but i really like this design


Charalgamate and NMT!Frisk belongs to @xxmileikaivanaxx!! ;D


Got commissioned to draw Henrietta, a character from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie (along with a variant expression). Cute character and the second expression specifically was really fun to draw.

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If you dont mind me asking, how do you come up with your characters/creatures? Do you have any tips for this? (ps. i really love your art, and the art style, and the general sweetness of this blog overall. Thanks for being awesome!)

Hey! hmm I think its a combination of studying other artists I like and doing LOTS of quick sketches of real animals and people - if my designs start feeling dull or lifeless, its usually because I haven’t been sketching enough. Quick sketching from life and reference is great for lots of things, and when I feel like my brain isn’t in a good place to draw in a focused way, study sketching is very soothing, because its about just doing, not the outcome <3

(Making public since it might be of use to folks..now lets all go sketch tapirs or somethingg)


Nanzen-ji 南禅寺 by M_Strasser
Via Flickr:
Nanzen-ji (南禅寺 Nanzen-ji), or Zuiryusan Nanzen-ji, formerly Zenrin-ji (禅林寺 Zenrin-ji), is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. Emperor Kameyama established it in 1291 on the site of his previous detached palace. It is also the headquarters of the Nanzen-ji branch of Rinzai Zen. The precincts of Nanzen-ji are a nationally designated Historic Site and the Hōjō gardens a Place of Scenic Beauty. (Wikipedia) As part of the temple ground, there is a little garden. If I remember correctly, you had to pay an entrance fee. I really liked this garden.


So I went to #Katsucon2017 this year and decided I wanted to make a jellyfish design for this upcoming comic i’m making! Its my first and certainly not perfect project I made all by myself but I’m proud of it. It gave me alot of confidence to see people really like it as well and I will continue to strive forward to remake this and MAKE MORE JELLYFISH DESIGNS BECAUSE I AM ADDICTED but not really.

Most Bughead shippers are really nice, respectful people yet the majority of the fandom is so fucking vile and nasty to them for no reason whatsoever. We’re only four episodes in and the shit i’ve seen some people say about Bughead shippers in the Bughead tag, a tag designated for people who like that ship, is just so disgusting and uncalled for?

SIREN REVIEW #0002 - Eurasian Eagle-Owl : Isaac Gel

designed by @clashing-cogs

[Original Submission here]

Basic information? Check.

Bird title? Check.

More information? Check.

Examples of other characters that gives a better idea of how he acts? Woah!

Another interesting submission. Knowing and understanding how a character acts towards certain situations is another one of many things I look for in character design, and it’s so, so, so clever of you to have given us examples of that to help us get a feel for what his behaviour is like.

Also I’ve never heard the male version of the song you shared as a sample of his voice, so that was really surprising for me. It gave me goosebumps and really put me in the mood and feel to draw his character, which may I just add perfectly suits the bird of your choice as well?

A professional Siren who enjoys his job with a professional personality. He must be one of the most highly-paid Sirens then, taking 15 lives a month!

I really hope everyone’s learning from these reviews I’m doing, to help you build your own characters more. Also, I can only do these during my breaks, if I’m not too tired, so don’t expect me to review all in a short time

April and Nouri,the sirens

Thoughts on Bates Motel episode one of season five

1. Honestly surprised we haven’t seen Norman jerkin it more by this point. I mean Hitchcock referred to the original character as ‘Master Bates’ on set so really this has been in the cards for a long time

2. Dylemma is great and all but no new mothers look that good and no new fathers look that good and no new parents have gigantic pretty birthday parties in lovely lofts they cry and hate each other and complain on facebook

2b. Also how the fuck did they afford a house with windows like that just by selling beer jesus christ

3. Who the fuck says ‘hardware store’ and sees ‘Anthropologie’?? Bates Motel set designers, that’s who

4. I get what the writers trying to pull with little miss hardware store but if they really wanted to pull off the ‘uncanny resemblence’ angle they should’ve cast Taissa Farmiga because WOULDN’T THAT HAVE BEEN FUCKING AMAZING LET’S DO THAT INSTEAD

5. I’m actually supposed to believe Romero would hire a hitman to kill Norman after training like a fucking pro in a prison yard for years on end?? No fucking way. That is WAY OOC. This is Sheriff Eyelashes we’re talking about. He’s not going to be satisfied until he strangles Norman with his bare hands. 

i feel sorry for new artists that idw comics brings on to work on transformers

like, i’m no artist but i understand that drawing robots is hard. really hard. like, i understand that buildings and cars are up there with hands as being some of the hardest things to draw, and drawing transformers is like drawing a building with car bits stuck on it that also has hands.

so idw hires this artist with an impressive portfolio, right, and they say “ok now work on transformers” and the artist is like alright

except whoops, the artists’s impressive portfolio is full of organic things. people. trees. animals. guess what transformers aren’t? organic. they’re rigid, they’re angular, they have set designs that you can’t squash or stretch too much without it looking weird, you don’t get much leeway with them like you do with drawing people

so you’re a decently talented artist and you get your first transformers gig and your first issue gets published and it looks awful. it happens time and time again with new artists that idw brings on. they bring on people that are good at drawing humans, they give them like two weeks to crank out a book full of robots, and the end results look awful and you get your name drug through the mud by the fans for not being able to draw robots as masterfully as tf comic vets like alex milne or don fig or ej su or josh burcham. 

idw hires you with no consideration to your abilities to draw robots, has you sub in for (or in the case of milne, outright replace) one of the long-running professionals, the end result looks like bad lucky star fanart with the characters wearing cardboard boxes, and the fans hate it. it must suck to be in that position. 

My Half Thought Up Voltron Theory

Now, this might not make sense, but this has been bothering me since I finished Season 2 the day it came out.

Keith’s dad.

Now, Keith’s dad, or what we assume is his dad, looks a lot like Shiro.

It shouldn’t be that weird. Maybe that’s just how he was supposed to look. Or how it was designed or whatever.

But, the more I watched that scene the more I began to think of something.

Keith and his “dad” don’t really look that much alike to me.

Yea they have the same eye colour and their eyebrows look similar, but that’s where the similarities end. The dad has a stronger jawline and a larger shaped head. This could be due to him being an adult, but I don’t really think so. Keith would have a lot of his dad’s features, as they are more dominant than what I assume his mothers would be except.

His mother is thought to be Galra, but we haven’t seen any Galra females. Hagar, of course would be an example, but she’s Altean.

This brings me to the main point of my theory.

I don’t think that that was Keith’s dad.

Now, before you start to get salty, listen.

The blade showed Keith what he wanted to see, hear, etc. Right?

Keith wanted to see his dad to get answers, so he saw what he wanted. His father.

Now what I think happened is that Shiro imprinted a father figure onto Keith just enough that when Keith pictures what his dad would look like, he would look like Shiro.

Shiro has been the only source of parenting Keith knows. The only source that treated Keith normally.

What I’m saying is that Keith imagined Shiro as a father. Which makes sense to me, it might not make sense to you.

This theory was really all over the place, but I hope you see my point.

OK another new au

“these designs aren’t really the ones you’ll get, they can change forms, this au is gonna be a freakin mess, seriously look at all the error’s Painty!”


“yeah i know that Painty…anyways what the weird Camera girl says…”

reblog if you like hoof (”whatever that word even means, can you look this up Painty..?”)

please reblog my art tho (”hmmmm that sound’s kinda desperate doesn’t it Painty..?”)

Question: What would a modern anti-fascist symbol look like?

We all know and love the three downward pointing arrows, but the symbolism behind them (the symbol was created by the social democrats, and they were opposition to fascism, opposition to communism, opposition to monarchism) is kinda iffy.  For one, a lot of antifas are communists or ancoms, but beyond that opposition to monarchism doesn’t really have the punch it did back in the day.

One idea I had is something like the # symbol, with the two horizontal lines being fascism and capitalism, and the two vertical lines being antifa and the working class.  Or alternatively you present them as one, like this:

However I’m not like, a graphic designer so IDK

onthegreatsea replied to your post “hohoho i am wearing my black tights and boots, my grey ribbed knee…”

*me chanting* selfie selfie selfie!!

i like how close the dress and the socks match, and wearing them with tights is rly the way to go, makes them stay up much better. I really like clothes that Match a lot, like have the same color shoes as accessories, same metal if they have a metal detail, complimentary or closely matching colors separated by a contrast or other scheme color. sort of like a well-designed flag or heraldry. yeah. im shit at dressing myself but mostly bc im Picky and things i see in a store make an “i want it”/”this would work with…” connection only like 2% of the time for me

tomorrow: the curse of the revenge of the yellow plaid flannel

Anonymous said: I know this probably sounds random and everything, but I’m really curious what your favorite flavor of pocky is? My friend and I are having pocky discourse and could use your sagely experience.

“sagely experience” X’D thanks haha. I’ll do my best to give a valuable answer~ I love cookies and cream pocky so very much!! This is the westernized box design, so in Japan it would be “Panda Pocky” and have this cute panda on it. Ah, how I miss it haha. I also love matcha and have found chocolate banana to be surprisingly good, which is odd as I don’t normally like artificial banana flavoring.

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I can't find an KOBB Fics, do you know any good ones? Btw, your art is amazing! Especially the KOBB art!

That’s cause there hardly is any, welcome to suffer with me. No but really there is some really nice ones. Just go to like Ao3 but here’s some of ‘em i really like
First (nsfw kinda, also they’re based on my humanformers design), Second (nsfw) , Third, Fourth
Also thank you, that’s really nice of you!

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How about, League of Super Evil?



Like, The shortie red one was my favorite, he is the leader and he is sooooo shamelessly dorky, he tries to be the baddest alive but he just… fails…

And you may think ‘But Kat thats such a cliche’ and… yeah it is! but idk why it was so lame i actually laughed super hard, didn’t saw much of it and the humor itself is bad but… omg the designs mixed with how LAME they where, it was just a big guilty pleasure!