but i really like that texture though idk if i should have used it on all for

So I wanted to take a crack at making a prop and since Keith’s knife (at least the wrapped up, season 1 version) has a relatively simple design it seemed like a great place to start. This was also my first time really playing with Worbla, which was super fun.

I took pictures as I was making it so I figured might as well put together a work log of the entire process once I was finished.

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LISTEN UP NEURODIVERGENT PPL i am creating a line of sensory-friendly clothing that you can stim with and i need input from you friends. please respond in the tags or use messenger to give me your input, which i really really want!!!

please answer if you can:

  • okay, so all the clothing is gender neutral, and treats your body as if it is a tube (straight up and down). sizes are as follows:small, 37 to 43 inches around; medium 44 to 50 inches around, large 51 to 57 inches around, xtra large 58 to 64 inches around. this is for bust and hips. prices will go up by like $1 -$2 a size. is 64 inches big enough generally, or should i go bigger?
  • the collection will include a tank top, a t shirt, a long sleeve, drawstring shorts, drawstring skirt, a dress, drawstring pants, and shoes. anything else you want to see?
  • all fabric will be 100% cotton breathable and sensory friendly. is this okay?
  • seams will be sewn down and there will be less seams than a standard garment. is this okay?
  • shoes will be snap on/velcro and you can chose. the shoes are basically straight up and down, one piece, and don’t touch your ankles because i fucking hate that. any other suggestions?
  • what colors/designs would you like to see?
  • do you like loose clothing or tight clothing (everything will be pretty loose unless you want a smaller size idk)
  • drawstrings you can stretch that have beads on them. thoughts?
  • everything secured with zippers, snaps, velcro, or drawstrings bc i dont have the motor skills to do anythinign else. thoughts?
  • the jacket and the vest will have pockets FOR weights, ut you will have to use rice to fill it with weights yourself, otherwise it’ll be v v expensive to ship. is that okay with you?
  • what are your favorite ways to stim? will these clothes you will be able to pull, stretch, rub different textures, zip zippers,and the dresses and skirts will make hopping and spinning fun
  • everything will be under $20 and i’m only charging $7 an hour for my own labor even though i believe in $24 minimum wage bc i want ppl to have access to my clothing and i have fun working so i dont mind charging less but i wish other companies would pay their workers more (not a question, a diatribe)
  • are you okay with waiting till june 10th to order these clothing bc im moving rn and it’s a month long process bc im going through italy before i get to spain

etsy link

Random Art Q&A Compilation

NOTE // I will be adding a tag to all of my questions from now on but for the time being here’s a compilation of some Q&A’s from the past year.

Q: I know that I need to study anatomy but I don’t know how What do I draw? Where to start? I brought an anatomy book but it didn’t help much.

A: I suggest drawing the pictures in the book. Most books don’t do anything but teach technique it’s up to you to do the legwork (drawing). The only thing that can make you better is drawing. That’s why I think art school can be a bit silly, everything depends on you basically studying and replicating everything you see. You can draw and get better, no need to spend money. If you want to read a book that’ll help read Andrew Loomis books. They are free online as downloads. Aside from that I suggest going on Pinterest and drawing different poses and drawing some forms that are just the skeleton and muscles. It’s good to learn what’s underneath and how muscles overlap. Impress your friends with your sick muscle knowledge! It just takes time and lots of practice but that’s how I did it. It’s hard at first but if you look at art as more of therapy and love the process then it won’t be as frustrating. 

Q: Do you ever deal with warped paper? I sketch and then watercolor over it all the time, but my paper ALWAYS crinkles. Of course I’m using my cheap paper from the craft store and I don’t mind so much because they’re only sketches, but still. Do you have any tips for solving this problem?
A: Taping it down to a drafting table or a board helps to keep the paper from warping. I use drafting tape from the art store. Before using it check to make sure it won’t rip the paper. Also you can pre-stretch it but it’s more complicated. You can also buy a watercolour “block” ethic is like a block of pre-cut paper that has glue all around the edges like the glue that holds paper into some sketchbooks. The glue is on every edge though and there’ll be one small section that isn’t covered. You paint on the top paper and when you are done you take an x-acto knife and slip it in the section without the glue and cut the paper away from the block. It works pretty well also.

Q: I was wondering where you get your inspiration for surrealism.. i love drawing but i feel like i can’t step away from realism or drawing the same person/pose over and over… any tips?
A: I’m not sure how to explain this one, it’s a very organic process that can come about from me combining things that I like, or it can come about by me wanting to get an idea across or it can just be a fully developed idea from the start. I would start by taking two things and combining them? Or altering something in a way that is appealing to you?Also it’s totally fine to stick to realism. Realism is just as amazing!

Q: Hey Audra,how long does it usually take you to finish a sketchbook? I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I finish my sketchbooks too slow. It usually takes me about 8-9 months to finish one,and I’ve been told it should only take a month?
A: I think it depends on the person. Not everyone has the time to work in their sketchbook. Personally it takes me about a year to fill one. It’s probably not very good but I also draw an average of one finished piece per 2 days or so.I think it’s best to sketch as often as possible but it’s just not sustainable for everyone to fill a sketchbook per month. Idk I think two per year is great. One per year is amazing for ME but o can see how it might not be enough to some people. It also probably depends on how quickly you’d like to develop.

Q: Which sketchbook are you currently using? (asked in Summer 2015)
A: My smaller sketchbook is my local art store’s house brand. I suggest checking out your local art store and looking for one similar. My larger sketchbook is from Michael’s and is the brand “Artist’s Loft”. It’s pretty cheap and the paper is super basic but they both work for me. They aren’t good with Copics or markers but watercolours are okay on them (it’ll still wrinkle the paper though). I talk a bit about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9VvrOp6I7g

Q: Hi I was wondering what sketchbook you would recommend for doing watercolors?
A: I have yet to find a good one, I just use the bare minimum with my sketchbooks because it’s not like I’m trying to sell them. I suggest going to the art store and checking out what options they have. Because even if I like a specific type of paper doesn’t mean that you will like it too. We all prefer different textures. The one I have right now was just my art store’s house brand of sketchbooks and those have always worked fine for me, I don’t mind bleed through in sketchbooks because I will tape other art over top if need be. I suggest just going to the shop and looking around for one you like. Sorry I’m not much help in that area.  (’-’*)

Q: After seeing your video about the horse tattoo I wanted to know what do you consider art stealing? If someone was using similar coloring techniques or pallettes/shading etc for eg? Or is it more based on linework and style. 
A: I think it depends on how many things are similar. We all are inspired by other peoples work at times but I think you need to change it up a lot before claiming it as your own. I saw a lot of similarities in the face, ears, hair, etc.. If they do a “study” of your work and credit you, that’s one thing. I’m not sure, to me personally I get really excited when I come up with a new unique idea or way of doing something, it’s hard to do these days with so many artists out there that when someone else replicates the same thing you do it is a little bit saddening. I wonder sometimes if I should not post certain things because I am scared they will be taken. But it is a very difficult topic I think among artists and we all have our boundaries with it. I have had many people copy my art and post it again as theirs and that to me is the WORST. I have copied artist’s work I like but as a STUDY, I keep it in my sketchbook and even label the bottom with the original artists name in case anyone ever does see. I do feel flattered when people are inspired by my work but there’s a difference between being “inspired” and borderline idea stealing. That’s my personal take, not sure I answered that right.

Q: How did you get yourself and your work out their/ known. I am currently studying art but I’m worried I wont be able to get my work recognized.
A: Just start posting your work all the time. Post your best stuff, good quality photos of it on Tumblr and Instagram. Try not to post too much of your personal stuff, just focus on your art stuff and be sure to tag it. Draw people that you’d like to draw that maybe have more followers than you, they might share it and generate some new viewers for you. If you are humble and put your work out there slowly people will come around. n_n

Q: Do you ever draw guys?
A: On occasion. I enjoy drawing girls most of the time just because it’s what I used to. But I will be drawing plenty of guys here soon as practice for my comic. As for my personal work I prefer drawing girls just like Bob Ross preferred drawing landscapes. I drew a guy in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfpCfGP-H4

Q: What is the paper you use to do your copic marker stuff on? I don’t know if I missed it if you mentioned in your videos, but I can’t seem to find good paper in my local stores.
A: I tend to use just Bristol or the Canson Illustrator Paper.

Q: Do you do all drawings own your own or do you inspired from someone else and how did you begin to this?
A: I have my own ideas and some others are inspired by different shows, movies, books or artists. It comes from everywhere. I suppose if you wanted to get really technical you could say that everything an artist creates is inspired by something. Thank you so much for following my art and being such an awesome fan! It’s still really weird for me to wrap my head around the fact I could actually “have” a fan let alone a great many fans. *confusion*

Q: Hi! So I love your artwork and really want to pursue art as a career, however, my parents won’t let me take art classes, i draw and paint a lot on my own but it’s hard for me to learn new things. I’m starting to get really discouraged about going to college for art, what would you suggest I do?
A: I personally wouldn’t waste the money on school unless you are wanting to be something like an animator, 3d character design, etc.. If I were you, I’d get a job and in my off time I would draw as much as possible and then promote it on Instagram and tumblr. How good you are at drawing depends on you, not school. It is luckily one of the many things that you can get good at without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into. If you work while drawing you are making money at the same time instead of losing it to a company that most likely over charges and puts you in debt for many years.I’ve never gone to school for art, I did go for graphic design and it was a horrible decision and unlike most people I am paying for it not my parents. Unless it is a trade where you DEFINITELY need schooling I think it is overpriced and pointless in an age where you can learn so much on your own from all the resources we have.
Some of my opinions on school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS7XVS8R14M

Q: I was wondering if you would be bothered if I used some of your art pieces to help me learn to draw faces and bodies?
A: Yes! Please do, just be sure that if you post it up anywhere to give my work credit as always with any artist. <3  

Q: Hi so I know you use a Pentel Brush pen, and I was wondering, how often do you have to refill yours? Because I had to refill mine after like 2 weeks and I was surprised at how quick it ran out. I just wondered if that was normal or not :)
A: It’s normal and it really sucks. < _<
I haven’t tried this yet but you could try getting a watercolour brush that has the same texture and buy some Dr. Ph Martin’s - India Ink (I know it’s the best). I think there are some pretty all natural brushes you can buy from Japan but I know they are pricey and hard to get. This is something I’ll be looking into more because I go through 2 in a day at times and the plastic waste makes me angry at best. I’ll be posting if I find a good brush.

Q: I was wondering how you came up with your ideas. I’m an artist too but I have a hard time coming up with really good ideas like yours.
A: Hmm… I’m not too sure to be honest. In this day and age I think many ideas are recycled. I used to draw what I purely felt at the time (in jr. high and high school), it was gruesome. But now I think my ideas are inspired by all the things I love and the artists I follow. I try to only follow people who’s work is beyond mine so that my eyes are always absorbing the best and I think that soaks in.
So I guess basically my ideas come from my feelings, culture, the artists I admire, the photos I see, the places I go…so I guess everything. Haha! That’s so hard to explain.
If I were you I’d start a Pinterest board and a Tumblr account to post things that inspire you. Anything from a face to a place or even a picture of food. Then when you wanting to draw you have a library to go through and you can combine things you like too.

Q: Would you be offended if someone got a tattoo of your work without asking? Would you want credit? I’ve always wondered about this with artists…
A: I think every artist is different in this respect. I think you should ALWAYS credit, especially if you post it on social media. But the way my boyfriend puts it is that you can’t take a photo of the Eiffel tower and expect to pay the architect for taking the photo. It’s a weird way of putting it. I used to post photos of my drawings of tattoos that I designed for my OWN skin and people started taking them. It sucked because I designed it uniquely for me and it took a long time. So I don’t post those anymore, I only post things I don’t mind people getting tattooed. That’s my opinion on it.

Q: I know lots of artist don’t give much tips(well the ppl I run into) but what pens do you use? I’ve only stuck with this Japanese brand I find at my local craft store.
A: Currently I pretty much just use the Pentel brush pens, Copic Multiliner pens and sometimes sakura pens. You will probably have to go to an art store instead of a craft store to find the better ones. Usually craft stores just have a small section of pens.

Q: Hey Jenna! I know you might get this a lot but I’m in my last year of high school and I’m really into comic/graphic novels and illustration but I have no clue how to work things on a computer, and theres a graphic design and illustration course at uni that I’m sort of looking into to learn that stuff but, as you know, it’s not cheap. In your opinion, would you suggest just watching tutorials/reading or applying to uni?
A: I started out wanting to do the same thing and for comics/graphic novels there is a TONNE of awesome resources on YouTube for free to learn. I suggest, if you haven’t already, buy Manga Studio (might be called Clip Studio or something now), a wacom tablet (go with their cheapest one to start it’s still amazing), and have a decent computer and just learn from YouTube it’s very easy that’s how I learnt!
If you want to draw on paper but colour on the computer you may need a scanner and be sure to sketch in blue/red lines and ink in black when you scan. Don’t worry it doesn’t take long to learn on your own. This way at least you’d be spending only a couple hundred dollars as opposed to endless thousands ESPECIALLY FOR UNI!!! Comic techniques are so easy to learn that it would be a huge waste in money in my opinion. MOAR opinions on school:

Q: For you larger watercolor paintings what paper do you use? I’m having a hard time finding paper that can handle a lot of water.
A: Right now I am using either Canson XL watercolour paper or Strathmore bristol paper. Usually watercolour paper will wrinkle anyway. Just look up techniques to keep them from wrinkling as much. I know you can buy papers that are attached at every edge and you cut them apart once you are finished so that th paper doesn’t wrinkle. You could possibly do something similar if you have paper clamps and just use them all around the edges.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best place online to sell artwork (ie,Etsy,storeenvy, etc) for someone just breaking into the art world?
A: For a beginner I’d suggest RedBubble and Etsy. If you don’t have a fan base yet Etsy and RebBubble have people that are already looking through the site that could stumble on your work. I haven’t tried storeenvy but I have tried BigCartel and I love it!I used Etsy for a long time and I found it to be quite pricey. It was, at the time worth it to have people see my art though. RedBubble is an amazing company but eventually you’ll want to make more money from your art than a small percentage of the sales.If you can get a following started though I’d suggest the other two because they are easier, look better and cost less.

anonymous asked:

hiya! not the anon from before but also new to the texturing thing and had some questions as well if that was alright? I have all the maps extracted in photoshop and stuff, its just confusing on how exactly to edit them? like, where do i find nice textures and how do i add them onto the diffuse map? do i just find a texture and use the pen tool to cut it out for it and walla? and where do i find resrouces of pretty embellishments n details n stuff? idk just a bit confused sry T-T

Heh, same anon or not Im happy to offer some advice. Though I’m pretty noobish myself as I’ve only did retexes of one outfit in Inquisition. Obviously I don’t know too much but I’ll share what I did to get my Outerwear looking like it is. (please note I may be wrong on some things so I’m just going to relay my findings)

You have 4 maps for the outfit - diffuse (_d), normal (_n), spec (_s) and tint (_t).

If you want to simply recolor a piece or put some symbol on it you just need to edit the diffuse map. If you want to add an actual pattern, change how it looks in 3d and change say a leather to a cloth (or add metal bits or metal corset a-la @shomods dresses, then you will need normal and spec too.

Diffuse (_d) - is basically your color plus basic patterns, or this - the colorful patched pieces on the vest and the scarf

[Larger image]

Normal (_n) - is your 3d map - if you want an embossed leather like this for example so it will not look flat, but actually look like your pattern stands out.

[Larger image]

Spec (_s) - is your material - Im not 100% sure of its full properties, but for example it can make your cloth piece more or less shiny. Less shiny plus subsequent edit to the normal map would make it cloth-looking, more shiny plus leather pattern on the normal map would make it more leather-looking. It also determines your metal pieces - without edits to spec map your metal pieces will not shine as they supposed to.

Tint (_t) - determines whether its tintable. If you don’t want it tintable it should be all black.

Now on to your questions:

-  where do i find nice textures and how do i add them onto the diffuse map? 

Just google them. :) I googled mine, typed embossed leather and took the patterns from the internet. This is how a pattern for my outerwear vest looked

Or for the pattern on the shirt I’ve searched for “linen cloth pattern” and used this one (I think)

And for the pants something like this

You could also go to DeviantArt.com, but I just found it easier to look for stuff online. Your search can go something like, I dunno like “Embossed leather pattern”, “linen cloth pattern”, “cloth pattern” or other such things.

- do i just find a texture and use the pen tool to cut it out for it and walla? 

Pretty much. At least thats what I did. However I first used Quick Mask and painted the pieces of the outfit I needed to put the pattern on. Quick mask makes selection much easier. In my case those were the boots, vest and gloves. I then put this pattern over them as a layer, cut off the parts that I did not need (keeping the selection, you could also click Select -> Inverse if it selects the wrong thing), and then I went to Layer -> Layer style -> Blending options. There you could select how well your layer blends into the outfit. You NEED to blend it otherwise it will look flat and you will lose all those nice folds. I usually used Overlay and then selected Opacity to what I needed, I dunno 75% for example.

You will see that your leather(or cloth) parts become too saturated, you could always desaturate them or use Levels or Curves to make them the color you need.

After you are done with the diffuse you could also edit the normal map. Without editing the normal map your outfit will still have folds, but it will not have 3d flowers and curves that your pattern has. 

So in order to do that you need to first save your normal map via Compressonator or other such tool as a tga so you could work with it in Photoshop. (Papercrow’s tutorial may help if you haven’t seen it). 

You then have to convert your diffuse map with the pattern on it into the Normal map with NVidia plugin. Put this converted map onto your outfit normal map. You will then need to erase the parts you dont need leaving only the pattern. HOWEVER, before doing that go to Layer -> Layer Mask -> Reveal all. It will let you edit your normal map layer properly.

Notice you will not have folds, so you will have to blend it as well by selecting either opacity of the layer or changing it to overlay. Just don’t make it stand out too much or it will not look nice in game.

You could also edit the spec map if you, say want your pants to become cloth instead of leather. Darkening the parts takes off their shine, lightening gives them more shine. Be sure to edit all channels on the map. Im not entirely certain what Alpha channel does in this case, but I have edited it as well. I just looked at what parts constituted leather and what constituted cloth, and then I repainted the pant parts that I was changing to cloth.

- and where do i find resrouces of pretty embellishments n details n stuff? 

Again Google is your best friend in this. All embellishments, resources and stuff could be found online. You can put pretty much anything on a texture and blend it in, then use Hue/Saturation values, Curves and Levels to change it to the color you want. You could find something like this for example

and place it over the texture, blending it and changing colors to make it, I dunno, a pattern at the back, and it will NOT look out of place if you do correct adjustments. You are only really limited by your imagination.

I’m not sure if this explains it well but I hope it helps.

And of course if you have any further questions I will be happy to answer. :)

💧 dan’s younow january 12, 2016 💧

read on google docs with links

-he’s wearing a really bright red jumper
-like its so bright it fully scared me when he showed up
-he was gonna get a haircut today but his hairdresser was sick
-he thinks he looks like an omelette somebody dropped on the floor
-it’s a christmas jumper youtube sent him
-today was like a Pajama Day
-tabinof on the bed
-he rearranged the whole lounge for his video
-he got reported for nudity
-he will put his clams back in his top
-thank you to all of the people who sent the memes
-he spent a whole day looking at submissions
-his submit box is still open
-he got over 11k memes
-hope u liked the video
-he just accidentally pointed at the haru pillow instead of tabinof of the bed
-he did actually make his bed this time
-there are dead bodies in the boxes behind him
-he filmed in the lounge because that’s where he was going to film his christmas video but ofc plans changed
-he loves pomegranates
-but sometimes the texture is bad
-you need to know when to use them
-he’s been playing heart of thorns
-new meme: reflection of dan’s face on the plaque in his new video
-yt red talk
-golden globes were funny
-isn’t lady gaga amazing
-she’s really great
-he should’ve just broadcasted on #spon today
-he defended j-law’s actions in the interview with the phone guy
-she was just joking
-why does it matter
-season 2 of sword art online wasn’t that good
-david bowie talk
-rip :(
-his new video made him think about how much has happened in the past year
-he didn’t get to show as much appreciation of his Memes last year
-dan was really nervous at darren brown because of audience participation
-he was freaking out for like the first 45 min
-don’t spoil darren brown’s show or darren brown will probably kill you
-he was sat on his belt bc his pants were falling down and it hurt
-“i can pull my ass up”
-kanye talk
-he saw an old play about the dissolution of a marriage because children drowning
-they went to an italian restaurant before and dan had a cheese binge
-“your dimple is my spirit animal” “that’s problematic”
-he forgot to put The Outfit in his video
-there’s gonna be a Something (tour dvd related)
-he bought a transparent raincoat because he was feeling tumblry
-he got some candles for christmas
-he got matches as well and they’re very aesthetically pleasing
-he’s wearing the raincoat now
-he would do a let’s play
-in theory it’s a good idea
-the star wars soundtrack is amazing
-he had a Little Cry to it
-phil is ruining his spotify
-he needs to fix his tumblr theme
-he should just find a new one
-phil’s favorite whitney houston song is “i just wanna dance with somebody”
-he’s playing rock band 4 now
-he got 100% expert vocals on uptown funk and drag me down
-“what makes phil smile” “pictures of sarah michelle gellar probably”
-dil needs a lot of things but he has no money
-he’s like Responsibility Simulator
-he’d love to come to brazil someday
-so many people have added him as a friend on xbox one that he can’t have any more friends
-dan always wins scrabble
-board game talk
-you know it
-he doesn’t know what whitney houston’s favorite meme is is that even allowed
-movie award show season is his favorite time of the year
-he still doesn’t know the second half of ingenue on the piano
-he FINALLY booked someone to fix the piano
-he’s hyped for civil war (the captain america movie)
-no spoilerinos for him
-there’s drawers underneath his bed
-he’s hungry
-all he’s thinking about is food
-it’s cold
-he probably couldn’t become ambidextrous at this point
-all he’s done today is finish his video and complain about being cold
-he might do a video like phil’s
-he doesn’t know yet though because the dvd might be boring
-who knows
-he watched the most amazing episode of the x-files and they went into a video game
-he recommends the x-files
-someones dog just ate metal and dan is telling them to pay attention to the dog instead of him
-Do You Want Him To Do Party Poppers Or Something. Is He Not Entertaining Enough.
-he’s not falling off his chair today
-how have we been together for like an hour and how has it been a week since last tuesday
-go watch his new video
-they’re doing something on thursday it’s not that exciting but he doesn’t know if he can reveal it
-but it involves getting filmed loads
-he doesn’t know what the hell’s happening w/ his esports documentary
-he’s having a laugh breakdown idk if he’s ok
-he wants to go on a picnic he hasn’t gone on one in so long
-he wants to do hanami
-picnics are the cutest thing in the entire world
-new years resolution: have a picnic at some point
-he jus nodded for like a minute
-he’s gonna go now
-see ya next time
-goodbye, internet friends