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Boys Like Him


A/N: Everything I write at the moment doesn’t turn out how I want, so I apologize in advance for this. 

Word count: 3,143

I had been on tour with Shawn for about a month now and though we’d been dating for almost a year, I had never tagged along his tours before nor had I ever really gone to one of his shows, so sitting on the floor of the hotel room and doing my homework was a rather big step for us. Bringing me along and sharing this part of him was a rather big step for us. 

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The Wrath of a short woman - Bruce Wayne x Reader

So it’s late and I’m quite tired but I really wanted to write this so…Yeah. Written in 7 minutes (in two part, like I started to wrote it late at night yesterday, finished this morning), by a very tired Ella (you know I’m tired when I’m referring to myself with the third person), I hope you’ll like it, especially you @homework-is-the-real-killer

Warning : tiny bit TINY bit NSFW

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-You can’t fight me, you’re miniature. 

As soon as those words get out of his mouth, he regrets it. Oh and by the look on your face, he knows he’s right to…

-What did you say ? 

-I mean…You…I…Hum….

The Batman is nervous. You made the Batman nervous, with your glare and the hint of danger in your eyes. You approach him. Him and his damn giant frame. 

He’s not wrong, of course. You are miniature. At least compared to him. With his 6 foot 7 he’s towering quite high above you but…he’s not entirely right. 

You can totally fight him, and oh you will.


You know you’re short. 

Well…That’s not exactly true. 

You know you’re short compared to your husband and sons. 

Hell, even compared to Alfred. The butler was actually quite tall. You always had to twist your neck up to look at him in the eyes while talking to him.  

Your height is actually average for a woman, but your husband is a damn giant, and your sons are too. 

Bruce is over a good foot taller than you, and so is Jason. Dick is exactly 10 inches taller, and Tim around 7. But it’s really when your youngest son, Damian, your baby, your eleven years old little boy started to rise above you of almost 2 inches that you realized that…Well, yes. 

In this family, you were a short one.  

This spurred a few teasing, and some “you’re so cute my tiny mom/wife” but nothing more (mostly because your sons and husband were afraid of your sarcasm and wits), just nice little jokes that made you feel loved for your shortness…

But you had to admit that sometimes, them being so tall and you not being a supermodel sized woman…could make things a bit awkward. 

You were thinking about that, sitting in the Manor’s library. 

About how Bruce always had to bend down to kiss you, and you had to go on your tip toes to be able to reach when he bend down. 

How when paparazzis were taking pictures sometimes you wouldn’t even be on it because they only had Bruce’s back and he was somehow shielding you with his massive frame (that, was a good thing)…

How even when you had high heels on, you still wouldn’t be tall enough. 

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Would you mind driving us?

A/N: Y’all I finally finished. I changed the beginning at least a thousand times and it still kind of sucks so please just bare with me. Hope you like it, feedback is greatly appreciated (seriously I’m new at this I need to know what y’all think). 

Also I suck at titles just pretend it’s something good.

word count: 1,504

Being a shy girl with a quiet voice you never really tell people your dreams and you were used to people setting your path for you. You always followed, never led. Exciting things never happened to you, which made a warm evening in early August that much more special.

Your friend forced you to go to a party with her and as much as you hated it, you still said yes. You didn’t want to let anyone down. You never did.

‘It’s going to be another long night of listening to loud music and watching drunk people make out in front of me.’ you thought to yourself. But you still went, for at least it made your friend happy.

You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time to make sure there wasn’t any lipstick on your teeth, because God knows you were always that one girl.

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SJM Accent Challenge: The best of

I love this challenge so much! So I thought I’d share some hilarious lines/great moments from some of the ones I’ve heard so far. I’m sorry if you’re not on the list! There were some I forgot, or looked for and couldn’t find. And there are so many I haven’t listened to yet!

If you heard a line that was funny to you that wasn’t on this list please feel free to reblog and add it!


  • (epic entrance) “We’re live.”
  • “I love doing weird shit like this.”
  • “Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemiah—what the hell is that?
  • “Oh, that’s not a ghost that’s my dog.”


  • “Abraxos is hugs in Spanish”
  • “I don’t know the context of destroyed… anything manorian.”
  • “I would die for manorian.”



  • “My favorite ship is definitely Nessian, but I wouldn’t say no to myself and that magical cabin.” (Little does she know, she’d have to fight @rufousnmacska )
  • “I’m not saying that he’s terrible he’s just super moody and I just want to slap him.”

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Black Panther's Letitia Wright Ready For Shuri’s Potential Superhero Future
Letitia Wright talks to CBR about playing Black Panther's sister Shuri, and being ready to embrace her potential superhero future.

CBR: What did getting involved in Black Panther mean to you, personally?

Leitita Wright: It meant a lot. It’s a blessing. Just being in this project that’s never been really done before in the Marvel Universe, to just embrace Black Panther, embrace the continent of Africa, you know what I mean? The blessing is just amazing. So yeah, I’m honored to be a part of it.

Give me a little sense of how you, as Shuri, fit in the story.

Princess Shuri is T’Challa’s younger sister. She’s also in charge of all of the technology in Wakanda — and she creates all of it, she makes all the armor, everything. Everything that’s to do with weaponry, she creates that, and she also works a lot with Vibranium, and she’s been studying it since she was like a child. So she’s just pretty much like a really smart scientist, but there’s a lot more layers to her when you see in the film.

You’ve, I’m sure, done your homework, so you know who she might one day become…

I did my homework. I did my homework!

What was exciting about that prospect, knowing that these Marvel movies just keep going and going, and that actually could come to pass?

It’s just exciting. That’s an exciting part of it. You don’t know which way it’s going to go, because obviously they take from the comic book, add their flavor to it, and then they keep it going. Whatever the future holds is going to be positive anyway, because if they embrace a story like this, you know it’s going to be good.

What’s been the exciting part of working with [Black Panther director] Ryan [Coogler] on a movie of this scale? He’s obviously a great filmmaker, but this is a huge canvas.

It was a blessing to work with Ryan. He treated me just like everybody else. He just gave me the time to express myself and to be free, and to say if I liked something, if I didn’t. So as a filmmaker, he’s like an actor’s director, meaning that he cares. He really cares. He doesn’t just care about the shots and the things he has to get done — he cares about you as a person. So yeah, I’m very grateful.

Did you get to see a little action in the film as well?

You’ve got to watch the film!

Meet The Family - Part 2

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

Summary: Returning to the Hale household for Christmas proves to be an exciting event, with many surprises and unexpected turns.

Author’s Note: Well, I suck ass at summaries, but a ton of people asked for a second part to this story and here it is! I know it’s been forever, but I just needed some inspiration and the right idea, so this is what hit me today and I just had to write it. I really hope you guys like it; I’m in love with the idea, not so much the writing. But I’m glad you all got the sequel that you asked for! Please let me know what you think :) Enjoy!

Warnings: Language maybe? Fluff

Read Part 1 Here

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“Merry Christmas!” Laura said excitedly as she opened the door, pulling Derek and I into a tight hug before allowing us entry into the house.

“Christmas is tomorrow, Sis,” Derek mumbled into her hair, earning a sharp smack to his shoulder.

“Shut up and get in here. Everyone is dying to see you two.”

“Alright, alright,” Derek chuckled, pulling our bags in with us as he shut out the cold. “Are we the last ones?”

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here’s a fic! the ending is rushed because I’m super fucking tired. If you like it and want a continuation I would consider it, but I don’t think it’s good enough for that. Just the little tidbit I’ve been thinking about lately. Anyway, sorry for the really long radio silence of no fics and then a comeback of a shitty one. I hope you like it anyway!

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Time Canary Week | Day 4: Free Day 
💿 : I Like That
Rip and Sara as rival spies turned lovers

The problem, Rip thinks, is that she’s shown herself to be a very good shot, good enough that for the first time in his career, he thinks she might actually be able to shoot him first.
“Let’s not…” He wets his lips with his tongue. “Let’s not split hairs, shall we? Let’s just put our guns down-”
“Put your gun down,” she says. “And kick it to me.”
He sucks on his teeth. “You see, I don’t really think that’s a wise move for me, and really-”
“I don’t really think that’s a wise move for me,” she mocks, curling her lip and doing a terrible version of his accent. “Put it down, English.”
He finds himself increasingly frustrated by her, particularly by how trapped her feels in her gaze. “You put your gun down, love,” he snaps. “How about that?”
“Love,” she says, emphatically. “Cute.”
“I’m counting to three,” he says. “And on three, we’ll both drop our weapons, alright?”
She shrugs.
“One,” he says. “Two, and three.”
He lets his gun fall out of his hand.
She does not do the same.
“Oh come on!” he says, gesturing to her. “For fuck’s sake. We said on three.”
“You said,” she tells him. “I was noncommittal about it.”
“Well if you’re going to shoot me then you might as well do it now,” he says. “Noncommittal? Do you have no honor? Are you just-”
“Honor?” she says, lowering her arm, huffing in disbelief. “Just because you’re Her Majesty’s Finest Idiot or whatever doesn’t mean-”
“Do you even have identification?” he says. “Have I just been having a pissing contest with some bloody fucking mercenary?”
“Oh, fuck you,” she says, putting her gun away and digging out her badge. “Here. Sara. CIA.”
He makes a face at her before pulling his identification out of his breast pocket. “Rip Hunter. M-16.”
“Rip Hunter is the dumbest alias you ever could’ve chosen,” Sara says.
He lets out a frustrated sort of noise. “Do you ever just, you know- Fuck off, perhaps? Not do-” He gives her a once over, which is his second mistake. “This?”
“Oh, you fuck off,” Sara says, brushing his ID out of her face.
“You fuck off,” he retorts, and realizes all too late that she’s absolutely stopped listening to him altogether. 

anonymous asked:

Okay so, I was thinkin' a Robert/MC request. And it sort of touches down on something more emotionally touching? Him opening up about his feelings and the MC knows its hard for him to do. Maybe toss in some sweet cuddles if ya need but yeah. That'd be totally neato.

This was a pretty tough one, I couldn’t think of anything that’ll get the emotionally touching feeling on so I’ve decided to make a little jealous robert thing if you don’t mind. Hopefully you all like it!

I won’t say (I’m jealous)
Robert Small X MC Daddy              

Robert said he needed to work on emotional things first before committing into any romantic relationship, which I really respect and I am more than willing to wait till he’s ready. He’s been going through a lot and I know that as a father you’d want focus on family matters first. His relationship with Val has definitely improved these past few months. Also, no more daily dose of whiskey shots at Jim and Kim’s. I’m really proud of all the progress he’s made. And as promised, I remained by his side as a friend.

“I like you, I like you a lot.” He said as he held my hand, we were sitting our tree by the backyard watching guests leave the party we held for Amanda.

Those words are all I could hold on at the moment. And if loving him means holding on to those words for as long as I can, hold on I will.

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Originally posted by girl-with-a-thousand-enemies

Summary: Castiel and you are having an argument in enochian. When things heat up, you leave in anger. Cas goes after you…

Request: @anotsocoolguy : Hi I was wondering if you can do a thing where the reader is an angel is having a argument with Cas in enochian. Making the reader leave in anger and fluff next. Sorry if it’s allot P.S ❤ love your fics

Pairing/Characters: Castiel x Angel!Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Puriel (angel) 

Word Count: 1127

Warnings: angst, fluff, arguing in a different language, language

Key: So I don’t know Enochian and it’s never really been spoken aloud on the show so I’m gonna try and make it seem like they are speaking it lmao, but I did try and use an online translator for basic phrases… PROBABLY NOT ACCURATE cause it’s sort of a dead language lol. Another thing is that this one shot doesn’t pertain to any plot line in Supernatural. Made it up as I went, you could say. I love writing Castiel based fics so I hope I get more once I reopen requests which you can expect the middle to the end of August, somewhere in that timeframe :)

A/N: This is my first time using the “you” pronoun. LOL sorry if it’s bad. OH AND THIS GIF IS SO BEAUTIFUL !! Hope you enjoy! 

Enochian was a complicated language, but not for you and Castiel, being angels of course. Dean and Sam were clueless however which made the argument even more confusing. They looked back and forth between you two as you fought in Enochian which was pretty smart, considering how sensitive the information was. According to Angel Radio, Heaven was seeking angels that were on Earth at the time to fight in the next holy war. Castiel was chosen, but not you. You couldn’t care less, but that meant you’d have to stay and guard over Earth without him. Cas wanted to go, being very loyal to Heaven. Dean and Sam knew nothing of the matter. The library was filled with shouts and frustrated groans while the boys just tried to make it seem like they weren’t listening by ‘reading’ lore.

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So I made a new catte, she is kinda like Mai’s dark haired, bushy eyebrow’d cousin or something. I was going to make a Moon kitty but they ain’t got them big eyebrow and I was wanting that really bad I’m super into bushy eyebrows lately. No idea if I will actually use her but I thought she was pretty cute and I’ve been fucking around in character creation a lot lately.

Bonus booty shot~

anonymous asked:

have you done bullet points for tom dating short girls? i'm like just under 5'2 so we are taking really short😂. if you haven't could you do one please?

  • he’d just think it’s so cute that you’re smaller than him since he’s not the tallest of guys anyway 
  • he’d constantly kiss your forehead because it’s at just the right height for him
  • and the cuddles would be so cute because you fit so nicely against him

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TalesFromYourServer: If they fill out the application in red crayon... [x-post from /r/TalesFromtheJob]

(Sorry if this isn’t allowed…)

Back when I was the day shift GM at a certain steak restaurant (no, not that one, the other one), we were doing a hiring streak for the new location’s grand opening.

I had a BIG stack of applications to go through. A few stand out as being memorable, like the guy who listed his fellow inmates and his parole officer as references (I was willing to give him a shot, but he missed his interview by being arrested and in jail again), or the woman who had “tons of experience” listing her last 5 restaurants where she’d worked a total of 2 weeks.

But the one that really caught my attention was the application written in red crayon. Yes, seriously. Neat printing throughout, but completely done in red crayon. I called this guy in for an interview just for the hell of it.

When he showed up he was well dressed (polo shirt, black jeans, comfortable non-skid shoes), had excellent references, a decent work history, good knowledge of restaurant work (dish pit, bussing, and prep), and overall, was perfect for the job.

Finally, at the end of the interview (I’d already decided to hire him. I’d be insane not to!), I asked the big question: “Why did you fill out the application in red crayon?”

“Well, I figured you’d have a ton of applications to dig through, so I wanted to stand out.”

After his second day on the job, I jokingly told him “You’re the best worker we’ve got! Any more like you at home?”

“Well, I’ve got a brother who could use a job.”

He brought his brother in the next day for a trial run. Hired him on the spot, too. The brothers were still working there when I left 4 years later, and they took over my position as co-GMs.

By: CWinthrop

It’s Broken, Our Love

A/N: this is the angsty one shot i’ve been talking about! basically, this takes place in phase 4, after you and murdoc broke up at the start of phase 3 when his actions started to get too much and, quite frankly, he started to scare you a bit. i thought this up when i was listening to broken by gorillaz–i think it sets the scene really well and, in this universe, was probably what inspired murdoc to write that song in the first place. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 

The day that you had ended your relationship with Murdoc Niccals seemed like some sort of fever dream by now. It had been so many years ago, you had stopped keeping track, but you estimated that it was about eight years ago since you walked out of his life, and had never heard from him personally again. Sure, you heard him on the radio a few times, but that was about it. Since then, you knew that he’d had some sort of misadventure that involved an isolated island in the middle of nowhere, and recently you had been seeing more of him on posters, in magazines, on TV and radio, promoting his new album with the rest of the band. You tried your very best not to look up on what he was doing these days, as the sheer memory of him caused a pain in your heart and a heaviness on your chest. You sort of just wanted to forget that he existed–that your relationship ever happened at all. Sure, the few years you spent together was good while it lasted, but that just made the pain all the more unbearable.

You found yourself in an old, shabby pub that you and Murdoc used to occupy quite frequently. It was one of his favourites–just somewhere that he could relax in when he didn’t feel like being bombarded by fans. You weren’t all too sure on why you had decided to pay it a visit after so many years, but you almost felt compelled to as you were walking past it on your trip to London. It would be rude not to, right? After all, you used to be one of the regulars at this pub. One drink couldn’t hurt, and you were almost certain you wouldn’t bump into Murdoc there, so there was no reason why you shouldn’t. As minutes ticked by like hours while you were sipping your drink, you felt yourself beginning to regret entering the pub at all. It just wasn’t any fun by yourself, and the reminder of Murdoc was starting to get overwhelming.

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Re-watched the trailers. There’re some stills from the sneak peek that are intriguing. But in the latest trailer, there’s one that really caught my attention…

First was this belated realisation that that’s Harry (or “Harry” because we don’t really know yet) at the back in this scene. Aww.

But! Who is this lady(?) who walks slowly into the shot  like the start of a final boss fight?

Hmm. Friend or foe?

che1sea-xiao-long  asked:

Will we ever learn the names of Lotor's generals when season 3 comes out?

i… guess? maybe?

sorry fam i literally could not give less of a fuck about Lotor’s hot lady generals at this point in time because i’m facing the prospect of Shiro being absent for an entire season and potentially getting permanently replaced as Black Paladin. as someone who is first and foremost a Shiro stan i’m finding it really hard to summon ANY enthusiasm at all for season 3, like literally the only things i care about at this point are:

  1. the distant prospect that Buff Spaceman might be Ryou Shirogane; and
  2. that two second shot of Shiro’s eye opening
Catch My Drift

Requested by @mikumaythebeastHey :) So I really LOVED your Archie One-shots and I wanted to request another? Maybe something where the reader is his patient and hints that she’s in love and he doesn’t get that she means him? Something like that? Understand if you don’t want to! Have a great day! 😉

I changed the request somewhat, but here you go! I do not own Archie. He belongs to the creators of Once Upon a Time. 

Warnings: slight angst, fluff

Pairings: Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket x fem!reader

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

You were frustrated. No matter how many hints you’d dropped, Archie just didn’t seem to get it. You were so far in love with the man you couldn’t think straight. However, you couldn’t seem to tell him outright. So, you dropped hints, you flirted, you did everything you could think of to get him to see it. Nothing worked. Eventually, you decided to just sit and talk with the man.

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sir-stilinski  asked:

broooooo i need your opinion- how traumatized do you think stiles was after what happened in 'weaponized'? i mean, they never touched back up on the subject bUT HE WAS ALMOST SHOT IN THE HEAD and he did it ALL just to save his friends. idk i'm just salty bc they just left it at that.

I feel like that would have really fucked him up several years ago, but at that point, in s4, I think he’s like “Yeah, well, I’ve already got blood on my hands, what’s the difference if it’s splattered across my face as well?”

I think the most terrifying thing to him would actually be how okay he feels with dying. He just closes his eyes and is like “okay. shoot me.” I think he might look back on that later and ponder what it means about himself and about his mental state. Because realizing that you’re okay with being dead is kinda… huge and terrifying. 

I actually get angry at him when I think about all the times he could have died and he just closed his eyes and stood in front of a gun, because I’m like… how dare you do that to Lydia. There’s a girl who loves you out there. You’re going to be an open wound forever if you leave her. 

And obviously Scott and his dad too but let me have this moment of being a trashcan shipper, I’m sorry, I’m garbage, JUST LET ME HAVE THIS.

If the rumors are true that they are building up the whole Balor Club idea I think there is a chance that we can repair Finn’s image! The Club worked as a face last show which hints towards the pairing just a little bit and it would explain the weird booking for Finn as of late. My only issue is this would be best played off a heel stable?? I know people are going to cheer them regardless but I would just prefer to see heel Finn because… Greatness. I just want Finn to be treated like a big deal, since he came back he’s been EH? This could be the perfect shot in the arm his character needs to get the ball back rolling. But if Roman is going to hold the belt from SS to WM and face Cena idk if this Balor Club stable will really do anything? Unless he gets over and wins the Rumble?? That’s enough pointless talking from me, lmao.