual) and make the skin look puffy and make your lips look pale
  • and he puts some make up on your wrists and your collarbone and neck area and he’s like yes that is a quality crime scene
  • and he tells you to lay on his bed and he covers you with a blanket partially and you’re giggling and he’s giggling
  • and he knocks over the alarm clock for good measure and messes the pillows up so it looks like the murderer left in a hurry or something
  • and he’s taking pictures and whatever and making notes of all the evidence that could be examined
  • and he’s like jeez what the hell is up with the heat in this room
  • and he takes his lab coat off and reveals a shirt that maybe is a lil too tight and you have to open one eye to get a better glance but then he scolds you because dead people don’t open their eyes
  • you guys are so absorbed in the project that you don’t notice jimin’s roommate, taehyung, slip in
  • he drops his textbooks and he kinda stares at you, his jaw hanging open
  • “man jimin, if you were having fun, you could have just texted me you knOW gOD”
  • and jimin nearly screams because whaT “taEHyhUNg plEaSE”
  • and he has to explain this is a project and nothing more and tae just eyes you suspiciously and then the light bulb hits and he’s like “oh you’re the one that he always facetimes when he should be playing pokemon with me, i see how it is”
  • “but really man, were the bruises right there necessary, i’m thinking that maybe you had an-”
  • “kIm tAeHYunG LeaVE”
  • jimin gets so embarrassed that he excuses himself to the bathroom and while he’s in there tae introduces himself and within five minutes he has told you at least seventy-two embarrassing stories from their childhood, your favorite of which included jimin climbing a tree and getting stuck and crying for like two hours because his parents were at work and tae couldn’t get him out on his own
  • but the one where jimin cried because his mom wouldn’t let him steal the goat from the petting zoo was also really good
  • jimin comes out to you and taehyung cracking up and he gets all pouty and jealous and sulks in the doorframe until you acknowledge him
  • tae ends up helping you with the project and he draws a mustache on himself in sharpie to pose as the murderer
  • you guys go out for smoothies after that
  • and you go to sleep that night with your phone dinging every five seconds because tae is sending you baby pics of jimin
  • taehyung is the one who’s texts you at like three in the morning and he’s like “i woke up remembering that jimin has handcuffs under his bed from stupid class, maybe i can handcuff you two together so you admit your feelings”
  • tbh at all the wellness walking meetings, jimin talks about you all the time he’s like wow i am so in love what i am gonna do,,,
  • he calls his mom to talk about you btw and she’s so cute and supportive and she’s like jimin plz just,,, just confess,,, my poor heart cannot take the suspense much longer
  • and he’s like yes
  • yes i will confess
  • but he doesn’t know how
  • maybe he’ll like text you like wow um since you own like my entire wardrobe maybe we should make it official
  • because you do
  • you wear his sweaters to class all the time
  • and you have one of his rings on a chain around your neck tbh
  • like one time he sprained his ankle dancing and you didn’t know what was up but tae texted you and he was like hello your bf is in the emergency room, please come right away
  • he didn’t tell you what was up but man you left class early to rush over and make sure he was okay
  • and they weren’t letting people into to see him because he was getting an x-ray at that point
  • but all the boys were standing there and tae walks over all solemn and he hands you one of jimin’s rings and he’s like “just in case it’s worse than we think, he wanted you to have this”
  • and hoseok is like “he sprained his ankle, he’s going to be fine, seriously tae, i get you minor in acting but this is ridiculous”
  • jimin on the crutches still insists that he will protect you from everything
  • probably accidentally ends up whacking seokjin with a crutch and he nearly kicks jimin out of wellness walking for it…
  • but anyway!
  • one night it’s like hecka late and you get a text from chim and it’s all hey come to the studio
  • your mind is like question it but your heart is like nah man gO
  • and so you’re like what the heck why not
  • and so you do go and you get there and it’s just jimin and he lets you in because all the boys have keys to the place, like they practically own it
  • and he kinda gives you a look and heads over to the stereo system and turns it on
  • and a slow song starts playing and he wordlessly holds out his hand to you
  • “i don’t really da-”
  • “stand on my feet”
  • and you laugh but he’s being serious and he pulls you onto his feet and then wraps his arms around your waist
  • and you find yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and you two just sway to the music honestly
  • and it’s late and there’s a window in the studio and all the starlight is shining in and the music is playing in the background and you two cannot stop looking at each other
  • and there’s not really a need to talk because you’re so absorbed in each other that words seem pointless
  • soon you find your eyelids fluttering shut and he leans in and shyly brushes his lips over yours
  • and neither of you try to further the kiss or anything because that was perfect and wonderful even if it was shy and flustered
  • and then he rests his forehead on yours and he’s like “so… be mine?”
  • you nod and smile and then your bury your face in the crook of his neck and he strokes your hair and it’s so cute
  • tae doesn’t question it when jimin texts him saying that you’re gonna be crashing in their dorm later that night
  • after that it’s all the cheese
  • like he gets you in wellness walking club and you two always hold hands while walking
  • like always
  • you’re probably glued together or something
  • and jimin always sends you the sweetest messages to start your morning and to end your night too!!
  • whenever you’re stressed, he drops everything to head over to your dorm with some soup from jin and lots of cuddles and kisses
  • he tries to get you to learn a bunch of duets with him regardless of your skill level and so many hours are spent goofing off in the studio
  • he would probably convince you to travel abroad with him, to korea, so you can finally meet his mom
  • because he would make you all facetime like every single night!
  • he dedicates dances to you all the time and he uploads them to the youtube channel right??
  • like hello this is for the love of my life thanks everyone
  • never ceases to amaze you how his hips don’t fall off from all that intense dancing
  • he spoils you rotten and would undoubtedly take an exam in your place if he could
  • oh btw you’re the first one who gets to see him in the nice, tight police uniform with the hat on top (honestly as long as it’s not a state trooper hat, we’re set, though i bet he could make that look good im-)
  • definitely makes sure you are always happy and healthy and doing okay though and is the most positive, uplifting thing in the entire world

i’ve been on a gaster kick lately, so i sorta went with it??? what can i say, i just really love this sad, void man lmao. (btw some of the images have caption!)

also included some pre-core gaster! i’ve decided that i like the idea of my gaster being sans’ and papyrus’ father. for the longest time it was a toss up between him being their older brother, or being their dad, but the latter won me over in the end haha.