but i really do mean what i say

taylor knew there was a point where i was posting some variation of “WHERE IS SHE” or “WHAT IS SHE DOING” every single day and she thought it was hilarious for some reason she said something like “i was thinking ‘you’ll see’” abdjsjkssk and i was like people would send me so many angry messages like ‘POST SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ and she SAID something along the lines of “whenever people would send you mean messages i would really relate to it because people say mean things about me too” what the FRUCK and i was like “ARE YOU JOKING??? i kept telling people i knew you were up to something and i was right” anyway i feel loved

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I don't want to ask for any doggo or pupper today as that is what I usually do, instead I just want to say thank you for your wonderful blog, it puts a smile on so many faces and you are a treasure.

Awe that really means a lot, thank you :) i’m just glad that the blog can put smiles on peoples faces. That’s all i ask for after all :D I hope you carry on enjoying the posts! 

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Crossed-out name verse: Anakin and other Jedi know Obi-Wan is not dead and desperately try to find out what happened to make him disappear. Through a holocron or the artifact that he touched they find out just where Obi-Wan went, what kind of position he is in, and the fact that he will not be coming home. Sorry if you have seen this prompt but I haven't seen it on your can't/won't prompt list so Tumblr might have eaten it.

“It should work as long as we power it up carefully. I mean I guess…sort of.” Anakin licked his lips then shrugged at their looks. “Its the best I can do masters. I can’t really say I understand it, even Madam Nu was very skeptical to some of the translations.”

Grumbling, Mace rubbed his head before nodding. “Alright, carefully. Show us how Padawan.”

Glancing at the machine that held the holocron Obi-Wan had touched before he disappeared, Anakin took a deep breath and focused on it, slowly feeding Force into the machine to power it up.

Around him, the council members watched closely from their chairs.

Slowly, they joined him, the machine growing brighter and brighter with Anakin’s bond to his master as the guidance.

There was a sharp, whistle like noise before the holocron opened, light sprawling out of it before focusing upwards into a circular pool that turned translucent and then seemingly solid. Anakin stared still focusing power into the machine as things and beings started to come into focus.

And there Obi-Wan was, his master looked a bit scorched and was followed by a man in white and blue armor though the helmet kept them from seeing his features.

He looked…

He looked healthy.

Thank the Force.

Anakin had felt nothing but worries since his master had disappeared and to know he was healthy from the looks of it was lightening his heart.

The man stepped into what was clearly a medbay, looking around quickly before making his way to…

“Is that me?” Anakin blinked, his focus wobbling for a moment and therefor the image disturbed like someone threw a pebble into a pond before it cleared back to Obi-Wan standing by the bedside of the other Anakin, a woman who was clearly Padme beside him.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say Anakin but we cleared the decks, no other sabotage to be found… Empress.” Obi-Wan’s voice washed over them as he bowed lightly to Padme who smiled at him.

“And we’re grateful for your vigilance. Now sit down, you look exhausted.”

Obi-Wan hesitated at the invitation.

Padme raised her hand to him, on the back of her hand Anakin’s name was written in a clear crisp writing. “Your our third. You have just as much right to be here as I do…” She grasped his sleeve and tugged it, smiling warmly when Obi-Wan slowly did sit down. “This is where you belong… Captain Rex, please go take your own rest, have a standard rotation of guards going.” She turned to the man in armor.

Obi-Wan looked uncomfortable for a moment even as the armor man responded to Empress Amidala before he settled, peering at Anakin who looked older and also rough worn, resting from what must have been a battle.

He tensed up a bit when Padme reached up and cupped his head with one hand, pulling his head to rest on her shoulder but allowed it, slowly settling. “…This is all wrong.” He sighed.

“This is where you are now.” She countered before lifting her hands to show both to him, on the back of each were Obi-Wan and Anakin’s names. “This is where you belong. I know you come from a different place, I know that there is no soul mates there. But your name is written on the back of my hands and I wake up thinking of both you and Anakin. As far as we know, there is no way for you to go back and our names have appeared on your body.” She took the hand with Obi-Wan’s name and placed it on his chest. “…Why not make home here?” She questioned softly.

“…Beguiling words, I will admit you have a way with words.” Obi-Wan laughed tiredly before sighing. “…But you do have a point. There might be no way home for me.” He closed his eyes and let himself be pillowed on Padme’s shoulder.

He looked worn, exhausted and on the verge of taking a final decision.

It hurt and Anakin lost all focus as the holocron closed itself, firmly ending the connection.

“…At least we know he’s alive.” Windu murmured as the councilors sat back tiredly in their chairs.

Anakin just stared at the spot where Obi-Wan had been, heart racing.

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Hello. I don't know you and I don't mean to judge (I really don't). I justed wanted you to know that Jesus Christ loves you, no matter what you do or say or are. If you want a different life, his arms are wide open for you. Please, don't get me wrong. God bless your life.

Unless Jesus is gonna skateboard down here in adidas sandals and pay me $100 an hour to read the bible i am Fine with my life of twerking on the internet thank u for the concern

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No this is someone who called someone else in the fandom fat and ugly months ago and calls people stupid for having different opinions (for example she said the people who thought T was collabing with Kesha are al stupid) I'm literally crying I try my hardest to be nice because I know that's what Taylor would want but now I just idk idk do you have any words of comfort and or Kermits

That’s really hard to hear and I’m sorry that you or anyone else had to put up with that. But I do want you to know that people who are miserable in life will try to bring others down. I’m not saying to sympathize with them and it’s so cliche to assume all bullies have other things going on in life but it’s usually true. And by no means does that make it okay that she said those things but that’s generally what it is. I am so so so sorry that there are people out there like that but I hope the person she insulted rises above that and realizes she’s better than someone else’s negative opinions. The most we can do for that person is hope that if there is something shitty going on in their life that it gets better and they get better as a person. Don’t dwell on their unhappiness. I know it must hurt to watch her meet Taylor after she said those things but walk away. Be the bigger person and hope she gets better. I lived with a miserable person for years and I finally threw my hands up and left. I hope they get better but I left. That goes for someone who you feel was mean and met Taylor and that goes for anyone in life okay? Know your worth but also know when to walk away and surround yourself with positive people okay? 

and of course here is a kermit! He’s sending you love!


Nico Jr: Oh my God. My head is killing me. I don’t need to hear all this bullsh*t. Listen, Maela. I’m not responsible for anyone but myself and my family. Which means I don’t give a shit what’s fair or not fair if you’re not in my circle. Max wants to fall in love? That’s on her. And if she wants to f*ck me and get her feelings hurt? Still on her.

Maela irritated: Even though she has no clue what you are, what you’re really like. You’re not even man enough to say, Look Max, I’m the biggest f*ckboy in San Myshuno. All I do is run through girls because I’m too immature to handle real emotion. This is what I am, if you still want in.

Nico Jr: Why would I do that, Maela? If I tell her that, I won’t get what I want. I like getting what I want. If I tell her I’m in it for one thing, she’ll avoid me, right? The challenge here is to get everything from Maxine- everything. Her heart, her body, everything. I want to be all she thinks about. For the rest of her life, I want her to remember Nicky Holmes. If I tell her I’m a f*ckboy, she’ll run and hide. And the challenge is over before it got started. 

Maela cold: Leave her alone, Nicky. Or I’ll call Uncle Nico and tell him you’re causing problems out here too. Honestly, I hope he sends your ass all the way back to the Philippines, banishes you and exiles you out there. It’s bad enough I’m stuck here having to babysit you and Manny because both of you are so out of control.

Nico Jr clenches his jaw. He knew his cousin. She would definitely call his Dad up. And he never thought it would happen, but he didn’t want to leave Wind Island. Not yet. He didn’t want to leave Maxine, not until he got what he wanted from her. Not until he had his revenge on Teresa.

Those were his only reasons.

Nico Jr to himself: I’m calling up Daffy today…see if I can get him out here and get Maela distracted and off my ass. 

Nico Jr softly: I hate arguing with you, Maela. Let’s put this to rest. It’s been a wild morning. I’m gonna check on Neely. 

At Judy and Nick’s condo. Where they are having a little get together with their friends.

Finnick: *walks in* Hey guys I found this in front of your door. *holds up a bag*

Judy: Really? *walks out from behind the kitchen island and over to Finnick to take the bag*  Oh..it says it’s for you, Nick. 

Nick: Aw they shouldn’t have. But I do love getting gifts. *Judy walks over to Nick who’s relaxing on the couch and passes it to him* Hmm..wonder what’s inside *reaches inside the bag and pulls out a shirt* Oh…it’s just a shirt.

Skye: I think there’s something written on the back! Hold it up!

Nick: Hm…*holds the shirt up for everyone to see and reads out* Clawhauser 2.0?………………………

Clawhauser: Hey that’s so insensible and rude….I’m sorry Nick, are you- *pauses as he sees Nick’s facial expression change to shock to rage. He looked so angry that you could almost imagine flames burning around him* 

Skye: *tries calming Nick down* N-Nick it’s okay…it’s just a shirt. Whoever made that probably had no common sense anyway. 

Finnick: Pfft…th-that’s terrible….*clears throat* You don’t deserve to be treated that way Nick.

Judy: *starts thumping her foot in anger* When I find out who made this shirt!!!!

Jack: Oh no, now all hell is about to break lose….

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(AskIllusionFox) ❣️⁉️

Morrigan: ❤❤❤ I trust Aku in the sense that I trust him to do whats best for his own interests above all others… which is honestly more than I can say for most others… It might not be trust in your average sense… but it’s a sort of trust at the very least…

Hecate: ❤❤❤ Unky Aku is the best! He sneaks me fun stuff and made my type! And I really like my type, it’s super cool! I don’t get why so many are so mean to him… they’re a buncha butt-heads!!

Lugh: 💔💔 I trust that he’s a overgrown hairball… I’d say he has a god complex but I think that would be redundant.

Alright, I was talking to my sister, and she gave me some advice. I try to keep personal things on the down-low here since this isn’t a personal blog. When it affects my work here, though, I should be more open with you guys.

I realize that, despite repeatedly saying that I’m going to try and be more active, I’ve still been pretty dead. I’ve mentioned that my health is part of the issue, but I imagine you’re all sick of hearing that and nothing else. So this is an update on what’s going on with my life and what it means for this blog.

When I say my health is to blame, I do mean that, though it’s really not much worse than it’s ever been. The colder seasons can be harder for me, but being sick is normal for me. I’m always sick and tired. The real problem is that my poor health leads to a lot of other stresses.

See, I have a variety of conditions that lead to me being basically bedridden at all times. Narcolepsy, chronic fatigue, joint problems, and poor mental health are some of them. Because I have to spend most of my days in bed, I’m unable to work or attend school. When the cold seasons roll around, my energy levels plummet even further. Now that autumn’s here, I have to start prioritizing the things that are most important.

I have medical bills, appointments, past student loans from my attempts to get through college, fighting for disability benefits, and day to day life that take up most of my focus. I love running this blog, and I have no intention on stopping. Yet, I can’t give it that much attention when I’m not gaining much from it. The last thing I want to do is hold posts hostage or sound like a beggar, but donations on here have halted altogether.

I’m not going to stop because this blog isn’t making money. That does mean this is something I’m doing only for fun, though. So when other responsibilities crop up and my energy levels are low, this becomes less of a priority. Lately, it’s been something I do when I have the time, energy, and motivation. I post when I want to post.

If you guys would like a more set schedule, then I can do that as long as this is going to benefit me somehow. Even with my current energy levels, at least one original post a day (not counting asks) would be easy enough to handle. That’s only if I can rely on this to bring in a bit of money once in awhile to help with all my expenses.

It’s up to you guys if you want to shell out a buck or two every once in awhile for this. If you don’t, then don’t. Like I said, I’m not stopping. This is fun and a good way to relieve stress when I have the time. Fun is a little less important than my health, though, so in that situation, I’ll be posting on my own schedule.

Hopefully that answered some questions. I try not to talk about this stuff much because that’s not what you’re here for, but you do deserve to know what’s going on. I’ll try to be more active, but I can’t neglect my needs for others’ wants. Thank you for your patience, and I promise I’ll wrap up Secret Weapons soon.


Victoria: I can’t believe Bailey flipped out like that!
Emmett: I can. It’s Bailey, she flips out over everything.
Victoria: [laughs] Really?
Emmett: Yep. She’s a drama queen. She’ll get over it, though.
Victoria: Hey, Emmy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.
Emmett: Sure, Tor, what’s up?
Victoria: Stop here for a sec.
Emmett: What is it?
Victoria: Would you….. wanna go out?
Emmett: What do you mean? We went out last night, want to go out again?
Victoria: Not like that. I mean, I want to be your girlfriend, Emmy. What do you think?
Emmett: Wow.
Victoria: What do you say, Emmy?
Emmett: Yes. I’d love for you to be my girlfriend, Tor.
Victoria: I’m so happy you said that. You staying with me is going to be much more fun now.

Honestly, because of Jack I found out that I like editing. And that motivated me to create more, even if what I do is not perfect.

Also because of him and his love for computers, that made me even more eager to study computer science when I finish school. I mean, I always intended to do that but him rambling about computers and game technics and all that, really inspired me to actually follow my dreams I should say. Still not 100% sure but it’s most likely to happen!

So, even if what I said didn’t have anything to do with art, thank you Sean. Because of you I discovered a new part of myself :)

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Heyyy, I am a HUGE fan of your work (like ur writing is part of what got me SO sucked into stony) and I'm writing what is looking to be a VERY lengthy fic and was wondering if you could give me some advice for keeping characters ic? I really wanna do a good job on this your writing is just so amazing

Hey! First of all, thank you! It’s lovely to know that you put my work at a high enough standard to come to me for help lmao.

As for your question, though, I’m particularly sure I can offer much help? I don’t tend to actively take steps to keep good characterisation- and if what you’re writing is, say, an AU, then sometimes your characters are gonna have slightly different personalities anyway? I know people have this Super Uptight approach on good characterisation, but I mean- I read mafia au’s where Steve will be a mob boss and shoot people every day. It’s not exactly ‘good characterisation’ of Steve, ‘cause we know he’d never do that stuff, but it sure is a damn good fic. Sometimes character continuity isn’t everything!

That being said- obviously, in some instances characterisation that’s accurate is important. I think a big part of it is having a good understanding of the character you’re writing for. Honestly, that’s mostly the only thing I can give you. Being able to know the character you’re writing for inside out is hugely important. Think of them doing something/ saying something in your head. Does it sound right coming from them? Or does it feel too vulnerable/ too macho/ too passive etc.

If you don’t have that, then I could suggest doing some research first. Meta. Character analysis. That sort of thing. Get their basics down, and then you can pretty much work with the rest. I think at the end of the day it’s not really about specific words or actions your character does, but their consistent traits throughout. If readers get the General Vibe that the character is /too much of ‘X’/ through the whole thing, then it will be worse than just a few sentences. You need to make sure your characters stick to their moral code and base features more than anything. Sarcasm, emotional constipation, abandonment issues etc. You can just add those comments or observations into the fic if you forget to put them in in the beginning, because they’re pretty easy to insert, and it’ll bring the whole thing together a little better.

Hope that helped!

Okay just speculating here but RFI isn’t a single and we’re getting a video. So is this going to be a visual album? Like are we getting videos for each song? Everyone who has heard the album so far has said that she’s telling a story/sending a message - and what better way to do that than visually? She released LWYMMD, let people speculate and say she was playing the victim, and then she released the MV to show what she was really trying to say. I mean it’s just uncommon for artists to do videos for non-singles so it would kinda make sense? Also I would be here for it.

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honestly, i feel so relieved reading about your discussion about adjusting to new meds. I was misdiagnosed at 14 as bipolar and spent all of high school and my first two years of university experiencing all of the symptoms you've talked about because I was on a chemical cocktail of different SSRIs and antidepressants that my body did not agree too at all. Turns out I just have C-PTSD and anxiety/depression and I'm doing much better now

Yeah, as unfortunate as it is, misdiagnoses happen sometimes. It can be really hard to point out as well, and so I hate having to say “if something doesn’t feel right….” because like what does that mean? I don’t feel right at all ever what does that mean?? y’know? I wish there was a better way to pinpoint if it’s a problem with the meds, with something else, if it’s a misdiagnoses, etc. 

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do you know what's really silly of me? sometimes i forget that like you appreciate validation and just hearing what i have to say because, your stuff is so good every time you post a fic i know it's gunna be quality and it has never crossed my mind that you might not see it the same way i do as like god's good work but instead like critically, i suppose the same way whenever i perform all i see is all its flaws and that really blows my mind that you can see your amazing work in a negative light

hahaha.. yeah I mean, I still get really happy just from seeing like. One Comment on a story. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away no matter how popular it may be, I’ll always always always love each kind word I receive? Because ur right my friend I Personally Do Not Like what I write uhhhhhh Ever and so hearing it from others is very. Good? For me? It makes a huge difference- I’ve stopped myself from deleting whole works (*cough*In Deep Water*cough*) because of Well-Timed comments that kept me confident enough to keep them up. That’s why I think fandom commenting and spreading writer’s works is So So Important, because honestly the author does read every word you tell them and hold it very close to their heart. Even if they’re super duper famous, I can guarantee that they will react the same way to a new comment as anyone else. It’s!!!!!!! Really!!!!! Really!!!!!!! Important!!!!!!

But. Yes. Thank you v. much I appreciate u telling me this I Am Glad u feel this way about my work!! Yay!

Chapter 14

“So you told the guys about us?” I ask Russ and he nods his head. He FaceTimed me when he got out of practice and that was about an hour ago. I adjust myself on my bed, now lying on my stomach.

“Yea. Jermaine kept asking so I just told them.” He says while shrugging his shoulders. I chuckle knowing that Jermaine was being annoying.

“Are you mad that I told them?” He asks and I shake my head.

“Not at all. I told Nina when we got home.” I say making him laugh.

“I knew you weren’t going to be able to keep us a secret from her.” He says and I nod my head.

“Well I tell her everything. So what does this mean now? Do we have to tell the entire school?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“No. It’s really not any of their business. I think we should just continue to focus on us and not worry about anyone else.” He says and I agree.

“So let’s talk about your birthday.” He says and I groan, making him laugh. My birthday is next month and Russ has really been talking about plans.

“Let’s not talk about it. It’s just another day, no need to make a big fuss about it.” I say and he sighs.

“Why don’t you want to celebrate your birthday?” He asks and I run my fingers through my hair.

“Growing up, my mama couldn’t really afford to celebrate our birthdays so she treated them as if they were normal days.” I say and he looks at me with sympathy before giving me a small smile.

“Well it’s time to change that. Since you have become such a major part of my life and I care about you so much we’re definitely going to celebrate the day that you were born.” He says and I blush a little. Every time he says he cares about me it gives me butterflies. I have no idea what I did to deserve him.

“Fine, we can celebrate but promise me that you’ll keep it simple.” I say and he shakes his head.

“I will not make a promise that I can’t keep.” He says as he winks and that lets me know that he’s going to do the most.

“I’m serious Russell. I really don’t want you making a big deal out of this. You have more important things to focus on and I don’t need my birthday to be a distraction. It’s really just a regular day.” I say and he gives me a small smile.

“That is why I want to plan something special for your birthday. You are always thinking about other people and you deserve to have a day that’s all about you.” He says and I smile a little. Why is he so sweet?

“There’s no way I can talk you out of this, is it?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Nope so you’re just going to have to get over it.” He says jokingly, making me laugh.

“Do you know what you want me to get you for your birthday?” He asks and I shake my head.

“You do not have to get me anything.” I say and he sighs loudly.

“Will you just let me spoil you woman?!” He asks dramatically and I cover my mouth as I laugh loudly.

“I’m not used to being spoiled Russell.” I say and he shakes his head slightly.

“Most girls would love to have a boyfriend who is trying to shower them with gifts.” He says jokingly.

“I know but all of this is still very new to me.” I say and he nods his head.

“Well you’re just going to have to get used to it. I’d give you the world if I could.” He says as softly and I blush again.

“What did I do to deserve you?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“I ask myself that same question everyday.” He replies as he looks me in my eyes and I swear my heart flutters. I’ve never felt like this before but I’m loving the feeling.

“I knew there was something I was supposed to tell you. Ashton wanted to talk to me before practice.” He says and I raise my eyebrow.

“Really? What did she have to say?” I ask and he runs his hand down his face.

“She wanted to apologize to me for her behavior and I told her that she needed to apologize to you. She tried to get disrespectful but I shut that down quickly and told her that I would never be attracted to her.” He says and I nod my head. I love how he doesn’t let her or anyone else disrespect me. It really bothers me how she keeps trying to get him to date her.

“You should have told her that you are my man and she needs to leave you alone.” I say with a slight attitude and he looks at me in shock before we both start laughing.

“I didn’t know you were so possessive.” He says and I shake my head.

“I didn’t know it either.” I reply a little embarrassed. I have no idea where that even came from.

“I like that side of you. It’s sexy.” He says with a smirk on his face.

“We probably need to let her know that we’re dating before I have to hurt her.” I say making him laugh.
“Again?” He asks playfully making me kiss my teeth.

“Technically I didn’t hurt her the first time.” I say as I play with a piece of thread that’s hanging on my bedspread.

“Her lip was swollen.” He says and I shrug my shoulders. She honestly deserved more than just a swollen lip.

“Well then that should be more than enough to encourage her to leave you alone when we tell her.” I reply making him laugh.

“I don’t even want to tell her about us anymore. I want to see this side of you more often.” He says and I giggle while shaking my head. Just as he’s about to say something else there’s a soft knock on his door.

“Hold on for a sec.” Russ says to me before telling whoever is at the door to come in. I hear a few footsteps before hearing a soft voice that I instantly recognize as Anna’s.

“What’s wrong?” He asks her and I hear her tell him that she had a bad dream. He puts the phone down and I hear a bit of shuffling before he picks the phone back up. I smile when I see Anna resting her head on Russell’s shoulder.

“Hey Ci.” She says softly as she waves and I wave back.

“Hey Anna. You had a nightmare?” I ask and she nods her head.

“Ci I’m going to go put her back in the bed, I’ll be right back.” He says and I shake my head.

“It’s actually getting pretty late.” I reply and he pouts making me laugh.

“Stop it. We’ll see each other at school in the morning and we are definitely having a talk with Ashton.” I say and he chuckles before nodding his head.

“Fine. I’m bringing you breakfast in the morning too.” He says and Anna looks up at him.

“Can you buy me breakfast too?” She asks making us both laugh.

“Yes, I’ll buy you breakfast too.” He says to her and she wraps her little arms around his neck. I love their relationship. It makes me wish that I had a sibling.

“Goodnight you guys.” I say to the both of them. Russell blows me a kiss before disconnecting the call. As I’m plugging my phone up to its charger I hear a knock at the door.

“Come in.” I call out and Nina’s mom, Mrs. Annita, peaks her head in the room.

“Hey. I didn’t know you were home.” I say as I check the time, seeing that it’s almost 10 o’clock. Russell and I were on the phone longer than I thought.

“Yea, I got home a little over an hour ago. Nina told me you were on the phone with your boyfriend.” She says with a playful grin making me laugh.

“I just wanted to talk to you about something.” She says as she sits on the edge of the bed. I sit up and I give her my full attention.

“How are you doing?” She asks softly and I sigh a little before running my fingers through my hair.

“I’m taking everything one day at a time. Some days are harder than others but I’m dealing with it.” I reply and she nods her head understandingly.

“Are you comfortable staying her with us?” She asks and I nod my head.

“Yes. I can’t thank you enough for opening your home up to me.” I say gratefully and she smiles.

“You know it’s not a problem. You know you’re like another daughter to us.” She says as she grabs my hand and squeezes it gently.

“That’s why I wanted to talk to you. James and I have been talking and we want to know what are your plans after graduation. Are you planning on going to college?” She asks and I shake my head.

“No.” I reply and she looks at me in shock.

“Really? Why?” She asks and I shrug my shoulders.

“At first it was because I didn’t want to leave my mom here by herself. I haven’t really given it anymore thought about it.” I say softly and she nods her head.

“Well I think you should consider it. You’re so smart and you have so much potential. You’re also ranked number one in you class. You could get so many scholarships and those look really good on resumes.” She says and I agree.

“Even with scholarships though I probably still couldn’t afford it.” I say and she gives me a small smile.

“That’s what me and James were talking about. If you decide to go to college we’ll help you pay for it.” She says and I gasp.

“I can’t ask you to do that for me. You’ve done so much already.” I say as I shake my head.

“You’re not asking, we’re offering. We’re already going to pay for Nina’s education and we’re willing to pay for yours too.” She says and I look at her in shock.

“After everything that you’ve done for me already, you guys are considering putting me through college?” I ask for clarification and she nods her head.

“We’re not considering it. It’s a done deal. We’ve already spoken with our accountant and everything. The decision is yours though. We’re not going to force you to go to college. Like I told you before, you’re like a second daughter to us. If we’re going to do it for Nina we won’t hesitate to do it for you too.” She says and I become emotional. I can’t believe these people care so much about me and I’m not even related to them.

“I’m sorry. I’m just so overwhelmed right now.” I say as I wipe the tears that have fallen from my eyes. Mrs. Annita gives me a small smile before hugging me tightly.
“I know you’re feeling a lot of different things right now and it’s okay. We just want you to know that you mean a lot to us and we love you. You’ve been through so much and you’ve dealt with so much pain. For years we have watched you take great care of your mother but now it’s time for you to be taken care of.  For the first time in what probably feels like forever you don’t have to worry about anything. We got you sweety.” She says in my ear and I nod my head. She lets me go and she wipes my tears away before giving me a small smile.

“Get some rest, you have school in the morning.” She says as she gets off of my bed.

“Goodnight.” She says as she walks towards the door.

“Goodnight.” I call out to her. She gives me another small smile before turning off my room light and leaving the room, closing the door behind her. I close my eyes and say a pray, thanking God for blessing me with so many people who care about me.

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There’s this guy I like. He’s a daddy, and we’ve been talking for a little while, and he says he’s not looking for a little at the moment, but he treats me like his little. I’ve almost called him daddy 3207 times, and I don’t know what to do. >.<

Well have you talked about why he does not want a little right now? Did something happen in his past or is he just not ready right now? How does he treat you like his little?

I would say just try to talk to him. It sounds like you are getting really attached to him and you do not want to let that keep happening if it means you are setting yourself up to get hurt later. If not maybe try and take some space to get some perspective? I know it is hard but you cannot force him to do something that he does not want to do. Just be honest with him. That is the key component to this kind of relationship after all. Everything will be okay.

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Oh well, what I was trying to say is that I didn't mean the "hoe u're doing well" but "hope u're doing well". I don't really know what's going on in your life, but I've been there, and it gets better. One day.


But it’s so funny the other way. Ok, well, thank you, I do appreciate it. I know it will get better, mostly because I have the best friends in the world. *hugs* I swear I am not always a mess like I have been these last few months, and I will get my act together soon.

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack