but i really going to miss them

Hope is the anthem of my soul

Today is better.

Well, honestly, I was feeling better last night on my way home from Korean class. I spent all day yesterday angry, upset and in shock. Even though we all knew this was coming at some point in time. But I put my music on shuffle and “Hope is the Anthem” by Switchfoot came on. And it helped. 

I started thinking about Grams and her situation. And I just remember all our conversations. One thing stuck out because she’s said it a lot since Mom passed. She misses Papa and Mom fiercely. Throughout her past battles with cancer, she said the only reason she fought was because us grandkids needed her. Then, after Trey passed, she started saying it more. And that she hoped it wasn’t too much longer before she could go be with them.

Grams is ready. And I think I’m starting to understand and embrace that.

We still have time. Still no one has really told me what sort of time frame we are working with. It could be a couple months or several months. All we know is that the cancer is not going away this time. Grams was pretty much a miracle patient the first two times. Her doctor said that she shouldn’t have gone into remission those times, but she did. But she had us to fight for. Now… Trey is gone. And Meg and I pretty much have our lives set on a good track. She feels that we’ll be okay without her now.

I talked to her on the phone this morning and she was in good spirits. We both shared a few funny stories about our old house in Parkville, MO. We talked about Papa, Mom and Trey – how they were all always dancing, smiling and enjoying life. She joked about how everyone cries on the phone with her now. A couple of family members had to hang up because they were crying so hard they couldn’t talk. She said she had to tell her brother to stop crying so they could talk.

“There’s no reason to be sad,” she said. “I’m going to a better place and I’m finally going to be with Rex, Shelly and Trey. No one needs to be sad about me.”

I needed to hear that. It was a conclusion I had come to last night, thinking back to all our previous conversations. But hearing her say it again, especially now, helped. It’s still incredibly sad that I’m losing her. And it’s not going to be easy no matter what. But, it makes it a bit easier knowing that she’s not afraid and she’s prepared. And this time around, I have time to really say good-bye and all the things I want to say before she goes. I can call more (I told Grams I’d call every few days – she said once enough a month was enough). I can get back to see her while things are still good.

Even today, we talked about upcoming stuff and I told her about my visa and plans to start my own company – that I now have a friend who created his own start-up a few years back and said he will set me up with everything I need to know to get things rolling. I ended it with, “So, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve got things under control over here.”

She laughed and sniffled a bit.

“I know. I never needed to worry much about you and Meg. But I still pray for you all the time. It’s what grandmas do,” she said.

It’s not going to be easy. Losing someone you love never is. But I feel like this time is going to be a bit easier than the others. Even though with Mom we knew it was coming, I still felt unprepared. And with Trey, we were still hoping for a miracle and that he’d wake up. With Grams, it feels different. I don’t feel as depressed as I did with the others. Or worried. Probably because I’ve known for a long time that Grams was ready to go home. She’s almost 80 so it was going to happen at some point in the near future. And I know that she doesn’t like people worried or crying about her.

I can’t really do anything about the crying, because I’m a huge crybaby and the tears will come when they want to come (I’m actually failing miserably to keep them in check as I write this). But at least I’m not worried. Whatever the time frame, I’ll deal with it. And I do know that at least she won’t be in pain anymore. And she’ll be with Papa, Mom and Trey. (And I’ll be adding another tattoo…) All that matters is that I squeeze out as much Grams-time as I can. And treat every conversation with her like it could be our last, just so she knows how much I love her and appreciate everything she’s done for me.

She’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. 

List of song translations & romaji by Musumen. and Trafficlight.

Ok so I guess some of you don’t follow blogs that posted translations before us or some translations aren’t really that popular for people to notice them, so I am going to make a list of those so you can easily find them.

 - Please mind that not all of them are absolutely correct -

 - I also added notes about translations in progress -

!!Please tell me if I missed something or inform us if you are working on another translation/romaji so we can add it here!!

Musumen.’s singles:

War Cry ~What’s Wrong with Pretending to Be an Idol?!~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Summer☆Venus ~Midsummer Idol~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Tasy Tasy * Fantasy ~I Want to Become an Idol~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Honey Bee

Romaji & translation by clock08

Rabbit Jump!!

Translation by clock08

Romaji by clock08

Chameleon Color

Romaji & translation by clock08

Scorching Heat! Onigashima DANJI

Romaji by sugarisdown

  • Translation by sugarisdown is in progress

Fresh! Dragon Palace RENBO

Romaji & translation by clock08

Landing! Moon’s surface ZENBU

  • Translation & romaji by sugarisdown is in progress

Trafficlight.’s “Dance Dance!!/ Traffic Jam”:

Dance Dance!!

Romaji by sugarisdown

Translation by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Traffic Jam

Romaji by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Talkin’ Body

Romaji by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Other Musumen.’s songs:

- These are from different albums/singles, I will sort them later - 


Romaji & translation by clock08

You’re the love

Translation by clock08

Selfish Dishonest Mind (Jikochuu Zurunou)

Romaji & translation by clock08

Our Territory (Bokura no Teritori)

Romaji & translation by sugarisdown

Large Snowflakes (Botanyuki)

Romaji & translation by meganemushroom

The Heart’s Demon (Kokoro no Akuma)

Romaji & translation by meganemushroom

Blue Moon

  • Translation by eri. is in progress


Romaji by musumen-romaji

Sorrow Photograph (Kanashimi Photograph)

Translation by awesomenarutouzumaki

Last Regret 

Romaji by musumen-romaji

Translation by nebulous-wanderings


Translation by nebulous-wanderings

Shiroi Fuku wo Kimi to

Romaji by musumen blog

(we will add new translations to the list when they appear)

(love y’all,


ah yes,,,,, lance the most abusive character in voltron, the worst dude around! !!!! y es

wants to knit little sweaters for an alien race that they just met

first thing he thinks about when he is asked to think about voltron is his family because he clearly misses them and misses earth

look at this evil bully character drink this space juice beside his best friend,,, awful

wow holding back keith (his apparent rival/enemy) from just going out and getting obliterated by being out numbered?? THE WORST GET THIS SHIP OUT OF HERE

stepped in and took the heat so pidge wouldn’t get yelled at???? HOW COULD THIS CHARACTER BE ANY WORSE I MEAN REALLY?


but yeah klance is so abusive bc LANCE IS JUST THE WORST RIGHT???

i saw some ppl complaining about this being said and i’m ready to fight for my blue boi soooo

  • Santa (BANG PD): And what do you want for Christmas little boy?
  • Suga: I want Jin to stop his stupid dad jokes, Namjoon to stop dancing and embarrassing and shaming the group as a whole, I also really need Hobi to stop stealing my underwear it's starting to get gross, oh V to stop eating the orange peels everytime I leave them, it creeps me out, Jungkook should stop stealing my white fucking shirts do you understand how many fucking times mine go missing?
  • Santa (BANG PD):
  • Santa (BANG PD): What about Jimin
  • Suga: he good

…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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top five six rwby teams (as voted by my followers)

1. team rwby

“we’ve never backed down before, and we’re not going to start now.”


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

I need to read percy jackson because i love them AUs

And i love torturing Lance so I give to you this percy jackson AU idea where Lance is the son of Hades because langst and Lance being a outcast are my soul, Shiro is the son of Aphrodite because look at the guy, and Keith is the son of Zeus

and uh… heres some more idea for it


  • son of Hades, not well liked
  • really hates that he’s the son of Hades
  • really misses his mother and his siblings, like really really misses them
  • just wants to be normal and go home
  • most new campers assume he’s aphrodites son because he’s a flirt and kind of attractive and they don’t know the ropes yet which always leads to an awkward moment when they ask because he kinda wants to say yes
  • would literally die for his friends
  • and by firends he means hunk, and later pidge, who are the only people that hang out with him
  • is incredibly jealous of keith because everyone loves him and he’s the son of zeus, is incredibly angered by keith because the guy doesnt even care
  • has an obession with water and swimming


  • son of Zeus, adored all over
  • couldn’t care less about any of this halfblood stuff
  • was an ophran before he ended up at camp halfblood, knew Shiro before Shiro was taken in by the Holts
  • honestly more interested in his mum than he is zeus
  • does not understand lance, like at all.  the guy seems to have an obession with keith and has created this whole rivalry and keiths just like ‘so thats a thing i guess?’
  • despite being liked, doesnt really have any close friends until Shiro shows up
  • really wants to help shiro settle in, isn’t sure he wants to help shiro get his memories back  


  • son of Aphrodite, has been named the favourite by other campers
  • like keith, he doesn’t care much about his godly parent or anyone elses godly parent
  • also like keith, was an orphan however he ended up in the holts are instead of camp halfblood
  • shiro doesnt actually know how he ended up in camp halfblood.  one day he’s fishing with matt and sam and then something happened (he’s not sure what) and he woke up at camp halfblood
  • really wants to remember what happened that day, and find sam and matt
  • at the very least he wants to assure the holt girls that he’s alive, unfortunitly he’s not allowed to
  • mostly sticks with keith, both can usually be found training because they’re keith and shiro and what do you mean training all day every day isn’t healthy?


  • not a halfblood
  • however she is the first human to ever be able to fake being a halfblood
  • snuck into camp halfblood and has contiuned to pretend she just hasn’t been claimed yet, because of this she (like lance) is mostly an outcast however she (unlike lance) doesnt mind so much
  • their mutaul outcastness somehow lead to lance and pidge being friends and therefore hunks also a friend
  • the reason she snuck into camp halfblood was because matt and sam went missing and matt is actually the son of a god (athena) so Pidge thinks camp halfblood may have some useful iinformation


  • son of hephaestus
  • also doesnt care about parentage. honestly the only one out of the 5 that does is lance and he only really cares about his own he aint gonna judge you
  • because he doesnt care, he didn’t mind being friends with lance when the other had no one and now they are best friends
  • also hates keith, mostly because lance does
  • like lance, would die for his friends (just with more fear)


  • daughter of athena, hella feared but also hella admired and liked
  • when you met her she is pretty and regal but dont be fooled, she can and will beat your ass for hitting on her.  some how lance keeps managing to forget this
  • like lance she also cares about parentage and can be hella judgemental.  she despises lance because he’s hades son.  lance will never have a chance with her
  • her father also used to be at camp halfblood as a counselor, however he was killed
  • since his death she’s been looked after mostly by coran and also has gone into prepare-for-revenage mode


  • a counselor at the camp
  • didn’t like lance at first, however he paid attention and noticed how self-sacrificing lance was and has a soft spot for him (it helps that lance saved his life this one time)
  • adores allura, wishes she and lance would just get along but knows its not going to happen
  • isn’t fooled by Pidge but is letting her stay anyway because he understands why she’s there
  • is banned from the kitchen, now and forever


  • Halfbloods who desire to rule over humanity or maybe just destory it
  • Lead by Zarkon, who i’m thinking is either the son od Zeus (therefore entitled and also connection to Keith) or Hades (again entitled because big 3, and also evil connotation, also he’d have a connection to Lance which could lead to some Lance betrayals because he’s treated like shit)
  • Regularly kidnap other halfbloods to force them to become galra soliders, such is the intended fate of Matt
  • Regularly kidnaps humans to be slaves, such is the intended fate of Samuel and also Shay’s family
  • Shiro was their most promising of kidnapped soilders, however he was saved by a BoM member and taken to camp halfblood, not that Shiro remembers any of that
  • The BoM is a huge pain in Zarkon’s side but Haggar is the one that most  deals with them, they’re halfbloods who were taken by Zarkon or joined him willing and later realized how fucked up the situation was and managed to escape or become an undercover agent
  • Zarkon used to be a big deal at camp halfblood, and then he killed Alfor because Alfor didn’t agree with him


  • thace and coran are probably dating
  • and only lance knows, he finds it super gross cause to him it’s like watching your parents flirt badly in front of you
  • which is fitting since coran basically adopted lance and all
  • lance finds allura incredibly attractive and enjoys flirting with her.  however he enjoys flirting with her because it makes for excellent training when she gets mad, he would be so lost if she ever responded positively
  • totally drooling over Shiro becase hello, look at him
  • Shiro is completely unaware, keith is not.
  • Klance or Shance would totally be the end came.
  • Despite Zarkons best efforts most of humanity is still completely unaware of the halfbloods exisitence.  
  • Voltron is the name giving to a squad like no squad.  this squad ends up being the main 5 (funnily enough)

If someone could write this for me i’d be in love

There’s alot of things I want to tell you
Like how I’m still sad everyday but I don’t spend every afternoon on the bathroom floor trying to get the courage to delete your number,
Like how I pray to a God that I’m not even sure exists to please make it all go away,
please make me go away
I want to tell you about the aching that leaks from my pens whenever I try to write
And how many times I’ve thought about calling you up and screaming I miss you I miss you I miss you
I once read a quote that said that if you truly love someone you’d let them go
and if they truly loved you they’d come back
I guess the truth is you never really loved me
I want to tell you about how I smoke until I can’t feel my body,
until I hit the floor and how my friends call it a drug addiction,
my therapist named it substance abuse
It’s just that when you left, you took everything with you
I want to tell you about how I still think of you as my safe place even though that house fell to the ground a long time ago
I want to tell you about the sixteen poems I’ve written about you and how i still can’t admit I was in love
I used to think no one could break my heart
And maybe it’s true
Maybe I broke my own

-R.J I was in love
Y'all know what I'm really ready for in ACOWAR?

Cassian and Azriel to see Feyre again. Yes, the Feysand reunion will be amazing and beautiful and I’ll probably cry for a year.

But y'all. Cassian and Azriel still have no idea Feyre is their High Lady now. And they already respect and love her SO. MUCH. and that is only going to triple when they find out that their best friend’s mate, THEIR friend, the woman who defended Velaris so faithfully, the woman who is the missing puzzle piece of their Inner Circle is now leading them alongside their High Lord and literally sacrificed herself back into the Spring Court where she was so traumatized in order to protect them and their people.

I’m so emo over this. I can’t wait to see their reunion. Where they thank her for what she’s done, where they pledge their loyalty to her as High Lady, where they thank her for bringing the light back into their brother’s eyes.

I just… give me more AzrielxFeyre and CassianxFeyre friendship. Please.

Carry On: The Musical
A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by ddoale.tumblr.com ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Carry On: The Musical - listen here

A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by @ddoale ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Since the songs have annotations that don’t show up on mobile, I’ll put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy!!

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Requsts: “Can you do one for Klaus where he’s obliviously in love with virgin reader and when he leaves town, she’s upset about why. Bestie Stefan comforts her and she ends up riding his face. Klaus finds out,gets upset, returns to show her what she’s missing?” (Not really smutty even though it should be, but there are places where you can gather enough info to literally imagine it. I just couldn’t picture this one as smutty, just more like a drama. It was still fun to write!)

The anxiety building up to the point where Klaus broke your heart made you realize how lucky you were to be oblivious. You just wished you could go back to the days where guys wouldn’t break your heart. Where they wouldn’t make you fall in love with them and then crush you. You were an oblivious nineteen year old girl who fell for Klaus Mikaelson, you let this happen. If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have to deal with this heart ache. ‘My past promises to keep you with me no matter the destination has brought me to realize your safety is key and not just my needs for you to be by my side. I have to let you go, Y/N.’

Just thinking about the way he was talking to you. He was hurt which made his normally bubbly and happy toned accent sound dreary and cold. You hated goodbyes, and it didn’t matter what they were about. Especially when somebody said goodbye to you. Somebody you loved. Repeating his voice in your head made you feel like he was right next to you, you could feel him there. But when you opened your eyes, he wasn’t there. You opened your eyes to the front door of the boarding house where your best friend Stefan lived.

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Been a rough few weeks

I know that many of you aren’t aware, but I’ve been going through some personal issues that have made these past few weeks really difficult.

Beyond several deaths in the family, I went through a difficult break up with my boyfriend, who is now missing. He hasn’t been heard from by his family since Sunday. Since we were long distance, I don’t know where he could be or how to find him. I know that this is a stretch, but he sometimes reads my Tumblrs. If you’re reading this can you please reach out to your family and let them know that you’re okay? It’s okay if you’re too upset to say anything to me, but your little brother and sister keep calling and reaching out to me worried that something terrible happened to you. Please, I’m begging you please let them know that you’re okay.

You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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Hader: At SNL, we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred Armisen would really go bonkers.
Wiig: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “Okay guys! Please!”
Hader: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader for the New York Times | September 2014 (x)

tygermama  asked:

I've been thinking a lot about Anakin lately and I'm not sure if his sense of self is rooted in who he is as much as it is what he is. He's so used to thinking of himself in terms of 'I am a slave', ' I am a Jedi', 'I am the Chosen One'. He seems to relate to himself as a thing.

He really does. It’s even possible to watch the movies as the progressive breakdown of Anakin’s sense of self.

When we first meet him, it’s with the defiant line, “I’m a person, and my name is Anakin.” He’s very adamantly naming himself as a person, in distinction to the name that’s pushed on him, “slave.” But the defiant tone is important there. This is a kid who is insisting on his personhood in a world where that’s not recognized by those with power over him. It’s the insistence of a person trying to remind themself of what’s true when the world around them is constantly gaslighting them.

Then Qui-Gon comes along, and the Jedi Order, and now Anakin’s not a slave but he is the Chosen one. Fast forward to AOTC, and we’ve got Anakin primarily referring to himself not as a person before all else, but as a Jedi. (In light of this, the scene following the Tusken massacre is especially interesting. Padme says that to be angry is to be human, but Anakin responds with “I’m a Jedi.” Padme insists that he’s a person, but he seems to see being a Jedi as being somehow apart, more than (or perhaps, subconsciously, less than) human.)

By the time we get to ROTS, Anakin’s entire self-conception is focused around the Jedi and the war. Everyone keeps insisting to him that he is the Chosen One. It’s even one of the last things he hears from Obi-Wan. “You were supposed to be the Chosen One.” But he’s not, not anymore, because now he has a new Master who’s given him a new name and new orders.

He spends 20 years following those orders, and finally there’s ROTJ, when Luke explicitly tries to give him back his name - his name, not the name Palpatine assigned him - and all Anakin can respond with is “I must obey my Master.”

As Granny Weatherwax of Discworld says, sin is when you treat people like things, including yourself. And Anakin spends most of his life essentially viewing himself as a tool.

Ok so I already head canon that Percy is sort of this enigma at school because he disappears for months on end, has been expelled from multiple previous schools, has weird scars and a tattoo, rarely talks in class, has a brooding resting face and looks like a trouble maker, and is just kinda known as this intimidating guy (but is super friendly if you actually talk to him) etc etc etc.

But I was rereading the Lightning Thief and it suddenly occurred to me that Percy could possibly have this huge rep as someone you definitely don’t want on your shit list and is seen as highly highly intimidating because now all I can imagine is some kid at his high school going “You know, Percy Jackson sounds really really familiar” and looking his name up on google or something and-

“Oh wow he was that kid that went missing with his mom a couple years ago”

“And there was nation wide man-hunt for them and he was all over the news”

“And… he fought a bus driver for control of a bus and… basically just caused this mile-long pile up to get away from his captor… who then exploded the bus”

“…And then this guy exploded the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch.

“And holy shit this kid finally got away from this psycho after having a shotgun-to-rifle gun battle in Los Angelos which ended in this huge explosion that destroyed five police cars oh my god”




linh cinder + carswell thorne

It was a few seconds before Cinder found her voice and she had to grip the door frame to keep standing.
His head jerked around. “Cinder?”
“Wh—what are you—how? Where have you been? What’s going on? Why are you wearing that stupid bandanna?”
He laughed. Gripping a wooden cane, he stumbled toward her, waving one hand until it landed on her shoulder. Then he was hugging her, suffocating her against his chest. “I missed you too.”
“You jerk,” she hissed, even as she returned the hug. “We thought you were dead!”
“Oh, please. It’d take a lot more than a satellite plummeting to Earth to kill me.”

Things I, a person who has neither watched nor listened to book of mormon, knows about book of mormon

• it is abt mormons
• they ring doorbells i’m like 86% sure
• to share the good news of our lord and saviour jesus christ
• maybe? is that what mormons do or am I thinking of someone else
• one of them is gay
• they go to war-torn parts of africa to stabilise it with fanfiction idk if this is a joke or what really happens
• they r very excitable
• one of them is andrew rannells
• did i spell it right this time
• i’m learning lots guys look at this