but i really enjoyed it so thanks dean


Summary: When Dean and Y/N find themselves stranded in a motel during a blizzard they entertain themselves with movies. When Y/N picks the horror film Crimson Peak, Dean of course has his doubts. What the two of them weren’t expecting was a reenactment of the sex scene from the film.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Strong sexual content, NSFW, language, oral sex (female receiving), pure smut

Word Count: 3,233

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge. Jesus I have struggled with this one for months. I literally have to thank @percywinchester27 for giving me some form of inspiration. I love Crimson Peak it’s one of my favorite horror movies. So I uh hope y’all enjoy! (forgive me I’m sleep deprived and getting really sick.)

Originally posted by imagine-warlock

You expected a lot of things from this ghoul hunt, like searching through graveyards. Doing that meant that you had to investigate coffins and crawl through family mausoleums. You knew that when you and Dean found the ghouls it was going to be a bloody kill, a head shot was the only way to take them out. So by the time you had found and ganked the sons of bitches you were soaked in ghoul blood. But that’s what came with the job title, you could always anticipate it was going to be dangerous and bloody.

What you didn’t anticipate was for a blizzard to hit on your way back to the motel.

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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Could You Write Something Where The Reader Pretty Much Grows Up With The Winchesters And Her Mom Dies And So They Basically Adopt Her And The Reader Develops Feelings For Dean But Doesn’t Think He Feels The Same Way About Her? Thank You!”

Warnings: Mild swearing, death, mentions of sex. 

Word Count: 2009

Notes: Since you didn’t really specify any ending I just winged it, hope you enjoy anon! -Dani (You’re welcome for proofreading this, Dani! -Lottie) (Also Y/M/N means “your mom’s name”)

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With No Particular Place To Go

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff oh and, did I mention fluff?

Summary: Dean Winchester loved a lot of things. But if he could choose his favorite it’d be the pointless car rides he’d  go with you.

Challenge/ Prompt: This was a challenge hosted by the amazing @butiaintgonnaloveem for Baby’s 50th Birthday :D My prompt was No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry 

A/N: I gotta admit, I really enjoyed writing this one -even though it took 5 friggin days- I really want to thank @imagining-supernatural for beta’ing this fic. She is amazing and had she not pointed out all that stuff this fic would probably be trash. Thank you so much <3

[Gifs are not mine]

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Originally posted by wickedcastiel

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Stay in Touch

Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis
: DeanxReader
: 1430
: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angt
AN: This is something kinda different from my other fics, and I LOVED writing it!!! It was seriously a LOAD of fun to write!!! I may do something similar in the future, because really… year. Loved it!  XD
I’ve also never written in front of a Live Audience before… @poemwriter98 and @idreamofhazel, I hope you guys enjoyed yourself! And Thanks so much for all your help and feedback!!!  :D
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Messages from the Reader start with ‘-’
Messages from Dean’s Phone start with ‘~’
This fic is kinda from Dean’s Phone’s POV?? It should make sense when you read it…


Oct 14th
Missed call: this person/number called at 20.47 on Oct 14th, but left no message.

- Hey Dean!
Just letting you know I got into town ok, considering you just ignored my call… rude!
I’m tired, and am gunna get some sleep before tackling the case… the drive was too long! Especially since I didn’t have your dumb ass keeping me company  :p

~ hey sweetheart. bit early for bed, ain’t it? and excuse you, I’m a delight to be around. i bet it was my amazing singing you missed, right?

- Don’t be a jackass, I just drove halfway across the country with nothing but toilet breaks and food stops. I’m tired! And if I’m being honest, it’s not your vocal skills I’m missing right now…

~ uh huh… i miss you too. but it’s only a small hunt, you’ll be home before you know it. and we ain’t leaving the bedroom for at least a day.

- Is that a promise, Winchester?

~ definitely a promise

- Good… I’ll hold you to that  ;)
Love you  xxx

~ night, baby. love you too

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Piece Of My Heart

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Y/N L/N (Reader)

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2kish

Summary: The Reader and Dean are going through a tough time in their relationship due to the stress caused by the Mark of Cain.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Sensual Moment

Author’s Note: Hey my lovelies!! So this is my entry for @kazchester-fanfiction song challenge. I got the song “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin. I really hope you guys like it! A special thanks to my beautiful Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for looking over this and helping me get over my dramatic meltdown. Thank you boo!! Enjoy!!

My eyes zeroed in on his mouth as he brought the glass up to his lips and tilted his head back, downing the amber liquid in a fraction of a second.

How many rounds had it been? I didn’t know. All I knew was that Dean was tilting back shots like they were shots of jello without wincing at the aftermath.

I looked over at Sam, who was whirling his drink in his glass, a worried look on his precious face as he stared at his brother. Things were slowly going downhill. The three of us knew it.

But most of all, Dean knew it. And the fact that he dismissed it with a wave of a hand or another bottle of Jack, pissed me off more than anything.

He knew what he was doing, the Mark was taking a hold of him. Ever since Sam and I cured him from being a demon, things hadn’t really been the same. He had kept me at arm's’ length, saying he hated himself for what he said and did to me. He went so far as to telling me to move out of his bedroom and into my old one.

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Cowboy Courting

Pairing: AU!Cowboy Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,849

Warnings: None, just fluff

AN: Okay so Cowboy Dean makes me a wordy bitch apparently and it honestly wouldn’t take much convincing to make another part or two to this because it was really fun to write. All of this was inspired by a dream and the below picture. I hope you all enjoy reading some 1840′s Cowboy Dean! Thanks to my wifey @jalove-wecallhimdean for reading this one over for me and making sure it came across okay!

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

You loved your job as a teacher. Your group of kids ranged in the ages of 4-13, and they were all wonderful kids in their own ways. Yes, the boys were a little rowdier and the girls a little more giggly, but they always respected you and regarded you with a, “Yes, Miss Y/N.”

One aspect of your life that you were not so thrilled with, was being 20 years old and having no male prospects asking your Pa if they could court you. You had recently started wondering if maybe you needed to take your Ma’s advice and put more effort into your appearance to attract a suitor.

“Alright boys and girls, please open your penmanship books and begin where you left off yesterday.” A chorus of groans met your ears before you had even finished speaking. “Is there a problem?”

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Turning the Page

Pairing: Rockstar!Dean x Reader AU

Warnings: none really. Mention of alcohol?

Word Count (without lyrics): 1146

A/N: Written for @kazchester-fanfiction one year song challenge! Congrats hun!! The song I chose was Turn the Page by Bob Seger I’m so excited about this fic I have decided to turn it into a series. Not sure how long it will run but there will definitely be more parts! As always thank you to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is always welcome as I am a new writer!! Hope you enjoy! ♥ (btw I know the pic is Jensen but it worked better than Dean!!)

As the lights went dark over the audience and landed on him, he stepped up to the microphone, strumming the chords of his guitar. The saxophone whined it’s sad notes and the crowd went wild. He always made this song a regular number in his show. Of all the pieces he’s ever written, this Bob Seger classic was always the one that spoke to him the most. He could always bring every emotion into the song every time, no matter what kind of day it had been. He strummed a few more notes from the guitar and began to serenade 20,000 people.

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Bound Together (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Wow it’s been long since I wrote a supernatural fic haha I hope it’s good. Enjoy!!😊

Request: Hi! I saw you blog and loved it, can you write one where the reader and Dean don’t really like each other and Sam notices it because they bicker almost any chance they get so Sam cuffs them together before going off on a mission, leaving the two of them alone? And the truth is that the reader actually likes Dean but she just hated how he always fooled around, and accidentally slipped it out and Dean actually also likes her back. Thank you!

“I can’t believe that this is actually happening,” you groaned as you looked down at your cuffed wrist.

“Sammy, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dean demanded, raising his cuffed wrist up, pulling your wrist up as well, making you wince as the metal cut into your flesh.

“It hurts.” You slapped Dean’s shoulder, making him turn to glare at you, before he remembered that the two of you were cuffed together as he lowered his hand.

“Until the two of you learn to get along, those handcuffs will stay on,” Sam replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

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Soulmates (Part 1)

Originally posted by soluscheese

A/N: Hey guys! So I decided to do a series, and I’m really excited because I’ve never done one on here, so I think it’ll be fun. My writing may be a little rusty, but thanks to Supernatural, I’m getting back into it and I’m falling in love with it all over again, so I appreciate feedback on this stuff. I really hope you enjoy this story so give it a like/reblog if you do and hit that follow button! 

Words: 1,222

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 1

I honestly didn’t expect a lot of encouraging words from awesome people when I posted about my Negan fic. I am so overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much to the amazing people who sent super kind words and I hope you guys enjoy reading the first chapter!!!

@ladylorelitany @may85 @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @my-achilles–heel @kijilinn @thesummerthatibecomeanerd @ali-pennell

Also, this isn’t really the first fic I wrote but this’ll be my first time posting one for everyone to read!

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Chapter 1 - Say Yes?

“Be my husband.”

It was the first thing you said upon barging into Negan’s bedroom, catching him off guard as he was just about to remove his scarf from his neck. You were well-aware of the fact that his bedroom was the most forbidden place to enter in the entire compound. It was actually one Negan’s rules, to not enter his bedroom no matter how urgent the situation was. Not even his right-hand man was allowed in the room, not unless he was summoned by the man himself. The fact that not even his wives were given access to his room speaks volumes. Negan was a cautious man

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Haunted Mansion

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Y/N L/N (Reader), Tobias, Charlotte, The Butler, The Staff (I don’t know)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4kish

Summary: Sam, Dean and the Reader take a case in California where a millionaire is murdered. A witch is involved. The question is…who is it?

Warnings: Slight Angst, Language, Light Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So this is my entry for @impala-dreamerWinchester Bunch Challenge. My prompt was “I knew the cook, said a lot of weird things were going on up there; voices in the night, chains rattling, lights going on and off.” I really hope you guys like it. Thanks to my beautiful Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for putting up with my dramatic self lmao. Please enjoy and feedback is always welcomed!

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

The rain came down hard against the windshield and Dean quietly turned on the wipers, squinting slightly as lightning struck across the darkened sky. November rain had never been a problem but when it happened during a case in a multi-million dollar mansion near the ocean, it kinda put you in a mood.

“Well, this blows,” muttered Dean as he turned a corner, coming into full view of the ocean. “Look at those killer waves. Friggin insane.”

I looked up from my notes in the backseat and pursed my lips. A bunch of surfers were out there, riding the waves, completely unfazed about the freak storm slowly approaching the shore. They acted like it was another day at the beach. “Freaking surfers,” I mumbled, looking back down at my notebook.

Sam exhaled loudly. “Well, it is California,” he pointed out. “And California is known for their freak storms in November.”

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Summary: The reader and Dean have some late night shenanigans. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 884

Warnings: fluff, implied smut, drinking

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this for @winchester-writes birthday drinking challenge. This was my first challenge and I absolutely loved it. Hope you guys like it and thank you so much for letting me join in the fun! I had Skyy Vodka for the drink and my quote was “So, is now a good time to take my clothes off?”.

Originally posted by mostly-jensen

You pushed the door of the bunker open and stumbled over the threshold. Dean followed right behind you and shut the door with a thud. You walked down the stairs and threw your things onto the war room table as Sam walked into the room. He wrapped his arms around you and you sank gratefully into him. You stepped back from him and dropped into a chair as he turned to Dean.

“How’d it go?”

“Fine. Just another regular hunt.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. We’re just tired, Sammy.”

“Alright. Well, I’m heading to bed. There’s food in the fridge if you guys are hungry.”

Sam laid a hand on your shoulder and you put your hand over his. “Thanks, Sam.”

He smiled then walked away towards his room.

Dean glanced at you. “I don’t know about you but I could use a drink.”

You sighed. “God, yes.”

He chuckled as he walked into the library and opened a cupboard. You followed him and sat down at one of the tables. He set a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses in front of you.

“Whiskey? Don’t we have anything else?”

“I know it’s not your favorite but it’s all we have right now.”

You grinned. “No, it’s not. I’ll be right back.” 

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The Vow (Castiel x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I hope the two anons don’t mind me combining the two requests, they just fit each other quite well so I couldn’t help it😅 Btw I wATCHED LOGAN AND OH MY- it’s really not bad haha anywayssss, enjoy!!

Requests: Hi love! Could you a really fluffy imagine with cuddling with cas? Thanks!//Hey! Could you write a really fluffy imagine where cas takes care of you when you’re sick? I would love it so much!

You wrapped your blanket tightly around yourself as you walked through the bunker, heading straight to the kitchen for a glass of water as your throat is killing you. Walking past the library, you saw Sam and Dean look up at you.

“God, Y/N, you look like you’ve been to hell and back, I mean you did but y’know what I mean,” Dean said, looking you up and down, you understanding why he’ll think that way as your hair was in a mess, your face pale as you were dressed in an oversized long sleeved shirt with long pants.

“Thanks,” you croaked.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked worriedly.

“Just peachy,” you replied, sniffling as you dragged your feet to the kitchen, pouring yourself a cup of water. You stared at the water jug, contemplating before just taking it with you as well, heading back to your room.

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Daddy Daughter Day

A/n: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Challenge and @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s Darndest Things writing Challenge. I enjoyed writing this and found it really cute. I want to thank @i-dont-know-how-to-write for giving some input and help. Enjoy, reblog, and like.

Word Count: 890ish

Warnings: Cuteness, Fluff, Potatoes

Prompt: 45. You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!

Movie: Lion King

Originally posted by creatorsdotco

Originally posted by jensenreactss

As Dean rolled over in the bed he felt the cold spot that you had left knowing that it was his turn to watch your daughter, so you and sam can do a hunt.

As Dean laid with his eyes closed he heard the door creak open and little feet run into his room and climb into the bed with a struggle. He smiled as he felt his daughter, Nova, climb beside him and cuddle into his chest.

“Daddy wakes up” the small voice whispered softly as poked him-him in the stomach. Waiting for him to open his Dean. Dean rolled over as he chuckled knowing that his daughter would be persistent.

“Daaad, wake up you buttface” Nova giggled as she climbed over Dean trying to go on the other side. Her father arms snaked around her and started to tickle her as she laughed.

“Good Morning Munchkin” Dean cooed as he kissed his daughter’s forehead and got up from bed.

Walking to the bunkers kitchen Dean heard little feet directly behind him and he smiled looking behind him finding her trying to walk like him.

“Are you copying me?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows playfully as Nova chuckled at his actions. Picking her up as they entered the kitchen he sat her on the counter.

“What’s for breakfast sweet cakes,” he asked as he waited for the thinking child to answer.

“Hmm…How about pancakes and potatoes” she hummed happily as she thought about her decision.

“Okay you get potatoes and I make the pancake batter. Plus I’ll add in eggs” he explained as he took her off the counter to do her job for the morning.

As Dean began cooking he had a hunch to turn around and look for Nova. When he turned he saw her dancing with the potatoes in her hands.

“POTATOESSSSSSS” she yelled as she dances silly in her own world. Dean snickered but quickly stopped to try and give a stern look.One she noticed him looking she stopped and they had an awkward stare, Dean wanting to laugh but keeping a straight face. Giving her a stern look.

“Nova, You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!” Dean said as his daughter huffed and gave him the potatoes and walked away mumbling.

“Aww man…haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate” she mumbled quietly but so dean could hear as she did a little dance.

Dean shook his head and chuckled as he began cooking breakfast for the two of them. Thinking of what to do for the day.


“So what do you what to do today love bug” Dean said as he shifted her hair into her little ponytails with her hair clips.

“Can we watch movies daddy?” she asked as she looked up at Dean knowing he would never tell her no.

“Sure love bug,” Dean kissed her head lightly. “Go pick your movies while I clean up.”

Nova ran to get her movies coming back with Lion King, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Up.

“You ready munchkin?” She nodded her head as she sat on the couch and her dad put Lion king in for her.

“Let’s start the movie night,” he says as she shushes him and he fakes offended at her gesture to make her giggle.

Throughout the beginning, Dean and Nova sang along to all the words. Once Nova had calmed down she sat on the opposite couch as him.The scene of Mufasa’s death was beginning and Dean little sniffles as Simba try and wake his up from death.

“Ladybug are you okay,”Dean cooed she shook her yes as she wiped tears away from her wet eyes.

“Mufasa died?” Nova sobs got a little louder as Simba cried.

“Do you want a hug?” While shaking her head yes she climbed down from her couch and cuddled with as he comforts her about the movie and they finished it with her in his hands.


Coming in from the hunt all you wanted to do was cuddle up with your daughter and husband while sleeping. As you walked down the stairs you heard music from Alvin and the chipmunks being played. Knowing that they had a movie day. Not to wake them you turn off the TV and went to take your daughter from Dean’s arms. You kissed her forehead as you walked her to the room and laid her down.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” you say as you get up and see Dean leaning in the doorway watching you.

“How was the hunt?” he asks as he holds you in his arms and breathes in your scent that he missed all day.

“Horrible because I was away from you guys,” you mumbled into his chest as you sighed and felt him kiss the top of your head.

“How was she today?” you asked as you looked up at your loving husband. Smelling the scent of whiskey, gunpowder, and soap that you loved so much.

“She was amazing. I learn new things about her every day,” you both laughed as you look at your precious creation dream. Hoping that she dreamed the sweetest thing and nothing bad.

“Let’s go to sleep love” he yawns while you both walked to your room to sleep for the rest of the night.


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WWE Fanfic Masterlist

So here is this. FINALLY! I KNOW! So a while back I did a challenge where I had you guys submit a song and a wrestler and I did my best to write a fanfic around it. I though some where good and others were meh but I really did enjoy doing it. Thank you for all the submissions. Here are all of the ones I did:

* Means smutty content ahead 

And I do still have my Smitten by the Lunatic series. I’m working on the next chapter right now but here are the first 6:

Not putting a smut warning on these….. yet.

The Next chapter will go here, when I’m done.

Also, I’m considering doing a Shield series. Nothing romantic or smutty, just kind of a comedy that’s a“day in a life of-” type of thing. I’m not really sure yet. 
What do you think?

No One’s Fault

Title: No One’s Fault
Request/Prompt: Can I request a Dean x reader where she gets really injured on a hunt and is on the brink of death with a fluffy ending? Thanks ^w^ <3
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Violence!!! Blood!!! Kinda descriptive gore, like a little bit. Also Dean blaming himself :c
Word Count: 1,878
Note; Sorry I haven’t been very active! I have exams next week (beginning on my birthday yay great loving life) so I’ve been busy trying to get myself to study (and failing might I add… legit procrastinating right now. Gonna fail but like what can ya do) so yeah… Hope you enjoy the fic xx Feel free to send in requests! <3

Also, this has not been proofread - typos are probably inevitable, sorry.

  “Looks like we’ve got a demon two towns over,” Sam announced, glancing at you and Dean where you were situated on the couch laying together, legs tangled and your head on his chest while his arms held you close. You perked up, slipping out of Dean’s embrace and padding over to Sam, looking over his shoulder at the laptop screen showing the case he had just found. Dean groaned at your absence, before reluctantly getting to his feet and following you.

  “Alright, let’s go, shall we?” you prompted, already walking towards where you stored your weapons.

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Love and Honor - Part 1: Lost in Love (Teaser)

I have wanted to write this story for such a long time and I really hope I don’t mess it up. Thanks to all who have showed interest so far. Part 1 will be posted tomorrow until then enjoy the teaser. 

If you want a tag and isn’t already - let me know VIA ASK and only LaH tags are open.

As she began singing the last verse she opened her eyes, and their eyes met. Y/N almost let out a gasp in the middle of her song. It wasn’t just that his eyes were the greenest she had ever seen or that she would have lied if she told you she had ever seen a more handsome man in her life. It was the way he looked at her. Like he saw right through her games. Like he saw her and still wanted to know more.

Dean’s world started spinning when her y/e/c eyes met his. Her eyes were even more beautiful than he had imagined they would be. He fought himself not to jump onto the stage and pull her into his arms for a kiss, but he didn’t. As much as he wanted to kiss her, he wanted to hear hear her sing more. He wanted to know her, all of her, even if it meant putting a leash on himself for the time being.

He stayed close to the stage, waiting for her to finish the song. He watched her eyes flicker across the room and back to him. He smiled as he saw the blush in her cheeks when she realized his gaze had never left her.

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She Just...Left

Title: She Just…Left

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: really angsty and sad Dean

Word Count: 744

Written/Created for: a lovely anon :) I hope you enjoy it love!

A/N: this may be a little OOC, but this is how I imagine Dean would deal with this if he had someone like this in his life.  I also made myself super sad with this…holy crap!  I’ve also been super lazy about getting people to beta for me, so hopefully there aren’t horrid mistakes 😬

gif not mine

Y/N had never been more relieved when it turned out Dean had survived after confronting Amara.  What was even more surprising was that as a ‘thank you’ she had resurrected their mother, Mary.  It was shocking for everyone and took some adjustment, but Y/N had never seen her boyfriend happier.  He was so young when she died and even though it wasn’t something he openly talked about, she knew he missed her terribly.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said: Imagine being another hunter kid at college with Sam. When Dean shows up for Sam you can’t help recognising him, and he recognises you, too.

A/N: I really, really loved to write this one! I hope that Sam and Dean are in character, I haven’t watched Supernatural for so long, ah! I’m so sorry that this one took ages to write, I hope you enjoy it, and all. Thanks so much for requesting, sweetheart! - Admin Kat 💟

 It’d been a late night of studying in the library, and you had been sitting there miserably, thinking that it would come to no avail: You knew you weren’t going to pass that exam and you dismally accepted your fate whilst you chucked your hefty books into your vacant bag.

 Your slumped gloomily down the dark campus, hands clutching your bag as the bitter breeze seemed to slither against your skin. You shuddered from the cold, wishing for nothing else but your warm bed and your loving room mate; at least then you’d get lot’s and lot’s of TLC.

 Your head lifted up, quite naturally in fact, to get the hair out of your eyes. Your brooding orbs fell upon Sam Winchester, the brainiac of your class: An idea sparked into your brain as you hustled forward, as not to miss him. “Sam! Sam!” you called, trotting over towards him, just as he turned his head in your direction.
 "Hey, (Y/N)!“ he called, smiling nervously. You weren’t sure why he was so anxious, so abashed.
 "Listen, you know how we have an exam coming up soon? I’m in serious need of your tutoring skills! I need to get that job or I think I’m going to-”
 "Listen (Y/N), I’d love to help you out but my brother came to pick me up. We’ve got some pressing family matters to get to.“ Sam stated sheepishly, a rub to the rear of his head as he looked over to his brother. Your eyes followed like they’d been beckoned by a supernatural creature.

 Your eyes fell upon him. "Dean?” you stated, shocked, like he was that you were best friends who were greeting each other in a disgusted fashion, after a hell of a long time of not seeing one another.
 "(Y/N)? That you?“ Dean’s familiar cheeky grin spread upon his countenance as memories flooded through his very own mind.

 "Wait, you two know each other?” Sam states, now the one to be astonished.
 "Yeah! ‘Course we do, Sammy!“ Dean leans over the hood of his car to thump his brother on the arm. "C'mon! Get on track already. You’re meant to be the brainiac one, anyway.” Dean teased him, only causing you to laugh, growing side tracked.
 The cold didn’t seem to matter any more.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

The Mix Up-First request ever!

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could write where the reader is a longtime hunter friend of the Winchesters and Dean and reader have always had a crush on each other but never acted on it until he’s accidentally got her bag and when going through it finds really sexy lace underwear and questions her about it. You could change whatever or add your own spin to it if you want to do it. Thanks so much!! I love your work!

A/N: Super excited to write this, this was my first request ever and I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope y’all enjoy it!

Warnings: language, implied smut

When you were 14 you and your family had moved into an old civil war era house in Georgia because your mom’s favorite book was Gone with The Wind and she had always dreamt of owning an old antebellum house and well it didn’t exactly turn out well. Turns out the house was haunted by a confederate soldier that was not too happy. The ghost killed your whole family, but you were rescued by a man named John Winchester before it got to you. John killed the evil thing, but felt responsible for you since he wasn’t able to save your family and you had no extended family to take you in, so that is how you became a hunter. John ended up dropping you off at Bobby’s where he trained you as a hunter and housed you and fed you till you were 18 and decided to go out on your own as a hunter. However, being saved by John and raised by Bobby you grew up with the Winchester brother Sam and Dean. You were the same age as Sam and the two of you became like brother and sister, you considered him one of your very best friends. Dean was a different story though. You’d harbored a crush on the elder brother ever since you met him, but since he was older you figured he just saw you as a little sister. You and Dean had danced around your feelings for each other for years, but both of you were too scared to act on it, so you stuck to flirting and the touch, that was safer. You would join the Winchester’s for hunts every now and then, especially after John and then Bobby’s deaths, all you had were each other now so you tended to stick together. Eventually once the boys found the bunker they wore you down and convinced you to move into the bunker with which just made the sexual tension between you and Dean even more palpable, but you still didn’t act on.


“Y/N! Come on let’s go! we need to get there by nightfall so we can gank the thing and get out”

“Dean, calm the fuck down I will be there in a second!” you yelled back rolling your eyes at the older Winchester. You were packing your overnight bag, eyed your favorite red lace thong and bralette that were on your dresser, you would probably be spending the night in that town tonight and it’d been a while… you grabbed the sexy underwear set and shoved them in your bag making your way out to the impala. Dean and Sam were already in the car ready to go and you threw your bag in the back and jumped in after it, “alright I’m ready” you said smiling at Dean knowing it’d annoy him. He rolled his eyes at you but you could see his smirk in the rearview mirror knowing that he never stayed upset with you for long.

“You’re lucky you’re cute…” he muttered

You leaned forward so that your face was up next to his head and feigned insult, “I am not cute I am a hunter and I am fierce” you made a serious face pulling a chuckle from Dean and you smiled back at him and wrapped an arm around his upper body and placed a kiss to his temple and he smiled at you. Sam gave you a knowing look and you stuck your tongue out at him. He was always teasing you for how much you and Dean flirted. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t wish more would come out of the flirting but you were content with how things were, why mess with a good thing.


“I am so glad that is over” you said collapsing into the bed. You had to take on a vamp’s nest and turned out there were several more than you anticipated and while you’d made it out alive the three of you were very bruised and cut up, nothing serious though. All thoughts of going out and getting laid were gone you just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for 12 hours.

“I think I’m going to go out to the bar, you guys in?” Sam asked as he changed his shirt.

“Nah Sammy I’m too tired, you have fun though” you responded from the bed and he smiled at you.

“Ya I’m with Y/N, you go have fun” Dean answered.

“Alright don’t wait up” Sam said as he left. Dean jumped in the shower while you tried to get the strength to get off the bed. He came back into the room in nothing but a towel and you found yourself staring at his body eyes traveling down till you got his v barely covered by the towel…you snapped your eyes back up met by Dean smirking at you and you felt yourself blush.

“I’m going to grab a shower” you mumbled practically running into the bathroom.

Dean walked over to the bags and grabbed “his” bag and threw it on the bed. He unzipped it and began digging around looking for his boxers and t-shirt but instead he noticed red lace. He realized he must have grabbed your bag instead, you both had army green duffle, but he was intrigued by the lace and pulled it out. He found the thong first This is not underwear this is a piece of string he thought as he held it out, but then thoughts of you wearing it began to cloud his mind… he thought how great your full ass would look barely covered… he shook the thought away as he saw another clump of red lace in the bag and pulled it out, it was the red lace bralette. It was see through lace and the dirty thoughts started again… he heard the shower turn off and put the stuff back in your bag and zipped it up quickly throwing on some sweatpants and laying on the bed. You walked out into the room in your pjs and got on the bed turning the tv on. A few minutes passed in silence with nothing but the tv on, but Dean being Dean had to make a comment, “So were you originally planning on going out and getting laid tonight?” You looked over at him wide eyed, “Wh-what?” not sure if you heard him right. “I found that sexy lacy underwear set in your bag, you wouldn’t have brought those if you didn’t intend on getting laid right?”

You looked at Dean with a questioning stare, “What the fuck were you doing looking through my bag?!”

“Whoa baby girl calm down, our bags are almost identical I didn’t mean to snoop but then I got curious” he smirked and you glared at him.

“For your information yes I was planning on going out tonight but I’m tired, the hunt was hard and frankly I get tired of random guys I’m never going to see again” you huffed out slumping in the bed. Dean nodded at that and you thought the conversation was over but he rolled over on his side to face you.

“I’m not some random guy, you see me every day” you turned your head to look at him wondering what he could mean by that.

“Dean… what are you saying?” you rolled to face him

“I’m saying that you don’t have to have random guys you’ll never see again…” you looked into his green eyes and he leaned in to kiss you placing a hand at your waist. The two of you kissed like that for a few minutes before you pulled back, “I’ve been waiting years for you to do that Dean” and he chuckled kissing your nose, “I’ve been waiting years to do that too” you smiled sweetly at him but then he got a mischievous look on his face as he began to speak, “why don’t you try that lacey underwear set on for me… maybe get some use out of them” he winked at you and you playfully smacked him but got up to go change in the bathroom. Once you were pleased with your appearance you walked out of the bathroom to see Dean sitting on the edge of the bed looking at you, “Damn baby you’re even sexier than I thought…” he said looking at you like you were something to eat and you started to walk over towards him…

“Hey guys, bar was a bust, Oh my god Y/N!” Sam had walked into the room as you’d walked towards Dean.

“Sammy cover your eyes man!” Dean yelled at him.

Sam covered his eyes with his hands, “Uhh I’ll just go get another room” he turned to leave but walked into the wall stumbling as he tried to get out of there as fast as he could. You looked at Dean and burst into laughter, “Oh my gosh Sam’s face! I think we scarred him” you said through giggles and Dean walked over to you and pulled you into a hug.

“I don’t think you scarred him so much as give him the object of his fantasies for the next few days” he chuckles

“Eww Dean gross!” you giggled.

“You’ve been the star of many of mine…” he said leaning down and gripping your ass as he pulled you into another kiss, “mmm now where were we…” Dean said as he lifted you and carried you to the bed. You had never been more thankful for your army green duffle bag.