but i really like that shot


Q: Who’s the better dancer?

Armie: Timmy is an excellent dancer. And it made it all the more frustrating when I was there dancing around and having the worst time of my life, and I look over at Timmy who wasn’t even on shot, like, dancing and actually dancing really well. And I was like, “God damn it!”

Q: Do you agree?

Deep Talks

A/N: I’ve been gone a fat ass minute… again. But I’m here with some new content and I feel like it’s lowkey ass but whateva I hope you guys like it ❤️ hmm I feel like the format of this is really weird but I wrote this on my phone at 2 AM so I’ll just check it later lol

“Okay, here’s another one,” you manage to say through a rumble of giggles. “You get to eat anything you want, whenever you want - but you only get to eat a tablespoon every hour.”

“I’m gonna have to say no,” Harry answers rather quickly. “I like my tummy to be full. Alright, my turn.”

Harry turns away from you and looks up towards the sky, wracking his brain for a good scenario to ask you.

“You can transform into anyone and anything you want, but your human face will always be showing on it.”

“That’s even worse than mine,” you laugh aloud. “Imagine turning into a fish and my face is just smacked right on it.”

“I think you’d be a beautiful fish,” Harry says, flashing you a dimpled smile.

You let out a small laugh and cuddled into his side, enjoying the time being spent with your boyfriend. The two of you were lying on a blanket in your backyard, staring up at the billions of shimmering starts adorning the midnight sky. It smelt of wet grass and of the rose bush planted a few feet away from your spot. You felt the blades of the grass beneath the fleece blanket and ignored the small spot of either mud or water that seeped through in the corner. The only thing you could hear was the occasional chirping of a cricket and the light breeze rustling through the leaves of the thick trees surrounding you.

Harry’s hand was in yours, his fingers mindlessly running across yours, fiddling and intertwining them while he seemed to be deep in his thoughts. You sat a few moments in silence, looking at your hand in his and watched as the beautiful stars in the background disappeared every time your hands momentarily covered your view. You turned to look at Harry, his arm was resting behind his neck and he stared longingly into the sky.

“What’s on your mind?” You ask quietly, not wanting to interrupt whatever it was he was thinking of.

“Mm, jus’ life,” he answers. “The future and also our purpose on Earth.”

“I wish I knew the answer to both those things,” you reply, “also, do you think aliens exist?”

A breathy laugh escapes Harry’s lips. “Honestly, there might be.”

“And the future?”

“As long as you’re in it, I think that’s the only thing that matters,” Harry admits softly and for the tenth time that night you feel your heart flutter once again.

The longer you two sat in silence, the more you began to ponder on what Harry was thinking. Why are we here? How did we get here? Where do we go after this? Why are humans on Earth? Is fate a real thing? Or if you knew what was going to happen and tried to change it would it still end up the same? But the most important question of all, what is our purpose here?

“I got you thinkin’, didn’t I?” Harry asks.

“It’s weird because we all try to come up with our own answers of life but who really knows the truth,” you wonder aloud, “we take life day-by-day and hope for the best but where does it all go when this life is over?”

“Love, we won’t know until the time comes and that’s a long, long, long time away,” he replies. “I can, however, promise you one thing that’s in your future.”

“And what is that, Styles?” You challenge, a playful smile forming on your lips.

“Me,” he answers a matter of factly. “I promise I will be a part of your future. I will be here to watch you age and wrinkle. I will be with you through the highs and lows, I will be with you through every learning experience, I will try and be with you for every laugh and cry, every smile and every fight. I love you to the point where the only future I see is with you.”

You tried to blink away few tears that had pooled in your eyes as you processed everything that Harry had just told you.

“I love you, H,” you whisper, scooting closer to him so you could plant a long kiss on his flush cheek. “And even if one-day aliens come and attack us, I will stick by you like gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

“Gross,” Harry chuckles. “Maybe they’ll abduct us and we can go live forever in some weird different reality.”

“I wouldn’t want to be abducted by aliens with anyone else.”

"She’s a keeper” - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N : I really wanted to write this Jason request because I feel like I have not written for Jason in a while, Regardless I hope you like it and sorry it’s so short !

Word Count : 310
The room felt overflown with tension, like the roof was about to burst off. You nervously scanned your eyes over the rest of the room, each facial expression was completely different especially Dick’s.

Bruce had just announced his engagement to Selina and in all honesty you couldn’t have been more excited for him, and although Damian’s face might’ve told a different story you knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding.

Though despite the buzz one question, one thought rather drifted through your head-

“-Wow I can’t believe Bruce got engaged before you guys did,” Dick announced, you were 100% sure he wasn’t a meta-human…but you think he might’ve just read your mind.

On the other hand your boyfriend had the most perplexed look on his face it was laughable.

“Uh-um-sorry,” He just responded quickly, you could now feel his arms shaking around you.

“It’s fine Dick, I bet he’s just looking for the right ring,” You joked, turning in his arms and squeezing yours over his shoulders to plant a faint kiss on his cheek to ease his nerves.

“ooos” and “ahhhs” spread over the living room like it was a nice warm piece of toast ( I love toast ), closing in an unenthused “tt” from Damian’s end of the couch.

The whole group fell into laughter, The moment glazing over like an old memory.

You couldn’t help but savour moments like this, the bright smiles and striking cackles, it was rare, which made it all that more special.

“You better put a ring on her soon Jason, She’s a keeper,” Dick said poking his brothers shoulder.

Jason moved his head so he could look you directly in the eyes, You could of stayed staring into his forever.

“She sure is,” He said without removing eye contact, You were convinced your blush was embarrassingly obvious.

not to be that person but sometimes i think about this

and how it follows up with allura being the next shot

cut to the nycc intervew where lauren states this: “I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. Like, he might look for it but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs.”

that sounds pretty darn close to what lance is saying here and having allura literally be the person that shows up right after he says that cannot just be coincidental

it just cant be

Hanzo: Why is the child looking at me like that!?

McCree: You’re loud, you’re wearing half a shirt, you’ve got an entire sleeve of tattoos, you have a constant scowl, you have a bow and quiver strapped to your back, and four minutes ago you shot two giant glowing dragons at a mosquito because you got irritated.

Hanzo: Am I really loud?

McCree: Is that all you got out of this?


When Jungkook pranks you with really shitty pick up lines

A/N: okay so um…I’m not sure how to feel about this one but guys feedback is amazing please tell me what you liked, didn’t like, what you want. It’s all very useful please help me out💕

Missing you

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

hiiii!!! so i’m really wanting to read something like “y/n woke up cuddly”, please. ❤

Hope you like it! Requests are open!


Waking up on Sunday has always been something you’ve looked forward to, no matter how weird it may sound. Ever since you and your boyfriend Harry moved in together, you’ve made an agreement that on this day it will be just the two of you spending your day off, whenever you get the chance. It’s been a long and tiring week for the two of you, so you knew getting out of bed early won’t be an option, and that made you feel perfectly content…At least until you woke up to realise that there is no one sleeping next to you.

You propped yourself on your elbows to get a better view of your shared bedroom, seeing both of your yesterday’s clothes on the floor after the rather steamy events. Harry’s phone and wallet, however, were no longer on his bedside table where you last saw them, which made you frown. You took your phone and checked the time - 9:16AM. The notifications on your phone consisted of the usual news reports, some friends wanting to arrange plans and someone liking your latest post every once in a while. No messages from Harry. You took off the blanket, crawled out of the bed and slowly padded to the bathroom, not wanting to make a lot of noise, even though there was no actual reason to do so. After doing your usual morning routine, you exited the bathroom and tiptoed down the stairs, secretly hoping that Harry has been making breakfast the whole time and you will be able to get your long deserved cuddles, which you have been craving ever since you woke up. Walking into the kitchen made disappointed find its way into the pit of your stomach, seeing that not only there was no food ready to be devoured, but also no Harry and his strong arms to hold you. I know, priorities. Before getting slightly irritated by the fact that he has left the house without making sure you knew as to where, you heard the front door unlock and Harry’s heavy Chelsea boots making their way into the house, making a relieved sigh leave your mouth. You then propped yourself on the dark marble counter of your kitchen, slightly wincing at the cold surface hitting your bottom and making you shiver.

Harry, on the other hand, took of his boots, happily humming a new tune he had come up with when he woke up this morning, seeing you sound asleep by his side. Even though he did not want to leave you, breakfast for two sounded good enough to leave the warmth of your body and to head downstairs in order to cook a mean French toast with eggs and bacon. To his surprise there was no food left in the refrigerator, his only option being grocery shopping, which is exactly what he did, hoping to be back before his love woke up. Unfortunately for him, after taking his boots and coat off and making his way towards your shared bedroom, forgetting the shopping bags by the door, as he approached the room, he noticed you no longer sleeping as the little angel you are, very well knowing you never wake up this early, and a worried expression made its way onto his face. As he hurriedly headed towards the bathroom, hoping to see you there, he was met with the soft voice he had fallen for when you two first met.

“Are you looking for something?” You spoke up.Harry quickly spun around, his green eyes meeting yours, worry leaving his body as he takes in your appearance - hair disheveled, cheeks red and lips puffy as usual, begging to be kissed, your body only clad with his dress shirt from last night, baring the right amount of skin to get Harry worked up, his breath heaving.

“Morning, love. What are you doing up so early? You got me worried for a second here.” Harry said while making his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him.

“I woke up and you were gone, I thought something happened..” you sofly said and looked up to him with your puppy dog eyes, making Harry inwardly curse.

“Oh, baby. I was doing some shopping, we must’ve forgot to buy more food, the fridge was empty” he reassured while stroking your hair, making you sigh.

“I missed you, Harry. I was hoping for some cuddles when I woke up” you sadly said.

With that Harry picked you up and took you to your bed, softly landing the two of you on its soft surface.

“I missed you, too, babygirl” he said, wrapping his arms around your warm body, and kissed your forehead, his scent enveloping you as you slowly fell back asleep in the arms of the man you love unconditionally, while Harry himself thanked the lucky stars for having someone like you by his side.

Drunk Kat leaving Adena hanging for @daredevil27

“Guys Adena is going to kill me,” Kat whined from the back of the Uber, making her way home from a night of heavy drinking with Jane and Sutton.

“Just tell her how we made you do shots,” Jane said, not sounding nearly as drunk as the other two.

“Yeah, we made you do shots, and then you kept making us do more shots,” Sutton agreed, leaning her head against Jane’s shoulder.

“I know, that was such a poor choice.  But after the work week we had, it also was really needed,” Kat stated matter of factly, recalling the crazy amount of hours that they had been putting in at Scarlet to prepare for a big event.  

“It really was…she won’t be mad. Adena seems like super calm and super understanding.  LIke what is she going to do tell you she loves you and kiss you goodnight?” Jane joked, but also knowing that Adena could never be mad at Kat for too long.

“She can be pretty feisty,” Kat remarked.

“Like in the bedroom?” Sutton immediately chimed in.

“Stop thinking about what happens in our bedroom,” Kat slapped Sutton in the arm. “But seriously, I had told Adena I was going to be home by like 11 at the latest, and we’d cuddle and watch a movie…and you know…other stuff. Don’t ask what I mean by other stuff!” Kat quickly interrupted Sutton’s train of thought.

“Well you’re not that late,” Jane mused. “It’s only….” she fished around for her phone to check the time. “Oh nevermind.”

“What time is it?” Kat quickly asked.


Kat groaned loudly and hoped she could pull herself together before walking into her apartment.

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Things I need in order to cope this season:

•protective big brother Barry consoling Kara

•Kara showing off how badass she is in front of Hurricane Irma

•someone (preferably Alex or Winn) to stick it to Mon-El on how Kara never once gave up on seeing him again

•Alex adopting ruby if sam stays evil

•a long shot but sam really needs to like overcome her evilness so her and Kara and Lena can be besties forever

•I also would really like to see Kara being so cold and in a “screw you” attitude at Mon-el until he realizes how stupid he was and karamel is brought back to life

Okay I’m done being a fan girl with too high of hopes brb while I go cry and imagine how I want the rest of the show to go :))

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hii love your blog!!Could you please write a one shot of lucas and max's first kiss after the snowball??♥♥

Hello dear!! Thank you so much! 💖💖💖 I’m sorry it’s so late but the school is really a pain rn I’m sorry!! :( Anyways I wrote this short oneshot and I really hope you’ll like it!! 💖
Sometime around 7 pm they left crowded gym, holding hands, and started wandering through deserted school hallways.
Max was wearing his jacket over her sweater, hugging it close to her body. Lucas gave it to her when he saw her shiver after they left the gym. Normally she would refuse, insisting she’ll manage, but something about the way his eyes softened when he drapped it over her shoulders made her smile so much she forgot to do so.
‘You’ve got some crazy dancing moves. ’ she nudged him with her elbow, grinning. He scratched his neck with his free hand.
‘Thanks. You too. I mean… I liked dancing with you. ’
She felt her cheeks heat up.
There was a moment of silence.
‘How have you been? I mean… At home?’ he asked hesistantly, subconsciously rubbing her hand with his thumb. She resisted the urge to hug him again.
'Good, I guess… I mean, Billy’s still a dick, and he and Neil… They keep arguing. And mom’s really stressed about it all the time. But… I guess it’s okay. ’ she shrugged. 'Billy keeps distance. At least when Neil and mom are home. When their not… Well, at last he’s not interfereing into my personal life so much. ’
She gripped his hand tighter, pressing her lips together.
They were standing under the lockers right now, holding hands. She looked up and found him staring at her with a slightly painful expression.
'Its just unfair. ’ he muttered. 'That you have to deal with it, you know. ’
'I can manage. ’ she shrugged lightly.
'I wish you didn’t have to. ’
His whisper made her meet his soft eyes, looking at her attentively.
She felt his fingers on her cheek, brushing away a stray strand of hair.
Their noses touched and he leaned in, kissing her softy, pulling away after only a few seconds, with an unsure expression.
She smiled up at him and covered his palm, still resting on her cheek, with her own.
'You’re so lame, Stalker. ’ she laughed quietly and he smiled shyly, his eyes never leaving her face.

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Lonely (Grayson)

Requested ? yes- based off of the song Lonely by Demi Lovato ( @oohhfuuck gurl I hadn’t heard of this song before but god damn is it deep I love it) also my first try at a one shot/ writing based on a song so i’m sorry if it comes out really bad I tried ;/

word count: 1,379 

warning: swearing 

He felt just like you
His arms, his lips
His promises were just as smooth
His grip, it fit, though, I admit, that
Only you could make me feel the way you do
Though, you know love is blind
And he just caught my eye

There he was. Grayson Dolan. The most popular guy in school. Captain of the football team, co-captain of the lacrosse team, and overall the school’s best athlete and biggest “rebel”. 

“y/n. y/n. y/n!”

I turned to see Dalton, my best friend and probably honestly the gayest boy to walk these halls. I snapped my attention towards him, only to find him smirking.

“Dreaming about Mr. Dolan again hmm?”

“haha funny. I was looking at the… lunch menu”

“Yeah right sweetheart” he says turning his attention back to Grayson. It was lunchtime and despite popular belief, Grayson sat with his twin brother and their posse of “bad boys”. I had no doubt in my mind that Grayson was bad news. He’s probably slept with every girl in school more than once… besides me.

“y/n hes bad news, you know that” Dalton whispers in my ear, not breaking eye contact with one of Grayson’s friends. His name was Jack, and he is the only other person who is as much of a dick as Grayson. Dalton and him had been a thing for a while, but knowing Grayson would never approve, and having an “image” to keep up, they never told anyone. Except me obviously.

“Yeah I know it’s just, after Alex and I broke up, I’ve just I don’t know been…. lonely”

Alex was one of Grayson’s friends and him and I had been together for a few months before out of the blue he broke up with me and starting sleeping with the head cheerleader. Ironic I know. But I wasn’t too beat up about it. Alex was cute, but he wasn’t Grayson. Grayson and I were best friends when we were kids. Hell we were neighbors. Him, Ethan (his twin brother) and I would have sleepovers every weekend from the age of like 6 onward. We were best friends, until he went to one of those sports camps for football. He came back and was never the same. He didn’t speak to me, he didn’t even look at me. And soon Ethan stopped too. Here we are. Senior year. 4 years later. My feelings for Grayson had never subsided and I wanted nothing more than for him to realize what a douche he’s been and be my best friend again. Better yet the boyfriend I had yearned for since I had met him. 

You know me and honestly I’m better without ya
Don’t you got me checking on my phone by the hour
Baby, I’m hoping and praying
My knees weak, I’m shaking
‘Cause you know, that I always needed saving

Everyday, Dalton and I walked home. We only lived a few blocks from school and it being early September, the weather was still great. As we approach my house, I see Grayson walking out of my front door.

“Thank you so much honey, It means so much. All of us here are very short so it’s nice to have someone tall around haha” my mom says, walking Grayson out. He nods and gives her a small hug.

“Hey what are you and Ethan up to tonight? I’m making a pot roast, but I don’t think we’ll be able to finish it ourselves. Join us for dinner? We haven’t seen you here ” 

He again nods and gives her one last hug before turning back around. Facing me, he looks me up and down for a second with his jaw clenced tightly. 

“See you at 5 Mr. y/l/n” he says before walking away, never breaking eye contact with me.

Now I’m fucking lonely and you didn’t want me
Trying to show me, that you didn’t own me
But all you do is leave me fucking lonely
Knees on the concrete, cut up and bleeding
For no Goddamn reason
But all you do is leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely

I run as fast as I can inside and jump right in the shower. I can’t believe my mom just invited that douchebag over. She knows we aren’t friends anymore and yet she thought it would be a good idea to invite him over the one night i’m actually home. He just up and left me. How could he?

Stepping out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my body and walk over to my vanity. After putting on some light makeup, I slip on some skinny jeans, a black shirt, and some sandals. As I make my way downstairs, the doorbell rings.

“Y/N WILL YOU GET THAT?” my mom shouts. I huff quietly and walk over to the door. Opening it, I see Grayson and Ethan. I don’t even open the door all the way, and I walk back to the dining room where my mom has the food set out at the table. Sitting down, my mom makes small talk with the boys.

“So Grayson!! I heard you got accepted to Berkley!! Your mom must be so proud”

I choke on the meat. He got accepted? We used to talk about us all going there as kids. It was his dream. But I just assumed with his bad boy rep and all, his grades had slipped as well. Apparently not.

The rest of dinner goes by fairly smoothly, when I hear something break. My mom shoots out of her seat and goes to the door, checking to see what it was.

“Oh shit, the window broke. God damn dog” she mumbles walking into the kitchen to sweep up the mess. Ethan jumps up as well 

“i’ll help!” he says, bolting into the kitchen. Leaving Grayson and I at the table. 

The month was June
The smoky sun, our fatal run
It ended too soon
With tears as proof, 'cause all the carpets stained with juice
Blood on my shoes and you know love is blind
I can see it in your eyes

“So, y/n have you looked at any colleges yet?” he asks. I immediately stand up and walk up the stairs, not wanting to deal with this bullshit.

“y/n wait!” He yells following me up the stairs.

“What Grayson? What could you possibly fucking want? Now you want to talk to me? When none of your little friends are around to see? Fuck you. I waited for you. I waited for you to come back and tell me about your trip. But you didn’t! You fucking left me! My dad died Grayson! He died! You couldn’t even fucking tell me you were sorry? You grew up with him and you fucking ignored me. All the time! and it fucking killed me! You don’t talk to me. You couldn’t fucking suck it up and talk to me! Did you not realize I was in love with you? I fucking waited. Or maybe you did and wanted nothing to do with me! But you didn’t fucking talk to me! Do you know how much that hurts Grayson? I fucking loved you. You were my best friend and you left me when I needed you the most. So no Grayson I will not wait. I waited 4 fucking years for you. No” I cried, tears spilling from my eyes. I turned to walk into the bedroom, when he grabbed my wrist. I tried pulling away but he happens to be much stronger than me. He spun me around and pressed my body against the wall of the bedroom.

“Grayson. Fuck. Off.” I spat. He looked me up and down for a minute before pressing his lips to mine. I tried pushing him off but he wouldn’t budge. He began to move his lips against mine, and I couldn’t help but kiss him back. No matter how much I hated him, no matter how mad I was he left me, no matter how toxic he was, I knew I had to have him. No matter the consequences.

So I’m Dying

Hi, yea going on a mini hiatus. Long story short, I was playing with this really cute baby (like super cute) and she sneezed in my face, now guess who’s super sick!?!!!

I have never felt this bad before (I’m like its a baby sneeze how bad could it b- *literally dies an hour later*). I mean it feels like a cold, but I dunno. Even the light from this screen hurts my eyes and its on the lowest setting possible, so maybe the flu? I haven’t had a flu shot in years so its possible…

Uhhh, I’ll be back when my body stops hurting and I can sleep without the room spinning. So yea, bye.

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I'm a transguy and was wondering if you have any tips for getting rid of dysphoria and be more male-passing? My current situation doesn't allow me to be on hormone therapy or have top surgery. I have shot hair and my wardrobe is free of skirts and the like. What else can I do?

- wearing more masculine clothes such as dress shirts, flannel, graphic tees, hoodies, sweaters, etc.

- wearing darker clothes and layering your clothes can help to hide your chest.

- wearing more manly scents such as using men’s shampoo, soap, or cologne.

- packing (if you can’t get a packer then a pair of socks can really work wonders).

- if you can get a (safe) binder.

- wear more neutral tones such as browns, greens, blues, greys, and blacks.

- come out to people around you if you know that it is safe to do so and that they will not out you. Once you do this you can ask them to use your pronouns which can lessen your dysphoria. 

Kosaka Ryoutarou mini photobook “preview” video

As thanks to 523 and counting followers, here’s a little gift for everyone!

I am still thinking whether to scan this photobook but here’s what the photobook looks like! It’s really small and the spine seems quite fragile for my preference.

If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can still buy this photobook in Taiseido Bookstore (just beside TSUTAYA Shibuya/Starbucks Shibuya, right across the Shibuya Crossing) for less than 1000yen.

Please DO NOT reupload this video anywhere.

News about Shkatt two-shot?!

Okay, so, Kinktober Day 25 featured Katt, that’d be Keith x Matt, with the glory hole kink. Basically, Keith encountered Matt in his and Shiro’s bathroom and kneeled before him at a glory hole and it was glorious, yeah. Anyways, that chapter really blew up, and a lot of people started requesting a follow-up chapter. Now, I was already considering making a sequel to that chapter even before I’d posted it and gotten feedback, so having it received like this was just, well, amazing, honestly! So thank you, first of all!

Now then, I’m sure people have been wondering where this follow-up story is. Well, fear not! I am here to deliver! I’ve gotta go through and edit it real quick, but then, it should be up! Later today! The sort of long-waited Shkatt sequel to Kinktober Day 25, although idk if anybody was actually waiting for it xP well, you get it anyways! Thanks a ton, guys! Love you you all more than words could express <3 <3 <3

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What did you think about Justice League?!

I really enjoyed it. I know a lot of people were all up on the clothes, and the ass shots, and that stuff, but I just liked it. The story was interesting. Jason Momoa was hot as hell. Henry Cavil spent a good chunk of the time with no shirt on. I liked the dynamic between Bruce and Diana, and the little guy who played Flash was hilarious. Cyborg was intense and brooding, and I thought everyone did an amazing job. There was some decent humor and I was pleasantly surprised by it, finding it a bit of a nod to Marvel, as this movie lost some of its “dark” factor and lightened things up nicely in places. 

Is Ben Affleck the best Batman? No. But is he atrocious? Nah. I think he makes a pretty decent old, cynical Bat.

Does Diana’s ass hang out at one point? Oh, hell yeah, but it was a flash of under butt and then over. Were the Amazons wandering around in leather sports bras? Sure, but it wasn’t all of them. Those who needed to be armed and armored still were. And sweet jiminy crickets! The muscles on those girls! My lord. Wow!! 

And let’s be honest here. I spent just as much time ogling naked man chest, and Jason Momoa in his (mmm) tight armor, and the thighs of all the serious levels of beefcake in that movie as the men did Diana’s ass.

I came out of the theater happy, excited, and with a daughter who was pretending to be Wonder Woman, swinging an imaginary sword, while wondering if she could one day out run the Flash. To me, that is the only thing that matters. 

The creepy bug things were nasty AF, just FYI. Be prepared to jump. 

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Well) Aphrodite, Nymph, Hippolytus

Aphrodite: What’s your relationship status?

I’ve been with @karlacton since 2015!

Nymph: Last dream you remember?

this is really weird but last night I dreamt I was Alec Leamas. like, as in, from The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. not much happened in terms of different stuff; I was basically just him living out the end of the book? it was honestly so strange. I woke up when I got shot trying to get across the Berlin Wall. I remember in the dream I knew it was coming, too – like not in Alec’s “well of course they’ll shoot me” way but in my “you’re Alec at the moment, so you’re about to get shot nnnnnnow” way, and they shot me right as I finished thinking it.

Hippolytus: Tell an experience you will never forget.

to keep with the theme, when I lived in Germany we used to get these awesome thunderstorms, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. they would last for ages and they would be so loud, the loudest thing I’d ever heard. I remember one hit when me and my mum were driving back home from shopping, and we were on the fucking autobahn which is crazy at the best of times as it has no speed limit. most people are sensible but there are still assholes who’ll fly past at like 100mph even when it’s storming, so my poor mother, who still wasn’t used to driving on that side of the road, was crawling along in the slow lane.

it was raining really heavily but suddenly it just… managed to get heavier? I have never seen rain like it. the windscreen wipers were going as fast as they could but the windscreen looked like it was going through a car wash. just buckets and buckets of water. everyone had slowed to a crawl and my mum just couldn’t deal with the stress anymore so she pulled onto the emergency shoulder and just waited it out. I was in the back with my face pressed up against the window and the road was a literal river. suddenly this massive truck came blasting past, giving no fucks, and I remember it so clearly because the wind as it came past rocked the car, and at the same time as it came past there was a flash of lightning so everything outside was so bright and the car was rocking back and forth and the rain was so loud, nothing felt real.

then suddenly the rain just stopped, like someone had flicked a switch. it was the strangest, more surreal thing. 

{Greek Myth Asks}

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How are you doing today?

Well the day just started but I woke up early and got some money from my mom, my hair is fly, I ate a tuna sub, some guy on the bus was staring at me though and lately there’s been a rise in crime. The other day my friends and I were walking close to my school and we heard 4 gunshots that were really close by and everybody in the area started panicking but my friend was like “those probably werent gunshots” and then I got this really bad feeling like when I looked at my cat and I knew she was dying and I started crying, and then some sirens started wailing all over, like they were coming from 3 directions at once. And then a couple days before that there was a shooting at the city mall. And on the same day just outside of the mall there was another shooting but this one was police brutality, some black guy was pulled over and shot in the driver’s seat while his girlfriend watched. Lately I’ve been hearing gunshots in more places though, idk what’s going on. I heard some this morning and more police sirens while I was going to school. And then that guy was just staring at me. I was looking to the front of the bus to see where we were going and I stopped paying attention to what my eyes were doing and realized a minute later that some guy at the front of the bus was making eye contact with me. For those of you who don’t take public transit, the general unspoken rule is that everyone looks to the front of the bus so none of us make eye contact. I was at the back of the bus and he was at the front. It’s not like he was looking at something because the back doesn t have any windows and it’s just a couple of kids and me back there. So I looked away but then I looked back a couple of seconds later and he was still staring. By the end of the ride he was still staring. Idk maybe he was tryna figure out if I’m a boy or a girl, I used to get those stares all the time, but now for the most part I pass. Anyway I’m skipping all my classes because I can’t fucking handle this shit today like why aren’t there schools for people with painful social anxiety such as myself? Despite how much I talk about skipping I’m unusually smart, I used to have an identic memory before my parents beat it out of me so now it’s just a really really good memory that doesn’t function when I phase out (which idk what mental illness that belongs to but it’s basically when even when I know that I’m not paying attention and I’m trying to pay attention with all of my energy I literally can’t focus on my surroundings enough to understand them and my body goes in auto pilot) anyway my friend and I went to my work cuz it’s closed and we wanted to skip but then when we went back to school to pick up another friend so we could go to ihop there were 3 gunshots nearby and now were walking to ihop real fast. Anyway I hope I’m not murdered soon