but i really like rebecca tho

I hope no one misunderstands this episode and starts like… twisting it up to be a real awful mess…

I mean i think the message is really clear…

Don’t be an asshole and don’t think you have the same voice weight as an “ally” that as a real part of the minority.

everyone talking about the gems telling Greg about what happened to Steven and yes that breaks my heart but like,, what are they going to tell Lars’s parents

Btw if you are one of those jerks that though that “THIS STEVEN WOULD HUG A NAZI” bs, please unfollow me…

Rebecca is jewish and Steven is a strong related character to her, Steven is also jewish, I know some of you didn’t knew but this is just… super wrong to say, y’all need to be a lil careful with what you say and who you say it to/about.

You know I’ve seen posts that are like “let zircon become friends with steven!!” and I’m like cool! Yeah!! Thats great!!( Honestly tho they could be really good friends)


What about Connie!!!

I want to see Connie interact with Zircon! I want Zircon to see how passionate Connie is about fighting for the right side! Both inspiring the other!!! Please Rebecca,,,, more Connie

Sai’s One Piece: Film Gold Commentary
  • i love how we’re first intro’d to the villain with a fucking song and dance number
  • also i’m really glad that we didn’t rehash the ‘Straw Hats find the villain and save him and then he screws them over’ thing, b/c it was starting to get a bit stale
  • nah Tesoro just royally fucks them over like immediately. also he may have probably killed a man. i say probably b/c this is One Piece.
  • Baccarat happily suggests burning the Straw Hat’s party outfits fucking kills me b/c yeah they were pretty awful lmao
  • i loved the long pirates joke where the captain is saying his name but he starts listing like a shit ton of names and Luffy punches him in the middle of it and he goes flying and screams “I WASN’T DONE YET!!!”
  • loved the little intro sequences for each of the Straw Hats too, haha
  • lmao “Jokes on you, we’re broke!”
  • the little kids trying to pay off debt hurt me. also they were so cute
  • there was fanservice but honestly it was pretty well drawn and i’m so tired of badly drawn watermelons on sticks in the anime that this was honestly kinda welcome
  • also Tesoro got a pretty damn fanservicey moment. for plot reasons, but hey, at least it’s kinda equally spread
  • the fucking wacky races oh my god

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Something no one has mentioned

Robert didn’t just lose his husband with this break up, he just lost his best friend too. Like, yes, break ups are sad in themselves but at least Aaron has other people that know him very well that he can spend time with.
Example is the trivia night; They crushed it as a team, right? Well, Aaron could have brought his mom or Adam to trivia night and done well because there’s no weird disconnect. They’ve been through some crap with Aaron and kinda get him. If Robert brought anyone else other than Aaron, it would have been a disaster because no one knows him like his husband who is his one and only friend.
Am I making sense? I hope I am.
Anyways, bottom line is Robert is just very very alone.

this has to be one of my fave moments in an episode, it’s so simple but SO adorable and sweet! i love that steven is star struck around a dude from a cheesy 80s instructional tape, and that mr smiley seems to be really proud of that. 

there’s something so heartwarming within the people of beach city, and how steven interacts with them. i feel like we get to know so much more about him when we get small episodes like this, and this is why i enjoy them just a bit more than huge story arc ones ; v ; 

yo, so i plan on doing the twdg characters tumblr thing, but it’s going to probably take a few days and it’ll end up being really long because it’s legit going to be a quite a few characters.

lee, kenny, katjaa, duck, lilly, larry, carley, mark, doug, ben, omid, christa, rebecca, alvin, luke, nick, pete, sarah, carlos, sarita, jane, mike, bonnie, javi, kate, david, gabe, mari, eleanor, tripp, conrad, francine, ava, linguard, clint, joan, clem.

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sorry but "he only cares about the people closest to him" made me laugh because he couldn't even keep the people closest to him. you can say he's only self-serving all day long but doing all this for meaningless kicks in dig you don't own under the guise of payback against rebecca who a) hasn't been after him at all since the cheating incident, b) has been supportive of him trying to get aaron back, c) is pregnant with his baby is pretty conscienceless. but a+ for trying to soften the blow tho

lmao I really did try 😭😭😭😭

Like honestly my stance is definitely he is doing this cause he’s a dick cause like. Has it been said that he’s doing this for payback?

Until that’s said I’m assuming it’s just cause he’s trash lmao

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Sucrose is removing the racist content from the artbook which is great but it shouldntve been there in the first place. ..

it should have NOT been there at all but im glad she owned up 2 it. u kno these things are always really shaky, bc even tho she apologized i unfortunately see a new light in this crew.. 

i do think they’re sorry, i just want them 2 show it now, show it in amethyst and garnet and bismuTH :’0


Elizabeth: You really don’t need to defend my honor like that. I’m a big girl.
Jason: Yeah, no doubt, but that guy’s a jackass.
Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. He is. You’re a pretty good judge of character. However, my friend Lucas has a thing for him, so there must be another side to him that we’re all just blind to.

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Hi Cassie! So first I would just like to say that I love your books! They are amazing and you are a fabulous author! So one question I have is: Will we see Rebecca in TFSA? Even though she only says about one sentence in the whole series, I really like her character. (I get attached to minor characters like Eric, and etc.) And question number two: I know you would never tell us Simons ascending name before the book, but I'm just say'n, Simon Lovelace has a ring to it :p

It is really funny that you suggested that. I am not going to tell you why tho. :)

I was too flimsy and weak so my sister took my art and was like ‘IMMA GET YOUR SHIT SIGNED DON’T WORRY’ bless siblings ; H ;


Darren seemed to like my art YEE! He said that he liked that yitzhak was smoking a blunt LOOOOL and he also asked what hedwig was licking liKE CMON IT WAS THE MIC! 

also he signed the klaine book! but my oldest sister didn’t get it, he pretty much said ‘OHH the klaine kids!’ and signed it LOL

OH and he said he’d never seen me before/might have seen me before ??like yo we’ve never met until now but WE CAN MEET AGAIN PLS. 

ANYWAY thank you so much to the nice people who let me through!!! AND A BIG FROWN TO THE JERKS WHO STAYED THERE EVEN THO THEIR SHIT GOT SIGNED THANKS A LOT


Is he a ''player''? - Shawn Mendes imagine Part 2

Part 1: http://magcon-or-n4hh.tumblr.com/post/84538741003/is-he-a-player-shawn-mendes-imagine

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