but i really enjoyed making it


here’s a comic commission i drew for @gabapple​ and @mamodewberry​ based on a snippet from their fic: Never Look Away! please go read the fic when you can!!

thank you so much for trusting me with this comic, i’m super honored!! <33

Flowers & Meanings

Orchid: fertility, virility, sexuality, exotic beauty

Iris: eloquence, royalty, faith, wisdom, hope, valor

Jasmine: beauty, sensuality, love, purity

Sunflower: adoration, platonic love, admiration, loyalty

Red Rose: passionate, requited love, desire

Peony: bashfulness, wealth, compassion, beauty, happy marriage

Lavender: purity, silence, devotion, grace, calmness

Lilac: affection, youthful innocence, confidence, humility

Anthurium: hospitality, happiness, abundance

Daisy: innocence, purity, true love, new beginnings

Anemone: fading hope, forgotten love, faires, anticipation

Gardenia: purity, hope, trust, secret love, dreams, clarity

Hyacinth: sincerity, sporty attitude, playfulness, rashness, jealousy

Daffodil: creativity, inspiration, renewal, awareness, unrequited love


The meme of the century: By BTS’ V & Monsta X's Chae Hyungwon


“Rapunzel, from the moment I first met you and you knocked me out with that frying pan, I knew it was love. You’re my light, you’re my best friend and I want to be your partner in all things […] I love you Rapunzel, and I wanna spend the rest of our lives here together.”

Don’t you know I miss her, too ?

If you could only know how passionate That Will Be All got me. After watching it ten times and breathing my thrills out, I suddenly felt the need to get back to my watercolors.


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

Couldn’t sleep last night.


pt 1 | pt 2 | final ~

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


Feeling peckish? Our cuisine is prepared to the highest of culinary standards. You’ll dine on the finest cuts of meats, cheeses and desserts that are truly to die for. The Orient Express is more than a train. It’s an experience in luxury and you wouldn’t be caught dead traveling any other way.


      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.