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Fine And Dandy

Knowing the name of your soulmate was fine and dandy, unless you had a name like Joseph.

Do you know how many bloody Joseph’s there are in the world?!

A lot. I googled it one day. Because I was bored, and my friend and I had been discussing our soulmates. This all stemmed from her having gone on a date with her potential soulmate, all because the guy had the name Liam.

I had personally rolled my eyes when she told me, but she protested saying that it was worth a shot, and I should try it myself.

She shut up really fast when I reminded her how many people had the name of my soulmate. There was just too many people in the world, and so I never bothered.

I still went on a few dates with some other guys, despite knowing that they were not my soulmate, and I was most definitely not theirs, but it was fun. I was allowed to have fun until I was attached for the rest of my life.

My friend on the other hand? Wouldn’t even give a guy a second look if his name wasn’t Liam. It helped that her name was less common than mine.

“Are you ready yet?!” My friend yelled at me through the door, and I rolled my eyes, checking over my reflection again. The two of us were heading to a party that her newest Liam was hosting, and she insisted on me dressing ‘cute and flirty, because you never know, Y/N!’

Knowing it was easier to just go with her, rather than against her, I picked out a cute and flirty outfit, when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and watch Netflix.

“Y/N!” A pounding on the door tore my gaze away from the mirror, “Let’s go!”

“I’m coming!” I shout back, pulling the door open, “Is this good?”

“Perfect.” She smiled at me, looping her arm with mine before leading me towards the front door. “You’re going to get all the boys attention!”

“I don’t want attention though,” I groaned.

“Yes you do. Shut up.”

“You’re a mean best friend.”

“I’m an amazing best friend. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this party.” I glanced over at her, seeing the secretive little smile on her face, but I simply shook my head, in no mood to try and figure out what she had planned.

Once we had arrived at the party, she was quick to disappear, dashing through the crowd to find her Liam, leaving me standing awkwardly against the wall, casually people watching.

My eyes fell on a group of guys, around my own age, laughing and joking with each other, sipping on their drinks. But it was one in particular that I felt drawn too.

His blue eyes were shining with mirth, and his lips tugged up in a small smile as he brushed the hair away from his face. As if he could feel my gaze, he looked my way, his smile growing slightly as he tipped his drink towards me.

I nodded back, feeling my cheeks turn warm before I dragged my eyes away from him, forcing myself to look instead for my friend.

When I did find her, I was surprised to see her marching up to the group of boys boldly, asking them something. The friends all pointed towards the blue eyed man, and he gave her a confused look before suddenly being lead over to me, surprise now mixing with his confusion.

My own eyes widened as I watched my friend bring this attractive man towards me, a pleased smile on her face.

“Babes, I would like you to meet my new friend,” She looked at me directly in the eyes, “Joe.”

“Uhm, hi?” He offered with a small wave, glancing back at his friends quickly, who were all trying to pretend like they were not watching.

“Have fun you two!” My friend wiggled her fingers before spinning around and dancing back across to Liam, chatting easily.

“I’m sorry,” I shot Joe an apologetic look, “She’s a bit crazy.”

“It’s fine,” He laughed, his fingers running through his hair again. “I was actually hoping to find a reason to come talk to you.”

“You were?”

“That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?” He laughed again, this time more nervously. “But yes, I was.”

“Then I’m glad she gave you a reason.”

“Me too.” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

In the back of my head, I did wonder, what if this was my Joe? The one I had been searching for all of my life. But I quickly pushed that thought to the back of my mind, as I often did, because I refused to let the whole ‘knowing your soulmate’s name’ thing ruin a good conversation with a fit guy.

“Oh,” Joe suddenly said, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours…”

“Right,” I let out a small laugh, “She did seem to leave that part out, didn’t she?”

“Seems easier to not question what she does.”

“Probably,” I nodded, “And my name’s Y/N.”

Shock spread across Joe’s face like wildfire, and he stared over at me for a moment, “Y/N?”

“Uhm, yes?” Worried I had said something wrong. Most likely though, he was realizing that my name was not the name of his soulmate, and therefore was trying to think of a way out.

“Holy shit,” He breathed out, “I found you.”

“You found me?”

“You’re her.” He grinned, “I just know it.”

“Her?” I repeated again, but everything was clicking together in my mind. I was her, he said. Joe was my soulmates name. So that must mean… “Is my name the name of your soulmate?”


“And you think I’m your soulmate?”

“I know you are.”

“How?” I was scared, because what if we weren’t? Then our hopes would be destroyed, and we’d have to start all over again.

“Because you know your soulmate. Don’t tell me you can’t tell, Y/N.” The way Joe said my name, it felt familiar. Right. Like it belonged.

“I can,” I finally admitted, “You have to be him. I don’t think I can handle it if you’re not.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“And lovely to meet you, Joe.”

Alright, so maybe knowing your soulmates name really was fine and dandy.

Not Boring

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Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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When I Was Your Man

Request:  I saw that you do requests based off of songs! If it hasn’t already been done, do you think you could do one based off of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars but like in the reader’s perspective? If so, then thank you so much:)

Pairing: Scott x Reader 

Word Count: 1.3k

Warning: A little angst doesn’t hurt 

A/N: I really love this song (and Bruno Mars)! I hope you like it anon(:

Listen to ‘When I Was Your Man’ here

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I sat in the booth of my favorite restaurant, watching the happy couples walk by, hand in hand and kissing. On plenty occasions, I sat in restaurants like this one and waited for the person who meant the world to me to show, but he never came. I left feeling so heartbroken and disappointed in myself for allowing him to do this to me once again. I continued telling myself he was a good man and he would change.

It all started our freshmen year in college. We ran into each other at freshmen orientation and realized we had a few classes together. He was cute and always had a welcoming smile on his face. Every time I found the courage to speak to him, nothing came out. A small part of me felt like he would never feel the same way I felt about him. Pretty soon, he would join the lacrosse team and boys like him were never interested in girls like me. We spent time together studying for tests and enjoying each other’s company. I never questioned if he saw me the same again. I wanted to be with him, yet I was still content with having him as my friend. It felt different knowing he wanted to be around me as much as I wanted to be around him.

It wasn’t until summer break when I went home that Scott came two towns over just to ask me on a date. There I was sitting in a restaurant, nerves and all, waiting for him to arrive. He was late, yet I let it slide. He was training for the summer for lacrosse tryouts. Aside from school, it would become the second most important thing in his life. Scott smiled as he handed me a bouquet of flowers and asked if I wanted to dance. We danced to what would later become our song to get through tough times. We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing like we did at school, but something had changed. The way he looked at me confirmed that he felt the same way I did. That night he kissed me and told me I was the one he wanted to be with.

By the time we got back to school, we were thick as thieves. I accompanied him to parties for the lacrosse team, helped him catch up work he missed while at away games, and we still managed to find time to go out and enjoy being in each other’s company.

There I was sitting in a restaurant a year later and something didn’t feel quite the same. It’s been almost an hour and Scott has yet to show or tell me he was going to be late. Now that he’s captain, he spends a lot more time at practice, going over plays with his teammates, and going to those stupid parties. I stopped going because now I don’t see the point. The second we walk through the door, he becomes someone else and I hate being around to see him go through that change. When our song comes on, we no longer dance to it. Every time it comes on, I cringe a little. It doesn’t fill me with the same hopefulness it did before. Most nights, I leave the party hours before he does. In the early hours of the morning, he’ll come to my dorm drunk, promising me that it’ll never happen again, but I know that lie all too well. Just as I’m about to get up from the table, I feel a familiar hold on my waist I used to seek comfort in.

He held a single rose in his hand and asked if I wanted to dance. Deep down I hoped this would a be a turning point for us. Scott would eventually remember how we were when we went out on our first date and change his behavior. We were close in proximity, yet somehow still distant. The look in his brown eyes told me he was someplace else at the moment. Most likely thinking about lacrosse or the party the team was throwing in a few days. Dinner ended with him leaving early because he needed some sleep.

Now I see him at least three times a week. He doesn’t ask how I’ve been or what’s been on my mind. I know he wouldn’t care even if I had the guts to tell him. We see each other a few times out the week and all he can do is talk about practice, games, or partying. If I start talking about anything else, he sighs in annoyance and barely pays attention. This goes on until we go to yet another party, I leave early, he shows up drunk, and apologizes by asking to take me out again.

There I was sitting in that restaurant once again with my heart breaking into pieces. My plate has been sitting in front of me, but I don’t have the appetite for it. It’s been two hours, but I had already had a feeling he wasn’t going to show. Every time we planned to go out, he would show up later than before and I let it slide much like our first date. I got used to tell myself he was a good man and things would change, but now it hurts to come to the conclusion that this was no longer true. Before I left the party, I noticed how friendly he had recently become with Chelsea Grey. I never wanted to believe he would do something to intentionally hurt me, yet there I was watching him kiss her as if I weren’t even there.

I came hoping he would arrive so we could end things, but given that he didn’t even show up told me everything I needed to know about how he really felt about us. After leaving the restaurant it  did little to ebb the mix of heartbreak and disappointment that took over. I knew Scott was happy with himself. He’s the team captain and finally has a girl who is just as dedicated to the sport as he is.

He was perfect in the beginning, but in the end he showed me how much he cared. He wasn’t the one that made me feel special and looked at me in a way that no one ever had before. I knew eventually I would find that person and Scott was just one of the heartbreaks that would lead me to the one I would spend the rest of my life with. That night after leaving the restaurant, I ran into someone who was new to town and didn’t know how to find his way around. After running into each other a few more times, we became friends which slowly escalated into something more.

So here I am sitting in my favorite restaurant, playing with the band on my left ring finger. The butterflies never really disappeared when we got married five years ago. I was always excited to see him and he never grew tired of seeing me.

I placed my hand on my stomach one last time and smiled at the surprise I had for my husband. There was nothing on the planet that could describe the happiness that blossomed when I saw him walk through the door and his eyes landed on me.

Brett made his way across the room to envelop me in his arms and kiss me like it was the first time he had seen me in years. I sunk into his touch and smiled against his lips. There was no place else I wanted to be.

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Okay Y/N, I think you’ve had too much to drink, let’s just get you some water”

Dean tried to get you to sit back down on the chair, but you were already on your way to the bar to try and get another shot of tequila.

“No, Dean, I need more”

You were slurring all your words, and dragging out more which made you seem like a child.

But then again Dean always said you acted like a child when you were drunk.

“Y/N please-”

“No Dean” you cut him off “just because I’m in love with you, doesn’t mean I always listen to you”

Did you just say what you thought you said?

“Okay Y/N, I know you don’t mean it cause you’re drunk, but I really wish you did. And since you’re not going to remember this conversation, I love you too.”

They Keep Calling

So, like, I’m never going to finish this thingy? So *shrug* whatever. 

Scenario where the team find Shiro in a Galra Ship and they are going to rescue him but OFC Lance pushes Keith from a clear shot from the enemy and starts bleeding and bla bla bla. 

It’s tiny; I don’t really have much to say, lmao. It  was on my drafts. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance coughs up blood and Keith’s eyes widen in horror as some of it lands on his cheek.

“S-sorry.” Lance whispers, a thin fine line of blood on the corner of his lips as he tries to smile down at the black haired man below him.

“L-Lance.” Keith whispers in shock, eyes darting from the brunet’s blue eyes to the gapping bullet hole in his right side of his chest, wondering how a laser can be powerful enough to break through their paladin armor. “Lance.”

“It’s okay.” Lance whispers, wincing in pain, hand hovering over his wound, “It’s okay, go find Shiro. W-we’re so close, go to him.”

Keith shakes his head at him, “No, n-no, no! Lance!”

“Keith, it’s okay.” Lance rasps out, sweat mixing with the dirt on his face and yet his smile lights up his entire face, “I got your back, love. Go.”

“Keith, we have a visual on Shiro!” Pidge’s voice echoes in their coms, “Do you copy? We need you!”

“Go, Keith.” Lance urges softly, leaning heavily against the wall, “Go.”

“Keith, where are you? KEITH!”




“No!” Keith snaps harshly, angry tears falling from his eyes as he shakes his head, “No, no, no, no! HUNK!” He yells into the comm, “Help Pidge with Shiro, forget the data of this damn ship. Follow her directions and get them out, now!”

“Where are you going? Keith!” Pidge fumes through their coms.

“I’m saving Lance, that’s what I’m doing,”

Ignoring Pidge and Hunk’s shouts of alarm and questions, Keith continues talking.“Stick to the new plan and let’s get out of here, now.” He fumes, turning around and gathering Lance in his arms, “All of us. Alive.” He stresses out strongly, his eyes lingering in Lance’s misty ones.

“Okay.” Lance whispers softly, letting himself to be carried by Keith, “Okay.”

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Hi, I really love your single dad!shiro and I dint know if you're still doing this but is it okay if you did one where the kids are still little and shiro's prosthetic just, falls off. Like some crazy reason and the kids freak out. Thank you for reading!

Hello nonny! Thank you so much for loving this lil verse (not so little anymore. I think this is my 40th fic haha!) Oh this prompt was too funny; I busted out laughing the first time I read it and so many scenarios came to mind. I hope you enjoy this one shot and thank you for sending in asks! I love it! Enjoy!


               Shiro needed to get a new arm.

               Literally. His prosthetic was due for a replacement with new enhancements and features, but Shiro had been too busy to go and actually missed his one year mark, checkup. Now it had almost been two years since he’d gotten a new prosthetic and being a veteran, he always got a new one everywhere. For a while it didn’t matter that it had been two years since his last appointment, but as of late Shiro could see problems in his arm. For one the grip wasn’t as good and his fingers would get stuck. His elbow also creaked really loudly when he tried to bend the arm (which took more force than usual) and the end where it connected to his flesh was beginning to hurt.

               Shiro knew it was time to make an appointment, but with Keith growing up, Shiro just lost track of time. His baby was almost five-years-old already.

               Which was why Shiro needed a new arm quickly.

               He avoided trying to hold Keith, in case the grip in his hand suddenly loosened or his fingers got stiff and hurt Keith. This did not make Keith a very happy camper, but after a small explanation from his daddy, he gave in. Though he was sure to scold his daddy to make an appointment ASAP, because cuddles were on the line!

               Shiro had an appointment scheduled on Friday, which luckily was tomorrow. His arm was falling more and more apart with every day that passed, but at least he would be getting a new arm soon.

               The day had been like any other. The sun was shining. Shiro had come to pick Keith up at Allura’s daycare, where all the kids were running around the playground. Shiro had made plans to have dinner with Keith and his parents.

               And then his arm fell off.

               As in, actually fell off.

               Shiro heard a small hiss and a louder creak before a heavy weight came off of his arm. He blinked in confusion and looked down at his prosthetic – or he looked at what was left of his prosthetic. The arm from the elbow to his fingertips had fallen off at the hinges and was lying lifeless on the ground. Wires were poking out from the gaping hole in his elbow and he slowly raised his broken arm up to his face.


               That’s when the screaming started.

               Shiro jumped when not one, nor two, or even three children screamed but rather every child in the playground screamed. Then some of them started crying and running around in hysteria.

               “His arm fell off!”

               “He’s an alien!”

               “He’s going to fall apart!”

               “What if he tries to eat us?!”

               “Is my arm going to fall off too?”

               Shiro could barely comprehend that his arm had fallen off a day before he was scheduled to get a new one, so it was no surprise that he barely realized why the kids were all crying and screaming. Once his brain managed to catch up in realization, Shiro almost jumped back.

               “Oh jeez. Oh. Oh. I’m sorry!” Shiro waved his hands – well, one hand since the other was a broken off and wired stump – in front of him in panic. He tried to smile soothingly at all the children, while Allura and other teachers tried to wrangle all of them up. However, this gesture seemed to have the adverse effect and only made several kids scream even louder.

               “Oh no. Oh no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Shiro nervously ran a hand through his hair and tried to kick the broken arm out of sight of the kids.

               “Oh my god! He doesn’t even need that arm!”

               “He’s trying to get rid of the evi-dance!”

               “Doesn’t that hurt?!”

               Shiro’s eyes widened when the group of children burst into new tears, while the teachers all scrambled to comfort them. This was not how I was expecting this day to go.

               “I’m sorry. Look, it’s okay. I’m not hurt.” Shiro tried to wave his broken prosthetic stump around, only for a group of girl to shriek violently and immediately Shiro lowered his arm. “Ah sorry.”

               “Oh my god, Keith is that your dad?!” Shiro sighed tiredly upon hearing Pidge’s voice. He looked over to see Keith and his friends running towards him. Shiro attempted to hide his stump and the broken prosthetic on the ground, however each kid had seen enough. Keith’s eyes widened for a second before schooling into a calmer look.

               “Did it break?” Keith asked quietly, as if the whole situation was Shiro’s fault.

               “Um yes?” Shiro lowered his gaze when Keith sighed. Beside him, Lance was running back and forth with his hands in the air, yelling over and over that, “We need to get ice to keep Shiro’s arm cold when they reattach it! Someone get ice!” Hunk was alternating between crying and trying to find some ice for Lance.

               Pidge had crouched down to poke at Shiro’s prosthetic with a stick whispering, “Cool” over and over.

               “This is why you shoulda gone before.” Keith shook his head and walked up to his dad. “Is good you go tomorrow.” He gently tapped at the remainder of the prosthetic on Shiro’s arm and Shiro hesitated. He knew that Keith was signaling for him to remove the prosthetic entirely and air out his arm, but that would probably just freak out the kids even more.

               “Hunk, we need more ice! More!” Lance yelled after dumping an empty cup of water with ice onto Shiro’s broken prosthetic. Hunk was too busy trying to kiss his fingers and then kiss the arm as if that would fix the hurt.

               “Knock it off Lance! You’re gonna break it!” Pidge cried.

               “It’s already broken! We gotsta save it!” Lance argued back hotly while other children screamed in the background. Shiro sighed tiredly and removed his broken prosthetic entirely. Once his fleshed arm was completely revealed, Keith smiled and gave the stump a gentle kiss.

               At least that brought a soft smile to Shiro’s face.

               “You’re not really a robot?!” Lance cried when he noticed Shiro’s stump for the first time ever. Shiro subconsciously tried to pull his short sleeve down, but it was no use. Great day to not wear long sleeves Shirogane.

               “Of course he’s not dummy!” Keith snapped and continued to pet Shiro’s stump. “That’s a pros-tatic.”

               “A prosthetic.” Shiro corrected softly and Lance frowned. “It’s a temporary arm, because I don’t have a real one.”

               “You do.” Lance nodded towards Shiro’s other arm and Shiro chuckled.

               “I mean I don’t have a right arm. I lost it in the war. So they gave me a prosthetic to replace it.” Shiro explained softly when Lance, Hunk and Pidge had stopped crying or screaming or poking at his broken arm. The other kids were beginning to calm down too.

               “Oh. Well, can we help you find it then? Was it far where you lost it?” Hunk asked earnestly, eyes bright with hope and determination. Shiro felt his heart swelling with pride and he laughed softly before ruffling Hunk’s hair.

               “Yes. It was very, very far away. It’s been so long that I don’t think we can find it, thank you though.” Shiro said and Hunk was torn between, feeling saddened that he couldn’t find his arm, ad happy at Shiro’s thanks. “Don’t worry, that’s why I have these prosthetics so I don’t need that arm anymore.”

               “Then how come it fell off?” Pidge asked.

               “Well, it’s been a couple years since I got a new arm and it got worn out.” Shiro admitted while Keith rolled his eyes. “I’m going tomorrow to get a new arm.”

               “Is it going to hurt?” A little girl about Lance’s height finally stepped up to Shiro and his kids. She bit her lip nervously and her friends soon followed after her. Shiro blinked. At least they weren’t crying. Or screaming.

               “Oh no. It never hurts, unless I wear them too long. Just like when you get a cut, you have to it air out. I do the same with my hurt right here.” Shiro pointed to the stump and the children all nodded. “The prosthetic doesn’t hurt to use or put on.”

               “Can I get a prosthetic?” Another boy eventually joined their group.

               “Oh um, well only people that are missing a body part usually get a prosthetic to help them. Like a leg, or an arm, or such?” Shiro scratched at the back of his head.

               “Can you shoot lasers from your fingers?”


               “Do you have super strength?”

               “How does it work?”

               “Can you hold a cup?”

               “Are you an alien?”

               Keith huffed and plopped himself against his daddy, holding tightly onto his pants while the kids continued asking Shiro question after question. He buried his face in Shiro’s shirt to hide the smile while Lance, Hunk and Pidge eagerly listened to Shiro’s explanations and stories. Pidge cradled the broken arm in their arms as if it were a precious baby and Shiro couldn’t hide his smile.

               Maybe he wasn’t as scary as he always thought.


Title: Never

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 3051

Summary: In an attempt to cool things down between Dean and The Mark, Reader suggests that the boys take a simple low profile case. And soon, things take a turn for the worst.

Tags: @johnmurphys-sass, @lilyleely, @16wiishes

A/N: So, this was a requested imagine/one shot. I really hope you like it! Just a quick disclaimer, this is kind of set in season eleven and ten where Dean has The Mark. It doesn’t really follow any of the episodes. Also, I made up Gademan, Kansas, it’s not a real place. So, naturally, any other places mentioned in that town are also not real. Anyway, if you have anything else you’d like to see, please just send me a quick message in my ask box. Enjoy!

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It’s true what they say. In those final moments, the world flashes by. In merely seconds, you witness it all. Your first kiss to your last, all the friends you’ve made and the few that stayed, all the family that turned a blind eye when you were drowning and all the family you turned a blind eye to when they were drowning, all the laughter and tears that soon infused together, all the hope you had and now lost forever, and all the pain you endured from your very first moments to your very last.

But even through all that, he was the only thing you truly wanted to see. Because he was all that mattered.

“I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

Gademan, Kansas - Fifteen Hours Earlier

The blinding sun shined down on two stiff bodies. They lied, bent out of shape and tinted blue from loss of blood, deep behind the tall yellow grass of Territ Fields. Surrounding them were countless police officers and neon yellow tape stopping all friends and family from interrupting the case.

Shutting off the roaring engine, you all hopped out of the car dress in your clean suits. Dean slightly tugged at his tie; he always hated wearing that thing. You, after flattening out your grey pencil skirt, lightly grabbed his elbow.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to you, slightly concerned, as Sam continued to make his way to the crime scene. You gave your boyfriend a small smile then lightly tighten his tie, fixing it in place.

“I hate this thing.” he muttered, tilting his head up a bit while you straightened out his collar.

Running your hands down his chest to dust off his jacket, you mumbled, “I know,”

“Agents,” Sam called on the other side of the yellow tape. He stood beside a hesitant officer that was carefully watching you and Dean.

The both of you quickly moved towards Sam and flashed your badges to the officer.  After granting you access, you began to circulate the two bodies, looking for clues, as the boys talked to the lead detective.

Each lifeless body had two bite marks on the sides of their necks, just as you suspected. You looked up to Dean, catching his eye, and mouthed, “Vamps,”

He nodded, and turned whispering to Sam as the detective continued to brief them about the case.

You turned back to the bodies. They were two young boys. One was a redhead, and quite buff. There other had black hair and though he wasn’t as built as the other, he still held a strong frame. Then, a detail you somehow managed to look over, your eye caught the boys’ bright blue and white jackets. Varsity jackets, or more specifically, sorority jackets - based on the greek lettered badge. You quickly pulled out your phone and snapped a picture of  one of  the badges before getting up from your crouched position.

You, then, made your way over to Sam and Dean. Just as you arrived, the detective left. “You owe me five bucks.” you smirked at Sam as he rolled his eyes and dug into his pocket.

“Lucky guess.” he grumbled, handing the crisp five dollar bill.

You gave him a proud, gloating smile. “So, what did you find out?”

“Not much,” Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. You and Sam shared a quick weary look as Dean continued, “They got an anonymous call around five in the morning. They came and found them dead, not a drop of blood to be found anywhere.”

You nodded, your hand finding it’s way to his. “They’re college kids.” you added. “I got a picture of some sorority seal.” You took out your phone and showed them the seal.

Sam immediately began making his way to the car. “I’ll go find out if there are any colleges near here.” he said, leaving you and Dean to follow behind him.

“How are you feeling?” you asked once Sam was far enough away.

Dean shrugged. “I’m fine.” he brushed off, letting go of your hand and picking up his pace.

You exasperatedly sighed even though you were quite used to Dean pushing you away. In the daylight, he’d hold a straight face. But, once the night fell, he’d break down, pulling you closer into his chest.

Either way, you shook off another one of his many rejections and decided to change the subject. “I hate vamps.” you groaned, pulling your hair out of the tight bun it was in.

“Well, this was your idea.” Dean reminded as he started the car. “You practically begged us to take this case.”

The only reason you begged was to get their minds off Crowley and his demons. And since Dean was having such a hard time controlling the call of  The Mark, you thought it might be a bit easier for him to go on a killing frenzy on monsters that deserve it, rather than an innocent.

You nodded, shaking out your hair with your hand. “Yeah, that’s because I hate them so much.” you lied, though you knew he’d see right through it.

Dean, pulling out of the field, rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason.”

“Gademan University,” Sam suddenly interjected.

You slightly jumped forgetting about his presence in the car. A hand found it’s way on your thigh, and you looked up to find Dean smirking at you. He winked, gave your leg a quick squeeze, then turned back to the road. Suddenly, the lingering sting of  pain from his dismissal disappeared.

“Can I see that seal again, (Y/N)?” Sam asked from his seat in the back. Since you started dating Dean, Sam learned the hard way that the front seat was always reserved for you, whether he called it or not.

You nodded, taking out your phone. “Here,” you passed the phone back to him.

Dean’s eyes momentarily flickered back to the rear view mirror, and he snorted, “Nerd,”

You rolled your eyes and lightly smacked his shoulder with the back of your hand. “Stop,” you disparaged. You turned back to Sam, and lowly admitted,  “But he’s right.”

Sam sighed heavily as he gave you an irritated stare. “You guys are so annoying.” he muttered as he typed away on his laptop.

You let out a small laugh, turning back in your seat. The car suddenly took a sharp turn onto oncoming traffic. Your head snapped to the right and as the head light came closer and closer you felt your soul slowly escape your body. You held onto your seat and screwed your eyes shut, ready for the impact, but it never came.

You opened them to find yourself beside a gas pump. You were at a gas station. You turned to face Dean, shocked and rather angry.

He didn’t seem fazed by any of it. In fact, he didn’t even notice your hard glare. He just hopped out of the car, mumbling, “Anyone want anything?”

You turned to look at Sam. He held a similar expression, confused, and surprised. Your eyes flickered back to Dean.

He raised his eyebrows up at you, still waiting for an answer. “Well?”

You let out a shaky breath, and shook your head. “No,” you whispered.

“Sam?” Dean asked, slightly bending down to look at his brother.

Sam shook his head, still just as baffled as you. Shrugging, Dean slammed the door and rounded the car.

You turned to Sam. “He has no idea.” you spoke lowly, afraid he’d hear you through the windows as he filled up the car.

“He can’t go to the nest with us.” Sam replied in the same tone.

You shook your head. “What? That might be the one thing he needs.”

Sam furrowed his eyebrows at you. “What the hell gives you that idea? (Y/N),  he needs rest.”

“Do you honestly think he’s going to go for that?” you hissed. “If we lock him up in that motel room, he’d find a way out and to that nest before we do. It’s better if he’s with us. We can keep an eye on him.”

Sighing, Sam hesitantly nodded. “Fine. But, how long do you think it’s gonna last before he figures out we’re basically babysitting him?”

“He’s-” you cut yourself off  as the car door opened, and Dean hopped back in.

He looked between you and his brother, then shut the door. “Find anything?” he asked, starting the engine.



The two answers left both of your lips simultaneously. Your eyes darted to the back seat confused. You quickly changed your answer  just as Sam did.



Dean’s green eyes flickered between the two of you. “What the hell is going on?” he questioned, turning the engine off.

You gulped, and turned to Sam. “There’s a party tonight at the sorority. I just found it here,” Sam explained, turning the laptop around to show you and Dean.

Dean turned to you. “So, you don’t wanna go?” he asked you.

You shook your head. “I hate sorority girls.” you lied.

Dean gave you a careful look. You were sure he’d seen through your lie, though he played along anyway. “You should come anyways.” he shrugged, starting the car again.

You nodded, mumbling, “Fine.”

As Dean drove out of the station, looking both ways before getting back on the road, you sent a cautious look towards Sam.  And as he returned it, you both just knew, Dean already knew what you two were up to.

The only question was, why wasn’t he doing anything about it?

“Ugh,” you groaned as you got out of the car. You shoved your silver gun behind you in the waistband of your black skinny jeans. “I really do hate sororities.”

Dean messed up his hair a bit as he stood beside you. “They aren’t that bad.”

Sam laughed, walking a few ways before the two of  you. “That’s cause you’ve slept with half of the girls.”

Your head snapped to Dean. He quickly gave Sam an angry glare before giving you a guilty smile. “Just barely half.” he defended with a nervous chuckle.

You rolled your eyes, humming an unconvinced, “Mmhm.” Ignoring his attempts to call you back, you walked ahead of them towards the door.

The closer you got the door, the louder the muffled music became. You opened the door and entered, not bothering to knock.

To say it was loud was an understatement. There were people chanting names as others chugged down their cups of beer. And while others danced, some people chanted, laughed and threw out dares to one another.

“I’m the king of the world!” a voice called from the living room. You walked farther into the room and turned around to find some drunk guy with a baby blue bed sheet tied around his neck as a cape. He stood at the top of the banister over the ledge with a long rope tied to the end of the banister and the tree outside the window located downstairs. And, with a clothing hanger through the rope, the boy held on tight and started to count down.

“Three,” he started.

“Two,” everyone joined in.

“One,” And, with that,  he propelled himself forward.

He didn’t reached two inches forward before the rope snapped and he was going down.

The room fell silent as he thumped to the ground. Suddenly,  Dean was beside you looking for the drunk kid.

“Yeah!” the kid shouted, shooting up from the floor.

The room erupted in a loud cheer, Dean included. You turned to look at him, fighting back a smile. He turned to you, laughing. “That kid’s crazy!” he shouted over the cheers.

You nodded, glad his mind was off that cursed mark, as the room chanted his name, “Doug! Doug! Doug!”

Turning back to the kid, you found him talking to Sam. For once, you found the serious, nerdy Sam actually enjoying himself. It was pretty odd, if you were being honest.

You watched as their happy expressions switched to solemn ones for a few moments. Once their conversation was done, Sam made his was over to where you and Dean were standing.

“Hey,” a guy said, sneaking his hand around your waist. Your eyes flickered from him to an annoyed Dean. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

Just as you were about to politely decline, Dean tore the boy’s hand off  you and placed his hand there instead. He pulled you closer to him, glaring at the boy. “She’s fine.” he growled, scaring the guy away.

You gave Dean a knowing smirk as he whispered in your ear, “I’m starting to see what you mean.”

“The Far House.” Sam yelled the moment he reached you, interrupting your conversation. “That’s what they call it anyways.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused. “What’s that?”

“It’s an abandoned barn these kids go to… to be alone. It’s about twenty minutes from here.” he explained. “And guess the fastest way to get there?”

“Territ Fields.” Dean answered. “Let’s get the machetes and kill some sons of bitches.”

The three of you quickly went back to the car, grabbed your weapons, then cut through the backyard and down the street. Just off the road was a woody trail that soon bordered the long, weedy field. You cut through it, the old red barn slowly coming into view.

“Don’t they usually nest in warehouses?” you asked.

Sam shrugged. “Maybe their trying to throw us off their scent.”

Dean scoffed. “Those suckers aren’t smart enough to think through that. They’re stupid enough to leave those bodies behind.”

You knitted your brows together. Maybe Dean was onto something.

“Okay, we need a plan.” Sam stated, stopping just a few paces from the door.

And while you stopped beside Sam, Dean continued towards the door, “I have one.” he replied. “Don’t die.”

“Cause that’s worked before.” you sarcastically muttered, following behind him.

However, before you and Sam could get to the door, you already heard a loud high pitched scream. You ran in, finding some girl’s head rolling on the floor and Dean slowly moving deeper into the barn. She couldn’t have looked anything over twenty. You crouched down to examine her face as Sam hurried behind Dean.

Her lips were perfectly glossed, hair - besides the fact it was now stained with blood - was perfectly done, and her lashes - though her eyes were dull and lifeless - were perfectly curled and coated.

A sorority girl.

It all suddenly made sense. They were inexperienced, they didn’t know what to do with the bodies, they couldn’t control their urges. They were the ones that called the cops.  

Another scream was cut short followed by a few grunts and hisses. You immediately shot up from you place and ran towards the noise.

As Sam was trying to fight off  a buff sorority kid, Dean was swinging his machete around, not missing a single head.

“Dean, stop!” you shouted. “They’re just kids.”

He ignored you as the blood splattered across his face. You knew it was risky, knew what could happen. Yet, you did it anyways.

You ran towards him and grabbed his right arm. The arm holding the machete, the arm that just cut off the last vamp’s head. Caught in his bloodlust, he tore his arm away, the sword slicing through your abdomen.

A raspy breath escaped your lips as the pain cut through you. You stumbled back, eyes wide and watery. The darkness that once consumed him, disappeared the moment he caught the agony that cried from you eyes.

“(Y/N),” he whispered.

You tripped over your own feet and he lunged towards you. He caught you just before you hit the ground. “I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

It was blurry. The moment you opened your eyes, it was blurry. It took you a while to blink your vision back to normal. Yet, all you could see was white. You got up, but a sharp ache from your gut stopped you. You groaned at the pain before attempting to sit up again, this time slower.

Then it all sunk in. You were in a hospital bed, with Sam sleeping in a chair near the corner. Memories of why you were here flooded back to you. The party, the vamps… Dean.

“I’m sorry,” a hoarse voice suddenly came from the doorway.

You snapped you head towards it and found Dean puffy eyed and red. Shaking your head, you mumbled,  “It was my fault.”

Dean violently shook his head, making his way to you. “No, I-”

“I was the one that begged you to take this stupid case, and told Sam that you needed this. It’s my fault.” you cut him off. “I don’t blame you for any of it. Now, please, stop blaming yourself.”

Dean opened his mouth to argue, but shut it once you gave him a pointed look. Hesitantly, he nodded and sat down on the bed beside you. He held your hand up to his chapped lips and gave it a quick peck.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered as the tears resurfaced. “You can’t leave.”

You nodded as your eyes watered. “Never,”

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Ok, so you know how RDJ wears some really clashy outfits? What are your favorites? Have you drawn him wearing them?

This outfit is by FAAAAR my favorite (and the video was really cute).

This sweater is ugly as hell… but idk… in b/w I like it even more so I guess I like the patterns?

Wild. But it looks v comfortable…

I mean technically its not clashy…. but ITS SO ABSURD.

And I have drawn a dumb chibi pic of him in the lederhosen…

Why you should watch Myungsoo's drama One More Time right now

1. It’s all on Netflix!
2. Hella emotional, you don’t expect the emotions to hit as hard as they do
3. Chemistry between Tan and Dani is out of this world
4. Great soundtrack, scored really well
5. Myungsoo plays a character in a band so loads of him singing!
6. Super aesthetic, some shots will take your breath away
7. Main characters both have amazing visuals
8. Super funny and lighthearted second episode
9. If you liked Groundhog Day, Kimi no Na wa or Goblin, you’ll love this
10. Prepare to cry though
11. It’s just amazing
12. Pls

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Kat, do you have any advice for a shy girl who has wanted to game for literally decades but can't find an environment/group to play with that's comfortable and welcoming? I know the usual suggestion is 'start your own group', but I don't think I have the necessary skills to make a good, fun GM.

Find a safe community of people that do have those skills who are playing the sorts of games you’d like to play.

A place that I don’t think would be too bad to check might be the unofficial One Shot Network discord group. There are SO MANY games being set up there all the time by really neat people. Most of them take place online too, so there’s low stakes pressure.

Other places to look for group include places like roll20 and Reddit, but I’ve not much ventured into the waters and can’t speak to what the experience of searching is like. All I know is that the games coming out of the One Shot discord sound pretty neat.

I believe you need an invite link to discord. I don’t have one, but lots of folks do if you head over to Twitter. If you poke me, I can point you in the right direction.

All the places I mention to look are online, because if you’ve looked at your town’s gaming shop and found it wanting, then assessed that you don’t want to spend exhausting effort building a safe irl space and network for yourself, then the internet’s luckily right there. With the addition of a headset, gaming online is extremely attainable these days.

A format that’s also pretty fly for getting to know folks is play by post. Like typing up long form rp posts type play. If you can make a few buds that way, the skills translate real well. I definitely got my rp start through a combo of Larping Darth Maul without knowing that I was doing that thing, Needless character work in MUDs, and v intricate play by post groups. Starting at like age 10. Written rp tends to be thought of as girlier and sometimes less legitimate because of that, but that’s obviously wrong. It’s one of those things that only gets neater when you’re doing it with other enthusiastic adults who are gonna put the time in with you. And I believe we have some cool things coming out of the discord. If we don’t, feel free to start one.

There’s no need to volunteer as GM. Just articulate what you’re looking for and see if folks are into it.

I totally get being shy. But you typed this. You can type hella other stuff. And if typing goes well and you make buds, maybe you’ll want to try audio or video or in person gaming. If you’ve built up enough community by utilizing your strengths: typing and enthusiasm, you’ll probably find that there are members of your safe cool group close enough to you to make in person gaming happen.

I believe in you!!

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So one thing that annoyed me in 407 was that Clarke said she never took a life out of revenge but what about theguy she shot after the bombing of tonDC when she clearly did

holy fuck I really need to rewatch this episode cuz I clearly did not hear anything. And you mean the guy she shot to save Lincoln when she was like “you are my people” ?? my s2 memory is super foggy so you might have to be more specific hahah sorry :/

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What are your thoughts about all vampires becoming extremely pale after they transform?

ahhhhhh i hate this so much; i am screaming

Most of the time, I can track SM’s thought process. For instance, while I find Edward to be overbearing, I can see that she was aiming for ‘protective, but in a sexy way’. Or, I understand that Rosalie being charmed by Emmett because he has dimples like her best friend’s baby was intended to be a sweet call-back to Rose’s humanity, not a shot of pure, unadulterated creepiness. 

But the all-vampires-are-white thing? Yeah, I got nothing. There’s no redeeming it from any angle. 

Venom, after all, perfects vampires and makes them more alluring to humans. Pale skin is not biologically “perfect” by any stretch of the imagination, so a scientific explanation for this change quickly falls apart. And from a cultural standpoint, chalky white pallor isn’t really prized outside of a few eras and locations. (We can talk about colourism and the class associations humans sometimes make based on skin tone but again, that’s not the same as finding marble-like skin universally attractive.)

Yeah. This bit of canon is a mess. Into the Ignore File it goes.


I spent an hour doing this video, ‘cos it’s so friggin funny, and someone decided TO ADD COMMENTS TO MY SUBTITLES. These are only a few. I’m going to go back and fix them now.

How do people think this is okay!? They’re not for inside jokes. I just. Can’t fathom. They’re for HoH people!

@therealjacksepticeye is there any way that some people could be sanctioned off if they repeatedly do this? Or if only a certain group could be put in? I know the whole reason you have community subtitles is because it’s too much work for you to handle, but it’s really making the subtitles suffer when people like this come along.

But since it’s a long shot for him to see this, would anyone seeing this please keep this in mind? I seriously doubt anyone on here are the ones responsible, but just in terms of approving subtitles. Watch out for extra comments and faces and such. It may be funny to someone who can hear and read them, but it’s not to people who cannot hear him/ barely hear him. It’s frustrating and confusing.

vminkook ramblings #4

imagine vminkook sneaking out together to get some drinks bc it’s been far too long since they’ve gone out, just the three of them.

  • when they arrive at the bar, everyone is excited, especially tae bc he goes straight to the counter to order three tequila shots for him and jikook
  • jimin raises an eyebrow and goes like “woah, woah, you really want to start off like that?”
  • taekook give him a confused look bc “why, what’s wrong with it?”
  • “kookie, tae is a lightweight! did you already forget?” jimin says and tae immediately interrupts, saying “aw come on jiminnie”, and while shrugging his shoulders, he gives jikook that specific don’t-worry-i-can-handle-this-look.
  • jungkook just snorts at that but remains silent while jimin hits tae on his shoulder, giggling, “okay but i won’t be the one who picks your ass up off the bar floor, so don’t get too wasted!”
  • only 3 tequila shots, two beers and 30 minutes later, tae starts to have a mental breakdown (according to his own words), with his head resting on his arms at the bar counter he talks about what a sad life he would have lived if he hadn’t met jikook and the other members and just how much he loves both of them “jimin, jungkook, i love you guys so much, let’s get married
  • when it didn’t seem like tae would stop talking or continuously harrassing the barkeeper, kookie takes tae’s hand, loudly whispering “hyung, no disrespect but I’m totally serious, get your shit together, we just got here!”
  • jimin just laughs at tae’s rambling and it takes every bit of him to not say “told ya guys
  • it doesn’t take long until jungkook is gone as well and when he starts to complain about how tae wouldn’t shut up already, jimin decides it’s time to leave the bar.
  • jimin knew this would happen, so he stuck to that one tequila at the beginning and didn’t drink anything alcoholic after that bc “mother instincts”
  • he didn’t think it would be this bad though, bc taekook are way too heavy for jimin to carry on both his shoulders, so he starts to take a break at a small park near the bar. actually, on the opposite side of the bar. yes. right. he couldn’t even make it for 5 minutes
  • jimin decides to let taekook rest on a bench and tells them to sit there and stay still, “i’ll get sth else to drink real quick. and with drink i mean water bc i can’t pick up both of your dumbasses at the same time”
  • taekook don’t really give him a reply but start to talk gibberish again and jimin lets out a heavy sigh, “i’ll be right back, don’t move or go anywhere.” and he leaves with taekook screaming “jiminnie we love you!” in the background.
  • when jimin comes back, he didn’t expect to see taekook falling asleep together, head-on-head, with their mouths wide open and he can’t help but smile and decides to take tons of pictures first before he calls jin to help him.
  • jin picks up his phone with a loud groan “park fricking jimin do you know what ti-” and jimin would interrupt him with “hyung please pick us up, taekook are totally drunk and I can’t get them home right now”
  • “why?? just hold their hands for guiding if necessary! and wait, what– where– you’re outside?!”
  • “i’ll explain everything later hyung please, just pick us up, they’re sound asleep and too heavy for me!” jimin then says, sighing, bc he knows jin probably won’t stop nagging if he doesn’t end this phone call soon
  • jin groans again, so loud that jimin’s sure if passengers had passed him right now, they would have heard it
  • “i’ll be right there” jin finally answers, defeated, and jimin thanks him in the sweetest tone he can manage
  • after jimin told him the adress, jin arrives 10 mins later just to see jimin taking even more photos of taekook sleeping
  • taekook wake up the next day to see 80+ messages in their group chat and all of them are pics of them sleeping outside with weird poses + comments from the other members and they swear never to overdo it ever again

I’m really at my most protected when I’m being kind to people because then they feel like they can’t be mean to me so as long as I keep acting like I really love everyone around me and keep building them up not only will they leave me alone but hopefully I’ll be able to take some real pleasure out of making other people feel good

Da da da!! And here’s my half of an art trade I’m doing with @saralightjade!

Janet is a cutie and her sunglasses are just too cool~

Thanks for doing this with me! It was really fun and a great opportunity to get to know you better ^^

The Travis singalong last night wrecked me. Now I got Jules feels and general wailing about Magnus’ backstory:

“If it takes fighting a war for us to met, then it would of been worth it”(to Jules)

“Dying is easy young man, living is harder.”

“And I’m a tailor’s carpenter’s apprentice and I got you knuckleheads in loco parentis.”

“Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away.”

“And if there’s a reason [they] thrive when so few survive..” (The Director about the THB)

“And I’m not throwing away my shot.”(Magnus rushes in!)

“…my first friend, my enemy.” (Barry to any of the former redrobes when they forgot about him and thought he was evil)

Also, all the stuff about remembering and legacy really hurt with all the memory erasing. 

And the one that had me gasp verbally:  “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory//This is where it gets me: on my feet//The enemy ahead of me//If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me//Weapon in my hand, a command, and my men with me//Then I remember my [Jules] is expecting me…”

Thanks to @scribefindegil for making me aware of the stream! Also, you’ll probably like all these Magnus feels.

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Redork, what's your thoughts on Ab's being the traitor?

IMO, the only confirmed “traitor” iz Huck’s G/F whose name i never bothered to learn.   she betrayed Huck’s trust and put two bullets in his azz.   as for Abby, so far the ONLY thing we know iz that she’s involved with the conspiracy to put Mellie Grant in the WH.

HOW iz she involved?   we don’t know.   to WHAT degree iz she involved?   we don’t know.   maybe she’s under duress just like Rowan?   maybe they’re threatening Abby?   maybe they’re threatening to kill David Rosen?   we don’t know, but i do know this…

EVERYTHING about this show iz misdirect with multiple red herrings.   for example, after Fitz got shot, we see Huck in a hotel room grabbing the rifle and fleeing the scene.   then, we later find out that it was a remote control rifle.

really?   a remote control rifle?   worst.   misdirect.   ever.   as if any real assassin would trust a remote control rifle with the biggest assignment of their career.   if anything, Becky woulda took the shot herself.

anyhoo, getting back to Abby…   until we know she’s a traitor, i’m not jumping to conclusions.   i’ve been watching this show for six seasons – i know better.   hell, everybody knows how this show works by now.   the scene we saw with Abby was pure misdirect.   it’s ALWAYS misdirect.    -redork